Futa Naked In School 01 - Futa's Naked Temptation Chapter 3: Ginny's Naughty Futa Revelation by mypenname3000

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Futa Naked In School – Futa's Naked Temptation

Chapter Three: Ginny's Naughty Futa Revelation

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Ginny Reynolds's Week, Wednesday

I huddled in my house's upstairs bathroom as the shower's spray grew colder and colder. Despite washing off all the futas' cum that had splattered my body from the gangbang, I still felt so dirty. Candice's blue eyes, peering behind her glasses, haunted me.

My friend had witnessed me enjoying being fucked by all those futas.

In my college's bathroom, I was taken again and again by futas who were eighteen-year-old freshmen like me to twenty-one-year-old seniors like Stacie. I sucked their dicks. I took their girl-cocks in my pussy. They jerked off their shafts and sprayed my body in cum while I hungered for more.

Just three days in the Program, and I turned into an utter slut.

Three days!

Yesterday, I woke up a virgin. I thought I would stay that way until I grew horny enough to surrender my cherry to my futa-girlfriend, Samantha. The moment my name was called by President McTaggart, the head of my college, I knew I wouldn't make it the without having sex with Samantha.

I just... didn't think someone else would pop my cherry first.

It was in the locker room, showering with the futas, when that bitch Shelena had cornered me. The bullying futa-quarterback thought she was hot shit. That all the girls were just wet for her. She thought she could enjoy me and...

The memory of the Black futa caressing me made me shiver. I almost gave in. Despite how much I protested, despite how much I struggled, I almost surrendered to the passion and let her take my virginity. I resisted at the last moment, so she was about to force me, thinking I wouldn't care once she was in me.

Candice saved me.

She recorded it on her phone and blackmailed Shelena to stop. She was so brave. My nerdy friend was the shyest futa I knew. She never got in a fight. She was timid, but that day, she was my futa-heroine. I was so wrapped up in my lusts that I fucked her.

I lost my cherry to her, cheated on Samantha, and destroyed everything.

Samantha found out. To get back at me, she arranged the gangbang, guilting me into doing it. But I enjoyed it anyways. I didn't mind that she watched. She was fucking me with them, using my body to satiate her pleasure. But Candice... She watched, but didn't join in.

She saw what I truly was. A filthy, disgusting, slut.

My mom knocked at the door. “Ginny, honey, are you okay? You were covered semen.”

“Go away!” I hissed, the shower spray getting colder and colder as the hot water heater failed. Goosebumps burst out across my skin. “I'm fine.”

“You're not fine, honey,” she said. “Please, you can talk to me. Did something go wrong in the Program?”

A bitter laugh burst from my throat. “Oh, no, the Program worked perfectly! I explored my sexuality. I'm such a slut! Did you see how much cum was covering me?”

“I did...” She sounded disgusted, too. “That's okay. You're a young girl. I know when I was your age, I had urges and—”

“Did you let twenty futas fuck you?” I hissed, wanting to drive her away, to let her know just how filthy I was.

“Well, no,” she said. “But it was a more repressed time. Sex was seen as bad. We didn't have the shot, so there wasn't 100% full proof birth control, and there were still all the STD's. Things are different for you. You can enjoy yourself and not worry about the consequences.”

There were plenty of consequences. “Samantha broke up with me.”

“Well... That happens. First loves rarely work out. Your futa-mother wasn't my first futa I loved. Not even the fourth.”

“Candice hates me, too,” I said. My shoulders shook. The tears fell as the water grew icy. I shivered and then shut it off. I sprang out of the water and ripped open the door. “Candice saw it all and she... she...”

My mom enfolded me in her arms. Candice and I were friends for as long as I remember. From preschool. We grew up together. She was my best friend, even if she were a futa, and now... Now...

I clung to my mother, my face buried in her neck, my naked body soaking her dress. She rocked me as all the pain flowed out of me. I had ruined everything yesterday. Candice was the last person I should have ever fucked.

It would have been better if Shelena rammed her girl-dick into me.

Candice used to love me. Now... now she saw what I was. Who could love someone who would fuck twenty futas in a bathroom? Who could love someone that sucked all those cocks and came over and over again. My pussy ached from all the futa-dicks I took today. They speared into me, pumping me full of jizz.



I didn't get out of bed the next morning. I just lay there, ignoring my phone. I told my mom I was sick. She knew I was lying, but she understood. She brought me a breakfast of French toast, normally my favorite.

I picked at it before rolling onto my side and hugging my pillow. My curtains were drawn shut, heavy drapes that blocked out the world. I vowed to never leave my room. A vow that lasted an hour before I had to pee.

Then I vowed to never leave my room except to use the bathroom.

As I lay there, my phone vibrating and chirping, the images of yesterday flowed through my mind. How Samantha claimed my pussy was hers. How she fucked me bent over the toilet while the futas watched me. Her girl-dick drilled into me, stirring up my cunt.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I lay naked in my bed. Yes, I was still naked, still following the dumb Program. Who thought it was a good idea to encourage college coeds to attend classes naked for a week so they could “learn about their sexuality”? I wanted to find them and slap them.

I didn't need to discover that I liked being gangbanged.

That my pussy cunt was itching right now.

I bit my lip, squirming. That juicy heat built and built between my thighs. My clit was on fire. My labia getting wet and juicy. I rubbed my legs together, trying to ignore it as flashes of the gangbang sparked through me. Being spit-roasted on my hands and knees, a cock fucking my mouth and pussy.

The feel of hot cum spurting on my skin.

The plunge of a hard dick into my cunt.

The degrading words the watching futas said about me.



All of it made me feel so wonderfully filthy. Just an object writhing on the ground to please them all, eager for another hard clit-dick to feel my mouth or cunt.

My fingers found my pussy.

I whimpered as I stroked my hot flesh. My juices coated my digits. I rolled onto my sides, my thighs trapping my hand between them, and ran my digits up and down my pussy lips. I stared at the drapes, sunlight forming a bright spot of blue in the middle. I whimpered as I caressed my labia, my touch spilling pleasure through me.

My fingers brushed my clit. I groaned, more and more of my juices flooding. My pussy clenched, feeling so empty, wanting a futa-cock to fill me. I licked my lips. My phone buzzed in the background, vibrating on my nightstand.

I ignored it and plunged two digits into my pussy. I groaned as I thrust into my opened depths. My toes curled as I reached into me. It was such a delicious feeling. Hot rapture surged through me. My eyes squeezed shut as I squirmed on the bed. My heartbeat drummed inside of me.

I ground the heel of my hand against my clit. I caressed that little bud, pleasing it, sending delight surging through me. I closed my eyes, drifting back to yesterday, to Samantha confronting me on my cheating.

“Prove it. Prove you're still mine!” she'd said.

I did.

“Fuck me!” I hissed now, working my fingers in and out hot and fast. “Give me those futa-dicks. Let me suck on them. Let me gulp down your jizz while you fuck me!”

I shoved the fingers of my left hand into my mouth, my lips sealing about them as I sucked. I groaned, my body shuddering on the bed. My cunt grew hotter and hotter around the digits of my other hand. The heat soaked into them as I plundered my snatch. That wet, squelching sound filled the air.

Pleasure rippled through me. I quivered as I drove myself towards my orgasm and—

My door shook as someone knocked. “Ginny, honey, you have a visitor.”

I popped my fingers out of my mouth, my pussy clenching on my other digits. I was building towards that wonderful orgasm. I just wanted that bliss to rush through me, to drown out this pain in my heart. I threw a look over my shoulder. I could see the shadow of my mother's feet blocking some of the light spilling beneath my door.

“I don't want to see anyone!” I said, thrusting my fingers deep into my cunt out of defiance. “I'm sick.”

“It's your college's president. Ms. McTaggart.” Mom cracked open my door.

I gasped, rolling onto my back and yanking up my covers which ripped my fingers out of my cunt in the process. “Mom!”

She peered in. “It's okay if you're naked. We've both seen you all week.” The door opened wider, lights pilling through the room. “You need to talk to her, okay. Figure out how to go forward.”

Ms. McTaggart stood in the doorway, her curly, red hair farming her face. Her normal bubbly enthusiasm was muted as she stepped into the room. Her stocking-clad legs whisked as she entered the room, her tight skirt hugging her hips and falling to her mid-thighs. Her breasts were hugged by a tight, low-cut blouse.

“Hi, Ginny,” she said.

“Ms. McTaggart,” I said, so aware that the fingers of my right hand were coated in my tangy juices. My cheeks burned, my nipples throbbing beneath the covers. “I'm sick.”

“No, you're not,” she said, turning on the light. “It's okay, Mrs. Reynolds, I can talk to her.”

“Okay,” my mom said. She gave me a smile. “It'll be okay, honey. You'll see.”

I shrugged.

The president didn't close the door as she moved into the room. Footsteps creaked in the hallway. It sounded like my mom didn't go far. She was just lurking outside my door, giving the illusion of privacy. She still thought I was a child, I think. But I was eighteen.

No longer a virgin.

“When I approved the Program, I knew things would get... interesting. Youthful hormones being what they were, I was expecting gangbangs from time to time.”

My cheek burned as she spoke.

“But I wanted those girls, or futas, getting taken over and over to find it a positive experience, and you didn't.”

“Because I'm a slut,” I said, spitting out the word.

She sat down on the edge of my bed and gave me a futa-motherly smile, something my own futa-mom would give me. I swallowed as she took my hand, stroking it. “Slut is a pejorative word. You can always embrace it, of course, and I know many girls who do enjoy the label, but you're no more a slut because you enjoy sex than those futas who gangbanged you. You didn't do anything wrong.”

“I cheated on my futa-girlfriend,” I said. “Isn't that wrong?” I stared at her. “What type of girl does that?”

“A confused one,” she said. “I won't say that cheating is a good thing to do. There's an intimacy in being a couple. You shouldn't throw that away easily. But it happens. Your emotions get the better of you. It makes you think about your priorities, doesn't it.”

“Priorities?” I asked, frowning.

“To reorder your emotions, to see what is truly important to you.” She squeezed my hand. “I saw the footage. About a dozen different futas filmed the gangbang over its course, but I noticed what it revealed about you and Samantha.”

I squirmed.

“I don't think Samantha loved you,” she said. “Not really. Oh, she was infatuated with you, but those words. 'This is my pussy,' and, 'I own this pussy,' are not the words of love, are they?”

My shoulders squirmed.

“You didn't like her saying that, did you?”

“No,” I said. “But...”

“You felt guilty for breaking your promise to stay faithful.” She smiled at me. “But did you feel guilty for cheating on her, or because you didn't think yourself that type of girl who could cheat. Did you ever love Samantha?”

“Of course I loved her,” I protested. “I dated her.”

Ms. McTaggart gave a soft chuckled. “Well, as a futa, I can tell you that love has nothing to do with dating. Love might grow from dating, or it might exist before you ever have your first kiss. Usually, it starts out as infatuation. Which is another term for lust. That same lust that you unleashed in the bathroom. You were angry at her. You wanted to show her your passions, didn't you.”

I squirmed. Was that what happened?

“That you owned your body by allowing all those futas to enjoy it.” The president's eyes lit up with passion. “It was... stirring. You enjoyed yourself. So why did you come to hate it? To run home.”

“B-because she saw me,” I said, my eyes filling up with tears. “She witnessed what I was.”

“A beautiful girl budding into her sexuality?” Ms. McTaggart asked. “Do you think she hates you now?”

“Of course she hates me!” It hissed out of me. “She just witnessed what I did. After I was her first time... After she was my first time... When she...” I choked off, not wanting to revel what happened in the locker room. “We were each other's firsts on Tuesday. I loved it. It was special, and now it's not. If I wasn't with Samantha, I would...” I groaned, realizing this snarl of emotions in my chest. “Now it's even worst. Candice despises me. She stood there and watched. The only one who didn't fuck me.

“Who didn't use me. Because she loves me. And.. and...” My sobs grew worse, squeezing off my words, only snatches breaking through as I poured out how Candice must hate me now. Must think I was so filthy.

“Why don't we ask her,” Ms. McTaggart said. “Candice?”

The footsteps lurking outside my room creaked. I looked up, expecting to see my mom. Instead, my blonde futa-friend entered, her golden pigtails falling about her shy face, her long skirt rustling. She rubbed her hands before her, her blue eyes liquid and vulnerable behind her glasses.

“I don't hate you, Ginny,” she said, taking a step into the room.

“I'll leave you two to talk,” Ms. McTaggart said, rising. “I saw something in those video tapes. Glimpses of Candice watching you. Well... Talk.”

Then the president closing my bedroom door behind Candice. It grew dark again, cozy. I was suddenly so aware I was naked beneath my blankets. My cheeks burned hot. I spent the last three days naked around complete strangers, let alone Candice, and I didn't feel as vulnerable as I did now.

I felt exposed.

“I don't hate you because of what happened,” Candice said, approaching my bed. “I... I understood why you did it. I saw it. You were trying to prove to Samantha that you were a good girl.”

“How good of a girl was I when we...” I bit back my words. “I don't mean to say I didn't enjoy what we did. Because I did. A lot. I don't regret that we did it, just...”

“When we did it?” she asked, taking another step forward.

I nodded my head. I fell back on my pillows then, keeping my blankets pressed up to my neck. I stared at her, studying her. She was a dark figure but my eyes were adjusting to the gloom, a twilight forming. Her features resolved. There was no loathing in her eyes. No disgust. She stared at me... and looked afraid. She was terrified.

“Why did you watch?” I asked. I bit my lip. “Why did you even come?”

“I thought Samantha was going to kick my ass and...” Candice swallowed. “I felt so guilty for what we did. She was my friend, too. I never wanted to break you two up. I thought you two were happy together. I was fine with that. Or, that's what I lied to myself.” She gave a bitter laugh. “It was so painful being around you sometimes, but I embraced it to be next to you and...

“It was worse yesterday. I felt ripped to shreds watching those futas use you. They came all over you. They dumped their cum into you and... You loved it.”

I nodded my head, tears forming in my eyes. “I did.”

“I kept telling myself I should be mad at you. That I should hate you. If you were worthy of being loved, then you wouldn't be on your knees taking dicks from both ends.”

The intensity of her words caught me.

Suddenly, she was at my bed. She took my hand, still clutching my blankets to my neck, and pulled it to her. It disturbed my cover, the comforter slipping down to expose the top swell of my breasts. She brought my fingers to her lips.

The fingers I was masturbating with before being interrupted.

She kissed them.

“I couldn't make myself hate you because... I realized you weren't perfect. You couldn't be perfect. No one is. You made a mistake. You were trying to fix it, and that just led you into this horrible place where you embraced being this wild girl. You let your passions run out of you and... I still loved you. I still cared for you. I tried to tell you, but you ran out of there so fast. You were like lightning, leaving a trail of cum in your wake.”

A giggle suddenly burst from me at the image. “Sorry,” I said, twisting, feeling so bad for laughing right now. “It just slipped out, I mean...”

“The poor janitors had to mop that up. I bet Azra was pissed.” She smiled, stroking my fingers. Then she said. “If you're staying here because you think I hate you, I don't. If that's why you didn't come to school, you don't need to be afraid to return.

“But if you're ashamed because of what you did in the bathroom, that you enjoyed yourself and afraid that everyone thinks you're a slut, then that's fine, too. You don't have to come back. I'll hang out with you. I'll bring your homework. I'll help you get through it.”

“Does everyone think I'm a slut?” I asked.

“Not any more than then they think Tina Walker is one. She had to do one better than you. When classes were over, she had the entire football team run a train on her.” Candice shook her head. “She was begging for every futa to drench her in cum. Poor Lola Lovell was having a meltdown. Her and her Purity Society were protesting it, saying these sort of gangbangs drove you out of school.”

“It was you,” I said, my fingers curling around hers. “Just... thinking you hated me. We've known each other all our lives. It terrified me thinking I messed things up Tuesday by springing on you, and then yesterday happened while you watched. It made me realize just how much I care about you, Candice, and—”

She kissed me.

Her head swooped down before I could even realize what was happening, and she kissed me. Not a friendly kiss, either. It was like that passionate kiss we shared in the locker room. Only this time, she initiated it. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as our lips melted together.

Fireworks detonated inside of me.

Our tongues dueled as she pulled away my blanket. She exposed my body, and I didn't care. I wanted her to be exposed now. My pussy simmered. I was glad I didn't cum while masturbating. I would have such a wicked orgasm at her hands.

Her hand slid up my body. There was a strange tremble racing through her fingers even as she moved with such boldness. It was like she was both confident and terrified all at the same time. This wondrous mix of energy that was bursting out of her.

I whimpered into her lips when her hand closed about my left tit.

Candice kneaded my breast, working her fingers into my plump mound. Little tingles raced through my flesh to the aching apex of my nipple. My nub throbbed as her fingers caressed me, working higher and higher.

She brushed the edge of my areola.

I whimpered in anticipation.

She stroked across my pink ring to brush my nipple. My pussy clenched. Little stars burst inside of me. I groaned and shuddered on the bed. The pleasure swept through me. This amazing delight that had my heart drumming away in my chest.

I kissed her with such passion. I moaned into her mouth, my tongue dueling with hers. I squirmed on the bed. It creaked as we shared our love. Her glasses nudged my cheeks. Her eyes fluttered behind them.

So blue.

She broke our kiss, panting, her face red. “Ginny!”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned, my thighs squirming. I rubbed them together, putting pressure on my aching clit. My little bud throbbed. I needed to be touched everywhere. “I feel... it... too...” I was so out of breath. I couldn't speak straight.

She kissed me again, hungry, devouring. It was incredible. My hands twitched. I brushed the front of her pink dress. I slid up her cloth, caressing the fabric until I found her own breast. I squeezed her, feeling her tit through the cloth, her bra's underwire stiff. I dug into her as she pinched my nipple, her fingers playing with it, teasing me.

She broke the kiss again, staring into my eyes. My fingers found the buttons of her bodice, sliding away from her tits. I worked the first one through its eyelet. Then the second. She trembled as I unfastened her bodice.

Then her head snapped down. She engulfed my nipple. She suckled on it with a hunger that had me groaning. I shuddered on the bed, my pussy clenching as she sealed her mouth around it. Candice nursed on it, her blue eyes watching me.

“Oh, yes, Candice!” I whimpered, the heat swirling through me. “Mmm, that feels incredible. I love it! You're driving me wild.”

She nibbled on my nub, working her lips against it. I groaned, my fingers spasming and twitching. My head tossed from side to side as she sucked on my nub. Her tongue danced around it, caressing me, making me shiver.

My toes curled. I kept working the buttons. Her bodice was loose. My hand reached in, touching the bare skin of her belly. She whimpered about my nipple as my fingers climbed up her hot flesh, reaching higher and higher, heading towards her breasts.

“Oh, Candice,” I said, feeling the lacy edge of her bra. “Mmm, did you wear something naughty for me?”

Her cheeks blushed crimson.

“Yes, you did,” I purred. “Let me see!”

She rose, her round breasts constrained in a gray bra, her cheeks blazing with her blush. She squirmed as she worked her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, her dress bunching at her waist. I licked my lips, my hands massaging my thighs as I watched her strip. She was such a sexy futa.

I wished I recognized it earlier. We wasted so much time.

I groaned as she pushed her skirt off her hips, revealing a matching pair of panties, cut for a futa's dick. That gray fabric barely constrained her large dick. My pussy clenched, aching for something big to feel me. I craved it. had so many cocks yesterday.

But there was only one futa-dick I wanted right now.

Her hips wiggled as she stepped out of her skirt, her cock twitching in her panties. She bit her lower lip and reached behind her, unclasping her bra. She shrugged out of the straps, working them down her arms, and exposing her round breasts. They were the same size as my own.

Maybe we could swap bras sometime.

Her nipples were a dusky shade of pink, not the bright hue of my own, and hers had a slightly different shape, more teardrop, but they were still lovely. I bit my lip, fingers digging into my tits as her hands slid down her body.

I saw her naked on Tuesday, but this felt so different. Intimate. She wasn't nude to shower in the locker room. She was getting naked for me. Her lover. A quiver ran through me at thinking that word. A wanton moan burst from my lips.

She shoved her panties down off her hips.

“Yes!” I groaned as that big, thick shaft popped out, thrusting from her blonde bush hiding her pussy folds. I quivered in utter delight, nodding my head in approval as her hips wiggled from side to side, her dick swaying before her.

“That is what I want to see!” I moaned. “Ooh, yes, you have such a big cock.”

“Ginny!” she groaned.

“Don't be embarrassed,” I said. “Don't you like my tits?”

She nodded her head, her eyes latching on them.

I parted my thighs. “And I know you loved my pussy.”

“I didn't get a good look,” she said, peering between my legs. I felt so open down there. Vulnerable. But I wasn't afraid. She licked lips and continued, “It's so strange seeing your labia with no cock thrusting out from your folds.”

I giggled. “You don't have a cute, little clit like me. That's what's weird.” I thrust my hand down, finding my clit nestled amid my fiery curls and silky pussy lips. I massaged it, pleasures rippling through me. “Mmm, my little button's right here. Right where your big dick thrusts from your cunt.”

Candice licked her lips, her blue eyes so hungry. She made me feel so womanly. My eighteen-year-old body quivered. I let out a groan of delight, my heart thundering in my chest. I squeezed my tits tight, kneading and massaging them.

“You want to eat my pussy, don't you?” I said.

She shuddered.

“That's okay,” I said. “No futa's eaten my pussy. Samantha gave it a kiss, but... None of them cared about my pleasure, did they?”

“No,” Candice said and something... angry flashed across her face for a moment. Her hands balled into fists while her round tits quivered.

Then, with a hissing growl, she fell on my bed and maneuvered between my thighs. I gasped as she pushed my legs farther part, her blonde pigtails dangling past her face as she pressed her mouth into my pussy.


My eyes bulged as her tongue danced through my folds. She licked and lapped at me, teasing me. I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. She fluttered her tongue up and down my folds, giving me such delight.

Futas had touched me, fucked me, for the last three days. But they did it for their own amusement. As Candice ate me, I felt she was doing it as much to please me as to satisfy her own desires. She was sharing her passion with me instead of just using me to get off. It was such a rush. My toes curled, my back arching as the pleasure shot through me.

“Candice!” I moaned, this bubbling warmth rippling through me. It was more than the pleasure her tongue was churning in my pussy. It was... her love flowing into me.

I felt how much she cared for me with every lick of her tongue. With every stroke up my petals to my little bud. I gasped, my back arching as she wrapped her arms around my legs and pressed me tight against her mouth. Her tongue licked and lapped at me. She teased me, drove me wild. This hot passion fluttered through me.

I ground my cunt against her mouth as she devoured me. Her tongue thrust into my sheath, fluttering around inside of me. I groaned, my hands shooting down, grabbing her blonde pigtails. I gripped her hair, holding tight to her as she feasted on me.

“Candice!” I moaned. “Oh, wow, Candice! That's wonderful!”

“You taste amazing,” she panted. “This delicious tang! All those other futas were idiots for not enjoying this.”

“Idiots,” I whimpered as she fluttered her tongue through me. She jabbed it deep into my cunt, plunging in and out of me. “This is incredible. You're going to make me cum.”

Her head lifted up. My nerdy futa-lover flashed me such a confident, smirking grin. She wanted to make me explode. I could see the pride in her eyes. She lowered her head and lapped again, fluttering her tongue through my folds.

I gripped her hair while my back arched. I ground my pussy against her licking mouth, savoring every moment that she feasted upon me. She drove me wild. She teased me. My heart hammered in my chest. The pleasure surged through me as I whimpered and groaned. I ground against her, my thighs brushing the rims of her glasses.

“Candice!” I moaned, unable to stop myself from crying out. I knew my mom was lurking nearby and probably President McTaggart, too, but... “Candice, yes!”

I was in the Program. Let them hear.

I pressed her face tight against my pussy. I held her their, humping against her. Her tongue danced everywhere. She caressed my labia and clit before plundering into the depths she deflowered. I whimpered. Pleasure spilled through me.

My orgasm built in my depths.

It was this hungry ache deep inside of me begging to explode out of me. It was this hot delight about to rush through me. I groaned, my pussy clenching around her probing tongue. Her cute nose rubbed into my clit.

“Oh, yes, Candice!” I gasped as her hands gripped my thighs tight. I pulled hard on her pigtails. “I love you!”

I came.

A powerful orgasm rippled out of my pussy. It surged through me, spasming my inner depths. I gasped as these intense waves of rapture rolled through me. This wasn't the hot, gasping climaxes from getting fucked hard, but gentler. Longer.


As my juices flowed out of me, Candice kept licking me. She teased my labia and brushed my clit. She drank the cream as it flooded her mouth. I moaned as she kept these wonderful waves of euphoria sweeping through me.

I clutched at her pigtails as my body bucked against her. I whimpered and moaned, stars dancing before my eyes. My head tossed back and forth as she loved my pussy—loved me!—with her delicious mouth. Her naughty tongue plundered into my convulsing sheath.

“Candice, yes!” I moaned, bucking, gasping. I kept climaxing. It was wonderful. These delicious waves swept through me, washing into my mind. “Oh, Candice, this is amazing but... but... you're not feeling good. Let me please you!

“Make love to me!”

Her head lifted from my pussy. Her blue eyes were so shiny behind her glasses. My pussy cream gleamed on her lips and chin. I was still trembling, my climax rushing through me, as she stared at me with such awe.

“Yes, yes, slid your dick in me again! I need you! I need my Candice in me!”

“Ginny!” she groaned, moving up my body.

Her nipples grazed my belly. Then our round breasts pressed together as she settled on me. Her hand, arm pinned between our stomachs, guided her thick cock to my pussy. Her face loomed about me, pigtails draping on either side of us.

I felt her cock's tip rubbing at my cunt. She found my entrance. I gasped as she thrust into my liquid depths. Another orgasm rippled out of me. My flesh convulsed around her dick, welcoming her into my pussy. Delight surged through me as she spread me wider and wider.

“Oh, Candice,” I panted as her cock reached deeper and deeper into me, “you have such a big clit-dick.”

“I do?” she asked, sounding shocked.

“Mmm, yes, you do! Bigger than all the rest of them.” I squeezed down around her, my pussy still buzzing from my little mini-gasm. “Ooh, yes, you are stretching me open. You feel wonderful in me.”

A smile grew on her lips. Those kissable lips.

I seized the back of her head and brought her mouth down to mine. I shuddered atop her, kissing her, tasting my tangy juices while her hips moved. She slid her futa-dick out of my pussy. I clung to her, increasing the friction, enhancing the buzzing bliss pounding through my veins.

I groaned into her as she thrust back into me, our nipples kissing. Our breasts were pressed tight together. I clutched at her with my thighs, my fingers dug into the blonde hair at the back of her throat, holding her to my lips.

Our tongues dueled each other. They fenced as we trembled on the bed. She pumped her girl-dick in and out of me, fucking me, driving me wild. It was this incredible rush. I was making love to her. We weren't fucking.

We were sharing something beautiful.

Our bodies moved together, hips in sync. Her clit-dick pumped in and out of my pussy. Our stomachs pressed tight, our breasts kissing. Her tongue buried into my mouth as she groaned atop me, working her futa-cock in and out of my cunt.

Already, my next orgasm built in me. That wonderful bliss that would shoot through me and leave me trembling. I kissed her with such passion, sucking on her tongue like it were a mini-cock. She whimpered, ramming harder, faster, deeper into me.

Candice broke the kiss to gasp, “Ginny! You're so wet and hot! Just like on Tuesday!”

“Uh-huh!” I whimpered, my pussy squeezing around her cock. “Just... just don't stop. Keep pumping into me. I want to cum again. I want to milk your clit-dick!”

Her eyes widened. “You want me to...”

“Yes, yes, I want you to spurt into me! I loved it when you spurted into me on Tuesday1” I nuzzled my nose against hers, bumping her glasses. “I want to take your seed. You're my futa-girlfriend!”

“Damn!” she groaned, thrusting faster and faster.

Candice plunged her futa-dick into me with such passion. I groaned as my pussy clung to her girth. She stimulated every bit of me, the fat tip of her cock rubbing along the bottom of my sheath. Tingles raced through me. I squeezed around her dick as my limbs clutched her body to mine.

She buried into me, brushing my clit. Sparks shot through me. As her futa-dick withdrew, my pussy clinging to it, those sparks found tinder. My last orgasm was like a wave, this one was a fire. I burned inside of my cunt, sweeping blissful heat through my body.

“Yes, yes, yes, Candice!” I gasped, bucking beneath her as my pussy writhed about her thrusting dick.

“Ginny!” she moaned, burying into my depths. “Oh, Ginny, yes!”

She plunged hard and deep into my pussy. She stirred me up, such delicious euphoria burning through my body. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest. I bucked against her, biting my lower lip, the bliss devoured my body. I loved it. I didn't want this to end. I wanted to keep cumming and cumming.

To keep enjoying this rapturous delight raging inside of me.

“Cum in me, Candice!” I moaned as my pussy writhed about her clit-dick.

She whimpered, her face twisting with bliss. Then she rammed into me. I groaned as her cock erupted. Hot cum fired into my depths. Her jizz seared into me, landing on the flames of my blazing orgasm.

But she didn't douse her flames as she pumped her futa-jizz into me. She fed them. It was gasoline she spurted into my cunt. I gasped, my pussy body blazing into orgasmic rapture. I held her tight, my pussy massaging her cock, wringing her dry as the ecstasy consumed my thoughts.

“Oh, Candice, yes, yes! I love you!”

She kissed me. Our lips melted together just like our bodies were welded as one. We clung to each other as my pussy milked the last drops of her futa-cum out of me. My fiery climax reached its blazing peak. It died to simmering coals as I trembled beneath my futa-girlfriend.

I loved her so much. I'd loved her all my life, I just needed to see her as more than a friend. I needed to have my eyes open. Now that they were, I wasn't letting go of Candice. I was going to hold her forever and forever.

My nerdy futa-lover.

Candice broke the kiss, panting. “I'm so glad I have the afternoon off from classes.”

I grinned. “And I'm sick, so...”

She kissed me again. We had the entire day to explore our love. To learn about each other's bodies. I was greedy for it. When she broke the kiss, I rolled her onto her back, sank between her thighs, and licked her pussy.

She tasted spicy and delicious.



It should be my last day in the Program, but I had to do a makeup day on Monday for being “sick” the day before. I didn't mind. I held my head high as moved through the hallway. Samantha had ignored me for the last two periods. She thought to humiliate me, and I wouldn't let her. I enjoyed myself in the gangbang.

More importantly, I felt what love was like. Not lust. Not that quivering passion that drove me to enjoy the gangbang and even to lose my virginity, but that warm delight that allowed one person to care for another. To want them to be happy.

I wanted Candice to be happy.

“Love that ass,” Stacie said as I passed, the futa grinned at me, her dyed-purple hair so garish. She had a t-shirt on proclaiming her captain of our swim team. I had no idea.


I gasped as she spanked my rump. A blush rippled up me as my naked tits jiggled before me. Just part of the Program.

Other futas, and even a few girls, groped me as I moved through the hallway to the cafeteria. There was a confidence going naked had given me. I had bared all to the student body, allowing them to see me at my wildest. I felt like I owned myself now. That I wasn't just Samantha's girlfriend. I was Ginny Reynolds.

My own person.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I walked. Pussy juices soaked my fiery bush. Futas ran their fingers across my vulva, gathering my cream and popping their digits in their mouths as I passed, grinning at me.

“Skank!” hissed a girl named Rosario as she stalked past me, her brown hair bouncing behind her.

I shrugged. “You'll get it when you're in the Program.”

I kept strolling.

“I can't wait to be in the Program,” Adile said before the Turkish lesbian came up to me and squeezed my tits. “I'm going to ask every girl to lick my pussy every chance I get.”

I grinned at her as her delicate fingers caressed my nipples. “I hope you get chosen.”

I kept going, my nipples tingling from the lesbian touch. Not much I could do about it. But it felt... nice. I shook my head, pushing that thought out of my mind. I had a futa-girlfriend now. I didn't need to do more exploring.

Randi Bjork, a junior, emerged from Ms. Rowbottom's classroom, a bright smile one the girl's face. She glanced at me and shivered. “Enjoying the Program?”

“I am.”

“I heard Tina Walker has challenged you to a slut off,” she told me. I didn't know Randi much at all, but people just felt comfortable coming up and talking to me. I was so... open. “You in?”

“Nope,” I said. “I have a futa-girlfriend.”

“Oh, I thought she broke up with you,” the girl said. “Unless... Rumor has it you have another lover.”

My cheeks burned. “My friend. We... found something special.”

She nodded her head. “Sometimes love is found where you least expect it.”

“True,” I told her. “I guess no slut off for Tina. She'll just have to fuck all the futas on her own.”

Randi laughed before she broke off from me.

Shelena saw me and glowered, shaking her head. Then the futa-quarterback snorted and marched away, her dreadlocks swaying about her shoulders. I smirked in delight. She wouldn't come near me thanks to Candice's little video.

I passed a group of futas fawning over the fully clothed Umeko Himura as she said, “Don't vote for Denice Jennings for homecoming queen, vote for me! Homecoming's only a week away!” The Japanese beauty spotted me and grinned. “Hey, Ginny, you'll vote for me, right?”

“Sure,” I said. Samantha liked the big boobs that Denice had. It felt good to choose the opposite. Petty, but good.

“See, Ginny Reynolds wants me to be homecoming queen, and she's fearless. A Freshman who'll lead a gangbang is someone you can trust!”

My cheeks burned as I walked away.

“Let me just fuck that pussy again,” Teal, a futa who shared several of my classes, moaned as she came up to me.

“Sorry,” I said, spotting my futa-girlfriend ahead. “That was a one-time opportunity. I hope you savored it. Only one futa gets me now.”

Teal blinked as I smiled at Candice. “But she didn't even fuck you during the gangbang.”

“She was just making sure that I had a chance to try out every other cock at our college so that I could know for certain that hers is the biggest,” I said, winking at Teal.

The futa's jaw dropped. “That nerd... Her cock is the biggest. Is that why you cheated on Samantha?”

“I cheated on Samantha because I didn't love her,” I said. “Candice having a huge cock is just a bonus.”

Then I was at my futa-girlfriend's side. Her blue eyes shone behind her glasses. She wore a light-green dress today that fell past her knees. She needed to show more of her sexy bod and not hide it. I slipped my arms around her neck and gave her a welcoming kiss.

Her hands groped my rump.

“Damn,” Teal said. “Candice, really?”

I broke the kiss and winked at Teal.

Candice and I got our food and sat down. As some of Candice's friends sat down—Paloma and her girlfriend Salome, along with the two futas who really liked photographing me—I leaned over and whispered to Candice, “Hurry up and eat. I need satisfaction.”

She had a huge grin on her face. I couldn't help but kiss her, not caring who saw. Then, because I really needed that satisfaction, I slipped onto her lap. I was still in the Program, so why not enjoy myself.

I was glad I was chosen. The Program changed me in ways that I would always be grateful for.

To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale...

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