Mum 8 : Dog day and more. by Fatman50

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We saw Jeff’s car turning into a fancy gateway and drive up a long track to what looked like a very expensive place. Dad turned in and followed.

The main house looked to be fairly new, it was very big and impressive, then there was a big yard surrounded by outbuildings. The grounds looked immaculate and then there was what looked like a long run of cages and as far as l could see, each cage contained a dog of various size.

“Mmmm,” Mum said, “looks like you’ll have a few to chose from Alice.”

We pulled into the yard beside Jeff’s car. Alice pulled down her top and climbed off me.

“Oops!” She giggled, looking down at where my limp cock was hanging out of my trousers, there was a big wet patch on my trousers.

“Fuck!” I said. Everyone else was out of the car, l had no option but to follow.

I heard a door opening in the house and a woman appeared followed by two men. I recognised the woman from the recording, it was Karen. I knew she looked gorgeous on the recording but she looked much better in reality. Her long auburn hair framed a faultless face, she was wearing a white jumpsuit that hugged every inch of her body, as she came closer l realised that it was some kind of mesh and that she was obviously naked underneath, in fact her nipples were protruding through the mesh and between her thighs l could see that there was a split in the material. I saw her looking at the wet patch on my trousers and smiled.

“That’s my fault,” Alice said, seeing my embarrassment, “he fucked me in the car and l had a big cum.”

“I see,” she said.

Jeff introduced us all, Karen pointed to the two men with her, one much older than the other.

“This is Peter and his son Zak,” she said, “l couldn’t run this place without them. And before there are any embarrassing moments later, Zak only fucks me but l’m sure Peter will be fucking at least one of you.”

I looked at Anna, she was obviously struggling, the atmosphere was tense. Jeff introduced her saying she was the one due for special treatment. I didn’t know what he meant but Peter stepped up to her, put both hands into the neck of her dress and tore it open. Jeff had obviously made sure she was naked underneath and her giant breast fell out, sagging down almost to her belly. She yelped and tried to cover herself with her hands but Peter quickly grabbed her arms while Zak tore the dress from her completely.

“It’s better if you are all naked,” Karen said, “saves time later, don’t worry about being seen, we are quite a way from the road and screened by trees, l often walk around here naked.”

I felt Alice grab my arm, she was shaking and l could see she was clamping her thighs together. Mum wasted no time getting naked, neither did Dad, Arthur and Jeff. I followed and all the clothes were thrown into the cars.

Karen walked over to Alice. “Now aren’t you just the cutest thing,” she said, “how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Alice lied and we all laughed.

“Oh l think we can knock a few years off that,” Karen said, “what do you think Peter?”

“I there are a lot of our customers that would pay a lot of money to spend a few hours with her,” he said.

“You’ll have to ask David,” Alice said, “he controls who l have sex with.”

Karen led us to one of the outbuildings, l noticed that Peter and Zak took hold of Anna and took her towards another building, she tried to struggle but they were too strong for her. She looked back at her husband as if pleading for support. I looked at Jack and saw an expression of pure lust on his face, he was staring at Karen.

“Sorry if l appear to be rushing you,” Karen said, “but we run a legitimate boarding kennels here and Saturdays are our main days for drop offs and collections, we are waiting for two to be collected today.”

“Do all the dogs get used for fucking,” Alice said.

“Oh no,” Karen replied, “l have seven reserved for that, two Rottis and a Lab are abroad doing film work, Conor and Jason are here plus Buster he’s a Lab that is ideal for first timers, then there’s Satan, he’s a beast.”

“He sounds exciting,” Mum said.

“Oh l’m sorry but you won’t be getting him,” Karen replied, “he’s far too unpredictable at the moment, he only fucks me now and Peter and Zak have to be there to control him or he would tear me apart.”

“But you still keep him,” l said.

“He’s my mother’s favourite, she had him from a pup, used to take him to bed and suck him off every night, she knows how dangerous he is but refuses to have him put down.”

We entered a building, it was a bit like a barn with a lot of sawdust on the floor. There were bales of straw positioned in the middle of the floor and sofas arranged around them. There were a lot of lights and cameras at different positions.

“We won’t be filming here today,” Karen said, “Zak does that and he has to be outside to deal with the two pick ups. I have to supervise the dogs, they work well for me. What do you want Maureen, one or two?”

Mum said she wanted to do it like on the recording we’d seen. I was surprised at how Karen talked about it as if it were normal, but then l realised that for her it probably was.

“Do you get many customers like us?” Mum asked.

“More and more lately, since the lockdowns,” Karen replied, “we used to do mostly porn work but lately there’s more private stuff, usually husbands wanting to watch their wives. A very old friend of the family is picking up Buster this week to fuck his daughter, it is her first time, l’m getting another Lab as l’m getting a lot of first timers lately, l take it it is people discovering it on porn sites and wanting to try it.”

“Where is Mummy?” Alice asked.

“”She’s in another building with Peter,” Karen replied, “Jeff tells me she is not a very nice person and needs to be taught how to behave, l’ll take you through later and you can see how we teach her.”

I could see that Alice was uncertain so l sat on one of the sofas and pulled her onto my lap, l put my hand between her thighs, flicking my fingers against her labia and clitoris to relax her.

Karen led Mum over to the bales.

“Do you need to be tied down?“ Karen asked.

“No, l want this, l really do, my cunt is dripping.” Mum replied.

Karen smiled, “Don’t worry, you’ll be getting Jason soon but we need to make sure it’s how you want it. Do you want me to control him and for him to mount you slowly or do l let him lose and allow him to take you however he wants.”

“I want to be his bitch,” Mum said.

“That’s good,” Karen said, “it’s the most exciting way, you’re okay with Jason and Conor, they have been doing this for a few years, they will be rough but not too rough.”

I could feel Alice’s cunt getting wetter as she listened to Mum and Karen. I slid two fingers up her and she hugged me and kissed me.

Karen left the room through another door. She reappeared a few moments later with two Rottweilers. I heard Alice gasp and saw Dad, Arthur and Jeff all grab their cocks, it looked like Jack was wanking too. Alice grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard as l pushed my fingers deep into her cunt.

Mum was lying face down over a bale, her legs spread wide. Karen led the dogs behind her, she allowed one to go close enough to smell her cunt. She released his lead and said, “Jason lick.”

Immediately her started licking Mum’s cunt, l saw her shiver at the first contact. Jason raised up onto her back, Karen reached behind him, between his back legs and took hold of his cock. We all gasped when we saw how big he was, he was much bigger than Dad or me. We could see the pre cum dripping from the end of his cock. Karen positioned him between Mum’s labia, l could see her expression, she was tense, waiting for that first thrust.

“Jason fuck,” Karen said, releasing him and with one lunge he buried his cock in Mum’s cunt.

“Oh god yes,” Mum screamed.

As soon as he was in her his back end started driving him in harder, his hind legs scraping the floor as he tried to get deeper and deeper into her cunt. I was worried that he was too violent but Karen was watching so l trusted her.

I saw Mum hugging herself and shaking, she must have been orgasming, Jason didn’t let up as he pummelled her cunt. Alice and l were the first to see the swelling at the base of his cock, it was bigger than my fist, he was ramming harder trying to get his knot into her.

“Good boy Jason,” Karen said, “fuck Jason fuck.”

I took my fingers away from Alice’s cunt, then held her legs wide apart. Conor didn’t need a second invitation and began licking her cunt. Alice trembled as his rough tongue licked the length of her slit.

“Oh god David,” she sighed, she gripped my arm.

Mum cried out again, her fists beating the bale beneath her as Jason continued to hump into her, there was liquid dripping from her cunt, a mixture of dog pre cum and her juices.

I heard a noise from beside me, looked right to see Alice’s father on all fours, Arthur was behind him with his cock up his arsehole. I tugged Alice and pointed to her father.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” She cried as she shuddered and came, Conor lapping hungrily as her cunt juice flowed into his mouth. Conor was in his sit position as he licked her, l could see his cock fully erect from his sheath. Dad must have seen it too because he got down on his knees, bending under Conor her took the dog’s cock into his mouth.

Alice couldn’t see what Dad was doing but she knew from his position. “I’ve got to have him David,” she said to me, “please let me have him, l need to feel his dog cock up my cunt, l want my tummy full of dog cum.”

I realised she was desperate, l was disappointed that her mother wasn’t there to see what Alice was doing but at least her father was watching as Arthur fucked his arsehole.

“What do you think Karen?” I said.

“She can have Buster,” Karen replied, “not Conor, he’s too big and too rough for her tight cunt just now, he would tear her open if he got his knot in her, just wait a minute.”

She picked up a two way radio and called Zak, asking where he was, he replied that the collections had been and he was on his way. Karen told him to fetch Buster on his way.

“You are sure you want this,” l said to Alice, “look at Mum, that could happen to you.”

Jason had turned and now facing away from Mum, his cock still firmly lodged in her cunt. With one mighty heave he freed his cock, Mum screamed and as his cock left her cunt, a fountain of spunk and cunt juice followed.

“Come here Conor,” Karen called.

Conor immediately obeyed her, Alice gave a groan of disappointment as his tongue left her cunt, but that disappointment didn’t last as Dad turned and began licking where the dog had been.

The door on the far side opened and Zak entered, leading a big yellow Labrador.

“Come and lie next to Maureen,” Karen said to Alice, at the same time she held Conor and pointed him towards Mum.

Mum was still sprawled across the bale, she was exhausted her body heaving.

“Conor fuck,” Karen said and before Mum could register what was happening, the dog had bounded forward two strides, mounted up on her back and driven his cock into her gaping cunt.

“Oh jeez! Oh Jesus!” Mum cried as he slammed into her with his full weight. The dog was solid bone and muscle, his front paws gripped her as he humped into her. I saw Mum shake from head to foot in orgasm.

Alice went to bend over the bale beside Mum, she hesitated as she got a close look at Conor’s huge cock, his knot hammering against Mum’s cunt. Mum’s cunt was still gaping from Jason and as soon as Conor gave his first hard thrust, his knot forced it’s way in. Mum screamed again and came again, l could see she was on the point of passing out.

“Not on your front Alice,” Karen said, “lie on your back and let him come on top of you, he can’t get as much drive in that position and can’t get his knot in you. If you like it, and feel comfortable, you can turn over later and get a proper dog fuck.”

Zak said he was going to film it and picked up one of the cameras.

I watched as Alice got into position, she was beside Mum who was shaking uncontrollably with orgasm as Conor rammed his cock into her. Alice looked over to me.

“Hold my hand,” she said.

I went over and sat beside her, l took her hand, l could see fear in her face.

“You don’t have to do this,” l said, “we’re not forcing you.”

“I want to,” she said, “just look at your mother, l want to experience what she’s getting.”

“It’s okay David,” Karen said, “Buster will be very gentle.” She looked at Alice. “Do you want him to cum in you sweetheart, you don’t have to,” she said.

“No, l want it all,” Alice replied, “I want his knot in me, l want to feel him shooting his spunk inside me.”

Karen brought Buster forward. Alice spread her legs wide. Buster put his front paws on the bale either side of her.

“He’s done it like this loads of times,” Karen said, “a lot of first timers like it like this but they soon want to turn over and do it properly.”

Alice squeezed my hand as she felt the weight of Buster as his body lowered onto hers. Karen had hold of his cock and guided it between Alice’s labia.

“Tell me you love me,” she said to me, “even if you don’t mean it, just tell me.”

“I do love you Alice,” l said.

She let out a deep sigh as Buster pushed himself forward, his cock sliding up into her cunt. Alice shook from head to toe and l knew she was cumming. Buster began fucking her, his hind legs scraping the floor as he searched for purchase to drive his cock into her.

Karen had said he would be gentle but it didn’t look gentle to me although it was nowhere near as brutal as what Conor was doing to Mum, in fact Mum was no longer making any noise and l feared that she had passed out. That was when Zak grabbed Conor and pulled him back violently to free his knot from Mum’s cunt. She hadn’t passed out but could only manage a whimper as that huge cock was ripped from her cunt.

I turned back to Alice, Buster was humping against her, l could see his knot but at the angle he was at he couldn’t get enough force behind his thrusts to get that knot into her cunt. Alice looked up at me, her face covered in perspiration, a nervous smile on her face turned to a twisted grimace as she came again.

“You can stop anytime babe,” l said.

“No…,” she gasped, “l want it, oh god what am l doing, oh yes, l want to turn, l want to turn.”

“She’s ready David,” Karen said, “let me help her.”

I stood away, l looked over at Mum, she was still sprawled across the bale, Dad was on his knees behind her licking the dog spunk out of her cunt. He stood up, placing his cock against her anus, he fell on her driving his cock deep into her. Mum just groaned, unable to move, as Dad fucked her arsehole violently, ramming his cock into her.

Alice had seen what Dad was doing as Karen pulled Buster out of her cunt and she rolled over onto her front. She looked back at me. “Will you do that to me once Buster has finished,” she said, “l have to do it sometime, l want to be able to do everything for you.”

I reached for her hand again as l sat beside her. I placed her hand on my cock as Buster mounted her. Karen guided his cock again then held him firm once he was ready.

“Are you ready darling?” Karen said to her.

“Yes, l want it,” Alice replied.

Karen released Buster and once again he drove his cock full length into Alice’s cunt, she cried out and her hand squeezed my cock hard. He resumed fucking her but with more force this time, she gripped my cock tight with every thrust, l saw her cum again, her face contorted as the sensations wracked through her body.

“Good girl, you’re doing great,” Karen said, “get ready for his knot now, it will hurt but it has to be done.”

“Yes!…….yes!” Alice panted after each thrust.

Buster gave one huge lunge, Alice screamed and finally he was wedged inside her.

“Oh god he’s cumming, l can feel him cumming,” she cried, her fists beating the bale just as Mum’s had. “Oh god that’s beautiful, his spunk is so hot, oh thank you…thank you.”

I was feeling her pain as her fist started pummelling my cock.

“Good boy Buster,” Karen told him, “breed your bitch Buster, fill your slut with cum.”

He was humping into Alice, his back end pumping, Alice was pushing back her body in spasm.

Dad had cum in Mum’s arsehole, he had moved around and Mum had passively taken his cock into her mouth, she looked like every ounce of energy had been fucked out of her.

Alice cried out again, l looked back and Buster had turned, he was now facing away, still connected to Alice’s cunt.

“He’s still cumming,” she yelled, “oh my god, l can still feel him throbbing, oh this is so good.”

“I’m so proud of you babe,” l said, “l do love you.”

She turned her face to me, there were tears running down her cheeks but they were tears of pleasure. She smiled at me weakly, l could see her strength ebbing away.

“I think she’s had enough Karen,” l said.

“No, please no,” she protested but her voice was weak, “don’t take him away, he hasn’t finished, l can still feel him pulsating inside me, oh god l feel so good.”

“I know how you feel baby,” Karen said, “there’s nothing to compare to a good dog fuck.”

Gently she eased Buster back, Alice groaned as she felt his knot being eased out of her cunt. When it finally slipped out it was followed by a flood of spunk and cunt juice. I couldn’t resist and after seeing Dad doing it to Mum, l sank to my knees, pressing my mouth to Alice’s cunt, eagerly sucking and licking as much as l could. I felt Alice tremble and more liquid poured into my mouth.

Once l was satisfied that l had cleaned as much as l could. Dad and l stood together, looking down at Mum and Alice.

“Don’t they look beautiful,” he said, “you picked a good one in Alice.”

“I wasn’t sure at first,” l said, “l would have liked her to have bigger tits but to see her doing that with Buster, she is amazing.”

“Her tits will grow son,” he said, “not as big as your mother’s l know but they will be big enough.”

“Lie them on the floor for the finish,” Karen said.

I knew what she meant and was uncertain if l wanted that to happen to Alice. As it was, Alice made the decision for me and rolled off the bale onto the floor onto her back. Karen brought Buster over to stand beside her face, she gave him the command and he lifted his hind leg. Alice opened her mouth in anticipation and a second later his stream of piss hit her full in the face. Karen held his cock and directed his stream into Alice’s mouth, each time her mouth filled she swallowed and as the stream died she managed to lift herself up, take his cock into her mouth and suck the last dregs of piss from him.

I looked across at. Mum, she was on the floor, she seemed to be in a daze. Her head was turned toward me, she looked at me and there was a weak smile on her lips. She blew me a kiss and l was so happy for her, that the experience had been everything she had wanted. Zak was positioning Jason and Conor either side of her. When he gave the command they both lifted their hind legs and pissed on her.

Mum must have seen it being done to Alice and as the first stream of piss hit her face she turned to meet it, swallowing each mouthful. She moved to either side as both dogs emptied their bladders onto her. What she didn’t catch in her mouth matted her hair and flowed over her body. Her hands roamed over her body, massaging the piss into her breasts and over her tummy down to her cunt.

Connor was the first to finish, Mum struggled to reach up but managed to take his cock into her mouth. Jason was still pissing on her but his stream was weakening, as he finished, Mum crawled to him, taking his cock into her mouth.

Karen stood next to me. “Your mother would make a wonderful porn star,” she said, “in fact, from what l hear, your whole family could star in a kind of porn reality show and as for Alice, l know men who would pay a lot of money to fuck her, she looks so young, do you think she would be interested?”

“I honestly don’t know if there is anything she wouldn’t be interested in,” l laughed, “l‘ve only been fucking her myself for a short while and now she’s here wanting dogs to fuck her, l think she’s amazing.”

“Do you love her David?” She asked.

“I think l must do,” l said, “l only ever wanted to fuck her once to win a stupid bet but now l want to be with her all the time, l thought l had a dirty mind but she matches me.”

“Well the offer stands,” Karen said, “she could do a one off to see how she likes it, it would be fat hairy old men groping her and using her, how would you feel about that?” She laughed as she looked down at my erection. “I can see how you think about that,” she laughed.

Karen and Zak helped Mum and Alice to their feet. Karen said she was taking the dogs back to their kennels while Zak led Mum and Alice through to where there were showers.

Us four males sat back on the sofas. Alice’s father had not said anything as he watched his daughter being owned by a dog, l wasn’t even sure what he had been doing, l remembered seeing Arthur fucking him and as he sat on the sofa l could see dried spunk on his chin.

We all sat quietly thinking of what we had witnessed. I noticed that Dad and Arthur were sat next to each other and each of them was holding the other’s cock. It looked like Dad was enjoying having sex with men, l was pleased for him, l knew how good it felt to have a cock up my bum.

Karen returned and Jack asked what had happened to Anna.

“Oh she’s been kept busy,” Karen laughed, “l’ll take you through to see her when the girls get back.”

We waited about ten minutes, by which time Dad and Arthur were both wanking each other. The door to the showers opened and Mum and Alice appeared. Alice ran across to me, putting her arms round my neck and kissing me.

“Oh thank you David,” she said, “that was wonderful, thank you so much, l do love you David.”

Mum went over to Dad and kissed him, she looked refreshed. She noticed that he was still holding Arthur’s cock.

“Do you mind?” He said, noticing that she had registered what he and Arthur were doing to each other.

“Of course not,” she giggled, “I think it’s sweet. Zak stripped off and came in the shower to wash us,” she continued, “he has a gorgeous cock and he was fully erect, but when l offered the let him fuck me he refused.”

“Don’t be insulted,” Karen said, overhearing the conversation, “he’s seen hundreds of women naked here and many of them have affected him like that, but Zak only fucks me, l have told him many times that he can fuck anyone he wants but he insists he only wants me.”

“I think that is wonderful,” Mum said, “he must really love you.”

Karen led us all across the room to another door. She held the door handle then stopped. “I hope you approve of what we’ve done with Anna, Jeff told me she has been a real cunt to you Maureen and she tried to stop David fucking Alice, so we thought she needed to be taught a lesson.”

She opened the door and we all trooped in. As soon as we entered and saw the situation, both Mum and Alice gasped.

In the middle of the room was a big square metal frame. Anna had been fixed to it, spread eagled. Wrists and ankles were chained to the frame at each corner. The top of the frame leaned forward but a bar across the middle in front of her tummy meant that Anna was forced to bend forward at the waist.

What made everyone take notice was what they had done to her. Her huge tits were hanging down, the base of each one had been tied tightly with rope which had caused her tits to appear blown up to even bigger than normal, also they had turned blue with the restriction of blood supply.

As her tits hung, her nipples were being stretched by clamps with chains attached, each chain had a weight dangling at the end. Between her outstretched legs, more clamps had been attached to her labia with heavier weights attached which stretched her labia grotesquely.

I could see stripe marks on her tits, Peter was stood beside her with a cane in his hand, at that moment he whacked the cane down hard on her tits and another stripe appeared.

I would have expected Jack to step forward and save his wife from such treatment but he was frozen to the spot, staring intently while wanking his tiny cock.

I heard a whirring noise, then notice what looked like a box on the floor behind her, it was obviously some kind of motor, there was a wheel on the side which was turning slowly, there was an arm fixed to the wheel which went up behind Anna. I moved to the side and saw the rod was finished with a dildo which was inserted into her arsehole, fucking her slowly with long strokes.

Anna’s face was streaked with tears, she looked at us totally forlorn, l saw her body tremble and she groaned as what must have been one of many orgasms wracked her body. Her knees buckled but the strain on her arms forced her to stand again. There was a screen directly in front of her.

“There is a live feed from next door,” Karen said, “she has been able to watch everything you did Alice, she cried bitterly when she saw Buster take you.”

I looked at Alice, she was trying to take in the scene. She held my arm tightly with one hand but her other was between her legs, frigging herself.

“Come on Anna,” Peter said, hitting her tits once more, “one more big cum before you move to the finale.”

He had a remote control in his other hand, he pressed a button and the whirring got louder, the wheel began turning quicker and the dildo began fucking her faster.

“Oh no more, please, no more,” Anna cried as the speed increased even more.

We could all see her belly vibrating as that dildo was forced quicker and quicker into her arsehole. The weights hanging from her nipples and labia were swinging, her tits looked like blue balloons ready to burst. Perspiration was dripping from her, only the bar across her tummy was stopping her from collapsing completely, she was in danger of dislocating her shoulders with the strain.

“That’s enough for now Peter,” Karen said.

Peter slowed the machine, then went behind her and extracted the dildo from her arsehole. Alice groaned when she saw the size of it, it was certainly bigger than my cock.

“It’s a replica of Jason’s cock,” Karen said, “l have one by my bed, Zak uses it on me.”

“Does Peter fuck you as well?” I asked.

“Oh yes, since l was little,” she replied, “him and Daddy used to share me, then Zak joined in when he was old enough.”

Peter had released Anna’s wrists and ankles, he helped her away from the frame and placed her on top of some bales. He had removed the clips from her nipples and cunt, then he began unwinding the rope around her tits. Anna cried out with the pain as blood rushed back into her tits. When he had finished, Peter rolled her over and pulled her legs apart, she didn’t have the energy to resist. We could see her gaping arsehole, it was red raw from the friction of the dildo.

“I think she has just one more lesson to learn,” Karen said. She went over to Peter and together they got Anna onto her feet. Her face looked grotesque where her tears had caused her mascara to run in streaks. Her tits were returning to normal but still very red.

Karen led her across the room to another piece of equipment. This looked like a large table in three strips. The centre strip was tilted at and angle. There were leather straps connected at the four corners.

Anna could only whimper as Peter lifted her onto the centre strip of the table. Karen and Peter then attached her wrists and ankles to the straps so that she was spreadeagled again.

“Oh god, one of the dogs is going to fuck her,” Alice said.

“Does that bother you?” I said.

“It should do,” she replied, “ l know she’s been a nasty cow but she is my mother. I should be trying to stop you but………oh god, does that make me a pervert too.”

“Well your father doesn’t want to stop it,” Jeff said.

We looked across at Jack who was staring at his wife and wanking.

Karen pressed a button on the side of the table and a few seconds later a large sliding door at the far end of the building opened. We could all see a line of stables and walking towards us was Zak. He was leading a donkey.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Alice said, “look at the size of his cock.”

I saw Dad hold Mum and put his hand between her legs as she stared at the animal.

“This is Zero,” Karen said, “he has starred in a lot of porn movies, he knows what to do.”

I felt Alice shiver, she held me tight to save herself from falling to the floor as she came. “Oh l want him,” she murmured.

Zero was led around the table. His top lip curled as he picked up the scent of Anna’s cunt.

Anna had been led in a daze but suddenly she realised what was stood at the end of the table between her outstretched legs.

“Oh no, please god no!” She cried.

With a tap from Karen, Zero reared up and placed his front hooves on the table. His cock was still hanging down. Karen took hold of it and guided it to rest the head between Anna’s labia.

“Help me someone,” Anna pleaded, “Jack, help me, don’t let this happen.”

“But you wanted it Anna,” Jeff told her, “you were looking at those magazines in my back room and telling Jack how much you wanted it.”

“But that wasn’t real,” she pleaded, “l didn’t mean it, we were only playing.”

“Well you shouldn’t say what you don’t mean Anna,” Jeff said.

Karen tapped Zero again and he moved up the table, as he did, his cock entered her. Anna screamed as the huge cock slipped up her cunt, she had cum so many times, even if it had been involuntary, so her cunt was well lubricated.

Zero didn’t stop until almost half of his cock was buried in her cunt, that must have been at least twelve inches.

“Oh David,” Alice said, gripping me tight, “will l ever be able to take that.”

I could see Dad working his fist into Mum’s cunt, she was hanging onto him as she stared at Zero’s cock. He was half planted in Anna’s cunt, she was crying and mumbling.

Karen reached under Zero and began stroking the length of his cock that was still exposed, he shifted his position, forcing himself a few inches deeper. Anna cried out.

Peter was stood beside her, he gripped her nipples, they looked puff and sore, Anna screamed as he twisted them but then we all saw her raise her body off the table, her body quivering as she came.

Karen began wanking Zero harder, Peter released her nipples but then started slapping her tits.

Alice groaned then fell onto her knees. “Fuck me David,” she said, getting on all fours still watching her mother.”Fuck me hard, please.”

I got behind her and was in her deep in one thrust, it was like sticking my cock in a furnace, her body convulsed and her juices poured out of her as she came.

“In my bottom, do it in my bottom,” she said.

I pulled out, my cock and balls were covered in her cunt juice, l pressed the head of my cock against her virgin anus.

“Do it!” She cried, “ram it up me.”

“It will hurt,” l said.

“I don’t care, just do it, l have to have it now.”

Anna was screaming as Peter slapped her tender tits, Karen was wanking Zero harder. Mum was in the same position as Alice with Dad up her arsehole. She looked back at me.

“Do it David,” she said, “this is the right time, do it hard and strong.”

I looked around to find the others, Jack was behind me, he was on his knees as well, Arthur behind him fucking him. It was crazy. I was on my knees behind Alice, l knew she wanted it but something was holding me back. I felt hands going round my body, fingers tweaking my nipples. I felt a cock pressing against my bottom.

“Let me help you,” Jeff said. He reached down and guided his cock against my arsehole. “Let’s do Alice together.

He lurched forward, driving his cock into me, the force of his thrust made me slam my cock into Alice. Jeff didn’t let up, he fucked me hard, ramming his cock deep into my bum that forced me to do the same to Alice. She cried out as her body convulsed again.

Suddenly the room was filled with a terrifying noise, Zero had his head thrown back and was screeching and braying. I came in Alice’s arsehole and she came again, seconds later l felt the heat of Jeff’s cum inside me.

Zero continued to make that ear splitting noise then suddenly he came with such a force that his cum spurted back out of Anna’s cunt. Anna was thrashing from side to side, Peter was twisting her nipples again, her body rising and falling as she came again.

Karen and Zak were beside Zero, they hauled him back until his cock emerged from Anna’s cunt but he was still cumming. Shot after shot of his hot spunk sprayed over her, it covered her belly and tits, going up over her face, Anna was delirious, she cried out again but as she did her mouth was filled with Zero’s cum.

“Oh Jesus god!” Alice scream seeing the spectacle before her and she came again before collapsing face down on the floor. My cock was still pumping cum into her bowels just as Jeff was doing to me.

I looked around, Dad must have cum inside Jack but Jack was now on his knees with Dad’s cock in his mouth, l could see Dad’s cum leaking from Jack’s gaping arsehole.

At last the noise stopped and the last few weak spurts of cum oozed out of Zero’s cock. Everyone was still apart from Anna who was sobbing and Jack who was hungrily sucking Dad’s cock.

Jeff rolled off me and l did the same to Alice, she immediately crawled round and slithered on top of me looking down at me.

“I had to have it babe,” she said, “it had to be you the first time.” She kissed me, “l love you David,” she said, “thank you.”

Zak was leading Zero back through to the stables. Peter released Anna wrists and ankles but she didn’t have the energy to move. Jack had finally stopped sucking Dad’s cock.

Peter walked over to Jack, raising him to his feet, he walked him over to where Anna lay.

“You like the taste of cum Jack,” Karen said, “why don’t you taste Zero’s cum from your wife’s cunt.”

Jack looked at her, but instead of a look of disgust, he just smiled. He went between Anna’s outstretched legs and bent forward. Her whole body was covered in donkey spunk, her thick pubic hair was matted with it. Jack leaned forward and pressed his mouth to Anna’s cunt. I expected her to push him away but she had no resistance left, she could only groan as she felt his tongue enter her.

“I wonder what it tastes like,” Alice said to me.

“There’s plenty on your mother’s body Alice,” Karen said, “why don’t you try it.”

Alice had done so many amazing things in the last few days, l was in awe at the way she had embraced this lifestyle, but seeing her crawl over to her mother, use the table to help her stand and then lower her mouth to her mother’s spunk covered tits was just about the most erotic of all.

She must have sucked and bitten her mother’s tit as Anna sighed in another orgasm. Then she managed to put her hand on the back of Alice’s head, holding her against her tit.

“I have to try it,” Mum said, standing and walking to the other side, she started sucking Anna’s other tit and Anna placed her other hand on Mum’s head.

Karen came over to me.

“It’s time for the finale,” she said, “l thought you might like to go first.”

I went over and stood at the head end of the table, l held my cock over Anna’s face and started to piss. I directed my stream onto her face and as she coughed and spluttered, twisting her face from side to side, l followed her with my stream. Alice must have felt my piss splashing onto her head, she looked up at me and smiled, she opened her mouth and I directed my piss into it, filling it. Then she leaned forward over her mother. She kissed her mother and as she did she allowed my piss to flow into Anna’s mouth. By pressing her mouth down onto her mother she forced her to swallow my piss.

I had continued to piss, directing it over both of them. As my stream eased, Alice moved back to her mother’s tit. I put my cock into Anna’s mouth, l expected her to fight me but instead l felt her sucking the last of my piss from my cock.

I stepped away and watched Dad step up and do the same as me, this time Anna accepted it, opening her mouth and swallowing each mouthful, again she sucked the last from his cock.

“Jeff and Arthur followed, by which time not only Anna but also Alice and Mum were covered with piss. Anna was hugging herself as orgasm followed orgasm, she looked completely wasted. The red stripes on her tits looked more prominent now that her tits had returned closer to their natural colour.

Jack finally lifted his mouth from her cunt, his face covered with donkey cum.

“This is going to take some cleaning up,” l said to Karen.

“Oh that’s not a problem.” She said, “Peter and Zak will have it spic and span in no time, we usually get an orgy like this at least once a month, sometimes we have a horse but if not, Zero will always perform well and he’s only slightly smaller.”

Karen showed us through to the showers saying she was going up to the house to organise some food. I hadn’t seen the showers so was surprised to find a large, square, tiled area with six shower heads suspended from the ceiling. Steaming hot water was cascading from the heads. Dad and Jeff were supporting Anna, who was having difficulty standing. There was an ample supply off toiletries for us to use, Dad had to wash Anna, using a hosepipe connected to a tap to flush out her cunt and arsehole. I then used the same one on Mum and Alice.

There was a huge pile of white, fluffy towels for us to use, plus hair dryers for the females, then we all walked back to the house, none of use were bothered about walking naked across the yard.

We sat in the living room, Dad and Jeff sat either side of Anna, Alice sat on my lap in an armchair, Mum was on another sofa with Arthur and Jack either side of her.

Karen brought in plates of light snacks and shared them around. The conversation was subdued as we all contemplated what had gone on. I noticed that Dad and Jeff were feeling Anna’s tits and she was making no effort to stop them. When Dad slid his hand down over her tummy she parted her legs to give him access to her cunt.

“I think Mummy has joined the list of family sluts.” Alice laughed. Anna smiled at her as Dad slid three fingers up her cunt.

We realised it was early evening which came as a surprise, none of us could remember where the time had gone. We decided that as we had a long journey home, we should start our journey. We all thanked Karen for a wonderful experience, she told us we should make arrangements for another visit, she had a special word with Alice, telling her that the offer to earn big money was still available.

Jeff was taking Anna and Jack home, Alice told her mother she would be spending the night with me, Anna just accepted without comment, she had been subdued even when she was having her tits and cunt played with.

Dad, Arthur and l got dressed in the yard once we’d retrieved our clothes from the car. Mum and Alice decided to stay naked. On the journey back, Mum joined me and Alice in the back, I sat in the middle, Arthur sat beside Dad, l looked over the seat and saw that Arthur had his cock out and Dad was holding it when he could.

“Your father is living his fantasy,” Mum said, “l know he’s dreamt of doing this for a long time, you see what a chain reaction you caused when you raped me, there’s no going back for us now.”

“I would never have believed that l would find two men having sex together was sexy,” Alice said, “but watching my Daddy getting fucked was so erotic, l love watching you getting fucked too,” she said kissing me.

We were about half way home when Mum declared she was hungry, “it must be all the fucking, after all l was ravaged by two dogs.”

We saw a sign for a drive in burger place, neither Mum or Alice made any move to cover themselves. Dad pulled up at the window and we placed our order then moved to the next window, l could see it was a young boy serving, Alice saw him as well and told Dad to pull up so that her window was level with the opening. She wound down her window.

The boy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Alice was naked, l’m not sure if he could see Mum. He was about to pass out our meals but Alice stopped him.

“If we park up over there,” she said, “you can come and deliver to us and l’ll give you a blow job.”

The boy looked around nervously to see if anyone else had heard, when he was satisfied he turned back he told Alice to park at the far end of the car park where it was quieter.

“You sexy little slut,” Dad said as he steered the car to where we had been told.

Alice turned to me. “You don’t mind do you?” She said.

I said it was fine by me.

“Talking of blow jobs,” Mum said as she started to undo my trousers.

We parked up and immediately Mum had my cock out and her head in my lap. I saw the boy hurrying across the car park carrying our meals. Alice opened her door and called him over. She took the meals from him and put them on the floor.

“Come on,” she said to him, undoing his trousers, “we have to be quick, you can cum in my mouth.”

She had his cock out in a few seconds, l was quite pleased that it was smaller than mine. Straight away Alice had it in her mouth, her hands on his bottom pulling him in. I think it must have been a first time for the boy, he obviously didn’t know what to do but Alice helped him by pulling him deep into her mouth.

I heard a noise from the front and realised Dad was sucking Arthur’s cock, l thought that just about summed up what a depraved family we had become.

The poor boy was so excited he only lasted less than a minute before he moaned and unloaded into Alice’s mouth. As soon as she had sucked all his cum she released him.

“You can go now,” she dismissed him. The boy hurriedly did up his trousers and made off back to his job, glancing back a few times as if he couldn’t believe what had happened.

“That was fun,” Alice said, putting her tongue out and licking some cum off her lips.

I didn’t have much spunk left but l pushed Mum’s mouth down on my cock and gave her what l could. She sat up and kissed me.

Dad had finished sucking off Arthur so Alice shared out the food.

On the journey home l noticed Mum was having difficulty staying awake. When Dad pulled up at the house, Mum and Alice had to run in quickly hoping no-one saw them. Dad said that he was going to spend the night with Arthur and they both crossed the road. I followed Mum and Alice into the house.

Mum said she was tired and that she was going straight to bed. I undressed then went into the kitchen and poured Alice and me a glass of wine. We sat together on the sofa, Alice cuddled up to me, resting her head on my chest. She kissed and sucked my nipple gently, l reached over her slender frame and put my hand on her tit. The mound felt bigger but l wasn’t sure it that was just because of the position she was lying. I rolled my fingers over her nipple and felt her shiver in response.

“I’ve had a lovely day,” she said, kissing my nipple, “thank you.”

“You were amazing,” l said, “l was so proud of you, and when you went and sucked your mother’s tit all covered with Zero’s cum, that blew my mind.”

Alice giggled, “That was good wasn’t it,” she said, “but do you know what was the best part?”


“When you said you loved me,” she put her hand on my cock, stroking it gently. “Did you mean it?”

“I never thought l would say that Alice,” l said, “that was never the plan, l only had to take a photo of my cock in your cunt to win the bet, then l was going to dump you.”

“Was that because l didn’t have tits,” she said, “l know what they call me.”

“That wasn’t the main reason,” l said, “although l had just started fucking Mum and her tits are amazing, but the main reason was because you were such a stuck up cow, always bragging about how your family had more money than ours.”

“I know, l was a bitch,” she said, “it was because l had just changed schools and all the other girls had girlfriends, some had boyfriends and l was on my own. None of the boys wanted me because l didn’t have tits which l didn’t understand because at my other school none of my friends had tits and that made us popular.”

“What school did you come from?”

“It was a small private school,” she said, “Vicar John told Mummy l should go there when l moved up from junior school.”

“Was he fucking you then?” I asked, feeling my cock growing as she stroked me.

“No, not then,” she said, “but he was spending a lot of time with Mummy and she often had to attend special services in church that l wasn’t allowed to go to.”

“I bet she was getting fucked on the altar,” l laughed, “l bet the Vicar loved those tits of hers, they are massive.”

“He said the school would be good for me,” he said, “it was run by the Nuns. The only thing was, right from the start we didn’t have many proper lessons, there were only five other girls in the school and during the week we stayed there, we all slept together, there were three double beds so we paired up and slept in pairs.”

“Plenty of pussy fiddling,” l laughed.

“We didn’t do anything like that but we did cuddle, two of the girls cried a lot, they wanted to go home but their parents told them they had to stay.”

“What lessons did you have then?” I asked, l was pulling her nipple and her hand on my cock was getting firmer, she started running her fingernail over the head of my cock.

“At the start it was just the Nuns telling us that Jesus wanted us to be good girls and that we had to do as the Nuns and Vicars told us. We had to read what we were told was the bible but it was a strange bible, it was all about girls having to please God by giving pleasure to the Vicars. It didn’t explain anything so we were all mystified at what it meant.”

“After about a month we were told that there would be some men coming to inspect how good we were at lessons, we were told that they would have to see us naked to make sure our bodies were pure.”

“Did they fuck you?”

“No,” she replied, “they were all old men, some of them were very fat and they smelled of tobacco. We had to stand in front of them and show off, we had to turn around and bend over, then part our legs. They touched our bottoms and put their hands between our legs, most of us giggled and they liked that. That was the first time anyone but me had touched my pussy, the Nuns told me it was called my pussy but sometimes the Vicars would call it my cunt. That first time l felt a finger stroking my pussy it felt nice.”

“When did they start fucking you?” I asked.

“They never did,” she replied, “they would turn up once a week and touch us, after a while they started putting fingers in our pussies. The Nuns had been teaching us how to masturbate. One of them sat on the desk at the front of class, she lifted her skirt and opened her legs, l had never seen a hairy pussy before, she told us we would get hair when we were older, l didn’t want hair, l didn’t like the look of it.”

“I don’t like it either,” l said, “Mum says we will have to make your mother get rid of hers soon, Mum wants to ear her cunt but she hates getting hair in her mouth.”

“Once they had taught us to masturbate, Vicar John started coming to lessons, we had to learn about his penis, we were told to call it his cock, we were taught how to touch it, how to stroke it and make it bigger, then the lessons built up until we were taught how to make him cum. We had been warned about the white stuff that was called cum or spunk, so when l made him cum the first time l wasn’t surprised and he told me l was top of the class, all the Nuns clapped me and told me Jesus was watching and he would be pleased.”

“After that we started having to play with the cocks of the men who came every week, we always had to be naked and let them touch us and we were told it would be good for our skin if we let them shoot their white stuff onto our bodies. Then, one night there was the accident.”

“What happened?”

“We never knew exactly, one of the men was always rougher than the others, he had a great big belly, he was all hairy and smelly, l hated it when he played with me. We had been there almost a year and one of the girls had started growing boobs, they grew quite quickly and strangely the men didn’t bother with her as much as the rest of us. After each visit they would play with us for a bit and we would make them cum, then they would go into another room with some of the Nuns. Anyway, this one night, that bid fat man grabbed Suzie, the girl with boobs, he threw her on the floor then got on top of her. The Nuns ushered us out of the room and later told us it had been an accident and that Suzie wouldn’t be at the school anymore. A long time later l learned that she had spent a long time in hospital but no-one would tell be why. After that the men stopped coming and school got very boring.”

By now my cock was rock hard, Alice moved down resting her head on my tummy, she kissed my cock then held it against her cheek as she carried on with her story.

“One day the Nun in charge told us there were going to be parties and that we would be required to act as waitresses. We had to be naked and move around the room with trays of drinks and food. We were told that the men were allowed to touch us but that they weren’t allowed to put their cocks inside our pussies, she said that if any of use allowed one of the men to do that then we would be punished.”

“Would have been worth having your bottom spanked,” l laughed.

“Stop it,” she giggled and kissed my cock again. “Anyway the parties went on for months, everyone was naked apart from the men all wore their white collars and the Nuns all kept their headdresses on. There was a lot of drinking and dancing it was lovely, l got used to men touching me and fingering my pussy and l held a lot of cocks but when ever one of them started trying to get me to bend over, one of the Nuns would drag him away. There were some Nuns who would get on their knees and take a cock in their mouths. One day, one of them had been doing that, the man had hold of her head and was pushing his cock into her mouth. When he stopped he stood still for a while, l could see his muscles in his bottom flexing. When the Nun moved away she smiled at me and l could see white stuff in her mouth, then she swallowed it.”

“The parties gradually got wilder, Nuns were getting fucked on the floor, some were bent over the tables and getting fucked, a few times men tried to fuck me but they were dragged away. Then, all of a sudden the parties stopped, the school closed and l had to stay home for months. Eventually Mummy told me there had been a big scandal, four of the Nuns had got pregnant and refused to have an abortion, they were each given a lot of money to stop them reporting what was happening at the school. Mummy and Vicar John told me l had to move to a new school, that l must never tell anyone what had happened and that l had to pretend that l had been to a very posh school.”

“Had Vicar John ever been at the parties?” I asked.

“Yes, and he had touched me, and l had made him cum. Mummy said l should carry on letting him touch me and teaching me how to suck his cock, then one day she told me that her and Daddy had decided that it was time for me to be fucked. It had to be Daddy first, but when he did it to me his cock was too small to break me. Mummy was embarrassed so she bought me a vibrator and used that on me to break me, she was ashamed to tell Vicar John that Daddy couldn’t fuck me properly, so that is it, now you know everything about me.”

I lifted her head from my tummy kissed her. “I’m sorry for being so horrible to you Alice,” l said.

“I don’t mind,” she replied, “ if you hadn’t made that bet l wouldn’t be here now and l wouldn’t have just had the most exciting day of my life, l love you David.” She kissed me.

“I love you Alice,” l said, “l really do.”

She giggled.

“What?” I said.

“You know when Buster was fucking me, l had the weirdest thought. I just kept thinking what would it be like if he made puppies inside me.”

“That can’t happen,” l said.

“Oh l know that,” she giggled, “but what if there was some way it could happen, l wonder what it would feel like to have six puppies growing inside me, all wriggling and kicking. Would you be able to feel them with your cock when you fucked me.”

“You’re weird,” l said, kissing her.

“Just think of it though,” she laughed, “me lying there with my legs open and cute little puppies popping out of my cunt.”

“If that could happen, what about your mother,” l laughed, “what if Zero got her pregnant, think about a baby donkey’s head sticking out of her cunt trying to get out.”

“God that is making me so wet,” she said, “if l had puppies l would have to feed them, then my tits would fill up with milk and they would suck them.”

“You’ve got a great imagination,” l said, “l can see us having a lot of fun together.”

“If l do what Karen suggested l could earn a lot of money, l could afford to have my tits made bigger,” she said.

“Definitely not,” l said, “l’ve seen photos of women that have had tit jobs, some of them look hideous, l don’t want you looking like that, even if your tits never get any bigger l don’t care, l love you as you are.”

“You are so sweet sometimes,” she said, kissing me, “l’m so wet David, do you want to fuck me.”

“I’d like to make love to you,” l said.

“What’s the difference?” She asked.

“Just sit back and relax and l’ll show you,” l said.

She did lie back, giggling, as l knelt in front of her and opened her legs. I put both hands on the top of her thighs then used my thumbs to part her labia. I leaned closer, blowing cool air onto her cunt.

“Ooooo, that tickles,” she giggled.

I kissed her labia, licking them gently and sucking on them, just enough to tease them.

“Mmmmm that’s nice,” she said.

“Shush,” l said, “just relax and enjoy.”

I continued teasing her with my tongue, circling it around her labia, then sucking them gently. I felt the muscles in her legs relax, l could see her clitoris beginning to swell. I flicked it with my tongue.

“Ooooooo!” She shivered.

I teased her clitoris, letting her feel my tongue gently lapping around it but not touching it. She started to move, trying to make me make contact with it.

“Just let me take charge,” l said.

“But l want you David,” she said.

“Not yet,” l said, “just relax babe.”

I went back, blowing air onto her clit, l felt her thighs quivering. I flicked her clit with my tongue and she gasped, her back arching off the sofa as she hugged herself. I sucked gently on her clit, drawing it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue.

“Oh my god that’s beautiful,” she sighed.

I left her clit and went back to her cunt lips. I felt her hands on my head but l was determined not to let her take charge. As l felt her press my head into her cunt l resisted.

“No,” l said, “let me do this my way.”

She released me but her thighs were still quivering, l knew that l had her on the edge already so had to slow down. I began kissing the inside of her thighs, not quite reaching her cunt, l heard her whimpering as l got closer then groaning in disappointment when l moved further away.

I parted her labia with my thumbs and looked at her cunt pulsating, juices were already trickling out of her cunt, down and onto her anus. I bent forward, kissing her anus, licking her juices from it.

“Oh David please,” she moaned.

I returned to her cunt, sucking her clit into my mouth, at the same time l slipped two fingers into her, hooking them behind her g spot. She reacted straight away, raising up off the sofa, breathing in deep pants. I worked my fingers slowly, her clit growing in my mouth, she was groaning and begging me to fuck her. Her body was heaving under me l knew she was close.

“Yes!…….yes!……yes!” She cried. Then “No!…!…!” When l released her tit and withdrew my fingers.

She tried to replace my fingers with hers but l held her wrists, careful not to hurt her.

“You bastard, let me do it,” she yelled, “let me finish, you didn’t finish me, l hate you….l hate you.”

I smiled down at her. “There’s plenty of time,” l said.

“Just let me cum once, please,” she begged, her chest rising and falling with deep breaths.

“But you hate me,” l smiled.

“I didn’t mean it,” she started to cry, “l didn’t mean it, you know l love you but let me cum…please let me cum.”

Her body had calmed, there was no resistance in her arms so l released her. “Round two,” l said as l bent down and kissed her.

“You bastard David,” she whispered, “l do love you, honest.”

“I know baby,” l said, kissing her again, “this time l mighty let you cum….but then again.”

“Oh you bastard, you horrible bastard,” she said, “don’t stop again, l thought my head was going to burst.”

“We’ll see,” l grinned at her as l lowered my mouth to her cunt.

“Oh you’re a beast, a rotten beast,” she said pummelling my shoulders with her fists but soon those hands were pressing my head between her thighs. “Oh yes, l love you, please David, please don’t stop.”

My tongue entered her, she was slippery with cunt juices. I sucked on her clit and she cried out. I reached up for her tits and pinched her nipples gently, her body arched and her pressure on my head increased. She was back near the edge much quicker that l had wanted, l toyed with the idea of bringing her down again but that would be too cruel.

She was screaming “Fuck me….fuck me,” at the top of her voice, l was sure even people outside would hear her. Our house was connected to one next door, occupied by Mr and Mrs Collins, a middle aged couple who kept themselves to themselves. They had always been polite and friendly but never socialised with us. I wondered if they had heard Alice screaming.

I decided Alice had had enough and sucked hard on her clit, then bit it gently.

“Oh yes l’m cumming, don’t stop David,” she yelled, “please don’t stop this time, l love you David. Oh god no….no…no!”

I pulled away from her, l could see her cunt pulsating, one touch would set her off. She tried to use her own fingers again and again l stopped her, but this time I was above her and she felt the tip of my cock brush against her labia.

“Yes, fuck me,” she shouted, “hard and deep David, try to split me with that beautiful cock.”

But instead of driving my cock into her l just lowered myself slowly until my pelvis was pressed against her, my cock completely buried in her cunt. She was burning hot, it took all my restraint to stop myself from fucking her hard but instead l just pressed my cock into her. He cunt went into spasm, pulsing as it griped and released my cock. Her eyes were wide open.

“Oh god, what’s happening,” she cried as suddenly there was an eruption deep in her cunt and l felt her juices spraying out over my balls. “Oh my god, my god that is so good,” she said, “so beautiful.”

Then her eyes opened wider as she felt my cum filling her with more heat.

“Oh l want your babies David, l want you to make babies in me, l love you so much.”

I fell on her my cock pulsing in tune with her cunt. Her cunt milking me, drawing the last of my cum from my balls, she held me tight.

“I never want this to end, l love you so much,” she said.

“I love you too Alice,” l said, and l knew l truly meant it.

I stayed inside her as we both came down together. She groaned when she felt me shrinking inside her.

“Don’t go,” she said, gripping me with her cunt, “stay in me please.”

I gripped her to me, lifting her off the sofa, she was so light l easily managed to stand with her clinging to my body. She wrapped her legs round my waist and her arms round my neck as she kissed me.

“I’m going to marry you,” l said.

She hugged me tight. “And make lots of babies in me,” She said.

“What about the dogs?” I laughed.

“They can fuck me but they can’t make puppies in me,” she giggled.

I carried her upstairs, Mum’s bedroom door was open, she was naked on top of the bed, her legs wide, her knees bent. She had one hand between her thighs holding the base of a dildo that was in her cunt.

“Wow!” She said, “l think the whole street must have heard you,” she smiled.

“Sorry,” Alice said.

“Oh don’t worry about them,” she said, “l’m past caring about what people think about me, at least l know that most of the men will think it was me shouting it will give them something to wank over.”

She patted the bed beside her. I carried Alice over and laid her beside Mum. Mum put her arms around her.

“You’re so beautiful Alice,” she said.

“And you are Mo,” Alice replied. They both kissed, holding each other. I went the other side of Mum and got behind her, as my cock pressed against her bottom she felt it pulsate.

“Not now darling,” Mum said as l put my arm over both of them. “My pussy and bum hole need a rest tonight.”

I kept my cock resting between her buttocks as we all just laid together, thinking about the day we had had. Slowly we all drifted off to sleep.

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