Foreign Affairs by Wrulf

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Fiction | Group Sex

Part 1

The white, 23-y/o Stefan and Noah were chums living in a Cambridge, England, having gone to Istanbul, Turkey, for their summer vacation.

The Saturday night after their arrival, they were strolling past a bar when Noah pointed toward a black-haired girl outside it.

'Look,' he said.

'What a tart!' Stefan replied since she was rubbing her vag through her dress.

They then walked up to her, and 'afferdesiniz ('excuse me'), do you know English?' Stefan inquired.

'Yes, I do. I'm Zeynep,' she answered.

'I'm Stefan and this is Noah' the former said.

'That's right, and we studied your language at Cambridge University,' Noah informed Zeynep.

'English was taught in my elementary school,' she said.

'You were your male teachers' pet, weren't you?' Stefan inquired.

'Why do you say that?' she responded.

'You're a slut or you wouldn't be playing with yourself in public,' Stefan replied.

'She's a horny trollop!' Noah grinned.

'Unless she's strumpet,' Stefan replied.

'Are you suggesting she's a cash-cow?' Noah asked.

'Bloody 'ell, I am!' Stefan answered as he removed a 50-lira note from his pocket and handed it to her.

'Earn your money, kaltak ('bitch'),' he said before he, Noah and Zeynep went to a dark corner in the bar where she sat at a table between the guys who unzipped their pants.

'Suck my cock, sen silkimish orospu ('you dirty whore')!' Stefan commanded Zeynep as she closed her lips around his 10-inched pecker.

Nevertheless, Noah couldn't believe that the customers were ignoring her carnal behavior.

Soon, Stefan unloaded in her throat and slapped her pretty face.

'Aaah!' Zeynep gasped while Noah thrust his 9-inched rod into her mouth.

'You filthy pig!' he snorted.

'Allah hates sows!' Stefan remarked.

'Yeah, and I bet he despises you!' Noah added.

Though that was the most degrading thing she'd ever heard, verbal abuse aroused Zeynep to an orgasm, followed by Noah squirting semen into her gullet.

Next, he lifted her dress, spread her trim legs, plunged 2 fingers into her loins and diddled her until twat-juice shot into the air.

'You're a scum-bag!' he jeered.

'Yes, I'm am!' she admitted.

Rating: 100%, Read 283 times, Posted Mar 13, 2023

Fiction | Group Sex


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