Do I Still Like It? by MySemen

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First BJ in Decades

One's situation in life can and will change with time. I find myself at one of those turning points. Now, what to make of it?

After a long time in a distressing relationship, including lots of paid counselling and some pretty drastic ups and downs, I finally decided that it wasn't going to get better. I told the GF that I was moving out. Well, we had some joint assets and family issues, so getting that all squared away and actually preparing to move took some time. Fortunately, we are being basically civil about it all. The last two months of my life, most of my discretionary time has been spent sorting out all my shit, getting rid of what I won't use, and packing. Moving day is coming and we're both glad to see it happen.

One side benefit that I'm going to pursue is broadening my horizons, regarding friendships and specifically sex. I had a few male-male experiences when I was much younger, and lately I've been getting interested in that approach again. I still love sex with women, but I have decided it's time to try MM sex again. I'm not sure how to proceed, but I'll certainly be keeping my eyes open.

I'm ok being by myself. I don't get lonely, as I've been spending time with friends and family, but that old sexual itch is coming back. You can't really say that I'm curious, since I've had fun with males before. More like wondering if I still like it.

My history is getting with a few guys for jerkoffs, handjobs and blowjobs. We had lots of fun, getting naked and playing with ourselves and each other. I remember how it felt to look down and see a man on my hard cock, and how it felt to take a hard cock in my own mouth. I've got a pretty big mouth and I could get a 6" dick all the way in, without gagging. My best suck buddy was about 5.5" long, moderate thickness and cut, and he had a very attractive, sexy cock. I loved licking and kissing his balls, then working my way up his shaft until I opened up and took him into my mouth. Just thinking of it now gives me an erection. He had trouble getting much of my 7+" cock in his mouth, but he did a fine job on me nonetheless. We would suck each other, but he didn't like taking it in our mouths, so we would finish off with a hand job.

I also got with a guy who was my size. Maybe a little shorter, maybe a little thicker. But he had a very sexy cock and nice hanging balls. (I love playing with balls, and having mine played with.) Now I understood how the other guy had to work at taking in a big cock, but once I learned to relax, it was amazing fun. I especially remember how it looked up close before I went down on him, that big cut cock head... hot. We took turns on each other and tried different positions, and I loved them all. When it was time to finish him off, I got between his knees and bobbed on and off, adding a lot of tongue action, until I would feel him throb and let loose a load of creamy jism in my mouth. I didn't care for the taste, but the act was a real turn on.

*** 1 Month Later ***

Well, I'm in my own place now. It's nice not having to endure the mumbling and tense discussions. And it's quiet - unless I have some Genesis or Twisted Sister on (lol). I've been enjoying just closing the shades and taking out my cock, whenever I want. When it's warm, I get totally naked and stroke myself. The first time I jerked myself here, I just let it fly all over the floor. It was worth the trouble to clean it up.

I have started joining in some local activities, to expand my circle of friends. I'm not necessarily looking for a lay or BJ from folks, but the companionship is nice. I won't deny I'm keeping my eyes open for opportunities.

I have a small number of friends that have been that for some years. None of them were candidates for FWB. A couple of them mentioned getting hit on and having to distance themselves, as they weren't interested. Another was the type that was quite protective of his masculinity. Another was outright disgusted by the idea of M-M sex. No chances there.

I invited Tim, the masculine fellow, over for some dinner and chat. I grilled a couple of steaks and we sipped on a bit of whiskey. I was enjoying the evening out on the patio, it was perfect and the bugs hadn't come out yet. He was telling me about his wife's recent visit to her kids, and I was telling him that I was surprised how well I got on with living alone. He kind of surprised me with a remark: "When I was home alone, I wished I had a friend there. And it gave me a chance to think about being alone, and kinda about intimacy. You know, I can see people of the same sex developing a sexual relationship."

I thought for a second, then said, "Has it happened to you?"

"I don't think so, but the idea certainly doesn't disgust me."

"Me neither," I replied. "Actually, I fooled around with boys, and remember it being a lot of fun. Then girls came along."

Now he said something I didn't expect. "I've had similar experiences, and I'm beginning to think I might go there again. Half curiosity, half excitement."

The ball was in my court now. I thought for a few seconds, looked him in the eye, and said "So have I. In fact, I've gotten to the point where I think I'm ready to explore."

Tim said, "Maybe we should explore that together." I smiled, and said, "I'd love to." Then he said, "You'll have to teach me, there are things I haven't done before." My response was, "We'll go slow. Remember, it's been a long time for me too. I might not like it as much."

Without anything said, we picked up our plates and put them by the sink. I made a gesture toward the living room, and as he passed I put my hand on his shoulder. I left it there as we walked to the couch. Tim turned to me and said, "Can I have a hug?"

I reached around and brought him to me. We stood there for a bit, embracing, then I started to move one arm slowly up and down, and slowly slid the other down towards his hips. He hugged tighter, and now I could feel a lump in his pants. It was happening to me, too. It felt so nice to be touching another person!

I broke the embrace but kept my arms on his shoulders, and asked, "What are you most curious about?"

"My first question was whether I'd like just touching a man. Got that answered, it was nice."

"I was surprised how nice it felt. How about touching skin?" I reached for his shirt buttons and started opening them. Then I reached in and felt the light hair on his chest. It was having an effect on me and I said so. "I don't know a bout you, but I'm getting hard." He looked down and saw an obvioius bulge in my shorts. "I guess so, and me too." I reached down to his crotch and slid my hand across, and there it was, a hard lump pointing to the side. I ran my hand over it, and Tim closed his eyes and moaned.

After touching him, I finished opening his shirt took it off him. Then he pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. Without thinking, we again embraced, and I said, "Oh yes, much better without clothes." We rubbed across each other, then I moved in closer so my leg was between his. This pressed our cock lumps against each other. We rubbed a bit, then Tim said, "Let's lose these clothes." I stepped back and took off my pants, underwear and socks; my cock was almost fully erect. He did the same, and his very handsome member was now in plain sight. His dick was just perfect, a handsome six incher. We just stood still and looked at each other. My eyes were going up and down his trim torso and looking at his cock, which finished growing.

I pressed his shoulders and he sat down on the couch. I spread his legs and reached for his cock with one hand and his balls with the other, then started stroking and fondling. With one throb, he was fully erect in my hand. And my cock was pointing straight out too. He reached for it, and we spent a minute stroking each other.

As good as that felt, I was ready for more. But I wanted to make sure he was too, so I asked, "Are you good, Tim? Is this working for you?"

"More than working, it feels sooo good." A throb from his cock punctuated the point. I was still stroking him and he could feel a throb from my organ too.

I looked at him and asked, "Can I take this farther?" He smiled, and I went to my knees in front of him. I moved in and thought how I was about to feel a man in my mouth for the first time in decades. I was so hard and my dick was pointing up. I moved my hand down to his base then studied his cock for a moment. It was hot, with veins running up and down it, and a prominent head. And his balls were hanging very seductively. I moved in closer and brought my lips to his dickhead. I kissed it, then began to lick all around. I really, really wanted this organ in my mouth. So I opened my mouth and took in his cockhead. He moaned. I moved slowly down on him, and he moaned again. My mouth was being filled by his hard cock and I loved it. I started going on and off him, and kept that up for a while.

I pulled off his cock and asked him, "Are you ready to try it too?" He gave me a glassy-eyed look and said, "Yes, yes. Please." I sat on the couch next to him, and he got down on his knees. "You're so big, how do I do this?"

I answered, "Just go slow, and try to keep your teeth off it." He stroked me then brought his face down and took in my cockhead. It was so sexy seeing someone's mouth on my cock, I throbbed and moaned. Then he started moving down on me. I could feel his wet mouth and it was amazing, so wet and warm.

Tim did a good job with his teeth, and now was bobbing on and off me. I must have been really horny because I was ready to cum. But I took my mind off it so I'd last a while. Eventually I needed release, and told him I was ready; he came off me only to say, "Let me have it, I'm ready. In my mouth!" With that, he went back on me and slid on and off. I lost it. With a grunt and a stab at his face, I came and pumped his mouth full of my seed. So good, so uh, uh...

Tim slowed down but kept sucking on me as I cummed in his mouth. Not a drop escaped, soon I saw him swallow. Then I noticed that he was stroking himself. Well that won't do. I gently pulled his head off me and my cock flopped back on my belly. Then I stood him up, and leaned forward to take his hard cock back in my mouth. I went right to work on him, and he started a pumping motion into my mouth. He was fucking my face and I loved it. Before long, he began to grunt like I had done, then took hold of my head and buried his cock in my mouth. I felt him throb, then felt my mouth filling with jism. Damn he had a lot! I swallowed a couple of times, then let the rest fill my mouth while I sucked on him and moved on and off. After a minute, I swallowed the rest, licked off his dick and had him sit by me. We both were spent, physically, sexually and emotionally.

After a minute, I asked, "Well? Was it what you expected?"

"That and more. I think I wanna do this again." He reached over to hold my deflating cock and I did the same with his.

"Me too. And maybe some other stuff. I want to frot too, cumming on each other's cocks. By the way, I loved sucking your cock. It's just perfect for my mouth."

Tim answered, "Yours is big but I loved it. How long is that thing?"

"Seven inches. Shit man, you had almost all of it in your mouth!"

"I'll have to practice. Will you help?"

"Sure thing!"

Then he thought a moment and said, "The wierd thing is, I don't feel like any less a man. And I still love pussy. That's a pleasant surprise."

*** The next day ***

I woke up with a smile on my face. Last night, Tim hung out for a bit then went home, but we were both serious about doing it again. I was back in the cocksucking business and I was glad it turned out well. In fact, thinking about last night was making me hard again. I think I'll remember Tim's mouth on me and rub one out. Good way to start the day.

Rating: 94%, Read 6586 times, Posted Aug 05, 2020

Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Mature, Oral Sex


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