A Little Something in Return by AccountN21

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Fiction | Non-consensual sex, Rape


Steven put the phone back in his pocket. They were supposed to meet at seven, but he, true to his habit, arrived forty minutes early and now was aimlessly wandering around the park, trying to calm his nerves.

It didn't take him very long to take out the phone again, this time to check his reflection. Today he tried to look his best, but he wasn't sure if he succeeded.


Steven signed deeply. He hadn't had sex for a few months already, and tonight's party was his best chance to break the unfortunate streak. But with an opportunity often comes nervousness, and circling the park did nothing to alleviate it. He tried to calm down by imagining a serene, peaceful place, where he could hear the flow of water and the birds...

"Do you always come one hour earlier?" a familiar voice right behind him asked.

Steven jumped in surprise, almost dropping his phone. He turned around to see two of his classmates, who observed his reaction with mischievous grins.

Chris, the owner of the familiar voice and one of Steven's few friends, extended his hand for a handshake. It took Steven a few seconds to recognize him: it was the first time he saw Chris take off his glasses or pay at least minimal attention to his hairstyle. It seemed he too took today's opportunity seriously. Steven shook his hand but didn't get to answer the question.

"Since elementary. One time our teach scolded him for being late in front of the whole class, and that kinda traumatized him," Carol explained. She and Steven were classmates since the first grade, knew almost everything about each other, and enjoyed reminding everyone about it.

Carol then smirked at Steven, "And would you look at that, someone has actually decided to dress up."

"And you are the one saying that?" he retorted. Carol was wearing a short blue crop top, which exposed her shoulders and tiny waist, and tight jeans, which accentuated her curvy hips. Her blonde hair was put in a ponytail, and even from a distance of a few meters, Steven could still feel the sweet fragrance of her perfume.

Carol stuck her tongue out in response, "I always look this good, not only when I try to hit on someone."

"Hey, what's wrong with trying to look slightly better on a special occasion?" Chris protested.

Carol winced, realizing she made a mistake. As nervous as Steven was, Chris had it worse: while Carol changed boyfriend every few months and Steven couldn't (or didn't want to) keep up his relationships for more than two weeks, their sentimental friend had only ever had one girlfriend. Last month they broke up because she wanted to concentrate on studying for her college exam. Chris didn't take it well, and pulling him out to a party already was a Herculean task for the duo. The last thing they needed is to damage his confidence even more.

"In your case, nothing. But you're actually looking for a girlfriend, not trying to con some poor unsuspecting girl into sex."

"First, that's an exaggeration. Second, it makes me sound like a criminal. And third," Steven pointed at a group of classmates waving hands at them, "the rest are already here. So let's do our best. And try to not get wasted in the first ten minutes, as some of you occasionally do."

Carol tsked, "Try not to hit on a girl while her boyfriend is in the restroom. As some of you occasionally do."

Steven stuck his tongue out in response.


The girl was leaning against a wall, staring at her phone with no regard for the people around her. Her pose and attitude screamed that she was not here willingly, had no intention of joining the fun, and just wanted to be left alone. But so that happened that she was exactly the type of girl Steven was looking for. He leaned against the wall next to her.

"Good evening! Were you also dragged here against your will?"

The girl looked up, finally giving Steven a chance to have a look at her face. He concluded that she'd be rather cute if it wasn't for her unfriendly gaze.

"Pardon me?"

"Oh, was I mistaken?" he feigned confusion. "Sorry, my friends took me here, and then just... kinda left me alone, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do here, so erm... I saw you standing alone and I thought we are in the same boat. Are you not?" Steven smiled shyly.

Seeing that he didn't try to hit on her right off the bat, the girl turned slightly less hostile, even putting on something resembling a polite smile. She still didn't seem very interested in conversation, but also wasn't annoyed enough to just brush him off.

"No, you got it. My friend was 'too shy to go alone', so she took me with her and then ditched me the moment she saw a hot guy."

"Yeah, I know that feeling! Every time I go to a party, I spend like an hour sitting quietly in the corner and watching cat videos, and then go home. So when I saw you, I was really happy, because, you know, I'd rather have an actual conversation with someone instead of staring at the phone. Oh, but if I bother you, I can just stand here quietly and..."

"Don't worry, it's fine," the girl said, finally hiding her phone. "I'm Rose, by the way."

"Steve. Nice to meet you," Steven replied, rejoicing on the inside. Breaking the ice was always the hardest part. Now he needed to identify their common interests, strike up a nice conversation and then offer to accompany her home. There most girls thanked him for the pleasant evening and gladly shared their phone numbers, while the less shy ones invited him for a cup of coffee. And Rose looked like one of the latter.

The strategy, while relatively simple, was also pretty effective: it was tried more than a dozen times and failed only thrice, which made Steven rather optimistic. But alas, today it failed him for the fourth time.

Just as he and Rose started discussing their surprisingly similar preferences in music, someone shook his shoulder. Someone turned out to be Chris, slightly drunk and visibly flustered.

"Sorry to interrupt," he said, ignoring Steven's very expressive glance, "but I need your help".


"Could you listen to me at least once?! Just f*cking once?! Is it that much to ask?" Steven muttered angrily. There was no response from Carol, who was sound asleep on his shoulder. The scent of her perfume was still strong, but now it was complemented by an equally strong odor of alcohol.

They were standing in front of the nightclub, waiting for a taxi. The cool evening breeze helped Steven to calm down and his burning rage slowly gave place to simple annoyance.

Two months. It has been two months since his last sex. Much longer than usual, which made tonight that much more important. And yet he was forced to abandon a very promising conversation without even getting Rose's number, just because his friend refused to admit her weakness to alcohol.

All his grumbling and frustration aside though, when Chris told him about Carol's predicament, Steven didn't hesitate even for a moment. Despite the constant bickering, they were best friends, and Steven had no doubt, that if their roles were switched, Carol would do the same for him.

Meanwhile, the girl in question mumbled something and tried to roll in her sleep, making him tighten his hold. Only then Steven noticed that he holds her by her waist, not covered by her short crop top. He took a closer look at his sleeping friend's face.

Her mouth was slightly open, giving him a glimpse of her perfectly white teeth. For a few moments, Steven stared at her pink lips, which were just a few inches away. He suddenly had an urge to kiss her.

The thought made him wince. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"The lack of sex is really getting to me," he thought. The frustration about today's failure had reignited with new force, but he was immediately distracted by the sound of an approaching car. The taxi had arrived.


Nobody answered the bell. After ringing a second time and getting the same response, Steven opened the door with Carol's key. The apartment was silent: her parents were away. Probably for the better, that way he could save some time on explanations.

Steven carefully put Carol on the couch in the living room and sat on the armchair in front of it. He leaned on the back and sighed.

"What a long day it was. And totally wasted too... Speaking of wasted, how many times will you make the same mistake? Do you know how long it has been since I had sex?" he took a glance at Carol, obviously not expecting an answer.

She was sleeping in the least elegant way possible. Her mouth was half-open, a strand of hair was stuck to her face while her left arm was hanging over the couch. None of which made her any less attractive.

Steven stopped his angry rant. He couldn't take his eyes off his friend. The urge to kiss her returned, this time even more intense. "Is it really that wrong? After all, what's one kiss? If I didn't have to carry her back home, I would go much further than one kiss with... whatever her name was. Don't I deserve at least some compensation?"

He was rapidly losing any semblance of rationality. He knew that he will probably never have an opportunity to kiss her again. Tonight was his only chance.

"She won't even remember it," Steven thought as he got up and slowly approached the sofa. He crouched down, shortening the distance between their faces to a few inches. Carol smelled of sweet perfume, alcohol, and sweat. While it didn't sound very appealing, at that moment Steven found it intoxicating.

He leaned even closer. His heart was pounding, his chest was squeezed by the fear of being discovered, but it was too late to have second thoughts. Finally, their lips touched.

They were soft. The boy froze, savoring the sensation, and doubting if he wasn't dreaming right now. But it wasn't enough. It wasn't a real kiss. Despite some reluctance, Steven pulled back, trying to find a more comfortable position. He leaned over the sofa and carefully turned Carol's face so that she was directly beneath him. He kissed her again, this time inserting his tongue.

For Steven, kisses have never been as important as many other people made them out to be. Sure, they felt good, but they were usually just a stepping stone to something much more pleasant. Today he understood how wrong he was.

He swirled his tongue in Carol's mouth, probing every corner, almost as if he was an explorer, determined to fully map some newly discovered island. Undeterred by the taste of alcohol, he sucked on her tongue, feeling absolutely elated. It took him a full minute to finally feel satisfied and lean back. His friend was still soundly asleep, her mouth open even wider and saliva dripping down her chin.

The fact that he had intended to just kiss her didn't even register in his brain. Emboldened, he lifted her top and quickly undid her bra. Way too aroused to admire the view, Steven immediately took her right nipple into his mouth, slowly whirling his tongue around it, while simultaneously groping the left breast with his hand. Not the biggest boobs he had ever held, but they were wonderfully elastic, and fit perfectly in his palm. Drunk with confidence, he pinched her nipple and pulled it up. Suddenly, Carol groaned and moved.

Steven recoiled in horror. He was feverishly trying to come up with a believable excuse, but absolutely nothing came to mind. For a few seconds, the longest seconds in his life, he stayed motionless. But there was no further reaction: Carol was still asleep.

As the panic subsided, Steven finally could fully appreciate the result of his actions. Carol's top narrowed down to a thin line between her breasts and shoulders, almost fully exposing the upper half of her body. Her porcelain breasts, which under the dim yellow lighting gained a slightly yellowish tint, heaved with her breathing. The rising and falling of her beautiful pink nipples, one of which was fully wet with the boy's saliva, had an almost hypnotic effect. Steven knew that this image will forever be burned into his memory.

Whatever was left of his self-control was gone in an instant. The world shrank to these two: Steven and his best friend, and he felt that he had to, absolutely had to, do her right now. Nothing else mattered.

The boy took a condom out of his pocket, trying to open it as fast as possible, and, naturally, taking more time than usual. He took off both Carol's jeans and underwear with one impatient push, revealing her most secret place in its full glory. Steven took a second to admire her fair-skinned pussy and blonde pubic hair, trimmed into a neat cute rhombus. He inched closer until he could feel her hair touching his nose.

Steven took a deep breath, reveling in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He ran his tongue along her slit and pushed it as deep inside as he could. As delightful as it was, the boy understood that his knowledge of or experience with cunnilingus was essentially non-existent. A brief moment of confusion later, he started moving his tongue around, savoring her taste and hoping that would be enough. Soon enough his hope would be validated as he heard Carol's muffled moan.

Steven again brought his face to hers. She was still gorgeous, even as her (or his?) saliva was dripping on a cushion, leaving a small wet stain. As the boy looked at his defenseless best friend's face, he for a brief moment, felt a twinge of guilt... which was immediately overwhelmed with his lust.

He entered her in one deep thrust, soliciting a short moan from Carol. As he started picking up the pace, he kissed her all over the face and neck, ran his tongue over her cheek, gently bit her earlobe. There was little technique or style in his movement, only pure animal passion, impossible to control.

Every thrust gave Steven a new dose of satisfaction. He smelled a mix of her shampoo, sweat, perfumes and alcohol, he felt the tightness of her sex and the softness of her skin. He tried to imprint all of it into his memory, knowing that there will never be another chance.

It didn't take him long to finish. He stopped moving but remained in the same pose. Breathing heavily, Steven looked at Carol's sleeping face again. He gave her a final long kiss and slowly stood up.

He put her clothes back and made sure she was lying comfortably, covering her with a blanket he found on the armchair. Steven had a feeling that he should not stay here for long, but as he opened the door, he took a second to glance one more time at Carol, before leaving the apartment.

Rating: 100%, Read 447 times, Posted Nov 06, 2022

Fiction | Non-consensual sex, Rape


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