Davey's Journey Part II: A Walk through the Playground by RealGood2020

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Fiction | First Time, Girl, Teen Male, Young

Davey meets up again with Kelly, where he takes her to a special place so they can 'get to know each other better.'

Four days.

It had been four days since my encounter with a blonde, preteen beauty named Kelly.

It was an encounter that, on one hand, I didn't want to have again, but on the other hand, I 'really' wanted to have again!

I thought about going to the playground near the woods where I had my encounter with her, and just sitting on a bench and waiting.

I decided against that, as I feared a parent might get suspicious and call the police. Instead, I just walked by there about an hour before my encounter with her in the hope I would see her again, and thus talk to her again, and maybe talk her into going further than the first time we met.

Today was day four, and I was not hopeful. That was until I heard a familiar voice call out my name.

“Hey, Davey” I heard, Kelly's voice coming over from the swing sets.

I looked over and saw the blonde beauty sitting on one of the swings, looking as cute and innocent as I remembered.

“Hi, Kelly” I called back as I walked over to her while waving my hand. “How are you?”

“I'm fine,” she said with a smile on her face. “My knee is almost healed up.”

“That's great,” I said, genuinely glad she was okay.

“I missed you,” she told me, a little frown on her face.

“I did too” I admitted, also with a frown on my face. “I've been walking by here every day, hoping to see you.”

“Really?” she asked, a little more positive now.

“Yes” I paused for a moment, “but I never saw you once.”

She frowned again, “mom wanted me to stay home for a few days until my knee healed up.”

“Makes sense,” I said, thinking out loud. I then asked her, “what did she say when you told her a stranger helped you?”

“She didn't say anything” she confessed, “she wasn't home from work yet. And when she did ask I didn't tell her about you helping me.”

“So she doesn't know about me at all?” I inquired.

“Nope,” she said, her voice far more upbeat now.

“Is she there now?” hoping that maybe.

“Nope,” she said, jumping off the swing. “She won't be home till four o'clock, and my dad won't be home till six.”

“And your brothers or sisters?” I asked, wondering if she even had any brothers or sisters.

“Don't have any” she answered. “Wanna go to my house and play.”

I wonder what kind of 'playing' does she want? If she wants the kind of playing that we did a few days ago, then that would be great! If not, then I can try to work my way up to that too! Hell, that may be even more fun, but either way, who cares.

Even if I can't build my way up today, well, there's always tomorrow.

I thought about her offer for a moment but then decided that might not be a good idea. There might be too many noisy neighbors around.

However, I had another idea instead.

“How about we go for a hike through the woods” I suggested, “I know a nice, secluded spot where we can have some privacy and enjoy nature, as well as each other.”

Maybe I shouldn't have added that last part, but oh well. What I was doing was risky enough as it was. I didn't want some noisy neighbor seeing me enter Kelly's house and calling the police.

She thought this over for a minute or two before giving me a big smile and saying, “okay!”

I reached out my hand, which she took without hesitation, and off we went. I wasn't too worried about doing this. If one of my neighbors, or one of her neighbors, or one of my friends, saw us and questioned us, I would just tell them I was babysitting. And if it was a stranger, they would probably just assume we were brother and sister, because that's what I would assume.

It took us about twenty minutes to get to my secret getaway place, with most of our walk being on the same path that I took when I first met Kelly, although it took about five minutes of trekking off the path to finally get to our destination.

It was a nice and secluded place too. An open area that was surrounded by trees. In the middle of this space was a structure I had built last year for use whenever I felt like camping. The structure was made out of branches, string, and branches with leaves on them to try to keep the rain out. While it wasn't big, it was large enough for two people to either sit up in or lay down next to each other.

“And there it is” I motioned towards it, “my little home away from home.”

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed in amazement, “did you build it yourself?”

I nodded my head, “makes it far easier when I want to go camping out here. This way I don't have to always pitch a tent. Or carry one with me, for that matter. All I have to do is put a sheet on the ground, and a sheet over the entrance, and I'm good to go.”

I walked over to said camping structure, placed a sheet on the ground that I was carrying in my backpack, tied up another one over the entrance, held the sheet up, and motioned for her to enter, which she quickly did.

She hurried on in, with me soon following, after I quickly glanced around to make sure no one saw us.

She sat on the far in of the structure, while I sat next to the entrance.

“This is nice,” she told me, “very romantic!”

“It is,” I said to her, agreeing with both statements.

“Ever bring a girl here before?” she asked in a half teasing voice.

“Actually... no,” I told her truthfully, “in fact, you're the first person I've brought here at all.”

“So you've never kissed a girl here?” She asked again.

“Nope, never,” I said, a little sad by this. I tried to bring a few here before, but unless I had some beer or weed, they didn't even want to go into the woods, much less spend the night there.

“Well...” she said, before half leaping into my lap, grabbing my face, and planting a kiss right on my lips, which she held for several seconds, “now you have.”

I gave her a big smile, “yes I have” before I gave her my own kiss, but this one lasted a bit longer and included me putting my tongue into her mouth.

She was a little shocked by this at first, but eventually got the hint, placing her tongue into my mouth as well.

For the next couple of minutes, it was just me and her, sitting there, French kissing. It was a wonderful feeling, and if she wanted to just do this, then I would be fine with this, but I decided to push my luck.

“It's getting a bit hot in here” which it was, but not just because of the temperature outside, “I need to take my shirt off.”

“I'll help!” she exclaimed, as she quickly 'helped' me take my shirt off. “Can I take my shirt off too?”

I damn near came in my pants when she said that. “Sure,” I told her, as I helped her take off her shirt.

There she was, sitting across from me, my little blonde, preteen beauty, topless, and while it was only half-lit inside, I could still make out details of her body, of which I was transfixed.

Finally, I just blurted out, “you have a beautiful body.”

She smiled at this, “thank you! But why would you want to look at me for? I don't have any boobs.”

I corrected her, “actually, you do. They just haven't grown yet.”

“I wish they would hurry up and grow” she pouted, looking down at her chest. “Do you know any way to make them grow faster?”

I was about to suggest sucking on them could make them grow, but truthfully, I had no idea, and I didn't want to lie to her.

“I don't” I admitted.

“I wonder if sucking on them will make them grow?” she asked.

“Well, we can start trying,” I told her, “just lay down, and I'll get to work!”

She giggled at this as she laid down, “you just want to suck my breasts, don't you?”

“Well” I leaned over, “yes” I admitted as I placed my mouth on her left nipple.

She squeaked out in shock at this, “What the hell?!”

I immediately shot back up at this, “I'm sorry, Kelly, I thought you really wanted me too?!”

“No no no” she replied quickly, “I was just surprised you did it, that's all. You didn't want to lick my belly button the other day, so I didn't think you would actually kiss my booby!”

“Well,” I confessed, “I actually did want to lick your belly button.”

“Really?” she asked, surprised by this.

“Yes,” I continued, “In fact, I wanted to do more. I wanted to kiss you just like we did a couple of minutes ago, as well as suck on your breasts.”

“And?” apparently, she figured out I must have wanted to do something else.

“And...” I might just go ahead and admit it, since I'm this far in, “I also wanted to have sex with you.”

“Oh,” she said, mindful of what I just told her. “Why didn't you try to?”

I decided it would be best to confuse my fears, “I was afraid that would say no. That you would run away and tell your parents.”

“I would have said no,” she told me, “but I wouldn't have told my parents. I would have been too embarrassed. Also, I think I'm too small.”

“Well you are only nine years old, so” I started.

She interrupted, half-jokingly, “I mean my pussy's too small, dummy.”

“Well, if you let me look at it, I can tell you,” I told her, half hoping she would let me take her shorts and panties off so I can get a look at her preteen pussy!

“If you show me yours, I'll show you mine,” she told me in a sing-song voice.

I shrugged and took off my remaining clothes, getting naked in front of her. I then sat upright, my legs spread wide, so she could see my now fully erect cock.

She looks at it in amazement, “oh my God!”

“Have you never seen one before?” I asked.

“I've seen my dad's a few times before by accident” she confessed, “and a boy from school showed me his a couple of years ago, but it was real little, and I've seen lots on the internet when I go over to my friend Jenny's house.”

“Do you know what comes out of them?” I asked, with our talk turning into a sex-ed class.

“Besides pee? Semen” she answered, “although lots of people call it 'jizz' and 'cum'.”

“Yep,” she was correct, which made her perk up a bit. “And you know how girls get cum out of a guy's penis?”

“Dick,” she said, a bit indignant, “I know it's a 'dick', and I know lots of ways to do it!”

She then garbed a hold of my dick and began jerking me off!

A part of me wanted to stop her, but the rest of me told that part to fuck off!

After a minute of her giving me the best hand job in my life, she stopped and asked, “Hey, why haven't you come yet? Is something wrong with your dick?”

“Nope, I just have what you call a 'high stroke level'.” Which was true, but to be honest, I was also forcing back the discharge... barely.

“Okay. Well. Maybe... maybe we can try to have sex?” she shyly asked.

“Damn,” I thought, “I was going to try for a blowjob, but maybe later.”

“But I'm afraid you might be too big to fit in me” she sadly admitted, which, honestly, I was afraid of.

“I might have a way to get your pussy ready,” I told her, wanting to do something to her that I've been wanting to do since we first met. “Take off your shorts and your panties.

She did as I told her to do, revealing to me cute baby blue panties that had a small, pink ribbon at the top. She then took her panties off and laid down.

There she lay beside me, both of us naked as the day we were born. And much like the day she was born, she had no trace of hair between her legs.

I then moved her over to the middle of the shelter, and got over the top of her in the sixty-nine position, mainly because my self-made structure was too small to make any other position for eating her pussy possible.

And eat her pussy I did!

I started slow, licking the outer sides of her clitoris, before giving the middle a slow lick with the tip of my tongue, which caused her to moan and begin to breathe heavily.

It was a wonderful taste, I thought, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

“Liked that, didn't you?” I asked as I looked back up, seeing that my dick was near the top of her head.

“Yes,” she moaned, “more, please.”

“As you wish.” I did as I was commanded, lowering my head and placing my mouth right on her pussy, shoving my tongue right in, giving her a preview of what was about to come.

She continued with her moaning and heavy breathing, as I continue to french kiss her little preteen pussy for the next five minutes or so. I could have gone more, and I'm pretty she already orgasmed once because about a minute ago she was arching her back high, and shaking a bit while gasping for air.

I could have gone more. Hell, I think I could have done this all day long. But she was ready, and so was I.

Reluctantly, I moved out of my position and placed myself face to face over the top of her.

“Are you ready?” I asked, hoping that she was.

“I think so,” she said nervously, “please go slow”.

I gave her a loving kiss on the lips and pulled her legs apart a bit more. I then took my dick in one hand, and her hip with the other, and slowly guided the head into her young vagina.

This felt so damn good! I damn near came in her right there! But, I managed to hold.

I would have kept going, but I saw she got wide-eyed, and she started breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” I asked, worried.

“Yes,” she said between breaths, “keep going.”

I nodded and kept pushing in.

My God! It was so tight!

I had to be careful so that I did not hurt her going in, especially when I went past her hymen, and moved as slowly as I could.

After about a second or so I finally did reach her hymen. I stopped and told her, “this might hurt a bit.”

She nodded, perhaps knowing what was coming next. She was about to completely lose her virginity.

I continued my push, going past her hymen, which made her flinch a little as I most likely broke it, and went fully inside her.

“All in” I informed her, breathing heavy and with a smile on my face.

“Thank you,” she said, also breathing heavily, and with a smile on her face.

I then began slowly moving my cock back out, stopping just before the head, and then slowly moving it back in.

Gradually, I began to increase the speed of my thrusts, which caused her to increase the speed of her breathing.

Eventually, I was going as fast as I was willing to go with her, going in and out and in and out in a steady motion. It wasn't as fast as I could have gone, but I just didn't want to risk hurting my little preteen lover.

Besides, she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, and it eventually brought her to orgasm again, which in turn brought me to orgasm, causing me to come inside her.

I stayed there for a moment, giving both of us a rest from our mutual orgasms, before finally, after giving her a few more thrusts, pulled out.

I laid there, right next to her, while she laid her arm and her head across my chest. I kissed her on her forehead and whispered, “thank you, Kelly! That was great!”

She reached her head up and kissed me on the lips, “Thank you for being my first, Davey!”

“I'm glad I was able to be your first!” Truth be told, she wasn't my first. That happened two years ago. But she was the first girl who I had sex with who was a virgin.

Not to mention the youngest girl I've had sex with so far.

“So now what?” she asked.

“We meet again tomorrow at the start of the trail and take it from there” I suggested. “We can come back here and have sex, or we could do something else.”

“I can be here at noon,” she told me, “maybe we could have sex and do something else too?”

“I think we could do that,” I said, “but first we need to get you home?”

“Why?” she asked, sadly.

“Because you're going to hurt a bit down there, and a warm bath and rest will help you heal up. This way your parents won't figure out what we did today” I told her. “And maybe keep me out of jail,” I thought to myself.

“Okay,” she said sadly, sitting back up.

I sat back up as well, grabbing a couple of paper towels out of my backpack, and wiped both our lower regions clean of my cum, as well as her vaginal blood. I then preceded to throw both the dirty paper towels out of the curtain.

I turned back and there we were, naked and staring into each other's eyes.

After about a minute of this, she leaned forward, kissed me on my cheek, and whispered into my ear, “don't worry, I won't tell anyone.” She got back into a sitting position and just smiled at me, “why would I when I really want to have sex with you again!”

I smiled at this, said, “me too” and began dressing, and she quickly followed suit.

I was the first to leave the structure, then lifted the sheet to allow my preteen 'friend' out.

After folding up both of my sheets and stuffing them into my backpack, it was off we went, away from our little sex den, and back to her house.

Finally, we came near the exit where the forest trail met her road, but it was hidden enough so that no one from the street could see us. After looking around to make sure there was no one near, I got down on one knee and quickly lifted her shirt above her breasts.

“Forgot to do this before we left,” I told her as I leaned forward and placed my mouth on her left nipple, sucking on it and circling the tip with my tongue. I then went and repeated my action with her right nipple, before finally kissing a trail down her stomach and stopping at her belly button, placing my tongue inside it a flicking it up and down, making her giggle like mad.

After a couple of seconds of using my mouth to make her laugh like a mad girl, I stopped and pulled down her shirt. “And there will be more of that tomorrow if you want” I informed her.

“I do! I really, really do” she said happily, jumping up and down in glee.

I smiled and kissed her. This time with tongues, which she returned in kind!

I then stood up, patted her on her butt, and said “off you go.”

And off she went, walking a little awkward, but not as much as what I thought she after her first time, and at such a young age at that.

Before she left the trail she turned around and gave me a wave, which I gladly returned. I then turned around myself and thought, “today was a great day, and I can't wait till tomorrow.”

Rating: 100%, Read 1003 times, Posted Nov 21, 2022

Fiction | First Time, Girl, Teen Male, Young


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