Daughter Takes Side by arinnapolina

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True Story | Incest

Day One: Noon It was on a hot July Friday that John and his daughter Julia got into the family car and began the long road trip. Their destination was South Carolina, about a 15-hour drive.

Julia had not seen her cousins in two years and she wanted to visit them. John took off from work, using Friday and Monday as his vacations days. The plan was for her father to drive her there, stay there Saturday through the night, and drive back home.

They started their long journey at noon on Friday.

Day One: 3 PM

At 3 PM that same day, Ben Newsome went into his office. It was only the second time all day that he actually had some free time. There had been an all-day meeting that just ended. It was the first time all day that the department manager got a chance to call Helen Herbert, one of his subordinates.

"Did they make it?" he asked.

"Yeah, they're off," she confirmed.

"Are we still on?" he queried.

"Dinner at seven," she responded.

Ben felt heat within his crotch. Only twice before in his life did he have a chance to fuck a white bitch. Although this was ostensibly only a dinner invitation, he was planning for a lot more. After all, she made sure that her husband and daughter were going to be away.

Ben was terribly eager. Fucking a married woman who was white had a tremendous air of excitement about it. In addition, Helen happened to be the best looking girl in the office. She was about 30 years old and he had been trying to sweet talk her for a couple of years. Every guy in the office wanted to nail her but she seemed 'untouchable'... a 'happily married woman'. Only she would know why she had finally decided to succumb to Ben's advances.


The truth was that sex between Helen and her husband had waned. Most of the time, John did not get home from work until after 9 PM and by then, he was too exhausted to do anything. Helen, on the other hand, still had strong sexual desires that she was forced to put a damper on. Moreover, she definitely was having a hard time doing so.

She often rented hard-core movies, trying to rouse her husband's interest, but only had limited success getting him interested in her. She even bought a couple of the movies to assure that there was always one on hand if she felt that John was available and needed some extra coaxing. However, his lack of interest was not because of lack of desire, it was because of overwork.

Unfortunately for Helen, it did not matter what the reasons were for her husband's apparent loss of sexual appetite, more and more she was having a difficult time handling the problem. One of the reasons could be blamed directly on herself. A collateral effect of her getting the XXX rated movies to entice him was that she often found herself sexually aroused from watching them, and when she could not get John interested (which was almost always) she was left high and dry. She would be forced to masturbate and that only increased her frustration.

Moreover, as the sexual frustration got worse, the usual ogling from her male coworkers began to finally take its toll. All of her life she had been able to ignore attempts to 'hit on her'. Now she started to take some notice. She even occasionally fantasized about one of her male coworkers while masturbating. For almost a year she had been going through this struggle while, at the same time, she had been watching different XXX rated videos at least twice a week and getting herself worked up and frustrated. She was even, at times, masturbating while watching some of these movies when she was alone.

She did not know for sure how this thing with her and her boss had gotten this far. It was a combination of things. In the past, when he looked at her body with obvious desire in his eyes, she had been able to ignore his ogling. In fact, she was originally repulsed, because she did not particularly like black men. She thought that they were 'gross'.

Then one day she and a few of the girls in the office were talking and kidding. They had been talking about different people in the office when one of them made mention that Howie Herman had lost part of his penis through an accident. They began kidding about how small he must now be when one of the black girls said that maybe Ben could lend some of his to Howie. It was then that this girl and another coworker divulged the rumor that their manager happened to be the most hung guy in the firm.

It was a couple of nights after that that Helen re-rented a movie that she had rented a few months earlier. The first time around she had stopped watching when she saw a black stud getting ready to screw a white girl. Just the idea had turned her off, and when she had seen the size of the guy's schlong, she stopped the tape and rewound it.

Now she was suddenly intrigued. This time she played it all the way through, and she was absolutely fascinated by the huge, black cock. She masturbated while watching it. After her climax, she continued to watch the movie to the end. In addition, she began to wonder if Ben's was that big.

Her boss was like every other guy in the office. He had the 'hots' for Helen. Being part of management, he should have avoided it, but he could not help but to look at the secretary's sensational body. He had seen pictures of Marilyn Monroe and, at least to him, this girl had an eerie similarity to the white legend. In addition, as he looked and talked to her over the months Ben began to sense that she was becoming vulnerable to his bullshit.

Day One: 4-5 PM

At about 4 PM they pulled off to a rest station. When Julia came out of the restroom, she was ashen-faced. She asked her father to pull off the main road and to find a drug store, saying that she had a stomach-ache. John persisted in asking further questions and finally found out that his daughter was apparently having her period.

They got to a store where she waited while he went inside for her and brought the things that she wanted. Then they drove off to find her another rest room.

It was about 5 PM when the girl asked her father if he would mind if they canceled the trip. He immediately turned around and headed back. He kept asking how she was feeling and the daughter smiled bravely at her dad.

During the ride back, John kept looking over at her. He found it hard to believe that his girl is grown up. Where had the years gone, he silently wondered? Yet, looking at her, he was most surprised with himself that he had not noticed until now. He had always known that his daughter had that awesome beauty that everyone made mention to, but finding out that she had started to physically fill out, was what had now caught him off guard.

Now, as he kept turning to look at her, he not only saw a teenage girl that was as 'cute as a whip' but he also saw that Julia had actually has breasts, and that her legs were starting to flesh themselves out.

Day One: 7 PM

Helen had no intention of being seen out at a restaurant with a black man, even if it was her boss. She made dinner at home and Ben showed up at precisely 7 PM. Ostensibly, the purpose of the dinner was to discuss her future at the firm.

All through the beginning of the meal, she fumbled in the conversation. She had never before cheated on her husband and she was going through with this with mixed feelings. Ben sensed her trepidation and did not push the issue. Yet, he made sure that he did not avoid eyeballing her body appreciably, in a non-threatening manner.

She had served the dinner with wine, hoping that the alcohol would loosen her up as it tended to do. As a matter of fact, Ben made sure that she drank the lion's share of the bottle while he only sipped his. Soon she began to relax. She saw her boss looking her over and she began to feel a nervous excitement.

Ben was too smart to start the ball rolling but this ploy made for an awkward start. Finally, toward the end of dinner Helen had been able to turn the conversation in the direction that she had been hoping. First, they started talking of some of the rumors in the office of their coworkers (who was fooling around with whom) and that seemed to be the natural lead-in to their dilemma. Helen brought up the rumor of Ross Peterson and Sally Romano. Ross was black and Sally was white.

Ben and Helen then began talking about black and white relationships. By the time that dinner ended, they were revealing tidbits of their own lives. They headed for the living room. She made them each a drink and she sat down at the opposite end of the couch from where he was sitting. She turned on the TV and switched to a movie on HBO.

She asked if he would prefer watching a movie from their video collection. He asked what movies that she might have and she listed the few that they owned. As he was about to answer, she added with feigned embarrassment that it was interesting that they had been talking about black and white relationships because she had just seen something in a movie that had surprised her.

She lied and said that her husband rented and bought XXX rated movies and that one of his movies was about interracial sex and she wondered how that could be a turn-on for either a white person or a black person. Ben suggested that she put it on so that he could give his opinion. They both knew that this was a game but it was the best way that she knew how to advance to the next level.

Helen found the videotape and inserted it into the VCR. Then she sat back on the couch and pushed the play button on the remote.

Day One: 9 PM

The movie was halfway over. On the screen, the big black stud was shoving his cock into the white girl while on the couch, Ben had pushed Helen back and he was now on top of her. She had one leg up on the couch and the other on the floor. He was between her legs and her skirt had rode up high on her thigh. Her head was back on the arm-rest.

Ben's big-lipped mouth was on hers and his tongue was darting in and about the hot-aired wetness. Her bra was pushed up off her breasts and his huge hands were squeezing on her hot flesh while his forefingers and thumbs were pinching and rubbing at the protruding nipples.

Helen was moaning as her mouth was wide open and gasping for more of this man. She felt the massiveness of his cock in his pants pushing into her crotch and she pushed back at him. She had fantasized for weeks now about this moment. She wanted her boss' cock. She was hot to feel and see a black cock in her cunt.

Her hands were pulling frantically at his head; her mouth sucking wildly on his lips and tongue. Then he pulled his mouth from hers and stood. At the same time Helen was quickly undressing on the couch as he opened his shirt slowly. Her eyes would not leave him. She was so fast that she had already kicked off her panties and was lying back nude by the time that he began to push his shorts down and off his long, muscled brown legs.

She gasped at the sight of his huge black cock. His eyes strayed over her lily-white body as he stepped out of his shorts.

"Come on Ben... Hurry... Hurry..."

He had wanted this bitch for so long that he could not believe how hot she was for him at that moment. Her lustful eyes were transfixed on his cock and he could sense desperation in her to get him into her.

He hurried back down between her parted legs. Her eyes looked down at the huge bat of flesh. She likened its size to that of her husband's arm from elbow to fist. She was afraid yet she felt a wanton need for this big huge thing to enter her.

The girl on the TV screen was moaning loudly and as Ben pushed his black cock into Helen, she moaned just as loud. She had never been penetrated by anything so wide and he was having a difficult time piercing through the pussy lips. As his cock spread her cunt hole and entered into her pulsing pussy she clutched wildly at him and her screaming, chanting and bucking were coinciding with the girl on the video. Never had she been filled so completely.

With the TV volume turned up high and Helen and Ben in the throes of passion, they did not hear the door open, nor hear her husband and daughter enter the room.

Julia's eyes widened and were immediately riveted on the huge black thing sinking deep into her mother's suctioning hole while John watched in disbelief at the utter look of frenzied passion on his wife's face. Her long white legs were wrapped tightly around the body of the black man who was ramming his massive cock deeply into and out of her well-lubricated hole. In and out; up and down. She was writhing up and down, and from side to side, while clutching desperately upon the body of her black god.

"Fuck, Ben. Fuck me, oooo, yeah, harder... ooo... I'm gonna oooooh explode... I'm full of you OHH Fuck... cumm... cum, please... in me..." She was ranting and fucking at the huge black cock.

"Baby oh baby... Here it commmmmmmesssssnnnngggggghhhh." Ben's wild furious movements indicated that the end was at hand and that he was shooting his juices into this white beauty.

Father and daughter stood in stunned silence and suddenly Helen screamed out in shock. She had turned and saw them standing there.

Julia had heard her father say, "Jesus Christ... Oh no!" and saw him turn, his face ashen. She followed him as he slowly walked back outside, desperately gasping for air. Suddenly he was crying and as she watched her father in horror, he started vomiting on the lawn. The girl had never felt so helpless in her young life. She could not do anything to help his awful hurt.

Julia then rushed to her father. As if she were the grown-up, she took his hand in hers and putting her arm around his waist, she led him away from the house. As if he had no mind of his own, he allowed his daughter to lead him away. His head was bowed dejectedly. They walked for hours into the night, going nowhere in particular and not talking at all. Not a word was spoken.

Julia wanted to kill her mother.


The break-up of the marriage was not good for John. He lost everything.

He knew that if he fought to keep either his daughter or the house that Helen would win. She almost guaranteed that five years earlier when she first started having trouble with him. At that time, she wanted to separate from him and keep everything and she devised a scheme where she falsely accused him of molesting Julia, and it was only because they were able to patch up their differences and because of her family's court contacts that John was not convicted.

The case was quietly squashed. Nonetheless, he was sure that if she wanted to, it could all be brought to the surface again and who knew what would happen? He felt almost fortunate that she agreed to allow him to get Julia on weekends. She probably agreed because it gave her time to go out on her own.

15 Months Later

Nevertheless, life has a way of evening things up. The next year was pure Hell for Helen.

Julia's hatred built up as the weeks went by. She wanted nothing to do with her mother and her attitude reflected that.

She got slapped for calling her mother a slut.

Once when Helen asked Julia to watch a certain TV special with her that was about slavery the young girl responded, "Why? Are you trying to get me interested in black cock like you?"


Four or five times during the year, Julia was slapped for her incorrigibility. Fifteen months after "The Night" Helen was at wit's end. She truly loved her daughter but she realized that they could never make a go of it together. Finally, it was decided that she would go live with her father.

Helen talked to John. They had only been separated. He had not wanted to agree to a divorce because he wanted custody of his daughter and he was not comfortable with how the courts may rule, especially since Helen's brother was a big shot politician who advised the governor on court appointments. Judges could be beholden to him.

Now Helen would agree to giving up Julia but she would retain the house. John agreed.

The Move

He lived in an apartment but he decided that until they could afford to buy a house that he would sleep on the couch and Julia would now occupy the bedroom that had been his. Julia was overjoyed at the turn of events. She was going to take care of her father... in more ways that one.

The teenage youngster had had a tough year-plus. Yet, during that time she had done a lot of thinking. She kept recalling the scene with her mother and her boss on the couch. She also found the XXX-rated tapes that her mother had bought and when her mother was not around Julia started to watch them. She became very familiar with them.

Moreover, throughout these months of sadness Julia began feeling the sensations of a maturing adult girl.

Probably because of the videos she had begun to masturbate, and while she was getting herself off she would continuously have conflicting fantasies and thoughts. Sometimes with the videos in her mind, sometimes with her mother's sex scene occupying her thoughts and often thinking of a combination with her father dominating the vision.

During these fifteen months, she thought more and more of the injustice that he had suffered. She thought of how lonely he must be, deprived of any love. In addition, she loved him dearly.

Somewhere during the year, Julia realized what was happening. She knew that she want to replace her mother's role with her father. She realized how wrong this was supposed to be, but she did not care. She knew that what she was planning was looked upon as incest and was considered unlawful and sinful. She was sure that her father would not allow it to happen, yet she was also determined that it would.

She had spent every weekend for a year with him and she had seen her father take surprise notice of her if she 'accidentally' bared a breast in front of him. And she noticed that when she wore the tight short-shorts (which she did as much as possible) that his eyes became captive to her body.

Julia was determined and sure of herself.

The First Night Of The Rest Of Their Lives

It was the first night of the rest of their lives. Julia made her pitch. She told her father that she had agreed to live with him because she felt that he needed her more than her mother did. Yet, she told him that she loved him too much to put him out of his own bed. She said that in the past, although she did not agree with him giving up his bed for her, that she had not complained because it had always been for the weekends only. Now that she was going to be with him full-time she said, this arrangement was not fair to him. Either she would sleep on the couch every night or he would sleep in the bed also.

Neither arrangement was okay for John and he told his daughter so. They continued the discussion until he finally insisted that things would be his way. There was no way that he would allow her to sleep on the couch.

Finally, she threw out her trump card.

"Daddy, as much as I love you and want to take care of you, I'm not going to let you sleep on the couch. If you're saying that's the way it's gotta be then I... Dad, listen. I just couldn't stand being in bed night after night while you're on the couch. It just wouldn't be right. If you say that it's gotta be then I... I'm gonna want to... live with Mama..."

They both fell silent. She waited for his decision. She knew that she was going to stay with him no matter what he decided, but she was counting on her threat to win him over.

It worked.

"Okay, baby. But remember what I said. You're a grown up girl... big-time. So we have to make a little deal, okay?"

She nodded.

"Don't ask me why, sweetheart, but if you ever see me have a couple of drinks... You know... alcohol? Then on those nights I sleep on the couch... And if I forget and don't, then I expect you to, okay?"

Again, she nodded.

John did not want to scare his daughter but he knew that he had a real problem when he was drinking. The few times during the past year that he drank, he found himself thinking about his daughter. He actually began to think about how she had begun developing and on one occasion he even jerked off while thinking about the young girl.

Then there was that one night when she was staying with him and they went out to dinner and he had a few drinks. He never had such a struggle with himself as he did on that night. He wanted to climb into bed with the little girl and fondle her young body.

The stage was now set. Father and his daughter began sleeping in the same bed. For the rest of the week not only did they not touch but John made sure that his back was always to Julia.

On Saturday, they were together. Most of the day, they were out shopping and driving around. They came home about 7 PM. Julia changed into her tight fitting shorts and she put on a low-cut blouse that allowed a view of her breast if and when she bent down.

She was making dinner for them. John was watching TV when she surprised him with his favorite drink, Scotch and soda. During dinner and for the rest of the night she made sure that he was able to sneak some glances down her blouse and she continuously walked around so that he could look her body over. He was nursing his drinks but by the fourth one he found himself getting more and more bolder looking at his daughter’s beauty.

He thought back to just about three and a half years ago, when she had her period. On that day, her breasts were only like small tangerines. Now they were the size of oranges. There was now a very obvious curve from her narrow waste to her hips, which were really starting to mature. In addition, her legs, which were fleshed out a year ago, were downright awesome now. He tried not to pay attention to her but his brain kept betraying him and his eyes kept hungrily seeking her body.

"Come on dad, time for night-night!" he heard her say.

He looked at the clock. It was 11 O'clock. He had fallen asleep and must have slept for at least an hour. He was still feeling the effects of the booze; very much so. He stood and headed for the bedroom. Julia stayed and put out all of the lights and shut the TV off. When she got into the bedroom, her father was sitting on his side of the bed. His shirt was completely unbuttoned.

"Put out the light, okay sweetie?" he asked as he pulled his shirt off.

She moved to her side of the bed and switched off the lights. Now the entire apartment was plunged into total darkness. Julia heard him struggling with his shoes and socks while she quickly and nervously stripped herself to the skin. She was completely naked and under the blanket by the time that her father had let his pants drop onto the floor.

John moved onto the bed in only his shorts and he pulled the blanket up, sliding under it. Although he was feeling the effects of the alcohol on his senses, he still knew enough to turn his back on his daughter.

"Dad. Can I talk to you a sec?" she whispered.

"What is it sweetheart?" he asked.

"Do you... Are you sorry that I moved in with you?"

"Wh... NO!" he said emphatically as he turned on his other side, facing her, although he could not see her in the dark. "What makes you ask that?"

"I don't know... You just... well, sometimes you act like you don't like me," she said softly.

"Oh sweetie. Of course I like you... I love you baby," he said and, as if to assure her, he moved his hand toward the sound of her voice and his fingers touched her cheek.

She reached up and clasped her father's hand and slowly pushed it downward on her body. Her heart was pounding in her chest; her mouth was dry. She brought his hand to her bare chest.

John froze. He could feel parts of the flesh of her breast from within her clasping hands. His cock began to rise.

"I... I love YOU too daddy," she whispered.

The flesh of his daughter's round plump tit was within his reach. He was suddenly very alert. He started to jerk his hand away but Julia held it to her. What was she doing? Did she want him to touch her?

He had to try.

Instead of trying to pull his hand back, he moved his fingers and gently pushed his hand toward his daughter and then he felt her hands loosening her grip on his and began pulling his onto her. As his fingers covered and began to fondle the mound of tit flesh Julia released him completely, giving her father total access to her rapidly breathing chest.

"You're not mad at me daddy, are you?" she whispered.

John's fingers softly squeezed the flesh of her hot breast. He could actually feel her heart pounding within her chest. His brain was pounding. He had forgotten the wonderful feel of resiliency to a young teenager's breast.

"I just don't understand, baby. What are you doing? Why hon?"

"I love you dad," she whispered.

"I... I love you too sweetheart, but, I mean, I don't think..."

He turned and moved in toward her and suddenly his body pushed against hers, "God, Julia... Don't you have any clothes on?"

"I... I love you dad!" she hissed.

John's cock was ruling his conscience and it was raging. His daughter was willing to give herself to him.

"Baby do you... Are you sure? I... I can't stop, baby..."

As his fingers and hand massaged her breast, Julia turned on her side to face him and suddenly their bodies were pressed tightly against each other. Her young inexperienced hands moved up and clasped the back of her father's head and then he felt her hot breath at his mouth.

"I'm scared dad... ," she said.

John's free hand clutched her other breast and as he squeezed the soft flesh, he opened his mouth upon hers and suddenly father and daughter were in the beginning stages of incestuous passion. Their mouths were searching each other's; engulfing one another's tongues, as her hands clutched tightly on his head and his hands savored the exquisite touch of young flesh.

Julia was moaning into her father's mouth as their hot bodies pushed harder against each other. John's temples were pounding fiercely as he felt his rock hard cock in his shorts pressing tightly into his daughter's crotch.

She felt her father push her back down onto her back as his mouth continued sucking in the taste of her hot wetness. He moved his body somewhat onto hers, but only from the side, and then she felt his hand glide from her breast down over her pulsating stomach. She was becoming frantic at the wild sensations going through her body.

John's hand was trembling and, as it gently moved over the soft peach fuzz of her young pussy-mound, he felt his twitching cock spurting juices inside of his pants. As his finger gently moved into her slit and touched her clit, he was jolted by the sudden fierceness of her clutching hands at his head. Then she opened her mouth wide under his and gasped as the wild feelings that her father was causing had her completely beyond the point of going back.

His mouth and tongue worked on her lips, nibbling lightly and sucking. As his fingers began to excite her moistened slit his mouth worked its way down over her excitable neck to her shoulders, upper chest and then he captured her breast. All the while, she held his head and guided his mouth downward on the flesh of her body.

His fingers twirled over her clitoris. "Mmmmmmm, ooooommmmm," she moaned.

While John was eagerly sucking on the daughter's hardened nipple, his hand inched slightly lower and his finger finally penetrated into his daughter's moist hole.

"Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm..." She was now reflectively pushing her hips at his probing finger. She spread her legs further to give him easier access. Her pussy was feeling so strange and wonderful. His mouth was making her feel so good.

Soon she felt her father moving. At first she felt him mounting above her, his legs between hers, and then, once that he was on top of her, his mouth pulled off of her breast and began licking and sucking on the baby skin of her stomach.

Julia's hands left his head and she fell back passively with her hands at her sides. Thrills were running through her as she felt her father's mouth work lower on her body, moving slowly toward her crotch. Between his finger gently fucking in and out of her cunt and his expert mouth working its way down toward the same place, the child was frantic with lust. Her hips were fucking up to meet his piston-like finger.

"Oh Dad, ooo, mmmm, I love you..."

John's body was lowering itself further on the bed as he brought his mouth into the daughter's highly inflamed pussy area. The aroma emanating from her totally aroused cunt was fantastic. While his one finger moved in and out of her hole, his mouth pursed at her clitoris and sucked it gently between his lips.

He was completely unprepared for the violent reaction that his mouth had on his sexy hot daughter. As the pleasure waves shot through her loins, her hips shot up so hard it almost seemed that she was reacting from an electric prod.

"Ohhh, gooood daaaaad," she moaned and her hands reached back down to the back of his head and forced his face deeper into her cunt.

His cock was again as hard as it had been before he came in his pants. He was now fucking the bed as his sensitive nostrils were absorbing the wonderful pussy aroma and his hungry mouth was sucking and licking the pussy juices within the girl's highly excited cunt. As he was tonguing inside her cunt, his hands slipped down and clasped the mounds of his daughter's ass cheeks.


She was bucking to a fantastic conclusion as spasms shot through her body. Her body stiffened and he continued lapping her as her juices continued to flow from her pussy. Finally, her whole body seemed to relax in a total concession to exhaustion.

She laid back to come back down to earth.

John moved back on to her, gently trying not to scare her. When he was all the way up, he kept his face inches from hers. In the total darkness, their eyes managed to meet and hold upon each other. There was a contented look of happiness in hers. He lowered his face and their mouths began softly pecking at each other. Occasionally one or the other of their tongues would slide out to taste the other's lips. Each one of them had both of their hands upon the ears of the other as they continued tasting each other.

Unable to control his passion any longer he pushed his crotch against hers and she felt her daddy's cock against her. "Are you ready, baby?" he asked her softly.

John could not see his daughter's face in the dark so he did not see her nod. He also could not see the fear in her eyes. "I love you Dad," she whispered again.

Then, in a matter of seconds, he reached down and pushed his shorts off his body and laid back down over his daughter. Suddenly she felt the mass of hardened flesh throbbing against her pussy and she tensed.

John moved a hand down and guided the head of his cock to his daughter's pussy-hole. She felt his cock and then slowly she felt the penetration as he pushed into her moistened passage. Instinctively her pussy's violation caused her legs to spread wider and to wrap themselves around him.

"Nnnnnngggggg... ," he cried between clenched teeth.

Julia's whole body was stiff from fear.

"Relax, baby. Relax," he was coaxing.

Moreover, just as she relaxed he plunged the mass of male flesh down into the tight slick channel. "OWWWWW, OH, OOOO," she cried as pain shot through her.

He had reached the barrier of her hymen. Suddenly, without giving his daughter a chance to catch her breath, John dropped his hips down and plunged his cock past the barrier and it moved deep into her cunt. Her hands flew to the back of her father and her nails dug in deeply.

"OHHHHHHH!!!" she cried out as a tremendous burst of fiery pain exploded inside as he began fucking in and out of his voluptuous girl.

John was thrusting in and out rapidly. He did not want it this way but his body had betrayed him. She was crying out from his hurtful plunges into her cunt but he could not be gentle, he HAD to finish. Harder and harder he pushed into his daughter, as the rush of pleasure and painful pressure in his cock drove him forcefully into her.

"Oh baby, baby, I'm gonna cum. I'm..."

Suddenly John seemed to snap out of his lustful mindset and remembered that this was his daughter. Hurriedly, he withdrew his pulsating prick out from her hole, just as the first spurt of cum shot onto the outside of her pussy. Julia felt the wetness shooting on her body as spurt after spurt shot out of the groaning man, and then, finally, they both stopped and relaxed.

Still atop of the child he whispered through his deep breaths, "You okay, hon?"

She too was breathing heavy and she nodded up to him and replied, "Uh huh, yeah. How about you?"

"Yeah sure I... You were great. It was great. Did I hurt you much?"

"No, not much," she lied.

"You sorry?" he asked.

"No, Dad... I wanted that... I really did. Boy, you wet a lot, hah?"

"What d'ya me... Oh that's cum... that's what they call cum, hon. And yeah baby, I did cum a lot."


"Yeah sweetums?" he used his pet name for her.

"I... I, er, lied... You, er, did hurt me... A lot!" she told him.

"I... Honey, I'm sor..." he began to say but she cut him off.

"No, it's okay... really, but... no more tonight... okay?" she whispered her plea.

"No. Oh no hon, of course not..." he assured her gently but with determination.

"But you promise we'll do it again... So that I can really enjoy it, right?" she pleaded softly.

"I... I don't... Are you sure that you wanna, hon?"

"Uh huh... and next time will there be as much wet... cum?" she asked.

"That depends on how excited I get, sweetheart."

"All the cum... next time... in me?" she whispered hotly.

"Oh no baby, that's no... no we can't do that because..." he started to protest.

"Dad, please... I want you... All of you... in me!"

"No, no sweetums..."

"Dad I want your cum in me... all of it!" she said boldly.

"We'll talk about that tomorrow," he said finally.

Later That Night

The excitement had probably been too much for Julia because her sleep that night was the most restless that the girl had ever had.

She awoke at about 3 AM for the fourth time that night. She still felt excited by what had happened. The only thing that she was sorry about was the fact that her father did not cum inside of her. She would have wanted that because, in her mind, that would have made it all complete.

She was proud that she had made her daddy happy. She would have done anything that was necessary to bring him some relief. He had seemed to be in a constant state of sadness.

It had been a horrible year. Julia still remembered what she now refers to as 'The Night'. The awful sight of him. The terribly sad look of her father - he was crying and throwing up. How for a year she wanted to make him a whole person again and now she felt exhilarated with the thought that she had succeeded by giving her all to him and he doing the same with her. But she still wanted that totalness. He had not given her everything.

Now fully awake she was so pleased and contented. Here they were together... father and daughter... totally naked, in bed together. She had actually had him inside of her. She had felt him completely within her.

Her soreness was mostly gone now and she knew that the worst was over. She felt the heat from his body radiating to her. She was a woman now, she told herself. She felt a boldness that she did not know existed in her. Bravely she allowed her hand to move to her father's body. She wanted to feel him under the touch of her hand. Then she felt his manliness at the back of her hand. Julia turned her palm to his body and slowly her fingers gingerly closed upon the sleeping man's cock.

There was no reaction from her father. The hot flesh in her hand thrilled the young girl. It was so soft and rubbery. And small! It was so much smaller than earlier when he was so aroused. Julia did want him to have complete sexual happiness. She had thought often during the past year about that. However, she had decided to herself that she would not do the blow-job thing as that had seemed too disgusting.

Now as she rolled the rubbery flesh in her hand, she began to have some new thoughts. She had been told that some guys would do anything for a blow-job. She also remembered hearing that a guy being sucked was a man possessed and owned at that moment. In addition, she rationalized, maybe it was not as big as she thought earlier. It felt so small now.

The daughter made a decision. Moving her head under the blanket, she slid down and over his body. Taking a deep breath, she moved her face down onto him. A musky smell permeated Julia's nostrils. Her mouth descended on the tip of her father's cock holding the soft small rubbery mass in her fingers. At first, teen girl tentatively pursed her lips at the very tip and then she summoned up all of her inner courage and nervously allowed the thing access into her mouth. Her lips opened and her hand fed the flesh of his cock into her hot wet mouth. Her lips parted slightly further as she pushed her head down onto him. Her mouth accepted the cock and her tongue nervously rolled around the organ. She closed her lips, careful not to allow her teeth to touch him. Julia felt his body move. She allowed her hand to reach down to the balls and her tongue licked around the head. She then began to feel the flesh expand in her mouth. She had watched the videos enough to know.

Her hands moved to his balls. She felt the cock twitch as it moved into her mouth and then she heard him grunt and felt his hands suddenly on the back of her head. She felt the thing swelling up within her and she realized that he was again becoming aroused.

'Relax, relax, relax' She remembered what the video instructed.

"Nnnnnggggg," John grunted through clenched teeth as his cock expanded to its fullness within his daughter's hot wet mouth.

He knew that he should stop her. He felt totally depraved but he no longer cared. He was completely under her control. He felt his daughter sucking on the cock as she pulled her head up until her lips were again at the tip, almost all the way off. Then she was pushing downward again, her mouth eagerly filling itself up with his flesh.

His hands guided her head down. He felt his cock beginning to build up its pressure. Her hands rubbed and gently massaged his hardened balls.

"Ooooooo," he moaned as her mouth sucked upward again.

As she moved, Julia felt herself becoming increasingly comfortable with what she was doing. She had somehow quickly mastered the art of relaxing and she was moving her lips and mouth up and down with ease. By now, she was able to push all the way down, feeling her father's cock-tip in her throat.

His hands tightened on her head as he continued to guide her. His movements were seemingly increasingly urgent. He was pushing his hips upward to meet her plunging mouth and his hips were dropping when his daughter's sucking mouth pulled back.

John was reaching the end and he knew that if he did not stop his daughter now that he would be cumming in her expertly sucking mouth at any moment. He did not care. His lust had to be satisfied.

"Ooooo," he moaned as his movements became more frantic.

She had pulled her mouth off the head of his cock. He was trying to force her back down on him so that he could finish inside her throat.

"Ohhh, baby, don't... stop." He was pushing on her head.

"I want you to cum in me daddy."

"Okay baby suck it... I'll... put it in your mouth..."

Suddenly she was moving up and over him, straddling his hips. Before he realized it, her cunt was pushing down at his throbbing cock. He felt the juicy hot flesh of his daughter's body move on him. Her tits were resting on his chest. Her mouth moved to his ear and she licked and whispered, "Cum in me daddy... I want you to cum in me."

John's hands had grabbed her shoulders to push her off so as to stop her, but her tongue and hot breath working on his ear, coupled with her tight cunt moving up and down on his shaft, overrode any sense of reason.

"Cum in me daddy," she was murmuring in his ear.

Up and down... up and down...

"Oh baby wait... let me on top..."

He was pushing at her, rolling while holding her, and pushing her onto her back as he stayed lodged inside of her and hurriedly moved on top of her. Then he became the fucker, pounding deep within his daughter's hot pulsating pussy and she urgently wrapped her legs around his and began writhing and thrashing wildly underneath him.

There was no pain for her this time, only pure lustful pleasure. Her hands moved around to her father's back and her fingers were digging deep into his flesh. Father and daughter were fucking wildly. This time both of them were completely mindless.

"Cum daddy, cum, ooo, cum," she pleaded.

John was pounding into her as fast and as furious as he could. His cock was ready to explode. He knew that he should pull out... but... she wanted it...

"Oh baby... here it OHHHH I'm cumming OHHH! OHHHH!"

John was shooting every drop of cum deep into the daughter’s hole.

A squirt, "Oooooo, nnnnnn!"

"OHHHHHH daddeeeeee yeah yeah yeah." Hips up, then down, then up...

Another squirt, "Nnnnnnn!"

His cock was emptying its incestuous juices into her and she just clutched wildly at him as she felt the tremendous spasms that gripped her insides.


Her body was going through its last gyrations as her father's cock emptied all of his cum in her.

Five minutes later, they were both laying on their backs catching their breaths. Julie was fully content. Fifteen months of planning and it was all better than any fantasy. Her plans were made. She would be getting pregnant and, if anything went wrong, (she heard that some babies from father/daughter relationships come out deformed) she would simply have an abortion and get pregnant by him again. She was a determined little girl.

The End

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