Handy Man chapter 2 by Crotch-Monkey

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Chapter 2

Jeff got to work early the next morning and could not stop thinking about Miss Howl. He passed by her apartment three times that morning and knew she was there because she always put the do not disturb sign out on her door when she was in.

Jeff had another close encounter that morning with Miss Howl's neighbor Miss. Price. She had a leak in the drain under her sink.

Jeff was on his back on the floor looking up at the area he was working and needed a wrench that he just could not quite reach. So he asked if Miss Price could hand the tool to him. She was sitting right there at the kitchen table just a few feet away. Talking to her nine-month-old daughter. She said sure, as she got up to help.

Jeff could not help but notice that she was wearing a skirt. Well when she got up she spread her knees just enough to notice, she had a bear pussy. That caused another reaction to his groin area but he remembered the day before those tight shorts just were not going to work on the job.

So today, he wore a pair that were not quite so revealing. She got down on her knees and grabbed the wrench to hand it to him bending at the waist to do so. That made it worse because she had on a very loose fitting top so he could see down her blouse. Both breasts beautiful and shapely hanging there for him to enjoy He thought it was all over, but the baby started to fuss and Pam (Miss Price) got up to see to the fussing child.

Well Jeff got the job done. Alone now

Pam had taken the baby out to settle her down for her after lunch nap. So Jeff just let himself out quietly so as not to wake anyone. As he entered the hall, he saw Mr. Ed Bossy talking to Miss. Howl (Karen). In addition, over heard Ed say thanks Miss. Howl I will tell him. As they saw Jeff making his way to their position.

Ed said well I would not have to, you can tell him yourself Miss. Howl.

At that point, Jeff knew everything was OK because Ed was smiling at Jeff. Ed asked if Jeff was catching up all right. At which point Jeff told Mr. Ed how far he had gotten that morning.

Leaving out most details of the repairs he had made

Ed said OK do you think you can get this job all right for Miss. Howl. Jeff said sure. Ed left saying that Jeff should take a long break after this switch job because he was going too fast with the repairs and should slow down.

Jeff said he was sorry but the jobs were easy and had no trouble yet with anything. Ed left them; saying if he needed any help to call Jeff said he would.

Karen said to come in. Therefore, they went into her apartment and shut the door behind them. Karen asked if she could help Jeff with anything. In addition, he said no accept where is the broken switch? She led him to the kitchen wall where the switch was and flipped it up and down to show him. She said to let her know when he was done because she had to do something before he could leave.

Jeff found the circuit breaker in the kitchen cabinet and turned it off so he could change the switch. It was another simple job and only took about ten minutes to fix. Jeff left the tools on the kitchen table and walked over to Karen's room to knock on the now closed door to her bedroom.

She opened it and said to come in telling him that she was looking forward to this all morning.

Jeff smiled as she led him to the bed and sat him down.

Karen was about twenty-eight a strawberry brunet about five feet five inches tall with a figure that just would not quit. Jeff was just short of six foot and very athletic in appearance with brown hair and a cute face.

Karen asked if there was anything special that he would like to learn as she sat next to him on the bed resting her hand on his thigh. Jeff said well Miss. Howl I am not sure


She said to call her Karen. Well Karen Jeff said I just do not know. I have this girl Julie and I want her so bad I can taste her. Karen smiled saying that she would do her best, to show him, what to do. She said to put his arm around her and get closer, which made junior start to stir in his pants again.

She guided her mouth to his and kissed him with her open mouth. Jeff liked the way that stirred his cock and kissed her back. She parted with a whoosh; I do not think you need help in that department. Jeff smiled he said he had done

that a lot with Julie, but when they got worked up that Julie would

always stop him and he wanted to get her past that, if it was possible.

Karen said it sure was and this might help as she guided him to her neck and told him to nibble on her ear lobe.

Jeff did as instructed and was surprised at the effect it had on Karen.

She seemed to melt in his arms as he sucked and licked at her neck and ear, she was putty in his arms. In addition, when he decided to do a little experimenting of his own by sticking his tongue in her ear she started to shake and kind of shiver.

Jeff stopped to hear Karen say oh boy, if you ever stop when you get that far we could have found the problem she said. If you want to make love to a girl and get her that far to never stop and he could do just about anything he wanted.

Now that I have sort-a recovered, I want to show you what else might work. First, you need to learn how to play with a girl. That is called, foreplay.

Jeff learned everything very fast. Karen was now lying on the bed with Jeff's hand on her pussy and showing him the different areas to please any women.

For instance, she said to touch her on the little spot at the top just inside the crack, It is the clitoris. Handle it very gently like this, as she showed him with her finger.

Jeff took over touching the little bud and noticed that it grew as he touched and stroked and pumped it.

She loved it, it caused her to moan and groan with each stroke. As he played, he noticed a little bit of white stuff gathering at the hole and asked if he made her cum, she just kept on humping his hand until she was breathing as if she just ran a mile or like she was out of control. She was shivering again, took hold of his wrist, and guided it just the way she wanted.

Then held it to her as she humped it a couple more times and then just lay still saying how good it felt.

It did not take long to recover and teach him more, this kid was going to have so much experience by the time she was done;

he would be able to please any women. Jeff tried not to think too much about his own cock because he really did want to know, all there was to learn, or she could teach him.

Now she was resting so Jeff was just lying there watching observing as her breathing slowed to normal? She raised her head to see if he was hard.

Dam this kid was something; he looked as hard as a rock.

She got up, told him to lye down, and tries to relax. However, after that, she just had to suck some cock.

He was hoping to get another blow-job; she worked her way down his frame slowly kissing licking stroking.

She told him to relax and enjoy. She took his cock in her hand gently, pumped a couple of times, and then lowered her head to kiss the very tip.

He groaned, she said to take it easy because they were going to have a bit of fun. She took it in her mouth slowly at first moaning as she did.

She had one hand on his nut sack and the other holding the shaft of this beautiful cock sticking up so proud and strong.

She was sucking, licking, fucking; yes fucking his cock with her mouth. He began to contract. All at once, she stopped, and said, “Oh no”. You need to learn to control that.

He looked stunned, she said you can try to think of something else like riding a horse or something but do not just think about my mouth on this magnificent cock of yours. You will lose it and cum. Try to let me enjoy instead.

Jeff said he would try so she started where she left off, sucking slowly at first to see if he would get the hang of it. This kid was a natural he caught on to everything so fast. She decided to give this kid something to compare the rest of the blow-jobs that he would ever get to this one.

She took it in, to the back of her mouth but there was still about half of his cock still outside. She moved her head a little to adjust and then the rest of the way down. That had him contracting again and she decided to ride him out this time.

She slid her finger under his sack and rested it just behind so she could feel the contractions when they started.

Now she fucked his cock with her mouth and throat. She took him all the way in then all the way out repeatedly in and out in and out.

He reached for her head and held on for dear life as she fucked him. Then she felt it, the spasms that shoot the juices out. With the finger under his balls, she gently massaged the area as he pumped and jerked and moaned, dam this was great. She thought she caught it all not missing a drop.

As they finished this bout of mad passionate sex, she slowly released him but not before, he was done. They rested for a few minutes and talked about nothing but sex.

Finally, she said are you ready for another lesson and he said yes? This time I want a blow-job at the same time. He said what I do. She said nothing that you cannot handle.

Karen asked if he remembered what she showed him with his hand on her pussy. He said yes good she said.

I want you to do that with your mouth as well as your hand.

He said OK.

She positioned herself over him in a sixty-nine position her mouth over his cock and her pussy over his mouth. She said OK, now go ahead touch it,

the little bud, then with your mouth stick your tongue out, lick it now

,kiss it, now suck it ,dam this is good as she held back a shiver.

Then she went to work on that big fat cock of his. She held it in one hand as she kissed every part of his cock and balls. She licked it, ran her lips down the sides, and then as he got more into sucking and licking her, to another climax. She took him in her mouth as if she where fucking him with her love hole.

She was sure she could feel a cock up her hole. Therefore, she stopped to look


Jeff was fucking her with his tongue. As he held her, open for a complete assault of his eager mouth and tongue.

The sight of him going to town on her hole sent her back to making mad passionate love to his cock.

She took him deep even tried to get his balls in at one point. She pushed her nest into his mouth as she rode his mouth. She was just letting it go. Not able to stop or slow down Jeff was on his way to. He was moaning, humping, and pumping up into her mouth, which caused her to lose even more control. He was shooting into her as she just let the flood gates open. He thrust up into her mouth they pumped into each other. What a gut wrenching orgasm. They stayed in this position for a few moments both moving just enough to breathe, cock now going down and pussy barely dripping. They where spent.

They finally parted to lye in the sixty-nine position trying to recover. She was the first to move getting up to go into the bathroom Jeff just lay there. Moments later, she came out to tell him to get a shower and she would make some Lunch.

Jeff entered the kitchen wearing only a bath towel, to the great smell of hamburger cooking in a frying pan and Karen standing at the counter. Now wearing a flimsy housecoat that just barely covered her bottom. She noticed him looking at her ass again and said

you are something else.

If you ever get married, she said your wife should be very happy, as long as you keep on giving the attention to her that you give me.

Jeff smiled and said, I just cannot see enough or touch you enough. Karen said oh that is sweet Jeff.

Now grab those two plates and come over here.

Jeff did as she said. She finished the burghers with a little salt and pepper and scooped them up. Placed the burgers on the buns already on the plates. They sat and ate while Karen asked questions and Jeff answered, between bites.

After they finished Karen cleaned the mess up and came over, to stand in front of Jeff with her housecoat open, for him to feast his eyes on. Her body that he could not keep his eyes from enjoying.

She asked what else she could teach him.

He said he would like to know how she felt about sex. She explained how different it was for a girl to think about sex.

She told him that she thought the physical attraction was probably the same. However, a girl liked to be caressed and gently taken to the point of seduction.

Most could not just drop their panties and get to it like a man. That is why she showed him about foreplay.

He asked about the previous day and she told him that was kind of an accident.

He wanted to know why that happened the way it did. She said she was thinking about it before he had arrived and that is why it happened so fast.

She also admitted she had been keeping an eye on him for the past three years wondering if he would grow into a hunk like the one, she had hoped. Therefore, when Mr. Ed told her that morning that he was coming to fix her toilet she thought she would put it to the test.

Jeff asked did I pass as he smiled.

She said with flying colors Jeff. When you showed up in those tight shorts, I knew I had you as long as you were not gay that is.

Therefore, I was waiting for you kind of in ambush you see. When I bent over to let you see my ass I made sure you could see what no man has ever passed up.

A good look at my toosh.

He reached for her tit's to hold as his mouth came up to suckle one then the other.

She moaned and cuddled his head as he suckled like an infant she loved it. Her knees began to weaken Jeff reached around her waist to steady her. She started to moan;

Jeff sucked and flicked at the now erect nipples that were the color of red raspberries.

He just could not get enough. He slid his right hand between her now parted thighs to rub her clit. Only to find her already wet so he slid that little bit further to find her hole even wetter.

He raised his thumb to enter and explore her inner folds. She began to move her hips so she could fuck his thumb up inside of her wet pussy.

Yes, yes, yes she said as she humped his thumb. Jeff I want you to fuck me dogie stile. She got off his drenched hand and got on the floor.

There was a carpet, one of those through ones she centered herself on hands and knees. Jeff was right behind her stiff dick in hand.

Her hand came out from under to grab his rock hard member to guide it to its mark her glistening hole.

Jeff was firmly pulled to her as she guided him in.

He watched as the head entered that beautiful cunt. This was almost too much for him seeing his cock disappear inside her hole. He loved to watch the shaft get slicker and slicker as she pumped herself back into his groin.

He wondered if she was coming because

She was groaning and saying yes.

Fuck me with that fat cock and

Jeff seemed to be getting mighty slick.

He also noticed her asshole seemed to expand as she groaned fuck me Jeff.

Well what happened next he just could not believe. She moved off him so quickly he could not react. She had spun around to take his now drenched cock into her mouth and suck as hard as she could.

That was it.

He was coming too, right down her throat again.

Darn he was lucky.

He came so hard he thought he would pass out.

It was so good.

When she finally finished sucking, she raised up to kiss him, so he could also taste the rewards of their efforts.

He decided he liked the mixed taste of the fruit of lust.

They recovered and eventually got dressed.

She told Jeff she would be out of town for the next few days but she would let him know as soon as she returned because she would be ready by then for some more of that big fat cock of his.

He just smiled as she walked him to the door and said thanks

She said you young man, are welcome kissing him again on the mouth.

Rating: 92%, Read 10317 times, Posted Dec 04, 2011

Fantasy | Consensual Sex


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