The Savage by Flyingdoc

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My thanks once again to Mike 0432 for his words of wisdom.

The Savage

Hi, my name is Simon, and I have anger issues.

I thought I had mastered them, but it appears I had only suppressed them. As a child, I had had court mandated anger management therapy, and medication, but that was all behind me now, the records sealed.

I had always been a fighter. Growing up as the runt of the litter in a family of 6 kids will do that to you.

My parents were hard-working folk, salt of the earth but great advocates of the ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ school of parenting and so beatings, whilst not common and probably, if I’m honest, not undeserved were a part of my growing up. It happened to all us kids. Even the girls. If we stepped out of line, we got a painful reminder and put back into line sharpish.

We kids would also fight. Being the youngest and the smallest I often ended up on the bottom of the pile, and so had to rely on my wits, and dirty tricks to prevail. I got so good at it that my older brothers were wary of picking a fight with me one on one, but we still scrapped and squabbled as siblings do.

I’m making it sound like I was in an abusive household, which is far from the truth. We all loved each other and if anyone messed with any of my family, they would answer to me. The same went for any of us. But within the family, we had the normal issues a family, on a low income who are struggling to make ends meet, face.

Let me introduce my family.

Ma, whose real name was Mary-Beth, but I would never have, even now, dare to use it was a striking woman. Thin as a whip with a hard countenance and thin face. She ruled the roost and was the person most likely to deliver punishment. Even Pa got out of her way when she was riled. She kept the house and looked after us kids, but also worked mornings doing cleaning for the more upmarket houses at the other end of the town. I never saw that woman sit down. She was always on the go.

Pa, real name Daryl, was not a particularly big man, 5”10’ I would estimate but by God he was strong. There was nothing that man could not move. He worked as a mechanic at the local haulage yard, maintaining their fleet of trucks. He would occasionally drive as well if they were short of drivers and it was a rare but much sought-after privilege to go out on a trip with him. They were usually fairly local trips, but never overnight. My overriding memory of him was the smell. He always smelled of diesel and farts.

Bella was the eldest child. And eight years older than me

Then came Tom, and James – twins who were six years older

Then David was four years older.

Mary was supposed to be the last, they decided they wanted another girl and went for it. They were blessed with Mary only twelve months after David. That was going to be the finish of their family. Fate, however, had other ideas and a drunken fumble and a badly inserted diaphragm led to my birth three years later.

Don’t get me wrong. Despite my being a ‘mistake’ I was not treated any differently or loved any less than any of my siblings. But I did grow up a little apart from them, and spent a lot of time on my own playing and exploring the woods at the back of our property.

So, to the incident that caused me to fall foul of the courts.

I was thirteen at the time and was on my way home from school.

As I believe I already mentioned we were not rich. Actually, we were dirt poor and because of this, we were often the butt of jokes and bullying. My brothers had run this gauntlet but after Bella’s first two years, there were always siblings to support them. Bella had Tom and James, and they had each other, and then when David joined the school Tom and James were still there and by the time Mary went, David was there to watch her as her older brother.

By the time I went to school, David had left and although Mary was there, as a girl, she didn’t have the presence to protect me. Not that I needed it. Within the first few weeks, I had had several scuffles with older students and firmly convinced my peers that messing with me was a bad idea.

After each fight, I would get sent home with a letter for my parents and would get beaten again for causing trouble. I felt it was unfair but knew better than to complain. It did, however, fuel my rage for the next fight and I fed off it

The thing that finally led to my being expelled from the school and standing in front of a judge happened as I was on my way home from school.

I was walking down the lane about a mile from our house when I heard laughing, and someone crying. As I came around a slight bend in the road I saw a group of four boys, surrounding my sister Mary. They had her school bag and were tossing it back and to, between them. I got closer and heard one of them, presumably the leader, say that she could have the bag back if she were to show them her breasts.

At that point, she froze, and one of the other boys grabbed her from behind. The leader dropped her bag to the ground and closed on her, grabbing her dress at the front and trying to look down it. It ripped and, laughing, he pulled harder all but ripping the top of her dress open to the waist, exposing her small, bra-covered, breasts. She tried to cover herself but the guy holding her had her arms pinned.

I released my rage.

The court was told that the guy who had been holding Mary would have to have reconstructive surgery to his face. One of the other boys would have both his arms in plaster for 6-8 weeks and the leader, the one who had ripped her dress, would never be able to have children. The other boy who had run off and summoned help told how I had attacked them without provocation, but Mary’s story and the evidence of her bruises and torn dress mitigated things for me somewhat.

Even so, the prosecuting counsel branded me a ‘Savage’, unpredictable and dangerous person and that what I had done to those poor innocent boys was beyond the reasonable defense of my sister, even were her story to be true.

The court agreed and I was placed in juvenile detention until my eighteenth birthday and, as I said, had to undergo mandatory anger management therapy.

Prior to my being led away my family was allowed to say goodbye to me. I stood shamefacedly as Ma regarded me levelly. I could never tell what she was thinking. Then I saw something I had never seen before. A tear rolled down her cheek. She embraced me hard and whispered in my ear that she was proud of me. I, who had been expecting a rebuke, was stunned. I got hugs from Pa and the rest of my family, and even a kiss on the cheek from Beth and Mary, who lingered longest. They each told me how proud they were of how I had protected my sister.

The facility that I was taken to was halfway across the state, so I never expected any of them to come and visit me. Juvie was hard but manageable. My life so far had prepared me to look after myself and after a few tussles with the so-called bosses, they learned that it was easier to leave me alone. That isn’t to say I didn’t get picked on or get into fights, I did, but the beatings I delivered gained me enough respect to be left alone.

There was only one person who thought that a young, slim, blonde boy might make a tasty morsel and I woke one night to find him kneeling on my chest trying to force his dick into my mouth. Since his legs were on my arms and my legs were pinned by the bedclothes, I had few options but to turn my head and sink my teeth into his thigh, tearing out a huge chunk of flesh and spitting it out, blood running down my face.

His screams brought the screws, and they separated us, dragging him off to the infirmary and me to solitary.

In my last year of confinement, I was surprised to be told that I had visitors and was taken to the visitor’s room where Beth and a young man were sitting waiting for me.

Bella had grown into a striking young woman, not beautiful, but you could never expect that considering the stock. Her face wasn’t as hard as Ma’s, but she had the same eyes. She regarded me sadly.

The man was called Gerald and apparently was her husband. They had been married a year and he was a traveling salesman. He seemed nice enough but didn’t speak at all.

“Simon,” Bella began “there is no easy way to do this, so I will just come out and say it. There was an accident at home. There was a fire. Ma, Pa, and the others,” At this point tears filled her eyes and she started to sob “they are all gone!!”

She threw her arms around me and began to sob into my shoulder. Gerald stood by patting her rather ineffectually on the back and murmuring something unintelligible.

I didn’t put my arms around Bella, I sat there just staring, not really feeling anything. Finally, the guards separated us and after about another hour of visiting, Bella and Gerald left. It would be several years before I would see Bella again.

And so, the years of my confinement passed. Twice weekly anger management sessions, supplemented with medication (which I soon learned to cheek and spit out once I was alone) seemed to cure my rage, and on my eighteenth birthday, I was declared fit to be released into society. I got my GED while I was incarcerated, and my record was sealed. I had a clean slate, was given $200 and a bus ticket to the nearest town, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

I didn’t stay in the local town but traded up the bus ticket to go across the state line. Everyone knew that the local juvie disgorged its inmates into the local town so there was no getting away from it. However, when I arrived in Jacksonville Ohio, I had a fresh start. I told people that I had been displaced by the fire that had killed my family and that without family and friends I had decided to try and build a future for myself in a new town. I soon found work in a small auto shop, and a place to stay and started to rebuild my life.

I worked hard. My upbringing would have allowed nothing else, and after a while, I was allowed to do more. I apparently had inherited some mechanical aptitude from Pa and found the work easy and enjoyable. My aptitude was observed, and I was sent on courses eventually day release to school and ended up as a certified mechanic a mere 6 years later. My life was back on track, and I was enjoying myself. The owner of the auto shop, Mike, was only 5 years older than me but had married well. His wife had money and had fronted him the cash to set up the business. I found their relationship a little strange in that when we were alone, he was a great character, full of jokes and not averse to a practical joke. However, when Stephanie was around, he was much more subdued, he always deferred to her.

Stephanie in her turn was beautiful. Two years younger than Mike, she had long auburn hair and bright green eyes. she never failed to turn heads and she flirted outrageously with anyone and everyone. Even me. I found this uncomfortable at first and even spoke to Mike about it, concerned he would think I was trying to muscle in on his marriage. He laughed it off. “She just likes to be the center of attention,” he said.

Three years later tragedy struck, and Mike was killed when a jack collapsed and pinned him under a car. I was out of the shop doing a road test and came back to find the sheriff and the local fire department trying to extricate him. But it was far too late for that.

It was the day after the funeral that his widow came to see me at my apartment. The shop had been closed since the accident, both due to the need for an investigation and out of respect. Mike’s death was ruled accidental, he should have used stands to support the vehicle, but he was rushing to finish a job and took a chance. It surprised me as I had never seen him do that before, but we all take shortcuts from time to time.

“Simon,” she said, “We need to talk.”

I invited her in.

She got right to the point.

“I need you to take over the shop,” she said.

“Wait what?” I asked surprised. “I’m a mechanic. I don’t know anywhere near enough to run a business.”

“Neither did Mike when we met.” she answered “I’m a business major, and I taught him how to run the shop. I’ll do the same for you. The town needs the shop, otherwise folk are going to have to travel miles to get any repairs done. You need the work and I need someone to run the shop. I don’t know anything about repairing stuff. We can do this together. What do you say?”

I thought for a few minutes “How would this work?” I asked.

“As you know, I helped Mike set up the business, so we were partners. He put up some capital and I provided the rest. After you came along he had enough free time to manage the shop as well as just work there so I stepped out and left you, boys, to it. The plan was that we were going to start a family this year,” her eyes filled with tears, and I unconsciously put my arm around her.

She cried quietly for a short while and then made a conscious effort to compose herself.

“What I’m offering is a partnership. I know what Mike has paid you over the years and I also know that you just don’t spend money. I’m guessing you have a bit of a nest egg?” she looked at me enquiringly.

“I have some money,” I said a little guardedly.

“I’m not after stealing your money,” she said laughing a little “I just need you to buy a share of the business to make you a partner. We can then make shares of the business part of your new salary package so over a few years you will own more and more. If you want to eventually buy me out completely, I would be open to that, but I quite enjoy the status of being a part-owner so if you don’t want to then I’m happy with that also.”

“And if I don’t want to be an owner?” I asked.

“I guess I’ll have to find a buyer for it, but I have no idea who that would be nor if they would want to keep you on once it’s sold.” She said sadly “I would hate to have to lose everything. I already lost Mike. Please don’t let me lose the shop and you as well” she pleaded.

“Lose me?” I thought.

“Can I have some time to think about it?” I asked.

“Of course.” she said “I had some papers drawn up for you to look at. If you decide to go ahead, you should get them looked at by a lawyer. Please think about it, I need your help. I know that Mike would not have wanted the shop sold off.” I felt that was a little underhanded, but I also knew she was right. Mike would not have wanted the shop to be sold to an outsider.

An outsider. Wasn’t I an outsider? I had only been in town 9 years. Small-town America considers you an outsider if your grandpappy wasn’t born in the town, so how was I now so accepted?

I thought back to all the people I had met and friends I had made since I came to town. As I had said previously, I worked hard and tried to fit in. It made for an easier life. If I could help someone out I would. I had done multiple favors for the townsfolk, and allied to the fact I worked for Mike, always did a good job on their machines (we didn’t just fix cars), and was always polite and respectful, I seem to have been adopted into the community. I didn’t go out drinking or causing trouble, had a great relationship with the town Sherriff and his deputies, and knew practically everyone by name. This town was now my home.

I had, on a couple of occasions tried to ask girls out, but my complete lack of experience with the opposite sex in my formative years made me awkward around women. There were a couple of older, married, women who, on hearing the rumor that I was a virgin, decided that it was their duty to relieve me of that burden, but I found their behavior predatory and off-putting. I knew how my Ma would have wanted me to behave and even though she was no longer around, her presence in my heart kept me in line.

I looked through the paperwork that Stephanie had left with me, but it didn’t really make a lot of sense to me, so I called one of the friends I had made, Lee Grainger who was a lawyer, and asked him if he would look them over for me.

“I could,” he said, “but since I’m already acting for Stephanie, I would advise that you get independent advice.”

I made the 90-minute trip to Columbus, the following Tuesday. I found the number of a lawyer online and booked an appointment using their online booking form.

I have to say, I didn’t recognize her straight away. It was only when the receptionist in the lawyer’s office came out from behind her desk and threw her arms around me that it clicked. My arms closed around her instinctively.

The sound of a throat clearing behind me broke us apart.

“Jonathon,” the receptionist said to the man glaring across the office at me, “I would like you to meet Simon, my brother.” And that is how Bella came back into my life.

After the initial introductions, I explained to Jonathon, why I was there.

“Tell you what,” he said after glancing at the contract for a second or two. “Bella, why don’t you take Simon back to the house and make him some lunch? Take the afternoon and get caught up. I’ll look through this and I have some other stuff to do. I’ll meet you at home for dinner.”

As we ate lunch Bella told me how her marriage to Gerald, the insurance salesman had lasted only a year after I had seen them. His traveling lifestyle and weeks at a time away from home left her feeling abandoned. She had suspected him of cheating on her while he was on the road, but had never found any proof. When she had told him that she wanted to divorce, he simply shrugged and signed the papers. She moved out a week later and hadn’t seen him since.

She had come into Columbus looking for work six months later and been taken on as a receptionist at this law practice, the previous receptionist had retired.

Over the next two years, her and Jonathon had grown closer, become a couple, and finally married.

She had given birth to her child, Mary a year later. The twins, James and David, followed a year after that. Mary was six, the boys 5, and all 3 would be home from school in about 45 minutes.

We had finished lunch and I was catching Bella up with my life after being released. The door crashed open, and three tornadoes catapulted into the room. They stopped dead when they saw me sitting with Bella, eyes wide and mouths open.

Once we were introduced and I found out I was to be called Uncle Simon, I ended up in the backyard playing catch with the boys. Mary was much more reticent than the boys and sat with her mother watching us.

Jonathon came home after five and handed me the contract.

“Sign it,” he said simply “you won’t get better than what she is offering.”

I thanked him and asked him how much I owed for his work, only to get a slap around the back of my head from Bella.

“Family doesn’t charge family,” she said.

I looked at Jonathon who just shrugged. “I leave our finances in Bella’s hands.”

“Well, I know the shop is quite a distance from here, but that goes true if you need anything I can do for you,” I said.

I took my leave after dinner, It was a 90-minute drive after all, and returned to my apartment clutching the signed contract and ready to give Stephanie the news.

The next day I decided to open the shop. There were still jobs open and people in the town were relying on us to get their machinery up and running again. The hardest job was to finish off the car that Mike had been working on when the jack had collapsed. It wasn’t a difficult job in itself but going under that car, knowing that was where Mike had died gave me shivers.

Stephanie came over just before lunch and I told her the news. She squealed with delight and hugged me, telling me that I wouldn’t regret it and that we would make a really good team.

Over the next two years, we got into a routine.

I would work in the shop, and Stephanie would work in the office. Each week I would spend half a day working with her, learning how to run the business, file all the relevant paperwork, and ensure all licenses and insurances were up to date. Balance the books, and do the taxes. There was so much to learn.

As well as working all day, I would spend a few hours each evening taking online courses, trying to fill the holes in my education.

Every other weekend I went over to see Bella, Jonathon, and the kids. I usually spent the weekend with them, staying over on a pull-out bed. I helped with odd jobs around the house, played with the kids, and got to know my brother-in-law. He seemed like a really nice guy.

One night Stephanie came to the shop as I was locking up.

“Simon,” she said, “We have to talk.”

“Ok,” I said “can I go shower first? I have been rolling around under a tractor all afternoon.”

She nodded at me.

“Go shower, then meet me at my house in an hour,” she said.

I was a little nervous as I rang the bell at her house. I had never heard anything good come from a conversation that started with “we have to talk” and I wondered what was wrong.

A delicious smell greeted me when she opened the door.

“I made us some dinner since I didn’t think you would have eaten yet,” she said.

We sat down to a delicious meatloaf with greens and potatoes. As we were eating she said.

“Simon, I’m not sure that our partnership is working,” she said.

I froze, my loaded fork halfway to my mouth.

“Oh!” was all I could come up with. I wondered what I had done wrong. Perhaps I was just not cut out to be an owner. I had tried really hard to learn all the things I needed to, and I thought I was getting it, but obviously, Stephanie didn’t think so.

“Have I done something wrong?” I asked.

“Well,” Stephanie said, “Not to put too fine a point on it, yes.”

I sighed. “I’m sorry. I thought I was doing ok. It’s just that there is so much to do in the shop. I’m trying to keep up with the work there, and then there is the other stuff. I have been doing courses in the evening to try and learn…”

“And that’s my point,” she said gently. “You are working yourself into the ground. You are already doing more than one man’s job just doing the repairs in the shop, then we are spending time together doing the office work, then you are going home and working in the evening on your courses. When was the last time you had a night off. When was the last time you went out. When did you last get laid???”

It was a good job that I had put my glass of juice down by the time she asked the last question otherwise she might have gotten a face full of it.

I looked down blushing.

She stared at me mouth open.

“Oh. My. God.” She said, “I’d heard rumors, but I thought…”

I started to rise. My embarrassment started to shift into anger.

“Wait, Simon. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. What I was trying to say in my stupid and clumsy way is that I am worried about you. You need some downtime. Aside from when you go over to see your sister you do nothing but work and sleep. Nobody can go on like that indefinitely. You are heading for a crash and as your business partner, I can’t afford that, and as your friend, I am concerned for you.”

I sat back in my seat, my anger and embarrassment leaking away. She was right. I was bone tired. Granted I had increased my share in the garage and business was good, but I was working 12 out of every 14 days, at least 14 hours a day. I worked, went home, showered, ate while working at my computer, and slept. Rinse and repeat.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had done anything just for me.

“Here is what we are going to do. 1, we are going to take on some help in the shop, an apprentice if we can get someone suitable or just a labourer if not. 2, You are going to have at least one day every week off. Even on the weekends you don’t go to Bella’s you are taking at least one day off. 3.You are going to go out socially at least once a week. I don’t care where you go or who you go with, but you are going out.”

As much as I agreed with most of what she was saying, I never liked ultimatums

“Or?” I asked, a hint of a growl in my voice.

She looked at me, her head tilted to one side slightly.

I knew that as the senior partner in the business she would be quite within her rights to sell the business out from under me. But I sensed she knew better than to threaten me.

“There is no ‘or’ Simon,” she said gently “This is not a threat. I guess you could call it an intervention, but I thought that you and I had become good friends. Looking after each other is what friends do.”

I slumped back in my chair, defeated.

“Ok,” I said quietly “I’m not sure about the social thing. I haven’t really dated in” I paused “well I haven’t really dated I guess.”

“What never?” she asked incredulously.

I shook my head.

“You have never been out with a girl?”

Another shake.

“How about a guy?” she asked a mischievous glimmer in her eye.

“I’m not gay,” I said quietly

“Have you ever even asked a girl out?”

“I tried a couple of times when I first came to town.” I said “I crashed and burned. Then I got busy working and it kind of took a back seat. I did get some invitations from some older women, but they were married and my Ma would skin me alive if I got myself involved in someone else’s marriage”

She looked at me confused.

“I thought you said your mother had died…”

“Believe me, being dead wouldn’t stop her. Besides Bella hits just as hard.”

She giggled. “Oh, you poor hen-pecked thing,” she said, but there was a look of calculation in her eye.

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t I set up a date for you for this Friday? I know someone who has been interested in you for some time but has been scared to ask you out. I’m certain you will like her.”

“Who is she?” I asked. I knew pretty much every person in town, and I couldn’t think of any single woman around my age that had shown any interest.

“Ah,” she said “that would be telling. Pick a place to meet and I’ll get her to meet you there, at, 8 pm on Friday. Since you were at Bella’s last weekend that means this weekend is free, so if the date goes well, you could spend some time together.”

I sat and thought about this for a while.

“What would we do?” I asked. “I don’t drink, I can’t dance.”

“How about a movie” she suggested. “Take her to the pictures. Here’s a tip- let her choose the movie.”

“What if I don’t like her pick?” I asked.

“Then you will have your horizons broadened. You might even learn something. Chick flicks are all about romance. Even if you don’t like the movie, watch and learn from it.”

“Ok. “I said. “Tell… sorry what was her name?” I thought I might catch her out.

She laughed.

“Nice try. I’ll tell her to meet you at the picture house at...” she consulted her phone for a few minutes “it will have to be 7.30. otherwise, you won’t have time to get tickets before the films start.”

We finished dinner and I helped with the dishes.

As I was leaving, she hugged me.

“Don’t forget Friday at 7.30. Be nice to her. She has had a bad time recently and needs someone nice.”

The rest of the week was taken up with work, more work, and worry. As Friday approached I got more and more nervous.

By four pm on Friday I was so nervous I felt physically sick. Stephanie was in the office working and I kept wanting to go in and ask her to cancel the date.

I was standing, staring at an alternator, I had just reinstalled into a car, before realizing it was the same one I had taken out, the new one still sitting in its box on the workbench.

“Simon” a voice from behind me

I jumped

Stephanie stood there grinning at me.

“Go home, get showered get changed, and get ready.”

“I’m not sure I can...” I began.

“Of course, you can. Believe me, she is just as nervous as you are. But I think she is a lovely woman and you will get on well.”

“But,” I began “I don’t know how to talk to girls. What if I say something to upset her? I’ve never been any good at reading signals, what if I think she likes me and I do something but she doesn’t really and She thinks I’m trying to..” I was starting to panic.

She put her hand on my arm.

“Listen. You will be fine. Everyone has these doubts before a first date, especially before your first, first date. Relax, be yourself, and have fun. Everything else will take care of itself.”

I started to put my tools away prior to locking up for the evening.

“Oh. By the way” she said, “don’t bring flowers.”

“Don’t?” I asked. I had thought that was mandatory on a first date.

“What is she going to do with the damn things in the theatre? You can buy her some candy or popcorn as you go in if you want to get her something.”

I turned to leave.

“How am I going to know her anyway. I can’t just approach random women and ask if they are my date. I’m likely to get arrested.”

“Oh, believe me, you will know her.” She said with a smile. “But she knows you. So, if you are uncertain then just hang back and she will come to you.”

I went home and showered. Then I showered again. Working in an auto shop means that you sometimes get oil, grease, and other motor-related fluids on you, and they sometimes are not keen on coming off. I always wear protective gloves and coveralls, but gloves sometimes rip and coveralls sometimes soak through. And to be honest some of the vehicles we have to deal with are downright disgusting.

I looked at my limited wardrobe trying to think of what to wear. I opted for jeans and a button-down shirt.

I had had my hair cut the previous day, so that it at least still looked half decent and by six o’clock I was ready. It would take me about 20 minutes to get to the theatre, so I had plenty of time to sit and worry.

I must have picked up my phone a dozen times to ask Stephanie to call her friend and cancel the date. Then at 6.45, I got a text from Stephane.

“If you are holding your phone, working up the courage to call me and ask me to cancel, then don’t bother. It’s happening. Make sure you are on time. My friend doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

I arrived at the picture house at 7.15 and parked my car. Walking to the box office I looked around but couldn’t see anybody waiting. I decided to go look at the billboards of the currently showing films, to see what was showing.

Walking along the bank of boards I read each one, glancing around occasionally to make sure I didn’t miss my date. My watch crept slowly to half past.

Suddenly I felt a presence at my side, and I turned.

My breath caught.

Stephanie was standing there, her auburn hair in a simple ponytail.

She was wearing jeans so tight they could easily be confused for body paint, and a loose emerald, green shirt over a white t-shirt.

I was confused. Did she come to tell me that her friend had decided to cancel?

Then she took my arm.

“Come on,” she said “or we’ll miss the beginning”

I was right, she chose a chick flick.

I tried to make it look like I was interested in the film, I even tried to do as she had suggested and watch how the protagonist romanced the women, but I found the dialog trite and cringeworthy. Surely lines like that don’t really work, do they?

About a third of the way into the film I felt Stephanie pressing her arm up against me.

Thinking I was taking too much space up I eased away slightly to give her more room.

She looked at me with a “seriously” expression on her face, then she reached across, grabbed my hand, and put my arm around her shoulders snuggling up against me.

For a few minutes, I sat rigid, but the feeling of her pressed against my side was doing strange things to me. I could smell her a mixture of perfume, soap, and a spicy smell that was doing even more strange things to me. I could feel her breast pressed against my side, and since she had tucked my hand under her arm and was holding it, it was pressed in against her other breast.

For a long time I didn’t even dare breathe then she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“Relax. I’m not going to hurt you.”

I had no recollection of the rest of the film.

After the movie, Stephanie said she was hungry and we went to the diner to get something to eat.

This at least was more comfortable for me. To start, there was a table between us, and once we started talking I loosened up a lot.

I asked her about the bits of the film I remembered and whether the pickup lines used would have actually worked on her.

By the time we had finished our meal we were laughing together and I was feeling much better.

Stephanie had taken a cab to the theatre, so I drove her home.

Being the gentleman, I was brought up to be, I went round and opened her door to let her out of my truck. And she linked my arm to walk her to her door.

“Thank you for tonight,” she said, “I really did have a good time.” She leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“Goodnight Simon.” She went in and closed the door.

I stood for a long time staring at the door, I was so conflicted.

She was a beautiful woman and had left me with no doubt that she was interested in me.

But I still had her firmly in the ‘Mike’s wife’ box in my head. I knew that was ridiculous since he had been dead for over a year now, and as far as I knew she hadn’t dated anyone else in that time, but still.

I got back into my truck and drove home.

I was getting ready to go to the shop at 8 the next morning when my phone rang. It was Stephanie

“Morning,” I said “What’s up?”

“What are you doing right now?” she asked.

“Just getting ready to go open up,” I said.

“Nope,” she said. “Get dressed we are going riding”

There was a knock on my door.

“Hang on Steph, someone’s at my door,” I said going to the door and opening it. She stood there grinning at me.”

“Nope,” she said again “you can’t go riding in coveralls. Go get changed.

She took me to a ranch about an hour out of town.

“My friend owns horses here,” she said “I come here to ride when I get the chance”

“I’ve never…” I began.

“Don’t worry” she said “I’ll teach you to ride.” She turned away but I was sure I had heard her say “and horses” half to herself.

We had a fun day. The horse she had ***********ed for me was quiet and willing, but just followed her horse so I didn’t have much control. She had packed a picnic and we ate on a blanket on the side of a hill.

After we had eaten she lay down on her back and looked up at the clouds.

“Look,” she said “A dog”.

She pointed at a cloud that, with a lot of imagination might have looked like a very deformed dog. I chose not to comment.

I stared for a long time at the sky, watching the clouds go by. It was relaxing, lying there with Stephanie lying next to me. She wasn’t exactly pressed against me but she was close enough I could feel her warmth.

Suddenly she half sat up and leaned over me.

She brought her hand up to my cheek and then leaned in. Gently she placed her mouth on mine

At first, I froze, not knowing what to do. But then I felt the tip of her tongue at my lips, questing, and I let her in.

Stephanie led. I had no experience, this was effectively my first kiss, but I tried to remember all the things I had read about kissing (internet remember). I matched her movements, and tried to be gentle enough not to bruise her but firm enough not to tickle.

I brought my hand up and ran my hand through her hair, stroking the back of her neck and she shuddered.

We broke apart.

I was struggling to catch my breath, and I was astounded that my dick hadn’t burst my trousers.

She also seemed a little short of breath and I could see some very interesting looking points in her shirt.

“I’m sorry,” she said, looking anything but. “I just couldn’t resist.”

“Stephanie?” I asked, “What are we doing?”

She looked at me a little puzzled.

“What do you mean.” She asked.

“You know I’ve never.” I began but she put her fingers to my lips.

“Shh.” She said, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I’m just so confused.” I said “Where is this going? You are going to have to tell me because I have no idea and I am blind when it comes to reading women. Are we just fooling around, is this just fun or is it more? How far are we going to take this, because right now I’m full of thoughts and feelings, and urges which are pulling me in all different directions. Emotionally I guess I’m a little behind the curve. Until 30 seconds ago I hadn’t even kissed a girl I wasn’t related to, and I had NEVER kissed a girl like that.”

Stephanie lay back down, this time with her head on my chest.

“I’m sorry to tell you that those are questions I can’t answer.” She said “you see, this doesn’t really get any easier. Yes, I have more experience than you, I have had a few boyfriends and been married, but ‘This’, whatever ‘this’ is, is as new and uncertain to me as it is to you. I’m also full of the same thoughts and feelings. And urges” she added with a giggle.

“But I can’t say where we are going.” She continued,” Right now I miss Mike. But I know that he is gone and not coming back. And I can’t spend the rest of my life alone just because he is no longer here. Since we have been working together so much, I have developed feelings for you that I would love to explore. But where that exploration will take us, we will have to find out together, if you are willing?”

“But why me, you know I’ve never been with a woman, don’t you want someone who knows how to…” I began

“If that kiss was anything to go by, I’m sure you will be a quick study. But like I said before. We will both be learning. Making love to someone is a very individual thing. Something that one person likes; another will hate. When we are ready, I will teach you and you will teach me. We are not ready for that yet, and it is possible we may never be, but for now, let’s stop thinking about the destination and enjoy the journey.”

She leaned up again and we shared another long kiss. Once again we broke apart.

“It’s time we were heading back,” she said.

After we got back, we spent time brushing the horses, then we turned them loose in the field.

“I need a shower,” I said, “I stink of horse”

From then on each Friday night, we would do something together. We went to the movies, and out for dinners, she even convinced me to go out dancing with her, and I found that I was able to not disgrace myself too badly on the dancefloor.

On the weekends when I wasn’t at Bella’s we would spend either Saturday or Sunday together and do something. We would walk or ride out. We even went to a few car shows when they weren’t too far away. We spent a lot of time kissing, and I became very familiar with her clothed body. I knew where and how she liked to be touched, that her sides were ticklish if you weren’t firm enough and that even through her shirt, the right touch on her nipples could make her legs turn to jelly.

About 3 months later, we arrived back at her house, having spent the day at a local car show.

I had been slightly disappointed as the show had been quite lackluster with the exhibits being of a low standard, but I had managed to find a part for a customer’s car I had been looking out for. Not all my customers had new vehicles or even vehicles you could still get new parts for.

As usual, I opened the truck door for her and walked her to her door.

She invited me in, which was not unusual, we often had dinner after our days out but I sensed there was something different about tonight.

I turned to close the front door, and when I turned back Stephanie was standing right there, so close I stepped back reflexively, putting my back to the door. She pinned me up against the door and kissed me, hard. Grinding her body against me.

Then she broke away and she looked me in the eye.

“I’m sorry Simon,” she said “I can’t wait any longer.”

Then she dropped to her knees.

Within seconds she had undone my belt and trousers and had levered my straining cock into view.

I had read a lot of stuff on the net about the size of men’s junk, and being a typical man, I had measured. I came in at just over 7.5 inches which was above average from what I understood. I was also slightly thicker than average. Having only ever once seen another cock and that was when someone was trying to shove it down my throat in juvie, I wasn’t sure how I measured up in real life.

Stephanie seemed content with it though.

“Nice,” she said “I knew you were a decent size from all the times we made out, but this is perfect.

She stroked me a few times. There was no possible way it could get any harder, but it did. It was so hard it almost hurt.

Then a soft, wet, warmth engulfed me and I realized she had taken me in her mouth.

“MMMMM” she said as she pushed forward gently, taking more of me inside. I felt her swirl her tongue over the head of my cock and almost immediately felt my balls start to rise.

She must have sensed it because she backed off a little until the sensation eased before she started again. I looked down and saw that she was looking up at me, gazing into my eyes as she worked her mouth up and down on my shaft. Once again my balls started to rise and I knew that I would only last a few more seconds.

“Stephanie, Stop, I’m going to..” I tried to pull back, but she had me pressed up against the door, there was nowhere to go. She pushed her face right down until her nose was pressed against my belly and swallowed.

The sensation that was happening on the head of my cock took the last bit of control I had been struggling to hold onto and shattered it. With a cry, I came.

My cock twitched as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum straight down her throat. After three or four spurts, she pulled back, holding the head in her mouth, so that the rest was deposited on her tongue. She continued playing with me, swirling her tongue around the head, gently caressing my scrotum until I was done.

I looked down, embarrassed and ashamed

“I’m so sorry,” I said “I couldn’t…”

She stood up and put her fingers to my lips.

“Shhh. There’s nothing to be sorry for. I knew exactly what I was doing, and what would probably happen. I got exactly what I wanted. Now, if you will let me, I would like to take you upstairs, and show you what else I want”

She led me upstairs to her bedroom.

She kissed me again as she started to remove my shirt, first on the mouth, and then trailing them down my jaw and onto my neck. As she opened my shirt and started to push it down over my shoulders, she followed with her mouth kissing and gently biting at the flesh sending shivers down my spine. She followed it down lower still trailing kisses until she reached my right nipple, which she nipped gently with her teeth while rolling the other in her fingers. I felt my knees give slightly. This was the first time that I had ever thought that my nipples were anything other than decoration.

She continued lower, kissing licking and biting at my stomach. My shirt was gone by this time and she was once again undoing my trousers, pulling them down and following with her hands, lips and teeth, kissing, nibbling, stroking and licking as she went lower and lower. She bypassed my groin this time but the feeling of her hands on my legs, hips and ass was incredible as she finally rid me of my remaining clothing.

Needless to say by this time I was once again rock hard.

She stood up again, pressed herself against me and kissed me yet again.

“Now you” she said.

I didn’t need to be told twice.

I decided that it might be easier to undress her from behind, so I spun her around and began to kiss and nibble at her neck. She melted into me as I undid the buttons of her top, and pulled it over her shoulders, following her example I kissed down her shoulders as the top fell lower and the down her arm, stroking the other one to try and duplicate the sensation there.

For now I bypassed her bra and kissed down her side, remembering that she needed a firmer touch there as she was ticklish. I kissed back up her sides and shoulders using the time to take a sneaky peek at the fastening of her bra. I had heard that this could be a minefield and I didn’t want to break the mood.

I was lucky and when I was finally ready to attempt it, I unfastened her bra in one go.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” she asked “Because OHHHH..”

I had allowed her bra to fall forward, and while standing behind her had followed it down with my hands. As I stroked over her breasts I once again started kissing her neck. On the way down I had deliberately avoided her nipples and stroked down the sides of her breasts and underneath, before cupping them and bringing my hands up to take their weight. Finally I ran the palms of my hands lightly over the tips of her erect nipples.

I moved around to the side so I could kiss across her shoulder and down the slope of her left breast. She started to tremble slightly as I kissed down the side and once again underneath her breast, before finally moving up. Her nipples were flushed and hard, and she moaned as I flicked my tongue over the tip of her left nipple. Finally I took the nipple in my mouth and began to tease it using my tongue and my teeth, using my fingers on the other nipple to duplicate the sensation.

I already knew that Stephanie’s breasts were particularly sensitive from our earlier make out sessions so I continued to play with them, moving round in front of her now. I sat on the edge of the bed so my head was at the exact height to be able to lavish them with all the attention they needed. I swapped my attention to the other breast, and began to tease, and nip and lick at that breast too. Stephanie had her hand on the back of my head now, holding me in place and I could feel her hips start to gyrate as she lost herself in the sensations of what I was doing to her.

I continued working her breasts, using my mouth and hands alternating between her breasts, licking, kissing, nipping and biting. I got a little carried away and pinched her nipple a little harder than I intended and she let out a little yelp, but didn’t pull away. I could hear her whispering something, although I couldn’t make out what but as I continued it became clearer.

“No, no more, stop, you are going to, no, please, no, yes , god, Yes , stop, no, don’t stop.”

She got louder and louder clutching my head to her breast. I thought I had her figured out and so decided to try something that would either piss her off or push her over. Simultaneously I pinched her left nipple with my teeth, whilst doing the same to the right with my fingers, and with a shouted “BASTARD!!” she came.

She held me in place, as I suckled and nibbled at her teat while she rode out the waves of her orgasm, and then pushed me away as it became too much, and she got the aftershocks.

“That’s enough,” she said “I can’t wait any longer

Pushing me back onto the bed she tore her jeans and panties off in one motion, throwing them into the corner and then climbed on top of me, straddling me where I lay half on the bed.

She kissed me, hard while reaching between us to grab my cock, and rub the head over the outside of her weeping slit. She took a moment to get located and then with one slow but inexorable move, she impaled herself on me.

“OHMYGOD” she said as I felt the most incredible heat and pressure envelop me.

She ground her pelvis into me and almost immediately I felt her pussy start to spasm.

“OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD” she kept saying as she came once again.

For a few seconds, she lay still on top of me, her breath coming in gasps.

“Bastard,” she said again, “It was supposed to be me rocking YOUR world”

“Believe me”, I replied “You are”

She looked up at me and smiled. Not yet I’m not.

I don’t know how to describe the rest of the night. We made love, we fucked, we had sex. It became somewhat of a blur after a while. But it was the single greatest night of my life.

When we were eventually sated, I was lying on my back, panting, with her lying across me, her head on my chest, and her leg thrown over mine. I looked down at her.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to spoil things with stupid words.

She seemed to read my mind.

“After that, there are no words,” she said “Sleep, and let’s see what tomorrow brings.”

We had sex a lot after that. But our relationship evolved outside the bedroom too. We became a couple, we became engaged, we became Married. And that’s when things started to change.

Now I know there will be those reading this that will call me a wimp, a cuck, and all kinds of names when I tell you how things developed. They will assert that they, in the same circumstances would have done this or that, and they would have never let things develop the way they did. And to you, I say three things.

First, remember that what you are reading in a few minutes, actually happened over a period of a year. Tiny incremental changes that in themselves seemed insignificant and yet cumulatively they resulted in the events that transpired. Consider the much-referenced frog in a pot. Drop the frog in water too hot he will instantly leap out. But put him in cold water and slowly heat until the water boils, he will sit there contentedly until he cooks.

Second, you need to also remember that this was my first ever relationship, I had no frame of reference. I was being played by an expert and I was not even at the novice level.

And finally, Fuck you. You weren’t there you weren’t living my life and I don’t answer to you. Oh, and did I mention, Fuck you?

We had got married in the spring, Jonathon stood for me, and Mary and the twins played part in the ceremony that I didn’t really understand.

It was, understandably a big wedding. Pretty much everyone we knew, which was the whole town, came. The bill was phenomenal but as I said before Stephanie had money and by now the shop was doing well, I was almost an equal partner and I had more than recovered my initial investment.

The trustees of Stephanie’s fund had insisted on a prenup, which I had been presented with for signature.

It was only their attitude with me that prompted me to say that I would get it looked over by my lawyer and get it back to them. It turned out that was the right thing to do as it was completely one-sided. If I was unfaithful to Stephanie, I would walk away with what I had gone into the marriage and a small amount for every year we were married. If the positions were reversed, however, the prenup would have no effect and I would be subject to normal divorce law. In other words, I would be screwed and would probably lose everything.

Once again, I got the family discount from Jonathon and left him to negotiate a more equitable agreement direct with the trustees.

I had already moved in with Stephanie before the wedding, we had employed an apprentice and a laborer in the shop which was growing well, and I was as happy as I could have hoped. The only thing that would have made me happier would have been for Stephanie to tell me we were expecting a child, but despite her coming off her birth control, this didn’t seem to be happening.

It was three months after we were married that small things started to happen.

As I mentioned earlier, when Mike was alive, Stephanie had always been a flirt, but this had stopped after he died and during our ‘courtship’ She had paid full attention to me, and it she had always behaved herself around other men. It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually I started to see that she was returning to her flirting ways.

I guess the first time I really noticed, again as I said gradual process, was one night we had gone out dancing. She liked to do this at least once a month. We had danced together several times already but then a large, well-groomed man, I had never seen before approached her and asked if she would like to dance.

On all previous occasions, she had looked to me when this had happened, and I had always said that if she wanted to it was fine with me. This time was different. Without a glance in my direction, she took his hand, stood up, and took to the floor.

They danced a couple of fast numbers, but then the tempo slowed, and they moved far closer than I was comfortable with. She had her arms around his neck, and he had his hands on her hips, and I could see they were slowly moving down to her ass. You couldn’t have forced a credit card between them.

I decided to go cut in.

I tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around his lip curling.

“I think I would like my wife back now,” I said coldly.

I could see him considering his next move and I mentally prepared for the punch I was fully expecting from him. But then he smiled and stepped back.

“Of course,” he said and then turned to Stephanie “Thank you for the dance”

“What the fuck was that?” Stephanie was furious with me. We hadn’t even finished the dance, she had simply turned and walked out of the bar.

I was stunned, why was it my fault that that sleazeball couldn’t keep his hands to himself?

“I didn’t like the way he was manhandling you,” I said “He practically had his hands on your ass”

“So?” she said, “It’s my ass and I can look after myself I don’t need you to tell me who I can and can’t dance with.”

“So, you would have been fine with me dancing with some other woman and putting my hands all over her?” I asked heatedly.

She laughed. “You think that because we have fucked a few times you have the first idea about women? Dream on!”

She stormed into our bedroom, and I heard her lock the door.

Things were frosty all weekend, I slept in one of the guest rooms. I tried several times to talk to her, but she simply ignored me or walked out of the room.

Eventually, I decided that I must have overreacted.

When I got home on Monday night, I apologized.

I thought I saw a small gleam of triumph in her eye, but it was gone so fast that I couldn’t be sure.

She threw her arms around me.

“Simon, you know I love you, but you’re my husband, not my jailer. I was dancing with some guy, so what. If he had gone further than I wanted I would have dealt with it. Don’t you see that by interfering you told him you were worried that I might stray? If he thinks that how much more likely is he to come back and try again? If you had let me deal with him, he would have learned where the boundaries were.”

I thought about that for a moment. It kind of made sense.

“I’m sorry, “I said again, and things seemed to settle down.

Things started to change in the bedroom also. Stephanie was starting to exhibit her dominant nature. Sex started to be about her pleasure and how many times I could make her cum. I would spend hours on foreplay, using everything I had to pleasure her. She would have to cum at least half a dozen times before she allowed me to fuck her. I wasn’t complaining, I loved to play with her body, and it made me feel powerful to be able to play with her body so well she would cum so much. I realize now how naive I must have been.

It was six months after the wedding when I found her birth control pills.

I had gone into her bag for something, I think a pen, and I found a half pack of pills. At first, I thought that they must have just been from before we had started trying for a baby so I said nothing. But a couple of days later, when she was in the shower I looked again and saw that two more pills had gone. She was obviously still using them.

Initially, I was going to challenge her with the box of pills, but I knew that that wouldn’t go well. Every time we had any kind of argument I lost. She would simply stop talking to me and ignore me until I apologized. Yes, we would often have great makeup sex after, but only after I gave in.

I spoke to Bella about this one time, and she asked if I ever remember Ma and Pa arguing.

I thought back. I could never remember them having words. Pa would just agree to whatever Ma had said. He used to say, “Happy wife, happy life”.

“But surely that’s no way to live?” I said “We are supposed to be partners, not master and servant”

Bella looked at me.

“I remember one argument between Ma and Pa,” she said. “It was about you.”

“Me?” I said.

“It was before you were born. You always knew you were not planned, but I hope that for all that did you ever feel that Ma and Pa treated you differently than the rest?” she asked.

“Nope” I grinned, “I got the same beatings as the rest. Some of them from you. “I remembered.

“And you deserved all of them” she grinned back.

“But you have to remember,” she continued “how poor we were. We had nothing and we were barely surviving. When she was about seven months pregnant with you, Ma came home with a man. She had apparently decided that they couldn’t afford to have another baby, and even though there was never any thought that she wouldn’t have the baby, she had made inquiries about having you adopted. The man was from the adoption agency, and he was there to talk to Pa”

“Pa just sat and listened to the man speak, thanked him, and told him that he was wasting his time, there was no way that they would be giving up their baby for adoption. He showed the man out.”

“Ma went ballistic. You know how she was when she was riled. She called him every name I had ever heard and some I hadn’t. She told him how stupid he was, how he had doomed them all to starve to death or live in poverty for the rest of their lives, how they would not be able to manage with an extra mouth to feed and all the expenses of a new child. She went on and on. Throughout all this Pa just looked at her.”

“When she had screamed herself out, he just went up and held her. He told her that there was no way that they would be separated from their child. That no matter what, the child would grow up knowing a loving home and would be kept with his own family. They would manage. They would be fine.”

“That was the end of the argument. And you know the rest. You see, Pa never argued with Ma, because there was never anything he felt strongly enough to argue about. He trusted Ma to make good decisions and so he went along. He obviously thought her decision about you was wrong and so he did something about it.”

“So, you are saying I need to pick my battles, to decide if the issue is big enough to fight over?”

“Yes.” She said “But make sure, because, from her behaviour, she seems like a stubborn woman. If you decide to make a stand, it could be the end of your marriage. I think she would be prepared to go that far to get her own way, so you need to be also.”

“Do you and Jonathon argue?” I asked.

“Nope” came a voice from behind me, “I just do as I’m told.”

She smiled at him warmly. “As it should be,” she said.

I decided to speak to Stephanie as If I hadn’t found the pills.

“Stephanie, I think I need to go see a doctor,” I said one morning as we were getting ready.

“Why?” she asked looking concerned, “is something wrong?”

“No, I feel fine” I reassured her “But we have been trying for a baby for months now and nothing is happening, Maybe I need to get checked in case there is something wrong with me”

She smiled at me gently “Baby these things take time. Be patient. Let’s give it a few more months and if nothing happens then maybe go have a word with Doc Smith. We’re both young and fit, I’m sure it will happen”

I nodded sadly. She was obviously lying to me, but I didn’t understand why. I thought back to my conversation with Bella. Should I challenge her about the pills? That would definitely cause a row. I could hear her now, accusing me of spying on her, violating her privacy. Perhaps she wanted to wait for kids for a while. Maybe she didn’t think she was ready yet.

I made my mind up that I would give her a year to get herself straight and then we would discuss kids again. Besides as long as she thought I thought we were trying…..

A few weeks later, Stephanie told me that she had been invited out by a group of girlfriends. She had accepted as she knew I wasn’t particularly fond of dancing.

And so this became a regular thing also, every Friday night, she would go out with the girls. At first, she would be home by 11, but gradually it got later, and later until on some weekends I would set out to Bella’s before she got home.

Our sex life was changing more. She was even more demanding in the bedroom, but now she was starting to demand that I gave her oral sex, after we had fucked. She seemed to take great delight in having me clean my own cum from inside her. I didn’t know how to react to this. I wasn’t grossed out by this, it was my own cum after all, but I felt that things were getting weirder. I couldn’t even speak to Bella about it – who would discuss such things with their older sister?

Once again, I decided that it wasn’t enough to divorce her, and so I got used to it. At least it meant that I got good sex because, in order to clean it out, I had to first put it in. I got used practiced at delaying my orgasm, even going so far as to secretly apply a delaying cream to myself beforehand. If she was getting hers, I was going to get mine.

About three months later, she came home from one of her ‘girls’ nights out. She was a little drunk, but it was quite early for her, just after midnight. I had already gone to bed but she woke me up by sucking my cock.

“I need you.” She said when she saw that she had succeeded in getting me hard, and she wasted no more time impaling herself on me.

I could tell she was really, really horny. I hadn’t felt her this wet in months and she battered me into submission. In under five minutes, I came, but it was a very unsatisfying experience.

After she felt my cum inside her, she laid back on the bed and pushed me down, wanting me once more to clean her out. I knew that she would cum at least a couple of times from this, and since she hadn’t cum from the fucking, I didn’t begrudge her, so I went down and began to lap at her. Tasting a mix of our fluids. It tasted more bitter than usual, but I put that down to her having not showered since dancing all night.

I spent the next thirty minutes using my tongue and fingers to get her off, at the same time cleaning her out of all the remnants of our fucking. She squirmed and thrust her cunt into my face all the time talking to me.

“That’s right, clean it out, Eat up that cream pie. You love sucking that nasty cum out of my cunt. Don’t you? “

The talking didn’t really do anything for me, but I could tell that she was working herself up to a fever pitch as she was thrusting harder and harder into my face, wrapping her legs around my head and trapping them in place as she ground into me.

As she came, she screamed.

“Oh God Yes, suck his cum out of me!”

And I was hit with a deluge of fluid as she squirted into my face, some of it going into my mouth but most over my face down my chin, and onto my chest.

She had clamped her legs so hard around my face that I couldn’t breathe and by the time I knew I was in trouble; I had blacked out.

By the time I came to, Stephanie had gone into the bathroom and was in the shower.

I was still groggy, but one thing kept going round and round in my head.

“Suck HIS come out of me”

Was that real? Had I just eaten another man’s spunk from my wife’s pussy? I felt nauseated but wasn’t sure if that was a result of having been choked out, or the thought of eating another man’s cum.

Is it possible that this was just some fantasy she had running in her head as I got her off? I was certain that if I challenged her on it that is how she would respond. Since I had fucked her, and then cleaned her out there was no way I could prove anything.

I decided that I needed to watch her much more closely in the future. And also, only go down on her after I was certain mine was the only cum anywhere near.

A week later, I came home from the shop to find Stephanie sitting at the kitchen table, a number of papers spread out in front of her.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“A business proposition,” she said, not taking her eyes from the papers.

“From Whom?”

“There’s a guy, his name is Danforth Evans. He is setting up as a finance broker. He needs a business partner, and he was referred to me by the trustees of the fund.”

“We don’t know anything about finance,” I said “We have an auto shop.”

“Maybe WE don’t but I do. And the auto shop is your baby. Now it’s back up and running I need something more stimulating to do.”

“What do you know about this Danforth character? How do you know he is not just some con man trying to empty your trust fund?”

She looked at me scornfully.

“Look. I know that you have taken on the shop and that you are now running it and it is doing well. But don’t think that that makes you an expert in business. I and my trustees have been investing in businesses for a long time. I know what I am doing. You just worry about your little business.”

She buried her head back in the papers.

For the next few weeks, she spent a lot of time, going to meetings with this Danforth character, in order to set up their partnership. Every time I remarked that she seemed to be spending a lot of time with him she would snap at me, saying that setting up a new business takes time. She rddddddd me how much time we had spent together setting up the auto shop.

I held back from reminding her of the outcome of spending that much time together.

It was another month before anything else happened, and this would prove to be the beginning of the end.

I had come back from a weekend at Bella’s and I went into the bedroom to unpack the bag I took with me. I noted that the sheets on the bed had been changed. This struck me as odd since we had only changed them on Friday before I had left.

When I looked in the laundry bin, there were no dirty sheets, which was also odd as I normally did laundry on a Sunday ready for the week ahead.

My mind immediately drew the conclusion that I really didn’t want to think about.

Moving back into the living room, where Stephanie was sitting looking at even more papers”

“So how was your weekend,” I asked lightly.

“It was good,” she said.

“More papers I see?” I said indicating the pile which I was certain hadn’t been there Friday.

“Yes, “she said absently. “Danforth dropped them off.”

I felt my rage start to build but I pressed it down. Just because she said he had been here, and just because the bed had been changed didn’t mean what I thought it meant.

I needed far more evidence if I were going to accuse her of cheating on me.

“Why have I never met Danforth?” I asked.

She looked up at me.

“He’s a business associate. Why would you want to meet him?” she asked.

“I just thought it might be nice for us all to get together. Why don’t you invite him and his wife out for dinner one night”

“Oh, he’s not married,” she said, but maybe you are right. How does next Friday sound?

We had booked a table for 7 on Friday, Stephanie told me to meet her there, as I would need to go home, shower, and change. She would be going straight from the new office.

When I arrived, they were already seated at the table chatting, and I realized that I had met this guy before. This was the asshole who had asked Stephanie to dance all those months ago.

They both stood as I approached, and Stephanie introduced us. He held out his hand, but the look on his face was anything but welcoming. It was kind of a mix between smug and disgusted.

I pretended I hadn’t seen his hand and gave Stephanie a peck on the cheek then nodded to him as sat down.

The meal was painful for me. After the first few minutes, they started talking about business and pretty much ignored me for the whole night. After the main course, I excused myself, left the restaurant and went home.

I don’t know what time Stephanie got home, I was expecting her to wake me up with a row but when I woke the next morning she was asleep in bed, but as far away from me as she could possibly be without falling out.

I decided I needed to talk to someone, the obvious person being Bella. It wasn’t my weekend to go over but I didn’t think she would mind so I went to the shop, left instructions for the guys there, telling them that I had errands to run, and set off for Columbus.

Jonathon was cutting his front lawn when I pulled up and he looked at me quizzically.

”Is your watch fast? you’re a week early.” He grinned.

Bella had seen my truck pull up and come out. She took one look at my face and spoke.

“Jonathon, take Simon into the Den. I’m going to take the kids over to Mary’s I’ll be back in half an hour.”

Jonathon looked between us and complied, leading me into the den and handing me a glass with an amber fluid.

“Do you want to talk now or wait for Bella?” he asked.

“I’m not sure that some of the things I need to talk about…”

“Look,” he said “Neither Bella nor I are innocents. We have both been married before and we have kids. Besides don’t forget what I do for a living. Bella sits in on all my divorce interviews so she has heard plenty of things that would probably make a whore blush.”

“But she’s my sister,” I said

“And that means that she loves you and will not judge.” He said, “I’m not saying you won’t get a slap around the head if she feels you deserve it though” he added smiling a little.

“Does she hit you?” I asked. Somehow that seemed wrong. Things were different now than they were in my day, the thought that Bella would strike her husband, or indeed any of the kids was very disturbing.

“No,” he said “She saves that for you. She has never even raised her voice to me in anger. The kids she can twist around her little finger. I know it’s supposed to be the other way around but they simply adore her. As do I”

I smiled at him

I took an experimental sip at the amber liquid in my glass.

It burned. I coughed and my eyes watered.

“What the hell is that?” I asked coughing some more.

“That my boy is twelve-year-old malt. It’s an acquired taste”

“Sorry but I don’t think I’ll be acquiring it any time soon. Do you have a beer?”

He laughed and went to the kitchen to get me a beer. He dropped a coaster on the table before placing the bottle on top.

By this time Bella returned and she came into the den.

She sat down opposite me and pinned me with her eyes.

“OK Tell me!” was all she said.

So, I did. It was incredibly cathartic to lay it all out. I thought I would be embarrassed when I told them about the changes in our sex lives, but I had started to talk, and I couldn’t have stopped if they had asked me to. It just all came pouring out.

“Can I ask” Bella said gently when I finished my tale “Was she your first?”

I dropped my head, embarrassed, but nodded.

“What are you going to do” asked Jonathon. “You still don’t know for sure that anything is going on between this Danforth and Stephanie. I looked at him in surprise.

“He means legally,” Bella said “I presume you are thinking of divorcing the bitch, which means you need to activate the prenup, which means you need proof”

Jonathon nodded.

“If you think they have been having sex in your bedroom then the simplest thing to do is to put a nanny cam in there. He stood and went into his office before returning with a small device.”

“Hide this somewhere with a good view of the room. It has motion activated and will record up to 72 hours of footage on the included SD card.”

“I would guess the most logical time for them to be up to no good is while you are here. So perhaps you will get the proof you need next weekend?”

“One more thing” Bella put in “Remember I know you, Simon. Do NOT get into anything physical with either of them”

Jonathon looked between us, he had never seen me even mildly annoyed so this had surprised him.

“Simon had some anger issues as a child” she explained “He doesn’t seem to have trouble with it now, but something like this can re-awaken things.”

“She’s right,” Jonathon said “If you end up battling with him, the likelihood is that you will end up in jail and you will lose everything. Do things right and you will come out in reasonable shape.”

I nodded to them, and then Jonathon showed me in detail how to set up and check the camera before I headed back home.

It was a blessing that I set up the camera as soon as I arrived home. I set it up in the bedroom while Stephanie was still out at work and tested it. I worked perfectly and was completely invisible unless you knew what to look for.

Then I went to the shop for the last couple of hours, before closing up.

When I got home, Stephanie was waiting for me in the living room.

“Go get a shower, then come back in here, we need to talk,” she said.

I took my time in the shower, I didn’t want to have this conversation and I wished that I’d had another camera to put in the living room. I decided I would start the video app on my phone so at least I might get something if she was going to confess to anything tonight.

I could hear voices as I approached the living room, and saw that Danforth had arrived while I had been in the shower. They were sitting with their backs to me on the sofa. Quietly I propped my phone up on the sideboard hoping it would not be noticed.

I walked across the living room and dropped into the chair opposite the pair. Stephanie had placed a beer in front of my seat, and I picked it up and took a long swallow. I felt I might need it.

“Simon,” Stephanie said “What you did last night was incredibly rude. I think you owe Danforth an apology”

“Really?” I said evenly. “I don’t see why. You obviously had no need of me there, why would I stay?”

“You were the one who insisted on inviting him for dinner” she insisted. “why would you walk out like that?”

Danforth just looked at me with a smug expression on his face.

“Maybe because I no longer felt like spending the evening with the man who was fucking my wife,” I said, not raising my voice.

That seemed to have hit home. I knew they were fucking, but they didn’t know I knew and that changed things.

“So, he finally figured it out. Took him long enough. Did you figure out that you have been eating my cum out of your wife’s cunt for months now?” he said with a sneer.

“That long?” I said evenly, determined not to rise to his bait. “I did think I could detect the essence of shitstain the last time, but I just thought she forgot to wipe.”

“Admit it,” Stephanie said, “You knew and you loved it.”

“No, “I returned, “I didn’t know, and I loved you. I trusted you, and you betrayed everything we had. And now we are done.”

“Oh no” said shitstain “We are far from done. You see Stephanie and I have an arrangement. I need a business partner, I also need somewhere to dump my cum on a regular basis”

“I’m not seeing what this has to do with me,” I said “You’re welcome to the slut.

“Because my wife would divorce me, and I would lose access to all her money.” He said “And besides it’s so much fun to cuckold a loser like you, make you clean up after me, and maybe even bring up my brats if I decide to impregnate ‘your’ wife”

“I thought you weren’t married?” I said looking at Stephanie.

She laughed “Do you think he would bring her here? So she could see him and me together?”

“So you did this to Mike as well?” I asked.

“Mike was a good little cuck at the end. It took some persuasion, but he settled down eventually. Just like you.” He said

“There’s no need for this to get ugly,” Stephanie said “If you play ball we can carry on just as we are. Some minor changes in the bedroom, nobody would need to know!”

“I would know,” I said. And his wife would know because I would tell her.”

“You will do as you are fucking told you pathetic little cuck.” He snarled.

I took another long drink of my beer. Fighting down the urge to break the bottle over his head and then shove the broken end up his ass

“I think I’ll pass,” I said “I’m going to get my stuff and leave now. I will give my regards to your wife when I see her. Stephanie I’ll get Jonathon to contact your solic…” I felt a wave of dizziness hit me.

“Your sol…” it hit me again

I tried to stand, and then I blacked out.

I became aware of voices.

“Damn Steph, how much did you give him?”

“Same amount we used on Mike,”

“He’s nowhere near as big. You were lucky he didn’t OD,”

“Oh, he’ll be fine. It might take him a little longer to come round is all,”

I felt a hand at my neck, feeling my pulse

“I guess you are right. I need a beer” they left the room.

I took a moment to get my bearings. My head throbbed

I had been tied, arms and legs to a chair that had been placed at the foot of the bed in our bedroom. I was naked. I tested the ropes, there was no way I was shifting those. I tried rocking the chair, but it was a solid old chair, that wasn’t moving either.

I looked around the room. I glanced up to where I had placed the camera. I could just about make it out so I was content. Unless they killed me, which I doubted would be their plan, I would get all the evidence I would need. I might have to suffer watching Shitstain fuck Stephanie, but since I had already divorced her in my head, I could stand that.

What I didn’t understand is why they needed me in the first place. She could have fucked shitstain without letting his wife know without me being in the picture. It just seemed like some kind of power trip that they were on. They needed someone to subjugate in the relationship. They were warped.

I watched them warily as they came back into the room.

They were both wearing robes and carrying drinks.

Stephanie came over to me and put a bottle to my lips. “Drink this,” she said, “It will help.”

“What so you can drug me again?” I said, “No thanks”

“Why would we want to drug you “she asked sweetly. “We have you exactly where we want you. But I know you have the mother of all headaches right now, and this will help. Don’t be stupid and drink.”

Reluctantly I drank a little. It was bitter, but I have to say that my headache started to ease almost immediately. I also started to feel warm and a little fuzzy. And more than a little aroused.

“It will also help you relax she purred into my ear, and enjoy what is coming next.”

She ran her hand down my chest, and then grasped my cock, which was rock hard.

“Just relax,” she said “It will be much easier and more pleasant that way.”

Shitstain came and stood in front of me, facing sideways and Stephanie knelt before him, opening his robe. He was naked underneath and his erection stood out proudly. At a guess I would say he was about 8 or 9 inches and easily as thick as I was. I guessed that was what Stephanie saw in him.

Stephanie went to town on him, giving him the blowjob of a lifetime, making appreciative moans and grinding her hips like the mere action of sucking his dick was getting her off. I was certain the performance was for my benefit, but in my drugged state I couldn’t care. In fact the live porno going on in front of me was affecting me making me even more horny. Stephanie reached across, and while she was working shitstains cock with her mouth and one hand. She started playing with my cock, with the other.

Faster and faster she wanked me as I watched entranced as she gave him a masterful blowjob, the drugs making sure I didn’t care that it was my wife, taking another man’s cock so deep in her throat. But the image of that blowjob working overtime with my arousal.

I was getting close, but then so was he. She backed off on me a little, making sure I didn’t cum as he held her head still. Pulling back until he rested the head of his tool on her tongue and started wanking himself off into her mouth.

She looked directly up at him, lapping at the tip of his cock and then he came. Spurt after spurt of thick white spunk sprayed into my wife’s mouth. She continued to lap and suck at the tip of his cock until he was completely spent. Making sure to catch every last drop. Then she turned to me and once again began to work my cock. Using both hands now she massaged and rubbed and pulled until I was on the very edge of orgasm.

And then she kissed me.

The sensation of the kiss, pushed me over the edge and I came hard while she pushed the cum that she had held in her mouth into mine. I swallowed reflexively and by the time I had recovered from my orgasm, I had drunk it all.

She continued to massage my cock, rubbing my own cum into it as she whispered into my ear about how good a boy I was, and how much I would love being their cuck.

I was screaming inside, but whatever she had given me had robbed me of any will to resist.

Shitstain sat on the edge of the bed grinning at me as he recovered.

“You see, cuck,” he said “Things will be so much easier for you when you admit what you are and take your proper place.”

He went into the bathroom and after a minute I heard the toilet flush.

He came out and lay down on the bed. Stephanie joined him and they started making out, obviously waiting for him to recover.

Fortunately my recovery time seemed to be faster than his.

I could feel that whatever she had given me was starting to wear off. If I could avoid drinking any more then I might have a chance.

That meant that I would have to still appear to be drugged, and may have to do something I wouldn’t like, until I could figure out a way to use the fact I was not as compliant as they thought.

Shitstain had recovered and they had started to fuck. Again she was making loud and appreciative noises as he ploughed her. It was more difficult for me to watch since my dissociation was starting to fade, but I needed to make it look like I was reacting to it. I decided that Stephanie was no longer my wife, she was just some hooker that had been hired to put on a show. It helped that I couldn’t really see her face at the moment.

Shitstain looked back at me and grinned.

“Our little cuck is horny again” he said.

They changed positions and this time Stephanie knelt in front of me, and once again started playing with my cock. At the same time Shitstain started fucking her from behind.

All the time she was moaning and talking saying how good he was making her feel, and how good it would be when I would be able to join them as I was bound to do.

I’ll admit that I was building to another orgasm. Stephanie played me masterfully, spitting on my cock to keep it wet and slippery as she worked me up, all the while getting ploughed from behind.

After about twenty minutes, shitstain started to moan and then he stiffened and once again Emptied his balls into my wife.

“Now what?” he asked

“Make him clean you off” she said “get him to lick it clean and then as I make him cum, make him suck you.”

He presented his still semi erect cock to my face.

“Clean it cuck” he said.

Stephanie pushed her mouth down over my cock, and I gasped.

As if it had a will of its own, my tongue emerged and I ran it gently up the length of his cock, scooping up some of the accumulated juices from their lovemaking. I dribbled most of it out before I managed to get my tongue back into my mouth, but I got some.

Shitstain groaned in appreciation.

“He will make a great cocksucker” he said.

“Keep going.” He said to me.

As I used my tongue to clean him, Stephanie was moving faster and faster on my cock. Bringing me closer to my own orgasm.

Finally it hit and I gasped, my mouth opening wide.

Shitstain, as instructed pushed his cock into my mouth, holding my head so he could ram it as far in as it would go.

I bit down. Hard.

Shitstain screamed and started trying to pull his cock out of my mouth, but I was like a terrier with a rat, sawing my teeth together and shaking my head from side to side. I had one goal and that was to bite his cock clean off.

I could feel blood pulsing into my mouth and I tried to push it out, as I tried to keep on breathing, all the while doing my best to do as much damage as I could. Then I felt something connect with the side of my head. I saw stars but hung on. Time after time the blows fell, as he did his utmost to get me to release.

In the end I think it was his blow to the side of my head, that finally separated the ragged piece of tissue that was still in my mouth with the stub that remained attached to him. Unfortunately that same blow finally robbed me of my consciousness and I knew no more.

I awoke with the mother and father of all headaches. The room was dark and I could hear a regular beeping. Being the genius I was I decided that I was in hospital.

I tried to lift my arm but found that it was attached to the side of the bed by a handcuff. That wasn’t good.

A face swam into my view. Bella

“Well finally” she said “it’s about time you woke up”

“ow onng” I croaked.

She placed an ice chip against my lips, and I sucked it into my mouth, immediately easing my throat.

I indicated for another and got one.

“How long have I been here?” I asked.

“Three days” she replied.

“What happened.” I asked.

“That is what we were waiting to ask you” she said. “The story that your wife and her lover gave the police is clean out of fantasy land. But they did claim you assaulted them, so you are under arrest until the sheriff can sort it all out.”

“My phone should be in the living room of the house, and the camera Jonathon gave me is on the top shelf of the vanity unit in the bedroom. Do you think you could get to them?” I asked.

She nodded. “I’ll say you need some clothing. Stephanie is keeping vigil outside. It’s a shitshow. His wife is here and demanding to know how her husband managed to misplace his cock” she grinned.

“What did they say happened?”

“They said that you came home and found them in bed together. That you tried to assault Danforth and he punched you to the floor. Then since you were on your knees you lunged at him and bit his penis off.”

She laughed a bit at this.

“I knew you were savage but I wouldn’t have thought that even you could do that”.

“Oh I bit it off all right” I said and her eyes went wide. “But the circumstances were very different.

“Did they take blood from me when I came in?” I asked and she nodded.

“Get Jonathon to insist on getting it tested for drugs. And get that stuff from my house.” I said.

The nurse came in at that moment and told Bella that I was getting too excited and I needed to rest. She pushed a button on a device by the bed and I started feeling sleepy again.

“Fuck” I thought “Drugged again.”

I was woken by someone lifting my arm. Looking down I could see a man in uniform. He appeared to be removing the handcuffs.

“Wha?” I said intelligently

“Easy there, Simon. I just needed to take these off. Your sister got your phone and the camera from the house. Jonathon has shown us the evidence. You are no longer under arrest. As for those other two,” he smiled grimly, “I have a new use for these” he said twirling them around his finger.

It took nearly two weeks before I had a normal sleep pattern, I had apparently suffered a fractured skull, had a concussion, and a couple of teeth loosened when shitstain had pounded on me trying to get me to let him go.

I was sitting up in bed, waiting for Jonathon and Bella to visit, when there was a knock on my door.

A beautiful woman, probably in her mid-thirties was standing there.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hi,” she said. “My name is Lilly Evans, Danforth Evans’s wife. May I come in?”

“I’m not sure…” I started

“Please, “ she said “I’m not here to cause you any trouble or harm. I just wanted to talk.”

I indicated the chair beside my bed and she settled in.

“I finally heard the truth of what happened,” she said, “I am so sorry for what he put you through”

I looked at her wondering why she was there. Was she here to plead for leniency for her husband? Would I get the ‘he’s a good man and the kids need a father’ line? Well if that was the case then she was shit out of luck. I wanted to hang this bastard out to dry.

“I’m sorry to be rude,” I said “But why are you here?”

She looked at me, and I am certain she read my thoughts.

“You think I am here to plead his case.” She said “that couldn’t be further from the truth. But I am here to plead mine.”

“I don’t understand,” I said

“Your brother-in-law has told me that he intends to seek significant damages from Danforth for what he did to you. But the thing is Danforth doesn’t own anything. After the divorce, which is already filed, by the way, he will be lucky to leave with his skin. But since we were married at the time of the assault, the suit will be filed against us as a couple. Well actually against me.”

“Don’t get me wrong” she said “I have money, not a fortune but enough for me to live a reasonable life and bring up my children, but if you take that away from me, you will be punishing me, and my children for something we didn’t do. He will be no worse off, but we would. Please, we didn’t do anything to you, please don’t punish us for his crimes.” She was starting to cry, and I found myself wanting to put my arms around her and comfort her.

At that point, Jonathon and Bella entered the room. Jonathon frowned when he saw Lilly sitting beside me.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” he said “Please leave.”

Sniffing, she nodded, stood up, and left. Looking back at me pleadingly as she went through the door.

“Is it true?” I asked.

“I’ll need a bit more information,” he said.

“Am I suing her and her kids for what that shitstain did to me?”

“And Stephanie. I was going to speak to you about filing civil claims against both of them.”

“Was his wife involved in any way with what went on? Did she know about it?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No. from what we understand he told her he was setting up a new business in the town. She said she would part-finance it if he could find other backers. She would have been able to completely fund it, but she was trying to make him do something for himself.”

“Is it true she has filed for divorce?”

He nodded. “Looking at the paperwork, he will leave with nothing”.

“Then why are we going after her and her kids? They had nothing to do with it?”

“Bella thought you would say that, but I had to register an interest before the divorce was filed otherwise there would have been nothing to act against. I take it you don’t want to pursue her?”

I shook my head. “I’m not taking food out of kids’ mouths. By the way, what’s the position with Stephanie and the auto shop?”

“Well,” he said “with the evidence of the drugging and the rape,”

“Rape?” I exclaimed “he didn’t rape her, she went willingly”

“Not her you idiot,” Bella said “You.”

“I was raped?”

“Don’t worry” Jonathon said “nothing more than you remember happened. But what they did to you was rape. He put his penis in your mouth, while you were drugged and incapable of giving consent, while you were tied to a chair. That constitutes rape. Your reaction to him doing so gives a clear indication it was against your will.”

“Oh,” I sighed with relief.

“As I was saying, with that evidence the prenup will be in effect. That means you walk away with everything you currently own, so 55% of the auto shop, plus all your own savings. Obviously, we will also be seeking compensation but I don’t think we will get much from her trust fund. That seems locked down tight. Her only assets outside that are the house, her part of the auto shop, and her part of the financial business that she had started with her lover. I believe she owned 60% of that.”

“Is that a viable business?” I asked.

“It would be with the right people. If I owned it I would employ someone to run it, and let them build it with options for buyout along the line.” He replied.

“Ok. I definitely want the shop.”

“Realistically I think we could expect to get both businesses and some of the equity from the house.” He said.

“Let’s do that. But no going after Lilly” I reminded him, and he nodded.

With the video evidence and my statement Danforth Evans was charged with possession of controlled substances with intent to supply, Sexual assault in the first and second degree and assault in the first degree. He was sentenced to 15 years. Doctors determined that his penis was too damaged to be reattached and so constructed him a new one from skin on his thigh. He could pee through it but since the nerves were destroyed he would never be able to use it on a woman again.

He despaired that he would never be able to orgasm again, but after a year or two in prison, he found that it happened when he got fucked. He didn’t enjoy it much though.

Stephanie was convicted of possession of a controlled substance and illegal administration. She was also convicted of sexual assault in the first and second degree. She was sentenced to 10 years. The divorce came through after 6 months, and her lawyers agreed to sign over her portion of both businesses and pay 50% of the value of the house. Jonathon said that was as good a deal as we were going to get so I accepted.

I got Jonathon on his own one afternoon and told him that I needed to find a way to pay him for all his work. A quick look at a contract was one thing, but he had put in a significant amount of time on my behalf and as a one-man band, that was time he couldn’t spend earning.

He leaned in and beckoned me to do the same.

I did, and he slapped me upside my head. Grinning.

“Bella told me you would do this. And she told me what to do when you did.”

I rubbed my head ruefully.

“My sister hits harder than you,” I said.

A month later, the paperwork for the transfer of the business assets from Stephanie had finally come through so I decided to go look at this financial business and see if there was anything worth saving there. I had been told that there were a couple of people working the business, but it wasn’t producing inspiring results.

I opened the door to see a man standing toe to toe with Lilly Evans and yelling into her face.

“Fuck you.” he shouted ” You may have a stake in this business but I’m the only one keeping it afloat. Until the senior partner gets here and tells me otherwise, I will run this office my way”

“Morning.” I said,

He spun around to face me.

“Who the fuck are you?” he asked.

“Well I might have been a prospective client with a million dollar portfolio to invest. But I guess I would just take my business elsewhere.” I said.

He looked me up and down. Since I had just come from the auto shop I was still in coveralls, although they were clean they were still coveralls. He scoffed.

“Bullshit you have a million dollars.”

“I don’t think you should be yelling at people like that,” I remarked “especially not a lady.”

“Well you can just suck my dick!” he said.

I raised an eyebrow at that, but Lilly giggled. “I wouldn’t suggest it,” she said, “it didn’t turn out too well for Danforth.”

He paled and looked from her to me. “You’re the guy who….”

“I’m the guy who owns 60% of this business” I said “Which as you so eloquently put it, makes me the senior partner, which means that You. Are. Fired.”

“You can’t fire me” he said, “this business would go bust in a day”

I shrugged. “I don’t care.” I said “I don’t need it,” I indicated Lilly “she doesn’t need it, “the only people that will suffer for you being a complete and utter asshole are the employees. That’s you.”

“And me.” said a voice sadly from behind me.

I turned around to see a young woman sitting at the reception desk.

“I’m sorry “I said “I didn’t see you there. Who are you?”

“I’m nobody. And now apparently an unemployed nobody.” she said a tear trickling down her cheek. I guess I’ll have to go back to being a waitress again.

“What do you do here?” I asked.

“Answer the phone, open mail, make coffee, she said. It’s not much but the hours and pay were better than waitressing and it meant I could be home for my daughter in the evening.”

I pursed my lips.

“Ok, stick around for a minute.” I turned to the obnoxious guy “You, fuck off.”

For a moment he blustered and started to square up. I smiled. I guess that decided it. He left.

I closed and locked the door behind him.

“Lilly, you, me and ..” I looked at the girl

“Monica” she said.

“Monica” I continued “need to talk.”

“First” I said looking at Monica,” Where’s that coffee you mentioned?”

She started to rise.

“No no,” I said “just point – I’ll get it” she pointed to a coffee machine over the other side of the office.

“Lilly?” I asked

“Just black for me” she said.


“Cream and sugar please”

Coffee in hand I sat down with the ladies.

“So,” I said, “I know percentages, but how much dollar value are we in for here?” I asked

“The business value is about 250k which puts your stake at about 150k Lilly said.”

“And what would happen if we just walked away, aside from losing that stake.” I asked.

“We can’t just walk away, we have clients. Our exit would be to sell our business to other brokers. I did investigate it when I first found out and we could sell quickly and recoup most if not all of our money.” She said.

“What about the offices here?” I said.

“They are on a year lease, which is paid up. They would stand empty until the end of the lease.

“So, it’s that easy? Sell up and walk away?”

“Pretty much” she said “if that is what you want to do.”

“Do you have another option?” I asked.

“We could try and recruit someone to run the office.” she suggested.

“What do you know about financial planning?” I asked

“Not much.” she said shaking her head.

“Nor me. I’m a mechanic. We could just be setting ourselves up for another asshole like that.” I indicated the door he had left through.

“Unless,” I said turning to Monica, “you could do it?”

She smiled sadly and shook her head “I make appointments, answer calls and make coffee.”

I nodded.

“Settled then. As of now we close the office. Did you say you had potential buyers lined up?” I asked Lilly

She nodded.

“Would you be able to organise it please?”

She nodded again. “I owe you that much at least. I never did get to thank you for dropping your suit against us.”

“I never had a suit against you” I said “It was against shitsta.. sorry Your ex-husband. You and your kids did nothing to me.”

She grinned “Shitstain is right. I would be happy to organise the sale though. I’ll let you know when contracts are drawn up ready for your lawyer to read.”

I turned to Monica.

“Now you.” I said. “Would you take a ride with me?”

She looked from me to Lilly.

“Ok,” she said nervously.

It was only a ten-minute drive to the auto shop. I took her up to the office.

“Desk, appointment book, phone, coffee machine. “I indicated each item. “If you are interested. It’s hardly a high-powered financial institution, but its honest paid regular work and you can still be at home for your daughter at night. Ill match what you were paid at your last job with 10% increment.

“Oh, can you drive?” I asked

“I don’t have a car, but I do have a license.” she replied.

“Ok. There may be times you need to go collect some parts, or pick up or drop off customers whose cars are in for service. There’s a van we use for parts and a car for customers. Obviously, there’s no point in it sitting in the shop overnight so you will be able to take the car home at night and use it. As long as it’s kept clean.” I said.

She looked around the office.

“When do I start?” she asked smiling.

“You’re already late. Not a good start on your first day.” I said, smiling to take the sting out of my words.

Monica and I hit it off pretty much straight away.

She was a year younger than I, and her daughter, Bethany, was an absolute joy. She had got caught pregnant following a drunken night out with her friends that turned into something else. She didn’t remember much about it, least of all who she had slept with. She had long suspected that there were drugs involved but had no evidence, or even a suspect, to take to the police.

I had suggested that on the days when her mother was not able to look after Bethany that she bring her to the shop. She could sit in the office with her mother, watch stuff on her tablet, and take trips out with her mom when she went out to pick up parts, or even pick up or drop off customers. The townsfolk didn’t mind having a child in a car-seat behind them as they were being driven to or from the shop.

Once we established the precedent, it became the norm, and each day Bethany would accompany her mother to work.

We were careful to ensure that she didn’t come into the shop, which is a dangerous place, but the office was safe enough and even got a lot cleaner due to Monica’s efforts.

After a couple of months of dancing around each other, I was building up the courage to ask her out on a date, when Bethany, in the manner of children, hit me with the mother openings.

I had had to go out of town for a two-day car show, I had been chasing a particular part for an old car and was reliably informed that there may be someone at the show that would be able to help.

I came back, disappointed since he didn’t have what I needed.

I arrived back at the shop mid-morning and went into the office to let Monica know I was back.

Bethany looked up as I entered the office, and with a ringing cry of “Daddy!!!” ran to give me a hug.

Monica froze, looking like a deer in headlights. I have to say I myself was stunned, but I scooped up the little bundle currently demanding attention and carried her back to her mother.

“I’m so sorry,” Monica said, “I don’t know where that came from.”

I grinned at her.

“I think it’s a hint,” I said. “She’s telling me it’s time I got off my ass and asked her mom out on a date.”

Monica blushed but looked at me levelly.

“So, are you going to?”

“I think so. But I’m not sure where she might like to go on such a date. Do you have any ideas?”

“Movies?” She asked. Inwardly I grimaced remembering my first date with Stephanie but I didn’t let it show.

Despite the provenance, the date went well and almost a year later, Bethany was one of Monica’s bridesmaids at our wedding.

Two more things of note happened that you may or may not be interested in, I’ll let you decide.

About three months after Monica and I had started dating, I got a visit from the Sherriff. Apparently, Danforth’s cellmate had told the authorities that that Danforth had confessed to him, that Mike’s death had not been accidental. That he had died as a result of a drug overdose at one of their sex sessions, and the collapsed jack had been staged. There hadn’t been an autopsy at the time as the circumstances seemed cut and dried. They were going to exhume his body and test for drugs.

If what the cellmate had said was true then both Danforth and Stephanie were facing possible charges of murder two at the least.

The other thing happened the week after.

Monica, Bethany, and I had gone over to see Bella, Jonathon, and the kids. At some point, during the weekend I had perpetrated some transgression or other, and Bella had slapped me around the head.

I was about to laugh it off, but Monica was having none of it.

“That is the last time you lay hands on my man!” she said coldly to Bella.

I opened my mouth to speak but Jonathon caught my eye and shook his head indicating that I needed to stay out of it.

Bella and Monica eyed each other like cats ready to fight, and then unbelievably Bella backed down.

“You’re right,” she said to Monica, “it’s not my place anymore.” She sounded sad.

Monica embraced her. “It’s okay, I’ll look out for him now,” she said gently, and I realized that up until that point, Bella had still been acting in the stead of my mother, a role she had taken on after Ma’s death.

“Take care of him,” Bella said, softly placing her hand on my cheek. “he deserves it.”

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