The Wife Chronicles by Wrulf

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Fiction | Humiliation

The Wife Chronicles

Part 1 - Annihilating Her Dignity

Dominant, attractive, white and sexist, Leroy - a 29-year-old - thought the female species was inferior but didn’t know anyone who agreed before copulating with the submissive, 28-y/o Sylvia during a Halloween orgy.

Her large paps and haunches were firm; she had nice legs and reddish-blonde hair.

Due to her promiscuity, though, Leroy demanded that she marry him since he didn't believe in marital sanctity.

One Wednesday evening, however, he joined a ‘Net-group, “ThreeHolers.”

In its membership list, he found the white, 25-y/o Jude and white, 23-y/o Adrian’s shared profile mentioning that they lived in his city.

Next, Leroy uploaded her nude picture to a message: - “Hello. I’m Leroy and this is my wife, Sylvia. She’s into rough and abusive, though non-violent sex, extremely foul language, degradation and public embarrassment. We’d like to meet you at The Silver Moon Tavern this Friday night.”

Jude and Adrian answered: - ‘Hi, Leroy, we’ll go to the bar at 10 o’clock.

'Okay,' Leroy typed.

At 9:45 on present occasion, he had Sylvia wear high-heeled shoes and a low-cut dress.

‘Yes, sir.’

After that, he drove to the bar.

‘Strut your stuff,’ he said.

‘Yes, sir,’ - and she arched her back to proudly display her boobs while the couple walked into the tavern and sat at a corner table.

Jude and Adrian recognized her and Jude greeted her, ‘How are you, babe?’

‘I’m not a babe,’ Sylvia protested.

‘What are you?’ Adrian inquired.

‘A slut, sir.’

‘Really? Leroy doesn’t respect you, does he?’ Jude asked.

‘No, sir.’

‘He shouldn’t,’ Adrian remarked as he sat down beside her.

‘I’m guessing your husband hasn’t told you we're going to ruin you in a junkyard I manage,’ Jude said.

‘That’s right, sir,’ Sylvia answered.

Leroy then ordered coffee, which the bartender served.

‘Why are you drinking that?’ Jude questioned him.

‘Caffeine makes me horny,’ Leroy grinned.

‘I’m hornier than hell!’ Jude replied as Adrian lifted Sylvia’s dress and peered at her bare crotch.

‘There aren’t any panties in sight,’ he announced.

‘She’s an immodest lady – oh, shit, the lady’s a tramp!’ Jude sneered.

‘Well, your name’s similar to the Biblical Judas and I hope you’ll betray her wifely honor,’ Leroy chuckled.

‘How about I destroy her reputation, IF she has one?’ Jude asked.

‘Annihilate my dignity, sir!’ Sylia moaned.

‘Trust me, I will!’ Jude snorted as he, Adrian, Leroy and Sylvia left the bar, followed by Leroy pushing her into his car’s rear seat.

Adrian and Jude slid in on either side of her and Leroy had barely started driving when he said, ‘Sylvia exists only because she’s whore.’

‘She’s trash!’ Adrian jeered.

‘Are you worthless?’ Jude inquired.

‘Yes, I am, sir,’ she admitted.

‘Yeah, you are!’ Jude said as he spat into her pretty face.

‘Aaah!’ she gasped.

When Leroy arrived at the junkyard, Jude unlocked the gate and waved Leroy through it

‘Show us your body,’ he commanded.

She did, while Adrian and Jude leered at her nakedness.
‘These jugs are enormous,’ Adrian said as he groped her tits.

‘They have aphrodisiacs in them,’ Jude responded.

‘Yeah, and her ovary glands produce them,’ Leroy said.

By then, Sylvia was feeling thoroughly betrayed, though aroused.

Falling to her knees, she asked, ‘May I suck your cocks, sirs?’

Jude lowered his jeans and stabbed his 12-inched pecker into her mouth, then: - 'Polish my knob, slut!’

Sylvia obeyed while Leroy and Adrian observed the scene.

But it wasn’t long until Jude emptied his nuts into her throat and withdrew from it.

Adrian stripped and launched his 9-inched pole into her vag.

‘Eeeeh!’ the tart screamed.

‘Shut up!’ Adrian yelled.

‘Yes, sir!’ Sylvia whispered before an orgasm ignited her loins and Adrian spilled his seed into her snatch.

He dismounted her and said, ‘Try embarrassing her, Leroy.’

‘Okay,’ Leroy answered as he unzipped his trousers and guided his 10-inched penis into her ass.

‘You filthy shit-hole!’ he roared.

‘Even your clit’s filthy!’ Jude laughed.

‘Oh, god, yes, sir!’ Sylvia exclaimed.

Soon, Leroy ejaculated into her bowels and discarded them.

‘Crawl over to that mattress,’ he instructed,

‘Yes, sir,’ - and Sylvia complied.

‘Let’s use the toilet,’ Leroy said as he, Adrian and Jude covered her in urine.

However, she smelled so bad that Leroy deposited her in his car-trunk and transported her home, where she took a shower before the studs continued manhandling her.

She loved it.


Part 2 - The King’s Chamber

The Sunday afternoon a week following the night Leroy and Sylvia met Adrian and Jude, Leroy commanded her to dress in nothing except a bra, panties and high-heeled shoes. She did before the couple went to The Scarlet Letter Club where adulterous wives were exposed to male scorn.

They entered a dining area and sat at a table, with a brunette waitress approaching them.

‘Alcohol isn’t allowed, though I have tea and coffee. Which would you prefer?’ she said.

‘Coffee,’ Leroy answered.

‘Coffee for 2?’ she asked.
‘Please,’ Sylvia responded.

The waitress left, returned several minutes later and set 2 cups on the table.
‘Albert’s the club owner. Since you're new here, you’re his guests and I won’t charge you anything if you’ll drink these in The King’s Chamber. It’s down the hall,’ she said.

‘Thank him,’ Leroy replied as he and Sylvia carried their beverages into a room.

But he didn’t notice a gorgeous, mid-20’s white hunk following them.

‘I’m Darrel,’ he introduced himself.

‘I’m Leroy and this is Sylvia, the slut I married.’

‘You’re a slut?’ Darrel asked her.

‘That’s all I am, sir,’ she answered.

‘Is it politically incorrect to say you’re a beautiful 'cunt'?’ Darrel sneered.

‘She’s a morally ugly hooker!’ Leroy said.

‘It's awesome that your husband sells you,’ Darrel responded as Sylvia undressed.

‘Your tits are obscenely big,’ Darrel remarked.

‘Prostitution’s an obscene business,’ Leroy noted.

‘When did she begin turning tricks?’ Darrel inquired.

‘That’s how we celebrated our wedding 7 years ago,’ Leroy informed him.

‘Wow!’ Darrel exclaimed.

‘That’s astonishing, isn’t it?’ Leroy grinned.

‘Yeah,’ Darrel answered while stripping to expose his 1o-inched penis.

He then looked up at Albert, the white, 46-y/o ‘king’, watching and masturbating .

‘You have an audience,’ Darrel said as he bent Sylvia over a couch and penetrated her dung-chute.

‘Sodomize her!’ Leroy urged him.

‘Rip my ass apart!’ Sylvia whimpered, though it wasn’t long until she panted, ‘I’m cumming!’

‘Quiet, whore!’ Darrel snarled as he plowed his jizz into her rectum.

‘You dirty, little hooker!’ Leroy next quoted a *movie line before he smashed his cock into her anus.

For 10 minutes, he hammered her, until he unloaded in her bowels.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t believe him sliding her cup beneath her ass and ordering, ‘Fart into your coffee!’

‘Yes, sir!’ - and she’d scarcely done so when Albert ejaculated into her beverage.

He then took a $50-bill from his pocket, handed it to her and said, ‘I’m paying your $20 admission fee plus an extra 30. Hookers are always welcome at my establishment, and I want to hire you to entertain a party this Friday night.’

‘She’ll do it,’ Leroy promised.

‘Good,’ Albert replied as he departed the room.

‘Toast him, bitch,’ Leroy said.

‘Yes, sir,’ - and Sylvia swallowed her brew.

The next Friday night, Leroy and Darrel attended the party, after which they congratulated her for earning $1,000, and...

‘ ... I’m an expensive escort,’ she smiled.


Part 3 - Fuck Me, Jesus!

Previous installments haven't explained that Sylvia had rebelled against her religious upbringing, though blasphemy still incensed her.

A week after she and Leroy went to The Scarlet Letter Club, he decided to exploit that during a Sunday morning church service.

But a Friday or Saturday night rarely passed when a least one other man wasn't in bed with Sylvia and Leroy, including the white, 31-y/o Doyle.

He relished Leroy's plan: At 10:30, Leroy had Sylvia wear a long dress and regular shoes, then drove to the church.

Doyle was already sitting in the next-to-last pew; the couple sat down behind him.

Two days earlier, Leroy had requested the pastor to deliver a sermon denouncing adultery.

And, oh, did he ever!

'Unfaithful wives are sinners!' he thundered as Leroy removed a vibrator from his pocket.

He turned it on, reached under her dress and buried it in her muff.

'What are you doing?' she whispered.

'Ask Jesus to fuck you,' Leroy quietly ordered.

'Fuck me, Jesus!' she softly obeyed.

In a bit, Leroy thrust a cross in next to the vibrator.

Seeing that amused Doyle; he flipped her the bird and left.

Once the pastor had finished his sermon, Leroy and Svlvia departed, as well.

'Take the vibrator and cross out,' Leroy said.

She did.

Next, she and Leroy got in the husband's car and he drove to The City Adult Bookstore.

They went into the video-arcade where Doyle was standing in the hall.

Since he was aware regarding her prostitution, he sneered. 'God condemns paid slummers!'

'Yes, sir.'

'Mary Magdalene's Sylvia's inspiration,' Leroy said.

'Jesus married a hooker?' Doyle asked.

'Yeah, and the 12 disciples were her favorite johns,' Leroy answered.

'She defiled herself for money,' Doyle remarked.

'Sylvia does, too,' Leroy said.

'That's no surprise. She's filth incarnate!' Doyle answered as Leroy opened the door to a viewing room and led her into it while Doyle followed.

'You've soiled a holy place and we intend to punish you!' Leroy warned her as he and Doyle unzipped their jeans.

'Worship my dick!' Leroy snarled as she dropped to her knees and gulped it into her mouth, followed by Doyle throwing his 11-inched cock into her vag.

'You're an animal, aren't you?' he said.

'Uh-hmmm!' Sylvia nodded.

Nonetheless, that aroused her to a climax which Doyle and Leroy ignored until the latter suggested, 'Breed her!'

'What?' Doyle inquired.

'Breed the animal!' Leroy repeated.

'Her womb had better be fertile!' Doyle responded as he drained his sperm into her snatch while Leroy's pecker erupted in her mouth.

After a brief pause, he said, 'It's time to complete her shame.'

'How?' Doyle asked.

'Like this,' Leroy responded, with him clutching Sylvia's hair and towing her into the men's restroom.

Three black customers then watched Leroy and Doyle pissing into the urinal and having her lick it clean.

'She must be the janitor,' one guy remarked.

'She's well-trained,' Doyle answered before he, Leroy and Sylvia left the store.

That night, however, he and Leroy commercialized the lowest slut in town.

Jesus christ, man!


Part 4 - Disgusting

Leroy was returning from work the next Friday evening when he went to a gas station where he met Alvin, his white, divorced, equally-sexist and 35-y/o friend.

‘How are you and Sylvia?’ Alvin asked.

‘We’re fine,’ Leroy said.

‘I’m glad to hear that. But you know Jude, don’t you?’ Alvin inquired.

‘Yeah, why?’ Leroy answered.

‘Yesterday, he showed me your wife’s nude picture while he was repairing my car,’ Alvin said.

‘I bet she incited your lust, didn’t she?’ Leroy remarked.

‘Really!’ Alvin said.

‘Let me finish buying gas.’ Leroy responded.

‘Okay,’ Alvin agreed.

After Leroy had filled his tank, the men drove to Leroy’s house.

‘You remember Alvin, don’t you?’ he asked.

‘Yes, sir,’ Sylvia responded.

'He's here because Jude betrayed your honor again,’ Leroy said.

‘Just as much, you have no virtue!’ Alvin remarked.

‘Yeah. So, confess the awful sin you committed in church on Sunday!’ Leroy commanded.

‘I – I – asked Jesus to fuck me, sir.’

‘I ought to rape you!’ Alvin growled.

But he didn’t realize that he coincidentally was indulging Sylvia’s fantasy until Leroy told him, ‘You have permission.’

‘Good!’ Alvin said as he undressed to display his brutally-thick, 12-inched penis, then tore her clothes off and shoved her to her knees in the living room.

Next, he forced his cock into her mouth.

‘Swallow my dick!’ he snarled.

‘Do it, you vile woman!’ Leroy ordered.

‘You don’t hate her, do you?’ Alvin laughed.

‘The whore’s too disgusting to hate!’ Leroy sarcastically replied.

‘That’s what Jesus thinks!’ Alvin crowed.

Having said that, he withdrew from the Sylvia’s mouth and creamed her face.

‘You’re total mess!’ he snickered before Leroy stripped, crouched behind her and inserted his pecker in her guts.

‘'Take my cock in your sewer!’ he disparaged her to an orgasm.

‘First, she was ‘vile’, then ‘disgusting’ and now she’s a 'sewer'!’ Alvin chuckled.

‘Don’t forget she’s morally offensive!’ Leroy added while unloading in Sylvia’s anus.

‘Immoral wives are special, aren’t they?’ Alvin inquired.

‘Yeah, they are,’ Leroy answered, and 'thank you, sirs,’ Sylvia ended the night.

Unfortunately, though, Alvin moved to Spain and disappeared from her life.



Part 5 – Smelly

The following Saturday afternoon, Leroy and Sylvia accompanied their white, 18-y/o friend, Jerome, to a freshman college banquet.

'We support education, don't we, Sylvia?' Leroy inquired.

'Yes, sir,' she responded.

'What's your major?' Leroy asked.

'Sexology,' Jerome answered.

'That's an interesting subject,' Leroy remarked.

'Yeah, except my grammar's bad and I need an English tutor,' Jerome said.

'Your grammar's perfect, isn't it, Sylvia?' the husband replied.

'Yes, sir.'

'She'll help you,' Leroy offered her services,

'Thanks,' the teenager said, though since her gown had a plunging neckline, Leroy noticed him staring at her tits.

'She's a busty wench, isn't she?' he asked.

'She's magnificent!' Jerome complimented her.

'Thank you, sir!' Sylvia gushed.

'It's okay to admire your wife, isn't it?' Jerome asked.

'Yeah. In fact, you can enjoy her dirty favors,' the husband winked.

'You're serious?'

'Yeah, I am. Let's take her wherever you live,' Leroy said as he, Sylvia and Jerome crossed the campus to an apartment.

The men next stripped and she removed her gown.

'Pretend she's a virgin and pop her cherry,' Leroy encouraged Jerome.

'I'll shred Sylvia's hymen,' the youngster said as he leaned her forward and drilled his 12-inched cock into her vag.

'Hurt me!' she begged.

'Shut your face!' the cute boy sneered while Leroy slashed his prick into her mouth.

But the guys' contempt brought Sylvia to an orgasm, with Leroy ravishing her gullet until he sprayed jizz in it and Jerome her snatch.

'Tell Jerome the truth about yourself!' Leroy commanded.

'I'm a slut and a whore, sir!'

'Fucking skank!' Jerome snorted.

'I'll downgrade skank to skunk!' Leroy smiled.

'You smell worse than the crap!' Jerome responded.

'Yes, I do, sir!'

'Yeah, you stinking harlot!' Leroy derided her.

However, she wished that he and Jerome would pimp her, though they didn't.

Nevertheless, married harlots are wonderful, aren't they?

Yes, indeed!


Part 6 – Possessed

The white, 22-y/o Tim was the clerk at The City Adult Bookstore and the Monday 3 weeks after the banquet, Leroy drove there to buy an explicit novel.

'My wife, Sylvia, and I were here last month,' he said.

'You and another guy,' Tim recalled the occasion.

'Doyle. Sylvia worshiped our cocks,' Leroy said.

'I suspect she worships demons, too,' Tim mirthfully responded.

'They possess her,' Leroy answered.

'Her soul's lost,' Tim replied.

'Yeah, and my friend, Alvin, raped her because she asked Jesus to fuck her while she was in church,' Leroy responded.

'Really?' Tim said.

'Yeah,' Leroy confirmed the facts.

'Whoa!' Tim exclaimed, then: - 'I'm not a priest or I'd perform an exorcism.'

'You can administer 'unholy communion' (piss), can't you?' Leroy asked.

'When and where?' Tim said.

'My backyard tomorrow at 11,' Leroy arranged Sylvia's humbling.

Being the weather was warm, however, Tim wore nothing but a mask and shoes.

Sylvia heard him knocking, opened the door and stammered, 'W-w-who... are... y-y-you?'

'I'm the devil's messenger!' Tim laughed while stroking his 13-inched pecker.

Yes, sir!' Sylvia replied as Tim pushed her to knees, spun around and crushed her lips into his butt-crack.

'Rim me!' he snarled.

Sylvia did, before he turned and emptied his bladder into her mouth.

'You cursed my naked wife,' Leroy remarked.

'Thank me!' the clerk demanded as Leroy undressed.

'Thank you, sir!'

'Hell, bimbo, you aren't worth raping!' Tim mocked her as he gored his weapon into her vag.

'Eeeeh!' she yelped.

'Listen to her suffer!' Leroy said.

'We're wounding her pride!' Tim chuckled.

'Yeah!' Leroy said as he slashed his penis into Sylvia's throat and pounded it until she had an orgasm.

Ten minutes later, the guys withdrew from her and shot cum into her hair.

'We gave the inglorious cunt a shampoo,' Tim said.

'Yeah, Mrs. Goldilocks,' Leroy replied.

'Thank you, sirs.'

'You're welcome,' the 'masked stranger' responded as he vanished into the night.

Before Leroy and Sylvia went to bed, though, she started reading the novel which Doyle had written amd self-published.

It described her Sunday morning adventure and was a best-seller at the store.

'Whoa,' as Tim had said.


Part 7 – Not An Expensive Escort

The next Sunday afternoon, Leroy blindfolded Sylvia and took her to The Scarlet Letter Club.

Darrel was waiting: - 'My 6-month pass covers our admission fees,' he notified Leroy who responded, 'Thanks.'

'Sure. Are you still marketing your wife?' Darrel questioned him.

'Yeah,' Leroy said.

'Actually, that's your fault considering you're dedicated to plying the world's oldest profession, isn't it, Sylvia?' Darrel asked.

'Yes, sir.'

'What do you expect? She has impure desires?' Leroy remarked.

'I'd say they're downright evil!' Darrel smirked.

'Did you hear that, Sylvia?' Leroy inquired.

'Yes, sir.'

'Do you deserve my cruelty?' Darrel asked.

'Yes, sir,' she answered as Leroy and Darrel guided her into the King's Chamber where the trio undressed.

'I won't damage you,' Darrel said.

'Thank you, sir.'

'Are you ready for me to torture your fun-bags a little?' Darrel inquired.

'Yes, I am, sir.'

'Okay,' Darrel replied, then started whipping her jugs.

'ENDURE MY WRATH!' he yelled.

'Flog her!' Leroy said.

'Burn in hell!' Darrel growled before he oozed his fist into her snatch.

'Aaaiiiieeeeeh!' Sylvia shrieked.

Though she'd never felt such pain, she had an orgasm.

Darrel finally unplugged her vag and inserted his cock in her mouth.

'Gag, you piece of shit!' he snarled, with her doing so until he spilled his seed into her oral gape, followed by Leroy shafting her pooper.

However, it wasn't long before he jizz-soiled her ass.

Once he did, Darrel scoffed, 'You ain't no expensive escort, bitch!' - and...

'… yes, sir!' she replied.

(to be continued)

Rating: 100%, Read 619 times, Posted Nov 16, 2022

Fiction | Humiliation


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VERY HOT, though I would have loved more abuse of her jugs.

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Sylvia's picture is available at: [email protected]

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