Sandra after University Pt. 5 by VanessaEvans

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Sandra after University
by Vanessa Evans

Part 5

I decided to walk the short distance from where I’d parked the Moke to the gym dressed as I was and the 2 guys who were finishing painting the new signage above the gym seemed quite pleased to see me standing watching them. George saw me standing there and came out to greet me and we stood in the street looking at the new signage, both of us pleased with what had been done.

“Have you got any clothes with you Sandra?” George finally asked.

“Yes, there’s a skirt in the lock box.” I replied.

“Okay, you go and put it on while I tell Catalina that we’re disappearing for a while. We’ll go and get a drink and a snack before it’s time for your workout.”

“Okay, something made me think about food a bit ago so I am a little peckish.”

As we were doing that a couple of teenage girls walked by. The both looked at me and they obviously saw that I was topless but it was only a quick look and they just kept walking.

George and I walked to Andy and Janice’s cafe and sat at a table. Andy sort of crept up on us and his first words were,

“There’s my cute little bubble butt, can I have a quick rub to keep me going?”

George and I looked at each other, we both smiled and I stood up and leant forwards a bit. Andy’s hand went straight to my butt, rubbed around it then between my legs. His fingers slid along my slit then he held up his hand as I sat down again.

“I see you can’t wait for me to give you a good spanking.” Andy said as we all saw his wet fingers.

I smiled and sucked his fingers dry before he said,

“A real winner George, what can I get for you?”

As we sat and ordered just a snack and a drink George told me that he’d brought forward the pre-party party to that night and he asked Andy if he and Janice would be there and if he’d managed to organise a little buffet.

“Of course we will be there George,” Andy replied, “there’s no way that I’d miss the opportunity to get my hands on this amazing little body.”

As he was saying that, one of Andy’s hands reached out and gently held one of my little tits.

“Magnificent.” Andy continued, “And don’t worry about the food, Janice has it all in hand.”

“The apple pie and beer were just what I needed as we talked, well mainly me telling George all about my day and all its interesting encounters.”

“So are you going to let those 4 guys gang-bang you Sandra?” George asked.

“Would it bother you if I did George?”

“No, it’s your body to do with as you please. I have no claim on you. The only thing that I ask is that don’t bring any unpleasant bugs into our bed.”

“Well I can’t see it happening anyway,” I replied, “they won’t be able to keep up with me.”

“Are you sure Sandra.”

“Just make sure that you’re there at the end of my workout George.”

“I will.”

As we headed back to the gym I asked George just how many people were going to be at the pre-party party.

“Eight plus you and me. Tony and Angela, Andy and Janice, then 4 whom you haven’t met yet. James and Emma who have a little Real Estate business here and John and Mary who have one of the department stores in town. They’re all nice people and you won’t feel out of place or uncomfortable with any of them, I promise you.”

As we walked into the gym Catalina said,

“Hola, you have a visitor Sandra.”

“What? Who? I don’t know anyone here.”

“I guess that you do Sandra.” George said.

“She’s waiting for you in the ladies changing room.”

“Okay,” I said, “I guess that I’d better go and see who it is. George, are you sure that it’s okay having such explicit posters on the walls in this area, everyone walking down the street can see them?”

“Let me worry about that Sandra, you go and get ready and see who your visitor is.”

I took a towel and the key to the locker that I had claimed as my own and headed to the ladies changing room where I saw a naked girl sat on a bench with her back to me.

“Hello, can I help you?” I said then my question was answered and a big smile came on my face.

“Hi there Lucy, how are you?” I said as Lucy stood and turned to face me.

“I’m good thanks, and I saw the poster in the club when I went in at lunchtime and decided to see if I could get a free workout. I promised the girl on reception that I was going to workout naked like you so she let me in without paying.”

“Catalina, she’s a treasure, George is lucky to have her.”

“So how does this work Sandra, do I just do my own thing or am I supposed to do the same as you?”

“That’s up to you Lucy but I was considering starting a sort of class, with me leading and the other girls following. That way the guys will get very explicit views of the girls, assuming that more girls decide to come along.”

“I’m here aren’t I, and I’m sure that more will follow, I mean, what reasonable looking girl wouldn’t want to show her stuff to lots of cute guys? Why isn’t that receptionist girl joining in?”

“Catalina is a bit shy, but we’re working on her. What about any other girls at your club?”

“There’s a couple who I think would be interested, especially when I go back and tell them how much fun I’m sure that I’m going to have.”

“And I’m sure that you will Lucy, but before I go in there I need a shower, I’ve been handing out flyers at the beach all day and I’m covered in sweat and dust.”

“You look good to me girl.”

“Thanks, but I’m still having a shower.”

We chatted some more as I had a quick shower managing to keep my hair just about dry, then dried myself and looked at Lucy.

“You okay girl, you look a bit nervous.” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just showing more than I do at the club and I’m sure that the lights will be brighter here.”

“You’ll be fine, just do what I do and don’t look at the guys if you don’t want to.”

“But I want to look, see their faces.”

“And the bulges in their shorts.”

“Those as well.”

“Come on girl, let’s do it.”

We walked out of the changing room just as another girl was walking in. She saw that we were both naked, smiled and said hello. Outside the workout room, Lucy and I looked at each other, took a deep breath then opened the door.

“Wow, that’s more cocks than I expected.” Lucy whispered.

“Yes, me too.” I whispered back and thought that this was the biggest audience so far.

Two guys walked up to us and I recognised them immediately from that afternoon.

“Hi Suzie,” one of them said, “I told you that we’d come and take you on.”

I turned to Lucy and said,

“I met these 4 guys this afternoon and I promised them that if they did everything that I did, only better, then they could gang-bang me afterwards.”

“What! But they’re guys, they’re bound to be stronger.”

“Relax Lucy, I’ve got this covered.”

Then I whispered to Lucy,

“By the way, I’m Suzie in here, like it says in the posters.”

“Right Suzie,” Lucy loudly said, “let’s show these guys how to do a proper workout.”

Just then George walked in and I said,

“George, these 4 guys reckon that they can do everything that I do, only better, will you watch us and be the judge please?”

Then I turned to the 4 guys and continued,

“There you are guys, now you can’t accuse is of any female bias.”

“Like we’d need to do that.” One of the guys said.

I turned to Lucy and said,

“You follow me round then George can keep an eye on the 4 guys.”

Lucy nodded her head as we walked to the exercise bikes and she smiled and copied me as I adjusted the height of the saddle. She did the same on the bike next to me.

As I started to pedal I looked at Lucy in the mirror and saw that she looked as comfortable being naked with all those guys around as I did. I guessed that her working at the club wearing just an ultra short skirt and probably getting groped every night had got rid of any shyness that she may have had.

A couple of the guys took the other 2 bikes and were soon pedalling faster than either Lucy or I were. Lucy and I kept on, sliding from side to side on the saddles at a steady pace until I orgasmed first, quickly followed by Lucy. When I was back to normal I climbed off the bike and let one of the other guys get on it. I saw him look at the wet saddle and I said,

“Don’t worry mate, I don’t expect you to cum like I did.”

I was just about to move on to the next machine when I saw and heard Lucy cumming. By the time that I’d got my machine setup Lucy had joined me.

“That one next.” I said pointing to another machine, “you use that then we’ll swap.”

“That was good on the bikes,” Lucy quietly said, “I never thought of raising the saddle like that until I saw you do it.”

“Yeah, it is fun,” I quietly said back, “have you noticed that just about everyone else in the room has stopped exercising and is watching us?”

“I have, this is so much more fun that working at the club.” Lucy replied.

Lucy and I continued using the machines until the last one on my routine then I took Lucy to the water machine whilst we waited for the 4 guys to catch us up. I have to say that they were working hard. When the first 2 came over to us one of them said,

“That was easy Suzie, time to pay-up soon.”

“We’re not done yet mate,” I replied, “the second part is on the mats so we can all do it together, like a yoga instructor taking a class.”

“So we can watch you two bending over from behind you.” The other guy said.

“Something like that.” I replied as I heard Lucy giggle a bit,

Once all 4 guys had finished on the machines I said,

“Right, the second half is on the mats, you 4 and Lucy stand behind me and do what I do, okay?”

I looked at all 4 male faces and saw 4 smiles then I continued,

“So far guys, you have kept up with me, and probably done better than me but that was all strength, now we are going to see how supple you are, are you ready to start losing?”

Four confident looking guys and a smiling Lucy all nodded at me.

It wasn’t long before it became very obvious that none of the guys had done any of the floor exercises before. Lucy was just about keeping up with me but the guys were comical. They were obviously doing their best, not wanting to miss out on the potential gang-bang but they didn’t really stand a chance.

The 2 exercises that finished them off were firstly, the standing splits, not a cat in hells chance; and secondly the final exercise, where I put my calves behind my shoulders and do 40 Kegel exercises.

“Come on guys.” I said when I had finished and got to my feet. “You haven’t even got your calves behind your shoulder yet, and you missed seeing me do my Kegels.”

It was another minute or so before one of the guy’s legs fell flat on the floor and he said,

“Okay Suzie, we admit defeat, we didn’t think about floor exercises.”

“Thinking too much about the prize were you?”

By then all 4 of them were flat on their backs on the mats and George came over and said.

“I guess that you all realise that you’ve been tricked by a girl, but don’t be too hard on yourself, if I’d been you I’d have fallen for it as well. Never mind, there’s plenty of girls out there, the night is still young and you still might score.”

Four dejected young men left the workout room which slowly started getting back to normal. Lucy came over to George and I and said,

“That was fun, I’m assuming that you were playing them along all the time Suzie, sorry Sandra?”

“I was, guys are so predictable Lucy, and you can call me whichever name that you want.”

“I hate to spoil your fun girls,” George said, “but Sandra and I have somewhere that we have to be. You work at the Pink Pussy Kat don’t you Lucy? Are we going to see more of you here on an evening, you’re just the sort of girl that this place needs. Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound offensive.”

“None taken George, and yes, I do work at the Pink Pussy Kat, I’m sure that you’ve had your hand up my skirt a few times in there, and I don’t think that there’s any more of me to see but you will see me here quite often, assuming that you don’t start charging me, it’s fun teasing all those guys.”

“No Lucy, just so long as you workout like that you can come here as often as you want and we won’t charge you. Come on Sandra, shower.”

Lucy and I went off to the shower and were talking when another girl joined us. It was the one that I’d noticed before we started our workout. I’d also noticed her standing in the background watching us doing our workout.

“Hi.” The naked girl said as she stepped under a shower head.

“Hey.” Both Lucy and I replied.

“I’m Chloe, I came to see if what it said on the flyer as right.”

“Well now you know,” I replied, “I’m Sandra, or Suzie, whichever, and this is Lucy. Does this mean that you will be coming back for free workouts Chloe?”

“They’re really free?” Chloe asked.

“If you workout like we did, then yes, totally free.” I replied, “I’m here every night around this time, I’m thinking of running a sort of informal class for girls who don’t workout that often and want and excuse to show-off their goodies, it’s great watching the guys watching us.”

“I don’t start work until 9 so it would fit in with my schedule.” Chloe said,

“Mine too,” Lucy added, “I work at the Pink Pussy Kat so this is going to be great for me, get me all horny before I start work so that I’ll enjoy all those wandering hands even more. Maybe even get an orgasm or two out of them.”

“Yeah, I work at that big, famous club by the harbour,” Chloe said, “so it will fit in well for me as well.”

By then I was finished showering so I told Lucy and Chloe that I had to go.

“What about your hair?” Chloe asked.

“It can blow dry on the way.” I replied as I quickly got dried.

“Is Sandra going to wherever like that?” I heard Chloe as as the naked me went out of the door. I didn’t hear Lucy’s answer.

“I’ve loaded the Moke.” George said as I got to the entrance.

Thirty seconds later, the still very naked me was sat in the Moke’s passenger seat and we were zooming down the road.

At the villa there was a small van outside and as we pulled up I saw Andy and Janice get out. Andy said hello by asking if my butt was ready to be spanked.

“Stop harassing the poor girl Andy.” Janice said before turning to me and continuing, “he’s quite harmless really.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” I replied as we all started unloading the van and the Moke.

I started helping Janice and Andy putting the snacks on a table by the pool but that didn’t last long because the others started to arrive. Tony and Angela were the first, Tony commenting on me adapting to the Ibiza lifestyle very well. We hadn’t been chatting very long when the first strangers, to me that is, arrived and George introduced me to John and Mary, George telling me that John and Mary owned a small department store in Ibiza town.

The final guests arrived shortly after I’d decided that both John and Mary were very friendly and easy to talk to. James and Emma were also very friendly and easy to talk to and George told me that they owned an Estate Agents and had actually sold the villa that we were standing outside to George quite a few years ago.

George pulled me to one side and told me that everyone was there and he asked me how I was feeling. I was pleased with myself when I told him that I was feeling quite comfortable with everyone.

I was in constant demand as people wanted to know all about me. The only comment that I got about my lack of clothes was from John who jokingly said he hoped that it didn’t catch on too quickly because they sold a lot of clothes and it wouldn’t be good for their business.

One time when I was talking Angela about the gym I told her that one of the girls who works at the The Pink Pussy Kat, Lucy, had started going to the gym for naked workouts.

“Oh yes, I know Lucy, cute girl, she’s one of the girls who doesn’t wear knickers at work, I’ve watched her get groped and cum lots of times, one of Tony’s best girls. You know Sandra, I should get Tony to revive the wet T-shirt competitions and you should come and enter. You could even work there on our busy nights, after you’ve done your workouts at George’s gym. Hey, a better idea, how about you and Lucy doing part of your workout at the Pussy Kat. I’m sure that that would bring in the punters. From what I’ve heard about your workout they couldn’t get any more explicit if you tried.”

“You mean the Kegels at the end.” I replied, “yes, they are quite explicit.”

“We don’t have a licence for full on sex shows but girls doing Kegels is the next best thing.”

“That does sound like fun.” I replied.

“I’ll talk to Tony, I’m, 100% sure that he’s love to have you working at the club. We’d pay you of course Sandra.”

“Anything that you pay me would be more than George does, I work for him for free, but he does le me live here for free and he does feed me.”

“The tight git, I’ll have to have a word with him.”

“No, don’t do that, I don’t need the money and I did volunteer to do it all for free.”

“Well I suppose that you are getting a lot of sexual pleasure out of it Sandra, and there’s more to come later.”

“I hope so.”

It was then that Andy started asking when we were all going to move to the garage and after a couple of minutes I found myself walking there along with everyone else and starting to feel a little nervous but also excited, not only were my nipples and clit tingling but I could also feel my pussy getting quite wet.

“Sandra,” George said once we had all walked in through the open, big doors, “tell us about this Master Thomas guy and your visits to the Gentlemen’s Club whilst I get the Sybian setup for you.”

I’d guessed that that was coming but I could hear a bit of nervousness in my own voice as I started to tell them about how Isla had started it all. By the time I’d got to telling them about the contents of the envelopes that Master Thomas had given us I was starting to get quite a bit more nervous. I’d watched George mount the Sybian on some sort of wooden frame, a bit like a school gym’s vaulting horse and I’d quickly realised that once I was mounted on it with the huge dildo inside me, there was no way that I could get off without some assistance. But at the same time I was really looking forward to it, so was my pussy, I could feel my juices creeping down my inner thighs despite the air temperature still being in the high twenties.

“Okay,” George announced, “enough talking, time for some action. John, James, would you care to lift Sandra up onto the Sybian.”

Both James and John looked very eager to do as asked and I soon found 4 hands on my bare flesh lifting me so high that I thought that my head was going to hit the ceiling. They held me up, with my legs spread wide, at the back of the Sybian then ‘walked’ me forwards until my pussy was hovering over the dildo.

“Ready Sandra?” James asked.

“Ready,” I replied as my right hand went between my legs to guide the dildo into me.

I let out a long sigh as I bottomed-out, then I looked around. Nine pairs if eyes were all staring at me.

“That feels soo good.” I said as I sat there with no way of stopping the machine once it started, and no way of getting off it on my own. I smiled as I got a crazy image in my brain of the Sybian shaking my insides to a jelly that slowly liquefied and ran out of my body literally dripped to the floor.

“I think that you’ve got some serious competition for us other girls here George.” Mary said, “look at her face, she’s in heaven.”

And I was, I just love doing sexual things with people watching me.

“Okay,” James said, “Are we going to put some bets on how long how long Sandra will last before she cums?”

“Bloody hell, that’s a first for me.” I thought.

I watched and listened as everyone guessed at how long it would be before I orgasmed. The guesses ranged from 2 to nearly 20 minutes, me strongly suspecting that I wouldn’t get anywhere near double digits of minutes.

The Sybian was one with a cordless remote control and I gasped as George turned it on. Then he passed the control to Emma, who was stood next to him, who turned up the vibrations and the rotations.

“One minute each then pass the control on.” I heard George say just before my brain switched to concentrating on what the dildo was doing to me.

I soon realised that I was alternating between leaning forwards so that the ‘scrubbing brush’ was torturing my clit, and leaning back so that dildo rotations found my G-spot. Each time I leant backwards my right hand went to my clit and furiously rubbed my clit for a few seconds before I leant forwards again.

I was in my own little pleasure world just enjoying what everyone there was doing to me.

I had totally lost track of time when the first orgasm hit me and I remember shouting something like,


Then when the waves started to recede I vaguely remember shouting,


Seconds later another orgasm hit me, then another, then another. The next thing that I remember was being in George’s arms and Angela holding a bottle of water to my mouth.

“Here, drink a little.” Angela said.

“Are you okay Sandra?” James asked.

I said nothing as Angela gently tipped a little water into my mouth. Even when she stopped I said nothing for ages before finally saying,

“Why did you stop? Why did you take me off that thing?”

That got some laughter which I countered with,

“I’m serious, put me back on there.”

“No Sandra,” George said, “there will be plenty of other times for you to try to kill yourself on it, I’ll rig up a harness to keep you from falling off and seriously injuring yourself, and a cord for the control, but for now, when you are ready, we have something else for you. Besides, some of the other girls want their turn on the Sybian,”

I looked around and saw that Emma and Janice were already naked and Mary and Angela were in the process of stripping.

“Are you ready to stand around for a bit Sandra?” George asked, “Andy is eager to spank your cute little butt.”

I had no idea what position Andy was going to spank me in but I’d envisaged that I would be across his lap and feeling his boner pressing onto my stomach. I feared that I wasn’t going to feel or even see his cock. Imagine my surprise when I saw that some of them had moved a wooden frame to the front of the garage that I recognised as some sort of medieval stocks.

George carried me over to it and put me down saying,

“You can relax in this for a while.”

I almost laughed as he gently bent me over so that my neck and wrists were in the lower grooves then John and James lowered the top down so that I was well and truly fixed in place. Then I felt my feet being eased far apart and some sort of shackles keeping me from closing my legs.

My body shuddered and I moaned as someone’s fingers slid down my butt crack and between my spread labia before flicking my clit.

“She’s ready.” I heard George say, then I felt hands caressing my butt and a finger going inside my vagina.

“Beautiful, truly amazing.” I heard Andy say as both his hands caressed my butt for a few seconds then they disappeared.

I should have guessed what was next but the swat that landed on my right butt cheek caught me by surprise. The next 9 weren’t a surprise and although they hurt they weren’t that bad. After that 10 Andy stopped and inspected my butt with his fingers.

“Warming up nicely Sandra.”

He said as his fingers went between my legs, along my already wet and parted labia and to my clit where he toyed with it and said,

“Nice and hard Sandra, I thought that it would be when I first saw it on the beach, you are a lucky girl Sandra.”

As his hand slowly withdrew, Andy turned it over and his middle 2 fingers delved deep into my vagina. He kept them bent and they quickly found my G-spot which he rubbed for a couple of seconds then he withdrew his hand and landed 10 more swats on my butt.

Andy repeated the same process over and over, I have no idea how many times, and it wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building inside me. Just as the unknown number of sets of 10 swats started landing I started thinking that the next time that he touched my clit I was going to cum all over his hand. But after the 10 swats Andy’s hand disappeared.

“You’re ready to cum aren’t you Sandra?” Andy asked.

“Yes, I’m so close, please keep going Andy, please.”

“Sorry Sandra but I like to keep a girl wanting more.”

“No, please don’t stop Andy, you can spank me anytime. anywhere that you want, I promise, just please keep going, make me cum.”

“No Sandra, it’s the turn of the others here to use your body however they want, maybe one of them will make you cum.”

I was a little confused, not knowing what was going to happen to me next, but I suddenly saw George’s sandals and legs in front of me. He squat down, lifted my head so that we were looking at each other’s face and asked,

“How are you doing benefits girl? Had enough yet?”

“Oh I’m good, more than good, can you get your cock out and ram it in to me, either end, I just need to feel it.”

I heard a little laughter before George got to his feet and said,

“She’s good guys, come and help yourself.”

Just then I heard a noise and looked over to the Sybian and saw Janice and Angela. Both were totally naked and Janice was riding the Sybian like I had.

Within seconds, hands were all over me, outside and inside me. Somehow, through all the pleasure that those hands were giving me I managed to make out a couple of very nice compliments,

“Feel these tits Emma, they feel like they’re filled with concrete.”

“And her nipples feel like the end of my thumb.” Mary said.

“Have you seen her clit guys,” John said. “so chewable.”

There was one more comment, a question really, before the next orgasm hit me,

“Do you shave your pussy every day?” James asked.

Somehow I managed to say one word before I started shaking and jerking,


By the time my orgasm was starting to recede 2 cocks were entering me, one in my pussy and the other in my mouth. I didn’t know who they belonged to but I had certainly needed the one in my pussy for ages.

Over the next goodness knows how long, I’m pretty sure that I’d been fucked at both ends by 4 different cocks. I don’t think that one of them was George’s, the fucks were rougher than George usually fucks me. I’m also pretty sure that I sucked 3 cocks back to rock hard and that I received 4 lots of cum into my throat. During that last load I really struggled not to gag and swallow because I was in the middle of another orgasm when the cock started to unload.

Once things went quiet I started to get my breath back and relax but when I opened my eyes I saw George squat in front of me.

“Are you okay benefits girl?” George asked.

“Hell yes, bring it on benefits boy.”

George smiled and replied.

“It’s time for dessert Sandra, you can lay flat on your back for this.”

Having no idea what he meant I was happy when 2 of the guys released me from the stocks.

“Can you walk Sandra?” George asked.

“I think so, but I’m knackered.” I replied as I started to straighten-up.

George helped me walk out of the garage and to where we had previously congregated to eat the snacks and talk. I saw everyone standing around watching me, and also that the table had been cleared. As we got to the end of the table George picked me up and lay me on the table with my knees bent over the end.

“Ready?” Janice asked.

“Ready.” George replied.

The next thing that I knew was that food, desserts, were being placed on my torso and upper thighs.

“I can’t get anything to stay on her tits, it keeps sliding off.” Emma said.

“Put a couple of ring doughnuts over them.” Janice replied.

Then I felt something cold and creamy on my slit then a nozzle entered my pussy and I heard and felt cold cream being squirted inside me.

I gasped then thought that it actually felt quite nice.

I lifted my head to see what they were doing to me and I saw gateaux, trifle and a variety of fruit all over my body. I smiled then I saw George pick up a banana, peel it and push it into my pussy.

“Are you going to eat that now?” I asked.

“Not me benefits girl, everyone else is.”

And they did, with their tongues and mouths. I never once felt a spoon or fork on me. Obviously I enjoyed them eating and licking whatever from my tits and pussy and I’m sure that as the banana went all mushy inside me, some of it was pushed further into me where tongues couldn’t reach, but I didn’t care. It was such a sensual feeling getting licked and sucked all over.

It was the women that I enjoyed the most as they really knew how to do cunnilingus and they made me cum twice, Emma saying,

“I just love eating men’s cum out of another girl’s pussy.”

Finally I had nothing but sticky saliva all over me and probably some banana still inside me and I looked up to see 9 people looking down on the naked me.

“You okay Sandra?” George asked.

“Knackered but yes, that was awesome.”

“Good,” Angela said, “just one more thing for us to do before announcing that you are now one of our own little orgy group.”

“Does that mean that I’ll get invited to regular orgies and gang-bangs?” I asked

But I didn’t hear any answer because Andy picked up my legs, John picked up my arms and they lifted me to the side of the pool and threw me in.

“Well that put some life back in to me.” I said when I surfaced and swam to the steps to climb out.

Once out I went and got the end of the hosepipe that was laying around and was pleased to find that water came out when I turned it on. I then proceeded to rinse myself off before getting 2 ideas.

The first idea was to stick the end of the hosepipe up my pussy to rinse out any banana and cream that may still have been inside me and everyone watched me as I did so. I’d sat on the side of one of the sun loungers and I messed about a bit, filling myself up then squirting it out. The guys cheered me on to see how far I could squirt the water. I managed about 5 metres.

When I’d had enough of that I said,

“Just one more thing to do.”

And I turned the hosepipe to full blast and started spraying it all over the other people there. Although all the girls screamed, they were lucky in that the most that any of them were wearing was Emma, a G-string, the rest being naked. All the guys were wearing shorts and a couple were wearing T-shirts as well. I drenched all of them before George ran at me, scooped me up and jumped in the pool still holding me tight.

When we got out the others decided that it was time to wrap things up and Angela and I packed all the plates and cutlery back into the boxes and carried them to the van.

At the gate we waved everyone off then George put his arm round me and said that I was the best thing that had happened to him since sliced bread.

We locked up and went to bed where we fucked like rabbits until we both went to sleep, me totally exhausted.


For the first time I woke and George and I weren’t fucking, in fact he wasn’t even on the bed. Everything was deadly quiet as I got up and went downstairs to put some coffee on. When I got to the machine I saw that it was already on and there was a note next to it.

Morning benefits girl.

I thought that you could do with a lay in for once so I’ve gone to the gym on the scooter.
You did really well yesterday, not just the flyers, or your workout. I liked the way you teased those 4 guys.
Everyone at the party was well impressed with you and are more than happy for you to be part of our swapping group.
Do whatever you want today but please be at the gym in time for your workout, I’m sure that the guys are looking forward to seeing you.
If you fancy handing out some more flyers come to the gym and I’ll send Catalina out with you to show you how to get to some other great beaches.

See you later,

Love George.

I stared at the last line for ages. It was the first word that had got me. George had said that he loved me. Love was something that I had never even thought about, why would I want to get romantically involved with a guy? I was having too much fun as things were. I’d heard of and read about girls who’s fallen in love and their lives had changed. I didn’t want my life to change.

I poured myself a coffee and went out and sat by the pool to think.

I tried to define love, well my version of it, and I came to the conclusion that maybe I did love George but I didn’t want things to change and I hoped that George was happy with things as they were. I decided to say nothing and just see how things went.

Maybe George writing ‘Love’ was just a term of endearment, that he loved me but wasn’t ‘in love’ with me. That last thought made me happy and I decided to forget about in and enjoy the sun for a while.

As I lay there, enjoying the sun giving me a better all-over tan I decided that I would hand out some more flyers that day. George had mentioned a beach up the west coat that he said was quite popular and had a nude section. That part didn’t excite me that much, it was handing out flyers on the rest of the beach whilst totally naked. I’d get Catalina to come with me to show me how to get there, and maybe talk get into getting naked as well.

Around lunchtime I put on one of my way too short skirts and one of my strings only G-string then put the rest of the things that I’d need into the Moke’s lock box and set off to the gym.

I said hello to Catalina who told me that George was hanging one of the posters in the men’s changing room so I went in there to see him. Yes, George was there, so was a man in the showers. He didn’t turn away from me, nor try to hide his cock as I spoke to George. When I told him that I fancied handing out some flyers he told me that I’d probably enjoy doing that at the Cala Conte Beach which is up the west side of the island.

When I told him that I didn’t know how to get there he told me that he’s send Catalina with me.

“What do you think of that poster up there?” George asked me.

“Looks good.” I replied, “but you should be asking the customers.”

George turned to face the man in the shower and said,

“Hey mate, what do you think of this poster?”

“Can’t really see it from here.” The man replied.

“Well come over here and have a look?”

“Err, won’t the young lady mind?”

“Hell no, you’ll see why when you look at the poster.”

The naked man walked over to us with me watching his cock that was getting bigger by the second. The man looked up at the poster, then to me, then back up to the poster.

“That’s you isn’t it?” He asked.

“Yep.” I replied.

“You look good, err Suzie, both of you.”

I watched his eyes go backwards and forwards between me and me on the poster.

“If you want to see more of the real Suzie come back this evening, she puts on and amazing workout don’t you Suzie?”

“I do, even more revealing than what you see up there.”

“Come on Suzie,” George said, “Leave the man to get changed in peace and I’ll give Catalina the good news.”

We left the room, George going first, and when I gave the man one last, quick look I saw that his right hand was wanking his cock. I smiled.

Catalina was happy to go for a ride and as we walked to the Moke she said,

“It’s a hot one today, it’s a shame that George’s car hasn’t got air conditioning.”

“I don’t think that air con would be much use without a roof on the car Catalina.” I replied as I dropped my skirt revealing one of my strings only G-strings.

“Hmm, true.” Catalina replied.

“You could always take some of those clothes off Catalina.”

(Catalina was wearing a blouse, a bra, a skirt and presumably knickers.)

“I don’t know that I could do that.”

“Why not Catalina? Who’s going to see you that you know? Besides, I bet that your bra and knickers could easily be mistaken for a bikini.”

“I don’t know.”

“Go on, no ones going to know and I guarantee that you will feel cooler.”

We climbed into the Moke and as Catalina went to put the seatbelt on she hesitated then let go of the seatbelt, took her blouse off and put the seatbelt on.

“Pretty bra Catalina.” I said, “matching set?”


“Well then I’m sure that you will look like you’re wearing a bikini. Besides, wearing that skirt you’ll look over-dressed compared to me.”

Catalina thought for a couple of seconds then unfastened her skirt and managed to shuffle it off without unfastening the seatbelt.

I smiled at Catalina then started the Moke and drove off. Catalina looked a little nervous as we drove through the streets of Ibiza town but as the buildings decreased in numbers she started to relaxing. By the time we got to a village called Sant Josep she was much more relaxed and she looked like she was enjoying the breeze on her normally covered bits.

We came to a long straight road and Catalina said that the beach was at the end of the straight road.

“We have to park in amongst the bushes at the end.” Catalina said.

“Judging by the number of cars in front of us I would say that it’s going to be quite busy.” I replied.

“It’s very popular.” Catalina said.

We followed the car in front of us off the road and onto the very dusty land. Cars were parking anywhere and everywhere in amongst the bushes, no organisation whatsoever. When I managed to find somewhere to park I jumped out and said,

“Come on Catalina, pass me your skirt and top and I’ll lock them in the lock box.”

“Maybe I should put them back on?”

“Don’t be daft, it’s too hot for those, look around, do you see any other girls wearing skirts and tops?”

Both Catalina and I looked around and I was pleased to not see any girls wearing more than a bikini. Catalina thought for a second then passed me her skirt and top.

“Second step achieved.” I thought as I locked up then hid the key.

I gave Catalina a handful of the flyers and pointed her in the direction of away from the road where there weren’t as many cars nor people, then I grabbed a handful of flyers and headed towards where most of the people arriving and the heading for the beach were.

I was wearing just one of my strings only G-string, sunglasses and flip flops and I spent most of the time walking directly towards people hoping that they would look at me. I wasn’t expecting to get any shocked expressions when someone saw that they could see my slit but I did get a couple of raised eyebrows, both times causing a little wet rush which quickly dried in the heat of the day.

Twice I saw groups of young men heading away from their car and towards the beach and both times I changed direction and walked towards them. When I was right in front of the first group I held out a flyer and asked if I could give them it. Two of the guys put out their hands, one of them saying,

“That’s one hell of a bikini bottoms that you’re nearly wearing.”

“Like it?” I asked as I spread my feet knowing that they’d definitely be able to see my clit.

“Hell yes,” another guy said.

“It doesn’t cover much does it?” The third guy said.

“It’s not supposed to,” I replied, “I want to get an all-over tan.”

“You’ll get tan lines where those strings are.” The first guy replied.

“Not if I keep moving them.” I said as I used my spare hand to push the string on one hip down a bit.

“Hardly worth wearing it is it?” The third guy asked.

“You’re right,” I replied, “but it gives guys like you something to talk about, besides, it will come off when I go onto the beach and if you want to see more of me you should come to the gym this evening.”

“Do you really workout totally naked?” The guy with the flyer asked.

“Me and any other girls that wants to as well. The gym owner lets us in for free if we workout totally naked.”

“Isn’t it embarrassing for you?” One of the guys asked.

“Why, it’s not like you can see any more of us than you can on the beach? Anyway, gotta go, lots of flyers to hand out, maybe I’ll see you on the beach later, or at the gym this evening?”

I left them and seconds later I looked back and saw that they’d turned and were watching me.

The second group of guys weren’t as talkative but I did spread my feet for them as I stopped in front of them forcing them to stop. I don’t have to tell you where their eyes were looking, again giving me a little wet rush.

I continued putting the flyers on windscreens and handing them to every guy that looked reasonable until I ran out of them, then I went back to the Moke. Catalina wasn’t there so I sat on the front to wait for her. After a few seconds I decided that I was going to ditch the G-string ready for hitting the beach. I had just opened the lock box when Catalina returned.

“You look relaxed Catalina.” I said.

“Yes, I am, this bra and knickers does look like a bikini. No one gave me any disgusted looks.”

“Why should they, you are an attractive young woman, you look great.”

It was then that Catalina saw that I’d taken off the G-string.

“Are you going onto the beach like that Sandra?”

“Yes, why?”

“I’m pretty sure that the main beach isn’t a nude beach.”

“I haven’t seen any policemen here, have you Catalina?”

“No, but they do have some security men.”

“So what are they going to do, tell me to leave?”


“Well by that time I’ll have handed out lots of flyers so I would have been moving on to the nude beach anyway. So are you going to join me naked as well Catalina?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well at least go topless, I bet that just about every woman on the beach will be topless, even the non-nude part.”

“I don’t know, someone might see me.”

“So what, being topless is no big deal, I bet that you’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of topless women on the beaches Catalina.”

“True, but, but my tits aren’t as nice as yours Sandra.”

“Catalina, tits are tits, men love then in any shape and size, well maybe not the ones that hang down below the waist, life must be difficult for those women. Besides, your tits look good to me, what are they, a ‘B’ cup?”


“The same a Lucy’s, the girl who worked out with me yesterday, and she wasn’t shy about letting hers free.”

Catalina thought for a few seconds then reached up behind her back and unfastened her bra.

“Give it to me,” I said, “I’ll lock it up to keep it safe. They look good Catalina, nice and proud, not a hint of sag.”

“True, but I’m still young and they’re soft and bouncy.”

“Like most women’s then, not all women are freaks like me.”

“You’re not a freak Sandra, it’s just that your tits haven’t filled out yet, we all develop at a different rate.”

“True, so now that we’ve established that you are just your average, beautiful Spanish girl are you ready to hit the beach, hand out some flyers then do a bit of sunbathing?”

“Yes I am. Pass me some more flyers please Sandra.”

The naked me and the topless Catalina started walking towards the beach as I thought,

“Third step achieved, just the knickers to go but I’m not going to rush it, plenty of time.”

Catalina did look a little nervous as we headed onto the road for the last hundred or so metres. Fortunately for her most people were walking the same way. The 2 old men at the barrier across the road to stop cars going the last bit didn’t give us more than a cursory glance but after we’d passed them Catalina quietly said,

“I thought that those 2 old men might say something about me being topless.”

“Sorry to spoil your fun Catalina but they were more likely to say something about me, I’m the totally naked girl.”

As we walked the last bit a bus passed us then stopped and dozens of people got off, all headed straight towards the beaches.

“It’s that way.” Catalina said.

“I guessed that.” I replied as I looked at Catalina and saw that her tits were wobbling as she walked. Something that I’ve never noticed mine do.

We went down the concrete ramp and onto the beach and I went to the people nearest the sea whilst Catalina started at the back. I immediately noticed some people staring at the naked me but I ignored them and started handing the flyers to the youngish people who were there.

I got to the first group of 4 guys that I’d gone up to in the car park and as I got close one of them said,

“Hey guys, that chic from the car park is here and she’s even more naked.”

The other 3 guys turned and looked as I squat down in front of them with my knees wide apart. I was between them and the sea which was the way they were all looking.

“Hi guys, enjoying the sun and the view?”

“Hell yeah,” one of them said, another said,

“And the view just got a lot better as well.”

“Oh boys, are you looking at my pussy, that’s rude, you should be looking at my face.”

“You don’t want us to look at your face do you Suzie?” one of the guys said, “if you did you wouldn’t be squatting down like that. I must say that your tits and pussy look superb Suzie.”

“Yeah,” another of the guys said, “those nipps and that clit look so chewable.”

“Don’t those nipple barbell things get hot in the sun?” Another guy asked. “I could suck them to keep them cool.”

“Now now guys, no sex on the beach, I just came over to see if you’ve decided to come to the gym this evening, or maybe tomorrow evening. I’m there every evening.”

“And you really workout like that every evening?” One of the guys asked.

“That’s what I said wasn’t it, it’s no fun wearing clothes. Well gotta go guys, flyers to deliver. See you this evening.”

I stood up and moved on to a middle-aged guy who had been watching me. He was on his own. laying on his back up on his elbows. I stood real close to him with my feet well apart and said,

“You look like you workout sir, fancy coming to this gym on an evening, you can watch me working out like this whilst you’re there.”

I handed the man a flyer thinking that by the looks of him he’d never been to a gym in his life but it was good to tease him.

I made it to the end of the beach where Catalina was waiting for me. As I got close she said,

“You’re such a tease Sandra.”

“Yes I am, and I love it, and so do the guys, you should try it Catalina, it will make you feel good. Shall we move on to the other beach, where is it?”

“Back the way we came Sandra, it’s down some steep steps, not that I’ve ever been down there, whenever I came here with my parents they said that I was too young to go there.”

“Well you’re an adult now so you can go wherever you want. You can even take those knickers off if you want.”

“I don’t know about that.” Catalina replied.

I’d sown the seed and I left it at that. We walked off the beach, up the ramp, passed the cafe and along the edge of the rocks.

“Where’s the security guards that you told me about Catalina?” I asked.

“I have no idea, the last time that I was here they looked so big and terrifying.”

“They’re just men.” I replied.

As we walked along I got a few stares from people walking the other way but I ignored them, mainly because I was looking down at the rocks and the people swimming. Then we came to some steps down, yes they were steep but the little beach at the bottom looked inviting.

I went down the steep and uneven steps first and I smiled at the handful of people who were coming up, their eyes weren’t really on mine but on my pussy and tits as the climbed right in front of me.

As we got to the little beach bar I turned and went to it. There was a youngish guy serving and I saw his eyes look me up and down as I approached him.

“Hi, could I ask you to put some of these on your counter please?” I asked.

“Seguro hermosa dama.” He replied.

I hadn’t a clue what he had said to me but he put his hand out and I put about a dozen flyers in his hand.

“Muchas gracias.” I replied.

I saw him look at the top flyer then look up at me and smile. I smiled back then turned and left.

“This won’t take long, there’s only about 50 people here and most of them look quite old.” Catalina said.

“We’ll go for a swim when we’re are done.” I replied.

I ignored Catalina protests about not having a swimsuit or a towel and started looking for suitable guys to hand flyers to.

Ten minutes later Catalina and I were stood next to each other looking out to sea.

“It looks inviting.” I said.

“Si, but I don’t have a swimsuit or a towel.” Catalina replied.

“It looks like you have 2 choices Catalina, either go in like that then have to cope with riding back with wet knickers, or you could take them off, go skinny dipping then put them back on when the sun has dried you.

“I can’t go skinny dipping.” Catalina replied.

“Why not? Just about everyone else here is totally naked, have you seen anyone that you know?”


“Then why not do what everyone else here is doing?”

Catalina though for a few seconds then quickly pulled down her knickers revealing a thick black bush.”

“My gawd,” I thought, “you have to shave that lot off Catalina.”

But I actually said nothing.

Putting the flyers down with Catalina’s knickers and partially covering them in sand to stop them blowing away, I followed Catalina who had almost run into the water. I guessed that she was trying to avoid being seen naked which was stupid because there were naked people all around her.

Anyway, we splashed each other and messed around for a few minutes then I asked Catalina,

“So what do you think about skinny dipping?”

“It’s, it’s good, I never thought that it could feel so much better that with a swimsuit on. Does it feel even better with no hair down there?”

“Yes It does Catalina, I never thought that it would but it does.”

“I feel sort of free, natural.”

“Yes, we weren’t born in clothes, nor hair on our bodies and going back to how nature intended us to be feels so good.” I said.

“Being like this makes me feel good about myself.”

“Exactly Catalina, you should try it more often. Here, give me your hand and we’ll walk around a bit.”

“On the beach, out of the water? I’m not sure about that.” Catalina replied.

But by then I had hold of Catalina’s hand and we were wading out of the water and Catalina’s spare hand was hovering in front of her big black bush.

“Don’t try to cover yourself Catalina, that will only attract everyone’s attention.”

“I think that my bush is doing that already, nearly all the other women are bald down there like you are Sandra.”

As we walked along the water’s edge I said,

“Yes, I have had laser hair removal treatment so I will never have a bush again and I feel so much more natural, and sexy, without pubic hair.”

“Maybe I should do the same.”

“I can guarantee that you won’t regret it Catalina and all the handsome young men who come to the gym will appreciate you more.”

“You mean doing your workout, like this Sandra?”

“Of course, it’s natural, the ancient Greeks used to exercise naked.”

“I don’t know Sandra, what will George think, and what if someone that I know comes to the gym and sees me?”

“So what? You can’t go through life worrying about what other people think of you, do you think that my mother would be happy if she knew about my workouts and what I wear, or should I say don’t wear, most of the time?”

We got to the end of the beach and turned (the whole beach is probably less that 100 metres long).

“Besides Catalina, how do you know that your friends and family don’t come to this very beach sometimes? Maybe that girl over there laying on her stomach is one of your friends?”

“I don’t think so, I can’t see her face, but you are right Sandra. I have to live my life how I want to not how I think other people think I should.”

“So does that mean that you will join me for my workout this evening?”

“Maybe, I do need to get more exercise.”

By that time we’d reached the other end of the beach and the sun had dried our bodies. It was a more relaxed Catalina that walked to where we had left the flyers and her knickers.

“Don’t put those on yet Catalina, lets see if you can make it back to the Moke like that.”

Catalina looked at me for a few seconds then I watched as she bunched her knickers in her hand then said,

“Come on, let’s go before I lose my nerve.”

“Good girl.” I replied, “you won’t regret it.”

“Do you want to hold my hand Catalina?” I asked when we got to the top of the steep steps.

“No, I’m okay, this isn’t as nerve-racking as I thought it would be.”

After we crossed the open space and got to the road I saw about a dozen people walking towards us and I wondered how Catalina was feeling.

“Are you okay Catalina?” I quietly asked.

“I think so.”

“Just act as if you have your best summer dress on.” I quietly said.

I felt one of Catalina’s hands find mine and I gently squeezed it as we got right in front of the people, some of them staring at the 2 naked young women and some looking anywhere but at us.

We continued walking and saw more people and the 2 old men at the barrier across the road. No one said anything to us. There were more people wandering around the car park and we made it back to the Moke with Catalina having let go of my hand.

“So Catalina, how was that experience, what was it like to be naked in public?”

“Well I never thought that I even wanted to try it but now that I have I actually enjoyed it, I’ve never felt so free, so natural and I’m actually feeling quite horny, my pussy is all wet.”

“And your nipples look very hard too Catalina.”

“They are, and they’re tingling too.”

“So you’re going to get naked again?”

“Yes, I think that I will.”

“Catalina, when we walked back here I saw some cars turning into a car park on the other side of the road, did you put any flyers on the cars over there?”


“Neither did I, do you fancy putting some on them now, I’ll get the Moke and out wait for you at the entrance.”

“On my own?” Catalina asked.

“Yes, why not?”

Catalina though for a few seconds then grabbed a handful of the flyers and set off. I watched her for a couple of seconds, thinking that she has a cute butt and that she had come a long way since I first met her, then I climbed into the Moke and drove after her.

I watched Catalina finish walking around the parked cars then back to me. As she walked towards me a middle-aged couple walked into the car park and right passed Catalina. As she got to the Moke she asked for her clothes.

“They’re in the lock box, we’ll get them out when we park at the gym.” I replied.

“But ……….”

Catalina was quiet for a few seconds then climbed in and put her seatbelt on. As we drove off down the road I was pleased with Catalina and that pleasure increased when she said,

“I’ll need to go to a shop when we get back to buy some razors.”

I smiled.

Catalina started to look a little nervous as we approached Ibiza town so I pulled off the road into a quiet street and told her that we could get dressed there. Catalina thanked me as I got out and opened the lock box. I put on just my way too short skirt and I was pleased to see that Catalina put on just her blouse and skirt leaving her bra and knickers in the lock box.

I stopped again at the first little supermarket that I saw, got my little bag out of the lock box and said,

“Come on I’ll treat you to some shaving things.”

“You’re going into the supermarket like that?” Catalina asked.

“Yes, why not?”

My little pointed tits and barbells led the way into the shop, the young shop assistant girl only staring at me for a couple of seconds.

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