Margo Bonds With Adult Son by eternalone

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Fiction | Incest, Old Female, Oral Sex

Ken probably thinks this story is about him.
It was his plan that set everything in motion.
He may believe his mother would not have awakened her inner woman, if not for him.
Others would say Margo had a hunger, that could not be denied. If not her son, fate would still have provided what she needed.
She had a hunger for young cock, that few women experienced.
Her son was the first to benefit, but many others would follow.

For Ken, this was going to be a story about revenge sex, with his mother.
He would trick her, use her like a whore, and turn his back on her, walking away.

As it turned out, that never happened. Instead, he and his mother developed a closeness and bond, that was greater than anything he could imagine. There was the sex of course. It was better than he had with his wife.
However, the important part of Ken’s story is the complete renewal of his relationship with his mother. Mother-child relationships are core to the adhesion of society, and when a torn and tattered bond like Margo and Ken can be healed, society should celebrate. Their therapy was unconventional, some would call it taboo, but it was effective. The two of them were united as one, often several times a week. But that would not come immediately.

His 12 months with bedroom privileges were the best of his life. It started out about sex and revenge, but it became a story about shared feelings, and dreams that materialized. Wet dreams, that became reality, for Ken.

Margo was queen bitch. She made his life miserable when he lived at home. Eventually he learned to not take it personally, she made everyone miserable. The whole town knew it, and he and his father had their sympathy.

She got away with it, because she had a killer body, good looks, and a natural smile that charmed men of all ages. Brains, not so much, but she did not need them. Women, saw right through her, and she did not have many female friends.
Margo’s husband had passed, and she tried to carry on, but the upkeep of the house on her reduced income was stressful. It was tedious doing all of the household chores. She needed help.
Her son was between jobs, even so she was surprised at his suggestion. He would stay with her a few months to do the house maintenance that had fallen behind. She was shocked. She had considered asking for his help, then came to her senses. He was her son, she would always love him, but he was argumentative, and very disagreeable. He was certainly capable of helping her, but was he really willing. She would have to see it to believe it. This was bound to be one more disappointment from her son.

The weekend Ken moved in was the Spring Flower show, not by accident.
He moved in on Thursday, and acted surprised the show was that weekend, and offered to escort her to the show.
That was the first of many surprises from her son.
He was the perfect escort, anticipating her needs, even helping her older friends. He was the best son ever, as she later told him, as he sucked his cum from her nipple. He got goose bumps as he recalled her hand caressing his cheek, as she put a finger into his mouth. “Such a good son.” Approval like that, from his mother, did not come easy.
By that time, he had forgotten about revenge. It no longer seemed important. The sex was that good.

The plan passed away, but in the beginning there was only the plan, and lustful fantasies.

His mother had not abused him as a child.
At worst, his mother was an egocentric, self-centered, good looking bitch, with a killer body, who took advantage of everyone in her life.
Maybe better than “good looking”. She looked like Lauren Becall in the right light, but with the body of Marilyn. No man could resist her, sometimes, even if their wife were nearby.
But she was a terrible mother, and wife, everyone knew it.
He often wondered why his father put up with her. If anything, she treated him worse. Why would his father not just kick her out.
When she left voluntarily, gone for days, why did he take her back in, when she sheepishly returned.

When Ken was a teenager he figured it out. His father had bedroom privileges. That made all the difference.
Sometimes he fantasized, that he had bedroom privileges, or that he took her, against her will.
Some of his friends jerked off thinking about fucking their mothers too. They talked about such things when they camped out. Some of them jerked off thinking about his mother, and he did not mind. He even got a pair of her dirty panties that he took along to a camp out. He passed them around as they lay in their sleeping bags. Sniffing panties was as close to a hairy pussy as any of those teenagers would have for several more years.

Now, as an adult, it was time for payback. He was ready for some bedroom time with mommy.
He no longer felt guilty getting a chub thinking about his mother.
Maybe he should have. He was no longer a 15 year old, and his mother was not the well stacked dish she was in her 30’s. He was 40, she was 60.
She still had that nice body, even if a layer of fat had covered it. She was getting the “orange peel” ripple from cellulite on her thighs, and that fine ass. Her tits were starting to droop, but with melons like those, a little droop just added to the jiggle and sway.
There was plenty to think about, and jerk off, for a horny 40 year old, who had no sex for over two years.

Something happened after his father died, that changed things.
He was helping his mom by cleaning out the basement, and found some photos, nudes of his mother. His father had been an amateur photographer, this was some of his work, back in the day.
Nice. Beautiful tits, nothing wrong with the rest of her. Some photos of the two of them together, her holding his cock. Nice.
When he thought of her now, those photos came to mind.

The first weekend of the plan he was a perfect son all weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He waited on her hand and foot, her friends were envious, told her how lucky she was. She was mystified, her son was never this attentive.

Margo tried to find out what Ken was up to, but anytime she asked him anything, he told her to not worry about it.
Finally, late Sunday afternoon, the weekend was over, and it was time for their talk.

“What’s this all about?”

“I wanted to show you how much help I could be, if I stayed around and helped you.”

“Yes? And what is in it for you, besides being the good son, your father always wanted you to be?”

“Well, I did have something in mind.”

“You know I will not cash in any of my 401k for you…I already told you that. I will not take out a second mortgage. So that’s it. I have no money to give you.”

“No mom, I never said anything about money. This isn’t about money. I’ve been kind of, lonesome I guess you could say, since my divorce. Two years, and no dates, I’ve haven’t been with a woman for two years. I had a dream the other night, after we cleaned out the spare room. I dreamed I was sitting in a corner of your bedroom, and you were getting ready for bed, undressing. I was watching you, and you knew I was watching you…and I was…jerking off. That’s how bad it is for me, crazy dreams.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Well, with me helping you so much, I thought maybe…I could have, sort of…bedroom privileges.”

“Bedroom privileges?”, in a low, slow, questioning voice, not understanding.

Then “Bedroom privileges.” Saying it, and understanding what he means.

Then “Bedroom privileges!”, at the top of her voice, implying – have you lost your mind, how can you even think such a thing.

“That can mean a lot of different things.”, Ken quickly pointed out.

“I’ll tell you what it means. It means you want to have sex with your mother. That is sick. Sick. I can’t believe what I am hearing. You are over the top now Buster. I’m glad your father’s not alive to hear you say that.”

“Well, I wouldn’t suggest it, if he were alive.”

She may not have even heard his last comment, as she was storming back to her bedroom, slamming the door.
Ken knew she would be back, after she thought about things. It took about 15 minutes.

She came back in, wearing a big terrycloth robe. “So, what did you have in kind?”

“That’s up to you.”

“That dream…you just watched me undress…we didn’t even touch…would that be enough, for my pervert son?”

“Well, yeah, that’s a starting point.”

“That’s a good finishing point. What else would you want? I’m not putting your thing in my mouth, so don’t you even think about that!”

“Mom, I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to…I won’t even try, I promise. But, I would like to sleep in your bed with you.”

“What? Are you crazy? What adult son sleeps with their mother? Nobody does that, except a pervert.”

“Mom, listen, the last month of my marriage, Barb and I slept together, but never touched each other. We had a truce, slept in the same bed together, not really like husband and wife. It just made me feel better. I haven’t been even close to another woman for two years. I would not touch you. We can sleep back to back.”

“So, I get everything I want, in a dutiful son, and all I have to do is allow him to masturbate while watching me undress, and sleep beside me at night, but hands off. Right?”

“Well, mom. This weekend I went above and beyond a dutiful son. I did more than dad ever did.”

“Yes Ken, you were perfect. I was so proud of you, I told people you were my son. You were the best.”

“I don’t mind sitting in the corner, jerking off, while I watch a great looking lady, undressing in front of me. But, that is not worth my best. That is worth the minimum.”

“Oh.” Margo was thinking. No surprise here, she knew he would start low. She knew she would not get something for nothing with men. They all wanted a piece of her.
At a young age she learned to hang around her daddy’s corner store, with a nice bright smile, for some pieces of penny candy.
One of her favorite uncles kept candy in his pocket, she put her little hand in his big pocket, and found the candy. One day, she took a big piece of her favorite candy out, and he told her to look again, at the bottom of his pocket. She put her hand in again, and pushed it to the bottom, where there was a hole.

“Put your fingers in the hole.”
She was afraid this might be a trick, so she was cautious. She could feel his leg, his skin, like she was inside his pants.

“Keep going.” He whispered.
Her fingers touched something else, warm flesh. It moved when she touched it. It seemed to get bigger. She didn’t mind doing this for a nice piece of candy.

“Here comes your daddy, get your hand out of my pocket.”

”Can I get another piece of candy tomorrow?”

“Meet me behind the store, by the apple tree, that bench, after school tomorrow.”

Margo learned how to play “Find the piggy”, and saw an opportunity. She was soon getting a nickel, instead of candy. She told her friend about the easy way to get nickels. Her friend told her older sister, who told her cousin, and soon Margo was not needed for “Find the Piggy”. One of the older girls was getting a silver dollar to play it a different way. Margo heard about that, and had no interest, not even for ten silver dollars. Now if she were offered 20 silver dollars, well, she would have to think about that. That was a lot of money.
Thankfully, she did not ask any of the older gentlemen in town, if they would pay her 20 silver dollars to play “Find the Piggy”, with her mouth. More than one would have thought that was too good a bargain, to pass up.
At that young age, Margo had not yet learned the power she had over men.

She thought she was done with that, now her own son wanted a piece of her.
He was willing to pay, like the others.
She would be sure she got the best of this deal, like the others.

“Okay Kenny, we will try it your way, see how things go.”

Later that day, Ken sat on the recliner in his mom’s bedroom, in his underwear, as his mother undressed.
He had a hardon before she even showed her tits. He watched her unbutton her blouse, and take it off, then undo her skirt and slip, and drop them to the floor. Standing in her bra and panties, she cupped her restrained tits, and lifted them slightly. This was not the first time she undressed for the enjoyment of a man. She knew what they liked. Sometimes they wanted a sweet, demur housewife, and sometimes they wanted a tramp, a cock sucking tramp. Margo delivered.

She knew what her son wanted. He wanted her to look like the wholesome housewife, his very own mother, but have her act like a cock sucking tramp. Like they say, people in hell want ice water. His father had some of that tramp, but he was not his father.

She knew how to undress, for men. Older men mostly, but as a teenager, she left her bedroom window shades up occasionally, just for the fun of it, for the older boys in town.

She did the slow disrobe for her son, showing all four sides. She still had a nice profile, when she was wearing a bra. Not so much she thought, when fully nude. She compared herself to the younger version, and underestimated her sex appeal. Tits like hers were expected to droop, men did not mind, even when it was “hands off”, like for her son.
A little tummy is not a problem for a mature woman.
The rear end gains a little padding, men do not mind.
The cellulite, forming the orange peel ripples on her skin, not a problem.
She was mature, but still nice enough to be invited into a man’s bed.

She noticed her son’s erection almost as soon as it popped up.
“Little pervert.”, she thought.

As she undressed, she rubbed her hands where she knew he would like to have his hands, not her tits and pussy, not at first. Her arms, up to her shoulders, down to her hips, then a hand into her panties, down to her bush. The other hand, up to cup one tit. She glances at him, to see his expression. He has his hand inside his jockey shorts, griping his tool.

She crosses her in hands front of her, and puts her thumbs under her bra straps, and slips them over her shoulders.
The bra cups drop down, exposing her tits. She cups them, one in each hand, and hefts them, before spinning her bra around so the clasp is in front. She unsnaps, and drops her bra.

Ken has full view of her tits now.
He stands up, to pull down his jockey shorts. His erect cock is at attention, Margo can not help but see it.

She ignores it, or pretends to ignore it. She turns her back to him, and pulls down her panties. She throws them over her shoulder, and they land in front of Ken. Maybe he can find a use for them, since she will not be taking his cum in her mouth. He picks them up, and sits down, wrapping them around his cock. They feel good, still warm from her body.
Margo turns around, and Ken looks at her furry patch. Tits and pussy right in front of him. He has not been with a woman in two years. He was ready to lunge for her, throw her on the bed, and start fucking her. That was the mental image he had, just before he shot his load, into her panties.

Margo quickly got her pajamas, and put them on, staring at Ken the whole time. Her intent was to embarrass him, make him feel like the pervert he was, but it did not work. He stared back at her, with a smile of satisfaction. They did not speak.
In a few minutes, they were both in bed, back to back, not touching.
Ken slept better than Margo, who was beginning to wonder if she were a pervert.

The second evening was much the same. Nice little strip, cum soaked panties, no touching.
The third evening, just before bedtime, Margo announced, “I’m going to change for bed now.”

“Okay. I’m going to read a little more, I’ll be in later.”

Margo hesitated. “I don’t do command performances, for perverts. Now or never, this is your chance.”

“I know mom. Maybe we’ll just skip that tonight.”

Margo was surprised, unhappily so. She sat down on a chair. “Did you lose interest already?”

“Of course not Mom.”, but he kept reading.

“You could have fooled me. What are you reading, that is so engrossing?”

“Nothing special, I just want to finish the chapter.”

Margo sat and watched, as he read. He finished the chapter, and closed his book.

“Are you done?”, she asked impatiently.

“Ya mom. You didn’t have to wait for me.”

Margo seemed speechless.

“Do you want to watch me undress, or not? Are you going back on our deal?”


“Mom what? Are you going to be a good son or not?”

“Yes, the deals the same. Minimum for minimum.”

“Oh, that’s it. You want more already. I should have known.”

“Mom. I did not say that.”

“Oh, so you don’t want more?”
“No, I did not say that either. Things are good the way they are, until you decide to change things. Of course I would like more, but that is up to you.”

“Just like a man. Hell will freeze over, before I suck that thing of yours.”

“That’s not what I had in mind. I want to do you.”

Margo, once again, seems speechless. Her son is full of surprises.


“That’s what I prefer.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Try me.”

Margo did not say anything.
She got up, went into the bedroom, and came out about 20 minutes later, in a cute black chiffon babydoll nightie. It had to be 30 years old, but looked brand new. The top piece came down just below her honeybox. The bottom had an open crotch, very practical. She was also wearing a half bra, that cupped her tits low enough to expose her nipples. It lifted her tits up, but was nearly invisible, and made her look 20 years younger. She had fresh lipstick and makeup – at bedtime. That was encouraging.
It was a very nice package, and reminded Ken of one reason why he started his plan.
She looked, nice…in a very suggestive way.
Ken felt his cock going chub.

“Let’s talk.”

Margo wanted Ken to be her Thursday night bridge partner. She was willing to up the ante, so if he was serious about wanting to give her oral sex, she would spread her legs for him, in exchange.
Ken loved playing bridge, and was going to suggest they start playing together. He was glad he waited.

They increased the stakes, to their mutual satisfaction.

Margo stood up. The light behind shown through the nightie, silhouetting her body. That was a great invitation to sex.
“Do you want to be a good son, and join me in the bedroom?”, she asked with a smile.

For Ken’s plan of revenge, he had to be redeemed in his mother’s eyes.
She was now giving him that opportunity. He had to satisfy her needs, as a woman.
He might never be able to fuck her, but he could satisfy her pussy another way.
He enjoyed eating pussy.
Ken approached oral sex the way Margo approached men. They were all the same, but they were all unique. Almost like a Zen riddle.
The elements, or variables, were all the same, but the importance of each varied greatly.
When he entered a woman’s pussy for the first time, he had to surrender himself, and give up his wants, so that he could best satisfy the wonderful clitoris, and the woman behind it. He, through his tongue and mouth, had to meld with the honey box made flesh, become one with the pussy.

Ken stood up, and took his mother’s hand, to lead her back to her bedroom. Even closeup she looked good, real good.

“Undress, I’ll be ready for you.” Margo got into bed, and pulled a sheet up over her.

Ken stripped down to his underwear. His mother stopped him there. “No need to take those off. You can masturbate later.”

Ken climbed in bed beside his mother, possibly to cuddle, but she promptly pushed on his shoulders, putting him under the sheets.

“My business end is down there. I’m ready.”

Margo had her legs spread, ready for Ken’s face.
Ken liked to play with tits while he was servicing snatch, but his mother would have none of that. She pushed his hands down.
“Mind your manners!”, always the mother.

Ken hooked his arms under Margo’s thighs, rested them on his shoulders, and lightly kissed the hairy beaver, rubbing his nose in, to get a good smell. He closed his eyes, no strong pungent smells, just soft feminine smells, that urged his cock to stiffness. The light smell of pee, sweat, and woman. He rubbed his crotch against her foot, and she jerked it away. A few minutes later, after he entered the honeybox, her toes would return, to touch the hard meat stick, and rub up and down it, as he brought her to climax.

Ken’s soft kiss on her pubes expanded, like a French kiss. He moved his mouth around, exposing her outer lips, tracing over them with his tongue. His tongue prepared the way, slowly, licking the dry flesh at the gateway. He covered his mouth over a patch of fur and the opening of her cunt. He sucked on the opening, the way he might suck on a ripe, juicy peach. His tongue probed in a little further.
He released, and moved his head back, he had fully exposed the opening. He eyes had adjusted to the dim light of his mother’s bedroom. He had a front row seat to his own birth canal. He had come into this world, through this very opening.
It had taken a lot of planning to get to this point, but it was worth it.

He had parted her pubes, and exposed her cunt.
His lips returned to the opening, and his tongue started its entry, into his mother’s fuck hole. At times, he imagined his tongue was his pecker, probing his mother’s insides.
His tongue was certainly better than his cock for probing, tasting, and stimulating, a woman’s private parts.
Cocks were made for fucking.
Ken told himself that if he had full access to his mother’s pussy with hands and mouth, he would not need to fuck her, he could satisfy himself other ways. That was dependent on getting her to suck him off, which should not be a problem, if he can please her, with his mouth.

As his tongue tastes the inside, he probes each crevice, he finds her clit, and delicately massages it. He leaves it, to further explore the cavern of sexual delight. When he returns, and licks it, he hears his mother take in a quick breath. She had been waiting for his tongue to return. She holds her breath as he softly rubs his tongue tip against it.
Her thighs start pressing against his ears. She squeezes his head with her thighs, and her hand goes to the back of his head, smashing it into her furry box.
Ken does not mind, pussy headlocks are a sign of approval.

She had resolved that she would have to jerk him off, to get the level of service she expected, he would want even more.
She had certainly sucked cock before. Men expect it, she delivers. She had no special love for it. She was good at it, or so she was told. Ken’s father of course, complimented her many times.

It’s not what you know, but who you know, and sometimes, who you blow.
She had sucked cock to get a job. Not something she was proud of, but not ashamed either.
It was a good job, she was just barely qualified. Her friend Gert set up a meeting at happy hour with one of the county commissioners, who could get the job for her.
He was an old, cigar smoking leacher. Always wore a suit, with a vest, pot belly. She was 40 by that time, not the dish she had been, but still desirable.
Happy hour started with eight of them, at a table at the Holiday Inn, back in the corner, on the step-up level.

Gert introduced Margo to Bud, who had a big smile. This was his lucky day. He took Margo’s hand, not only shook it, politely, but ran his other hand up to her elbow, feeling her soft, smooth skin. The back of his hand brushed her breast, he watched her face for a reaction, but there was none. She was compliant, he liked that. In his younger days he liked a little resistance, women needed some encouragement, he obliged. A few tears were part of the game. Now, he liked it nice and easy
Gert told him Margo knew what to expect, Gert never let him down.
Gert was an easy lay, but she was 10 years older than Margo, and not nearly as good looking. She liked to party, and she was able to get some of her lady friends, to join in.
They were real ladies too, married, with kids, respectable, who liked the nicer things of life. No tramps, until they hooked up with Bud. He liked them sweet on the outside, and cheap on the inside. They came to him sweet, and he cheapened them, but they got what they wanted, so did he.
Bud had his eyes on Margo for a few months. He wanted some of that. He liked married women, something about having another man’s wife suck his cock that made it better. He liked to fuck them too, when he could. Something about married pussy that made it better.

The numbers quickly dwindled, to Gert, Margo, and between them, Bud Hay, county commissioner.
He continued getting friendly with Margo, who he called “Peg”.
Margo’s given name was Marguerite, which had several shortened versions, but everyone who knew Margo, called her Margo, except Bud. He called her “Peg”.

He had been rubbing her thigh for some time.
Hand on the shoulder, and across her back.
Lots of body contact.
Now that it was just the three of them, his hand was between her legs, up to her crotch, rubbing her panties.

“Panties. I like modesty in a woman.”
Gert was there to ease the mind of her friend, but she wanted to leave, she had a money date lined up. She needed to speed things up, so that no one backed out on the bargain.

Bud whispered, “You can feel mine if you want.”

Margo did not want, except that is what it was going to take.
She placed her hand in his lap, and immediately felt his hard cock. She squeezed it around a little, timidly.

“Don’t be shy.”, with a smile.

Gert reached over and unzipped him. Time to move things along.
She fished his cock out, and turned it over to Margo.

“I have to go. You two kids play nice together.”

“On the way out, tell the waitress we need some time alone.”
She was up and gone, and Margo was left, holding Bud’s cock.

“This is your job interview honey. Give it your best shot.”

Margo was not expecting this. She had assumed they would go to one of the motel rooms.
Well, she knew what was expected. She leaned over, and put her face in Bud’s lap, and his cock in her mouth.
She had barely made him wet, when she started feeling his hands, on her head, then down to her tits. He pushed his hand inside her blouse, and inside her bra, squeezing her tit. His other hand was on her head, fingers threaded in her hair. He leaned down, to smell her better.
“You smell real good baby. Daddy likes that.”
She did not like this, it was uncomfortable, and he was getting rough, pawing at her tits.

At 40 years of age she never thought she would be under a bar table sucking cock, but she did what was needed.
She dropped a cloth napkin on the floor, and got on her knees, between his legs.
He could look down and see her, a pleasant sight.
His hands were on the side of her face, she could smell his cigar.
She bobbed her head up and down, no finesse, no ball playing.

“Suck it Peg.”
His hands were helping her keep a good tempo.
“Slow down a little honey. No need to rush.”

She understood. She took it out of her mouth, and pumped it.
She sucked the precum off the head.
She looked up into his eyes and smiled. Men liked that. She knew what they liked, and if the reward were good enough, they got what they wanted.
Bud would get the blow job he wanted, and she would get the job.

She stretched the cock sucking out, hands and mouth, servicing the circumcised cock. She was starting to relax, and, well, almost enjoy it. His breathing and moaning, much more animated than her husband. Frank was used to it, but this was Bud’s first from Margo, it was nice to get the extra appreciation.

She started her own sounds of satisfaction, “Hummm”, and little animal noises. Men liked that.

She was taking Bud over the edge. He was fucking her face, holding it in his hands, watching the blond head go up and down, until he was ready. He used his hands to lock her head and mouth onto his cock, and he started shooting his load. She coughed a little, but took it all, swallowing what she could. After he gave her multiple shots of jizim, he relaxed his hold, and stroked her hair.

“Damn Peg, that was good. Your husband’s a lucky man.”
Then he smiled, laughed a little, and said “Tell him ‘Thanks’”.

Margo got up off her knees, in time to see someone coming to the table. It was an old classmate of hers, Bill, also a county commissioner.

“Bill, I believe you know Margo. She’s applying for that new job opening.” Bud was zipping up his pants, and not trying to hide it.

Margo was confused. “Hi Bill. How are you?”

“Great Margo. You are looking great, as usual. I mean, really…nice. So you want that new job?”

Margo looked at Bud, like ‘What the heck is going on.’

“Well, there are three commissioners. You knew that.”

Bud was a widower, but Margo knew Bill’s wife.
Would he dare expect a blow job from her?

“You have my approval.” Bill said with a smile.

Margo breathed a sigh of relief.
“I’ll just take a kiss, to seal the bargain.”

Bill had a hand around her waist, and his lips on hers, before she could object.

He rubbed her lips with his tongue, and pushed into her mouth, not forcefully, but insistent.
He explored her mouth with his tongue, there was a flavor, mixed flavors.
Margo smiled. Bill wanted a French kiss, no problem. Hope he does not mind the remains of Bud’s cum.
Bill recognized the taste of cum, and another flavor.

Bill’s hand went from Margo’s waist, to her tits, just to cup them, not squeeze.
Margo pulled back slightly, then relaxed. As long as he was a gentleman…
The kiss got more intense, and the cupping turned into massaging.
Margo forgot herself, and was returning the kiss, returning his passion.

She felt Bud’s hand between her legs, trying to force them apart, he wanted to grope her, get his fingers in her pussy.
She was having none of that, not in the Holiday Inn lounge during happy hour. Maybe another time, or another place, but not now, not here.

She broke the kiss, wiggled free of the hands pawing her.
Bill smiled, “So Bud, you had Chinese for supper yesterday?”
“Yes, how did you know.”
“Oh, lucky guess. Tasted like twice cooked pork.”
“Yes, are you Sherlock Holmes or something?’
“Margo will explain it to you sometime. I’ll be going now.”

Margo turned to Bud.
“Three? Three…interviews?” Gert had not given her all of the details.

“Well, listen. George owes me one, you have his approval, if you do a little something for me.”

Margo was silent.
Bud pulled a photo from his pocket, laid it in front of her.
It was their senator.
“When he comes to town, he likes to be…entertained, I guess you could say.”

Margo was stuck. In for a penny, in for a pound. Besides, a senator, she might be giving blow jobs to the president before this was over.
A good looking senator at that. That should give her job security. She would have to explain things to Frank. He’s heard worse.
The deal was done.

But that was decades ago.
Now, it was her son’s needs that mattered. She needed to keep him happy, without giving away the ranch, so to say.
As he was bringing her to climax, she began rocking her hips, fucking his face.
Ken joined in, humping the mattress. If he did not shoot a load, he would have lover’s nuts. No time to be embarrassed.

He shot his load, just before she came.
Really, they came together. It was not intercourse, not yet, but this was signs of things to come.
They were in sync, two souls united as one.

At some point, Margo relaxed, released her son’s head, opened her legs, and rolled over.

“You’re a mess down there. Wash up and get clean underwear before you come back to bed.”

Words from a mother, not a lover.
Maybe he did not do as well as he expected.

He did as instructed, and when he returned to bed, it seemed his mother was asleep.

Ken tried to sleep, but the uncertainty was troubling.
His mother seemed to be sleeping fine.
Finally about 1:00 AM he fell asleep.

He woke up at 7:00 AM, to the smell of coffee, alone in his mother’s bed.
He put on his clothes from the day before, and went to the kitchen, to talk to his mom.
He got himself a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table with his mother.
She was silent, he had to break the ice.

“How did you sleep?”

“Oh, like a baby, perfect, until four o’clock. Then, I realized it wasn’t a dream. It actually happened. I had the best orgasm in…decades, let’s just say decades, and it was with my son.
God forgive me, it was with my son.
I am a failure as a mother.
How can you ever forgive me?”

“What? Mom! That was great! Mom, that’s what I wanted. You are a great mom, and not just in the bedroom.
Really. What are you talking about?”

“Well, for one thing, I’m the parent. I’m supposed to be teaching you.”
“That’s when I was a child. Now we’re equals.”

“No Kenny. This is just wrong. My friends wouldn’t understand. Your friends wouldn’t understand. No one would understand. I don’t understand.”

Margo was in tears, actually in tears.
Ken could not remember if he had ever seen his mother cry.

He stood up, and stretched his arms out.
“We’ll figure this out Mom.”

He hugged her, as he walked her back to her bedroom.
They were both lacking sleep from the night before.
He sat her on the bed, helped her remove her robe, revealing the baby doll nightie, then sat down beside her, as her protector, except, he stripped off his shirt and pants.
He helped her lay back, and on her side.
He spooned in behind her, “dick, to ass”, as they say.
Then pulled a sheet over them.
He snuggled in against her, the chiffon nightie was…sexy… giving him a chub. That did not mean he had to act on that, he told himself.
He put his arm over her shoulder, and over her arm, and his fingers met hers, in front of her breasts. He laid his hand underneath hers.
Her hair was on his face, his nose, and cheeks. He had forgotten how good it felt, a woman’s hair on your cheek. It carried her scents. Makeup, cooking odors, sweat of the brow, fresh air and sunshine, contained in a woman’s hair, one time or another.
He closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath of her hair, her scent.
His chub stiffened, that put it against his mother’s ass, right in the sweet spot. His cock was splitting his mother’s ass cheeks, on the outside. Sort of a “dry fuck” situation, like he had during those college years.
She did not respond, was sleeping deeply, as evidenced by her slow, deep, breathing.

He tried to pick out that scent that gave him a sexual reaction, by nuzzling in her hair, finding an earlobe, taking it between his wet lips, pausing, sensitive to her breathing.
He takes more of it between his lips, and his tongue snakes out to lick behind her ear. He is tasting what his nose had smelled.
His cock just got harder.
Margo stirs lightly. She moves their hands closer to her mouth, his finger touches her lips, and she is still.
Ken remains frozen, deciding whether to proceed, or retreat.
He starts sucking on her earlobe. Such a small thing, but so enjoyable.
In response, she starts sucking his finger. More like a baby on a bottle nipple, but still sexy. He fed more into her mouth. Then, she just stopped. The dream was done, or whatever, but was done, and Ken slowly removed his finger from her mouth.

He still had not figured out what was going on with his mom, feeling guilty was not something normal for her.
He might have these freedoms for months to come, or she may kick him out tomorrow.
He decided to be bold.
He worked his hand under the nightie and found a wonderful tit. As he fondled it, he slid his crotch up and down Margo’s backside.
He held her nipple between his thumb and middle finger, and felt the top with his pointer finger. The palm of his hand was supporting the orb of flesh.
“Such nice tits, someone should be sucking them at night.”, he thought to himself.

As he fondled his mother’s tits, his thought went to her ass.
Ken had a special attachment to his mother’s ass.
As a child, his parents were always in mouth battles, no hitting, but plenty of yelling and screaming.
One of Margo’s favorite things to say was “That kid can kiss my ass if he thinks…(fill in the blank).”
“That kid can kiss my ass if he thinks I’m going to sew all those patches on his scout uniform.”
“That kid can kiss my ass if he thinks I’m going to make homemade lemonade for all his friends.”

The ass is where the poop comes out, so kissing someone’s ass can be disgusting.
As a teen, Ken had a dream one night.
Margo was doing a lot of enemas in those days. Ken never knew why, clean out bowels, help lose weight, sexual release, whatever.
In his dream, Ken came home from school, and his mother was at home, instead of work. She was in the bathroom, 20 or 30 minutes, then the shower ran briefly, then she scooted from the bathroom, to her bedroom.

A few minutes later the bedroom cracked, and his mother called to him.
“Kenny, its time.”
“What Mom? Time for what?”
“Don’t you backtalk me. Get in here. Time for you to kiss my ass.”

Ken is confused. All he knows is he does not want to feel his mother’s wrath.
He goes into his parents’ bedroom.
His mother is in her bathrobe, lying on the bed, on her side, in a nearly fetal position. Her ass is fully exposed, he can see the pink and brown eye of her butt hole.

“It’s time Buster. Nice clean butt hole, no poopy smell to bother you.”

Ken is dazed. Is this a dream? Has she flipped out? What the heck?

“Now Kenny. We don’t have all day.”

She’s getting irritated. When Margo gets irritated, people suffer.
Poop smell or not, he’d better kiss her ass.

“You’d better do it right. You know what happens when you don’t do things right the first time.”

Do it right? What the heck does that mean? How are you supposed to kiss your mother’s ass. Is there an instruction book somewhere?

He got on his knees at the side of her bed. Two soft white cheeks in front of his face. He could see the tan line from her bathing suit. She had pulled the bathrobe forward, exposing her backside from the waist down, to her red painted toenails.

The skin on her legs, tanned, smooth. He put his fingers on her knee, like he was touching delicate porcelain, and traced them up the soft skin of her legs, to her right ass cheek.

In a soft, kind voice, his mother warned, “You father will be home soon.”

Ken pursed his lips, and put them to the upper cheek. As soon as they touched her skin, he cracked his mouth, and his tongue touched the skin of her ass. Goose bumps ran across his shoulders, down his arms.
He took in a deep breath. A light fragrance, soap from the quick shower maybe.
He closed his eyes.
He neatly smeared his kiss over mommy’s ass. Slowly kissing, moving his lips in and out, and his tongue, delicately licking.
He was soon at the crack of her ass. With his eyes closed, he imagined this crevice was the cleavage between her tits, her fine tits. His tongue came out, and licked, starting at the very top, where it was smooth, and there was no crevice. He licked down the V with his tongue, sided by his lips. He reached her asshole, which was behind the flesh of her ass cheeks. He used his thumb to peel back ass lips, and expose her puckered asshole.
He kissed it, open mouth, and ran the broad side of his tongue against.
He mashed his face cheeks against her ass cheeks, buried his face in her flesh, and used his tongue as a probe.
His hand went down, between her legs. He inched it towards her pussy, he felt pubic hairs, and his mother stopped him.

“That’s for grownups.”

And that is where his dream ended.

He thought about that dream, as his hand rubbed his mother’s rump.
He slowly slid down, until his face was behind her ass.
A hand ran across both cheeks. He could feel the cellulite ripples, her skin was lumpy, but still sexy. His face lightly met the skin of her ass cheeks. There was an odor, might be poop. He takes a corner of the sheet, sucks on it to make it wet, wraps it around his pointer finger, and reams it around her asshole. Nice and clean, ready for his tongue.
He wallowed between her ass cheeks, licked her brown eye, probed his tongue in her ass hole. It was responding, puckering, and loosening.
He licked her wonderful ass, replacing her scent, with his, marking his territory.
He laid a row of kisses down to the inside of knee. He straightened her leg, licking and kissing the inside of her knee, then back up the leg to cuddle a cheek against her.

His mother began to stir, her foot was moving, it stopped when it touched his cock.

“We’d better do something about that.”

“What, oh yeah…”

“If you bring it, I will do it.”

“You mean…”

“Every man’s fantasy. Don’t keep your mother waiting.”

Ken got out of bed on his side, pulled off his underwear, and circled around to his mother’s side, and got on his knees, on the bed, so his cock approached her mouth.
He put another pillow under her head.
She reached out, held his cock, with her fingers, with a soft smile on her face.

“Kenny, this has been a real roller coaster ride, and I’m about on my last nerve. We’ll do it again sometime, I promise you, but for now, this will have to do.”

She put her free hand behind his buttocks, and pulled him into her mouth.
As he watched his cock slowly saw in and out of his mother’s mouth, he thought to himself that his mother never looked better.
Her red lipstick was nearly fresh, and her eye makeup as well. Too bad he didn’t have a camera.

At first his mom kept her head still, as Ken slid his dick in and out through the red lips. A pleasant sight, by any standard.
It may have been the precum that energized her.
He began hearing sucking, and slurping sounds, as her mouth moved about around his cock head.
“God, what a sight.”, he thought to himself.
He pushed his cock into her mouth, and she did not object, but she soon had him retreat, and she was again nibbling his cock head, ready for any nectar.
Her free hand came around to his front, and cradled his balls. She toyed with them, and held the root of his shaft between her fingers, with his balls nesting in the palm of her hand.
Ken entwined his fingers in her hair, and pushed her head into his cock. He wanted sucked off, enough foreplay.
Margo knew what he wanted, but it would be her way.

If Ken started fucking her mouth, with the in-out, he would probably cum, when he was in, to the back of her throat. She was not young anymore. That could easily lead to chocking, and who knows where that could end up. A 911 call :” Yes, what is your emergency? My mother is chocking on my sperm, what should I do?”

A mouth full of cum she could handle, but it had to be loaded from the front. With a little practice, a renewal of old skills and talents, she would not object to a mouth fucking, if it got her the services she expected from her son.
When Margo traded sex for…things she wanted…she always made sure she was the winner.

Margo gripped her son’s cock, and stroked it several times. She kept the head and an inch of meat in her mouth.
Between strokes she nibbled, and toyed with the cock head. It had been a long time since she had done this for a man other than her husband.
There were only a few other men, and they were necessary, mostly for her work.
There were a few times she helped Gert out, with her “double date, money dates”. They paid well, and the men were good looking. They just liked to do the usual stuff. They appreciated her, they tipped very well. With Gert’s coaching, she delivered what they wanted.

There was something exciting about sucking a stranger’s cock. She had promised Frank, no more strangers, family only, or something like that.

Margo was ready for his cum.
She stroked him steady and fast until her mouth flooded with his cum.
She swallowed, twice in quick succession.
Then another pump, and another load of jizim. Margo had more time, she rubbed the cum on her tongue up against the roof of her mouth. She had not remembered it tasting this, agreeable.
She milked his shaft again a third time, and again a glob of cum came out his piss hole, and dropped on her tongue. No need to swallow. While she had certainly coated the inside of her mouth, but it did not fill it.
She kept what she had, and added to it, when she squeegeed his cock clean, with her tongue and lips.

“Kiss me honey. Kiss Mommy. Kiss me on my lips.”

Ken laid down facing his mother, looking into her eyes. The were so close together. He could see a drop of his cum at corner of her mouth.

“Trust me. Trust mommy.”

They pursed their lips, and kissed, full mouth, with tongues. Ken had tasted his own cum before, but it had been years.

He like his mother’s fur pie, but he liked cream pie better.
Ken was a gentleman. If he fucked a woman, and filled her with cum, he expected her to have an orgasm, but that did not always happen, so he would offer his oral services. He would unplug from her pussy, and put his mouth to work. Ladies appreciated a thoughtful man, and encouraged him to clean up his man juice.
He did take a few sluts to bed. Some good looking bar flies, some not so good looking, but at closing time, a willingness to spread their legs compensated for the extra 40 pounds they carried, or the crooked nose, or personality flaw.
Just because you did not want to be seen in public with the gal, did not mean you did not want to fuck her, or at least get a blow job. A lot of them understood that, did not mind a bit a bit. They liked to fuck too.
Ken never met a pussy he did not like.
His mother’s, well, that was a special pussy there. Damn fine pussy.

He had thought going into this revenge plan, that he would never get his cock in her snatch, unless he full out raped her. He was not willing to go that far.
He needed to be redeemed, in her eyes.
He had to be the good son, the best son. That would get him in her bed.
Problem was, he was so far ahead of schedule, maybe he needed to look at his plan. He was confident he could get her to suck his cock, but expected it to take weeks. She had a mouth full of his jizim in less that a week.
He had thought intercourse would be impossible. Now, he was considering the possibility.
He knew she would be a good fuck, if it were her idea. He could pled all he wanted, it would just make her knees closer together.
If Margo gave you sex, it was because you already earned it, or paid for it.
She could be generous with her favors, on rare occasions.

She was generous now, with her son. It was easy. She enjoyed the feel of his hard cock in her mouth. She knew she would have to suck him, when he suggested their arrangement. He did not ask for it, but she knew men, and her son was a man. She and Frank had talked about this, when she found out he was going through her underwear drawer. She asked if they should be concerned, and Frank just laughed. He told her every guy wanted to have sex with their mother sometime, usually when they were teenagers. He would probably outgrow the urge, or maybe not.

Margo had her own plan, for her son.
She was right on schedule, giving each other oral sex within a week. He was better than she expected. At first she thought it was because it had been so long for her, but it was more than that. Mother and son.
Her hold on him would be complete, once she had his cock in her pussy. She would not give it up right away, she was not a tramp, usually. She had to let him lead the way. He had to think it was his idea.
She liked the idea of reviving her sexual life. She enjoyed the attentions of a man, one special man, that could provide her with what she wanted.
That was Frank’s role, and Gert’s money dates to fill in the weak spots. Now it was up to her son.
Margo needed the attention of her son, doing household chores, escorting her, chauffeuring her. If he needed her attention, she was certainly capable. She could share her pussy with him, suck his cock for him. Eventually, he would want to fuck her. She did have the desire to fuck, after her son awakened those urges. Ken would not be her first pick, but no need to tell him.
She was softening her view of Ken, now that she tasted his cum. She liked it. It was obscene to even think such a thing. How could she like the taste of her son’s cum? She was not wild about his father’s cum, how was his any different. She decided it must be the age difference. His younger cum reacted with her hormones somehow, made her feel younger. It did not make sense, but facts are facts.

Her son may do more for her than she ever expected.
As they laid together, face to face, they are about to consummate their…unusual relationship. Not fully, with sexual intercourse. They do have that in the back of their mind, each of them, for different reasons. That will come.
They will share his jizim, through their kiss. That will solidify their bonding experience, at the first level. Mother and son, united with a kiss, and his cum will be the glue, to keep them together.

Ken tilted his head, and put his lips to hers. Her free hand went his behind his head, and held him close.
Her lips opened, her tongue, thick with his cum, went into his mouth. He sucked it off.

Ken did, and his mother’s tongue entered again, more cum. She brushed his tongue, roamed around his mouth. Her lips, on his, opening her mouth, his tongue went into her mouth. It roamed around. Their saliva mixed with his cum, he sucked it into his mouth, and swallowed it, as they kissed.
He liked his tongue in her mouth, his lips, getting smeared with her lipstick. His cock is smeared too., with Margo Red lipstick. Mommy Red lipstick. Every boy’s dream.
They kissed, for a long time, getting to know each other, more intimately than most mothers and sons, that was certain.
They both enjoyed it, equally certain.
Others could argue about who was in control. Was a young male, forcing his dominance over an elderly female? Was an authoritarian parent, dominating their young offspring? Was one, forcing the other into an unconventional relationship.

Maybe it was more simple than that. Maybe it was a mother and son, repairing broken bonds. Reuniting, in the bedroom, sharing intimate moments. The both seemed pleased with the relationship.

Ken had lost his desire for revenge. His new yearning, was to fuck his mother. Her sweet pussy, should be his, now that his father had passed. And her mouth, her lips, there was no woman in the world that he desired more than his very own mother.
His mother had similar goals. She would let his cock in her pussy. She would let him fuck her, let his suck her tits. Whereas for Ken, revenge has disappeared, for Margo, it was just forming.

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