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I don't go to parties very often but my colleagues at work wanted us all to go together to our work Christmas party as a team and have some fun. We'd had a particularly tough year with our systems and support work can mean lots of unsocial hours with little time to socialise.

One of the problems we'd had in the months before Christmas was with testing data being sent to and returned from one of our third party suppliers. This meant that I'd had many a call with our supplier liaison team and particularly with Chloe who was always cheery and helpful despite of all the issues we were having. As we got to know each other we flirted a bit over the phone. Once when I hadn't called for a few days she'd said she'd missed our chats. After discussing the late return of yet another test file I was about to ring off when she asked

"Are you coming to the party?"

"I'm not sure. Would you like me to come?" I asked

"Sure," she replied "You could be my companion for the night." She giggled

"That sounds nice," I said, "I'll see if I can make it."

"I've already booked a room while the special rate is on for the company," she said. She was a tease.

"I'm not sure I'd be able to stay over," I said, "I may need to be back. I'll have to check the diary as it's a busy time of year with school concerts and Christmas events."

"Okay," she said, "but make an effort. It's always a good night."

"So I've heard. The rest of the team want me to go too as we don't get chance to socialise much at the moment."

"Well there you go then, you definitely need to be there. And try stay over or you'll miss half the fun going early."

"I'll let you know then." I said and with that we ended then conversation

I loved chatting to Chloe, the flirting was a bonus of course but just harmless fun, however she had a way of lifting the worst of day's and making them seem not so bad. When thinking of her I did occasionally wonder what life would be like if I was 10 years younger and single.

Chloe was almost my height. She was 5'8, about 130 lbs, gorgeous blue eyes and fair to blonde hair that came down below her shoulders and was beautifully apportioned if you know what I mean. She was 29 and single with no one on the scene at that time.

I, however, am married to Mary, and we have 2 children, a girl and a boy both moving into their teen years. I had always been faithful to Mary but things had recently become difficult for us due to the depression she had been suffering for a few years. I had done all I could to support her and the children but due to the pressures at work and her seeming unwillingness to try and move on from the depression, even with the help of medication, things had become very strained and we hadn't had any sex for weeks. I think I had become tired of trying to keep things together. Although I wasn't looking to cheat on my wife, I guess the flirting with Chloe over the phone boosted my confidence and reminded me of the good times. She was fun and cheerful which Mary wasn't really.

I discussed the party with Mary and we eventually agreed that I could stay over as there were no commitments the next day. I was off work anyway and didn't need to be at the children's school until lunchtime. When I was in the office I rang the hotel and booked my room managing to get the company rate and let the team know I would be at the party. When Chloe and I were next on the phone, after business was dealt with she asked

"So are you going to the party or are you still thinking about it?"

"Still mulling it over."

"I'll be there," she said, "and I'm quite happy to keep you company?"

"Well that's an offer I can't refuse." We both laughed. "Don't worry Chloe I'll be there, as will the rest of the team, don't forget that!"

"Don't worry," she said "I won't, but you’re not going to dance with the lads are you?"

That made me laugh again.

"So are you going to stay over?"

"Yes, I probably will" I said, trying to keep her guessing.

"Oh go on," she said "it'll be fun."

"It's okay sweetness, I've already booked my room." I sometimes called her that and she seemed to enjoy it.

"Great!" she said, "I'm really glad you’re coming."

Work continued in its usual busy way over the next few weeks leading up to the party and things remained very much the same at home too. I had the impression Mary couldn't careless whether I went to the party and stayed over or not and this left me feeling a little low. With no sex and little communication between us I was beginning to look forward to an evening where I could flirt a bit with Chloe and begin to feel good about myself. After all it would just be a bit of harmless fun.

So, the evening finally came and I arrived at the hotel about half an hour before the meal was due to start. I went to my room and changed into my suit and then went down to the bar for a pre meal drink. Chloe was already there and seemed to have had a few to drink already. She was pleased to see me and came over for a photo with me. Her hair was mainly tied up with needles that looked like large cocktail sticks with a few strands at the front hanging down each side of her face. She had on a skimpy backless halter type dress that had like a choker neck band. It was a dark dress that rode well up her thighs to the front but was lower behind her legs. It wasn't see through but didn't leave much to the imagination. She looked stunning. She came and stood close to my right side for the photo, very close. We held our drinking glasses together and as we moved them together she brushed her left side against me and I felt her firm pert left breast brush against my arm and a tingling sensation run right through me and my cock stirred within my pants. Tonight was going to be a real challenge for me. With no sex for weeks and feeling in need of a real good fuck and with this gorgeous lady for company I was really going to have to be in control of my urges not to succumb.

After the photo I moved over to my office colleagues and Chloe joined her colleagues and the meal was announced.

Our table was very close to Chloe's but far enough away for her not to hear the conversation. A couple of the lads were speculating about whether she was wearing any knickers. I kept out of the conversation and tried to keep my mind on other things so that I could stay in control. The meal was good and conversation revolved around the Christmas break and what we'd all be doing.

After the desserts people started milling around and Chloe came over and sat next to me at our table. She chatted with me and those around for a few minutes and then went to the bar to get a few of us drinks. I offered to get her one but she said I couldn't afford what she was drinking and bought me one instead. We chatted some more then she joined her colleagues on the dance floor. She was a great dancer and had me wishing I could dance. I was mesmerised watching her, I hoped I wasn't being too obvious. After a while she indicated with her finger that she wanted me to join her with that come to me finger wiggle. I hesitated and she came over a grabbed me by the arm and pulled me onto the dance floor after saying she'd be offended if I didn't join her.

Having two left feet it took me a while to get into it but eventually I did after a few helpful hints from Chloe and Jacqui her colleague. We danced for a couple of songs then I went to get some drinks as I was getting some looks from my colleagues that were making me feel a bit uncomfortable. Chloe joined me at the bar and I told her how I was feeling about the looks I was getting so she suggested that we move more to the back of the dance floor where we'd be a bit more out of their sight and I could relax a bit. I was a bit hesitant but agreed as I didn't want to spoil her evening. She was after all a great dancer. After our drinks she went back to the dance floor and I followed a few moments later heading to the back of the dance floor near the wall. She cleverly danced her way through the other dancers to join me and we danced for quite a few more songs - well I should say she danced and I did my best to move like I was dancing but I still felt a bit clumsy, however being more out of sight helped me to relax. After a few of the songs we started to dance closer together and I was really starting to enjoy myself. Chloe definitely seemed to be having fun and appeared to make sure our bodies touched as often as possible, either that or I was really a bad dancer! Occasionally she would turn her back to me as she danced and as she moved he arms above her head as she danced she would move right against me so that her ass cheeks rubbed against me. As she did this my cock started to betray me and I'm sure that after a couple of times of doing this she must have felt my bulge straining out to her. I was getting so turned on I had to do something but I was enjoying it too. I slipped from the dance floor and went to get some more drinks. She did let me buy her one now and it was quite pricy but I was happy to buy it especially if it cut the contact for a minute or two.

When we returned to the dance floor the songs were starting to slow down and people were pairing off and dancing together so Chloe and I paired up. As we danced I placed my hands on Chloe's bare back. Her skin was warm and silky and boy did she feel good. She snuggled in as we danced with her arms around my shoulders and her head rested on my shoulder once or twice. I could feel her hot breath against my neck and smell her gorgeous perfume and it wasn't long before my cock was straining towards her again. As hard as I tried to control myself I was losing the battle because whatever I tried to think to stop it happening my cock had a mind of its own and it knew what it wanted. As we danced through a couple of songs I moved my hands up her soft bare back. At the same time Chloe stood more upright, smiled and moved her hands down to rest on my ass cheeks drawing us tightly together. Her smile lit her face up that or what she must now be feeling pressing against her. If she hadn't felt my cock against her before she most certainly must have been feeling it then.

I was starting to become intoxicated by the scent and feel of this gorgeous woman in my arms and I had to do something... but I was losing the will to. Eventually I made an excuse that I was tired and needed to go to bed.

"I need to be up early so think it's time I hit the sack too," Chloe said, "I'll walk with you till our ways must part... if that's okay with you."

"Yes... great," I said smiling at her as I looked her in the eyes

"Fuck what am I doing?" I thought as we walked to the lifts, "I'm giving her all the wrong signals."

There seemed to be a real tension, an electricity in the air between us as we stepped into the lift.

"It's me I'm imagining it" I thought, "snap out of it you silly old fool!"

As I pressed the button for floor 5 I asked her "Which floor?"

"You've already pressed it," she said. "Are you psychic?" she then asked laughingly as the doors closed and the lift began to ascend

"It appears as though we are on the same floor." I said and then smiled.

The lift stopped, the doors took an eternity to open but when they eventually did we stepped out. "I'm going this way," I said pointing down the corridor to the left.

"Hey, me too," Chloe said with a big grin and a sparkle in her eye.

We walked down the deserted corridor in silence but just before we arrived at my room, Chloe stopped and said "Well this is me room number 546." She was right next door to me! She put her key card in the door, opened the door and turned to me. Before she could say anything I said to her "It's been a really great evening Chloe. Thank you for sharing it with me you've been great company. I'm really glad you asked me to come."

"It would have been boring without you," she said.

I moved closer to her, took her right hand and kissed it while looking into her eyes. As I was about to say goodnight she caught me off guard. She took a step back into her room, tightened her grip on my hand and pulled me into the door way. Releasing her grip on my hand she put her hands on either side of my head and kissed me on the lips. To steady myself I put both hands on her sides and began to respond to her, returning her kiss. Our lips parted and her tongue sought out mine and soon our tongues were dancing together as our hands began to caress each others backs as we drew our bodies tightly together.

After what seemed like minutes I head the lift bell and then voices down the corridor and I tensed slightly. My mind was racing. What was I to do now? If we parted now and I stepped into the corridor and headed to my room, someone would be bound to work out whose room I'd come from and seeing my slightly ruffled clothes assume something more had gone on. It was then that Chloe heard them too and made the choice for me before I could consider the other options. She pulled us into her room and closed the door.

"They'll be gone soon," she whispered and turning the lights on low she stepped away from the door back towards me. My mind continued to race as I looked her up and down. Her nipples were hardening and could be clearly seen pressing against the material of her dress. My heart was racing too and unlike the lights my brain was now firmly turned off. My cock and my mixed up emotions were clearly in charge now. I stepped back towards Chloe took her in my arms and resumed kissing her. My tongue found no resistance as I sought and found hers and they were soon dancing together again as we held each other so tightly. We relaxed a bit and our hands began to roam up and down each others backs. To start with all I could feel was her silky skin but as I let my hands roam lower I began to move my hands over her dress covering her ass cheeks. Chloe was moaning into my mouth as we carried on caressing and kissing for a few minutes.

Chloe moved around slightly so that her back was close to the wall. I moved with her as we kept our bodies close together but I broke away from her mouth and began to kiss her cheeks, earlobes and gradually moved down to her neck. She continued to release soft moans of pleasure as she removed her hands from me and reached up to remove her hair pins and I felt her soft hair fall against the side and top of my head. When Chloe had done this she leaned back the few inches against the wall and pulled me into her as I continued to kiss her neck. She lifted he right leg and wrapping it round me pulled our groins close together crushing my cock against her pelvis. She started to grind against me. Fuck she was hot, we were beyond the point of no return and there was only one way this was going to end. Any thoughts of my wife were gone and I was completely lost in the spell of Chloe and her hot body.

I moved my hands away from Chloe's ass and began to caress her sides moving my hands upwards while starting to kiss lower on her neck. It was then that my mouth and hands discovered the same thing. As my hands neared the side of Chloe's breasts the fabric of her dress did not appear to be as tight as earlier and my kissing of her neck did not encounter the fabric of the choker top of her dress when I expected to. When Chloe removed her hair pins she had obviously loosened the fastening at the top of her dress and it was starting to slip down her front a bit. Encouraged by this I returned to kissing her mouth and probing with my tongue again as my right hand started to caress the side of her left breast in small circling movements. Chloe moaned her approval so I began to move from the side to the top of her breast and moved my hand to seek out her nipple. When I found it, Chloe moaned a little louder and as I began to tweak the partially erect nipple with my fore finger and thumb she temporarily broke away from our kissing and groaned an "oh yes".

If this was going to go any further we needed to be somewhere a little more comfortable so I took the opportunity of the break in kissing to release her nipple, put my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up a little. She took the hint, wrapping her other leg around me ass and clasping her arms tightly round my neck. I carried her over to the bed and laid her down across the bed with her ass at the edge. She held me tightly until she was lying on her back. She kept her legs around me while trying to gently grind her pussy against my rigid member. I stood for a moment, as best I could, to admire the view. When I'd lain her in the bed her dress had slid a little lower exposing her breasts. Fuck she was gorgeous. I quickly removed my tie, jacket and shirt as she continued to grind against my cock. I leaned over her again supporting myself either side of her as I resumed kissing her neck only this time I slowly moved on lower causing her to remove her legs from their tight grip around me. I kissed lower moving down the valley between her breasts before moving gently to the left. As I moved I teased her a bit by first kissing the base of her breast then slowly moving round to the left side then round again to the top before finally moving to her nipple. First I just gently kissed it then licked around it before sucking the already near erect nipple into my mouth. She started to run her fingers through my hair while moaning and adding the occasion "Oh yes, that's so nice". I sucked her harder for a few seconds before giving her right breast the same treatment. She'd obvious put some perfume on her chest because she smelt wonderful.

After a few minutes assaulting her perfect breasts I started to kiss her lower, easing her dress down as I went. As I passed her navel Chloe raised her hips allowing me to pull her dress all the way off. Well the guys had speculated correctly as Chloe was not wearing any knickers. She was now as naked as the day she was born and was she a sight to behold.

I nestled in between her legs and began by kissing her thighs, starting near her knees and moving slowly upwards. I could see as I closed in that her shaved pussy was glistening with moisture and her aroma was wonderful. I teased her again by moving from her thighs to the top of her left groin before kissing across to her right groin but avoiding her soaking slit. She was moaning away but put her hands on my head to try and guide me to her pussy. I teased her for a few moments longer before finally moving to taste her sweet honey. As I was doing so I unfastened my trousers and wriggled out of them and my pants. I had also removed my shoes and socks. It helped having her hold my head against her pussy. I gently ran my tongue from the base of her slit all the way to the top without forcing her lips apart. I did this a few times before finally pushing in a little harder and working my way up to her engorged clit. Once I'd hit the spot I flicked it a few times with my tongue before sucking it gently at first then gradually sucking harder. She was writhing a little now groaning her "oh yer" or "mmm yer" and the occasional "oh fuck that is sooo good". I released her clit and licked her left labia from bottom to top then her right labia from bottom to top. I repeated this a few times before sinking my tongue into her pussy then withdrawing it and licking up her crack to her clit again and resumed sucking it. This time I slid a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy and began to finger fuck her as best I could while assaulting her clit. Chloe started to get more vocal now, "oh yesss that's great yes yes yes." She was breathing quickly now, "oh fuck yes yes YESS OH YESS AARGHH YEESSSS" Chloe bucked hard against my fingers as I tried my best to keep up my assault on her clit but she was bucking and writhing too much for me to maintain my contact. After a short while she slowed and stopped as her pussy clamped repeatedly against my fingers.

Once her orgasm had passed I resumed kissing her pussy and licking up her juices for a few more minutes before moving slowly back up her body. I continued to massage her clit with my fingers as I kissed my way up towards her breasts again. She was moaning quietly again. As I closed in on her breasts I moved my fingers from her pussy to give myself better support. Instead I ran the shaft of my cock slowly along her wet slit as I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked really hard. Her nipple was soon rock hard again and I began to pinch it between my teeth as I continued to run my shaft over her slit and clit. I was a little uncomfortable so broke away for a moment. Chloe didn't want me to stop but I stood and taking her by her hands pulled her up to me. I kissed her on the lips then moved towards the head of the bed and pulled the quilt right back off the bed and Chloe climbed back on.

Even during this momentary break all thoughts of what I was doing and any consequences never even entered my head. I had occasionally fantasised about fucking Chloe but never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought this would happen and now it was I was lost in the aura of this wonderful girl.

We were both kneeling on the bed now locked in a passionate kiss again, my cock pressed against Chloe. She kissed around my mouth tasting her juices on me. While she did this I moved my pelvis back a little, reach between us and placed my cock between her slightly parted legs. I so needed to be inside her. I started to rub the tip of my cock along her slit again. She seemed to weaken as I did this so we both manoeuvred ourselves down onto the bed and I worked my way on top of Chloe to keep rubbing myself against her slit as best I could as we did this. I now raised myself above her and she took hold of my cock and guided the head to her very wet entrance. It only took 3 or 4 thrusts and my cock was fully buried inside her. I tried to take things slowly by withdrawing almost completely and slowly sinking the full length of my cock into her hot pussy but she responded almost immediately by thrusting her pelvis up to meet my downward thrusts. Our mouths and tongues locked together for a few thrusts but we broke apart as the intensity increased.

"Oh God yess," she began to moan loudly as we continued to increase speed, "oh yes Mike yes". I knew I wouldn't last much longer at this pace and I so needed to cum after so long without sex. With Chloe having taken such a leading role in initiating this, no thoughts of protection or whether I should pull out even crossed my mind. I was so lost in our passion.

We were thrusting without abandon now and she was moaning louder and louder "Yess, oh yess". I felt my cock stiffening even more as she shouted "YEESSS" while at the same time I realised I was now moaning "oh yes baby yess, yess, yeessss" as my cock twitched and shot a hot stream of cum deep into her pussy. Again and again I shot streams of cum into her pussy as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. That just seemed to draw more cum from me. Evenually my cock stopped pumping cum into her and we clasped in a heap on the bed. She wrapped her legs around me to keep me inside her as long as she could as my cock began to shrink. I wanted to be in her as long as I could too. I‘d never had sex like it before and didn't want the moment of full withdrawal to come.

Once our breathing had return to normal Chloe said "Wow, Mike that was better than I ever imagined". It had never occurred to me that she had been subtly working situations for this to happen. Even the rooms being next door had been arranged by Chloe but right now I didn't care. We eventually broke apart and I went to get some tissues to clean up. Chloe had leaked quite a bit of cum onto the bed. I'd never produced so much before - perhaps it was the illicit nature of what we'd done that caused this to happen. I guess I'll never know. I sat on the edge of the bed to dress but Chloe pulled me back to her. Being so exhaust from our passion I didn't resist and we soon both fell asleep snuggled up to one another.

Rating: 81%, Read 12081 times, Posted Oct 26, 2022

True Story |


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