Bonnie and Grandson Tyler by eternalone

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Bonnie, and grandson Tyler – multi generational bonding.
A Case Study Narration
Case Studies in Psychology – How to read (FYI only)

Our intent is to give the reader a Rear Window view, into the lives of individuals who were the subjects of various Psychological Case Studies.
A Rear Window view allows for a very personal experience. We want the reader to empathize with the subjects, not merely read about them in a detached way. We want the reader to feel what they may have felt, to experience a release of emotions, even if slightly deviant from mainstream society.
We found certain examples that were particularly interesting, even though the studies themselves were rather sterile, dry, matter of fact. We wanted informative, but entertaining, something with market appeal, for the non-professional.

We wanted case studies that read like narration, a story.
We gave all of the tapes, interviews, court documents, photos to a team of graduate students, from both the
Literature and Psychology departments, who then retold the narrative, often in the vernacular, rather than the formal jargon.

As an example, here is a term and a text book meaning:
“Oedipus complex: in psychoanalytic theory, a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex.”
This is informative, but dry, and uninteresting.

A Case Study narration might put it this way:
“Bill’s father was away for the weekend. He would have the opportunity to show the old man how mature he was. This was the weekend he was going to fuck his mother’s cunt. He was as much of a man as his father, and his mother would be able to tell him. He got a hardon just thinking about playing with her tits when he fucked her. He would fill her with his hot cum.”

The reader should be prepared for heart wrenching accounts, that may have them crying – sometimes for joy, as they jerk off.
The literature students sometimes got carried away, trying to develop imagery and evoke empathy. The reader may find more description than necessary, but publishers believe that experienced readers will skip ahead to the “good parts”, and be no worse off.
Names and locations have been changed, so these are not “true stories”, although the events did occur as described.
The “Case Studies Narration” series, has a style that will not appeal to everyone, no style does.
We are looking for serious readers, who appreciate the style, and ask for more.


Bonnie and grandson Tyler

Grandma Bonnie needed a break from life.
Life had not been kind to her lately.
One thing after another, as they say.
It started when she turned 55. That did not seem so old, at first.
First she got offers to join all the senior citizen clubs, get discounts at motels and restaurants, for being old. No one wants reminded they are getting old.
Then two clerks called her “Mam”. That was for old people.
Suddenly her pre-mature gray hair was a statement for “gray pride”.
She went to happy hour at a favorite old hangout, and it was all kids there. Maybe they were in college, but they looked like high school students. And the music they played, terrible.
The facts were staring her in the face. She was getting old. She just needed to adjust to it, and move on.

She would start with a vacation, she made arrangements to stay with her daughter’s family in Florida for a few weeks.
Jen and Brian had one son, Tyler, who just turned 15.
Bonnie and Tyler always enjoyed each other’s company. Ever since he was six years old, they remembered each other’s birthday, and shared opinions about current movies, staying in touch with phone calls. Often when she called Jen, she would spend most of her time talking to Tyler.
Yes, they had a special bond, as grandmother and child. She wondered if that would change, now that he was becoming a man, and she was becoming an old woman. He might feel they have nothing in common, he’d probably be right.
She might have another disappointment in life, and lose touch with her favorite grandson, but not if she could help it.

Brian picked up Bonnie at the airport to take her back to the house.
Brian was Jen’s second husband, and did not know Bonnie very well. They had only spent a few days together here and there.
They say if a man looks at his mother-in-law, he will know what his wife would look like in 20 years.
Brian hoped he would be that lucky. There was no way Jens tits would grow that much in 20 years, or 200 years. Bonnie had as nice of tits as he had ever seen. Not too big, sagging a little, but not drooping. Now, even at age 55, his cock went chub if he looked too long, or if her top button came undone, or his arm brushed against one of her mounds. And she had that nice ass. His dad would say she was built like a brick shithouse, well stacked and all the bricks in the right places. She was just a pleasure to look at. What Brian would not give to get his hands on those melons, and that nice ass. She had an ample body. No one would call her fat, but she filled out any clothing she wore. You could see she was wearing a large blouse, because there was extra material around the waist, but her tits pushed the top of the blouse out tight. She had cleavage that begged for attention, a deep “V” that went to creamy white, if you were lucky enough to get the right glimpse.

Unfortunately there was no chance of that. Bonnie was the perfect family grandmother. Just what you would expect, nothing flirtatious, just a nice, sweet, motherly, grandmother.

But a guy could dream, or fantasize, while he was fucking his wife. He could imagine his mother-in-law had spread her legs, and asked him to give her comfort, slow at first, then harder. He would not refuse. He would rub his cock on her hairy bush before slipping it in.
She would say she was too dry, so he takes his cock out, and moves so his cock is right in front of her face. She does not say anything, but opens her mouth, and gazes at the head of his cock, using one hand to hold it with her fingertips.
He leans forward, letting her guide his dick into her waiting mouth.
She slurps it around in her mouth, lathering up the uncircumcised foreskin.
She slowly moves her mouth around it, to be sure every crack and crevasse had her attention. If any saliva comes out of her mouth, she pushes it back in. He can hear soft moans of pleasure coming from her throat. She polishes his knob as much for her own pleasure, as to lubricate it for her pussy.
By this time her pussy knows what’s coming, and is making its own juices.
She begins to rock her hips, and stops moaning, she pulls the wet meat stick out of her mouth, her saliva dripping off his piss hole. She guides it, over her tits, towards her cunt.
She passes it off to her son-in-law, who puts it right in the opening of her bush. He leans into her, his saliva coated prick easily enters, the first few inches, then Bonnie’s juices meet the strange cock.

He continues his slow entry, she takes all of it, he thinks he bumped the back, but is not sure.
He slowly pulls out, to evenly grease the pole with her saliva and pussy juice.
He looks down and sees her hairy pussy. When he pulls his dick back., he can see her outer lips, they are different than his wife’s. They are bigger, more flesh, they seem to kiss his cock, wrap the pussy lips around it, like it is sucking his pecker.
Before the head pops out, he moves it around, rubbing the flappy outer lips of her mature pussy. Just a minute, then he slowly slides it in again. As it entered, he looked up from the fucking parts, to her tits. He wanted to suck them, feel those nipples in his mouth. But first, he looked up to her lips, her eyes. Her lips were pursed, her eyes said she wanted a kiss.
He was under her spell.

He moved his buttocks around, and made sure his manhood was well planted. Their pubic hairs were intertwined.
He put his lips against hers, and her tongue came out to touch them. She waited for his tongue, and when it touched hers lips, her tongue went into his mouth, eagerly, explored it, invited his tongue to dance.
Her movements were slow and deliberate, the tongue of an experienced lover, not some teenager.
She began to make low moaning sounds, from her throat, like when she was sucking him.
She was eating him, devouring him,
Then the moaning stopped, it was clear what she wanted, she wanted fucked.
Foreplay was over.
“You can’t tell your wife, she wouldn’t understand.” She whispered in his ear, like a secret.
“Promise me, please, before I let you fuck me.”
“Not a word from me.”
He started fucking. He put his hands behind her thighs, and bumped his cock into her snatch, in and out, he gladly did the work, bumping her pelvis up and down. They fucked each other for several minutes, before Bonnie says “I am almost there.”
Brian hears that and there is nothing he can do to stop mother nature, his cock shoots, one big load, then several smaller spurts, and her pussy is soon dripping his cum.
Bonnie knows immediately when Brian cums.
She tells him “Don’t worry, keep fucking like it is still hard, and I will come.”
So he did, and she did, and that juice dripping, is his and hers together.
Brian watched, as she used her fingers to collect the nectar, and suck it off her fingers.
She dipped her fingers again, but offered it to Brian this time.
Under her spell, he would suck another man’s cock, so eating his own cum was automatic. He tried to separate the flavors, what was his, and what was hers, but they blended together.
At some level, he knew his “while fucking wife” fantasy, was just a dream. If not before eating his own cum, certainly afterwards.
A guy can dream, even a wet dream.

Brian and Bonnie arrived, safely, without incident.
Brian jerked off in the garage, before continuing his activities.

They had not seen each other for a year, so it was fun reconnecting.
Tyler was maturing into a fine young man, although he still had a lot of the awkward teenager in him.
The first two days were very busy, Bonnie and Tyler got some bits and pieces of time together, but grandma could sense Tyler had something serious he wanted to talk about.

The second night, Jen and Brian went out, and Bonnie and Tyler decided to watch a movie together, and talk.
Bonnie did not know what to expect, but she should have.
They sat on the couch, but decided to talk, before watching a movie.

Girls. Tyler wanted to know about this new creature he discovered, girls.
Up to this point Tyler did his “dating” at school. He did have some “girlfriends”, but bodily contact was limited to hand holding.

“Tyler, did you talk to your mom about this stuff?”

“Grandma! Seriously? Mom? I can’t talk to her, I need a friend. Help me.”

Bonnie realized the importance of his statement. They were friends, equals. She was not some authoritarian figure to boss over him, but his equal.

They talked, like two friends, one with more knowledge about a particular subject – girls – helping the other friend.
She told him about manners, being a gentleman, but she could see he had something else that concerned him.

“What about kissing?”

“Oh, what did you want to know about kissing?”

“How do I know if the girl wants me to kiss her?”

“Well, you can just tell.”


“Well, if you get it wrong, she will let you know that she is not ready for that.”


“Well, by how she reacts, if you do try to kiss her?”

“Like what, slap my face?”

“Oh my, no. Nothing like that. As long as you are a gentleman, she will just..kind of…you know…”

“No grandma. I’m afraid I’m going to do something stupid, and she will hate me for the rest of my life.”

Bonnie could see Tyler needed some self-confidence. She just needed to help him.

“Grandma, I have an idea.
In one of my classes we did this role playing thing.
Two people are given parts to play, and told how to act. Then they do like a little play, to show what would happen.”

“But, we don’t have a young girl to be the other player.”

“Grandma. You. You can be the girl.”

“Oh honey, I’m an old woman.”

“What? You’re not an old woman. You’re…you know…nice looking.”

“Oh Tyler, that is so nice of you to say. But that’s only because you’re my grandson.”

“Grandma, my friends noticed how…you know…how nice your shape is and stuff. They were saying things, you know, guy stuff.”

Tyler tried to explain to his grandmother, that any of his friends would understand getting kissing lessons from his grandmother, and eventually he was successful.

“Oh. Well, maybe we could role play, if you don’t think they’d laugh at you if they found out.”

She was concerned about boosting his self-confidence, and now he just gave her the biggest boost she had in years.
That’s the way it is with friends, she thought. They help each other climb the ladder of life.
They gain strength and understanding from each other.
She hoped he would receive the same boost, with her help.

“Here. Sit close to me.”
As Tyler got closer to grandma, she did the same, they scooted together.

“See, when I move closer to you, you know I like it.”

“Put your arm behind my neck, your hand can be on my shoulder, see, yes, like that.”

“But what about the kissing?”

“Well, start slow, maybe kiss her on the neck, nibble on her earlobe.”

“Yeah, that’s when I get my face slapped.”

“No, now listen to me, just be gentle.”

“Grandma. You do it to me. Sometimes the girl kisses first, I read that. You pretend you are the girl, but decide to kiss me first. Show me that earlobe stuff.”

Bonnie should have had second thoughts about such role playing, but her thoughts were about helping her grandson climb another rung on the ladder of life.
She agreed, without hesitation.

“Let’s cuddle together, I’ll put my cheek on your chest, and then I’ll kiss your cheek, and go on from there. I won’t talk, but when you think you have a good idea about what to do, just tell me to stop, okay?”

“Yeah, that is really going to help.”

Bonnie pulls back his shirt top, and presses her lips against his skin, just above his nipple. A finger tip rubs the nipple, her lips kiss a nipple, then slide up to his neck, then her tongue comes out of her mouth, and the tip licks a thin trail up to his earlobe. She is role playing, very well.
Her tongue retreats back into her mouth, and her lips lightly suck the ear lobe. The tongue snakes out, and laps the underside of the earlobe.
Lips and tongue play with the earlobe, sucking it into her mouth.
The sounds begin to have a wetness tone, as her saliva lubricates. Without realizing it, Bonnie treats the earlobe like the foreskin on an uncircumcised cock, uses her lips to pull on it.
Then other sounds start. From her throat, little animal sounds, like a hungry puppy, a happy whimper.
She told herself she was role playing, for her friend, her grandson, helping him like no one else could. This was like a game, when it was over, back to normal.
Her mind said no, but her body was saying yes.

Later, when she tried to explain it, one of the psychologists said she probably hypnotized herself, and for a few hours, lived in an alternate reality.

As their role playing progressed from “first kiss”, to “heavy petting”, and beyond, at some point the role playing became real.
Neither of them knows when that happened, but it did happen.

As Tyler responded to the sensuous ear sucking by his grandmother, he tried to adjust his sitting position, to accommodate his developing erection.
The woman parts deep inside Bonnie were also responding to the gentle foreplay.
Her grandson was making her feel like a younger, vibrant, woman. She wanted to share that with him.

She slid her left hand down his torso to his waist, unsnapped his blue jeans, and splayed his pants.
Tyler was motionless, in awe.

Bonnie’s lips moved to her grandson’s lips.
She barely touched them, waiting for a response.
Awkwardly, Tyler pushed his lips into hers. He did not to know what to do with his tongue, but his grandma did.
Bonnie slowly put her tongue into his mouth, and explored the inside. She played with his tongue, until he just kept it out of the way, and let her do things.

Just before she left his mouth, she sucked his tongue out of his mouth. Sucked on it like it was a succulent fruit.

Bonnie’s hand was as busy as her mouth.
Once his pants were opened in the front, she slid her hand inside his jockey shorts.
He was cock was rock hard by then.
She used the palm of her hand to rub the length of it, her fingers fondled his balls. They were nice, but had some growing to do. His ball sack was soft, like kid leather, pubic hair…that was still developing. Still soft, curly and fine.
He was going to be a fine young man.

She played with the base, and stroked the length off it, but did not jerk him off. She was enjoying this, and wanted more play time.
She never held a cock like this, so young, it was her first time.
They were experiencing together, for the first time.
This was the first time any girl had played with his cock. Bonnie was glad she could be the one to show Tyler these, and other pleasures.
She knew he had pleasures to give too. Men his age could cum two or three times, one right after the other. Take a break, and do it again.
He could give her two loads, before his parents came home.
One for him, one for her.
She told herself this first one was for him, but she was wrong - and he knew it.

She decided she was all in. Tyler was going to get his first blow job, and feel the inside of a pussy, and she would make sure it was with a respectable lady.
Seconds after she was sucking his tongue out of his mouth, she dropped her head to his lap, and put his hardon into her mouth. No hesitation.
She never felt younger.
The hard cock, with the soft skin, that poked around her mouth like a lost puppy.
It tasted so…fresh. Freshness has a smell about it, a taste, that makes you feel good.
Fresh sheets. Fresh fruit, everything fresh. Wonderful.
That is how her grandson’s cock tasted to her, a newness and freshness that she would never forget. This would be her new standard. When considering the freshness of any cock in her mouth, she would think of Tyler, dear, sweet Tyler, and his wonderfully fresh prick.
She never had one this young, not in her whole life. Not in her mouth, or her pussy.
She never tasted the cum of one so young. She was feeling naughty, like a teenage girl.
A teen age girl, getting ready to taste her boyfriend, for the first time, very naughty.

Bonnie bobbed her head up and down, slowly deliberately, bringing Tyler to the edge of cumming.

“Grandma” there was desperation in his voice, “I think I have to cum.”

She kept it in her mouth, and mumbled an “Uh-ha”.

Tyler heard about this, girls that would let you cum in their mouth. He did not believe it, until now.
Tyler watched, as his cock disappeared into his grandmother’s mouth.
He could feel her tongue rubbing his cockhead.
Her mouth felt sweet, that did not make sense. He could not taste anything, still, the feel of her wet mouth on his dick made him feel good, like when he ate a favorite dessert. This was better than that. His grandmother’s sweet mouth.
He kept silent, but he wanted to tell her “Suck it grandma. Suck my dick. Eat my cum grandma!”
Later, when they knew each other better, he would say those things.

He put his hand lightly on her head, threaded his fingers into her salt and pepper hair.
His hand bobbed up and down, riding her head, as her mouth jacked up and down his hard dick. He watched, burning this image into his mind. He would replay this many times in the future, a jerk-off fantasy that really happened. He would even share it with special friends. Some believed him, even the doubters hoped it were true, wished it had happened to them.

Once Tyler knew grandma would take care of any mess, he relaxed, and shot hot cum into her sweet mouth.
She coughed a little with the first spurt, them he heard “Hummmm”, and knew she was okay.
He could hear her swallow, as she sucked his cum from his balls.

She licked the shaft, being careful of the sensitive head.

When the mess was cleaned, she sat up, with a soft glowing smile.
She stared straight ahead, as she smacked her lips, and swallowed any remaining cum.

“Grandma, you have some cum right at the corner of your mouth.”

His words startled her, like being woke up from a dream.
She looked directly at him, and immediately got a panicked look on her face.

Her index finger went to the corner of her mouth, felt the droplet, used her fingertip and tongue to clean it.
A look of horror comes over her face.
“My god, what have I done. Oh Tyler I am so sorry. We can never do this again. You must not tell anyone. I am so sorry, this is terrible.”

Just then, the phone rings, Bonnie goes and answers it, talks a few minutes, then returns.

“That was your mom.”

“Oh, yeah. How soon before they get home.”

“They had a lot to drink, so they are staying with friends. They won’t be back until 8:00 tomorrow morning .”

“Oh, wow, great. My turn for the role play, I want to kiss you.”

“Tyler. Did you hear what I said? Inappropriate! Should not have happened. Can not happen again. No more of that stuff.”

“Grandma, what about your promise. Best friends, everything even-steven, if there is one popcorn, we split it. If there is one movie ticket, neither one goes. Everything even, you promised. This whole thing was about me getting experience, kissing. You got to do the kissing, now you want to stop. Not fair. I get my turn, even-steven.”

Bonnie could see her whole relationship with her grandson was at stake.
If she broke a promise to him, he might never forgive her.

“You can never tell anyone. No one, not ever. Understand?”

“I understand grandma. Our secret. Trust me. I’m going to go change, I’ll be right back.”

Bonnie decided to change too. She wanted the most unsexy thing she had.
It was a big tent-like lounging dress, a muu muu, her daughter called it her hippy dress, and it covered her head to toe, and showed none of her shape.

Tyler came out in his PJs, which was not what she expected, but she decided to let things go, and get done with the role playing.

They sat on the couch, like before.
Tyler kisses her cheek, but at the same time uses his left hand to feel a big, soft, tit.
He was playing with her tit, Bonnie was surprised, what got into him.

“Be a gentleman Tyler. You don’t do something like that on your first date.”

“I was thinking more like this is our second date – and we could skip that first part.”

“Tyler! No! This is our first date. Be a gentleman, or I’ll slap your face.”

But she said it with a smile, so he knew she was kidding.

“Okay, but you felt my nipple, and kissed it, so I get to do that too.”

She agreed, reluctantly.

Tyler kissed her neck, soft and gentle, then went to her earlobe. He nibbled on it, lighly, perfectly.

“That’s nice Tyler.” She felt light headed.

With this encouragement, he moved his lips to hers, and softly kissed them, using his tongue, carefully, slowly.

His hand massaged her tit, and rubbed her nipple.
Bonnie’s mind had drifted.
The experts would say she lapsed, into her alternate reality, no fault of her own.

“Do you like my tits?” She knew the answer. She felt so naughty. Like a school girl, who knew she had what boys wanted, and was willing to share.

“Yeah grandma, I like your tits, they’re nice.”

“Do they sag…”

“Grandma, your tits are nicer than anyone’s. Nicer than my mom’s, and all of my teachers, and even the cheerleaders.”

He said the right thing, what she needed to hear, to boost her ego.
Women of all ages want to know the important men in their lives find them attractive.
Whether Bonnie was the 55 year old grandmother, or the 15 year old school girl, she would want to know that Tyler liked her tits.

“Do you like my tits?” was just the most natural thing for her to say, regardless of what reality she was living in.

“You can suck them honey. Suck on my titties. I want you to.”

Tyler started sucking on a nipple, through the cotton fabric. His fingers kneaded the breasts, like lumps of dough.

Her dress had a button-up top, she undid all four buttons, and opened the top to expose both breasts.
She presented them to Tyler, who was starting to wonder if he were dreaming.
He sucked one, then the other.
Bonnie did not bother to instruct on technique, she was enjoying his lustful, and youthful eagerness.
The fogginess she had been feeling while he kissed her lips, had blended into some fantasy that was going around in her head. When he told her what he thought about her breasts, everything started to change, in her mind.

When he started sucking on her tits, it progressed even more.
She had not been intimate with a man for years.
Now, awakening in her, was the need of a woman, who had been dormant too long.

“Tyler honey, remember how good it felt when I put your…cock…in my mouth?” her body tingled, when she said those words. Her mouth salivated.

“Ya grandma, that was great.”

“Do you want to do that for grandma?” she felt groin respond to the anticipation.

“Ya, but I never did anything like that.”

“Don’t worry honey. You’ll do fine. Pull my underwear off.”

Tyler was in another world, teenage heaven. Not like Bonnie, who lost all touch with reality.
Tyler was living in the now, experiencing things most guys his age seldom got to do.
Blowjobs from your grandmother, how cool was that.

Tyler knelt on the floor, between her legs.
He reached up and pulled down her cotton underwear.
He pushed her dress up to her waist, exposing her hairy patch.
He had seen photos of young pussies, and they did not look anything like this. They were tight little things, smooth, with a crease down the middle. Innocent and cute. Maybe a little tuff of pubes.
This was…not innocent and cute. It was mature, worldly, a hairy unknown. Tarantulas paled in comparison. It held the secrets of the universe, for a horny 15 year old.
He would never forget this sight. His first pussy, and a real one at that. Experienced.
He put his fingers out and touched it, lightly, reverently. He rubbed it, he could feel the flaps of her outer lips. He used one finger to part her pubes, and expose the flesh of her cunt. This was the opening, where she delivered babies. His own mother had come through this tiny opening. She was much smaller, still, pretty amazing.
This was where his grandpa had fucked her. He put his cock in, and made her pregnant.
Now he was going to eat his grandmother’s pussy. The same pussy his grandfather ate, and fucked. His grandfather would be so proud of him.

“Put your fingers in. Feel how wet you made me, with your kisses.”

Tyler put his pointer finger at the slit, and wormed it in, then his middle finger too. It felt strange, like inside your mouth. He could feel the wetness that was forming.

“Why is it wet?”

“When guys get ready to have sex, they get hard. When girls get ready for sex, they get wet inside, to make it feel better, so it doesn’t hurt. When you were kissing me, my pussy thought it was time for sex. But as I get older, it takes longer, for the lubrication. If you use your mouth to have sex with me, I don’t have to be wet. You will make me wet. Do you want to do that Tyler? Like I did for you, use my mouth to have sex with you.?”

“Yes grandma, I want to, I really want to. Do I just lick the outside.”

“No honey. Use your tongue inside, like when we French kissed. Start on the outside, and go inside, like when we kissed. You were good when you had your tongue in my mouth. Use your mouth on me honey. Oh baby, make me cum with your mouth. Make Bonnie cum. Please honey.”

Tyler removed his finger, spreading her pubic hairs to expose her pussy lips, before putting his lips to her pussy lips.
He opened his mouth and put his tongue inside, feeling the inside of her pussy the way he felt the inside of her mouth. It moved about, lapping and probing, while pubic hairs rubbed the outside of his mouth. His tongue tip bumped against a lump of flesh, that seemed more sensitive that other parts. Bonnie moaned slightly, moved her hips a little. He could tell she liked it.

“Yeah honey, you found my clit. Be nice honey…Listen to grandma…Be a good boy…yeah honey…nice and easy.”

Bonnie’s clit has not had contact for several years. Not even her own efforts awakened the lotus flower. She was not the kind of woman who would self-masturbate. With no contact, her clit may be old and droopy, but it was sensitive. It needed some soft, loving attention, the kind her fresh, young, and loving grandson could provide. This would be a life lesson for him, on how to gently treat a lady. She would provide the opportunity for him to expand his social skills, with girls, and woman.

[Publisher note: Anthropologists have known for a long time that multi-generational societies are more stable and successful compared to societies where family units become dispersed. There are many documentations of benefits received to succeeding generations from their close family ties across generations.
We see here where members of two separated generations interact, and both receive benefit. The younger one will, with the loving tutorage of his “grammy”, as he called her when he was still a youngster, learn self-confidence, and increase his bedroom social skills ten times over, compared to spending such time with someone from his own generation, a sister, or perhaps a cousin.
The older one, receives a self-confidence boost as well. When women of her age realize their youthful physical attributes are diminishing, they sometimes need reminded that sex is 90% mental, and that women have ultimate control. A polite lady will not “go looking” for sexual satisfaction. They will wait until they fall in love…and that may never happen.
Also important to the older one was the bonding experience. It is common for strong bonding to occur in adjacent generations, less so when a generation is skipped.
Even rarer, who two generations are skipped, as with Tyler and his great-grandmother Millie.]

Tyler awkwardly serviced his grandmother’s dear, sweet pussy. It was his first contact with any pussy, and became the standard he would judge every one he encountered. None would be better, in any regard.
He caught on to tempo, right away. Within minutes she could grunt, for faster or slower, and he understood her animalistic utterances.
When she whimpered, or moaned lightly, he knew he was doing something right, he just had to figure out what.
There seemed to be so many variables, he had so many choices to make, wonderful choices that gave him a stiff cock just thinking about them.
Bonnie’s hips were active, by swaying, rocking, pumping. Tyler could not tell the when movements represented approval, or disapproval. With more experience, with a few more incestuous contacts, he would find out those movements indicated Bonnie wanted intercourse, she wanted to be fucked. Foreplay was great, time to move on, her pussy wants to fuck.
Of course, she can not say that, to her grandson.
Heavy petting can include oral sex, and that is all they are doing. Just petting, or necking, stuff all teenagers do.
She and Tyler could not actually fuck. There was no way she could explain that, to his parents, or her friends, she had to think of some explanation.
They were hugging, and it just slipped in, accidentally.
No one accidently fucks, no one will believe that.

“Oh Tyler, that is so nice, right there. Oh honey, your grandpa would be proud.”

In her mind Bonnie knew her cunt would not feel Tyler’s cock. She could use her mouth, and she could use his mouth. She wanted to fuck his cock, but would have to settle for his face.

So her pelvis, that was rocking and swaying – wanting to be fucked by a fresh young cock, would not settle down.
She used both hands to hold the back of his head.
She held it tight, as she smashed her pussy into his face.

She was nearly there.
“Eat it Tyler…show me you love me baby…make grammy feel good baby…I wanna fuck you!” and she came.

She let go of his head, but squeezed his cheeks with her thighs – tight, really tight, like she was never going to let him go.

Eventually she did open her legs, and release his head, but stopped him, as he started to move away.

“You can lick me if you want. Do you want to taste me? Taste grammy’s juices honey.”

She gave him a slight nudge towards her wet snatch, and he willingly cleaned up the pussy juice.

“You said you want to fuck me, can we do it now.” Tyler displayed his stiff cock, as if that explained why this was a good time. He even gripped it in his hand, and stroked it, as he gazed at her pussy.

“Tyler, no. Women say things when they have an orgasm. We don’t really mean everything we say.”

“So…why don’t you think I’m good enough to fuck?”

“No, Tyler, I didn’t say that. You are going to be a great fuck, for some lucky girl.”

“Just not you, is that it? I get it. I’m not good enough for a mature woman.”

“Tyler. I just showed you how you made me wet. You are great. It’s not about being good enough. Your parents wouldn’t understand, other people wouldn’t understand. We can’t.”

“You mean like taking me to that “R” rated movie?
Or buying those expensive shoes for me, that really weren’t on sale?
There are lots of things my parents don’t understand, but that never stopped us from doing them.
Our secret, just like the other times. Please grandma.”

Once again he presented his hard, stiff, teenage cock, as proof this was a good time for fucking.
He stood next to her, allowing his pecker to rub against her hip.
As she listened to him, her hand reached down, to move his cock. When her figures touched it, she did not want to move it. One hand on the hard cock, her other fingers cradled his balls, and rolled them around with her fingertips.

Bonnie listened to him, and was convinced. She was thinking with her pussy.
There was no one here but the two of them, there might never be…a bonding opportunity…like this.
They were both acting of their own free will. No coercion, just two friends, two relatives.

Bonnie understood her duty to her grandson, to keep her promises, and treat him as an equal.
Equals, they were equals, she reminded herself. There was nothing wrong with this.
But grandmother Bonnie, had her doubts.
Bonnie began empathizing with Tyler. She allowed her mind to take her back to those years. Becoming a young adult, pressure from all sides. You had to depend on your friends.

“Tyler, let’s go to your bedroom, to talk about this.”
Bonnie reached out, and took his hand, to lead him back to his bedroom.
“I need a hug. Let’s cuddle.”

Bonnie pulled back the Star Wars bedspread, and crawled under the blankets, Tyler right behind.
Tyler and his grandmother often gave each other hugs like this. Well, not exactly like this, but full body hugs, sometimes laying on the bed.
This was different, as evidenced by Tyler’s hard cock. She could not keep her hands off of it, and Tyler did not mind.
He fought the temptation to play with her tits, and wrapped his arms around her, rubbed her back, and allowed a hand to slide down and feel her ass. She still had the muu muu on, but it was still nice feeling the crack of her ass.

[Publisher note: The consensus among professional is that Bonnie had painted herself into a corner, with no way out. As grandmother, it was taboo, this sex act she was considering. But, her friendship with her grandson required it. As she wrestled with the dilemma, her mind got off course, and she no longer thought rationally. She became divorced from reality. In this separate reality, her actions were not taboo, family first, before society.
There was one dissenter among the reviewers, a young lady who was a graduate student. She pointed out that if the grandchild were a fifteen year old girl, and the grandparent was the father of the girl’s mother, the conclusions would have been different.
They would say he was thinking with his penis, not with his heart, and that he was a lecher, not a Saint. Imagine that his prick took the virginity of his granddaughter. Not only her, but three cousins, and two friends. Six girls deflowered by this one person. Because we know that is what she will do.
Within six short months, she will take the virginity of six fine, innocent, young men.
If this were a grandfather, taking the virginity of four of his granddaughters, and two of their friends, they would say this was toxic masculinity, in its vilest form.
They agreed with her.
That would be a case of toxic masculinity, at its worst.

Bonnie’s case was completely different, they countered. She was a selfless, loving woman who gave of herself, repeatedly, for the young men of her family (and their closest friends).
She advanced their social standing among Peers, enormously. She was, a woman to be admired.

The young men had not been forced, coerced, deceived, pressured into accepting her sponsorship.
They were so grateful, decades later they would make monthly visits to the assisted care facility where she lived.
There, they would voluntarily give Bonnie a full dose of her beloved elixir of youth.
The six of them took turns, so that she was never without.
If she wanted an oral dose, she would take her teeth out and suck a guy from soft to rock hard in 60 seconds, and keep him there for 15 minutes before cumming. She swallowed every drop, and told each of them it was still as fresh as that day she first sucked them off.

Sometimes Bonnie still needed to feel a man between her legs.
Not his face, nor his mouth, or even his loving tongue. It was the cock she wanted.
She wanted a young cock, that would make her feel young. A cock that would give her that young elixir of life. A forty year old cock would work just fine, now that she was 80. She was familiar with four special forty year old cocks, and she requested one of them visit her, but they had something else planned, and she liked that better.

They were going to play “Blind man’s bluff”, the Grandma Bonnie way. They played it before. The boys liked it.

Bonnie is in a dark room, with a bed, she is nude, under the blanket.
The “blind man”, is only blind, because the room is dark. He can touch, hear, smell, but too dark to see.
He is nude, and told there is a surprise on the bed. She is an “older woman”, in her forties. Actually, it is 80 year old Bonnie.
The “blind man”, is Tony, Bonnie’s 15 year old great-grandson, a special surprise for her, and him.
But that is years in the future.]

As they cuddled, Bonnie’s logic went like this:
She and Tyler were Peers, equals.
Tyler was 15, she needed to think like a 15 year old, to remain his equal.
It were as if Bonnie, the grandmother, was reborn, into this 15 year old beside Tyler. She had the benefit of her past life experiences, she knew how to fuck, how to encourage a man to give her his best. But she had the spirit of a dear, sweet, naïve 15 year old.

“Tyler…if we do this…if I put you inside me…will you still love me? Will you still respect me?”

“Of course, grandma.”

“Tyler, when we make love, can you call me Bonnie? I like it when you say my name.”


“You won’t tell anyone. I don’t want other people to know. They might talk about me. Our secret, okay?”

“I promise. Bonnie. I won’t tell anyone. Can you take that dress thing off now.”

Together they slipped the muu muu over her head, and tossed it aside.
The room only had one small light. He was finally with a naked woman, he wanted to see more. He could see her big tits. They hung down a little, but not much. Nice big, brown nipples. He wanted to reach out and grab them, but tried to be a gentleman.
Bonnie was self conscious about her body. She wanted her skin to be soft, and young for Tyler, but that was not possible. Her skin was old, had cracks, everything was sagging. She knew her spirit was young, and that is what she wanted for Tyler. She would use her body, to show him how young she was.

She scooted down under the sheets.
“Hug me Tyler. Make me feel safe. I want to feel you next to me.”

Tyler obeyed, he scooted down so they were eye to eye, and circled his arms around her.
He could see her cleavage between them. No nipples visible, but still nice.
She noticed his stare, and pulled back slightly, exposing her tits, well below the nipples.
She leaned forward, and whispered in his ear, “I want you to feel my tits.”
His hands came around to his front, cupping one tit in each hand.
Her hands went down between them, found his cock and balls. She knew it had been rock hard, it poked her a few times, so cute. It reminded her of an energetic puppy, jumping around looking for attention.
Once her mind rationalized the need for the…unusual union…this taboo intercourse…this pussy fucking adventure…she would not look back.
This cock she was holding, would soon be inside her.
She enjoyed the very thought of it. In her altered state of realty, his cum took on mythical properties. It was an elixir of youth. It would keep her from aging, and could make her younger. If she has enough. She wants his cum inside of her. She needed it.
Their foreplay is effective.
Bonnie is tired of thinking about a hard cock inside her, she wants to feel it.

She starts whispering in his ear.
“I want you to fuck me honey. Put your cock in me, I’m ready. I’m yours. I want to feel you inside me.”

Tyler rolls her over on her back, she spreads her legs, and she grabs the glorious dick with a hand, and pulls it to her cunt. The next time she will let him guide it in, but this time, she wants to hold it as it goes in.
Once it started entry, her hands go around his waist and hips, and she pulls him towards her, so that at the union, they were as close together as possible. She held him there, and moved her hips around.
He tried to do what he thought was “fucking” – rapid in-out, repeatedly.
Bonnie stopped him – “Not yet honey. I want to feel you inside you.”
No problem there, Tyler thought. He liked this.

“Grandma, I mean Bonnie, can I kiss you when we are fucking?”

“Of course dear. You can do anything you want, when we are making love.”

Mature Bonnie knew what Tyler would like, and she would too. She needed to be on top, and Tyler could play with her hanging tits.
They rolled over, remaining connected at her pussy.
She sat up, reached around and felt his balls, then around front to adjust his root in her cunt.

Tyler watched as her tits swayed in front of him. He held one in each hand, played with her nipples. She leaned forward slightly, and her melons brushed his face. His mouth opened up, and he sucked a tit into his mouth, as much as would fit. He sucked on a nipple, like maybe there was still milk in them. His mother had sucked milk from this very same tit. That seemed to be something to marvel at, something none of his friends would experience.
He did not think about those things when he was wallowing in her tits. He did think about them later, when he was alone in his bed, jerking off, wishing he had his grandmother beside him.

As she rocked slightly, she maneuvered his cock into her honey spot. It was such a fine cock, rock hard with no coaxing. Tyler’s grandfather was a wonderful lover, but in his final years, his pecker was getting tired, and needed coaxing. He would not mind if she found comfort from his grandson, and his eager young cock.
She did not think these things while she was fucking him. She did think them later, when she was alone in her bed, wishing one of her grandsons was beside her, with their eager young cock. Two would be better, she thought, with a naughty smile.

For now, this one cock was giving her all the enjoyment she needed. That, and his hungry mouth that slobbered over her tits. They had not seen this kind of attention for decades. She had almost forgotten how good it felt to be desired, to receive the full attention of a man. She wiggled her hips, so his cock head rubbed her clit.
She was supporting her weight with her arms, a hand on each side of his head.

She dropped her weight to her elbows, and nuzzled against Tyler’s cheek.
She nibbled on his ear.
“Fuck me baby. I won’t come again. Fuck me, and, and don’t stop until you cum.”

Tyler heard, and he started pumping his hips, planting himself between his grandmother’s legs.
She held still, letting him set the tempo. She had one organism, she did not expect another one, for her. She wanted to be filled with his cum, his elixir of youth.
She nibbled on his ear. Each time he bumped her, she left out a little grunt.
She knew he was ready.
“Let it go honey. Give it to me. I want it.”
With an upward thrust he shot his load into her, then followed with several more.
When Bonnie could tell he was spent, she whispered in his ear “Thank you.”

She sat up, and let her jugs hang down, and looked down at Tyler’s face. He was glowing, huge smile, his hands were on her thighs. They were still connected at the pecker and pussy.

She took his hands, and put them on her tits.
“That was beautiful Tyler.”
“We actually did it. We fucked.”
“We sure did.”

Bonnie pulled his cock out of her, rolled over beside him, and snuggled.
Soon, they were both asleep.

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