My first sugar daddy_(1) by James94092761

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Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Domination, First Time, Gay, Mature, Oral Sex, Submission, Teen, Toys

I just turned 19 and I had a good muscular body and a good cock. I always wanted someone as a jerk off buddy or a cum buddy since I got addicted to cum and anal. I surfes on the internet to meet people who want the same thing and I found an intresting website. It was a website for men between 35-60 years old who were looking for a young guy to be there sugarbaby. You could see photos of the daddies with some information about them. I surfed for 10 minutes on thag website. It was free to create an account for the young boys the daddies had to pay a monthly price. I created an acoount and left the website. I didn't sent a daddy a message yet because I want a daddy to choose me.

The next day I opened the website again and I had a nothing in my inbox. So edited my profile a bit with better pictures and stuff.

After a week I went on the website again and I got 3 messages in my inbox. The first one was from a 60 year old former business man that didn't look handsome and he was hairy, so I didn't answer him. The second was a 58 year old men who had an company, not a special guy so I didn't say anything back. But the third guy was intresting. He was a handsome with grey blackish hair. He was 47 and still had a good looking body. His profile said that he was in the suit business. I clicked on the chat and he had send that he would like to skype with me. I texted back "my skype name is the same as my profile name, add me and we can have a chat".

The next day we had a chat on skype and he was just like his profile, it would have sucked if he was a catfish. He was a really nice guy and had a lot of intrest. He did live in London and I live in an other country not far from England. He showed me a bit of his house and told me what his hobbies are. He had an big big house and expensive cars so I knew he was really rich. He eventually asked why I signed up for the website. I replied " well actually I just want to give blowjobs and get cum all over and in me and I thought that getting a sugardaddy was a good idea". He laughed and said "but you can just go to a gaybar and have sex with guys who are younger instead of an older man like me", then I told him that was in a financial crisis and also needed money or someone to pay my bills. He then got my point and said that he would to meet me te see me in real life and just get to know each other. He said that he'll fix the meeting and I didn't have to do anything.

Two days later I got an email of him with flight tickets to London. The email also said "these are your tickets, someone is going to pick you from the airport and he will drive you to my house". I freezed for a minute. It is actually going to happend, I am getting a handsome rich sugardaddy! The flight was leaving tomorrow at 4pm and the flight back was 3 days later than depature.

The next day I packed my stuff and went on the flight. When I arrived a guy in a suit was there with my name on it. We went to the garage and got in a good looking Audi A8. The guy said "Hi, my name is Michael, I'm the driver for Mr G (we will call Mr G). I said "good meeting you, my name is James. I asked how long the drive was, he said "one and a half hour so get comfortble". After the drive we arrived at his house. I got out and looked at the house, but this is something else, it was a damn mansion with a big drive way and a big garage. Mr. G has serious money. Michael got my suitcase and lead me inside the house. I showed me my room and said " Mr G will be home in a few minutes, meet him in the living room downstairs when you're ready". I opened my suitcase and got a new shirt on. I got down stairs and waited for Mr G to arrive. After 10 minutes I heard voices from the front door, the door opened and there stood Mr G. As expacted he was a well-dressed handsome guy. We shook hands and sat down in the living room. He said " well James, tell me a bit more about your self". I told him just the basic stuff and he told me some stuff about him and it clicked really good. We were really simular and we had the same thoughts. Soon it got into a more sexual preferences and things like that convo. I told him my story about my first time doing anal play and tasting and eating cum. He found it very hot. He asked me what I was looking for in the relationship, I responded "I just want to be a sissy slut and pleasuring you and having your cum in and over me. His eyes got wider. I asked if that is not want he wanted but he said that that is exactly what he wanted. He wanted me to be at his house when he comes home and take a shower together, get a blowjob and have sex in the shower, using toys and teasing each other. We both wanted the sexual part of a realtionship, the kissing was a now to for both of us. It was more that we wanted a sexual relationship. He said that if I proof to him that I can please him good in the next days that he will become my sugar daddy and buy me things as I please him. I thought I was in heaven, a succesfull hot daddy wants the same things as I do. I asked if he had any toys so I could practise to be the best slut I could be, he said that he had a collection upstairs in the room next to the washroom. That day we did our own things and just lived that day.

The next day I got up, took a shower, got clothes on and went to the kitchen. Michael was sitting at the bar reading a magazine. I asked Michael were Mr G was, "Mr G is already gone boy, making money". I sat down at the bar and then a other guy came towards me. "Hi, my name is Rob and I'm the chef of Mr G. He asked me what I wanted for breakfast, he went back to the kitchen to make my breakfast and I looked at Michael. "How long have you been working for Mr G?" 4 years he replied. I wanted to know what Mr G was like so I asked Michael a few questions. Michael told me that Mr G was a really good guy and that he is never that hard with anything. Rob came back with my breakfast and I asked Rob the same questions. His answer was simular to Michaels. After breakfast I went for a walk around and in the house. I then went to the toy room of Mr G. I stood in front of the room the door was closed. I slowly put my hand on the door handle and pushed the handle down, the door was locked. I searched for somebody in the house and suddenly I saw Michael. I asked Michael if he could open it and he could. He got a bush of keys out his pocket and we walked to the room. Michael opened the door and I was blown away by the toys Mr G had. He had my dream toys, things such as jewelled buttplug in different sizes and dildos smaller ones and also really big ones. Michael then said "do you want to see Mr Gs shower?". I said yes because I wondered what was so special about his shower. We arrived in Mr Gs bathroom, Michael switched the lights on and there were wall mounted dildos all over his shower walls. Smaller ones and those big black ones. I asked Michael if I could try them out and he replied "you can only use these dildos with Mr G, if you want you shower to look like that then you should please Mr G very good to get your own collection. I now knew that I have to do my best to please Mr G as good as possible.

In the evening Mr G came back home and yelled "where is my slut!" Through the whole house. I heard him and yelled back "I am waiting in the shower daddy!". I quickly went to Mr Gs shower and got naked and got on my knees with my mouth open facing the door. I heard Mr G walking closer and closer and then he openend the door. He was standing there in the open door, naked, his muscular body looked really good with his shaved 6" semi soft circumsized cock. My cock got hard as Mr G walked towards me. "Oh oh oh James, you are already so good for me" he said. I was admiring his beautiful cock as I looked up he said "go ahead and get it slut", in grabbed his shaft and stroke it for 2 minutes. His cock was now rock hard and had grown to 7.5". I then licked his big cockhead and wrapped my lips around it. He moaned loud, I now started to suck his cock really good. Mr G grabbed my head and slowly face fucked me. "I'm already gonna cum" he said after 6 minutes. I made his cock really sloppy and sucked it further. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" he said, I felt his cockhead getting bigger and then he cum in my mouth. 4 shots of hot daddy cum in my mouth. His cum tasted like heaven, I never had tasted cum like this before. I opened my mouth and looked up. Mr G smiled and said "who is my little sissy slut, who is my cumslut", I swallowed the big load of cum and said "I am your slut, sugar daddy". We sat down on the floor in the bathroom and then Mr G asked "do you want to suck more cock?". I said yes of course daddy and I grabbed his cock again. "Wow wow wow easy, not mine but I got someone else for you". He stood up and walked out the bathroom after 1 minute he came back with Michael. He said "Michael here is hard too, Mr G grabbed his cock while saying that, he needs to feel how good you suck". Michael got naked and he had a really big cock like 10" and I sucked his cock as I sucked Mr Gs cock. I deepthroated him a lot. He said he was about to cum and he wanted to cum on my face. I took his cock out my mouth and sat on my knees waiting for his cum. He gave me a huge cum load all over my face. I was covered in delicious cum. I cleaned his cock and then Michael kneeled in front of me and licked his own cum of my face. Mr G was watching and jerking off. Michael got me clean and he left. Mr G said "well that was really good, next time I am going to cum on your face too". I said "next time? oh Mr G this was round one, round two and three are still waiting. We looked at each other and then he said "make daddy happy". We got in his shower and fucked almost all the dildos that where on the wall there, it was like a dildo gangbang. Mr G cum on my face at the end of round two and in round three he fucked me and cum in my ass. I knew that I was on my place here.

And from that day untill the day your reading this am I Mr Gs slut. I'm sucking Mr Gs, Michaels and Robs cock everyday and get cum in or on me everyday. Heaven right?

Rating: 68%, Read 16938 times, Posted Sep 18, 2017

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Domination, First Time, Gay, Mature, Oral Sex, Submission, Teen, Toys


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