Holiday Slut by BigRedOne

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Holiday Slut

We are a young married couple in our early thirties with two gorgeous kids, we grew up two houses apart and have been friends, companions and finally lovers from the time we were toddlers.

Neither of us has ever needed nor wanted anyone else and as other friends have come and gone we have always been there for each other through thick and thin, even now after 12 years of marriage we are just as much in love with each other as we have always been.

Our sex life is good, no, great, with both of us ready and willing to give new things a try although we have never included other people in our experimenting with our kinky sides.

Even so things do get a little stale at times and this was one of those times.

We decided we needed a break from the kids and to have a short holiday with just the two of us so April had found us a nice little seaside cottage in Europe for ten days and I had arranged for my parents to look after the kids for a week and Aprils parents to look after them for the next week. To say we were excited was a huge understatement.

“what do you think looks better Zack?” said April holding up a minuscule white bikini and an ever so slightly less daring black bikini against her golden brown all over tan

I laughed “you know you will take both, and besides, no one will know us there and it has a secluded little beach in front of our cottage so you wont need either”

April sunbaked and swam nude for an hour every week day in our hidden pool while the kids were at school, I on the other hand usually spent a few hours on a weekend down at our local nude beach.

Even though I had never met anyone I knew down there April refused to go because she didn’t want to take the chance on anyone seeing her there, being a school teacher made that entirely understandable, it was certainly not because she was ashamed of that gorgeous body with only the slightest droop to her breasts to mar the perfect image she wished for.

I on the other hand tried to keep in shape by doing a bit of jogging down at the nude beach killing two birds with one stone so to speak so I also had a nice even tan.

The school holidays started and I took our eager kids down to my parents place then back home to finish preparations for our trip, Alice was bent over sorting the kids washing when I snuck up behind her and poked her with my eagerness, she spun around and melted into my arms just as eager as I was and we crashed from room to room making mad passionate love throughout the entire empty house.

It was hours later when we finally got back to doing the chores and I quipped “you realise that all the curtains are open and anyone could have seen us!”

“yeh, I think Mr Murdoch saw us when I was riding your pole on the coffee table but by the time I noticed him glance our way he had passed out of view and I was in the middle of cumming and couldn’t stop anyway” she laughed.

“That was right near the beginning, is that what turned you into a wild little tigress who couldn’t get enough?” I sniggered

“I may or may not have got a little thrill out of it” she squeaked quietly

“Thrill … you damn near wore the skin off me” I laughed dodging a flying cushion.

We ordered a pizza and got back to work with everything sorted late that night.

On the plane next day I kept teasing her about Mr Murdoch while rubbing her thighs etc, we had a long flight so it kept me amused for a few hours until she turned the tables and stroked me hard for so long under the blanket that I thought I would burst, when all was quiet and dark she suddenly slipped my track pants down then her own and slid her warm wetness down my stiffness in one single fluid motion, we had been teasing each other for hours by this stage and I felt her rhythmic clenching begin as soon as she bottomed out, a couple of forceful thrust and I joined her in a mutual orgasm to join the mile high club. I couldn’t believe from start to over the edge for both of us was less than 10 seconds.

She slid back off a minute or so later and covered us with the blanket again as we recovered and grinned madly at each other.

She looked around, lifted the blanket and cleaned me up with her mouth then kissed me and said “your turn”

I think I surprised her when I squeezed down to the floor and licked her clean, we both got a surprise when the hostess walked up, saw my head between her track pants and her crotch, coughed, grinned and continued on.

For the rest of the trip every time one of the hosties walked past they grinned and we giggled.

By the time we arrived at our cottage we eagerly ran a hot bath and both eased our weary bones into the warmth, we dried each other off and slipped naked beneath the sheets but the foreplay didn’t last long before we slipped into a deep peaceful slumber.

I woke to the smell of bacon and eggs and wandered naked out to the kitchen “where did you get these?” I queried, “I ordered groceries when I booked the cottage” she grinned as she noticed her nakedness had gotten a reaction from me.

I sidled up behind her slipping my hardness between her firm tanned cheeks as she turned the eggs, “soon baby soon” she smoothed as she wriggled her dainty butt around my pole.

She moved the chair side on to the table pushed me on to the chair, laid two full plates in front of me then grinned at my confused look.

She straddled my lap and slid herself on to my hardness as far as she could get before our thighs met.

She was obviously as horny as I was after our unfulfilled evening but nevertheless proceeded to cut the eggs and bacon into bite sized pieces and forked them into my waiting mouth, I proceeded to do the same for her as we alternated between small thrusts and small bites for most of the meal before I stood up impaling her further and we finished each other off crashing around the room into our ecstasy.

As we were catching our breath we heard a strangled gasp and looked towards the glass panelled front door to see an older lady with her eyes bugging out and her hand to her mouth, “I think I better get this” exclaimed April as she lowered her legs and slid off my dripping rod.

She opened the door to the shocked woman who stammered “I didn’t know whether to walk away or call the police”

Her eyes kept looking back to watch my hard on still bobbing up and down and drooling on the floor, she dragged her eyes away and looked at April “ummm, I just came over to check everything was OK and to tell you to make yourself at home but I see you already have” she grinned “Lucky I didn’t send Harold over or he would have had a heart attack” she laughed getting back a bit of her poise as she stepped forward and briefly hugged April.

I walked over holding out my hand “I guess there’s not much point trying to cover up now” I said, “I’m Zack and this is April, sorry about all this”

She stepped forward and hugged me suddenly, my hardon had started to soften and had angled down from looking up to looking straight ahead so it poked her sundress right into her crotch “I’m Margret and my husband is Harold” she said as she stepped back with an ooh, we both looked down to see her dress pushed in and a big glob of cum on it, I was about to start apologising when she giggled then laughed, “well this is awkward” I said, “not as awkward as its going to be when I tell Harold what it is” she said as she burst out laughing.

April couldn’t hold back and burst in to laughter too.

Margret hugged me again, went ooh as she remembered what was poking her then hugged me again as I joined them in their laughter and April joined in a group hug pushing Margret against me even harder.

Margret wriggled and laughed as I untangled myself “its been a while” she said “we were swingers back in the day”

“well you are the closest I’ve ever been to another woman other that April” I laughed

“I have only ever been with Zack” added April as she grabbed her bag from the hallway table and extracted a tissue holding it out.

Margret grinned and said “I might just tease Harold” as she held her palm towards April “if you don’t mind”

When we both shrugged she walked off saying “I'll let you know what happened, until then keep it up” and grinned cheekily back at us.

“Well that could have gone a lot worse” I said as I stood beside April with my arm around her until Margret waved at us from the front gate and we both waved back.

We cleaned up and headed down the steep rugged little path to the tiny little beach, it was high tide so the headlands on either side were awash and the path down was on our property so we had the place to ourselves and made the most of it, stripping naked then swimming, sunbathing, picnicking and even making love.

Later in the afternoon when the tide dropped a couple of older fishermen rounded the headland and gasped as they spotted us lying naked on our towels, April looked up, shrugged and waved them on whispering “it looks like everyone is out to see me naked so stuff it, no one knows us here”

As they passed I whispered “someone likes the view” and nodded towards their tented pants.

The fishermen disappeared around the next headland and I rolled on top of her poking my rapidly stiffening member at the join between her thighs “uh uh, they might come back” she laughed, lets go back up and get it on in a proper bed.

She grabbed our clothes and towels stuffing them into her bag before wiggling her naked arse and sauntering off up the path, as we rounded the bushes in front of the house we were greeted by Margret and an elderly male, “Hi” yelled Margret smiling, “we just came round to mow the lawn”

April hesitated then walked straight up to the man and hugged him “you must be Harold, I guess this must be the way to greet people in this locality” she said bending back to see his face while still hugging him. “yes I am but the hugging is Margret’s personal thing but I don’t mind at all” grinned Harold.

April stepped back looking very red in the face and aghast but I couldn’t help it and nearly fell over laughing while Margret was trying unsuccessfully to stifle her own Laughter.

April looked at Margret, looked at me, looked at Harold [who by now had a bit of a lump in his pants] then stepped forward hugging Harold again and said “well now its my tradition as well”

It was obvious where that lump was touching and both Margret and I stopped the laughing, Harold however had a huge grin on his face and April looked over at us with a satisfied smirk before giving Harold a peck on the cheek and stepping away then sauntering off up the front path.

“I’m glad I don’t have to hug you as well” I giggled looking down at the very obvious tent and held out my hand to shake Harolds, Harold looked down at my naked self and just grinned “Ditto”

Margret smiled “well I do” she said and stepped up to hug me “we have to stop meeting like this” I quipped waving my hand to indicate my nakedness then walked after my wife.

Shouldn’t be long yelled Harold bending to continue prepping the mower.

I walked in the front door to see April leaning back against the couch armrest with her hand between her legs “I want you NOW” she said seductively reach her hand towards my member.

I closed the door and walked into her embrace, she grabbed me and stroked me as she rubbed my tip between her lips getting me slippery with her juices and rapidly swelling my pole until it was firm enough to enter her, she wrapped her legs around my hips as the mower started its incessant noise.

I noticed that we were in full view of the windows on three sides but April’s passionate movement soon made me forget.

April was rubbing herself as I pounded into her and she rapidly hit her peak and then again just before I let go inside her.

As we calmed down April waved at the window with a smile, I glanced to see Harold turning to look every time he passed the window, yes, he was obviously enjoying the show.

“Why you little strumpet, you knew he was watching us and it got you off” I exclaimed with a smile of my own.

“maybe” she smiled demurely pulling me towards the shower.

After our quick shower we heard the mower stop so April walked to the front door and yelled to ask if they wanted a drink.

With nods the couple finished packing to gear away and sauntered in “just a quick water for us both would be great” said Margret leaning against the bench, “we have friends coming over for a BBQ so have to get ready”

“Our friends look after both houses when we are home in England” said Harold still sporting a bit of a tent “would you like to come up later on and join us”

“they are locals so don’t speak much English …. and are a bit religious so you might have to put some clothes on” added Margret “but they are really nice” said Harold.

We looked at each other for a second, “sure we’d love to” I said

Margret and Alice did their traditional hugs and we parted with Harold sporting another erection.

“bet I know what they will be doing” giggled Alice.

Later on we dressed casual and wandered up the track to the other house where we met Carlo and Mila with the usual hugs and had a pleasant evening even with the translations slowing the conversation.

Margret mentioned we were nudists so there would be no surprises if they happened to come round, Mila looked a little embarrassed but Carlos passed on the information that there was a Nude Beach not far from the next town, we didn’t bother to tell anyone that we were not nudists as it would be easier that way and as April said later “I really do enjoy not wearing clothes here where nobody knows us.”

The next day we climbed down to our private beach and only made gentle love once before the tide lowered.

I expected April to cover up just in case but she remained nude even when we spotted a fisherman rounding the headland, he was quite a good looking young teenager who openly goggled the bare slit between Aprils legs as he slowly walked past and after he passed by she jumped me and not long after he had rounded the next headland made passionate love to me.

“your getting to be quite the exhibitionist” a laughed as I got my breath back, She looked at me quizzically “I guess not worrying about anyone recognising me has stripped my inhibitions a bit” she replied thoughtfully.

“maybe we should wander down to the Nude Beach tomorrow and show you off?”

“I guess if that is what you want to do we could try it” she grinned.

“He’s back” I whispered under my arm as I was lying on my stomach,

“Who?” said April as she grabbed her mirrored sunnies then rolled off me and laid on her back spreading her legs a bit. “you little Minx” I whispered.

I heard the slight crunching of footsteps in the sand stop and an almost silent Zip.

April let out a tiny groan and gripped my hand between us. I heard the faint rustle become rhythmic then felt Aprils leg push against mine and realised that she was spreading herself open.

The though of her showing herself off like that gave me an all new hardon pushing into the towel.

The rustling sped up then suddenly stopped with a few faint Oh Oh Oh sounds then the crunching footsteps started again and receded into the distance, I chanced a sneaky look to the side and he was half way to the headland so I sat up to see what he saw.

April was spread half wide and my previous load was seeping from her pussy, her other hand was just touching her clit and April was breathing very heavy.

I hoisted myself between her outstretched legs and slid inside her “Oh my god, he was just standing there staring at my pussy as he stroked himself off” she hoarsely mumbled

I felt Aprils hand moving rapidly between us as she rubbed her clit, “that was so hot” I croaked as I sped up my thrusting and we were both soon moaning in our separate fantasies but came together.

I rolled off beside her and lay there panting for a minute or so before April cuddled up to me “sorry, I wasn’t thinking of you just then, I just got carried away after I watched him shoot his stuff between my feet and my imagination took over”

“don’t worry about it, I was fantasising that I was watching him kneel down between your legs and shove a huge dick deep inside you”

“oh really, would you let him do that to your wife” she smirked “and besides it was only about the same size as yours anyway”

“so it was a huge dick then” I grinned straddling her again and rubbing my softness against her “just a fantasy and they can be whatever I want”

“I did feel guilty as I laid there unmoving watching him from behind these dark glasses. I wondered if he knew I was watching him and didn’t care anyway or if he thought I was snoozing but it was so hot he could probably see my juices flowing” she said

“when I looked afterwards I could see my previous juices flowing out so maybe he thought we had both snoozed after a session” I replied.

“you have no idea how hard it was to not play with myself as I laid there” she said, “well next time do it” I added hoarsely as the lust slightly stiffened me.

April looked at my thickening member “perhaps while I played with my clit I could invite him to stick his tongue in my pussy while I rubbed his hardon with my toes” she breathed as she slowly started rubbing her clit.

“like this?” I replied as I rolled over and got down between her legs licking the cum from between her legs as I pushed my tongue inside her.

“fuck me or use your fingers” she moaned as she rubbed my cock with her toes feeling it was not really hard enough yet.

I slid two fingers inside and found her G spot then she stiffened and closed her legs on me, “getting close are we?” I smirked, “yes but there is the two old fishermen watching from the headland” she moaned, I couldn’t really move much but I could stroke her G spot and pretty soon she relaxed her grip and forced my head harder into her crotch as she watched the two fishermen from behind her glasses.

Her moans intensified until she shuddered violently as she came hard on my thrusting fingers and tongue then pushed me away and lay there spreadeagled panting softly.

I crawled up beside her and kissed her forehead before settling beside her for a minute or two before we heard the crunching of the sand as the two fishermen slowly walked past getting a very good view of her well satisfied pussy.

The next day we packed a picnic and found the Nude Beach carpark then wandered the length of the beach, everyone was nude so we stripped and joined them enjoying a very pleasant day walking the beach, swimming and sunbathing.

April was clearly pleased with the reactions of most of the men strolling the beach, I could smell the heat from her pussy and knew I was in for a good time.

Later in the afternoon we packed everything including our clothes into out bags [as we had seen everyone else had left their clothes at their cars] and set off back up the beach until we spotted a crowd and wandered over for a look.

There was an older guy, obviously well off, lying on his back with a much younger woman who, going by the matching rings was his wife, riding his cock with quite some enthusiasm while several men crowded round stroking themselves, April gasped quietly and pushed back against me as she looked around at the variety of different bodies and cocks, The rich guy suddenly thrust up and was obviously coming while she desperately tried to keep going but he softened and slipped out.

We had a great view of the copious amounts of cum drooling out of her gaping hole then he said something to her and she quickly nodded, he looked at one well built tanned young bloke and motioned for him to take her then pulled her face down to kiss him.

The guy wasted no time slipping round behind her and thrust deeply into her and kept up a strong pace as he furiously fucked the young woman while she kissed her partner passionately.

Only a couple of minutes later she exploded into orgasm and the young man behind her then did one last deep thrust and dumped his load inside her.

He stepped aside and even before she had finished orgasming an older guy slipped his cock inside her and within a few thrusts was depositing his load inside her as well.

She looked around in surprise and then back at her husband who laughed and said something to her as he pointed to the crowd.

My cock was throbbingly erect so I pointed it at the gap between Aprils legs and thrust slowly against her, her juices were flowing and with only a few small thrusts I was firmly up behind her and an inch or so was poking out in front of her.

April put her hand down and slowly stroked what she could reach against her clit as we watched the young wife beckon a much older guy with a huge cock over to her.

As he tried to shove that monster inside her well lubricated sheath she jerked forward and pushed her hand back against him to stop but her grabbed her hips and slowly wriggled and did minute thrusts as he worked that thing slowly inside her, it was obviously too big to be comfortable but he persisted until he had most of it inside then picked up the pace as she got used to it.

When she started thrusting back sliding herself along it I could see she was now enjoying it even if she couldn’t take the whole length, the husband was stroking his half hard cock underneath her as he slid under to mouth her enhanced breast which seemed to do the trick and she came again which caused the big dick to explode inside her amid several hugely load groans from its owner.

April shuddered a little on my slowly thrusting cock between her thighs and I was thinking she had a small orgasm although she kept up the slow pace.

The big dick guy was puffing and panting and as I looked around everyone had their eyes on her rear waiting to see what happened when he pulled out, except for one young teenager in a small group of similar teenagers who was staring intently at my wife while stroking his extremely hard cock.

I whispered in Aprils ear, “you have a fan who would prefer to watch you than the show, is that that the kid from yesterday?”

Without turning her head she looked from behind the sunnies at him and whispered back “yep, thats him alright”

By the little added excitement and low moan I could tell that she was getting hornier and quite pleased about that.

A moan from the wife had me looking on in wonder as that big soft dick exited her well used pussy pulling her backwards a bit pulling the plug on the dam of stored cum that then cascaded from her gaping hole and all over the husbands hand and semi hard cock.

Another guy stepped forward but she waved her hand no saying she was too sore and stepped off her husband, he then said how about your mouth and pointed at the guy who had stepped back in the circle, she grinned and kneeled in front of the guy taking his cock between her lips and seeing he was quite small she went all the way down to the base.

I was so excited watching this show that I was on the brink of cumming and had to thrust extra slow to avoid it, April was pushing back and I had to whisper “I don’t want to cum yet” to get her to slow down but she was also super excited watching the teenager staring at her while languidly stroking his cock.

The husband on the ground then said “fuck her face, fill my slut wife’s throat with your cum”, the wife looked around, looked down at his half erect cock then turned back, engulfed the guys cock and grabbed both of his hands and pulled them to her head.

The guy started off gently thrusting into her mouth but she encouraged him to go harder and within a few seconds he thrust in hard and held it while he shot his load, she turned to her husband, opened her mouth to show him then swallowed while he groaned and stroked his cum covered cock.

The wife turned to look at her Husband, grinned, then looked around at the cocks and walked over to one of the teenagers with a smaller cock and knelt before him and placed his hands on her head then grabbed the cock beside him and started to wank him while the other one fucked her face.

I fully expected the two teenagers to cum pretty quick and I was dead right about that as she swallowed their loads one after the other within a minute or so.

Once again she looked at her husband and his almost hard cock and moved to the teenager that was staring at my wife but when she took him in her mouth he broke his stare and knelt down to say something in her ear, she looked across at our side of the circle and walked over and knelt in front of us grinning.

I really wasn’t expecting this but April grabbed her head and pulled it towards the tip of my cock poking out between Aprils legs, the teenager came and stood close beside us with his cock beside the wife’s face as she closed her mouth over my tip and ran her tongue in circles around it licking both me and April at the same time then pulled back and engulfed the teenagers cock a couple of times before going back to me. I noticed that he was staring at April the whole time with the most lustful look on his face and April had her head facing his so I presumed she was staring back at him.

The teenager edged closer to poke the wife’s face with his hardon and she again took it in her mouth for a couple of strokes then back to us again, he reached towards Aprils breast but stopped close and held his hand there, April said “hon?” and I knew she was asking permission for him to touch her so I reached over and pulled his hand against her hard nippled mound.

April moaned and pulled the wife’s head harder as a shudder ran through her, the teenager pushed his cock between the wife’s cheek and Aprils groin as he grunted out load and pumped his load between the two, April moaned and shuddered into an orgasm. I thrust hard to get as much of my cock into the wife’s mouth as her swirling tongue coaxed the cum from deep inside me.

I staggered back slightly pulling my spent cock from between Aprils legs so the wife stood up and the teenager stepped back out of her way. She looked around and he had a full hard on now so she giggled gleefully and raced over to impale herself on it.

April turned to face me with a strange look on her face as she looked down at the cum splattered across her mound from the teenager and the small amount of mine spilled by the wife.

“Fuck that was soooo hot” she panted “are you OK with him touching me like that?”

I just grinned “you ask that after me getting sucked off by another woman while she licked your pussy?”

She grinned back “well, since you put it that way”

We heard a deep grunt and a high pitched squeal and both turned to look watching the wife and husband shuddered through a mutual orgasm.

We noticed the teenager was looking at us and he stuttered “s s sorry … I got a bit carried away” to April with his eyes down cast. April just laughed “I think we all got a bit carried away, it was very intense indeed, that was the first time I have been touched by another man … or a woman for that matter” “same here” I added with my own laugh.

“I thought you must do this sort of thing all the time, sorry, I wouldn’t have dared if I knew!!”

“if truth be told nothing like that has ever happened before to any of us” he admitted looking over at his two friends still watching the wife and I guess hoping for a repeat.

April inadvertently touched the teenagers patch of cum, poked her tongue out and uttered an “eergh” as she realised it and held her hand up to look at it, I reacted before I thought and nudged her hand which knocked her hand against her tongue causing another “eergh”

I couldn’t help it and burst into fits of laughter as she glared at me in disgust then her expression changed and a cunning look came over her, she popped the fingers into her mouth and made an exaggerated sucking motion, poked her tongue out and said “gimme a big kiss” and advanced on me; I took off running and she chased me all the way into the surf before she gave up and held her hands out to me.

“I’m not coming near you until you get rid of it” I laughed so she smacked her lips a couple of times and swallowed then poked her tongue out saying “all gone now” and giggled madly.

I let her come over and cuddle me but wouldn’t let her tongue in my mouth so she bent over and sucked my cock into her mouth “now its you and me on my tongue” and kissed me again “don’t forget the wife and him and a few other guys” I laughed and kissed her back as she thought about it for a few seconds “Ohhh, we just tasted a gangbang” she said as her eyes widened.

We washed ourselves and wandered back to our gear near the disappearing crowd as apparently the show was over with the couple cuddled together on their towel.

We moved away a bit and laid down on or towels again to dry off while we discussed how hot the whole scene was and ended up getting turned on all over again.

Half an hour later April stood up and gathered our gear, I stood as well so she handed everything over to me, grabbed my erection and dragged me towards the direction of the carpark.

April opened the rear hatch and I dumped the gear in, April looked around at the empty carpark with only a few cars left and whispered “I want you … now” and laid back on the carpet.

I only managed several thrusts before she squealed and squeezed me tight as her orgasm overtook her, after a few moments she loosed up and breathed “fuck me” so I continued on for a few minutes before we heard a gasp and both turned to look. The three teenagers had just walked into view and spotted us.

“fuck it, keep going I’m too close to stop now” she said so I picked up the pace but knowing they had moved closer and were watching us sent me over the edge before I could stop it.

I moved off her to grab a towel to clean my cum from her before going down on her to finish the job just as she pleaded “fuck me” and quick as a wink the teenager moved between her spread legs and slid his hard cock deep inside her.

April gasped and squeezed to stop him “oh my god, he’s in me” she squeaked in surprise looking at me “I said it to you I didn’t mean ……your the only one who’s ever been inside me” she said looking worried for my reaction.

The teenager was still thrusting the small amount he could with a look of complete enrapture.

“Well I guess its too late now, you may as well let him finish if you want to” I said

“you sure? Your OK?” she said worriedly so I just grinned and leaned over to kiss her.

I felt her leg spread over to touch on me and the slap slap slap of his fast paced fucking of my wife matched her movement as we passionately kissed each other.

He grunted deep and loud as his orgasm overtook him and he pumped his seed deep into my wife sending her over the edge into a shattering orgasm of her own.

The back and forwards movement started again while she was still in a paroxysm of orgasmic shuddering and I turned my head to see one of the other teenagers now inside her, April looked at this new face, looked at me, I shrugged, she pulled me back for another kiss as he pumped away until he grunted loudly, I turned to watch as he emptied inside her.

I looked at her as she looked at the other teenager then grinned at me and stayed spread while he shuffled forward and entered her.

One of the older guys from the beach walked up and stood watching the young bloke pounding into her and stroking himself and it wasn’t long before the young bloke blew his load inside her.

April didn’t hesitate to look over at the old guy in expectation as the teenager stepped away but her favorite teenager slipped in, he had been furiously stroking his erection that hadn’t even gone the slightest bit soft, within seconds he finished off inside her, he staggered back and the old guy slipped inside her and kept up a varied pace until it was obvious he was getting close, April furiously strummed her fingers across her clit and finished just as the old guy did.

He surprised me by leaning down and licking her clean as her orgasm spasmed through her body.

“No more” gasped April as he finished licking her clean.

I helped her sit up as a few more guys entered the carpark and we quickly got dressed and drove off back to the cottage before they tried to join in.

I ran the bath, grabbed a bottle of wine, ordered a pizza for an early dinner and joined April for a soak and a talk.

“Wow, what a day!” I said bringing the subject up “the first time another woman has touched me and probably the horniest I have ever been”

April was silent for a bit “you OK?” I prompted.

“I, ah, don’t know what to think?” she almost whispered “the first time another man has touched me and I let 4 different guys do me … one of them 3 times … I feel like such a slut … I’m so embarrassed but at the same time feel somehow free … and I’ve never felt so wanted and horny all at once”

“Yeh it was such a turn on watching you let your hair down and enjoying yourself to the extreme” I said

“are you sure its OK with you? … I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to leave me after I acted that way” she said with a tear in her eye.

“honestly I loved today and want to see more of it, even when we get home, I loved sharing my hot wife but only if you wanted it too … its your decision but I’m fine with it” I exclaimed leaning forward and giving her a hug poking her with my erection.

“Oh my, your turned on just talking about it … and to be honest so am I” she purred stroking me “maybe we could go back to the beach before we leave!”

“oh god yeh!” I blurted.

Just then there was a knock at the door, I looked at Alice and grinned “go on I dare ya”

Her nipples hardened as she smiled demurely at me then stood up and wrapped a towel around her to dry off then headed for the door, I hoisted myself out, wrapped a towel around me and padded out of the bathroom spying a towel on the floor and looked down the hallway just as Alice opened the door.

All three of us were surprised because standing there holding the pizza was the teenage boy that was the second male ever to have touched my wife!!

April recovered first and stroked the front of his pants then asked him to put the order on the kitchen island bench.

As he placed the items on the bench April sidled up beside him, I walked to the other side and grabbed the payment and handed it to him, April took a bite out of a slice of Pizza, patted her rump and said quietly “your tip, you get yours when I get yours”

It took a few moments to sink in then he grinned and looked at me, I grinned also then he knelt behind her and tasted her freshly washed cleft eliciting a wave of lustful moans from the lickee.

A couple of minutes later he stood up and slipped his hardon inside her from the rear with a few short thrusts, “oh that is so good” breathed April. I couldn’t see him from my position in front of her and thought to myself that if you didn’t know he was behind her you would think she was talking about the slice of Pizza in her mouth but then he picked up speed and it became obvious what was happening, the slice was forgotten, the moans intensified then they both grunted harshly together with eyes shut and mouths wide open in perfect sync before stumbling back and parting.

My cock was about to burst from watching the extremely erotic show and I hadn’t even touched it.

He grinned looked at her and said “Hi, my name is ….” but she put a finger to his lips to stop him and said “no names, I don’t want to know” then gave him a peck on the lips which strangely enough sent a twinge of jealousy through me.

I hurried around to the other side of the bench, pushed April back over the bench top and harshly slammed my hardon inside her and emptied myself deep inside her without so much as a single stroke.

I soaked inside her for a couple of minutes while the teenager pulled his pants up and said goodbye to April, after he left I said softly in her ear “you know, I felt jealous when he kissed you but not when he fucked you, how weird is that” April wriggled and dislodged me from inside her then turned to me “but I didn’t kiss him” … “oh, the peck on the lips” she said with a worried look, “I’ll remember that”, I grinned and added “in future”

April gave me a peck on the lips, then showered me in kisses then latched on and gave me a long passionate kiss until my hardon regained its former glory, she wrapped her hand about it and with a lustful moan breathed “make love to me” then led me to the bed.

It was over an hour later of slow sensuous love making that I finally joined her in an orgasm, the Pizza and the bath were both cold so we reheated both and slipped back into the warm water with the hot Pizza beside us and talked tenderly until we resembled prunes then fell into a deep restful sleep cuddled up beside each other.

We didn’t make a conscious decision to not go back to the beach but it remained the only time we ever felt the need to stray outside our marital bond… and besides, we had a new baby to look after!

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