Kathleen Finds Love Close To Home by eternalone

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RWS #14 This was Kathleen’s junior year, and she was determined to win the Homecoming award of “first dance with the hottest guy teacher”. It was not a real award, but to her it was more real than “Home Coming Queen”, or “Prom Queen”, or “Head Cheerleader”, that everyone thought was real. They were popularity contests, everyone knew it. The most popular kids decided who won those contests, and she was not one of the popular ones.
She got straight A’s, but she was not in sports, or band, or any of the clubs. She had understated good looks, and an underdeveloped body, her shape was a year behind most of the girls. The new math teacher called her “meatballs”, because of her itty bitty titties. They were just starting to sprout.
She wanted to show everyone that she was as good as them, or better.
Most things were popularity contest, but the popular girls started a contest. The winner would be whoever got the first dance at Homecoming, with the hottest guy teacher.
They had a new math teacher, he was just out of college, single, and all of the girls were talking about him. He was dreamy. Math, was Kathy’s best subject, she loved math. Kathy was determined to be his first dance partner at Homecoming.

Kathy did everything right, on the path to be ‘teacher’s pet’, but it was not working like she wanted. Weeks of effort, but Mr. B treated her like a sister, or worse yet, a daughter. When the popular girls were around him, he was different, just the way he looked at them was different. He talked to them about stupid stuff, not math.
She decided to play it like they did. She was not good at that, but she knew she could figure it out.
She started spreading her legs during class, so he could look up her skirt, and see her panties. That made no changes, she thinks he caught a peek, but no strike. She was running out of time, and could see this would be more difficult than she first thought.
Kathy had an excellent intellectual understanding of the world around her. When things went beyond simple facts, facts like numbers and calculations, she was in uncharted territory.
She was determined to be Mr. B’s choice for first dance at Homecoming, if she put her mind to it, nothing could stop her.
Kathy was ruled by logic and reason, to a fault. She learned from her father that if you set a goal, make a plan, and follow that plan through, at all costs, you will succeed.

She did the calculations, and she was prepared to ‘go all the way’, to give him oral sex. She knew the guys at her school really liked it when their girlfriends put their willy in their mouths, for a blow job. She knew some of the popular girls did that for their boyfriends, since she heard some of them talking about it in the girl’s room. Any one of them might do the same thing for Mr. B, so she was preparing to do it better. She was committed, at all costs, just like her father had taught her.

Since she had never done anything like that, there was some apprehension. She knew some of the girls did not like it, and refused to do it for their boyfriends. She might be like them, but she decided she could try anything once. What if she started doing it for him, and could not finish…she would be mortified. He would probably never talk to her again. She knew the girls who would not put it in their mouth, would use their hands, and did not mind that. If she did not like the mouth stuff, she could use her hands to make Mr. B feel good. However, she needed to know how she liked it before she actually did it. Her little brother might actually be useful after all. He would be 13 next month, and was noticing girls from what she could tell.

“Carl, I might need your help with a science experiment.”
“I’m busy.”
“Come on, I helped you with your homework when dad was busy. You owe me one.”
“Okay. How about tomorrow after school?”
“Good. I’ll meet you in your bedroom?”
“Just be there.”

[The next day…]

“Listen, this is about science, but you need to keep it a secret, and you’ll see why. Okay?”
“Yeah, okay, what’s this about.”
“This might seem weird, but it’s really important. You have to be honest.”
“Yeah, okay.”
“Do you ever jerk off?”
Carl is surprised, starts looking around, he is very uncomfortable.
“Why are you asking me that?”
“Look, you’re not in any trouble. I’m not going to tell dad what you say. I just need to know. It’s important.”
“Yeah. Sometimes.”
Carl looks relieved.
“So, I need to do this experiment. I need to help you jerk off. It’s something for school, but I can’t talk about it.”
Carl is dumbfounded. He knows it is a trick. He does not say anything at first, then speaks.
“You’re going to talk about me jerking off in one of your classes?”
“No stupid. I don’t want anybody to know about this. Nobody, or you’re roadkill. This is just something I have to do, I need your help. Be a good brother for once. Please. I’ll explain it to you some day, just not now.”

She tells him to take off his clothes.
Now he knows why she wanted to meet in his bedroom.
Carl strips down, and stands in front of his sister, little fella just hanging there, minding its own business, little dingleberries hanging down. It is far from impressive, even Kathy can see that.
“Not very big, is it?”
No apologies from Carl.
“As big as the other guys in my class. Besides, its soft. They’re always small when they’re soft. Don’t you know anything?”
“Well, make it bigger.”
“What? I can’t just say “Hey, get bigger”.
“I know, but what do you do? Think about something.”
“Maybe if you took your clothes off, that might do it.”
“What? Gross! I’m not doing that. The girl doesn’t have to take her clothes off. I know that.”
“Well then, play with it for me. That will make it hard.”

Kathy knows that makes sense. Besides, she is going to do more than that if this works out. She takes the couple of steps towards him, and holds the peter with two fingers and a thumb, and lifts it up, then lightly shakes it, as if to wake it up. Not much reaction actually. Her other hand comes in and cups his little almonds. The two hands start to massage the full package, as she moves in close to Carl, who is a full head shorter than she is. He can smell her, and her late blooming breasts are right in front of his face. When your sister is playing with your cock and balls, with the promise of a hand job, it is easy to see her as something other than your sister. It is easy for your cock to get excited. His did, and Sis noticed.
“It’s getting bigger.”
“Told you!”
It got hard and stiff, but still not impressive.
Carl was looking at the one playing with his cock, wondering what she would look like with no clothes. He was taken by surprise when she dropped to her knees, and unceremoniously covered his prick with her mouth, and started sucking. It was not near as yucky as she expected. She started moving, bobbing her head up and down.
She stopped, for a progress report.
“Is it working?”
“Oh yeah Sis. That works real good. Keep going.”
Kathy was back at it, trying hard, but no juice.
“How long does it usually take?”
“For what?”
“To finish, to cum.”
“Well…I didn’t do that yet.”
“What? I thought you said you were jerking off?”
“Yeah. I do lots of jerking, just no cuming. Two of my buddies shoot, I’m almost ready, any day now.”
“Oh for Pete’s sake…”
“Do you want me to get one of them for you?”
“Of course not, have you lost your mind?”
But she did have a problem. Her father would tell her that there is a solution, she needs to reason it out.
Of course! Her father. He could not know about it, of course. She would have to do it when he was sleeping. Since their mother left them, he slept alone.

[A few days later…]

Hugs & Kisses – Hugs & Kisses – Hugs & Kisses - Hugs & Kisses – Hugs & Kisses – Hugs & Kisses -

Kathy needed to be sure she could shallow Mr. B’s cum, if she were going to impress him. This should be easy, as long as he is sleeping. She slipped her dad some sleeping pills, waited until midnight before she slipped into his bed, and under the covers.
Daddy’s is sleeping on his back, Kathy stays in the bottom part of the bed, laying on her side, in a near fetal position. Her face is right at Daddy’s man thing.
Fingers search, find the opening on his pajamas, slip inside, to touch the slab of meat. Brother had a little wienie, Daddy has a roast. She felt around, to feel the base of it, and realized part of the package included his walnuts, compared to Brother’s peanuts. She felt sure Mr. B’s junk was more like Daddy’s than Brother’s. Things had worked out for the best.
She pulled Daddy’s prize out from the inside. It was growing. For a second, she realized it might get too big. She reasoned if it were in her mouth, it could only get so big, then be contained. She quickly put the limp dick into her mouth, which excited it in leaps and bounds. As long as it took her to get up on her haunches, supported by her hands on the mattress, is how long it took for Wimpy, to turn into Popeye. It had not had its spinach for months, and responded immediately. When it comes to limp dicks, any port in storm, once located, call to action immediately, sort it out later. A warm wet mouth is better than “any port”. When the mouth is this friendly, the obvious inexperience adds to its charm. The mouth seems awkward when the servicing starts, has no established rituals in how it pleases. It works to please the hunk of flesh. Kathy has surrendered her mouth, to her emotions. Things are happening too fast for her to reason them out. The Daddy dick was very excited, she worried that if it did not discharge soon…Daddy might wake up.
It was certainly no “brother’s peepee”, but she did contain it. She fidgeted around, getting it comfortable, figuring out how to keep her tongue out of the way. The cock was thriving on the attention, when she felt a hand on her head. She stopped dead, afraid to move, then she heard him snore.
She was afraid to move, it might wake him. She believed she had a taste of cum, but she needed more to be sure. Keeping her head still, her tongue did the stroking. In his dream, fingers and a hand, but under the sheets, his daughter’s tongue worked to give him satisfaction, completion. She could move her head an inch or so in each direction, but her tongue was doing all of the work, like a seasoned pro, but better.

The mother should be doing this. The daughter will do in her absence. He should have thought of this before. He did not know what caused this…display of gratitude, but he sure liked it. He knew about the Mickey Finn she tried to slip him, and wondered what she had in mind. He never in a million years would have expected something like this, from the bookworm.
Well, seems like Momma’s little girl wants to sleep with Daddy. He will let her go at her own speed, no need to rush her. She wants a load of his seed tonight, he is on board with that. That is a nice place to start.

He enjoys the tongue lashing from his daughter, right up to the explosion, that he instigates with an upward thrust of the pelvis, and two hands on the offspring’s head as he blew his full load, in three volleys.
“God - that was nice Pumpkin.”
“Oh Daddy, how could you…”

Daughter was up, out, to her bedroom, under the sheets, mortified, when Daddy sheepish arrives at her doorway.

“I’m sorry honey.”
“Oh Daddy…”
“Can I at least give my side?”
Silence meant she was willing to listen.
“When I realized, you know, what was going on, that you were under the blankets, the first thing I thought was – ‘It must be about school.’ With you, everything is about school, that’s all you care about. Whatever was happening, it was about school, and somehow I was part of that. You don’t always tell me about your projects as soon as you start them. And when you do good, I like to tell you, for encouragement. Now it seems like I was not supposed to wake up, I’m sorry, really sorry. We’ll just pretend it never happened, that I never woke up, and I don’t know anything about this project. Okay?”
“Oh Daddy, that would be perfect. Thank you.”
Kathy runs to Daddy for a reassuring hug, and throws her arms around his neck, with a kiss to the cheek.
Dad returns the hug, around Daughter’s thin torso, and a thumb brushes a nipple, palm of the hand flattens the tiny titty, and feels the nipple.
“Daddy, cut that out!”
“Sorry honey. I’d better go back to my bed, all alone, by myself.”
If they were hints, Kathy was too preoccupied to catch them. The taste was not bad, that is where her mind was. She took all of Daddy’s juice, and she now had the confidence to do the same for Mr. B.

[A few days later, at school…]

She was flashing her beaver to Mr. B every chance she got. He saw it, he could not take his eyes off of her. She watched as his eyes fluttered between her raised skirt, and her eyes. It was the last period of the day. Just before the bell, he looked at Kathy, and asked her to see him after class. Kathy’s plan was working. She waited until only the two of them remained, then went to the door, and locked it. There was a book closet in the back of the room, and Kathy made a bee line, stopping and turning in the doorway.

“It’s more private back here.”
The little vixen. She is serious about this. She had been sending cues, he just did not believe it. He wondered if she knew what she was getting herself into. Little twat never had a boyfriend. She was a virgin, he could smell it. He liked the young ones. He only dated freshmen when he was in college. He broke them in, a lot of virgins.
Kathy watched as Mr. B walked through the desks back to the book closet. When he was close, she backed up, and around the corner, back against the wall. Mr. B followed her it, and had her pinned against the wall, as he put his arms around her, and whispered in her ear.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
Kathy was afraid she would lose her nerve, and chicken out. She had to act, she could do it.
She dropped to her knees, and fumbled for his zipper, could not figure that out, so she started with his belt buckle.
He put his hands on hers, then used his fingers to find the tab, and pull down his zipper. She was so embarrassed, she could not look up to see his face.
She put her hand inside, but his underwear was impenetrable, she could not find the slit for entry.
Again, Mr. B to the rescue. He pulled her hand out, then inserted his fingers and fished his cock out, flopping it out for inspection.
Kathy had to redeem herself. She took the hunk of meat in her hand, circled it with her fingers, it lacked shape, but that was soon corrected as her fingers pumped it, and her lips kissed the head. It popped into life, and she sucked the head and a bit more into her mouth. Her hand was still helping, her loose fist bumped against her mouth when she pumped it, just a few times until the man muscle gains full strength, is hard and erect, full ramrod. The mouth needs no help. Kathy makes a triangle for stability. Two hands go to Mr. B’s cute buns, for two points of connection, the third being his pecker in her mouth, round peg in a round hole, nice fit.
She takes more of it into her mouth, about half, and starts bobbing her head up and down the shaft.
Mr. B likes it, gives a sigh of approval, but surely she could be taking more. He leans against the wall that is a foot in front of him, and half that distance behind the cock sucker’s head. He looks down at his star pupil, working for extra credit. Keeping hands and feet in place, he slowly leans into her face, inching her head towards the wall. It bumps, and he puts the last few inches to the other back wall, her throat, then uses his hip to back out, nice and slow, as he watches her cute expressions, eyes as big as sauces.
Slow going back in too. The cock sucker is starting to relax a little, he can see it in her face muscles, and her pretty brown eyes, capped by bangs, her lips as they walk up the flesh pole. As it becomes wet with her saliva, it glides across her lips. That other sign that she is relaxing is what he likes best. She softly hums, and what might be a whimper, half injured critter, half nursing puppy.
Next lunge in he stops halfway, then does a staccato of short pumps – in-out, in-out, in-out. Now its him with little indistinct sounds of satisfaction. He like the young mouths, the tight cunts. As nice as her mouth is, the pussy will be nicer. This will be his tightest ever, not today, no need to rush.
Mr. B checks his watch, time to finish up.
He starts sawing in and out of her mouth, with completion the obvious objective.
It is in full bore, the whole way in when he shoots. He hopes it goes straight down the gullet, no swallows necessary. Without withdrawing, he taps in two more volleys, boom, boom. His fingers squeeze the tube, cram it in there, suck it up, here are the goodies you have been working for. If he were in her love box, she would take it, but not so easy up here.
Meatballs tried, but it did not go straight down, she started gagging, or choking, coughed that cock right out of her throat, and half his cum with it. The other half found the intended target, and bypassed the tastebuds, for better or worse.
“Oh my gosh Mr. B, I’m so sorry.”
“No Meatballs, that was my fault. I got in a hurry. You’re really very good. Hey, maybe you could stop by my apartment Saturday, we could do this again.”
“Yeah, Saturday. What about the Homecoming dance?”
“Well, Saturday first – okay?”
“Okay. I won’t do that again. I promise.”

[Saturday, at Mr. B’s…]

“Come in Kathy, good to see you. I was afraid you might not make it.”
“Oh Mr. B, I’m so glad you’re giving me another chance.”
“You’re a special girl Meatballs. Let’s sit on the couch and talk about it…”
After a few minutes of telling Meatballs what a great girl she is, he finishes by saying, “I have a friend stopping by, an old college buddy, he wants to meet you.”
“Me? Why does he want to meet me?”
“Well, I told him a few things about you.”
“Like…math things?”
Mr. B smiles, but it was not the kind of smile that made her feel good.
“No, not math things. Closet things. He wants you to try it on him.”
“What? Mr. B!…Oh Mr. B…that was supposed to be something special, between you and me. I never would have told anybody, because I knew you could get in trouble. It was all supposed to be a secret. Now you ruined it. And you want me to do it to some man I don’t even know, some friend of yours. That’s disgusting!”

Kathy was out the door, on her Schwinn, and home in twenty minutes, crying all the way. By the time she went in the house, she was all cried out, and her eyes were red and puffy. She breezed past her brother’s bedroom, and planted herself on her ‘Princess’ bedspread, feeling miserable, and very vulnerable.
It was not long before Daddy came home, and stopped by her room.
“Hey Pumpkin. How’s it going?”
Silence. He sits on the edge of her bed, puts a hand lightly on her back.
“What’s wrong? What’s going on? You look like you’ve been crying.”
“Oh Daddy, it was terrible. I just want to die. I thought I loved this guy, but he turned out to be a creep.”
“Oh babydoll, I’m so sorry. You’re too good for him. Listen, wait here, I have something to help. I’ll be right back.”

Daddy is only gone a few minutes, and returns with a tray, and closes her bedroom door behind him as he enters.
While he is gone, he stops by Carl’s room and tells him Sis is not feeling well, so he should stay in his room, to not bother her. Then he goes to the kitchen and gets a serving tray, two glasses, a bottle of red wine, and a large bottle of sparkling water. He put a splash of sparkling in each glass, then dumped half the remaining down the drain. He put a healthy splash of wine in each glass, still less than half full. From another bottle, he topped the glasses off, then hid that bottle.

“Here Pumpkin. This will help you relax. A little wine, like in Italy.”
“Daddy, I’m not old enough for wine.”
“This isn’t regular wine. Remember your cousins in Italy. They water down the wine, but it kills the bugs in the water. Mostly its flavored water.”

Kathy has a sip, thinks it does not taste watered down. Daddy explains that is because it is a good wine. He shows her the bottles, the fluid levels, easy to see they are drinking mostly water. Kathy is easily convinced by facts, especially when the evidence tastes so good. Daddy is able to occasionally tip some of his into her glass. Pumpkin is feeling mellow.

“Daddy, you’re so good to me.”
Daddy removed his jeans, is wearing boxer underwear, sitting on the side of the bed. He reaches out, holds her wrist and pulls her to him, sitting her on his lap, with one arm around her back, and the other pulls her head down, under his chin.
“I’ll always take care of you. Your mother left us. We don’t need her. We’re the family now. You, me, Carl. You don’t need some other guy. You have me.”
“I know Daddy.”
She was ripe for the picking, her mother left Kathy for him and Carl. He knew it, she did not have to say it. He could convince Pumpkin this is what her mother wanted. This was on her mother, not him.
“Let’s get you ready for a bed.”
He unbuttons her blouse, but it is tucked tight in her waistband. He can see her meatballs, little titties inside. He reaches in, starts watching her eyes just before his fingers rest on her little mounds. No reaction, take a handful and squeeze it, a smile. She is ripe. Time to move things along.
He unsnaps her shorts.
“Stand up Pumpkin, we need to take these off.”
She puts a hand on his shoulder, to steady herself, and giggles.
Daddy pulls down her shorts and undies in one effort, then his hand comes back up to her ass cheeks. He plants it on one cheek, and lightly rubs a tight circle. He thinks to himself, it is nothing like her mother’s fat ass.
As he caressed his daughter’s public and private parts, Daddy spoke lightly, in a low, steady voice, mostly. His voice did crack a bit when his fingers were near her honey hole, close enough to feel adolescent pubes. Such things might unnerve even the strongest of men.
As his hand caressed, and sometimes probed, he toggled between two themes. One was memories of times when Daddy gave her a bath, his little girl. He was careful to not get soap in her eyes, as he washed her all over, everywhere. He reminded her of when he did motorboat on her tummy, blowing through his lips, making them flutter, and she would smile, and giggle. So now, his lips on her tummy, not so strange. She closed her eyes, the wine, what she thought about creepy Mr. B, fond memories of childhood, being cared for by Daddy, reality became hazy.
And when his lips come closer to the delicate fruit, his words talk about her replacing her mother, she is the lady of the house, to help him. When he opens his mouth, and centers it over a nipple, then takes a mouthful of young flower about to bloom, sucking it into his mouth, his delicious daughter puts a hand to the back of his head. Sweet encouragement, he could have hoped for no more.
He sucked the tender morsel clean, with detail work on the nipple, that showed its appreciation by standing firm and tall, a special delight for the tongue. Encouraged by his success he went to the second peak of ecstasy. This one he licked clean, from the outside, with his tongue. Each lap of the tongue started at the outside of the inclined feminine flesh, the soft slope up to the nipple, and each time he sucked on the nipple, that was sweeter than a maraschino cherry.
As he lapped and sucked, with the gentleness only a father can provide, his ass hand found the small of her back, and slid down so that his middle finger followed her ass crack, wedging itself securely between her sweet buttocks.
The other hand was not needed for nursing on the juvenile mammaries. It was on her outside waist, as he pulled his daughter back to his lap.
His ass-crack hand went up to her waist, to steady her, and to encourage her to stay, in case she had other ideas. That other hand was promised her honey pot. She was now more stable without wobbling, he spread her legs, splitting them over one of his knees.
When she was a young thing, cute as a button, with a tiny little fold of skin that would grow into her honeypot, he did insert a finger, for the briefest time, to see if it gave her any special enjoyment.
She would not remember that, in her mind. There may be muscle memory in her flower patch, so there may be good reason for old acquaintances to reunite. “For old time’s sake”, as they say.
He placed his three fingers over the coveted portal, thumb and little finger splayed to the side. So soft, like the finest kitten fur. Not at all like that Brillo pad her mother sported.
Softly rubbing, the middle finger naturally fell into the groove, without effort the channel opened. His hand was in pussy heaven. The palm and heel of the hand rubbed over the baby fat covering of temple gate, the fine hairs can barely be detected. She responds to his pressure on her love box, by pushing her crotch into his hand. Once again the ripe fruit beckons. No man can resist such encouragement. He is thankful she is his, so that he knows she will be well taken care of.
His chosen digit penetrates, soft and caring, with a father’s love.
They are looking into each other’s eyes, as she feels her father preparing her, feeling her insides, so gentle. The little vixen puts her hands on his cheeks, to direct his mouth, to her mouth, her cock sucking mouth. As soon as their lips touch, his tongue is an invader, and occupies her mouth, as his middle finger occupies her man trap. In yet another sign of encouragement, her tongue invades his mouth, and she starts using her mouth to suck on his tongue, as if it is a cock. He gives it to her, keeps his tongue hard for her.
Daughter can feel Daddy’s meat bumping up against her leg.
That is the hard she wants. She is confident in her talents, anxious to show the most important man in her life that she can replace his wife.
She drops to her knees, and fills her mouth before Daddy can thank his lucky stars he has such a wonderful daughter, and/or, cock sucker. He does say that prayer as he watches her head bob up and down. She is strong on enthusiasm, but weak on technique, not that he would complain – ever. He just thinks his load of cum would rather be in her pussy. Daddy knows that one this ripe might be taken darn quick, and he needs to lay claim. He wants her to know he is going to take great care of her, as long as she does her part.

“Let’s get up here on the bed pumpkin.”
“I can finish you Daddy, I know I can. Let me show you.”
“Not now honey. I have something else in mind.”
With offspring on her back, life giver between her legs, even Kathy can see where this is going.
“Oh Daddy. Can we do this?”
“This is what your momma wanted. It’s what I want too. I hope it’s what you want.
“Oh Daddy! Love me Daddy. Love me better than you loved Mommy. I love you Daddy.”
Now to seal the deal.
Gazing down at the bearded clam, an onlooker might think he was about to step foot on the peak of Mt Everest.
In one final sign of encouragement Daughter reached down for a ten finger grip on Daddy’s Mommy pleaser, that she is going to use as intended. Mommy does not want it, she will take it.
She rubs the cock head over her snatch, like she is giving scent to a bloodhound. Daughter smiles, Daddy likes it too.
Daddy puts a finger at just the right place, and wedges his finger between her lips. Daughter uses his ramrod to bump the finger out of the way, then bury the head in her love box.
Mission accomplished, father and daughter united in…lustful endeavors…based on love.
Time to relax, and enjoy success.
Daddy went in slow, but firm. This was going to be his, one way or another.
He watched her face. There was a slight wince, but no painful moan. He was gentle with her, he was thankful it was not some brute, or inexperienced boy.
Her tits had disappeared. The nipples were there, but the meatball bumps had disappeared.
He finished the input, no ruptures, snug but not unpleasant. He stirred it around a little, then used thumb and finger to hold a nipple, then drop his palm, skin to skin on the human pancakes.
“They’ll get bigger Daddy. I know they will.”
“No hurry. I like them the way they are.” He is not kidding.
Daddy withdrew, except cock head remaining.
Back in an inch or so, and stir again. Damn that feels good, tightest he ever had, probably tightest he ever will have. These are moments for a father to treasure. The only thing better, with be telling her mother.
He drops it down in, slow and easy, do not want to damage the fruit. He bottoms out, then pulls halfway back, - and the next time, bottoms out, pulls halfway back – etc, etc, he gets a nice smooth rhythm going, until he fills his daughter with his seed. He pumps it into his very own love box, to have and to hold.
He looks to her face, she is asleep. He bumps his cock a few time, no reaction.
He watches as he pulls it out, Daddy’s meat has a new hideaway.
Just then there is a knock at the door. Pumpkin has rolled over on her tummy. Daddy leans over and kisses her pumpkin ass cheeks, before covering her with a sheet, and closing her bedroom door behind as he left.

[Twenty minutes later…]

“Listen Carl, I have to go help a buddy. I’ll be back in an hour or so. Your sister is…ah…sleeping. Make sure she does not sleepwalk or anything.”
“Sure Dad. What friend?”
“Jimbo. I won’t be long. Let your sister rest.”
“Okay Dad.”
Jimbo was good for two hours minimum, probably more like four. They always got into something.
Something was going on with Sis, and he wanted to know what it was.
He locked both doors, pulled the drapes, and went to the female quarters.
He listened at her door, turned the knob, cracked the door and peaked in, no sign of life, but she was on the bed, he could see head and toes, separated by the sheet.
He called her name, twice and no answer.
He saw the glasses on the side table, smelled it, and finished the contents, without taking his eyes off sleeping beauty. He wants her to try the blowjob again, he is ready to cum, he is sure, one more time.
He knew waking her up was not a good idea.
He got an idea. He put his finger on Sis’s mouth. If he could get her to suck on it, well…maybe, he would not have to wake her up. He tried, but no go.
Maybe he would just jerk off, with a little visual stimulation. He slowly pulls the sheet off, careful not to wake her. Better than he had expected, no pajamas or anything. His boy-meat took notice, popped up to a nice boner, and peeked through his pajamas.
Nice ass. He rubbed his hand across both cheeks, even down in the crack. The good stuff is on the flip side. He rolls her over, which makes more room on the bed, for him.
Not that long ago he thought his Sis was creepy, but things sure were changing. When you get to see her like this, it puts a whole new light on things.
Not much to see in the tits department, but that stuff between her legs has his full attention, his cock too, full attention, one hand petting his sister’s pussy, the other hand comforting junior. Nice. Fond memories of the first time with Sis.
He knew the little kitty was a disguise for her fuck hole, but he did not want to hurt the kitty, it was so cute. He started petting it, more and more, fingers aligned with the crevice. Softly applying pressure, until the façade was dropped, and fingers were in the mommy-pit, the honey hole, the promised land. He did not expect the promised land to be so wet. Was she having her period? Yuck, he yanked his hand out – no blood. Thank god. It must be pure pussy juice. He looks at it closer, then licks his fingers. He was not sure, but he thinks if he knew what cum tastes like, he would say that tastes like cum.
Except, how could that be possible…unless…sister was a daddy-fucker.
That was one of those eureka moments, lightbulbs going off like paparazzo.
Why did she give Dad some first?
Maybe she was asleep and did not know?
When was Dad going to share?
Did she give Dad blowjobs too?
He only knew one thing for sure. It is easier to ask forgiveness, than to ask permission.
Whoever the real gatekeeper was, he would sort it out later, for now, he still had over an hour to get his piece.
His focus shifted from the honey hole, to the whole package. Some people might think it is a meager offering. Yes, the pony-tail and bangs adds cuteness and charm. The nipples are equally endearing, little temples to womanhood, on virtually flat land, ready to rise up, into a man’s mouth at a moment’s notice, or on a rising mound of flesh, given two or three years.
To a thirteen year old boy, it is mount Everest, to be scaled and conquered, even without a map.
He tries a mouthful of sister’s tiny titties. His finger plugs the pussy, moves around a little in the mush.
His little pecker is chomping at the bit. Every time he moves it bumps into her soft flesh, and compels him to rub it up and down against her, as it seems to be getting closer to its object of affection.
Time to get down to business.
He spreads her legs, and pulls one up, like pulling a chicken wing off the breast. That scissors her open nicely, he keeps her leg propped up, as he interfaces. Male to female, just like in the operator manual.
Puts his dick in, likes this right from the start. Not the tightest fit, but he has no reference point. It feels damn good, no reference point needed for that. He starts humping sister’s crotch, in-out in all earnest. He does not think about kissing her, or her tits, or playing with her tits. Right now he is fucking his first pussy – without her help – and he will concentrate on that. More accurately, it is the pleasure that has his total attention.
Maybe it was the wine. As he slides into her, and out, repeatedly, they meld into one. The peter and the pussy unite, become one flesh, in Carl’s mind. Carl feels closer to his sister now than at any time in his life. We should not be surprised. He is surprised, and has an epiphany, the closer to home, the sweeter the meat.

[Publisher note: Later in life, Carl would try to explain to unbelievers why his unconventional avenues for sexual gratification should be acceptable. He had a spiritual experience, there, in that bed, as he parted his sister’s legs, and they shared their resources. He believed they were united, and she became his “sister wife”. Others tried to explain that that is not what “sister wife” means, but he would have none of it. He believed the others were just jealous.]

Carl took a break from the in-out to suck on a nipple. He liked it, it was nice, but without the understructure, not particularly noteworthy. In Carl’s juvenile mind, tits were to be big, and flopping.
To a more mature lover, like his father, the charm of these rosebuds is appreciated. The taste is delicate and sweet, later it will be robust and savory. Robust and savory abounds, but delicate and sweet is rare, fleeting blooms like mayflies, come and gone. Those mature men who taste and touch the sweet flower of youth know that such experiences are beyond noteworthy, and wasted on youth, like Carl, bless his soul.

Carl returns to his real passion, the in-out.
It may be that the ecstasy his sister provided, boosted his little nuts into overdrive, or maybe Rosey Palm could have been his partner, and it would have been just his time, regardless, when it came, he was joyous. It was different that other times, he felt it. He knew it, he could not wait to tell Sis.
He pulled his tool out and looked at it. It looked the same as before, when it was slimed by Daddy cum first time it went in. He knew that fresh coat had to be his. Taste test time. Definitely a different taste, this was his.
Carl was deciding what he should do, when junior suggested another go at it, with no objections from the horny thirteen-year old.
Stiff pecker knew the way, plunged right in without a second thought.
Carl wanted to share the good news with Sis.
“I did it Kath. I came, and you helped.”
“Carl? Is that you? Where’s Daddy? What are you doing?”
“I’m planting roots Kath. Not as deep as Daddy, but I’ll get there, give me time.”

[A few days later…]

“Hey Dad, I want to sleep in Kathy’s room tonight.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean it’s my turn.”
“Turn for what?”
Time for a father son talk, about the birds and the bees, and such things.
When son says Daddy has a pretend wife, he does not deny it. He knows his son has been around his stomping grounds, he left his underwear behind one time. They decide there is enough to share, Carl can catch quickies after school, but one night a week he gets her all to himself. The swinging dicks think they are running this show.
Kathy has the men in her house pussy whipped. She can get them to do anything, with a little kiss, or spreading of the legs. They are one big happy family. Kathy knows she is the glue holding them together. Her pussy binds them together. They love each other totally – no threesomes – but other than that, totally committed to each other.
Daddy says it is because of Mommy, so sometimes Kathy says a little prayer, thanking Mom.

[A few weeks later…]

Daddy comes in the front door to greet his daughter. Right behind his is his running buddy, Jimbo.
“Hey honey, I’m glad you’re here. I was telling Jimbo about you. He’d like to get to know you. “I’ll be back in a few hours, while you two get to know each other.”

“What the heck Daddy?”
Just as the back door opens, Carl burst in, talking to his friend him –“Yeah, that’s her. She knows her stuff. She’ll help you.”
Then, to Kathy – “Hey Sis, Brad is having trouble with his first time, I told him how you fixed me, he wants to try it.”

“Carl? Daddy? Both of you? What a revolting development this is!”

Welcome to the Rear Window Universe, where everyone is motivated by sexual gratification of themselves or others, and teens are sexually precocious.
These are real people, and real stories, however they represent a very small slice of society. They act on impulses a sane or reasonable person would reject. The chances of these very people living anywhere near you is extremely remote, that is true.
Here is some more truth.
Teenage boys and girls are having sex with their parents, and other adults, the primary sex drive can come from either direction.
It may be consensual, or coerced, but it happens.
Our intent is to give the reader a Rear Window view, into the lives of individuals who were the subjects of various Psychological Case Studies.
A Rear Window view allows for a very personal experience. We want the reader to empathize with the subjects, not merely read about them in a detached way. We want the reader to feel what they may have felt, to experience a release of emotions, even if slightly deviant from mainstream society.
We found certain examples that were particularly interesting, even though the studies themselves were rather sterile, dry, matter of fact. We wanted informative, but entertaining, something with market appeal, for the non-professional.

We wanted case studies that read like narration, a story.
We gave all of the tapes, interviews, court documents, photos to a team of graduate students, from both the
Literature and Psychology departments, who then retold the narrative, often in the vernacular, rather than the formal jargon.

The reader should be prepared for heart wrenching accounts, that may have them crying – sometimes for joy, as they jerk off.
The literature students sometimes got carried away, trying to develop imagery and evoke empathy. The reader may find more description than necessary, but publishers believe that experienced readers will skip ahead to the “good parts”, and be no worse off. Watch for hugs and kisses [X – O – X – O – X].
The “Rear Window Series” has a style that will not appeal to everyone, no style does.
We are looking for serious readers, who appreciate the style, and ask for more.

We do not have an efficient way to read comments, we get no alert or indictors. We appreciate comments, but production time is valuable, and we can only review for comments a few times a year.

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