The Annihilator: Part 4 by Crunchgasm

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Fiction | Asian, Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome

Tanner made his way to a local high school, having used the night time to avoid much attention. After an hour or so of walking, he had the building in sight, and decided to sleep on one of the benches in the nearby park.

Indeed, only very light patrols were on the outskirts of the city, as the rogue Annihilator was expected to go after the government offices in the heart of the city. However, a policeman had come in the morning to interrogate some of the teachers and students as to whether they had maybe seen a strong, young man. Some of the responses seem to be irritating him, as most seemed to just praise their best sports talent, who wasn't the brightest, though.

Tanner had woken up to the noise around the school building, and as he went to investigate, stumbled straight into the officer. Without wasting a moment, Tanner threw a left haymaker, then wrapped the man in a sleeper hold, smirking at the students all around the entrance to the school.

The sleeper hold shocked many of the students, and the few teachers that were outside, causing them to run into the building. The policeman tried to grab his stun baton, and even though he was under the influence of the hold, landed an awkward tap with the tip of the rod. Tanner grimaced as he was jolted, but was able to maintain his hold. Unfortunately for the police officer, the spasm of Tanner’s body has an unwanted consequence, as barely a second later he heard the officer’s neck crunch and he started twitching having dropped the stun baton that now fell away.

A short man with a crowing voice immediately ran away, trying to call for the police. However, the blonde, tanned jock that the others were referring to when the policeman was asking questions seemed to be very interested in the deadly hold on the cop. Panicked by the neck snap, some students move back away from the person they now know is a wanted man. The teacher is a bit further away, being forced to wait on the busy line of the city police department.

Tanner walked up to the teacher calling the police and casually trapped him in a Full Nelson, and then pushed down on the man’s head.

“Oh, no, you don’t!”

Within seconds, a loud CRACK was heard by the scared students and teachers. As brutal as Tanner’s moves were, at least he gave the men quick deaths. The neck snap on the teacher is loud and effective, as the man's pained groans followed by a loud crack and a descent into limp death excite at least one person enough to react vocally.

It was the blonde jock. "That was fuckin' hot, dude! I got a boner!", the rather blunt male proclaimed.

“Want to snuff and fuck people with me?” Tanner asked with a perverse smile, showing his own boner.

"Oh, fuck yeah I do!", the blonde teen said, grinning widely, as his erection made a big tent in the tracksuit pants he wore. It seemed like the fugitive was gaining allies. However, from distance, a few male students coming from the chemistry lab eyed the dropped stun baton the policeman had with him.

Tanner saw one of them running to get it, and broke into a sprint, grabbing the student by the sides firmly, before arching backwards into a devastating gutwrench suplex. The thud of his latest victim was followed by him laying almost immobile. But it wasn’t over. The youthful Annihilator quickly locked his hands around the nerdy male’s skull, and twisted hard, groaning in pleasure as the destruction of the cervical spinal column produced violent twitching before one final sigh of death. A female gasp revealed a timid blonde female behind these male students.

“Whoa…! That was awesome! I gotta kill someone, now!”, The blonde jock exclaimed, burst into a run and took hold of one of the remaining three chemistry enthusiasts who were petrified at the kill that had just taken place in front of their very eyes.

The red-haired male felt two arms raise him up above the jock’s head, and then heard the goading, praise-filled voice of Tanner.

“Yeah dude, break his back! Show me how those muscles destroy wimps!”

The male screamed in utter panic, thrashing hard, but to no avail. The blonde jock slammed him hard over his left knee, and the impact produced a loud crunch, followed by weak cries and heavy breathing, but also, even louder screams from the remaining two from the initial four.

“Whoa…that was sick! Did you see his spine just SNAP?”, the jock asked Tanner, looking satisfied with himself. The blonde had gulped in amazement, having obviously never before seen those massive muscles of the jock used for killing. She soon had her jeans unbuttoned, with one hand in her panties.

As the scared duo tried to run, Tanner was already there to stop them, holding them by the shoulder. He replied to the question with a deadly suggestion.

“Fuck yeah, I did! Now break his neck, and let’s get off…by fucking.”

His newfound buddy had already sat on the crawling victim, cupping his head and chin in his large hands. He pulled back slowly, hearing the student writhe, before yanking hard to make that camel clutch-like hold deadly.


“H-he dropped! I fucking killed him! I’m on the edge of cumming, man!”- the blonde muscle stud shouted, flexing his muscles as he stood above the broken nerd. The two surviving nerds were petrified, but the jock went for the blonde, who had made an awkward smile upon witnessing his triumphant pose.

“I’m gonna make you moan, chick…look at my muscles and dick…”

She couldn't fight him off, and didn’t even try, as she found herself feeling strange, tingly all over her body. The jock slid his hands under the girl’s panties and kneaded her curvy ass cheeks while kissing her loudly. His erection was painful, and he wanted to fuck someone at the very least if not snuff them too.

Since her reaction was to spontaneously take her panties off amid loud moans, it was safe to say she was enjoying this. At that moment, Tanner acted on one of the nerds that had disheveled hair, putting him into a guillotine choke briefly, but squeezing not with the intent to kill, rather, he made his victim faint.

Now that one couldn’t flee, Tanner simply grabbed the the other one, and forced him to his knees, whipping his erection out, and as soon as the shocked student opened his mouth in disbelief, penetrated him. Crossing his legs behind the bottom male’s neck, Tanner started fucking his face, his right hand gripping the teen’s lower jaw so he didn’t bite.

While the helpless male whined and sucked Tanner off, he watched with great interest how the other guy lifted the girl’s shirt and ripped her bra off to start sucking on her tits which caused loud moans of approval. His hands then went to rip her panties off. He bet he could make her enjoy her death.

Soon, the stud couldn’t wait, and pushed himself into her, after bringing the blonde down. Her pained moan was quickly replaced by cries of sexual ecstasy.

"Ahhh...yes! Jake...deeper! More!"

Tanner was impressed with not only how the jock he’d only just met killed wimps, but also his innate talent for breaking girls in.

“Jake, right? Name’s Tanner, and I’m loving the show. You’re giving it to her like a porn star, buddy!”, the Annihilator commented, and as Jake replied: “Thanks- keep facefucking that fag Colin hard- he’s got a boner…haha…”, the show star spontaneously gave a high-five gesture which was returned with a loud clap.

The next two deaths were triggered by the blonde’s climax. As Jake felt immense pleasure from her pussy milking him, he gave her a tonguing kiss while gripping her skull and jaw. She knew what was coming, but made no opposition to her death known.

“SNAP-CRCK! FFffuck, that slut felt good, Tanner…I snuffed her mid-orgasm…”, Jake spoke, but in the middle of his words, Tanner killed the nerd, groaning as those alpha nuts churned to mark yet another kill as completed.

“Fuckin’ awesome, man! You turn me on, the way you kill, Jake…” Tanner blurted out, and Jake smiled, noticing the knocked out male. “Let’s fuck him together.” he said, and Tanner came over quickly.

Wasting little time, Tanner tore apart the clothes of the dazed student, who was waking up. A loud whine was an indicator he had been woken up by Tanner’s 12-inch rod impaling him. To silence the student, Jake opened his mouth, holding the lower jaw before shoving his comparably sized boner inside.

Their rutting of the helpless male was loud and powerful, and other students could only watch from the windows, knowing escaping these two was impossible. Many were fearful, but some masturbated, for whatever reason. Tanner smirked at the heads peeking through the windows, and decided to test a new idea on how to destroy this particular student. Grabbing a hold of his feet, he slung them over his own shoulders, bending them backwards. He basically inverted the Boston crab, and the pain of the student was evident in his whining.

“Ready to make him go….crrrack, buddy?”, Tanner asked after about a minute.

“Fuck yeah, need to bust a nut again.”, Jake replied, gritting his teeth, as he readied himself to snap yet another neck to get himself going.

“Okay. On three, bud. One…two….three!!”, Tanner decided on how to synchronize all that deadly muscle. And upon the final number…


The student’s body convulsed violently for some time, as the joint work of two studs destroyed his upper and lower spine at once. However, Tanner didn’t even wait for the corpse to become still, and leaned in, puckering his lips, to which Jake hesitated only half a second, before a long moan came from both of them.

After catching their breath, the studs smiled at each other, and looked up at the school full of targets.

“There’s another door in the back of the school. They can’t get the cops, because phone lines were shut down last night- everyone’s in a panic.”, Jake spoke, and then Tanner simply grinned.

“Must’ve been my message from the game studios- the wimps up top shit their pants because I said I’m gonna end their rule.”

“They shut down phones everywhere because of you? Whoa, dude, this is so cool.”, Jake seemed genuinely psyched.

“Yeah. Let’s fuck this school up, and show everyone inside what muscles are meant for.”

Upon delivering a double super kick to the door, they watched it fall off its hinges, and ran inside, quickly putting the door back on to cover the exit, before pulling a heavy floor-washing machine over to block escape as much as possible.

Then, Jake pointed out to a nearby corridor with some electrical “thingamajigs” that needed to be destroyed. It turned out to be a good idea, because it turned out to be a phone and Internet junction box. There was rarely any reliable Internet for anyone for the elites, and for the masses, so much was censored and unavailable. Still, damaging landline connections would make calls for help almost impossible, even if the authorities unblocked phone access.

The act of tearing off the cover that shielded the junction box and the subsequent physical destruction of the sensitive wires and switches had created quite a bit of noise, and the two muscle studs heard steps, but they simply went forward, confident of being able to handle any “threat” they might encounter.

However, as the steps became louder, Jake went to a small corridor, peeking around a corner before hiding from the eyes of the student whom he recognized as Sam- a guy on the school’s running team.

Soon, Sam and Tanner spotted each other- with the Annihilator showing his erection as a perverse greeting, alongside a smile.

“Why…all this?”, Sam asked, and got a quick, unnerving response.

“Because snuffing people is hot. I get hard from killing. Lemme snuff you-I promise you’ll like the sex, at least.”

The male gulped, wondering if he should simply start running. At one point, something snapped in him, and he ran forward, away from Tanner, unaware that Jake was already lurking.

Jake ran out of the adjacent corridor, and successfully tackled Sam to the ground. “Oh yeah...I’m gonna enjoy fucking your toned body, Sam.” Jake said as he put him in a sleeper hold. There was no effective resistance, since Sam was in pain from the powerful tackle, and couid only groan as the sleeper hold made him pass out.

Jake pulled the boy’s pants down as soon as he fell unconscious and started grinding his cock against the boy’s surprisingly plump asscheeks, making the knocked-out student moan in response. It was strange, how the boy seemed to have a smile of sorts on his face.

Noticing his possible enjoyment, Jake groaned, upping the pace of his thrusts, as Tanner came over, and rubbed his cock against Sam’s mouth, which briefly opened, as moans came out.

“Fuck…he’s so tight…I’m gonna cum, and break his fuckin neck, man…”, Jake announced, to which Tanner gleefully added: “Yeah, snap him, hard and loud…mmm…just the thought of a nice pop and crack makes my boner become steel.”

And indeed, the blonde stud delivered. His breathing grew shorter and more intense as his thrusts geared towards the final one. As his legs coiled around Sam’s torso, the chokehold was applied to the point of causing the victim’s skin to turn blue. In these circumstances, it took little to finish him off.

A short, wet crack was preceded by a loud groan from Jake, who twisted Sam’s neck just as his body shuddered, and his nuts unloaded in yet another victim. Tanner was about to cum into Sam’s mouth, open after his nervous system had shut down, but noise from the corridor Jake had hidden himself in attracted his attention.

A biology teacher in her 30-s had tried to evacuate by using a route usually used by janitors and ended up witnessing Jake break her best student's neck with a sleeper hold. The Asian woman shivered, shedding a tear within eye contact range of both the Annihilator and Jake, knowing she was not going to survive, while saying goodbye to Sam.

“Hi, Miss Sato. I was hoping you could let us learn anatomy…on your sexy body.”, Jake spoke, cracking his neck and knuckles.

It was clear to everyone what his intentions were.

Rating: 47%, Read 2946 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fiction | Asian, Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome


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