The rape of Casey by Yealink

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The Rape of Casey

Casey Burton lived next door to me. Her and her husband Jim moved in less than a year ago. They were newlyweds from near the city and wanted a quieter place to live and raise a family. At first, I liked them. Jim and I became friendly, and we’d have an occasional beer together in one or the others garages. Soon it became obvious they were having problems and shortly thereafter Jim moved a out and they got a divorce. I still said hello when I saw Casey, I mean who wouldn’t? At 23 she was in great shape. She was short, maybe just over 5 feet, but she had a nice body with curves in the right places, and mid length platinum blonde hair.

I suppose she considered me more of Jims’ friend then her neighbor because very quickly she turned into a raging bitch. One Sunday morning she was banging on my door at 730am. I came down in my robe, half asleep to see what was wrong. The instant I opened the door she was shouting at me about a tree branch that fell from my tree into her yard and how I better get my “drunk ass” out there and get it picked up. She walked away before I could even process that. Another time she sped past me while I was jogging and flipped me off out the window. We live on a dead-end road with a few houses at the end where kids play so I shouted, “Slow down!” This caused her to back up and rip me a new one out the window of her car. “Fuck you Keith who the FUCK are you to tell me what to do? Mind your own business ASSHOLE!” After which she sped away and pulled into her garage.

By the fall some of the other neighbors had mentioned to me she was being verbally abusive to them, or their kids. Because we were a close-knit group at the end of the road, we all joined a group text thread one of the wives started about Casey. Someone suggested that since I was the only bachelor on the road that I try and seduce her, since maybe all she needed was some dick since Jim left. Mostly though, everyone wanted SOMEONE to do something about her.

Casey didn’t seem to go back to work after the split. She was home all the time. I was too, but I worked from home. My second-floor office window gave me a glimpse into the master bedroom next door. Most of the day I’d see Casey in and out of the room dressed in workout or jogging attire. I knew they had put some workout equipment in the basement when they moved in and figured she’d been using it most days.

Casey fell into a routine I was almost able to set my watch by. She would rise by 7am, shower and dress, and go get her coffee. She would return and spend a few hours working out. I knew this because I’d always see her return to the bedroom sweaty. Sadly, she changed in the bathroom whos’ windows had shades. After that she would be in the kitchen, and she’d make a lunch. Later in the day she would go for a short run and always return by 5pm. Some nights I’d sit in my office with the radio on and lights off and watch her get ready for bed. She never deviated from her routine. Shower 9pm, in bed with her laptop till 11, then lights off. On the weekends she wasn’t normally home but Monday to Friday it was always the same. As the fall became winter, I became more and more obsessed with her and her routine. I even started feeling bad for her. I figured the divorce was difficult and maybe she didn’t have anyone around here to support her. Every once in awhile she’d have a small brush up with a neighbor and there would be more calls for her head.

One Tuesday in October we got a freak snowstorm. Not a lot of snow but it also wasn’t expected. I went out and shoveled off my driveway and the sidewalk. I was talking to Josh who lives across the way when we saw Caseys’ garage door open. She was out in spandex pants and a ski jacket and started shoveling her walkway and driveway.

“Boy, that is one great ass.” Josh said as we both looked across the way. “Too bad she’s a nutjob. At her age, with that body, she should have guys lined up.” Josh was right. She was an attractive woman with a great body, she definitely should have guys lining up to shovel her place for her and try and get some. But there she was, outside in the cold, going at it herself. I decided I’d be a bigger person and offer to help.

“Good morning, Casey.” I said as I waved to her from the middle of the street. “Would you like some help? I just finished my place and still have energy.” I was putting on my best smile to seem as friendly as I could.

“I’m fine, Keith. Why don’t you just go back home. I don’t want your help.” Her tone was as cold as the air.

“Casey, I don’t mind helping. We’re neighbors, it’s what we do.”

“I said FUCK OFF. If you come on my property, I’ll have you arrested, do you hear me?” She shot me a death stare and I stopped in my tracks.

“Yeah, sure. Sorry. Was just trying to help.” I turned my back to her and headed to my house.

I went up to my office and pulled a chair close to the window. I watched her for almost 2 hours as she struggled to move the snow around. As I watched her, I got more and more angry with her. Why the fuck did she hate me so much? All I did was offer to help. The way she spoke to me reminded me of the way my ex-wife treated me before she finally moved away. It was pure venom from an angry, bitter woman. Well fuck her I thought. Soon she gave up and went into the house. She made some food and sat on her bed eating, reading a book. I was becoming infatuated with her. I loved to watch this woman that hated me. I can’t explain it but it made me want her.

I’ll admit it’s been a while since I was in a relationship. Most Saturday nights however, I drive into the next town to an Asian massage parlor and for $60 one of the pretty ladies helps me relax. Usually getting off once a week kept me relaxed and level-headed but as I sat there, watching her fiddle with her silky blonde locks, I became aroused. When she got up and took her sweater off, she was standing by the mirror in her sports bra and leggings, I got a deep desire to fuck her. I knew I had to have her. Her body was perfect. I wanted to take her right away. But since she despised me, it wasn’t going to be easy.

That night after dark, I went to her place and shoveled her walk, driveway, and section of sidewalk on the cul-de-sac. I worked quickly and it only took me an hour. As I was shoveling, I kept going over in my head what I’d say when she answered the door. I thought about just leaving and going home when I was done but really this was about helping her and getting back on her good side. As I was throwing some salt down and about to step on the porch and knock, some headlights came down the road slowly, and pulled into her driveway. Immediately my stomach sunk. It was a cop car.

“Sir, can you step off the porch and come over here please? Keep your hands where I can see them.”

“Um, is there an issue, officer? I was just shoveling my neighbor’s place. I live next door. My name is Keith and my ID is in my wallet.”

“Never mind that just get against the car. Don’t make any sudden moves, ok?” He was clearly agitated, and I just did as I was told. He put cuffs on me and placed me into the car. “You aren’t under arrest right now, but I need to find out what’s going on, ok?” I nodded and he closed the door. I looked around and saw some of the other neighbors had come outside to see what was going on. Again, this WAS a quiet dead end, and we never had the cops come by. Soon I saw Josh from across the street and he noticed it was me in the car and went to speak to the officer.

After about 15 minutes the cop returned and told me to step out of the car. As he uncuffed me he explained that Casey saw a stranger on her property and called 911. When the officer explained it was just a friendly neighbor, she said it didn’t matter and no one was allowed on her property.

“Look, I get it.” The cop said to me. “You just trying to help right?” I said I was. “The prob is,” the officer continued, “she don’t want your help. She don’t want anybodys help. She’s pretty stubborn and honestly, she just doesn’t like you.”

“Wish I knew why.” I said.

“Here’s what I can tell you. Stay off her property. Leave her alone. I told her I can’t arrest you for being a good neighbor, but I can arrest you if you keep going on her property. Understood?”

“Yes sir, thank you.” It was all I could say. I was livid. The cops? In front of everyone? At that moment I wanted to get back at her. Humiliate her the way she did to me. As I walked to my front door, I saw her peeking out the living room window at me. When I looked her way, she snapped the blind closed. As I kicked off my boost my blood boiled.

After a few weeks the drama had subsided. Of course, all the neighbors were on my side. The group text was filled with unpleasant comments about Casey. Everyone was supportive of me and that helped. Later that day there was a knock on my door. I looked out the window and saw a delivery driver. I went to the door and some goofy kid in a uniform was there.

“Are you Casey?” He asked.

“Ugh, no, next house over. Casey is a she.”

“Sorry sir. GPS took me here. I need her to sign. I’ll go over there. Is she nice?” He asked timidly.

“Not at all.” I chuckled. “Why, what do you have?”

“Divorce papers, she’s being served. God, I hate when they yell at me, I’m just the messenger.”

“Yeah, good luck kid. She’s the worst.”

Off he went and I sprinted to my office to get a front row seat. True to form she was pissed. She yelled at the poor kid for almost 5 full minutes. He stood his ground and refused to give her anything until she signed though. Finally, she gave in and slammed the door in his face after he handed the envelope over. I laughed as he gave her the finger while he walked to his truck.

I sat there and watched her rage in her bedroom. I’d never seen a woman act like that. She punched her wall, something I’d only ever seen a drunk guy do, and threw thing all around. She was screaming and crying and was clearly upset. I have to be honest I got a good laugh from it.

A few days later I saw her pull in the driveway and try to carry shopping bags. She was having a difficult time because her right hand was in a cast. I laughed even harder now. She hurt herself punching the wall. That was great. It was getting late, and I was finishing work for the day. I sent my final work email and closed the laptop. It was almost dark out as the days were getting shorter. Just then my attention was caught by Caseys’ bedroom light flickering on across the way. I turned off my light so I couldn’t be seen and rolled closer to the window. Casey was stunning in an oversized white sweater and red leggings. She sat on the little dressing bench in front of her mirror, and I watched her brush her hair slowly. I could see her reflection and she was beautiful. Then she stood and slowly removed her sweater. I gasped as her breasts fell into view. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her perfect young tits sat high on her chest in full view. I leaned closer to the window as she casually walked across the bedroom topless to her closet. She pulled out an oversized flannel shirt and put it on. I quickly realized why she had no bra on. She couldn’t hook it with the cast. Same reason I sat in awe as her flannel remained opened down the front. As quickly as the show started, her bedroom light went off and she left the room. I was left sitting there with a raging erection.

That night I pulled two loads from my balls thinking about Casey. I had to have her. She became all I thought about. Quickly I became obsessed with her every action. I was falling behind with work as most days were spent peering out the window. A week later I decided I needed to have her, willing or not. Just the thought of taking her nearly brought me to orgasm. This sudden urge to take a woman by force was new to me. I started watching “rape” videos on the porn sites, but they were tame and ***********ed and always ended in consensual sex.

The next day I was sitting in my office waiting when Casey finally got up. She woke and left the bed in only a pair or white panty briefs. I watched her breasts bounce as she walked to the closet and slid a large sweatshirt over her head. It covered her ass as well and I was annoyed by that. She spent the day away from the bedroom so thankfully I got caught back up with work. That night I stayed in my office while watching her. She had gotten ready for bed, and I’d seen her breasts again for a few seconds. I was trying to figure out how I’d get into her bedroom then like a flash it hit me. Jim had given me a spare key when we became friendly. Just in case he was locked out sometime. I went digging through my drawer and found it.

That night I put on black sweatpants and a black shirt and snuck over to Casey’s house. I knew they didn’t have an alarm so once I opened the front door and shut it I was in. I removed my shoes and quietly made my way upstairs. I found Casey asleep in her large bed. When she moved a little my heart skipped a beat. I was at the point of no return. I wasn’t sure I could do it. Finally, I thought about being in the back of that cop car. My neighbors looking at me. Her cold stare from the window. I clenched my fists in rage and brought my right one down hard across her temple. Before she even knew what happened I landed the left fist just below her right eye. She tried to put her hands up to cover her face. In the dark I could barely make out her face, but she turned her head away just as the next right hand landed. I hit her in the temple by her right ear. That brought a grunt from her. I hit her again and again. All in the face. My rage was uncontrollable. I kept hitting her until she stopped defending herself. There was clearly blood on her white sheets. I ripped the sheets back. I grabbed her by her long locks and lifted her head up off the pillow and with my left hand forcibly pulled her night shirt up and off. Her body was limp when I released her hair. My hands found her breasts and I grabbed at them greedily. My cock became inflamed immediately. Her chest had blood on it making her nipples hard to pinch. I gave up on them and pulled her legs off the side of the bed, leaving her on her back on the mattress.

At this point my cock was throbbing. I pulled her panties off violently. The fabric ripped and gave way to my pulling. I pushed her knees back to her chest and she gurgled what sounded like blood from her mouth. I yanked my own pants down and aimed my cock toward her hole. It was dark but my cockhead found its target with little issue. To my surprise she was pretty wet but upon inspection with my fingers I found she had pissed herself. It didn’t matter to me. I spread her thighs as wide as I could and just shoved forward. My cock went straight in deep all the way to my balls. She was extremely tight. Again, she grunted and gasped for breath. My cock sunk deep as I pumped into her sex. I had never felt such power with a woman. She took my eight inches with little more than some grunting. I picked up the pace fucking her hole. Eventually she came around and moved her arms over her head. I heard her beg from under her self-made shield.

“Please….please stop. I can’t. I can’t breathe.” Her words came hard to her, her voice weak, a mouth full of blood helping choke down the pleas. I leaned forward, all my weight pinning her body to the bed and pushing the air from her lungs. She tried to swing her cast at me. I grabbed her arm and twisted it until I felt her elbow pop. She screamed with pain and that invited a new set of punches from me to her head. Her right arm was to her side in a clearly unnatural angle. After I’d landed a few more shots I stopped hitting her and went back to fucking that pussy. With each pump I felt my climax approaching. I was too afraid to cum inside her. I thought at that moment I should have gotten a condom. Then suddenly I was too far gone to care. I exploded inside of her pussy. My cum was deep and I shot jet after jet of it into her. I continued to fuck her as hard as I could until my cock slipped from her hole.

Once I stood and slid my pants up, I was aware of just how rough I’d been. There was blood everywhere. Her nose and right arm were clearly broken. Her breathing, well steady, was shallow and fast. I’d probably broken some ribs at least. I went to the bathroom and got a towel. I soaked up as much cum as I could that was leaking from her. Then I pulled her from the bed and carried her to the shower. I ran the warm water over her in the dark. I soaped up her pussy as best I could and buried some fingers in there with more soap. At one point she had a fit, shook, and vomited in the shower.

As the water continued to wash over her naked body, I removed my clothes, so I didn’t get soaked. Fingering her pussy brough blood flowing back into my cock. I started playing with her tits and washing them with soap. Although it was very dark in there, there was a small nightlight by the bathroom light switches which gave me just enough to see her outline. The shower had a bench and I sat on it. Pulling Casey up like a ragdoll she grunted but was otherwise lifeless. I pulled her on top of me, our wet soapy bodies sliding against each other. I used some pump soap in the corner and squirted it into my hand, then quickly massaged my cock until a thick lather of soapy foam built up. Getting my hands into her armpits I lifted her higher and directed her onto my lap facing away from me. I roughly entered her pussy. It was slippery and I easily buried myself in her all the way. With one arm around her stomach, I held her in place while I fondled her tits with my other hand. Every once in awhile I’d move my hands to her hips and lift her up and back down on my rod. Her body remained limp. I could feel her chest heaving under the effort to breathe.

At this rate I’d never cum again and weighed my options. She was barely conscious, and I’d have to support her like this which made it hard to fuck with any tempo. The issue was I was enjoying playing with her tits. They were just the perfect size and firmness. I decided to lay her on her back in the shower. I straddled her chest and placed my cock between these glorious mounds. The soap and water made fucking them a breeze. I used my hands to push the together tightly around my firm cock. It only took a few minutes, and I started feeling the churning in my balls. I released her tits from my vice grip. I took her by the hair and pulled her head up until her pretty face was as close to my cock as I could get it. My other hand jerked my rod feverishly until my cum erupted across her face. I tried to stick it in her mouth, but the sharpness of a broken front tooth caused me to reconsider. I wiped my spent member across her face, then slide her back into the full stream of the warm shower. I washed her with soap several times to remove my DNA. Before I left her there I took one more feel of her tits as a going away present.

As I left the house I smashed a few things to make it look like a burglary. When I got to the front door I punched a window in from the outside to make it look like someone entered that way. Then I walked out into the street, across and into the woods, in case someone was watching, and then circled around to my back yard. I took off everything on the back deck and stuffed it all into a trash bag, then into a garbage can. I went inside and took a long hot shower, scrubbing all my crevices.

It was more than an hour later, while sitting in my office in the dark, reflecting on the nights events, when Casey’s bedroom light flipped on. I didn’t see her but soon enough I saw the flashing lights of a police car coming down the road, then pulling into her driveway. An officer ran into her house. Soon another cop and an ambulance arrived. I was dressed in a hoodie and sweats so I went out my front door and stood on my porch, like the rest of the neighbors were doing. I never saw her get loaded in to the ambulance, but it left with it’s lights and siren going.

“Hey officer, what’s going on?” I shouted from the porch as one of them walked back to the car.

He approached me and asked, “Did you see anyone or anything suspicious tonight?”

“No sir, is everything ok?”

“Someone broke in. Robbery gone wrong it looks like. They roughed her up. She’s in bad shape but she’ll be ok.”

I thanked him and went back inside. I didn’t sleep that night. After midnight I brought my garbage bag in and burned everything in my fireplace. As the flames danced, I thought about Casey and wondered if she’d ever be the same. Honestly, I didn’t even care that much. I’d considered us even now. Maybe someday I’d visit her again but for now the fire inside me was quenched.

Rating: 100%, Read 308 times, Posted Oct 28, 2022

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