Screwing The Animal by Zorro

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Priscilla - a masochistic and inordinately submissive 44-year-old - rated as a luscious creature.

Her hair was black; she had svelte legs and medium-sized tits, while she sported a round tush.

But her female friends would've been shocked had they been aware she was her town's easiest lay.

Visiting live sex-clubs aroused her and she fornicated with truckers at highway rest areas. As well, she frequented bars and propositioned strange guys to bed her.

However, she regularly attended an evangelical church, as she did on a Sunday morning in May when she noticed 2 white men she never seen before.

Curious, she approached them in the parking lot after the service and introduced herself: - 'Hello, I'm Priscilla.'

'Nice meeting you. I'm Nigel and this is Sean. We're researchers at the university,' the 36-y/o Nigel answered.

'We're interviewing Christian wives about their sex-habits,' the 27-y/o Sean explained.

'My husband divorced me last year, though I'll be your subject. There's diner a block down the street. Why don't we have some coffee there?' Priscilla suggested.

'Okay,' Nigel agreed before the trio walked to the restaurant .

A waitress served their drinks as Nigel removed a notepad and pen from his pocket.

'Okay, my first question is, how old were you when your lost your virginity?'

'Sixteen,' she responded.

'You've been active ever since?' Nigel inquired.

'Yes,' Priscilla said.

'You don't feel dick-starved?' Sean mirthfully asked.

'No, I don't,' Priscilla replied.

'Are there any sluts in your congregation?' Nigel said.

'I – I'm a slut,' she confessed.

'Do the parishioners know?' Sean smirked.

'I hope not!'

'You don't want a scandal, do you?' Sean said.

'No, sir.'

'Do you have anything else to say?' Nigel asked.

'My - my dog, Buster, mounts me!' Priscilla stammered.

'Bestiality's an abomination!' Sean snorted as Nigel laid a $10-bill on the counter before leading her and Sean to his car.

She and Sean sat in the back seat; Nigel the front one.

'Give me directions to your house,' he commanded.

She obeyed and they soon arrived at her residence, followed by them going into her living room.

Sean raised her dress and remarked, 'She's not wearing panties.'

'The whore isn't modest,' Nigel answered while he and Sean undressed.

'Your penises are huge!' Priscilla verbally admired Nigel's 11-inched cock and Sean's 13-inched pole.

'She's thinks our dicks are monsters!' Sean remarked.

''Her sinful deeds!' Nigel said as he forced Priscilla to her knees and drove his pecker into her mouth.

'Suck, you little viper!' he growled as Sean sank his prick into her ass-hole.

'Is there an obscene stench in your sewer-pussy – huh?' he asked.

'Huh-hmmm!' she murmured.

At that moment, Nigel fiercely slapped her lovely face.

'Did that hurt, bitch?' he yelled.

'Are you mistreating Satan's daughter?' Sean inquired.

'She was born in hell which will be her eternal destiny!' Nigel crowed.

'That's right, fool!' Sean jeered.

'I'm a fool!' she thought while she had a moaning orgasm.

''She's praising the devil!' Sean said.

'She's worshipping her daddy!' Nigel responded as he unloaded in her mouth.

'Curse you!' Sean jeered while shooting his wad into her bowels.

Briefly, the studs glared at her until Sean said, 'You're a filthy Jezebel, aren't you?'


'You understand that god condemns filth, don't you?' Nigel asked.

'I deserve condemnation,' she answered.

'All whores do and it's time you showed us your depravity!' Sean growled.

'Yes, sir.'

Priscilla stood, went to the backyard and returned with Buster.

'Hi, boy,' Nigel greeted him.

'Hey, Buster, you should marry your girlfriend. You wouldn't divorce her, would you?' Sean asked before the canine reared and shoved his 7-inched boner in her vag.

'Screw the animal for Jesus!' Sean cackled.

'Hallelujah!' Nigel exclaimed.

'Fuck me!' she panted, while it amused Sean and Nigel to watch Buster rutting her until he jizz-filled her snatch and withdrew from her.

'You're Buster's wife,' Sean announced as he and Nigel pissed into her 'oral goblet' to seal the union.

'I'm a filthy Jezebel and an abomination!' Priscilla crooned, then startled Nigel and Sean by asking them to rape her at least once a week after that morning, with them wishing they could oblige her – in church!

Rating: 100%, Read 2277 times, Posted Mar 19, 2023

Fiction | Bestiality


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