I never did like long skirts Pt. 1 by VanessaEvans

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I never did like long skirts.
by Vanessa Evans

Part 1

My mum always used to make me wear skirts that were knee length or longer and they were always made from a fabric that was thick and heavy. I always felt like I had weights hanging from my waist and I was forever pushing the heavyweight fabric out of the way so that I could do something. Even going to the toilet was like doing weightlifting exercises.

Jeans and trousers were a big no, no to my mother as well, her saying,

“Women should dress like women not men,” she always said that whenever I approached the subject of getting some jeans.

The only freedom that I got was when I was at PE lessons at school, the knickers that I had to wear all the time were of industrial strength unlike the other girls who all wore flimsy knickers, thongs or G-strings under their shorts.

At this point it may be a good idea to mention that at our school the girls gym changing rooms were rows of individual changing and shower cubicles. Most of the girls usually closed the doors but sometimes they left them open and it was those times when I realised that my body wasn’t developing as quickly as all the other girls. No one else seemed to notice this, probably because of the big, baggy, heavy tops and skirts that I had to wear.

After a few comments about me wearing 2 pairs of shorts, yes, my horrible knickers were slightly bigger than my shorts, I stopped wearing my knickers under my shorts and just did PE in my thin, nylon shorts and found the experience so natural, so free.

The bras that I had to wear from the first day that my mother noticed that my breasts were starting to grow were also of industrial strength and the straps continually compressed my chest so much that I had to get used to taking shallow breaths all the time. I hated wearing those bras

Finally, I left school, got a job and found a place to live. I wasn’t living on my own, I shared a house with another girl and 2 boys but I was free of my mother and her ideas of what I should wear.

I’d only been in my new accommodation for a couple of hours when I decided that it was time to start breaking free from my mother’s idea of what I should wear. I didn’t have any spare money to buy new clothes so I started by discarding my granny style, industrial strength knickers and bras.

Fortunately my breasts have never grown more than an ‘AA’ cup so with my ultra thick blouses and jumpers no one would ever realise that I was braless, and with the long, heavy skirts no one would ever realise that I was knickerless as well. All my underwear went into the trash can that same day.

I guess that a lot of girls would feel naked or embarrassed not wearing underwear but all I felt was partial freedom. I couldn’t wait to have some money to buy some decent clothes.

Over the next couple of days I quickly got used to not wearing underwear and stopped even thinking about buying some skimpy knickers.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that my housemates were all great people. Elise works at a supermarket, Tom is an apprentice electrician and Leo is an apprentice plumber. I was working at a different supermarket.

We got on like a house on fire and spent many evenings talking or watching movies or playing games. Sometimes one of the others would bring some booze home and we’d share it and get quite happy. Occasionally one of the others wouldn’t make to their room to go to bed and would end up sleeping on the sofa.

It was one of the boozy evenings that we got around to talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and I admitted that I had never had a boyfriend.

“Does that mean that you are still a virgin?” Elise asked me.

I admitted that I was.

It was early spring when I had moved into the house and as the weather warmed up it became common practice for the guys to wander around the house in just their boxer shorts and sometimes a T-shirt, and Elise to wear just knickers and a tank top. Her nipples often made little tents in her top but the guys didn’t make a big deal of it. In fact no one even commented on the brief attire.

Me, however, had stopped wearing knickers so I wandered around wearing just a long T-shirt, one of my dads old ones that I pinched for wearing to bed. Elise commenting that I must be a lot cooler than when I was wearing the heavy clothes that I normally wore. I also often had not so little tents in the T-shirt.

One hot evening when we were all sat around playing cards dressed as above, Elise mentioned my heavy weight clothes and said that I should buy some light weight, fashionable summer dresses. When I told her that I didn’t have any money she offered to lend me her sewing machine and teach me how to use it. The next day that we were both not working we got busy and after some practise, with Elise supervising, I managed to alter one of my most hated skirts.

“Put it on and see what you look like in it.” Elise said as I held it up feeling proud of myself.

Without thinking, I stepped into it and pulled it up. As I did so I must have given Elise a flash of my pubic hair because she said,

“No knickers Cassie?”

“No, the ones that my mother bought me were industrial strength granny pants, same with the bras so now that I’m not living with my parents I don’t have to wear any of them. I wanted to buy some nice girly underwear but I didn’t have any money and besides, with my horrible clothes no one is going to see anything. What’s more I’m getting used to not wearing any, so undies are not at the top of my shopping list any more.”

“And you don’t shave down there either Cassie?” Elise asked.

“Shave what?” I asked.

“Your pussy?”

“Oh that, no, never really thought about shaving there, I know that most of the girls at school did but my mother wouldn’t let me have a swimsuit where hair sticking out the sides would be a problem, besides, I don’t have a boyfriend and not much hair there anyway, look.”

I pulled the front of my now shortened skirt up and showed Elise my pussy.

“Wow, Cassie, that’s an amazing pussy that you have there, how old are you?”

“Nineteen, why?“

“That’s much like what mine looked like when I started puberty, none of that fatty flesh that most women have, and your clit is sticking out, it must be the size of the end of my little finger. Are you turned on right now, it’s beautiful?”

“No. it’s like that all the time, do you really think that it’s beautiful?””

“I know so, when you get a boyfriend he’ll love it, especially when you shave that little bush off.”

“Nothing more was said about my pussy but I couldn’t stop thinking about how my pussy looked.”

Maybe now would a good time to describe the rest of me. I’m 152 cm tall and rather skinny with light brown, shoulder length hair. That’s the girl that I saw in the mirror then I said to Elise,

“This skirt is much better (mid thigh) but it’s still way too heavy. I suppose it will have to do until I can afford a new wardrobe.”

“You do look a lot more ‘modern’, for want of a better word, Cassie.”

“I feel a lot more ‘modern’, as you call it. I think that I’ll shorten all my other skirts and dresses. Any suggestions about what I could do with all my tops Elise?”

“Hmm, I suppose that you could cut the sleeves off some of them, and cut a ‘V’ into the front of some of them.”

“My little tits will never give me a cleavage.”

“No, but there will be less fabric and you’ll feel the air more.”

“True, okay, thanks for showing me how to use this machine, if you want you can leave me to it and I’ll shout if I need any help.”

“Okay, I’m not going out so I’ll be around if you need me, I might do a little sunbathing, first chance that I’ve had this year.”

Elise left me and I got on with my task. I didn’t have many clothes and it only took me about 3 hours to modify the lot. After I’d modified each garment I’d try it on and look at myself in the mirror. Being a total amateur at sowing I’m sorry to say that I got a few things wrong and I ended up with a couple of skirts that were quite a bit shorter than I intended and a couple of tops with a ‘V’ neck a lot lower than I intended, but everything did feel a lot less restrictive than before.

All done, I put on what was now my shortest skirt and the top with the deepest ‘V’ front and went looking for Elise to tell her that I was finished and to ask her if she thought I had made the skirt and top un-wearable.

I found Elise out in the back garden sunbathing on a lounger and wearing the tiniest bikini bottoms that I had ever seen. They just about covered her slit.

When she saw me approaching her she sat up, grabbed her bikini top and said,

“Leo and Tom aren’t home are they?”

“No, relax Elise, I don’t think that they’ll be home for another couple of hours, if you want to sunbathe naked it’s okay with me.”

“You should try it Cassie, the sun feels great, besides I’m not naked, I’ve got these bottoms on.”

“Just.” I replied, “Anyway, I just came out to ask if you think that I’ve been too severe with cutting back these, I got a bit carried away.”

Elise looked me up and down, asked me to do a 360 turn then replied,

“You look one hell of a lot better than before but you really need some decent summer clothes.”

“I know, but I’ve got no money.”

“Sit on that chair over there Cassie.”

I did and after a few seconds Elise got up and came and walked round me. When she was stood beside me she said,

“Lean forwards a little.”

I did.

Elise stood there for a few seconds then went and sat back on the lounger.

“Honest opinion Cassie?” Elise asked.

“Yes please.”

“Okay, the skirt, if it were made with a more fashionable, lightweight fabric it would be great, it’s nice and short so that when someone looks at you, especially from down here, they can see your bush. You really need to shave that off. Remember, if someone sees up your skirt and sees flesh then they don’t know if it’s your pussy, your stomach or your thighs that they are seeing, but you have a bigger than average clit and from what I’ve seen so far it never hides away. You’ll have to be careful about that, that is if it bothers you.”

“I’ve never noticed men trying to look up my skirt but why should it bother me, if they do look and see something they like they might ask me out.”

“All due respect but are you really surprised that men don’t try to look up your skirts with you wearing skirts like you used to. You really do look much better wearing short skirts Cassie and yes, flashing lots of forbidden flesh is a good way of catching a guy.”

“Thanks, I feel much better. What about my top?”

“Same issues, although it’s looking down your tops, if you’ve changed all of them like that one you’ll either need to start wearing a bra or keep up straight all the time. That’s if you don’t want people to see your tits. I could see all of both of you tits, and I wish that I had nipples like yours Cassie. I’d seen the pokies that they make in that T-shirt that you wear but those nipps are as big as the last section of your little finger, your boyfriend will love them, when you get one, which won’t be long if you go around like that.”

“Are you saying that my top is okay Elise?”

“Hell yes, you may have tiny tits but your nipples more than make up for that and the guys will love seeing them when they think that you don’t know that you have them on display.”

“So do you like what I’ve done Elise. It’s not too short or low cut?”

“Apart from the fabric it’s perfect. Hey, now that you can use a sowing machine how about making your own clothes, you can get patterns to follow. My mum used to make her own clothes so it can’t be that difficult.”

“Hmm, I’ll think about that, fabric has got to be a lot cheaper than the finished product. I might just be able to afford some.”

I left Elise to continue her sunbathing and went inside to clear-up the mess that I had made and put away my modified clothes. As I was doing so I was quite proud of myself and was looking forward to going to work and showing the other girls that I wasn’t a total old-fashioned girl even though we have a uniform to wear whilst working.

After that I checked my finances and set myself a budget for buying what I thought that I would need.

When Tom, then Leo got home they both made comments about how different I looked and that my new look was a big improvement. Later on that evening we were all watching a movie, sitting in our usual seats which for me was almost opposite Tom and Leo. It was only after I noticed that both guys kept looking over to me that I remembered how short my skirt was. I’d never bothered getting into the habit of crossing my legs because of my long skirts and I was sat with my knees next to each other but not touching,

I remembered my conversation with Elise that afternoon and wondered if the guys were trying to look up my skirt. That sort of attention was new to me and I realised that I was enjoying it, in fact, for the first time in goodness knows how long, my pussy was feeling wet.

“Wow,” I thought, “no wonder girls talk about sex all the time. especially those who wear short skirts and skimpy tops.”

I realised that I was a bit jealous of other girls and annoyed with my mother for making me wear such horrible clothes. I also felt more determined to make some new clothes for myself and to explore the sexual side of life.

Instead of closing my knees or crossing my legs I found myself slowly opening my knees a bit further and from the reflection on the TV screen I could see that both Leo and Tom were spending more time looking at my legs than at the TV. I also felt my pussy get wetter and it was sort of tingling.

At first that tingling feeling felt rather strange, but also nice. I vaguely remembered getting those feeling years ago before my mother threatened me with going to hell if I touched my pussy other than to wipe it after going to the toilet or touching it when I had to insert a tampon.

But this was different. Two guys were trying to see my pussy and that tingling was making me feel good and free. I had a long overdue, renewed interest in my pussy and sex. What’s more, there were 2 guys trying to see my pussy and it would be so easy to let them. So I did. I spread my knees some more until I was sure that they could see right up my skirt.

Then I remembered what Elise had said about pubic hair and I remembered seeing the girls at school who looked much better when they didn’t have any, and I got a little embarrassed about me still having some, so I closed my knees and swore that I would shave mine off when I went to the bathroom later.

My interest in sex diminished but was not gone, and when the movie was finished I asked if any one wanted a drink. Everyone did so I volunteered to go to the kitchen and make them. As I was doing that I had a naughty thought as I remembered what Elise had said about guys looking down my top. In the privacy of the kitchen I bent over and looked down my front and was surprised at just how much I could see, all of my tits and right down to the top of my skirt.

“Wow,” I thought as I smiled to myself.

When I took the drinks in I made sure that I bent over in front of both Tom and then Leo and I lingered as long as I dare so as not make it too obvious. I was sure that both of them saw my tits with their large nipples and small, darker areolae. The tingling got stronger.

Then I took Elise her drink and bent to hand it to her. As I did so she waved for me to put my head in front of hers and she whispered,

“You do know that the guys can see your bare butt and pussy when you bend over like that?”

I stood up straight quickly with a shocked expression on my face, but that expression quickly replaced with a smile and I felt my pussy tingle some more. I looked down to Elise and smiled again before turning and going to my seat.

We all sat and talked before finally going to bed. As we climbed the stairs Tom was behind me and I wondered if he could see up my skirt. It was quite a bit later before I went to sleep because I waited until I thought that the others had all used the bathroom then I went and shaved off all my pubic hair. Since that day I have shaved that part of my body every day. After my first pubis shave, and back in my room, I went onto the internet to read up on making clothes, and I watched a few videos.

After that night I kept noticing that both Tom and Leo spent more time around me. I guessed why and I didn’t make any effort to not show my ‘assets’, as Elise called them. I didn’t even get into the habit of crossing my legs when sitting down and I’m pretty sure that I frequently gave the men on the buses going to and from work a pleasant surprise. Well I hope that it was pleasant for them, I know that when I noticed them looking my pussy it tingled for a while.

I will always remember walking to the bus stop the next morning. There was a cool breeze and it was blowing up my newly shortened skirt and tickling my bald pussy and clit. It was an amazing and stimulating feeling that I’d never experienced before. I actually remember standing at the bus stop with my feet well apart so that I could experience that feeling for as long as possible.

I did go into town and found a shop that sold everything that I would need to make my own clothes. I bought a few patterns and a few different fabrics, all nice and thin and suitable for summer clothes. I told Elise, Leo and Tom what I was going to do and they kindly let me use the table in the dining room to work on, and on my next day off I got started. The skirt looked the easiest to make and I soon got some confidence and by the time Elise got home just after lunch I had a skater type skirt just about finished.

Elise made us both a drink and came to talk to me. She sat watching me as we talked and when the skirt was finished I decided to try it on to show her. I’d never changed from my sleeping T-shirt so I just whipped it off and stepped into the skirt.

It felt good and Elise told me that it looked good as well. It was so light that I felt like I had nothing on. I did a few twirls and Elise told me that when I did them she could see that I had nothing on under it.

“I don’t care, this is the best skirt that I have ever had.” I replied.

She also told me that my pussy looked so much better without any hair and I told her that I’d taken her advice and had started shaving it every morning.

I was so happy that I immediately got started on the first dress that I wanted to make, without changing back into the T-shirt or putting a top on. I knew that my little tits wouldn’t get in the way and I had a quick thought of sympathy for the women with huge breasts, they must be such a burden for them.

Elise left me to it and I quickly spread out the fabric and pinned the pattern pieces to it. Once I’d cut all the sections I started pinning them together and when I was done I wanted to carefully try it on to see how it looked on me.

After I took the skirt off leaving me totally naked I quickly discovered that trying on a pinned dress is much harder than a pinned skirt so I called for Elise to help me. I had my back to the door and was still trying to hold the dress up so that I could slide it down from my head when I heard the door open.

“Can you hold it up and slowly lower it please Elise?” I asked.

Hearing no reply or the dress not moving. I turned around whilst trying to lift the front a little so that I could see what was taking Elise so long. Only it wasn’t Elise stood there it was Tom, and after him being able to see all my naked back for a few seconds he could now see all my naked front. What’s more I didn’t know what to do to cover myself because if I moved wrongly I’d probably get pins stabbing me from all directions.

We both stood in silence for what seemed like hours but was probably no more than 5 seconds when Tom said,

“I, I, I was just coming to see how you were getting on, see if there was anything that I could help you with Cassie.”

“There is.” Elise said as she appeared behind him, “you can stop staring at Cassie. Haven’t you seen a naked girl before?”

“Of course I have, it’s just that well, Cassie’s so …..”

“Get out Tom,” Elise said, “leave us girls to do what we do.”

Tom turned and left, Elise looked at me and saw what my problem was, and I realised that my nipples had gone very hard and tingly, my clit had done the same and my pussy had got quite wet. Once my partially made, new dress got lowered down my body Elise said,

“You enjoyed that didn’t you Cassie?”

“No I didn’t, it was embarrassing, I was blushing.”

“Your body is telling me a different story Cassie, it looks like you like showing your naked body to men.”

“No I ……. well it did turn me on.”

“I noticed, don’t be ashamed, it’s a perfectly normal reaction for most girls, I’d probably be gushing if it had been me.”

“So it’s normal for girls to get aroused when men see them naked?”

“Yes it is Cassie, now, let’s see where we need to move some pins. I see that you’ve cut the length so that it will be quite short on you, you’ll really turn the guys heads but don’t twirl around like you did in your new skirt or you’ll really be showing your bald charms.”

“I don’t care. I’m going to feel amazing in this dress and I don’t care what people say or see.”

Elise helped me with the re-pinning then getting it off without ripping any pins out or stabbing me. This time I put the T-shirt on.

A couple of hours later Leo knocked on the door and when I told him to come in he said,

“Oh, you’ve got some clothes on, I thought that all dressmakers worked naked.”

“Very funny Leo, I’m assuming that Tom has told you that he saw me naked?”

“Yes, and he said that you have an amazing body.”

“That will always be a matter of opinion mate.”

“I’ll make up my own mind when I see more of it.” Leo replied.

“You should be so lucky, so what can I do for you?”

“Oh yes, I just came to tell you that we’ve knocked some food together. Have you eaten anything today?”

“Not since breakfast.”

“Which probably explains why you are so slim Cassie, come on, time to eat.”

I went with Leo and found that there were plates of spaghetti blog on the coffee table in the lounge so I picked one up and took it to my chair. It was only when I sat down that the cold seat on my bare butt reminded me that I was still wearing my sleeping T-shirt which is quite short.

As I was eating I thought about what Leo had said, ‘when I see more of it’. What did he mean by that? Had he seen me partially naked somewhere? Maybe he just meant that he’d seen up my skirt? I decided to ask him when I got the chance.

That chance came sooner than I expected because when I took Tom’s and my plate into the kitchen to start on the washing-up, Leo followed me.

“Leo, what did you mean when you said ‘when I see more of it’?”

“Oh that Cassie, did you realise that on a morning when you come down for breakfast wearing that T-shirt and you bend over to get the cereals out of the cupboard, the T-shirt rides up your butt and we can see your bare butt and pussy. It looks much nicer now that you’ve started shaving it.”

“Oh my gawd, I’ve been flashing my butt and pussy to you and Tom all this time and neither of you said anything? Oh my gawd, how could you not tell me? Has Elise seen my pussy as well?”

“Relax Cassie, it’s no big deal, things like that are bound to happen in a shared house where the housemates wander around in what they sleep in, and I have no idea about Elise, she’s never said anything, and besides, her knickers are often so small that they disappear into her slit, haven’t you noticed?”

“No, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Good to hear that. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your new creations Cassie.”

“Yes, I’ve finished a skirt and it feels amazing wearing it, a different world to my old, heavy clothes.”

“You’ll have to give us a little fashion show when you’ve finished Cassie.”

“Actually, that’s a good idea, I’d appreciate a man’s honest opinion.”

“Then it a date, well not an actual date but you know what I mean.”

“Yes Leo, I do.”

When we had finished the washing-up we went back to our seats and I saw that Elise had a movie cued-up ready to start. As I sat down I felt the fabric of the seat on the backs of my legs and my bare butt again. I knew that the T-shirt would ride up at the back but when I looked down at my thighs I saw that the T-shirt had ridden up the front as well, it was just about around my waist but I couldn’t see my bare pubis. I glanced over to Tom and Leo and saw that neither of them were watching the TV so they probably could see my bald pussy.

I was temped to cross my legs but that was something I had never needed to do before and I didn’t particularly want to start doing because it looks uncomfortable. So I didn’t and I started to concentrate on the movie after thinking,

“Well it would appear that they have both seen my pussy lots of times before so one more time isn’t going to make any difference. Don’t let it bother you Cassie.”

The movie was gripping and I just couldn’t stop watching it. I also kept moving around on my chair not even thinking about what I was wearing. It was only when it ended and my concentration ended that I looked over to the others. Elise was just getting to her feet and she looked at me and said,

“Do you realise what you are showing Cassie?”

I looked down and saw that I was laid-back in the chair, my knees were at least shoulder width apart and the T-shirt was definitely around my waist.

“Oops, thanks Elise.”

I said as I closed my knees and pulled the T-shirt as far down my thighs as it would go, which wasn’t very far and when I let go of it it settled right at the top of my thighs. Then I looked over to Tom and Leo, both heads turning away when they saw me looking at them.

By then that familiar tingling had started in my pussy and my nipples and when I glanced at my chest I saw 2 rather large pokies. I know that I should have been embarrassed but I wasn’t, I was actually feeling a sort of proud. My 2 male housemates had obviously been looking at my pussy and from what Leo had said it was nothing new, yet they had obviously been staring at it again.

The tingling got stronger and my pussy got wetter.

Soon after that Elise said that she was going to bed and I said that I was too, adding that it had been a tiring day.

For the first time ever, I climbed into bed totally naked and for the first time in way too many years I masturbated before falling into a deep sleep.

It was nearly a week before I could get back to my dressmaking but I was as eager as ever to get that dress finished and to start wearing it to go out, out anywhere, I just wanted to feel what it was like to walk around outside in clothes that didn’t weigh a tonne.

I’d gone out and to work in my cut down old clothes and that felt much better and when I’d gone out in my new skirt I just wanted to dance around and shout that I was free from the burden of heavy clothes.

My housemates had complimented me on my new look and even some of the girls at work had said the same. I was a happier girl bit I wasn’t finished yet.

I nearly forgot to put on my ex-sleeping T-shirt before going down for breakfast and I didn’t care what I was showing as I bent to retrieve the box of cereals, although I did glance at Tom and Leo and see their usual smiles of appreciation.

I was home alone when I finished the dress and when I put it on I danced around the house because I was so happy with it. Instead of my nipples rubbing on hard, thick fabric they rubbed on soft, thin cotton. The fabric has a floral pattern and somehow the parts that went over my tits and my pussy were plain white but I never even thought about what it would be like out in the bright sunlight, or if it got wet, but I did register that if I did a twirl I’d have the same results that I got when I was wearing my new skirt.

I finally took the dress off, hung it up and did a quick inventory of the fabric that I had left. I had enough to make a couple of skirts of the wrap-over variety. Although the fabric wasn’t quite as wide as the pattern dictated I decided that I could make do, and have enough for a couple of light weight, feel good, short skirts.

The skirts in question were wrap skirts and easy to make so I quickly cut the fabric for both skirts then started sowing. I had expected the wrap over part to be slightly smaller than the pattern had suggested but when I tried the first one on the wrap over part was way less than recommended. In fact all I had to do was put one leg in front of the other and a lot more thigh was showing. Both skirts were a few centimetres shorter than the dress I had just made as well.

My first reaction was that I had just wasted my time and the fabric but as I walked around the dining room I was starting to get used them and thought that just maybe I could keep them and wear them.

I hadn’t bothered to put my T-shirt on after trying on the dress so I was still topless when I took one of the skirts off and put the other one on. I was just fastening the waist when Leo walked in.

We both stopped dead and stared at each other for a couple of seconds before my hands went and covered my tits, my nipples and clit rapidly got hard and started tingling, and I said,

“Shit Leo, when did you get home, you’ve got to stop creeping up on me like that.”

“Sorry Cassie but it was all quiet, the door wasn’t shut and I didn’t think that anyone was here.”

My hands adequately covered my tiny tits so I decided to get his opinion on my new skirt.

“So what do you think Leo?” I asked.

“Amazing, Tom was right, you are beautiful under those old clothes.”

I blushed a little and replied.

“No, the skirt silly.”

“Walk around a little.” Leo said.

I did, still holding my tits.

“Sit down.”

I did, and as usual I didn’t cross my legs.

“Wow Cassie, it’s opened up and I can see your bald pussy. Is it supposed to be like that?”

“No, I didn’t have enough fabric to follow the pattern exactly, is it that bad?”

“No, it’s that good, you’ll be very popular with the guys when you wear that.”

“Thanks Leo.”

“I’ll go and leave you to it Cassie.”

I just sat there even after Leo had shut the door behind him. My tingling nipples felt like pebbles pressing into the palms of my hands and my tingling pussy was feeling decidedly wet.

“Had I made a big mistake with making 2 skirts out of the fabric that I’d had left? If I’d made just one I could have made it to the pattern and it wouldn’t have been so short nor given Leo a good look at my bald pussy.” I thought.

I pondered my dilemma for a few seconds then thought,

“Sod it, it looks good on me when I’m standing up and it feels so much better than my heavyweight skirts. I’ll just have to be careful when I’m moving around or sitting down, I can hold my bag on my lap.”

I decided to leave the skirt on and put on the T-shirt as well. Both came down to about the same place on my thighs so I pulled the hem of the T-shirt up to my waist and tied a knot in it so that it didn’t cover the skirt. Then I set about tidying up a bit before going to the kitchen to make some food.

As I did so I mentally reviewed my finances and decided that I could afford to go and buy some more fabric and patterns, but this time for tops. I still wasn’t happy with my cut- down, old, heavy weight ones.

When Tom got home he looked at me and said,

“Like the skirt Cassie, you’re really having a change of wardrobe aren’t you?”

“Yes, summer is coming and I’ve had enough of wearing old-fashioned, heavy clothes.”

“Well you look great Cass.”

“Thanks Tom.”

Elise walked in seconds later and her first words were.

“Wow Cassie, you are getting daring.”

“Thanks,” I replied, “I tried to be clever and make 2 skirts out if the fabric that I had left and maybe I should have just made one. It’s not too short is it?”

“Hey girl, there’s no such thing as a too short skirt as far as the guys are concerned, it’s what you are comfortable with and I can see when you move around that the guys will be watching you all the time. I bet that you are happy that you started shaving down there.”

“I am, I feel much fresher and natural.”

“Yeah, less chance of catching thrush and other unpleasant things as well.”

That evening we played cards and some board games and I was sure that Tom and Leo were watching my crotch a lot of the time because Elise and I beat them hands down.

Two days later I got home with a bag full of different fabrics and patterns for tops. One piece of fabric was very stretchy because I’d decided to make myself a tight-fitting tank top. The other fabrics were thin cotton like men’s shirts and I was going to make some sleeveless blouses, ones without collars because I didn’t feel confident enough to attempt collars yet.

I made the blouses baggy at the front and with largish arm holes. The weather was getting warmer and I wanted to exploit my new found freedom and feel the air on as much of my skin as possible..

One weekday when it was sunny, Elise and I were at home on our own and Elise decided to do some sunbathing. She put on her miniscule bikini and went and lay out at the back. After a while I took a drink out to her and after she’d thanked me she started trying to persuade me to sunbathe. After a couple of useless excuses I told her that I didn’t have a swimsuit. Elise laughed and said,

“We can soon put that right, come on.”

With that she got to her feet, and not bothering to put her bikini top back on she took my hand and pulled me into the house and to the dining room. My dressmaking things were tidy in one corner and Elise said,

“Let’s see what fabric leftovers you have got Cassie.”

I got them out and she selected some yellow, thin cotton that I’d made a blouse out of.

“Set up the sowing machine whilst I go up to my room and get something.”

Two minutes later we were making a bikini bottoms for me. The triangle for the front started out quite modest but by the time it was ready to be sewed it looked smaller than the teeny one that Elise was wearing. What’s more the sides didn’t narrow gradually, they started looking okay then suddenly narrowed to just a 2 centimetre strip.

“I can’t wear that, it probably wont even cover my slit, just where my hair used to be.”

“That’s the idea Cassie, it’s not like you are going to be wearing it anywhere where someone will see you, just the back garden. Come on, get this cord attached to the bottom of the triangle then put it on, see what it’s like.”

I did and it didn’t cover much more than my clit, and that was in severe danger of sliding out of one side. I looked in the mirror, first at my crotch, then at Elise’s, then back to mine. There must have been twice as much fabric in Elise’s than in mine. What’s more, there was a very distinct bulge where my clit was.

“Perfect Cassie,” Elise said, “you look amazing.”

“But it hardly covers anything.” I protested.

“That’s the whole point Cassie, no one can accuse you of being naked.”

“I sure as hell feel like I am, and who’s going to see me in this, other than you?”

“Exactly, stop thinking about it and let’s make one the same for me.”

Twenty minutes we were both walking outside in VERY tiny bikini bottoms and nothing else. What’s more Elise had managed to talk me into making hers even smaller, the fabric ended at the start of her slit and the chord had disappeared between her lips, and mine felt like it was about to do the same. At least my clit was keeping the fabric from disappearing at the front of my slit.

Anyway, it was only us girls and the sun felt great on my exposed skin, even the parts that had never seen the sun before and as I thought about my exposure I started to get horny, especially when Elise was talking about the many boyfriends that she’d had.

“We’ve got to get you a man Cassie,” Elise said, “you do want to loose you’re virginity don’t you?”

“I do, my mum wouldn’t let me get anywhere near boys so I’ve got a lot of ground to make up.”

“We’ve got to get you on the pill or some other form of contraceptive as well, I’m assuming that getting pregnant isn’t an option at the moment?”

“Hell no, I need to have a lot of fun before I even start thinking about kids, maybe in 40 or 50 years time. Now that I’ve got some decent clothes I’m going to start looking.”

“What about Tom or Leo?” Elise asked.

“I thought we had a verbal agreement that none of us would start a relationship with another housemate.”

“True, I forgot that for a second, but they are cute aren’t they?” Elise replied.

“Yes they are.”

“I know,” Elise said, “lets have a party and get Tom and Leo to invite some of their friends, there many be one or two hunks there.”

“I don’t have any money for booze or party food.”

“Don’t you worry about that Cassie, leave everything to me.

Nothing more was said about a party nor contraception but we talked a lot and I got to know Elise better than I had before. The opposite was probably true as well.

We talked for ages and before I knew it I had dozed off. When I woke up both Tom and Leo were stood over us and Elise looked like she was just waking up too,

“Good nap girls?” Leo asked

Elise grunted.

“Hell of amazing bikini bottoms that you are both nearly wearing girls. Wicked Weasel are they?” Tom asked.

“What would you know about Wicked Weasel Tom, have you been perving at photos on the internet?” Elise replied.

“No, one of my ex-girlfriends has a couple of them and I saw the name on the little tags.”

It was about then that I remembered what I was wearing and I said,

“Oh my gawd, we were supposed to get changed before you arrived home, are you early?”

“Nope.” Leo replied. “Hey, we don’t mind if you ladies want to sunbathe naked do we Tom?”

“No we don’t, we know that ladies like all-over tans, hell, you can be naked 24 x 7 here if you want to, we won’t get embarrassed.”

By then I was on my feet and pulling Elise up so that we could go inside and get changed. As we left them I heard Leo say,

“Cute butts girls.”

It was as we were going through the back door that I realised that neither of us had tried to hide our tits when we got up. I wondered if we both were some sort of exhibitionists.

I put one of my wrap skirts and one of my new blouses on and went down to see what was happening about some food only to find out that Tom had ordered some pizzas. As we were eating Elise said,

“Guys, you know that Cassie is still a virgin and that she has never had a boyfriend?”

“Yes, she told us that one evening when we’d all had a few.” Leo replied.

By then I was blushing a bit but Elise continued,

“Well I’ve decided that we are all going to do something about that, and before you think that you 2 are going to gang-bang her you’re not, remember the housemates agreement?”

I saw 2 male faces go from looking happy to looking disappointed and my pussy and nipples started tingling as I imagined Tom and Leo fucking me.

“What I was thinking guys was that we could have a little party here and you guys can invite all your unattached mates, see if Cassie fancies any of them.”

“Our mates are going to gang-bang Cassie.” Leo said.

“No Leo,” Elise said, “no gang-banging, well not for Cassie, a gang-bang isn’t a good way for a girl to loose her virginity.”

“You’re not a virgin are you Elise?” Leo asked.

“You know that I’m not,” Elise replied. “And stop thinking about gang-bangs, this conversation is about Cassie, she needs our help.”

“Okay,” Tom said, “I’ll ask around.”

“Me too.” Leo added.

“Good, get some dates and we’ll fix it up.” Elise replied.

Later, when Elise and I were alone she said,

“You’re working earlies on Friday aren’t you Cassie?”

“Yes, why?”

“So am I,” Elise replied, “I’ll see if I can get you an appointment at the doctors down the road, get you some contraception.”

“I registered with them when I first moved in here.”

“Good, that should make it easier.

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