Mum 7 : Mo’s big day approaches. by Fatman50

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I woke up with a full erection, l thought about having a wank but decided to shower and get ready for school then go and find Mum.

Once dressed l left my cock and balls hanging out of my trousers, l made sure l was hard, then went downstairs. Mum was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast, she was naked as usual.

“Hi baby,” she said when she saw me, she came over and kissed me, taking hold of my cock. “I’m full of cum already,” she said, “your father was horny as well this morning, that was some evening last night, he told me what you did to Anna, l wish l’d been there to watch, it’s so good to know she’s being humiliated she deserves it.”

“Bend over the table Mum,” l said. She complied immediately, spreading her legs. I could see Dad’s cum in her cunt. I pushed two fingers in, coating them with his spunk, then l used it to smear on her anus and work my fingers into her bum.

“God l’m such a slut,” she giggled, “both holes fucked before eight o’clock in the morning, l’ve no doubt Arthur will be over later.”

“I thought l would bring Alice over after school and we can all have her again,” l said, pressing the head of my cock against her anus.

“That’s a good idea……aaaaahhhhhh!” She sighed as l entered her.

I began fucking her straight away, conscious of my need for breakfast and to get to school. I started with a few long, slow strokes.

“Oh that feels good,” she said, pushing back to meet me each time, taking my full length. “You’ve turned me into a cum dump.”

“Are you complaining?” I said giving her a harder thrust.

“Oh god no!” She cried out.

I started fucking her harder, my pelvis crashing against her buttocks with each thrust. All l could hear was her moaning as l rammed my cock up her arse. I finally pressed it deep into her as l came, pumping my spunk into her belly.

“Oh that’s so good,” she said as she contracted her muscles to coincide with the pulsations of my cock.

“You really are a slut Mum,” l said as my last pulsation emptied my balls. I pulled out and she immediately dropped to her knees, taking me into her mouth, licking and sucking until she was satisfied she had cleaned me thoroughly.

I helped her to her feet. “I love you Mum,” l said, kissing her.

“You love having a slut for a mother,” she giggled, “and l love being your slut mother.”

Alice was waiting for me at the school gate.

“Jesus David,” she said as soon as l got there, “l couldn’t believe what you did to Mummy last night, l couldn’t stop touching myself all night.”

“Let me feel,” l said, putting my hand up her skirt.

“Not here!” She squealed, pushing my hand away as other pupils walked by, some realised what l was trying to do and a couple of boys laughed and told me to take her round the back of the toilets and fuck her.

It was almost time for the bell to go, we were both due to share the first lesson in the lecture theatre.

“Take your panties off,” l told her.

“I can’t do that here,” she replied.

We had to walk past where the Headmaster had parked his car, l told her to go behind it and take them off.

“Why?” She said, “we have lessons in a minute,”

“You don’t get to ask why,” l said, “if you want to be my girlfriend you have to do as you are told.”

She did as l had said, handing me her panties, l put them in my pocket. We walked to the lecture theatre, l told her to sit next to me. As soon as the lecture started l put my hand up her skirt, l was pleased that she parted her thighs and as soon as l touched her cunt l could tell how wet she was. She gave a gasp when l managed to slip two fingers inside her cunt. The boy sitting on the other side of her was one of the boys l had seen fucking Heather, he heard her gasp and saw what l was doing.

I lifted her skirt to show him where my hand was.

“ Can l have a feel,” he whispered, l removed my hand and nodded to him. Alice stared at me but made no move to stop him when he put his hand between her thighs. “Nice one,” he said as he removed his fingers and tasted her cunt. I carried on fingering her. A few moments later l heard her sigh and felt the rush of fluid in her cunt, the other boy just smiled at me.

After the lecture we had gone to separate lessons, she asked me to give her her panties but l refused, telling her l would fuck her behind the toilets during the lunch break, l told her not to be late as l had a game of football planned so wouldn’t have much time.

She was waiting for me, there were two other girls there with their boyfriends, both of them had their tits out and were wanking their boyfriends while they were getting their tits felt. I told Alice to bend over and support herself on the wall. She made no protest and spread her legs for me. I got my cock out and went behind her, flipped her skirt onto her back and entered her cunt. I didn’t have time to waste so fucked her hard. The other girls were giggling as they watched, both boys came quickly. I didn’t take long before l emptied into her cunt then pulled out. I took her panties out of my pocket and shoved them into her cunt to stop my cum from running down her legs, then told her to meet me after school before l went to play football.

She was waiting for me again after school, as soon as l reached her she linked my arm and kissed me, l’m sure it was for the benefit of the other kids looking on.

“That was nice at lunchtime,” she said, “l’m enjoying being your girlfriend, everything is so exciting.”

I asked her what she was planning to do that evening.

“Whatever you want,” she said, “do you want to fuck me again, l’ll have to call Mummy and tell her l won’t be home.”

She got her phone out and called her mother, as soon as it was answered l took the phone off her.

“Hi Anna, this is David,” l said.

There was silence at first.

“Is something wrong, is Alice alright?” She finally replied.

Alice shouted “Hi Mummy,” into the phone.

“She’s fine,” l said, “l fucked her at lunchtime and she wants to come home with me so l can do it again, l’ll bring her home later, l might want to fuck you again or perhaps Dad will, l’ll give you a call before we get there so make sure you’re naked before we arrive.”

There was more silence.

“Did you hear me Anna?” I said.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Well make sure you are naked, otherwise you will have to be punished,” l said, winking at Alice who giggled into her hand so that her mother couldn’t hear.

I ended the call.

“Oh that is so kinky,” Alice said, “would you’re father really do that?”

“He was watching through the window last night,” l said, “would you like to see him fuck her?”

“I think you’re family are a load of perverts,” she giggled, “but it is so exciting, l haven’t put my panties back on, do you want to feel how wet my pussy is?”

I turned and kissed her as other pupils walked past us, as l did l put my hand under her skirt. She parted her legs and l slid two fingers into her cunt. She groaned as l kissed her, giving her my tongue. She pressed her body against my hand. I heard laughter and giggling from the other kids as they passed us.

“You were right about the other girls,” she said as we walked on, she had her arm linked in mind and she hugged me close as she walked. “They have been much nicer to me, a couple of them even said they thought l must be very sexy for you to fuck me in front of them like you did today, only a few of them are fucking their boyfriends.”

“I do like fucking you Alice,” l said, “it’s just a shame about your tits.”

“But they are growing,” she said, taking my hand and placing it on her chest, “can you feel them.”

I could feel the mound of her tit but the best part was her nipple, it was so hard. I pinched it through the material of her shirt, she giggled and kissed me.

I told her we were calling in to see Jeff on the way.

“Is he going to want to fuck me?” She said, “l don’t like him, l think he’s weird.”

“He might do,” l said, “he usually fucks me.”

“Do you really enjoy that?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t do it if l didn’t,” l said, “l like sucking cocks too, does that bother you?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, “l never imagined having a boyfriend who liked to do it with men as well, doesn’t it hurt in your bottom.”

“It did a bit the first time,” l said, “but l had a great orgasm.”

“I saw your mother sucking a cock that had just been up her bottom,” she said, “what about if there’s……you know.”

“It happens,” l said, “you get used to it, you’ll have to do it Alice.”

We carried on walking but she was more subdued. We got to the shop, it was busy with customers. I waved to Jeff as l led Alice through to his living room.

“Take your clothes off,” l said, undoing my trousers, “it’s a rule we have here, we have to be naked in here.”

Alice only had her shirt and skirt on apart from shoes and knee socks so we were both naked quickly. I noticed the door through to the private area was open, l also saw a dress thrown over the back of a chair but didn’t say anything. I said to Alice that l wanted to go through and look at some of the porn mags. She was eager to come with me.

I led her into the room and through to the back to the special area. As we turned the corner behind a tall shelf stand l saw Mum sitting on a chair, she was naked, her legs spread, she was holding a vibrator against her cunt as she held a magazine in her other hand.

“I heard you two talking,” she said, putting the mag and vibrator down, she stood up and kissed Alice, putting her hand between her legs. “Mmmmm, you’re nice and wet Alice,” she said, “do you want to see some of the special stuff, this one is amazing,” she said, picking up the magazine she had been looking at, she opened it to the centre page. “I want to do that,” she said.

The picture shown a woman about Mum’s age on hands and knees being fucked by a big German Shepherd, another one was lying on the floor in front of her and she was sucking his cock.

“I was feeling horny so l came down here for Jeff to fuck me,” she said, “he’s been trying to arrange for me to do that,” she pointed at the photo, “It’s so exciting, he has arranged it for tomorrow, l’m going to be fucked by a dog, l’m so excited.”

“That’s great Mum,” l said, “l take it we can all watch.”

“Oh yes,” she said, “come through to the living room, Jeff has a short recording of another woman at the place where l’m going, you should see it Alice.”

We went through and sat on the sofa with me in the middle, l put my arm around Alice and played with her nipple while Mum turned on the tv and started the recording.

The screen opened with a woman who looked to be a bit older than Mum, she was on all fours. The camera panned right to the doorway and a woman entered, leading two Rottweiler dogs, the woman herself was naked.

“Jeez, she’s fucking gorgeous,” l said.

“She owns the place l’m going to tomorrow,” Mum said, “her name is Karen and those dogs have been specially trained.”

“They look huge,” Alice said.

“You wait till you see their cocks,” Mum replied.

We watched as Karen led one dog up behind the woman, he immediately started smelling her cunt and licking her. I felt Alice shiver as l tweaked her nipple. Two men appeared, one much older than the other.

“That’s two men who work for Karen,” Mum said, “they are father and son.”

The younger one took the second dog and led him round to the front of the woman, he told him to lie down, he led on his back, his back legs spread. Alice gasped as we all had a close up shot of the dog’s cock protruding from its sheath.

“Oh my god!” Alice said. I put my other hand between her thighs and she opened for me, l put two fingers up her cunt to the knuckle, her cunt was pulsating and sloppy with juices.

“I know,” Mum said, “l’ve seen dogs with big cocks but that one looks huge, l hope he’s the one that’s going to fuck me.”

The camera zoomed back just as the first dog mounted the woman. The shot then changed to one taken from under her and we could see his cock resting against her cunt lips. His cock looked to be just as big as the other one, it must have been at least ten inches, it was bright red and pointed at the end, there was pre cum dripping from the tip.

“Oh l can’t wait for tomorrow,” Mum said, “how would you like that up your cunt Alice?”

“I d..don’t th..think l could,” Alice stuttered as l pushed four fingers into her cunt. She had hold of my cock and was squeezing it hard.

The door to the shop opened and Jeff walked in.

“I’ve shut the shop for a few minutes,” he said, “oh, l see Maureen is showing you what she’s going to be doing tomorrow, they are big boys those dogs,” he said, taking his clothes off. “What do you think Alice? Would you like that cock up your cunt.”

I felt her cum as we watched the first dog thrust his cock deep into the woman, the camera underneath gave a great shot of his big balls hanging. I had to admire the camera work, we were given a great shot of that thick red cock sliding in and out of her cunt, then a shot from behind the dog, through his legs as his balls crashed into her with each thrust.

The next shot showed to woman’s head only inches above the cock of the dog lying down, then a hand appeared, the finger nails were painted so l presumed it was Karen the owner. As the woman cried out with the ferocity of the cock in her cunt, the hand pushed her face down so that she had no option other than to take his cock into her mouth.

“Oh yes Jeff,” Mum said, using the vibrator to fuck herself, “promise me l can do that.”

“Oh you will, and more,” he replied, standing beside Alice. He reached down and took her hand. “I never got to fuck you last night, come over here.”

Alice allowed herself to be guided across to stand behind the armchair.

“There, you can still watch the screen, bend over,”

It must have been the effect the recording was having on her as she bent forward and spread her legs without protest. She only let out a faint cry as Jeff’s cock buried in her cunt.

“Oh she’s still tight David, she’s perfect,” he said as he started fucking her.

On the screen the shot showed the base of the cock that was fucking the woman, there was a swelling about the size of a tennis ball but growing bigger.

“What is that?” Alice said.

“That’s his knot Alice,” Mum said, “once he gets that in your cunt you are locked together and he can fill you with spunk.”

I had switched my attention to Mum, pulling and twisting her nipples. I pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and slid four fingers inside her, she took it easily so then l added my thumb and put my whole hand inside her cunt, I balled my fist, she looked at me and smiled, “Bastard,” she whispered.

I watched Jeff fucking Alice as l worked my fist up Mum’s cunt, glancing at the screen to see the dog ramming hard trying to get his knot inside the woman. There was another shot of her sucking the other cock then she lifted her mouth and cried out as that knot finally forced it’s way into her. As she did, the cock below her exploded, shooting cum up onto her face, the hand reappeared forcing her down again to take it back in her mouth.

“Oh god yes, l want it so much,” Mum said as her back arched off the sofa and she came, juices spraying from her cunt as l rammed my fist up her.

The screen showed the whole picture, the woman with her spunk covered face sucking hungrily on the dog cock in her mouth, the other dog deep seated in her cunt, his back end still thrusting.

Alice cried out and l knew Jeff was unloading inside her.

The dog fucking the woman turned and ended up facing away from her, his cock still firmly fixed in her cunt, the woman released the cock from her mouth and the dog stood up. He stood above her for a moment then l heard a female voice give the command “Jason empty.” Immediately he lifted his one hind leg and proceeded to piss on her, it seemed the stream of piss would never end, matting her hair and running down over her face.

The dog in her cunt was trying to pull out but his knot had lodged inside, with one final lunge he was free, the woman screamed and dog cum mixed with her cunt juices sprayed from her cunt. She collapsed onto the floor.

The dog called Jason was led away while the one that had fucked her was led to stand over her upturned face. “Connor empty,” the female voice said and he lifted his hind leg pissing directly onto her face. She coughed and spluttered as the stream of piss hit her, unable to stop her mouth filling.

I pulled my fist out of Mum’s cunt. “On your knees Mum,” l said.

She obeyed instantly, head down and bottom up, she pulled her buttocks apart. “In my bum,” she said, “fuck me in my bum.”

I looked around for the jar of lubricant.

“No! Just do it,’ she cried, “do it David, do it hard.”

I knelt behind her, placed the head of my cock against her anus, it was glistening with the juices from her cunt. I gripped her hips and lunged at her, driving my cock fully into her, my tummy crashing against her bottom.

“Yes!” She cried, her whole body convulsed and l felt her liquid shooting from her cunt, the muscles in her arsehole gripping me. I came quickly and Mum cried our again as she felt my spunk inside her. I was humping her and she pushed back, l was so deep inside her.

Finally we both collapsed and parted. I was on my back, Mum lying on her front. I looked up to see Jeff leading Alice by her hair, he forced her to kneel beside me. “Suck his cock,” he said, forcing her down, “it’s just been deep inside his mother’s arsehole, now suck it.”

Alice had no option, her face was being forced down onto my cock, l held it with one hand and pulled her down with the other until l felt her lips engulf me.

Jeff moved away and knelt between Mum’s thighs, he stooped down and parted her buttocks, pressing his mouth against her anus, licking my cum out of her. Mum just groaned.

We stayed like that for a few minutes. Even when l released Alice she continued to suck my cock.

I looked at the screen and saw that Jeff had frozen the recording with the stream of dog piss hitting the woman in her open mouth.

I pushed Alice away from my cock and pulled her up beside me. “Happy?” I said.

“I don’t know how l feel,” she said, “l can’t believe what l’m seeing and what l’m doing, l think l love you David,” she said as she put her leg over me then rolled on top of me, “l don’t think l should love you, l’m sure Mummy would say you are a perverted monster, your whole family are perverted monsters.”

As she lay on me, her hips were moving against my cock and l felt myself getting hard again, she felt it too.

“Are you turning me into a perverted monster too,” she smiled, parting her legs and allowing my cock to rest between her thighs.

“I don’t think l have any cum left,” l said.

“I don’t care,” she replied, raising her hips off me then reaching down for my cock, she guided me between her cunt lips, l could feel them greasy with Jeff’s spunk. She lowered her hips and about half my cock slipped easily inside her. “Just hold me like this,” she said, kissing my chest.

I think Alice and l must have dozed off, l woke and she was still on top of he, l was still inside her.

“You two make a pretty picture,” Mum said.

I looked up at her, she was freshly showered and wearing the dress l had seen earlier.

“Jeff had to go back to the shop,” she said, “you take Alice for a shower and take her home, l have to get home and feed your father.”

When Mum had left, l rolled Alice off me, she groaned in disappointment as we parted.

“Come on,” l said, “let’s get you cleaned up.” I helped her to her feet then led her through to the bathroom.

“I need to pee,” she said when we got there. She sat on the toilet, then looked at me and giggled. “Are you going to watch me?” She said.

“Spread your legs,” l said, kneeling in front of her.

“This is sick,” she giggled as her steam started to flow. As she pissed l put my hand between her thighs so that she pissed on my fingers. I then put them into my mouth, sucking her piss from them.

She giggled again. She reached for some tissue to dry herself when she’d finished but l stopped her, telling her to stand over me. I licked the last drops of piss from her.

I led her into the shower then put my hands on her shoulders.

“I need to piss now,” l said.

She understood immediately and smiled as she dropped to her knees. I held my cock in front of her face and as my stream began to flow she instantly opened her mouth. I directed my stream into her mouth and was pleased when she swallowed her first mouthful. I continued to piss over her face and into her mouth until she sucked the last drops from me. She stood and kissed me, letting me taste my piss on her lips. I turned the shower on, we both shivered as the water was cold at first but quickly warmed, we started washing each other.

The bathroom door opened and Jeff walked in, he took no notice of us as he stood before the toilet, took out his cock and started pissing into the pan. Alice just looked at me and giggled. When Jeff had finished he shook the last drips from his cock then put it away. He asked me if l was taking Alice home, l said l was then he told Alice that she should tell her mother that he would be coming round to see her as soon as he locked up the shop at eight o’clock.

We arrived at Alice’s house, her mother was obviously not pleased to see me but afraid to say anything, she seemed nervous, l presumed she was expecting me to want to fuck her again but instead Alice said l would be staying for a while and asked her mother to make us a meal. Anna was going to say something but one look from her daughter stopped her.

We went through to the lounge, Alice’s father was in his armchair watching tv. We sat on the sofa, Alice immediately put one leg over mine then whispered in my ear.

“Play with my pussy,” she said then giggled.

I saw her father look when she had parted her legs, she still wasn’t wearing panties so he had a clear view of her cunt. I put my hand up her skirt and began playing with her labia and clitoris, she snuggled up to me. I saw Jack fidget in his chair but his eyes were fixed on his daughter’s cunt.

Alice undid my trousers and got my cock out.

“David is much bigger than yours Daddy,” she said, turning to kiss me. “When he fucks me it feels so good, much better than when you tried, l’m not going to let you try again, l only want proper cocks in my pussy from now on.”

I could see the embarrassment on his face but he didn’t take his eyes off what l was doing with Alice’s cunt. He undid his own trousers and took out his tiny cock, he began wanking with his finger and thumb.

“That is so pathetic Daddy,” Alice said, “l’m never going to let you touch me again, and the same goes for Vicar John, l only want real cocks up me from now on.”

Anna entered the room carrying a tray with two bowls of pasta. She almost dropped the tray when she saw what we were doing.

“What do you think this is,” she shouted, “this is a respectable house.”

“Come off it Mummy,” Alice said, “you never minded when Daddy played with my pussy.”

She looked at her husband and he hurriedly tucked his cock away and did up his trousers.

I took my hand away and Alice sat up, taking the tray and handing me my meal.

“David took me round to see Jeff,” Alice said, “David’s mother was there, Jeff showed us a great recording and he fucked me, he said to tell you that he would be coming round to see you tonight.”

Anna’s faced was flushed with anger but she knew there was little she could do.

“I’m going with David and his family tomorrow,” Alice said, “Jeff has arranged a treat for Mo and l want to watch.”

Anna couldn’t take any more, she stormed out slamming the door behind her.

“She’ll get over it,” l said.

“I don’t care,” she replied, “she’s watched for years when Daddy played with me, l never knew it was wrong, she told me l had to let Vicar John play with me because it was what Jesus wanted, she calls your family perverts but she is more perverted than anyone.”

Her father listened to her without comment. We ate our meal, which l had to admit was delicious. As we finished our meal l had a text from Jeff.

Jeff. : Are you still at Alice’s

Me. : Yes, just leaving

Jeff. : Okay, tell your parents l’ll be there at 10 o’clock tomorrow

Me. : Will do

Jeff. : On my way now, tell Anna to get naked

Me. : Okay, see you in the morning xx

Jeff. : xx

Alec had seen the messages and was smiling. We went through to the kitchen, Anna was sitting at the kitchen table.

“Jeff is on his way,” l said, “he told me to tell you to get naked.”

Anna gave me a look of defiance but when l just stood there staring at her she finally visibly crumbled. She stood and started removing her dress. Next came her bra and panties. All her resolve had melted away when l approached her and put my hand between her thighs.

“You have to stop pretending Anna,” l said, “your cunt gives you away. I saw tears in her eyes but had no sympathy for her, l gave both her nipples a hard pinch then kissed Alice, telling her l was looking forward to seeing her in the morning, l could tell that she was thrilled that l was treating her like a proper girlfriend.

Saturday morning came and l woke up with my usual erection. I could hear noises coming from downstairs and presumed Mum was there making breakfast. I entered the kitchen to find my father, he was naked and preparing breakfast.

“Where’s Mum?” I asked.

He turned and saw my erection.

“If you’’re expecting to fuck her you can think again,” he said, “she’s in the shower and after that she is out of bounds.”

“Why?” I said, “it’s hours before we get to where we’re going.”

“Sorry sweetheart,” Mum’s voice came from behind me. I turned to see her wearing her dressing gown. “I’m not fucking anyone this morning, l want my body to be ready for what happens later, this is a big day for me.”

“I understand that,” l said, “but l’m horny Mum, it’s not as good when l wank.”

“Well you’ll have to fuck your father instead,” she said, “l expected you would be wanting me so l lubricated him ready.”

I turned back to see Dad bending over the table, pulling his buttocks apart. I couldn’t wait, l had to fuck someone. I stood behind him, pressed my cock against his anus, it slipped in easily. I pushed it all the way in then started to fuck him. It was a surreal moment, me fucking my father while my mother moved around the kitchen finishing the breakfast as if it was normal family life.

I couldn’t last long and soon l was pumping my cum into his arsehole. I pulled out, looking at his gaping hole and my spunk lying there, a dribble of it leaked out, l bent down and licked it away then stuck my tongue into him licking out most or the rest.

“Thank you,” Mum said once l had finished, she kissed me. “I knew you would understand, you can have me as much as you like after today, l’m so excited it wouldn’t take much to make me cum but l want to save it.”

After breakfast we all got dressed ready for Jeff. Dad and l were waiting in the lounge when Mum came in. She was wearing a tight white shirt, left unbuttoned and tied just underneath her tits, also her short tartan skirt. She flicked it up to show she didn’t have panties on.

“You look hot Mum,” l said, “can l touch?”

“Just a quick feel of my tits then,” she said, “don’t touch my pussy, l’m that ready down there, one touch and l’ll cum.”

I put my hands on her tits, her nipples sticking through the material of her shirt. I rolled my thumb over them.

“That’s enough,” she giggled as she pushed me away. Just then her phone pinged, she checked it then told us that Jeff was just turning into the street. At that point l was presuming we would call in and pick up Alice.

We heard Jeff’s car pulling up and went out to meet it. Mum looked fantastic on her high heels which made her stick her tits out. I looked at Jeff’s car and saw Alice in the front passenger seat with her mother and father in the back.

Jeff and Alice got out and he said that she could travel with us in Dad’s car. Just then Arthur came across the street saying he would be coming.

Mum rode beside Dad in the front, Arthur, Alice and I got in the back, with Alice in the middle. We followed Jeff’s car.

Alice was wearing a tank top and a short skirt. I lifted her skirt and saw she wasn’t wearing panties, she smiled and spread her legs, putting one over me and the other over Arthur. Arthur pushed up her tank top.

“I do believe your titties have started growing,” he said, running his hand over her chest and pinching her nipples, “l knew they would with all the fucking you’re getting.”

Alice looked at me, “Do you think so David?” She said.

I had to admit that her mounds did look a little larger and said so, that pleased her. I asked Dad how long we would be before we got where we were going, he said that Jeff had given him the post code for the sat nav and that was saying it would be just over an hour.

“Why don’t you suck Arthur off Alice,” l said.

“What about you?” She said.

“I fucked Dad before you arrived so l can wait,” l said.

I was pleased that she didn’t need any persuading. Arthur got his cock out and Alice put her head in his lap taking him into her mouth. Arthur pushed her down to take him fully and again l was pleased that she didn’t struggle, she managed to control her breathing.

“I won’t take long,” Arthur said, “l was wanking and edging before l came out, l’m looking forward to seeing your mother do this, l used to love watching my wife.”

“Can’t we get that old lady down the street to join us?” I said.

“I haven’t fucked her for a couple of years,” he said, “but l’m sure she’s doing it with that dog of hers.”

Just then he groaned and from the noises Alice was making l knew he was emptying his balls into her mouth. She kept her face pressed down onto his lap until he had finished then she sat up. She climbed over me so she was sat on my lap facing me. She opened her mouth and showed me it was full of Arthur’s cum, then she kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth as she gave me that spunk.

“It didn’t take long for you to turn her into a dirty slut,” Arthur laughed.

With that, Alice broke away from me, leaned over and kissed Arthur, giving him the rest of his own cum.

“Now l want fucking,” she said, sitting back on my lap and undoing my trousers. I moved forward a bit on my seat then leaned back as she got my cock out. I was good and hard and she raised herself onto it, sinking down with my cock up her cunt. “Oh now that is nice,” she said.

“You like being fucked now then,” Arthur said.

“Oh l love it,” she replied, “you can have me later if you like.”

“What about me!” Dad shouted from the front.

“And you,” she giggled, “l just want loads of cock.”

Everyone laughed, we were all so pleased that Alice had taken to our family life so well.

“What about today Alice,” Arthur said, “are you going to try one of the dogs?”

I felt her cunt squeeze my cock and a flow of warmth engulf it as she shivered.

“I think you hit on something there Arthur,” l laughed, “but if it’s those Rottweilers l saw yesterday l’m not sure if she’s ready for something like that yet.”

“If you want me to, l’ll try,” she said, kissing me.

“Don’t let him force you Alice,” Mum said, “it has to be your decision, but from what Jeff tells me those Rottis are for mature sluts like me but the woman that runs the place has smaller dogs for anyone wanting to experiment.”

I felt her cunt react again, l hadn’t thought of Alice doing it with a dog but suddenly it was something l would love to see.

She stared rotating her hips on me and leaned forward offering me her nipples. I sucked one into my mouth and bit it gently, she groaned.

“Oh this is so exciting,” she sighed, “is Mummy going to do it with a dog as well?”

“I don’t think she knows that yet,” Mum said, “but you heard what your Mum and Dad were talking about on that recording, she likes talking about it but l think Jeff has other things planned for her as well.”

“Oh l hope so,” Alice said, “Mummy can be really nasty to people sometimes, she has said some horrible things about people who live in your part of town, she’s a real snob, it was so good to see David fucking her that first time, l do love your family.”

She began rising and falling on my cock, l bit harder on her nipple and felt another flood of her juices.

“Come on David, give me your spunk,” she said as she bounced up and down quicker, “l want to be full of your spunk.”

I came without warning, groaning as my cock fired shot after shot of cum deep inside her cunt.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” She cried, kissing me, driving her tongue into my mouth as l unloaded inside her.

“You’re driving me crazy here Alice,” Dad said.

“Oh don’t worry, l’m sure David will let you fuck me later,” she said, “he owns my pussy now, he decides who fucks me.”

She sank down on me, her cunt squeezing me gently as she milked the last of my cum from my cock, l was so proud of her, l had only started this in order to win a stupid bet, l had never expected Alice to react like this, l knew she loved me and l was starting to get some strong feelings about her, l wasn’t sure if it was love but l knew l wanted to spend more time with her.

She stayed on my lap for the rest of the journey, even after my limp cock slipped from her cunt.

……………………………………………………to be continued

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