Low-Caste Whore by Wrulf

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Fiction | Incest

The divorced, 37-y/o Deepti, an East Indian native who spoke English, craved unrestricted verbal abuse, water sports, scat and severe humiliation.

Her big tits didn't sag; her arse was firm and her legs were shapely.

At 18, however, she submitted to servicing Cookie, a male friend's dog.

She loved it, while several years later, her aunt persuaded her to screw a pony during a party in Mumbai where she lived and bought Simba, another dog.

As well, she sensed that Rohit, her cute, 18-y/o son, was developing a misogynistic attitude.

One August, Friday evening, he went home from a soccer match when she was undressed while Simba pizzled her vag.

'What are you doing, mom?' he inquired.

'I'm horny!' she panted.

'You horny bitch!' the teenager crowed as he stripped and thrust his 9-inched rod into her mouth.

'Suck my dick or I'll tell everybody you're a low-caste whore!' he threatened her.
'Uh-hmmm!' Deepti mumbled while Rohit scornfully glared into her eyes.

Suddenly, he slapped her lovely face.

'Aaah!' Deepti gasped, though he didn't reply.

Next, Simba came in her snatch, followed by her son unloading and urinating in her mouth.

'I've always wanted to do that, mom,' he said.

'Thank you, son,' Deepti replied.

'Are you my slave?' Rohit asked.

'Yes, I am.'

'Awesome,' Rohit said as he turned, reached around for her black hair, gouged her nose into his butt-crack and farted,

'You smell so beautiful!' he chuckled.

'Please don't flatter me!' she protested.

'Why not?' he snarled as he kicked her loins with his bare foot.

“Uugghh!' she grunted.

'Am I hurting you?' he shouted.

'Oh, god, yes!' Deepti moaned.

'You're a stupid animal, mom!' Rohit snorted.

'You're right,' Deepti had barely answered before Rohit pulled her to her feet, jammed 2 fingers into her ass and employed them to steer her to the white, 22-y/o Paul and 23-y/o Kelvin's balcony flat.

They were energy consultants from Birmingham, England.

Rohit knocked on their door and Kelvin opened it.

'Bloody 'ell!' he exclaimed when saw her wearing nothing but shoes.

'Mom's here to entertain you,' Rohit grinned.

'What are you going to do to entertain us?' Paul asked.

'Anything you wish, sir.'

'Anything?' Paul replied.

Yes, sir,' Deepti said.

'You must be an unholy cow!' Paul disparaged Hindu tradition.

'I'm a dirty cow,' she admitted as Paul and Kelvin removed their clothes.
Once they had, Paul leaned her forward and chiseled his 10-inched tool into her shit-hole.

'Take my cock!' he growled as Kelvin drew her head toward him and sank his 8-inched pecker into her mouth.

In a bit, Rohit said, 'Mom's a filthy pig!'


'Yeah, she is!' Paul replied as he brutally slammed his cock farther into her guts.

'Eeeeeh!' she exploded with an orgasm.

However, she was astonished by Kelvin saying, 'Your mother's womb is a barnyard, isn't it, Deepti?'

She nodded.

'Well, I'm amazed that a boar stooped far enough to breed her before she whelped you!' he responded.

'Maybe I'll breed mom!' Rohit answered.

'You should,' Paul said.

Obviously, though, he and Kelvin had no concern for her dignity as they cruelly battered her until Paul jizz-defiled her anus and Kelvin her mouth.

They'd scarcely withdrawn from her when Kelvin pushed her to the floor.

'You're contemptible!' he jeered while he and Paul spit-covered her face.

'Yes, sir!' Deepti whispered before Kelvin spread her legs and oozed his fist into her snatch.

'I'm wagering your dad punctured your hymen years ago!' he said.

'How often did he fuck you?' Rohit played along with Kelvin.

'I don't remember!' she answered.

'You disgusting 'chut' (cunt)!' Rohit snorted.

Nonetheless, he, Kelvin and Paul could hardly believe her again moaning, 'I'm a sewer-slut! Shit on my stomach!'

'Shit on you?' Kelvin roared, then indulged her.

'You stinking turd!' he mocked her

For a few seconds, everyone was silent until Paul clutched Deepti's tresses, dragged her into the bathroom and laid her in the bathtub, after which the guys drenched her in piss.


Deepti and Rohit frequently patronized an outdoor cafe at the Imperial Hotel, where Rohit purchased wine for her and coffee for himself the next Saturday.

She'd barely started drinking her beverage when the most gorgeous white hunk she'd ever seen walked toward her.

'Hi. I'm Nathaniel and I couldn't help noticing you how sexy you are,' he said.

'Thank you,' she smiled.

'What's your name?'

'Deepti and this is my son, Rohit,' she answered.

'Nice meeting you. Without bragging, I'm a wealthy American. I import carpets and India's are the best,' he replied.

'I hope it doesn't shock you to hear that mom's a dirty slut,' Rohit remarked.

'She is?'

'Yeah,' Rohit answered

'Are you into getting whipped in bondage, Deepti?' Nathaniel inquired.

'Pain's my pleasure,' she said.

'I'm not violent and you don't need to worry,' Nathaniel promised.

Since Deepti was wearing a short dress, high-heeled shoes and fishnets, though, he thought she was a hustler.

'Are you expensive?' he asked.

'Is $2000 okay? Rohit replied.

'Yeah,' Nathaniel said.

'I've never pimped my mother before,' Rohit said.

'Mothers are nothing but flesh to market!' Nathaniel jeered.

'Yes, sir!' Deepti answered before her john and Rohit accompanied her to Nathaniel's room.

'Show me your body!' he ordered.

She disrobed while Nathaniel said, 'You're an indecent broad, aren't you?'

'Yes, sir!' she replied as Rohit stripped, followed by Nathaniel using a scarf to tie her wrists to the doorknob.

He undressed, crammed his briefs into her mouth and began flogging her rump.

'Eeeem!' she squealed.

'Quiet, whore!' Rohit commanded.

Deepti obeyed until Nathaniel tossed the whip aside and ground his 12-inched penis into her dung-pussy.

'Abuse her!' Rohit urged him.

However, Nathaniel ignored Deepti's climax, though 5 minutes later, he shot cum into her anus.

He withdrew from her; Rohit directed his pecker into her vag.

'Rip her apart!' Nathaniel advised him.

'Hell, yeah!' Rohit exclaimed.

But it wasn't long before he spilled his seed into her snatch.

'You destroyed her, didn't you?' Nathaniel inquired.

'Yeah,' Rohit responded as Nathaniel untied Deepti and gave $2000 to her son.

'Well, she's a good whore and maybe I can fuck her again,' Nathaniel answered.

'She'll fly here on a magic carpet,' Rohit said.

The next day, he and Deepti returned to the cafe, with Nathaniel mercilessly plowing her orifices.

And she then knew that sons have the right to turn their mothers into hookers.


Having done that, Rohit started searching for new ways to exploit her since he didn't respect her.

But Deepti enjoyed her notorious behavior, while the Saturday morning 2 weeks after her experience with Nathaniel, Rohit was walking to the neighborhood store to buy some tea when he met Sanjay, his 20-y/o friend.

'Do you smoke cigarettes?' Sanjay inquired.

'Mom does,' Rohit answered.

'Me, too,' Sanjay said.

Once he and Rohit were in the store, the clerk said that the cigarette delivery hadn't arrived and recommended cigars to Sanjay.

'Don't they have a horrible taste?' Rohit asked.

'Nicotine's a stimulant,' Sanjay replied.

'Mom's a slut and doesn't need stimulation!' Rohit grinned.
'Really?' Sanjay replied.

'Come home with me and she'll prove it,' Rohit said.

As his sex-slave, however, Deepti wasn't wearing any clothes and Sanjay remarked, 'You're hot.'

'She's morally ugly!' Rohit derided her.

'You deserve your son's insults, don't you?' Sanjay interjected.

'Yes, sir,' she said as Sanjay took a lighter from his pocket, lit the cigar and placed its butt in her vag.

'Start smoking!' he instructed.

'Yes, sir!' she answered while beginning to flex her twat-muscles.

Sanjay said, 'She could advertise stogies in TV commercials.'

'You'd rather be in porn – right, mom?' Rohit answered.

'Yes, son.'

'Beast movies are popular,' Rohit replied.

'Beast movies?” Sanjay asked.

'Simba, mom's boyfriend, is a dog!' Robit answered.

'Is that the truth?' Sanjay questioned Deepti.

'Yes, sir!'

'You little mutt!' Sanjay sneered as he grabbed her hair, yanked her to her feet and shook her so roughly that the cigar fell to the floor.

Rohit extinguished it with his shoe and called Simba into the kitchen.

'You don't love your girlfriend, do you?' he said while scratching the dog's ears, after which he lifted his tail, brought his mom to her knees and ordered, 'Kiss his ass!'

'Yes, sir!'

'God, you're twisted!' Sanjay said.

Soon, though, Deepti started fondling the canine's 7-inched erection.

Within 3 minutes, his cum-juice soiled her hand.

She stood before Sanjay and Rohit undressed.

'Rape me!' she startled the boys.

'Are you serious?' Sanjay inquired.

'Yes, I am!' she confessed.

'I'll rape you!' Sanjay yelled as he threw her against the nearest wall, rammed his 11-inched cock into her muff and started pounding her.

'Eeeh!' she yelped.

'Suffer!' Rohit admonished her.

'I'm cummming!' she wailed not long before Sanjay unloaded in her snatch and withdrew from her.

'You're desperate for my dick, aren't you, mom?' Rohit asked.

'Yes, sir!' she answered.

'You aren't getting it!' Rohit snarled while jacking-off into her shoes.

'Your mom ought to marry her boyfriend,' Sanjay said.

'Yeah,' Rohit replied, then 'conducted a wedding ceremony.'

'Now, you're Simba's wife!' he remarked.

'Force me!' Deepti begged her 'husband', though considering that was his 'marital privilege', he did, and...

'… curse you, mutt!' Rohit laughed.


Deepti was a communication analyst.

A week later, the 34-y/o Adamya was promoted as her supervisor.

And at noon one Thursday, he invited her to the cafeteria.

They sat at a corner table and started eating before Adamya said, 'I have a feeling you're promiscuous – right?'

'Yes, I am.'

'You're extremely carnal, aren't you?' he asked.

'My son, Rohit, says I'm a low-caste whore,' she answered.

'Does he fuck you?' Adamya inquired.

'He did this morning, sir.'

'He did?'

'Yes, sir,'

'In other countries, incest is taboo, not that I mind,' Adamya said.

Next, he went to his office and Deepti her computer, while that evening, a cabbie drove them to her house.

'This is Rohit,' she introduced her son.

'I'm Adamya and I understand your mother's a whore.'

'Wait until you meet her 'husband',' Rohit said.

'You're married?' Adamya inquired.

'U-u-u-h, y-y-es, s-s-sir!' she stuttered, followed by Rohit bringing Simba into the living room.

'Her husband's a dog?' Adamya exclaimed.

'That's right!' Rohit smirked.

'You're absolutely depraved!' Adamya snarled at Deepti as she undressed.

'She's a fine puppy, isn't she?' Rohit asked before he stripped.

Adamya didn't answer as he removed his shirt and trousers to expose his 12-inched weapon.

'My cock's big enough to ruin you!' he jeered, then shoved her to the floor.

He climbed between her legs and slashed his dick into her wet cooze, with Rohit penetrating her mouth while Adamya choked her.

'Aarrrmm!' she gagged before Adamya spayed semen into her cunt.

'Swallow!' Rohit then said as he ejaculated into her mouth.

She did and masturbated to an orgasm.

'You diddling fool!' Adamya snickered while dressing and walking out.

But Deepti felt disappointed because he didn't stay to observe her pleasing her 'husband.'



A month after Deepti satisfied Kelvin and Paul's dicks, their 38-y/o white friend, George, traveled to Mumbai to visit them.

'How's life in Birmingham?' Paul asked.

'I'm not a priest anymore because the church is too hypocritical,' George responded.

'Fornicate to defy it,' Kelvin said.

'I started fornicating at brothels when I was 16,' George answered.

'Brothel reminds me that Deepti's a prostitute according to her son, Rohit,' Kelvin said.

'Who's Deepti?'

'She's an infamous tramp,' Paul replied.

'Yeah, and I'm pretty sure she's home,' Kelvin replied, after which he, George and Paul went to her apartment.

'Deepti, this George,' Kelvin said.

'Hello, sir.'

'Are you a Christian?' George asked.

'No, sir.'

'Have you ever read the Bible?'

'A little, sir.'

'Even little sins are wrong,' George said as Rohit entered the living room.

'Bestiality's a terrible sin – right, mom?' he asked.

'Yes, son!'

'You're a dog's adulterous wife, aren't you?' Rohit jeered.

'Yes, sir!'

'Dog?' George said.

'Oh, yeah. She joined Simba - that the dog's name - in unholy matrimony by coupling with him,' Rohit announced.

'How dare you desecrate marriage?' George thundered.

'You can't help yourself, can you?' Paul said.

'No, sir!' Deepti replied as she undressed.

'The harlot's baring her soul!' Kelvin said.

'God condemns harlots!' George answered.

'His wrath's inescapable!' Paul remarked as George's hand exploded against her face.

'It's my righteous duty to punish you!' he snarled while drilling his finger into her vag.

'This is Satan's dwelling, isn't it?' he asked.

'He's my Father, sir!' Deepti said as George unplugged her snatch, though he amused Kelvin, Rohit and Paul when he wrote 666 across her forehead with a red, felt pen.

'You're the female anti-christ!' he characterized her.

'Yes, sir!'

'Yeah, and your mother moved her bowels to conceive you!' Kelvin replied.

'You had a shitty birth!' Rohit chortled before he, Kelvin, Paul and George stripped while the tart bent over and George slugged his 13-inched prick into her ass.

'You belong in hell!' he raged.

'Yes, sir!' Deepti sobbed.

For 10 minutes, George manhandled her until he spooged her anus, followed by Kelvin, Rohit and Paul creaming it.

After that, George slid a bowl beneath her and ordered, 'Defecate into this!'

'Yes, sir!' she groaned.

Next, George dunked her head in the bowl and made her drink the guys' jizz while an orgasm gripped her with demonic fury.

Nonetheless, Rohit surprised George when he intoned, 'Dear Father in hell, please rape your daughter!'


Though it didn't occur to Deepti at the moment, she was lucky: Five days earlier, Rohit had her form a crap-dildo and leave it in the sun to dry.

He handed it to her and said, 'Your Father wants you to violate yourself with this.'

'What is it?' George asked.

'It's a turd-penis – right?' Kelvin said.

'Yeah,' Rohit answered.

'Not to offend your husband, your marriage is a toilet!' George exclaimed.

'Yeah, and it's wonder he hasn't divorced you!' Paul cackled as Simba trotted into the living room and she accepted his prick in her twat.

'I-I-I... can't... believe... my... eyes!' George stammered.

Simba then unloaded in and withdrew from her vulva.

Recently, however, Rohit had begun studying car mechanics at a tech school where he'd obtained a gas funnel.

Now, he rolled Deepti to her bottom, aimed the funnel's spout into her vag and held it while cumming in it.

Next, Paul, Kelvin and George drained their balls into the device before Rohit discarded it.

'Rape yourself!' he growled.

'Yes, sir!' Deepti said as she inserted the dildo in her snatch.

''You're a disgrace to motherhood!' Paul declared.

'Yeah, bitch!' Kelvin replied, with Paul then saying, 'Your Father thinks you're despicable!' - and...

'… yes, sir!' she agreed.


An electronics expert, Sanjay manipulated Deepti's image to create a video he titled “Farm Girl.”

He uploaded it to her e-mail address before he went to her house the next Friday night.

'I'm a great film director,' he boasted.

'Where's your Oscar?' Rohit asked.

'The academy hasn't reviewed my symbolical masterpiece,' Sanjay grinned.

'It never will,' Rohit replied.

'Don't be so negative, son,' Deepti said.

'Yeah, being your mother's a porn-star,' Sanjay responded while he and Rohit stripped.

'I am, sir?'

'Yeah,' Sanjay said, then accessed the video in which she was lying naked under a horse.

Sanjay activated the voice-simulator: - 'This is Deepti, the Farm Girl. copulating with The Baron. His royal phallus is huge, isn't it? The question is, will he imprison her husband – a dog – elevate her to a princess and marry her?'

'Simba's not in jail and you aren't a princess, mom!' Rohit said.

'She's a smut-queen!' Sanjay replied.

'She doesn't live in castle!' Rohit answered.

'Cinderella wouldn't have, either, if she hadn't worn glass slippers,' Sanjay referred to the fairy-tale.

'Except her carriage was a pumpkin!' Rohit reminded him, though Deepti stared at the anime horse plundering her drooling snatch.

She watched him dismount her, cover her in sperm and gallop away.

'That's Oscar material, isn't it?' Sanjay inquired.

'Yes, sir.'.

'Thanks, bimbo!'

'You're a floozy!' Rohit sneered as Sanjay unfolded the couch into a bed while Deepti crawled into it.

Simba jumped up and speared his cock into her mouth before Sanjay drove his into her vag.

'The Baron's jilted you, mom!' Rohit remarked.

'You poor, poor baby!' Sanjay added.

Nevertheless, he and Simba withdrew from her after shooting jizz into her snatch and mouth.

Next, Rohit began sodomizing her.

'Cum, you evil witch!' he snarled.

'Yes, I'm evil!' Deepti whimpered through a climax.

'Yeah, you are!' Rohit answered as he squirt his load into her bowels.

'Your film's a work of art,' he then noted.

'Thanks. I expect your mom to admire my genius,' Sanjay remarked.

He left and Deepti said, 'I wish the horse had been real.'

'So, do I,' Rohit concluded the night.

Rating: 100%, Read 891 times, Posted Nov 16, 2022

Fiction | Incest


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