Fatal Escape by Thunderbolt1234

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Birgida and Gylda sat in a thick grove of trees outside a small cottage. Hours earlier, they had both escaped Guarda prison. Both had been on a forced work detail at a nearby farm.

Birgida was a small woman only five foot three. For her height she was extremely busty measuring ninety five E. This alway got the guards attention.

Warden Sanchez, a devout religious man had made all guards aware that any guard caught fraternizing with prisoners would be severely punished.

He was known to weep if prisoners died. Going as far as bringing a large Bible to the dead and blessing them.

But some guards who worked the hospital got rare opportunities.

When Birgida was in the clinic for dental or medical work that required anesthesia, the doctors would take cash for five minutes of pleasure.

Unknown to the young woman, her massive breasts had been mauled, nipples sucked and pictures posted of her bare tits on the internet.

Several guards had gone as far as ejaculating on her breasts, face and in her mouth. Birgida always thought the foul taste in her mouth was due to the dental work.

The young inmate woke one morning vomiting. She was told she had a virus and took pills given to her by the doctor.

Three hours later she awoke in the recovery room feeling better but suspicious as to why such a powerful drug was needed for a virus.

Gylda was a tall raven haired beauty. With no breasts or bottom to speak of, she had modeled in Spain. She was in prison for the murder of a photographer who had attempted to rape her.

Her desire was exclusively for women. To be touched by a man was vulgar.

Gylda could not take her attention from Birgida’s body. Hey clothes sodden with sweat clung to her curves.

As much as she yearned for sex, this was not the time.

The women sat for hours waiting for sunset. They had observed a small farm house in a grove of trees. It was their only option for water and a place to sleep.

Gylda stood and casually pulled her pants down. She spread her legs and released a yellow stream of urine.

Birgida stared at the tall woman’s vagina. A triangle of thick black hair caught most of the hot piss.

Gylda observed her looking at her pussy.

“I always had my chocho waxed…for bikini photos.”

“No need for it anymore..,my modeling days are over.”

Several hours later the women crept to the cottage. Peering inside Gylda saw it was empty. She nodded to her friend who cautiously pushed a window open.

Both women crawled into the home and immediately moved towards what looked like a kitchen.

Once in, the escapees suddenly stopped as light filled the room. Gylda had no chance to avoid a rifle butt to her face.

Birgida screamed as a muzzle of a pistol pushed against the back of her head. Gylda fell to the floor. Her hand holding her bleeding mouth.

The guard holding the pistol walked around Birgida. She recognized Sergeant Alvarez, senior guard.

“Stupid whores, every bitch that escapes always comes to the cottage.” In all Birgida counted three guards including Alvarez.

Gylda was yanked from the floor by her hair. She screamed in pain grabbing at the hand that held her. “DONT TOUCH ME YOU PIG!”

A guard quickly pulled Gylda’s arms behind her cuffing her wrists.

Alvarez motioned his head to a doorway. The guards led a squirming Gylda through a door to what looked like a bedroom.

“NO NO DONT RAPE MEEEE!” The door closed and Birgida could hear Gylda fighting and crying.

Alvarez moved in front of Birgida, his pistol still pointing at her. “You have a choice, you cooperate and live or you die, either way I don’t care.”

Birgida shook with fear. Tears ran down her face. “I…I don’t want to die…please.”

The sergeant motioned the gun barrel at Birgida’s blouse. She knew what was going to happen.

With trembling hands, she undid the buttons. Alvarez had a massive bulge which he rubbed with his hand. The dirty blouse fell to the floor.

Birgida wore a plain white bra which was also dirty. It took the prison system months to get her three, ninety five E brassieres. She took great care with the garments.

Her hesitation in unhooking her bra caused Alvarez to grab the material between the cups. He wrenched the cloth ripping it off.

Her huge breasts bounced wildly making Birgida cover herself.

In the other room Gylda screamed and kicked at the soldiers. One swept her feet out from under her. The woman’s head striking the floor.

The men where on her before she could recover. Gylda shrieked feeling her clothes torn from her body. “NO NO I’LL KILL YOU DON’T TOUCH MEEEEE!”

Clothing flew in all directions. Now Gylda began to cry. The guards lifted the woman from the floor and positioned her on the bed.

Gylda kicked wildly at the men screaming. One of the guards grew tired of her outburst. He drew back a massive fist and punched the woman in the face.

Her head snapped back, blood pouring out of her nose. Hands pawed her body. One guard grinned grabbing as much of Gylda’s pubic hair as he could. He wrenched it out letting is sprinkle on her

The free guard dove between the unconscious inmates legs. Licking and biting her vagina.

Birgida stood nude before Alvarez. He unzipped his pants digging out his erect cock.

He casually moved to Birgida, roughly pushed her to her knees and pushed his cock against her lips. “Suck it and if I feel teeth, you die.”

She had used her mouth before but that was with someone she had fallen in love with. Birgida closed her eyes and took the Sergeants cock in her mouth.

All she could think of is if she pleasured him she would live and end up in solitary.

She used all the experience she could remember. Licking the head, sucking his balls, trying deep throat. Alvarez lasted only a few minutes.

Hot cum flooded her mouth. The sergeant grunted, his legs shaking. He pulled away pulling her hair. “Swallow it.”

The inmate looked in his eyes and swallowed. A hard slap across her face shocked Birgida. “Stupid cunt, you made me cum to fast!” She could see his cock drooping.

Alvarez dragged Birgida by her hair across the room. He peered in the room just as one of the guards penetrated Gylda.

The guard pounded the unconscious woman. The other man opened Gylda’s mouth. Blood and a tooth seeped out.

Alvarez watched hoping to get excited and regain his erection. The guard on top of Gylda laughed, spitting in her face. “She is tight, I surprised cause I hear she was a whore!”

The other guard made a sound of disgust. “Punched to hard, she lost teeth, like sticking it in cactus.”

Alvarez grabbed Birgida’s tits. He mauled and twisted them. She closed her eyes crying, regretting her escape.

A yell from the room drew the sergeant’s attention. The guard at Gylda’s face yanked the inmates head forcing his cock down her throat.

He pumped his hips erratically ejaculating squirt after squirt of cum. “Oh god…so good!” The second guard rolled Gylda over. Her mouth spilling cum and blood.

He grinned looking at her wrinkled ass hole. “ I never do it in ass, my wife say no all the time.” It took effort and spit but the guard pushed half his cock in Gylda’s ass.

The inmate groaned and meekly cried from the pain.

Alvarez was hard again. He grabbed Birgida by the hair yanking her locks to face him. His tongue slithered over her nose and lips.

With a grunt the Sergeant spun Birgida around, bent her over and penetrated her. The inmate cried out in pain not having a cock in her for so long.

Alvarez pounded the inmate wrenching her hair backwards to meet his thrust. Again he lasted only a few minutes ejaculating deep in the inmate.

For the next several hours the men took turns on each woman. Birgida shrieked in agony as one guard sodomized her. Finally the men sat relaxing in bliss.

Gylda lay uncontrollably crying. Her face throbbed, her vagina and anus burned.

Birgida fell off the table she had been raped on. In the fetal position, her arms wrapped around her tortured breasts.

Alvarez whispered to the guards. The men looked at Gylda closely shaking their heads. Birgida heard one guard. “Her face…how we explain?”

The sergeant again whispered to his men. one soldier walked out and twenty minutes later returned in a truck. The soldiers moved to Gylda.

Yanked from the bed the handcuffs where removed, her clothing was collected and forced in her hands. Shaking, she took the tattered apparel and dressed.

Alvarez pointed his pistol at Birgida and motioned her to stand. Both women where led outside but not to the truck, they where secured against two trees.

Birgida flexed her wrists as the rope cut into her skin. “Gylda…what are they doing?” The tall inmate lifted her head. “Remember the Warden’s rule.”

Alvarez pulled a canvas bag from the truck. Staring at the women he removed a rusted pistol from the sack and tossed it on the ground.

The sergeant took the rifle from the guard closest to him. He casually leveled it aiming at Gylda and fired. The round penetrated her body just below her left breast.

Her body jerked upright, a look of shock on her face. Blood poured down her thigh, covering her leg and foot. Slowly her breathing stopped.

Alvarez turned slightly and aimed at Birgida. “No no I won’t tell I won’t say anything!” The young inmates scream was cut short by the bullet piercing her chest. Blood ran down her crotch mixing with urine.

She panted a few times, then died.

Alvarez tossed the rifle to the guard simultaneously pulling a sawed off shotgun from the truck.

The sergeant held the weapon inches from her face. The blast disintegrated her head. “See…no worries, escaped prisoners got a gun, got in a gun fight…and lost.”

The soldiers tossed the bodies in the truck and departed.

Both inmates where returned to the prison. Their bodies kicked to the ground from the truck. Alvarez and the guards wrote similar statements how the women resisted and where killed.

The next night Warden Sanchez walked past guards carrying a leather satchel. He entered the storage area where the women lay in makeshift coffins.

One guard saw the Warden remove a Bible from the bag. Then Sanchez closed the door. He tossed the Bible back in the bag and removed a scalpel.

Pulling a dirty blanket which covered Birgida’s corpse, Sanchez carved both her massive breasts from her body.

The Warden placed each orb in the satchel, washed his hands, and closed the lids. Later at home Sanchez placed the breasts in a jar of preservative solution.

Closing his eyes Sanchez remembered his private moment with Birgida. Grunting on top of the inmate, his cock deep inside of her.

He had paid the doctor a large sum of money for his time with the inmate and him keeping the secret of the Warden’s sexual proclivity.

While the others touched her, jerked off on her, he exclusively enjoyed fucking her. But that was also an issue.

During a urinalysis for drug use, the doctor informed the Warden how Birgida was pregnant and having morning sickness.

This brought about the doctor lying to the inmate. “It’s a virus.”

And an abortion while she was drugged. But the Warden was happy to fuck Birgida before the surgical procedure. “Can’t knock her up if she is already pregnant”.

He sat in his private den jerking off. Looking at the multitude of jars with breasts floating in them.

Rating: 100%, Read 497 times, Posted Feb 12, 2023

Fiction | Rape, Snuff


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