Sandra after University Pt. 2 by VanessaEvans

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Fiction | Exhibitionism

Sandra after University
by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

So, bathroom routine finished I went to the drawers to get something to wear in the workout room. What I haven’t mentioned so far is that good old Lisa had got some new leotards into her shop that are even more revealing that the ones that I described in my original story. These ones consist of not much more than strings that start looped round my neck then go down my front where there is a bit of the mesh fabric that covers very little more than my dark areolae and darker nipples.

Then the strings get narrow again until they meet at the top of my pubic bone where they go either side of a mesh strip that is about 1 cm wide. This strip covers my clit (well when I first put it on) then goes back to my anus where the fabric ends and just 1 string goes up my butt crack where it splits into 2, each one going round my waist where I tie them in a bow at the front.

Every time that I’ve worn one of those leotards the strip of fabric that is supposed to cover my clit disappears between my labia as soon as I start moving.

I’d taken 3 of these leotards with me and I put the white one on. Looking at myself in the mirror I remembered an accessory that I often wore during my Monday evening workouts, my Lovense Lush 3. I smiled to myself as I put the business end up my hole then switched in on to gentle vibrations. Experience had taught me that it was pointless trying to hide the pink antenna under one of those leotards so I eased the fabric to one side of the antenna and my clit and decided that I was ready to go to the ‘gymnasium’.

Taking just my room key and a small bottle of water, not even a towel or shoes, I left my room and headed down the stairs wondering if I would see anyone on the way. The only person that I saw was the middle-aged man sat at the reception desk and he didn’t even look up. There was no member of staff outside the workout room, not even a table or chair for anyone so I came to the conclusion that the place was totally unsupervised.

I took a quick look down to my pussy and confirmed that my clit was uncovered and that the antenna of my Lush was pointing straight down then I opened the door and as I went in I saw 2 young men, both looking like they worked out regularly. Neither of them were talking, just concentrating on the machine that they were on. I looked around at the equipment and decide that I could do a cut-down version of the routine that I used to do at the university gym. The exercise bike was free so I want over to it and checked the height of the seat. It had obviously been set for one of the 2 guys who both looked to be taller than me.

Climbing on I started to pedal and was please to feel my pussy sliding from one side of the seat to the other. The pink antenna was stuck out in front of me like a thin, pink cock. I started serious pedalling, not really looking at the 3 guys although after I’d moaned a couple of times my peripheral vision registered that they’d both stopped and were looking at me.

On and on I pedalled as my arousal level increased. I lifted my head and looked in the mirror in front of me and could clearly see my uncovered tits. I guessed that the pedalling had disturbed the delicate positioning of the fabric. Ignoring it I looked down at my sliding crotch but could only see my partially covered pubis and the pink antenna.

Looking towards the 2 guys I saw that one was still lifting weights but the other one had stopped on the rowing machine and was staring at me with a big grin on his face.

“Keep looking mister,” I thought, “I’m gonna cum for you real soon.”

I was pleased to see that he was still looking and grinning when I looked a couple of minutes later, just before my orgasm hit me.

I tried to keep pedalling to, hopefully, have a second orgasm but frantic pedalling in the heat that was in that room was just too much and I stopped and started to get off the bike. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as I put all my weight on both my legs they started to give way and I had to grab hold of the bike to stop me ending up in a heap on the floor.

I was still straightening up when I felt an arm go round my waist and I heard a male voice say,

“It’s okay luv, I’ve got you.”

I turned my head and saw that the guy from the rowing machine was holding me up.

“Sorry about that,” I said when I was back on both feet, “I guess that I shouldn’t go at it so hard in this heat.”

“No, it does get to you until you get used to it, I’m George by the way.”

“Sandra, thank you, lightening reactions you’ve got there George.”

“I could see what was happening when you started shaking and jerking as you pedalled, most girls go all weak when they set the seat high and they pedal to an orgasm.”

“You could tell then?”

“Oh yes, I’ve watched a few girls pleasure themselves on exercise cycles and you were a prime candidate as soon as I saw that antenna and how little you are wearing.”

“Are you some sort of voyeuristic pervert then George?”

“No, no, I own a gym in Ibiza and I’m a personal trainer as well.”

“Lucky you. So what are you doing here in Magaluf?”

“I’m thinking of expanding and Magaluf is full of young people, like yourself, who like to work out all though I don’t see many dressed like you are.”

That comment prompted me to look down at my chest and I saw that the strings going over my tits had shrunk to just strings and were caught under the outsides of my barbells. I adjusted them to cover my nipples as I said,

“I used to wear this when I went to the gym at university although I didn’t have the barbells then and it didn’t slide off my tits so easily.”

This was a lie as I always made sure that my tits were fully exposed for most of every gym session.

“Well I think that your tits look great Sandra, with and without your nipples being covered.”

“Thanks George.”

“They do, I love the shape of them and they look a lot more solid than most of the tits that I’ve seen and got my hands on. So, have you come here for a full workout?”

“Yes, it’s been a while since university and I’ve been lazy although my routine was something that I put together without any professional help.”

“Well I’d be happy to watch you and give you some pointers.”

“Would you? That would be great George but don’t you have to be somewhere?”

“That can keep, it was going to be surprise visits anyway. Now, I know that this place is very limited but let’s see what you’ve got.”

“You’ve already seen my tits George.”

“And very nice they are too but that’s not what I meant.”

“I know, I was just teasing you. Okay. They don’t have most of the machines that I am used to but here goes, I’ll try the rowing machine.”

As I walked over to it I saw the other man, who was in there, get off his machine and leave. He didn’t even look at me and I wondered if he was gay.

George checked that I was sat on the rowing machine correctly then I got started. After about a dozen or so goes I said,

“I didn’t have this problem when I was at university.”

“What problem is that Sandra?”

“This leotard is giving me a painful front wedgie.”

“Well I could suggest something that would help but it’s not my place.”

“You mean take it off George, would you mind if I did take it off? You wouldn’t take advantage of me would you? I mean we are down here alone.”

“No Sandra, it wouldn’t be very professional of me to pounce on a student.”

“Really, you wouldn’t mind if I did my workout naked.”

“No Sandra, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Okay then.” I replied as I got off the rowing machine and got myself naked. And it was was totally naked, well apart from the antenna sticking out of my vagina.

As I got back on the rowing machine George said,

“That vibrator that you’ve got inside you Sandra, I saw it when you came in, isn’t it uncomfortable and is it switched on?”

“No and yes, haven’t you seen a girl workout with one inside her before, they’re getting very popular these days.”

“No I haven’t Sandra, well not that I could tell, I haven’t one of those pink things hanging down before, well not in the gym.”

“Well it looks like it’s your lucky day George.”

“It certainly is.”

By then I was rowing away and trying to work out a way of doing it so that my whole pussy became visible half of the time but I wasn’t sure how successful I was.

“Try the leg abductor exercise machine Sandra.” George suggested, “with a body like yours you need strong legs to get away from all the guys that must try to hit on you.”

“I’m a karate black belt so I think that I can look after myself thanks George.”

“Remind me not to get in an argument with you Sandra.” George said as I pushed my thighs out sideways giving George the best possible view of my spread pussy.

On it went, me doing as much of my routine as I could, most of it having being designed for me to spread my legs wide and this time giving George a great view. The vibrator played its part in helping me to have 2 more orgasms whilst I was doing my routine. Both times George just stood and watched my pussy convulsion and my body shaking and jerking.

The first time that it happened I was in the crab position and I collapsed down with my lower legs bent under me. George had been helping me to get my stomach higher by pushing my butt up and it was the contact of his hand on my bare butt that was the final trigger.

The second time I was doing a handstand with my legs parallel to the floor and I George was stood over me looking down at my pussy and I just managed to get down before it hit me. The really amusing part about that time was that just as I went up a couple of young men walked in and I watched them whilst upside down and their faces was a picture. I’m sure that them watching me helped to take me over the edge.

When I recovered I continued with my floor exercises with the 2 young men just staring not even starting their workout.

When I’d finished George said,

“Very impressive Sandra, come with me.”

As we left the room I asked George where we were going.

“For some breakfast.”

“But I haven’t got any clothes on.” (I was carrying my leotard)

“It doesn’t matter, we’re not leaving the hotel and I need to talk to you.”

George led the totally naked me to the tables near the swimming pool where a waiter pounced on us as soon as we sat down. George ordered coffees and pastries then said,

“That was quite some workout routine that you’ve got there Sandra. Did you really do that in the university’s gym?”

“Me and a few other girls.”

“Was it Ladies night?”

“No, there were men there as well, an increasing number actually.”

“Did the sessions develop into orgies?”

“No, we weren’t there to have sex, just workout and tease.”

“Well I’m certain that you did that. Those poor guys, I bet that they all had blue balls when the sessions ended each week.”

“Maybe, we didn’t ask. So why am I here?”

“Because you want to flaunt your naked body to anyone and everyone don’t you?”

I looked George up and down and absorbed the sight of his chiselled chest and abs then after a couple of seconds I replied,

“And more.”

“Well we can sort that out in a bit. Before that I have a proposal for you.”

“I’m not marrying you.”

“Good, I’m way too young to even think about marriage.”

“Me too.”

“No, what I want to ask you is firstly, what are your plans for when you leave this hotel. You said that you were taking a year out to tour the hotspots of Europe.”

“That’s right but I have no fixed plans, I’m planning on moving to another hotel in Magaluf then when I got bored with Magaluf I was thinking of going over to Corfu or Ibiza. I’ve read that there are some lively places there and lots of guys to tease and maybe fuck.”

“What you’ve read is very true, enough young people to fuck your brains out 2 or 4 times every day, but how do you fancy working out in my gym every day? You’d quadruple my turnover in a week. My clientele are mainly young people who workout back home and want to keep it up whilst they are on holiday.”

“Yes, I know from experience that once you stop it’s hard work getting back into the routine, that’s why I went to the gym this morning.”

“And to see if there would be any guys there that you could tease Sandra.”


“Don’t feel guilty Sandra, guys like to be teased, especially like you teased me.”

“So do you want to fuck me George?”

“Of course I do, every guy who sees you wants to fuck you, especially if you are dressed like that.”

“So what do you mean by ‘work for you’? I’m on a year out to enjoy myself, not work, besides I have no qualifications in your line of work.”

“Looking at you this morning I can see that you have all the qualifications that I am looking for Sandra. It wouldn’t be a full time job, only an hour or so a day. I’d give you free board and lodging in exchange for you coming into my gym each evening and working out like you’ve just done. The rest of the time you’d be free to go and give all the guys on Ibiza blue balls.”

“What about fucking, being naked in front of guys makes me horny as well.”

“You can fuck whoever you want, all I ask is that you don’t use my workout room for that.”

“Would you expect to fuck me yourself in exchange for the free accommodation and the privilege of doing naked workouts in your gym George?

“No I would not expect that Sandra, you would be free to only fuck the men, or women, that you want to.”

“What if I want to fuck you George?”

“I was hoping that you’d say that, your room or mine?”

“Yours George.”

“What about the job, do you want it?”

“Can I think about it, let you know later?”

“Of course you can, I’m here for another couple of nights, got a couple of gyms to check out, just as long as you decide before I leave.”

“I’m booked in here for another couple of nights as well. I’m sure that I’ll have decided by then.”

“Good, let’s finish up here then go up to my room.”

Eating the pastries proved to be a bit difficult as the vibrator had slowly raised my arousal to the edge and George watched me go over that edge with at big grin on his face. Then I finished my pastries and coffee as George asked me if I often went out with a vibrator purring away inside me.

“Sometimes, it depends on how horny I am. I was planning to go out this morning with it in me and ‘accidentally’ let people see it.”

“Do you go out of the hotel dressed like that Sandra?”

“No, well not yet, I’ve got these half sarongs that I wear round my waist, they’re like a scarf but made of very thin and VERY transparent fabric. Ideal for a place like this.”

“And for Ibiza, there are few beaches where you can be totally naked and no one cares. There’s also some other beaches and places where girls can get away with wearing just what you’ve described and with those tits of yours you will attract the attention of just about every man on the Island.”

“You’re making it sound like paradise George.”

“For a girl like you it is paradise.”

I smiled and had a vision of me walking down a busy street totally naked. I sighed then finished my breakfast. Then we got up and headed for George’s room. As we walked through reception to the lift some new arrivals stared at the naked me and 2 guys complete with suitcases joined us in the lift. I watched them staring at me all the way up to the fifth floor and not once did their eyes come up to meet mine.

We all got out and George and I went one way and the 2 guys the other way.

“Can we fuck out on the balcony please George?” I asked.

“Sure, but can you take that thing out first, I’m not sure that I’d like to fuck a girl with one of those inside her.”

“I got a guy to try it once but it was too uncomfortable, would you like to pull it out of me George?”

I was happy that George did that whilst we were still inside his room because when he put it on the bed it was still vibrating away and I imagined it on the floor of the balcony vibrating its way to the edge, going over and dropping the 5 floors to the ground.

We didn’t make it to the balcony to start off with because George squat in front of me to take the Lush out and he didn’t get up, instead he stared at my pussy then pushed me back onto the bed then devoured my pussy. It was only after he’d made me cum that we went out onto the balcony and he fucked me from behind as I stood at the railings with me legs wide apart, my hands gripping the railings and me looking out to see if I could see anyone watching us.

My first fuck with George over we agreed to meet up in reception that evening and I left him and went to my room carrying my leotard in one hand and my still vibrating Lush in the other. I was hoping that someone would see me but I saw no one.

Back in my room I immediately put my Lush on charge. I didn’t want the battery to go flat later that day whilst I was ‘accidentally’ letting people see it doing the job that it was designed for.

As I opened the doors to my balcony I could hear Elaine and Harry talking but I needed a shower so I went and had one, then I went out onto the balcony to let the sun dry my hair. I wasn’t really surprised to see that Elaine was also naked but I was slightly disappointed that Harry had some swimming shorts on and his eyes diverted to my body as soon as he saw me.

“Hi Sandra.” Harry said.

“Oh hi Harry, Elaine, another beautiful day. Drying my hair in this weather is so much easier than back in England.”

As I was talking I was looking at Elaine and thought that she looked good, slightly taller and heavier than me and with normal shaped tits, probably a ‘B’ cup. Her bald pubis looked good too but her slit started a little further back than mine. I couldn’t see her clit but I could see that she had pronounced inner labia, unlike mine that hardly exist.

“What have you got planed for today” I asked.

“Probably spend it by the pool planning what we’re going to do for the rest of the holiday.” Elaine replied.

“You can skinny dip in the pool and sunbathe like that if you want, no one complains if you walk around the hotel naked.”

“Really.” Harry said.

“Yes, and they have a little gym where you can workout naked if you like as well. I’ve just been down there, the place it totally unsupervised.” I added.

“Wow,” Elaine replied, “I don’t know about the gym but I was hoping to get an all over tan whilst I was here.”

“I might go to the pool myself this afternoon but I want to go to the beach this morning.”

“You look like you’re starting a good all over tan Sandra.” Harry said.

“Yes, but I have to keep my legs spread wide so that my inner thighs don’t stay white.”

“I bet that the guys down by the pool didn’t complain about that.” Elaine said with a smile on her face.

“No, plenty of offers to rub the sunblock on, and other things.”

“You’re here on your own aren’t you Sandra?” Elaine asked.

“I am, but I like it that way and being able to wear so little I get lots of offers.”

“I can certainly believe that.” Harry said the added, “don’t you get embarrassed being hit on by guys when you are naked Sandra?”

“No, not at all, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men and it sort of makes me feel good, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, me too,” Elaine said as she looked to Harry, “and it makes this one horny a lot as well.”

“Yes, I accidentally saw you two at it the other day, you both seemed to be enjoying yourself. You’re quite flexible Elaine.”

Elaine was blushing a little as she replied,

“I had ballet lessons when I was little.”

“I did karate so I’m flexible too. I can still do the standing splits, look.”

I watched Harry’s jaw drop as I lifted one leg so that my toes were pointing to the balcony above. Of course I’d positioned myself so that they got the best possible view of my spread pussy.

“I doubt that I could do that.” Elaine said.

“Try it hon.” Harry almost pleaded.

Harry and I watched as Elaine tried to copy what I’d done. She couldn’t quite make it but she was spread enough for Harry and I to see all of her pussy, her inner labia showing just how big they were and how they covered her vaginal entrance, unlike me when I’m spread, the onlookers can actually see inside my vagina.

Elaine dropped her leg and said,

“No, I can’t do that.”

“You will be able to do it if you keep practising Elaine.” Harry again almost pleaded.

“Yeah, practice is all you need.” I added.

“Maybe I will, look at Harry’s shorts, he obviously enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen lots of bulges like that when I do it.” I replied looking at the embarrassed Harry.

“Well,” Elaine said, “it’s been nice talking Sandra but we need to head down to the pool.”

“You don’t have to rush to get a lounger Elaine, there are no Germans to reserve all the loungers here and you can go down like that, I walk all over the hotel like this, the staff just don’t care.”

“I might just do that, see you later Sandra.”

Elaine and Harry went inside and I stayed on the balcony having a good look around and enjoying the weather. After a while I went in and decided that it was ‘accidental’ flashing time again so I got my things ready, inserted my Lush again, put my sunglasses on and left my room. I had decided to leave the hotel naked and see how far I could get before I felt that I had to put on one of my too short, frilly, see-through skirts.

No one in the reception lobby said anything as I walked out of the main doors wearing just my sunglasses and sandals with a tote bag over my shoulder and the pink Lush antenna hanging down between my legs.

I made it to just short of the main shopping street before chickening out and putting the skirt on. A few people had seen me and stared at me but no one had said anything but I feared seeing a policeman when I turned onto the main street.

With my pointy tits leading the way I walked along browsing in shops just like any other tourist. Hardly anyone gave me a second glance and I started to wonder if my tits were too small for lots of people to notice them. Then that changed when one of a group of young men walking towards me said,

“Nice tits luv.”

I smiled, kept walking and realised that being topless in public felt quite natural to me, I’d almost forgotten that I wore nothing above my waist.

Eventually I decided that it was time to sit somewhere and pretend to be doing things on my phone. The wall between the path and the beach was my first place and I sat sideways on the wall with my feet up and knees up near my chest. My tits weren’t very visible but my pussy was, and with my phone resting on my knees I looked over it through my sunglasses whilst my fingers and thumbs tapped away on my locked phone.

It felt good being exposed like that and when I did see anyone staring at me my tingling increased and my pussy got a little wetter. I only stayed there for about 20 minutes before moving on to the same set of steps that I’d sat on before and I spent another 20 or so minutes pleasing or shocking more people. The difference being this time was that the Lush got the better of me and I orgasmed whilst I was sat there.

After that place I decided to go up the steps and round the side of the building and found myself in a quieter part of the town. Just as I was thinking of turning to go back I had a brainwave. There were 2 very English looking middle-aged men walking towards me and I stopped, got my phone out of my tote bag which I put on the ground and started taking some selfies.

When the 2 men got to me they stopped to watch the crazy nearly naked girl. I stopped taking selfies and said,

“Can you help me please, I want a good photo to send to my boyfriend who had to drop out of the holiday at the last moment because of a death in his family. I want to send him a good photo of me but I just can’t seem to get it right, would one of you take a photo of me please?”

“Err, sure.” One of the men said and stuck his arm out.

I put my phone in his hand then stepped back. Just as he was about to take the photo I said,

“Wait, I know what my boyfriend would really like.”

With both men standing and staring at me I put my hands under the waist band of my skirt and pushed it down so I was standing naked in front of the men. Next I spread my feet to about shoulder width and I knew that my clit and the pink antenna would be sticking straight down.

“Now.” I said and waited for the 2 men to come out of their trance and take the photo.

They finally did and the man with my phone slowly extended his arm for me to take it from him.

“Thank you.” I said, “I’m sure that my boyfriend will just love that photo.”

I put my phone in my bag, stood up and pulled my skirt up then I started walking away, smiling at the 2 dumbstruck men.

Feeling pleased with myself I kept walking and found myself outside a little supermarket that had a proper bench close by. What I mean by a proper bench is one that has a back to it so that I can put my butt on the front edge, lean back then lift my feet and put them apart, either side of my butt. With my knees together they provide a nice ‘table’ to rest my phone on whilst leaving my pussy very much on display.

I’ve often seen girls sitting like that but they all had shorts or jeans on, I’d even done it myself when I was younger. It was like I forgot that I only had an ultra short skirt on with no knickers underneath it.

“Time for more phoney social media checking.” I said to myself as I sat the way that I have just described.

About 20 minutes and at least 4 people having seen my pussy, I put my phone back in my bag and moved on.

The beach was my next stop and when I got there I headed for a relatively quiet area. Seeing a group of 4 young men I went about 3 metres to one side them and put my bag down, then I squat down beside my bag. Facing the 4 guys with my knees spread wide. I looked over to them and smiled when I saw that all 4 of them had turned and were looking at me and hopefully seeing my clit and pink antenna. I got my towel out then stood, turned my back to the guys, opened my towel and started to spread it out, deliberately making a bad job of it.

Next I got down on my spread knees, still with my back to the 4 guys and bent over to straighten the towel. I knew that my little skirt would be well above my butt and my framed pussy, with the pink antenna sticking out, would be easily visible to them. I could feel my arousal level rising as I slowly waggled my butt.

When I stood up I turned to face the guys and slowly pushed my skirt down to the sand giving the guys a great full frontal view of the naked me. I so wanted to just lay down and sunbathe totally naked but it wasn’t a nude beach so I bent over, still facing them so that they could see my little cones pointing to the sand, put my skirt in my bag and got out the crotchless G-string that I’d put in there back in my room.

I stood back up then held the strings in front of me and shuffled it around in my fingers so that I could step in to it, at the same time letting the guys see just the half triangle of see-through fabric. Then I stepped in to it and waggled my butt as I slowly inched it up my legs.

When it got to my pussy I used one hand to hold the front forwards and the other hand to put the pink antenna through the crotchless part then eased the G-string into place making sure that the fabric was pulled up enough for my clit to be exposed.

Satisfied with my outfit I lay on my back with my feet pointing towards the 4 guys and my feet about a metre apart. I intended to do some serious sunbathing.

As I started to relax I realised that I couldn’t relax because the Lush vibrations, and my little performance, had taken me right up there and as I thought about having an orgasm on the beach in front of those 4 guys I went over the edge and started moaning and shaking.

After the orgasm had receded I got up onto my elbows and looked down my body then straight on to the 4 guys and I was pleased to see that they were still looking at me so I decided to be a bit naughty. They could see all of my pussy and the pink antenna sticking straight out of me and I decided to do some Kegel exercises.

As I clenched the released my pussy muscles over and over, not only could the 4 guys see my pussy muscles moving but they could also see the pink antenna bouncing up and down.

I may have just cum but doing that raised my arousal level again.

It was then that I saw the phones start to appear in the hands of the 4 guys and guess which way they were pointing. I kept doing my Kegels and I was sure that at least 2 of the guys were taking videos.

When my pussy muscles started to get a little tired I stopped and turned over onto my stomach, again laying with my feet well apart. My right hand also disappeared under my stomach and my fingers found my clit and started toying with it. It was a great way to relax even if my arousal level was fighting the vibrations of the Lush

The inevitable happened and I orgasmed again, my finger and thumb squeezing my clit as the orgasm hit me.

As my heart started to slow down a bit I decided that I should really put some sunblock on and I got up onto my knees and bent forward to get the sunblock out of my bag which was beside my head.

With the bottle of sunblock in my hand I got to my feet and started spreading it on my left leg only to hear,

“Can we help with that?”

I looked up then round to the 4 guys and said,

“What was that?”

“Would you like some help covering yourself with that sunblock? We know that it’s difficult to get to some parts of your own body?”

“No thanks, oh, yes please, why not, as you say it’s easier for someone else to do it.”

“Okay guy’s.” one of the guys said, “clear a space.”

What happened next happened so quick that I didn’t have a chance to object, even if I’d wanted to, because before I knew it the guy’s towels had spread out all around, my towel was spread out between their towels and my bag and me were being led to the middle of the circle.

I just about managed to speak as hands on either side of me were holding my hands and pulling me down onto my towel,

“Err, I, what are you doing?”

“It’s a lot easier and quicker this way,” one of the guys said, “front or back first.”

“Err back I guess.”

“Lay on your stomach and don’t hurt those amazing tits.” Another guy said.

I did, and I started to relax a little. I gasped a little when blobs of sunblock landed on my back, butt and the backs of my legs, then I felt lots of hands start to rub the cream all over my back, arms and legs. I’ve never had a proper massage but those hands made me think that a massage must feel something like that. What’s more they were making me more horny than I already was, especially as the hands working on my legs gently eased them further apart.

“Okay,” a male voice said, “turn over.”

As I did so I looked up at the 4 faces looking down on me and they all looked quite friendly.

More blobs and more gasps then 8 hands started working on me but I wasn’t thinking about sunblock, my arousal level was rapidly increasing and I knew that I wouldn’t last long. Hands started on my tits and then my pussy and I vaguely remembered my G-string being pulled down and off whilst other hands slid up my inner thighs and as fingers found my clit and between my lips the orgasm exploded out of me.

It all happened so quick that I didn’t have a chance to warn anyone, the first that the guys knew was when I let out a long,

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkk.” and my body started jerking.

The hands didn’t stop until they must have thought that I had sunblock everywhere that I needed it and when I opened my eyes I saw 4 faces looking down at me and smiling.

They were still looking at me when I started to get my wits about me again then I started to sit up.

“No, no, you don’t have to go, you’re safe with us and you might just enjoy yourself.” One guy said, another adding,

“Like you just did.”

“Ha,” I said, “I’m naked, this isn’t a nude beach.”

“Minor detail, and this thing doesn’t exactly cover much does it?” A guy said as he held up my G-string up between his 2 hands. “Me thinks that we have an exhibitionist here guys, do you think that we should help her get her rocks off?”

The other 3 guys all said words in the affirmative and after I just stared at them for at least a minute I smiled then said,

“What have you got in mind guys?*

“Well for starters, I’m Ethan, and these 3 reprobates are Liam, Theo, and Freddie. What would you like us to call you, apart from gorgeous, amazing, pointy tits, big clit or vibe girl. I’m assuming that judging by the jerking that you’ve been doing that that thing is switched on. Have you got the control in that bag of yours?”

“Wow, not backwards in coming forward are you? I’m Sandra but you can call me any of the names that you just called me; and yes it’s switched on and yes, the control is in my bag but I’m not sure how much power it has left in the battery it’s been on for a few hours now.”

“In that case Sandra,” Ethan replied, “we’d better make the most of what’s left, can you get me the control?”

I smiled and reached for my bag, seconds later Ethan had my phone in his hand and was asking what my PIN was. I told him and seconds later I gasped as the vibrations went to the maximum.

“Come on Freddie,” Ethan said, “help me get Sandra to her feet, we’re going for a walk.”

“What, no, I haven’t go any clothes on.”

Theo pulled my G-string out of his pocket and said,

“This thing doesn’t cover any of the important bits so why bother?”

“Because the strings give people the impression that I’m wearing a normal G-string.”

“Well this time they are going to know that you are totally naked. You’ll get away with it, gorgeous girls always do.”

“Aaaaaaaghhhh, we can’t go far, I’m gonna cum again soon.”

“Then we’ll hold you up and keep walking.” Ethan replied.

That was the first time that I’ve had a strong orgasm whilst walking, although both Ethan and Freddie had an arm round my waist holding me up. I was concentrating on putting one leg in front of the other and didn’t even think about anyone watching me. That was until the orgasm started to recede and Ethan told me to look around.

I nearly came again at the thought of lots of people watching me but when I looked I was disappointed that no one other that the 4 guys were looking at me.

We only went about 20 metres before Ethan and Freddie turned around and headed back to the towels.

“Did Sandra cum again?” Theo asked.

“Yes she did.” Freddie replied.

“Maybe we should give her a rest?” Theo asked.

“Or we could all go for a swim.” Liam suggested.

“Good idea mate,”Ethan replied, “I am getting quite warm.

“Is that with the sun or where you’ve got your hands mate?” Theo asked.

There was no answer as Ethan and Freddie almost carried me into the sea. As we went those last few metres I was happy that I had my Lush inside me and not my Ohmibod because the Lush is waterproof. I was also happy that Ethan gave my phone to Theo to put in my bag.

The water was cold at first but I soon got used to it and I started to like those guy as they started to mess about in the water, specifically messing about with my tits and pussy. Before long Freddie said,

“So are you going to let us fuck you Sandra?”

“Can’t.” I replied.

“Why not, I can tell that you want to?”

“Because I’ve got this vibrator inside me.”

“We can soon solve that problem.” Ethan said, “Open your legs.”

I did, and Ethan dove down and I gasped as he pulled my Lush out of me.

“I can’t believe that you just did that Ethan.” I said.

“Now you have no excuse Sandra.”

I turned and swam towards the shore to shouts asking me where I was going but I stopped when the sea was about waist deep then I started floating on my back.

“COME AND GET IT.” I shouted.

It was almost laughable the speed that those guys got to me but it was Ethan who surfaced between my legs, fingering my pussy as he did so.

“Where’s my vibrator?” I asked.

“Relax Sandra, it must be waterproof because it’s still vibrating, just. I’ve got it. Do you know if it floats?”

“No idea, I never took it out when I went swimming with it in. Oh! Ooooooooooooooohhhhh, that’s nice.”

One after another, all 4 of them had their evil way with me, me cumming twice more that day. I must start counting my orgasms each day sometime.

Sex over we all walked back to our towels, me not caring that I was totally naked on a non-nude beach with no one complaining. I lay on my back with my legs wide open, Freddie being at my feet and staring at my pussy all the time. After about 20 minutes I announced that I had to leave and I got to my knees and started putting things into my bag.

“Wait.” Ethan said, “you can’t leave without us taking some photographs of you Sandra, no one will believe what we tell them if there isn’t photographic evidence.”

“Okay.” I said, “but you have to take some photos with my phone as well.”

All agreed we stood, me with 2 of them on each side of me and them making sure that all the front of my naked body was visible.

Photos taken Ethan said,

“Those were good but I’ve got a better idea. Theo, Liam, hold arms under Sandra’s butt and lift her up”

They did that and as I went up I put my arms round their necks. Then Ethan said,

“Theo, Liam, with your spare arm grab Sandra’s legs and pull them as far apart as you can.”

Ethan’s and Freddie's phone cameras got busy again capturing images of me with my pussy spread wide open and a big grin on my face.

“Now you two swap places with Freddie and me.”

“WAIT,” I said, “don’t forget to take some with my phone, I have a friend who will appreciate seeing them.”

I was thinking of Isla and Lisa, I knew that they would enjoy seeing them and getting jealous of me.

Second batch of photos taken I said that I really must be going and I walked away, toward the town side of the beach. I was very close to the path when I remembered that I was totally naked and I stopped and opened my bag looking for my G-string. After a quick rummage around I remembered that Theo had it in his pocket and had never given me it back. I smiled and took a hold of my skirt then put it on, adjusting the height of it on my hips so that the bottom of my butt wasn’t covered, nor my slit and clit.

Happy with my outfit I continued my journey.

I had decided that I needed more skirts like the one I was wearing and I wanted to see what tops I could find that I could easily expose one or both of my tits and pretend that I didn’t know.

But first I saw a cafe and suddenly fancied a cold drink and an ice cream. I went to one of the outside tables and sat lazily and waited for a waiter to appear. It turned out to be a girl roughly my age and when she saw my tits and pussy she said,

“You’re brave, I’ve been thinking about getting one of those skirts and going out wearing just it but I can’t find the courage. Sorry, what can I get you madam?”

I gave my order then added,

“Don’t think about it, just do it, I’m sure that your boyfriend will appreciate it.”

“No boyfriend but I’ll stop trying to think about it, thank you.”

I watched the girl have another long look at my tits, slit and clit when she brought me my cola and ice cream but she never said anything.

Stomach feeling a little happier I left and headed for the shop where I had bought the skirt that I was wearing. None of the staff said anything when the topless me walked in and headed to where their clothes were although a middle-aged woman customer did give me a filthy look.

Finding the skirts was easy and I soon collected one of each colour that I hadn’t already got. Then it was the tops, I started at one of the racks intending to go through every rack that they had on the assumption that they must have something that I liked that would easily expose a tit if I let it. On the second rack I found quite a few deep scooped tops with spaghetti straps and I took 3 different ones off the rack.

I knew that there were no changing rooms so I went to a full length mirror and tried them on ignoring the handful of other customers and a staff girl watching. With each one on I gently eased one of the shoulder straps off my shoulder and waited to see how far down my arm it went. Two out of the 3 tops went down and took half of the front with it.

“They’ll do.” I thought, then I started looking at the sides of the tops. All were deep scooped and in each of them I bent forwards a bit and looked in the mirror to see how much of my tits I could see in the mirror.

As I looked in the mirror the first time I saw a man behind me supposedly looking at men’s T-shirts but actually looking at me. Then I remembered my skirt and realised that he must be able to see most of my butt and my pussy. From then on I took my time when I was bent over.

The girl on the sales till ignored my exposed tits when I paid and I walked out satisfied that I had lot more clothes that I could easily expose myself in.

As I turned onto the street where the hotel is I was feeling horny and I decided to do, in reversed what I had done when I left the hotel that morning. I stepped behind a parked car and took my skirt off and stuffed it in my bag. Then I brazenly continued my walk back to my hotel totally naked except for my sunglasses and sandals.

I got a couple of funny looks from young people leaving the hotel and the people on the coach that was parked outside but I ignored them and went inside. Again I got some funny looks as I walked through the lobby and to the swimming pool where I zeroed in on a vacant lounger.

Once set-up and lazing back with my feet on the sides of the lounger I looked through my sunglasses at all the other people that were there and I saw the naked Elaine and Harry, Elaine sat on the side of the pool with her feet in the water and Harry, in the pool, at the side between Elaine’s knees.

“Good on you Elaine.” I thought and wondered if Harry was fingering her.

I closed my eyes and the next thing that I knew was that someone was rubbing my clit.

“Don’t stop.” I said without opening my eyes. I didn’t care who it was, it was nice.

The fingers continued and brought me right to the edge then stopped. I opened my eyes to see who was tormenting me and George said,

“Sandra, can you do that yoga pose, the one where you lift your legs then put them back behind your shoulders? I have no idea what it’s called.”

“What? Why did you stop? I was about to cum.”

“That yoga pose.” George replied ignoring my other question.

George, I can do the standing splits, you’ve seen me do them so yes, I’m pretty sure that I can do it, why?”

“Show me.”

“What here?”

“Yes, why not?”

“Okay then.”

I shook my head to clear it then lifted my legs up and moved them back. Seconds later my calves were behind my shoulders.

“Is this what you mean George?”

“Yes, perfect, can you clench your pussy and butt muscles?”

“You mean Kegel exercises, like this?”

Seconds later George got to see me do my Kegels. I only did about a dozen then George said,

“There’s another yoga pose that I do know the name of, the Happy Baby Pose, can you do that one?”

“I’ve heard of that one, yes, that one’s dead easy watch.”

I did it then asked,

“Why do you want to know if I can do these?”

As George started to tell me I started to look around and saw that a number of people were looking at me and the naked Elaine and the clothed Harry were walking towards me.

“Well I’ve had this idea about how you can finish your workout routine with these poses when you are doing your workout at my gym in Ibiza.”

“I haven’t said that I’ll take the job yet George.” I replied as I looked up and saw that Elaine, Harry and another couple of young men had come so close to me that I was sure that they could see my cervix.

“No you haven’t Sandra but I can see that you are interested.”

“Yes I am interested but I was planning on moving from resort to resort not putting roots down in one of them.”

“Ibiza town isn’t a proper resort but I can guarantee that you’ll have a great time there feeding your addiction.”

“An addiction is it? Can I lower my legs now, it’s not that comfortable.”

“I thought that you’d enjoy being like that.”

“I do but.”

“Stay like that for a bit longer.” I heard Harry say.

As I looked over to Harry I saw Elaine thump his arm.

“And what to you think about getting spanked Sandra?” George asked.

That question caused my pussy to tingle and get even wetter. I felt it and started to lower my legs as I said,

“Can we talk about that later please George, I’ve a story to tell you.”

“You like getting spanked don’t you Sandra, I can see your pussy bubbling.”

I said nothing as my feet went back to where they were before George had arrived.

“Okay Sandra, 9 o’clock in reception.”

As George walked away Elaine said.

“So, you’ve got a date then Sandra?”

“It’s not really a date, more of discussions about a possible job. I see that you’ve taken the plunge, so to speak.”

“Yes, I wasn’t so sure but Harry egged me on and I’m glad that he did, it’s great here, all these cute guys to stare at. That one of yours looks quite cute, nice abs.”

“He owns a gym.” I replied.

“I wouldn’t mind working under him, sorry, FOR him. Don’t get jealous Harry, you were saying that you’d like to fuck Sandra earlier.” Elaine said.

“Would you get all jealous and pissed off if he did fuck me Elaine?”

Elaine was silent for a few seconds then replied,

“Not if it was a threesome with you Sandra, have you ever had a threesome before?””

“Threesome, foursome, fivesome, six-some, I’ve been gang-banged.”

“Wow, what about girls, have you been with a girl before Sandra?”

“Yes I have I had a couple of good girl friends and uni, friends with benefits not girlfriends that is. Have you Elaine?”

“Harry loves watching me with my bestie.”

“How about we all go up to our room right now?” Harry asked.

“Getting blue balls are you lover?”

I looked up at Harry and saw the bulge in his shorts. Then I looked at Elaine and saw that lustful look that I know so well.

“Come on.” Elaine said, “get our things Harry.”

Harry turned and walked away to where I guessed their things were as Elaine put out her hand to help me get up. I picked up my things and Elaine and I headed inside, both of us totally naked and not waiting for Harry. He came running up to us at the lift and when we got inside it Elaine said,

“You can watch us shower Harry then watch us having some fun. If you’re lucky we’ll invite you to join in Harry, if that’s okay with you Sandra?”

“Works for me.”

“Good, all the walking about in public totally naked makes me sooo horny.”

“Me too.” I added, “and I’ve been on the beach.”

“Like that?”


The lift arrived and we walked to Elaine and Harry’s room and then I followed Elaine into the bathroom. We did shower together but there wasn’t a lot of space. Like in my room it was a bath with a shower and a shower curtain so all Harry could do was watch us as we soaped each other, playing particular attention to our tits and pussies.

“I really like your tits Sandra,” Elaine said, “so solid and I wish that mine were the same shape as yours.”

“I sometimes feel a bit of a freak and wish that mine were more like yours Elaine.”

“There’s nothing special about mine, once I’ve had a kid or two they’ll be all droopy and not very nice.”

“I doubt that.” I replied.

“I’ll still love them.” Harry said.

Both Elaine and I laughed and Elaine said,

“You like all tits Harry.”

“No I don’t, I don’t like girls with melons on their chests.”

Elaine laughed then climbed out of the shower and I followed her. We moved to the bed and finished drying ourselves then I reached for Elaine’s tits and started caressing them.

We were soon laying on the bed, kissing then changing ends and kissing our other lips. Elaine waited until we’d both cum before she waved for Harry to join us.

“You first Sandra.” Elaine said.

“Are you sure Elaine?” I asked.

“Yes. Ride his cock girl.”

I wasn’t about to argue and Elaine held his cock and guided it into me as I lowered myself.

As I started going up and down I watched Elaine kneel either side of Harry’s head and lower her pussy onto his mouth.

Harry lasted longer than I expected and both Elaine and myself had cum before he shot his load deep inside me. Elaine knowing what Harry was doing and she said,

“Shit, I forgot to ask, are you on the pill Sandra?”

“No, but I’ve got an implant, don’t worry I’m not going to get pregnant.” Then I looked down to Harry and said,

“Have you got a stash of blue pills somewhere Harry. You lasted a long time.”

“I’ve wondered about that at times and I’ve decided that he either has got a hidden stash or his cock only has half the number of sensory whatevers in it than most guys have.”

“Hey, I’m here and it’s me that your talking about.”

“Yes, talking ABOUT you not TO you lover. I like your cock and I’m about to try to get it hard again.”

“I think that that’s my cue to leave you two to it,” I said, “I’ve got things to do.”

“Oh yes, your date.” Elaine replied, “have fun.”

“It’s not a date. A business meeting.”

“How many business meetings end with the participants fucking?” Elaine asked.

“I don’t know that we’ll end up in bed.”

“Of course you will Sandra.”

“Maybe.” I said as I picked up my things and left them to it.

Back on my balcony I stood blankly looking out, thinking about George’s offer and listening to Elaine moaning. I checked the time and decided to have a nap before meeting George.

When I woke up it was dark. Checking my phone I saw that I didn’t need to panic so I set about getting ready.

At five minutes to 9 I put on my only pair of heels, picked up my bag and left my room. Apart from my heels I was totally naked.

Down in the lobby I couldn’t see George anywhere so I went and sat on one of the low sofas. No sooner than I had sat down than George appeared in front of me, he was wearing chinos and a proper shirt. He sat opposite me and said,

“These sofas are great for girls to flash their knickers or pussies aren’t they Sandra?”

“Yes they are, I wonder how many unsuspecting girls have put on a show sat here?”

“Well I know one girl who knows that she’s putting on a show for her new boss. No vibrator tonight Sandra?”

“How do you know that I haven’t got my remote controlled egg vibrator inside me, and I haven’t said that I’ll take the job yet.”

“But you haven’t said that you won’t.”

“True, where are you taking me George?”

“Well I was thinking about a posh restaurant but if you’re going like that I might have to take you to McDonalds.”

“You think that I wouldn’t get thrown out of McDonalds then? Anyway, I’ve got my heels on so I don’t look that bad.”

“You certainly don’t look bad Sandra, okay then, let’s go.”

I put my arm out for George to pull me up then we walked out of the hotel. As we walked down the steps I told George to stop then I opened my bag and pulled out the dress that I was going to wear. It’s backless with narrow shoulder straps, has a scoop front and goes down to just below my butt. The best thing about it is that it’s made of some sort of sparkly, thin mesh which makes it see-through if you look close enough.

“Very nice Sandra, it covers a lot but hides nothing, back to plan A.”

“Which is?” I asked.

“Wait and see.”

George led me down the street a bit then stopped alongside an unusual looking car.

“This is it, nice isn’t it?”

“What is it? It looks to be a cross between a beach buggy and a go-cart.”

“It’s a Mini Moke.”

“What, oh yes, I think that I once heard my grandad talk about one.”

“They’re amazing, the UK should never have stopped making them. They’re great fun to drive and they’re perfect for this climate. Can you drive Sandra?”

“I passed my test a couple of months ago but I don’t have much experience and I’ve never driven on the wrong side of the road.”

“You’ll soon get used to it, do you want to drive?”

“No I don’t, it’s dark and I don’t know where I’m going.”

“Fair enough, climb in and belt up.”

No girl wearing a skirt that short can get in to a vehicle like that without flashing what she has under her dress and I was no exception but I wasn’t worried because the street lights weren’t that good and George has seen it all before anyway.

“It is a bit like driving a go-cart, so much fun.” George said as we set off and he zoomed off down the road.

“What do you do if it rains?” I asked.

“Either get wet or put the canvas roof on, not that it rains very often in Ibiza.”

“Right.” I replied then started to relax and absorb the experience, and it did appear to be fun.

We didn’t talk much because of the noise and about 10 minutes later we arrived at what looked like a posh restaurant, and as we walked in my thoughts were confirmed. It reminded me of my limited experience at being and escort girl, not that I was expecting George to give me £1,000 for being there.

“Maybe I should ask George for a signing on fee?” I thought then discarded that thought.

The maitre’d was either blind or he didn’t care that my dress was see-through and he led us to a table as I thought,

“No flashing my pussy in here then.”

It was the same with the Waiters

We were soon talking about all sorts of things. I didn’t know where to start so I asked him if he was going to buy any of the gyms that he’d looked at.

“No, I wasn’t that impressed and I’d have to make a lot of changes including the staff. Too much work and money needed to make them viable.”

Then I thought that I’d jump in at the deep end and I told him about mine and Isla’s spanking fun. I could see a glint in George’s eyes and I wondered what he was thinking of doing to me if I accepted his offer.

He asked me if I’d ever been tied spread eagle to a bed or outside somewhere and been tickle tortured. That question made my pussy tingle and when I said not he promised that I’d experience it if I accepted his offer.

George told me that his gym was on a street with quite a few shops and he told me that he often had parties with the other shop owners and friends. That gave my brain images of me being the only one naked at a party.

I asked George to tell me more about Ibiza and one of the things that he told me was about all the ‘unusual’ people in their unusual outfits who came out after dark and about some of the beaches there, and I have to say that they sounded amazing, better than the big one at Magaluf.

“So who’s looking after your gym whilst you are here George?”

“I’ve got a girl, Catalina, who comes in for a few hours every day and she offered to be there all the time that I’m away. She’s the daughter of a friend and not the brightest of kids.”

“So why aren’t you getting her to do these nude workouts that you want me to do?”

“Well for starters she’s quite lazy and I don’t think that she’s ever worked out in her life. Secondly I’ve never seen her even in a bikini so I can’t see her getting naked even in her own bedroom. Thirdly, your body, those tits and that clit, they’re a magnet for young men which is just the demographic that I target.”

“Don’t you get any girls at your gym?”

“Apart from Catalina and now you? I get a few. There are a few female fitness fanatics around but nowhere near as many young men.”

“There you go again, you might not want me as an employee after I’ve told you what I’m about to.”

“I doubt that.”

Then I told George about my ‘mental’ condition, that I hate trying to make small talk, that I prefer the company of animals to humans. George stopped me there and he was very firm in telling me that he had seen absolutely nothing to get that impression, that we’d had some great conversations and that he never once thought that I fucked animals.

I laughed and thought for a second then said,

“You know, since I arrived in Magaluf I’ve been quite happily talking to people.”

“Maybe that’s because all that you’ve thought of and talked about since you got here is sex in one form or another.”

Again I thought for a seconds the replied,

“You might just have something there George. Do you think that I can talk about nothing but sex for the rest of my life? Oh, and for the record I’ve never tried bestiality.”

“Not even a dog licking your pussy?”


Then the conversation got around to his offer.

“Tell me all of what I’d have to do again George.”

“Okay, one workout per day, similar to what you did in the hotel but adding at the end that yoga pose with some of those Kegel things. You can have that pink antenna hanging out of your cunt if you want. Probably do the workout on and evening, that’s when we get the most customers in. Oh not every day, you can have days off when you have your period.”

“No need, I haven’t had a period for nearly 3 years.”

“What, how come?”

“I’ve got a contraceptive implant thing in my arm and the only side effect that I’ve noticed is that my periods have stopped. Apparently that's a common side effect.”

“Nice, workout every day then, that’s all that I want from you and in exchange I will provide free board and lodging at my villa and the use of the Moke if I don't need it.”

“You’ve got a villa George?”

“Yes, not a big flash one, it’s on the outskirts of Ibiza town but it has a little pool and a garage with toys that you might find interesting.”

“Oh yes, tell me more.”

“No, it will be a surprise for you when you get there.”

“I’ll have no say in whatever you do to me other than at the gym and the villa, whatever and whoever I do the rest of the time is up to me?”

“That’s right Sandra.”

“But we can do things together at times can’t we?” I asked.

“Of course, and you can borrow the Moke whenever you want.”

“You keep making the assumption that I’ll accept your offer George.”

“But you will won’t you Sandra?”

I put a pensive look on my face and waited for a good minute before replying,

“Yes George, I will, thank you, I’ve never felt more comfortable with a man than I have with you and the opportunities sound just out of this world.”

“They are Sandra, can we have a celebratory fuck when we get back to the hotel.”

“Of course, and at least once every day from now on, it’s great to have a friend with benefits. So when do I start, when are you, sorry, we, going to Ibiza?”

“Tomorrow morning, meet you in reception at 10 a.m. and you’ll need to wear something, they won’t let you on the ferry without any clothes on.”

“I can live with that, will I have to wear clothes to go from your villa to your gym?”

“Probably, but not a lot. I haven’t thought about that, maybe we could find a route where you can drive naked. Driving naked around a lot of Ibiza isn’t a problem even in the Moke.”

By then we’d finished the meal and coffee and I was ready to get back to the hotel and to a bedroom. As we left I, at last, got a bit of attention from other people there, I saw a middle-aged man, who was walking toward us, raise his eyebrows then smile at me. I smiled back at him.

When we got back to the Mini Moke I said,

“Do you mind if I take my dress off George, I fancy feeling the wind against my body.”

“Go for it girl, you can stand up whist we’re driving if you want but hang-on to the roll bars and keep your eyes open for police cars.”

So I did. Even though George drove quite slowly and it was quite warm whilst walking, it was a bit chilly standing up as the Moke drove along. The wind blowing round all my bumps and crevasse was exhilarating but the chill got the better of me and I sat down, but I didn’t put my dress back on.

George drove a different way back to the hotel, a way where there were more people walking about and when we first had to stop for traffic I soon realised how easy it was for people walking by to see that I was naked. I saw a few people staring at me and that was when it was dark, I imagined me driving around Ibiza town naked with hundreds of people looking into the low down, topless car.

I didn’t bother putting my dress back on when we got to the hotel and the receptionist just smiled as us as we walked in and to the lift.

We went to George’s room and were soon having sex. I just love having sex with a strong man who can easily hold my weight. When George lowered me onto his cock I felt like he was going much further inside me. I also loved it when he held me up, my front against his front but with me upside down. With him eating my pussy and me devouring his cock I was in upside down heaven.


I also discovered that George likes waking up women by slowly sliding his morning woody into their pussies then increasing the speed of his thrusts until she wake up. When we’d both cum I asked him if him waking me like that was a condition of my employment and I asked him if he could give me a contract of employment that included that condition.

“Only if the wording says that it is the responsibility of the first person who wakes up to wake the other by fucking them.” George replied.

We shook hands on the deal and George said that he’d get his lawyer to write the contract.

I went back to my room for a shower and to pack my things. That part didn’t take long, then I went out onto the balcony to see if Elaine and Harry were there to say goodbye to them but they didn’t respond to my calling.

I had to open my case to get out something to wear once I got to George’s room as he said that I probably wouldn’t be allowed on the ferry. Reluctantly I opened my case and got out the white ultra short skirt and a white pheasant crop top, sleeveless, slightly see-through and with couple of buttons at the front. Putting them on George said,

“You’ll enjoy the ferry in those.”

I didn’t know what he meant and I didn’t ask.

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