James Bob and Abdul by AMAANSGAY

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The three boys were sat in the library on their study period. Abdul, who was mentally deranged, was dry humping the others chairs. A common joke circulating the school was 'Abdul's gay' but it was a joke, no-one believed it. The other two boys, James and Bob, ignored him for the most part. James, who had brought his laptop, had a large stash of questionable material regarding female genitals. James was a closet bisexual, so he made sure he had no visible gay porn on the laptop. Bob was secretly gay, and so he would try to hide from it, protesting his innocence. As Abdul gave up on chucking lumps of sandwich over a wall, he turned to James


"No," came the reply

"Oh please!"

"No," again

"Just gimme da porn" shouted Abdul, grabbing the laptop and trawling file explorer for any sign of sex.

"Pass it and I'll show you," said James. With the laptop back in his possession, he opened the folder and turned the laptop toward Abdul.

"YES YES YES YES YES!" Abdul shrieked, and as James closed the window, "NO NO NO NO!"

"For fuck's sake Abdul shut up," said James.

"Quiet," hissed Bob.

"Ok, ok," replied Abdul.

As the halfway mark approached, Abdul went to the toilet. Bob chose this moment to confide in James.



"I have something I need to say"


"Look, James, I'm gay"


"You don't have anything to say?"

"Nowt mate. Actually, no. I do of something to say, seeing as you've trusted me"

"Go on"

"I'm a bisexual"

"Really!" said Bob. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that. Well, maybe not wildest...

"Grab your bag, hide your laptop" Said Bob


"Follow me"


"Just Follow me!"


James and Bob headed out of the Library toward the toilet. Bob flung open the door, all the while whispering to James the plan. James went into one cubicle, while Bob spoke to Abdul to get him to stay.

In the cubicle, James was pulling of his uniform and packing it into his bag until all he was wearing was a pair of stretched underwear. He swiftly removed those too and whispered over to Bob,

"You Ready?"

"Yep," came the reply.

"Right," James lay flat on the piss-covered floor. He pushed his head through the gap between the partition wall and the floor, and before long he and Bob were both ready to push themselves into Abdul's cubicle.

"We're here, " said Bob, as the two naked, piss-covered boys tugged themselves through the minute gap, "give us a sec then turn on the tap!"

James and Bob positioned themselves above the open toilet bowl. As Abdul started to urinate, James opened his mouth. He had tasted his own piss before, but this was much better. Bob was doing the same but then James had an idea. He got Bob to lay flat beneath him as, while sat on the toilet, he grasped his cheeks and tugged them apart. The tip of Abdul's 7 inch monster pressed against the opening, still pissing. It shot inside James, the greatest feeling of his life. As Abdul finished, the piss seeped out James' arse and into Bob's mouth.

Having finished with the piss, James and Bob keeled down in front of the penis and began to touch and rub it. James was the first to suck, taking all 7 inches, and Bob then began to work on James' 5.5 inch penis. Abdul pulled his cock away and sprayed both boys with cum as his penis stayed erect. James soon came into Bob's mouth. With a mouthful of James' semen, Bob started to kiss James. Soon both boys were rolling on the floor, covered in piss, cum and god knows what else. They soon started again, this time James sucked Bob's 4 inches as he sucked Abdul's massive cock. Again, Abdul came on the boys, and Bob came into James' mouth, who swallowed it instantly.

Next, James positioned his arse in front of the cock, and Bob stuck his cock in James' mouth to keep him quiet. It was the greatest thing James had ever experienced, as Abdul slid his monster up and down his anus. Soon again, Bob's cum filled James' mouth and then Abdul exploded 7 inches inside James. That was by far the most incredible feeling of his life so far.

Bob was worried that, as he had never fiddled with his anus before, Abdul's cock would be too big for him, so he asked James to go first. He tentatively inserted his 5 inch penis into Bob's arse. Bob shrieked.

"You want me to stop?" Asked James.

"No please don't," Replied the shaking Bob.

James continued, then beginning to move back and forth

"Yes yes yes yes," mumbled Bob with Abdul's cock rammed in his throat. James continued until he came.

"Ohhhhhh," said James, shivering as he delivered his load,"stop now, we're done,"

"No. I want Abdul's," replied Bob.

"Suit Yourself. I'm off," James crawled under the wall and wiped himself down. He sprayed himself with deodorant and put his uniform back on. As he left the toilets, he could hear Bob's loud "YES YES YES" coming from the end of Abdul's cock. A teacher passed James, a worried expression on her face. 'They should have stopped when I said' thought James, leaving the school and heading home.

Rating: 55%, Read 9090 times, Posted Feb 14, 2018

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex, Pissing, School, Teen, Threesome, Virginity, Water Sports, Young


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