Parking lot hookup by eternalone

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Old Male

RWS #15 Hank was in the mood for a nice cock sucking, and he was not particular.
He had guys satisfy these urges before, any port in a storm. He would take that, if he could find it. He was driving around looking, but did not know what he was looking for, other than a friendly mouth. He was tired of jerking off.
He drove around behind the mall, there was a car parked for some time, old dude inside. He parked 15-20 feet away.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. He lifted the pantleg of his shorts as he walked to Sherman’s car. He was playing with his dick, watching the stranger’s face. He was picturing the guy as a cock sucker, working on his dick. Yeah, cock is getting nice and big, show off a little.
He stood a couple feet away.
“You want some of this?”
“What? Me? No. Not me. Sorry, guess I was staring.”
Hank’s cock was nice and hard. He was really getting the urge. This guy was a cock sucker, he was sure.
“Are you sure? I got a nice load saved up.”
Sherman looks around nervously. It has been a long time, but opportunities like this are rare.
“How? Where?”
“My car.”
Hank leads the way, Sherman follows, and gets in the passenger side.
Hank shows his equipment, no underwear, and his shorts have wide legs, pulled up for full exposure. He has been fooling with his cock, and it is ready for inspection.
Sherman reaches out to feel, the long awaited for, hot cock. It has been years, decades. He likes eating pussy better, but a hard cock can be very satisfying. When he touches it, he gets shivers, or goosebumps, up his arm and across his shoulder. His own dick reacts, to join in the fun.
Hank pushes his seat back, and drops the back just a little.
“You better not be a tease, and just so you know, I’m not looking for a boyfriend”
Sherman has a hand on the cock. It feels strange, yet familiar at the same time.

A brand new cock to please, but it reminds him of the other cocks. Mostly they were the cocks of strangers, like this one. When he was a kid there was a cock he sucked from time to time, a buddy, ‘do me, I’ll do you” kind of thing. Later there was a reciprocal suck buddy that moved away, occasionally they would meet up, have some mutual weenie washing.
He never had more than one reciprocal suck buddy at a time. But he did have at lot of mouths that were willing to take his load, nothing in return. He enjoyed that.
He found out about glory holes while he was at university, but he went there to get sucked off, no need to return the favor. As the pussy started being less and less, and the urge to fill his mouth stayed strong, things changed.
One time when he had a nice mouth on the other side of wall, making him smile softly, it suddenly stopped.
He pulled out of the hole to ascertain, and a hard cock popped through. A nice hard cock, wanting attention.
He held it in his hand. Maybe the guy just wants jacked off – except no one goes to a glory hole for a jerk off.
He had sucked off some strangers before, but no one he could not see. He was usually partying, or running the bars.
This was something new, and he was ready for it.
He dropped to his knees, and welcomed the fresh, stiff meat into his mouth. A sound came from the other side, a sigh, moan, approval of some sort. Sherman liked foreplay, especially with new acquaintances. With a gloryhole foreplay was darn hard. He instinctively wanted to feel the guy’s balls. He held the root instead, but any play attempt interfered with oral efforts. He dropped his hand, and put full effort into enjoying an old pastime. Long before he had his fill, the stranger shot a load into his mouth. Sherman enjoyed having his mouth full of another man, and he enjoyed drinking the nectar, sucking from the tube, getting the last drop, then delicately letting the head slip from his mouth, sometimes giving a parting kiss of pursed lips. Unfortunately this cock was pulled from his mouth at the first sign of a gusher. He looked through the hole, he saw hands pull tissue from a jacket pocket, and cap his playmate, and squeeze the life out of it, then toss the kumquat in the corner. He sat down, disappointed in the ending, thinking maybe another cock sucker will come by, to finish him off.
He sat and played with his cock, as someone else entered the neighboring booth. He waited for a finger, to invite him in to snack on his sausage. He waited, not long, and decided he would do the inviting. His finger was very effective, as soon as it retreated, a fine hard cock poked through. It was a nice one, circumcised, leaner and longer than the last one. He dropped down, his hands wanted play time, he watched as they felt the underside of the shaft, up to the head. He sucked on the head, just a taste, to make it wet, then a fingertip touches the details of the head. The mouth comes back, takes a big taste this time, half of it gets acquainted with the mouth, before it is withdrawn, for finger play. Cock seems anxious, it’s not here for finger play, it wants mouth play, lips caressing that cock head, and the flesh supporting it, a tongue, adding to the adoration. Cock had its life giving juice to share, with a friendly mouth. A mouth that compensates for not being a pussy.
This mouth has serviced many cocks, there have been cocks that preferred pussy, they may not appreciate good cock worship, from a guy. Some guys would not turn their pride over to his mouth until it was hard. They did not want to admit a guy could get them hard. Some of them really hated for a guy to play with their dick or nuts. Sucking was okay, probably because it felt so good.
Some guys wanted their cocks treated right, and it did not matter who did the slobbering, or cum swallowing. He had been told more than once that he was better than the little woman at home. It is certainly nice to know your efforts are appreciated.

Like most cock suckers, his first was at a young age, two buddies daring each other. There were some guys around town that had been taught the cruder elements of oral sodomy by some older bullies, and some of them hung on to the habit, for various reasons. Not for a lifetime, for all but a few. In those days, on a lazy summer day, some of those cock pleasers could be snagged, to go to some shady corner, and provide their much appreciated services. No reciprocity needed, just a kind word, maybe some pocket change as a tip. Those were good friends to have.
He only had reciprocity with that one BJ buddy, before University. In University, from time to time parties got, interesting. It was not unheard of for a male appendage to get oral attention from another guy, especially if there was a furry honey box around, that encouraged such things.

There was a time when Sherman had some deep thoughts, refracted by some windowpane, two on that occasion. It became clear that pussy and peter were the same, not unlike a finger and a glove, in that when the glove is inside-out, it resembles a finger. The male pleasure giver is a reversal of the same thing in the female form, mirror image.
With this thought in mind, oral copulation was seen in a new light.
All were equal.
Male organ, or female organ, two sides of the same coin, when it came to oral copulation.
He enjoyed using his mouth to copulate with female companions. He prided himself on attention to detail, and treating each flower equally, whether the outward appearance was daisy or ragweed. Whether a spring bloom, or haggard annual that survived another winter, he gave them love and comfort while they were under his care. Each one was unique, and could be satisfied, by a patient admirer. Knowledge gained from past encounters, with other blooms, made it easier to nose out the sensitive parts, to give just the right amount of attention, so that both parties feel satisfaction.

Although the main player for the male team has a brutish reputation, some of them enjoy being pampered. Traditionally as soon as they are suited up, standing tall, they are straight to business, in-out and finish up, pollination done, they are done and out.
Sherman began having a more studied approach for his copulation with the less fair sex. He realized there was more satisfaction to be had, for himself and his temporary friends.
When Sherman capped his mouth over a fully developed, rock hard, man-dick, his initial reaction, his natural display of appreciation for having the opportunity to taste the nectar, was to start pumping his mouth up and down, as to say “let’s get this over with”, when he felt just the opposite.
When he had a mouth full of cockhead and shaft, he wanted time to stand still. He wanted to explore every nook and cranny. He wanted tongue and lips to feel the touch of the sensitive head, for tastebuds to know that precum is available for the hungry, with promise of much more, to be released before they part company.
He wanted his lips to circle the monument to humanity, to travel the full length, down to the root. He welcomes the feel of pubic hair in his nose, sometimes with the fragrance of maleness.
A hard working man, who is done for the day, and had time to down a few beers, may want some tension relieving attention, with no concern for commitment. The only promise to fulfil is ‘suck me now and you can have my cum, just don’t tell the little lady’.
Sherman liked to see a wedding ring when he provides his services. They appreciated a good cocksucker. They knew the disappointment of services from a reluctant fellatrix, compared to the devotion displayed by an eager fellator.
If he were lucky enough to get a newly awakened man snake, and for some reason, his hands and fingers did not seem to be what was most appreciated, his mouth was always anxious, and not disappointed at all to comfort the soft, warm, hunk of man flesh. He could hold all of it, curled up, in the dental cavern. Using his tongue to move it around, caress it, to make it feel loved, and wanted. The little fella feels emboldened by the strange attention, and swells with pride, becomes engorged, and takes the posture of a bull, or wild stallion. Sherman knows he was the cause of this transformation, this exploding of manhood. His continued attention to this marvelous meat will be rewarded with another explosion, one of succulent juices, flowing like hot lava from an exotic volcano, of human origin.
With the taste of male nectar, he craved more.
His desire was for the experience, more than the taste.
In the beginning, cum was a necessary evil.
He had guys eating his cum, long before he tried it himself. When he finally took the plunge, he loved it. It was not that cum tasted great right off, it took a while, an acquired taste.
He was hooked on the experience.
Having that hard shaft in your mouth, exciting it to full climax, feeling that cum hit the roof of your mouth, or the back of your throat, is just as rewarding as bringing a pussy to climax. All that cum is an extra joy, an extra feeling of satisfaction. You can never be sure how big the load will be, and you do not want to make a mess. You may lose a fan, if he has to explain cum stains on the front of his pants. So take a couple of quick swallows, then give tender loving care to the shrinking violet. Let it know how much it was appreciated. Clean it up, lick it off. Make it nice and pretty, to take home. It may even get hard again. If you are quick to get it inserted, the temptation to stay for another one will be strong. He had one hang around for four juicy events, before deciding it was time to leave. His wife never did that for him.

Sherman took Hank’s handle into his mouth, slowly dropped, using his tongue to feel it. He repeated it, several times, slowly, up and down. Then gripped it, before removing it from his mouth. He took a moment to feel it, to look at it, his hand went down to cradle the stranger’s balls, before inserting it for sucking. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and he wanted to be sure such a nice cock enjoyed their time together.

As he worked, his friend had no complaints. He did not take him straight to climax, but played around, with mouth and hands, balls and cock. Both were wishing they had more room.
“Hey man, people are going to wonder where I am. Finish me.”
So be it. Sherman put hand and mouth to the task, and in less than a minute, Hank was pumping his tank dry, into the stranger’s mouth, holding his head down.

Sherman licked his lips, “It’s been a long time. That was nice.”
“I thought you gay guys did that all the time.”
“Well, I’m not gay.”
“You sure suck cock like a fruit.”
“I’ll explain it to you sometime. Will you be back here tomorrow?”
“Yeah, you want another dose of cum?”
“I’ll be here.”

[The next day, at a more secure rendezvous point…]

They park, side by side, Hank motions him over, as he is going from the front seat, to the rear of his sedan.
The full size sedan has a large bench seat, and Hank is sitting on the far side, one foot up on the seat, the other down on the floor. The floor has several layers of blankets, and some throw pillows.
Hank is wearing a T-shirt, sitting on a towel.

“I didn’t start without you today.”
Hank appeared to be about half his age, with a beer belly starting to form. Arms and hands lacked muscle tone, looked pudgy. He had a receding hairline, but still needed a haircut, it appeared unkept. That part of the package is irrelevant. The package Sherman is interested in is between his legs. Two sizable and hairy nuts, and that cute little pussy pleaser, that is just shriveled up and in need of attention. Who cared what was above, his only interest lay below the waist.
“I made the floor comfy for you. I’ll tell you a secret. I thought about you last night. Before I went to sleep, I was jerking off, thinking about that pretty mouth of yours, sucking on my pole. Those pretty lips of yours, sucking on my cockhead. I bet you thought about me. You thought about me when you were jerking off. You thought about how much you liked my dick in your mouth. Isn’t that right. You’re in love with my dick.”

Sherman got in the car, scrunched down on the floor, between Hank’s legs.
Sometimes guys said things that were meant to be cuts, to shame him, but he took them as compliments. He did jerk off thinking about sucking his new friend’s dick. Feeling his cum flooding his mouth, that was something to enjoy, and replay in his mind. He replayed it on the way home, and his hard dick would not go down until he jerked off, thinking about the cause of his hot meat.
He rubbed Hank’s thighs, to warm his own hands, before they went to his private parts. One hand cradled his hairy walnuts, rubbing them with his thumb. The other hand was rubbing the top of his deflated crank, as it showed interest, he used both hands, to sandwich it between his fingers, for extra stimulation. Torn between watching it grow into maturity, or feeling its growth, he decided on feeling, as his hands got out of his way, and he buried his face, with a mouth stuffed full with meat.
Hank put his hand on cocksucker’s head, like he does with his hound-dog. ’Good boy, you got it, keep at it boy. Good dog.’ Hank appreciated a faithful servant, and compliant companion.
He could not see any of the action, but this guy had a nice mouth, and knew how to use his tongue. As soon as he started working on the munch stick, his cock grew, and was nice and hard within a minute. Hank kept his hand on man pleaser’s head, just in case he thought he might stop and chat.
If there was any chatting to do, he would do it.
“You missed me. I can tell.”

Hank thought that was funny, Sherman knew it was true. Another cut, he took as a compliment. He could go years, without the feel in his mouth of another man’s pecker. But once he got a taste, even one with a creamy finish, he wanted more. It did not have to be this one he serviced, as long as his taste was satisfied. This was a nice one, and showed good promise for being a steady provider. A steady flow of cum would be nice. Maybe weekly get-to-gathers. It he can host, that would be nice. For now, sweet meat calls.
His chin bumped the nut sack as his mouth worked on his new old friend. It was growing, getting hard, showing its appreciation for tender loving care. The mouth encouraged the chub, to full election, as it slowly did the in-out, reminiscent of a pussy fuck.
Hank held the compliant head in place, as his hips poked his pecker into the mouth.
“Suck it honey. Make me feel good. I’ve got more cum for you, if you’re a good boy.”
One hand slid off his head, and gripped his joint, and he started beating his meat into the waiting mouth.
“Tell me you want it. Tell me you want my jism.”
“I want it. I’m ready. Give me your cum.”
And mouth back on, ready to gulp down any man juice spit out by the fuck pole.
When he started shooting, he put both hand on cocksucker’s head, and let him hold the meat, and pump it dry. He liked cum, there was no doubt about that. He sucked it, lapped it, licked it. He found a gob of goo, and kissed it with pursed lips, opened to suck the nectar in, and swipe of the tongue to be sure. He took his cock sucking seriously, so he would be invited back.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve got a buddy, and I owe him a favor. You get to give him a blowjob too.”
“Relax, it’s not like you have a choice. Two of us… Just enjoy it.”

The new guy told him sit on the seat, as he stripped below the waist. He straddled Sherman, standing on his knees, stroking his ramrod. Sherman felt his ball sack, and would have taken hand control of the sprouting appendage, but new guy was committed to giving a full boner to the cock sucker, and it did not take long, he poked it into the mouth.
New guy started to fuck, and Sherman started to gag.
As things unfolded, he thought to himself that this was no blowjob, it was a face fuck. Then he realized new guy wanted to use his manhood, to copulate with his mouth. Oral copulation was a blowjob, he had no reason to complain. He relaxed and stopped fighting it. The mouth-fucker got a nice steady rhythm going. Sherman started humming, like a two-week old calf, sucking on its momma’s teat. Somewhere in his distant past, he got to mouth-fuck a guy, and he remembered how good it felt. He hoped the new stranger enjoyed it as much, as he waited for his second helping of cream for the day.
Sherman became an open vessel, his mouth ready to be filled with the milk of human kindness. The meat-piston was drilling its way towards ecstasy, for two that day.
Sherman’s lips felt the hot, wet meat as it slid by. The tongue, also present, but with the main attraction on the move, the tongue had no time for detail work, and simply acted as a cool rag to the forehead, to refresh a hard working man-thing. Lips and tongue may have felt slighted, but the heads were happy, the one in his pants, and the other one, that contained his mind.
It was his intention to be of service, with his mouth and its parts, to any man who felt the need for someone committed to pleasing pussy-fuckers that would accept oral copulation from a hungry guy.
This pussy-fucker wanted to treat his mouth like a pussy, and it was giving Sherman a stiff one.
He did a bag adjustment, and got the growing flesh pile lined up, pointing north.
New stranger had taken to a slower pace of the in-out, allowing the wienie washer to use his lips and tongue as more than place holders.
The commitment to excellence is appreciated, with a hand on the head, and a comment.
“Good boy.”
Another dog owner.

Sherman’s cock is so rigid, someone would think it was being sucked.
It is being energized, stimulated, by the mind.
This particular mind experiences oral copulation on a par with intercourse. Further, that when mouth wants to consummate a relationship with oral copulation, sex is a non-issue. A versatile mouth can copulate with peter and pussy equally. His mind was enjoying this equally with taking the local barroom wench upstairs for a quick fuck. His tool lacked the real world experience, but the vicarious enjoyment from the mind was enough to be effective.
New stranger started the final fucking, in and out like a jack hammer.
“You’d better take it all for me. Be a good bitch.”
As soon as the inside of his mouth felt the heat of the cum, he put his hand on his own cock, and through his jeans, with a gentle rub, he squirted some token cum. Not full release in volume, but he came. His swollen cock relaxed, and like its partner in crime, became limp.
Sherman would have preferred…more time, whether cleaning up, or…being cock-wise affectionate in some way. If he left a favorable impression, a more relaxed meeting might happen.
He did see New guy give a thumbs-up to Hank, so that was hopeful.

The two talked. Hank lived in his parent’s basement, played video games, had some old baseball cards, and Sherman would visit, to buy baseball cards, as a cover.
First visit.

“There’s this other gamer, a chick. I want you under the table to sucking me off while we’re watching each other on the computer.”
So Sherman is under the table, making love to his new love, using his mouth to copulate with Hank. He would rather be on the couch or in a bed, but he did enjoy fulfilling special requests. He polished Hank’s knob with lips and tongue. He was making sounds, too loud apparently, as he heard dick owner say, “Oh, that’s just my cat.” – his pussy mouth was the closest thing to a cat in the room.
Sherman took his time, got bumps from the toes for cues. Right side for more, left side for slow down or try something different. He was able to keep the gamer fully erect. He did take it out of his mouth, just to get a mental image, other than the one built by the inside of his mouth. The image built by his mouth had a bigger tool than his eyes were seeing. It was still very nice to look at.
Early on Sherman saw the wisdom of Richard Pryor, who said “There is no bad pussy.”.
And so it is with cocks, there are no bad ones, although some are better than others.
This one, he had time to take it out of his mouth, for visual enjoyment.

Many of the cocks he had sucked, remained virtually unseen.
On a camping trip one time, he arrived without a tent, one of the guys said he could put him up in his Winnebago overnight, until the rest of his group got there. Sherman did not know him, seemed like a nice guy, his father’s age.
There were ten or twelve guys there the first night.
Winnie went to bed, Sherman stayed up and drank a few more beers before everyone went to their tents or campers.
Sherman went back to the bunks, one on each side of the aisle.
Winnie was out cold, on his back, one leg in the sleeping bag, the rest of his naked body exposed.
It did not look accidental, it looked like an invitation. As young Sherman looked at his middle-aged host, he wondered if he were supposed to act on this. He undressed, like his host, eyeballing the surprise package.
Suddenly the campsite Coleman was snuffed, one, two, both of them, pitch black. New moon in the mountains of West Virginia. Dark, even after your eyes adjusted, nothing but shadows and vague outlines.

A hand out to steady himself, and his hand brushed warm skin. He could have climbed into his bunk, but he dropped to the floor instead, on his haunches, with two hands on the bunk of his host. The first attempt to closeness, his hand landed on a thigh, up to pubes, and the private area. Balls and cock, still, sleeping, like the host. Hand, mouth, or retreat, he would have to decide.
At this young age he had only satisfied a few guys with his mouth, and they were all his age or younger, no old dudes. He was only doing it as reciprocity, and not in love with the idea. He had been thinking about going to the other side, when out of nowhere, this surprise pops up. He is not expecting reciprocity with this one, but thinking he will try it anyway. The beers have made him braver than usual, concerning “getting caught”. If he wakes up, with the concealment offered by total darkness, he can simply go to his bunk, and play ignorant. Maybe someone else was there, he cannot be sure.
Some more with the hand. Maybe he will not suck. Just to feel it, and he could jerk off, himself, or bunkmate.
His hand rubs, his fingers hold it, wrap around it. It is getting shape, increasing in size. His own cock is even harder.
He grips the waking snake like he holds his own when he is going to jerk off. He does not pump it, not yet. He feels it, inquisitive fingers, that stir the inner strength of this mature meat, and make it hard, and rigid. He is holding a real pussy fucker in his hand. He heard dude say something about his wife. He wondered if she sucked it for him.

With his first BJ buddy, he continued with foreplay, to delay the insertion into mouth. Most of their make out sessions - cocks only, no face kissing – were in the privacy of his rec room. They would take their pants off, and start feeling each other, through their jockey shorts. They got nice hard cocks, and young Sherman would bury his face in the hardened crotch, and roll his face against the excited the juvenile prick. He kissed the head with pursed lips, as he opened his mouth and closed it, to suck on the meat while it was still packaged. Since it was not skin to skin, it was more agreeable. His lollipop sucking saturated the fabric, and he could feel the contours and details of the meat stick. His own passion lagged behind his partner, but soon he wanted skin to skin, so he would pull down the gate, and as proud penis raised its head into sight, eager mouth came to it, capped it, and his chin pushed the elastic waistband down, so that no private parts were hidden, and none out of the reach of a buddy’s hungry mouth.
He held the cock in his mouth, it was a particularly small one. Nearly 20 years later their paths would cross unexpectedly, and old friendships were renewed, and Sherman was surprised how small it was, even then, but it still tasted good.
He held the cock in his mouth, sucking it.
They did not eat cum in those days, so the climax was somewhat anticlimactic.

Now, with a mature pussy prodder in his hand, the beer told him to suck it, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
He held the base with one hand, while his mouth smothered the head. It felt good in his mouth. It had been a long time, long dry spell, now, an oasis. The hard flesh of a man, erect, looking for satisfaction.
He took more into his mouth, using his tongue, to give him more pleasure. He thinks everything his is doing is for his own pleasure. Normally cock sucking was to give pleasure to the other guy, but this guy was asleep. His cock was not however. Sherman was pleasuring this strange, unknown, cock, and himself. What gave him pleasure, was tending to a hard rod. Sherman was learning what they liked, and was giving it to them, and taking their cum as a show of appreciation.
His attention was appreciated by this cock. Sherman knew not to push his luck. He capped the head with his mouth, and his hand urged for a sharing of the man goo. The manhood was in agreement, and let forth a series of liquid volleys that would satisfy the hungriest of cum loving mouths.
The generous benefactor never stirred.
The next morning, Sherman was up and about, as the campsite became active.
Later in the day, after Winnie had left, Sherman found a note in his jacket pocket, with a $10 bill. The note said “Thanks”.
That was long ago.

Today, he was under a table having a tete a tete with his latest conquest.
He began bobbing his head, keeping it up until the reward, hitting the roof of his mouth.

[A few minutes later…]

Sherman finished his service call, and was leaving by the basement door. On the way to his car, he is hailed by an older guy standing by the garage.
“Come over here fellow. What’s going on with you and my grandson?”
“Oh, he has some baseball cards I need for my collection.”
“Bullshit. None of them cards are worth anything. What’s going on?”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“I’m about to call the cops. It’s drugs, isn’t it?”
Sherman comes clean, he give blowjobs to the grandson.
“We’ll see about that. Come in here.”

Grandpa leads the way to a back room, pulls out a fine piece of man-flesh, and offers it up, for the cocksucker to prove he is, who he says he is.
Sherman takes it in his mouth, and shows grandpa some of the best cock sucking he ever had.
Sherman unbuckled the belt by his forehead, and dropped the pants. With the tube steak still poking through his boxers, he feels up the pantleg to the hairy balls. One hand up each leg opening, playing with the treasured jewels, using fingers to stimulate the family heirloom, to spew the family seed.
As Grandpa watches the hungry cocksucker feed on his meat like a hungry stray dog, he wondered how his grandson found this gem.
When he was ready, he held the nameless head in place, and thought about his wife, as he fucked a stranger’s mouth.
When his cum was drained, he wished it were his wife, but he could settle for some of this once in a while.

Sherman has an idea on how to hone his skills.
He finds some hunting grounds where there is a complex with a small mall, and several fast food places, right off the interstate, to boot.
He figures he is looking for a guy, age 30-60, maybe older, little overweight, frumpy looking, tennis shoes and sweat pants, needing a haircut. He’s not looking for some gay guy looking for a boyfriend. He just wants to clean some pipe, to improve his skills. He would like to find a good BJ buddy that could host. He could stop by once a week to provide some loving cleaning of all equipment. Sherman never leaves a mess, every customer is appreciated, and treated gently, handled with the utmost regard to erections, and their oral satisfaction.
Sherman is in an area where no one knows him. He decides to be bold.
His pickup line is : “You look like you could use a blowjob.”.
He finds a candidate, no one else in hearing range. The guy ignores him, and walks away.
Second cast: The guy yells at him, says he’s a pervert. Sherman walks away.
Third cast: “Where?”
“Outside, my car?”
Sherman leads the way, neither one speaks. His heart is beating overtime. He can feel himself flush in the face. Once it worked, it seemed so easy. He feels his throat getting dry. He can not have that. A good cock sucker needs a lot of saliva, make that fucker think it is in a sloppy wet pussy. He’ll calm down, once he gets it in his mouth. One or two minutes he will be tasting it. Thinking of the fresh meat coming his way has a Pavlovian effect on him, saliva abounds. He can almost feel it stiffening in his mouth, as his own cock stiffens.
Sherman parked in a quiet corner, seems safe.
“We’d better stay up front, in case we have to move.”
Frumpy pulls down his sweat pants, showing a full package, soft meat and two nuts.
“I never saw you here before.”
Sherman reaches out with two hands, one for hairy balls, and one for the lackadaisical lump.
“No first time.”
His hand plays with the new meat. Looks like a nice one, circumcised. Fingers wrap around it, and help it stand as the other hand kneads the balls. It is taking shape, and showing definite interest. While it is still chub, Sherman drops his head to do a quick taste test, and to deposit some saliva on it. When it touches his tongue, his own cock nods in approval. A couple loose strokes and its stiff enough for fucking. His mouth will coax the last little bit out of it, and make it rock hard. This one seems nice and long, but on the lean side. Easier to keep a mouth full of cum with this kind. Those fat ones fill your mouth, so there is not much room for jizim.
Sherman takes the head into his mouth, sucking on the piss hole for any precum, he will come back.
He starts slowly Frenching his benefactor’s cockhead, kissing it with open mouth, using lips to lick it, as well as his tongue. It goes in and out of his mouth, but never without his undivided attention. During his make-out session with the friendly fuck stick, it did give up a sample, of better things to cum. He caught it with the corner of his mouth, and his tongue transferred it to the roof of his mouth, until better things would flood his mouth. This hint did heighten the excitement, as he prepared himself to copulate with this…willing donor of a cock needing serviced. Frumpy had a nice cock, regardless of his personal appearance.
Frumpy planted his ass cheeks, making sure he was comfortable, then put his hands on the mouth’s head, with a slight downward push. He was ready for some good cock-sucking, foreplay is over.
Mouth understands, and closes over the favored one, protecting it, holding it in solitude, as he sucked on it. His mouth took all of it in, made it disappear, then made it reappear, wet with his saliva, all but the head, that remained under the protection of his mouth. His head started the up-down bobbing, with twists and turns. He can feel the man muscle becoming even harder, and the chassis holding it stated rocking, pushing on his face. He feels the fingers on his head tighten, then he shoots, full load discharge hits the roof of your mouth, he can smell it in his nostrils, feels thick, creamy, almost thin pudding. The artelary reloads, pulls back a little, then Bam!, another shot of that hot man juice. He has to swallow now, there is not enough room to move here. Gulp, gulp, two big wads down the gullet, and a third deposit by then. Mouth tries to enjoy the cornucopia, letting slimy dick go in and out and all about, with each pass he swallows a little more, so Frumpy slowly gets cleaned up, he is in no hurry.
Sherman ends up with a clean, soft, dick, inside his mouth, just resting.
Frumpy is comfortable, just catching his breath.
A few minutes go by, and Sherman nudges the little fella, to see if he is interested in another go around. Just a little bump with the tongue, maybe a little suck, let it know it is appreciated. Sure enough, it stirs, gets a little stiffer. The fingers on his head, let him know they are interested. Sherman starts the in-out, wet cock sliding through his lips. He is rewarded, with hard, hot meat. A rod of man-flesh, hard, well defined. The owner/operator may be flabby, but his meat is prime. Sherman has found a real gem, just sitting around waiting for him. He is still slow bobbing, enjoying the feel in his mouth.
Frumpy is enjoying the feel too. He puts a hand on the face of the cocksucker, feeling his cheek, and lips. He grips his tool, and pumps it a few times, and sucker offers to help with that, so Frumpy hands it off, for a nice mouth and hand combo. Sherman does not disappoint, using mouth parts and hand to keep pole erect.
“I’m ready for another one.”
Sherman continues with the hand, capping lovely cock head with his mouth, waiting for reward. His hand starts pumping, Frumpy’s hands clasps the sucker’s head and holds it tight, as he pops his load into the hungry mouth. Mouth starts the up and down, taking all donations. Frumpy helps by squeezing the last few drops, and Sherman lets it flop out of his mouth, as he sits up.

“Thanks, I needed that.”
“Yeah, me too.”

Welcome to the Rear Window Universe, where everyone is motivated by sexual gratification of themselves or others, and teens are sexually precocious.
These are real people, and real stories, however they represent a very small slice of society. They act on impulses a sane or reasonable person would reject. The chances of these very people living anywhere near you is extremely remote, that is true.
We do not have an efficient way to read comments, we get no alert or indictors. We appreciate comments, but production time is valuable, and we can only review for comments a few times a year.

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