Triple threat by Arcticstorm.

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Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Submission, Torture, Violence, Virginity, Young

A young female wolf named Eclipse had just turned 3 years old only days ago. She was a very beautyfull vixen her red and black pelt was smooth as silk and her body matched her element was that of wind. She was a very skilled hunter and had on this day made a successful kill on a young buck. After the meal she unexpectedly had to use the restroom, well she hadnt realized she was in heat her first and she was still a virgin, she unknowingly marked a tree with blood instread of her regular scent before retreating to her home in a mountain cave nearby.

It was about 9:30 at night when a male invaded her territory, he was nearly double the size of the younger vixin and his age was around 5, and his strength and could easily overpower her. but today he wasnt on the look out just for a regular mate he was looking for a toy, and when he got a whiff of the females scent it almost immediatly made him quiver with antisipation. his additude was not one to be taken lightly and he was not freindly. but he wasnt alone he had two other loners with him as he spoke eatch holding a different element, the first male named Drake was the main wolf of the trio he was 5 and his element was that of fire, the second was named Josh age 3, His element was of earth, and the last male was age 4 his name was jack, and his element was of darkness.

The group of 3 stopped just outside of earshot and drake said "Who is going to get her?"

Josh replied saying "Please guys let me."

Jack replied with slightly evil chuckle "Lets have the runt at her before we move in. but screw this up and it will be your last."

Josh couldnt hold back himself as he became painfully aware of his sheeth between his legs, the den reeked of a females heat. "I will do my job, but i want to be the one who gets her ass you guys can have the mouth and the pussy."

Jack smirked "Perfect i want her pussy then."

Drake said "Very well i will take her mouth since my cock is bigger than you twos and i would probibly rip her apart if i bred with her."

With that the first younger male moved into the den. the female was caught unware of his presance untill she was tackled from her sleep. Almost instatly she was afriad. "Who are you and what do you want?" he voice was whinning as she was pinned underneath the other male. "I want you?" he said his voice growling "Stand up and dont think about running!" He said forcing the female to her feet.

She nerviously stood up and watched him as he began to circle her her scent seemed to be like a drive and she watched his cock slowly come from its sheeth and quickly grew hard. she knew what he wanted and attempted to flick her tail against her ass tightly as she continued to face him not aware of the other 2 males behind her.

Suddenly and without warning the male infront of her suddenly lunged, and grasped her neck. Eclipse cryed out "Please dont kill me." she begged whimpering and whinning.

the male smirked as the other two males came in. "good work Josh take your place."

Josh smirked and took his place mounting the female and once again bitting her neck once he was behind her.

Eclips whined as she began crying tears suddenly flowing down her eyes as she felt the male ontop of her and knew what was comming next. Suddenly she felt another wolf move her hind legs apart and force himself underneath her on his Back and the third largest male took his place infront of her. and said "Josh you start first i will be next and then Jack it will be your turn."

Eclipse looked around at eatch male she was outnumbered and outguned and eatch had a raging hardon. "Please i beg you dont do this to me!" she was crying and begging the males not to do what they were going to do she wasnt ready for this and knew it, she didnt want it.

Josh couldnt help himself his throbbing member already dripping precum onto the male below him was just inches away from her ass. he looked down at Jack for a little assistance who easly moved Eclipses tail out of the way with a hind paw and josh suddenly Thust into her but it wasnt in her pussy it was in her ass.

Eclipse whinned and tried to move forward as a shock of pain moved throut her body, but josh threatened to kill her if she didn't coperate, and quickly put preasure on her neck with his teeth and she was forced to stay put whinning and crying. her ass was tighter than her pussy giving the male extream pleasure as he forced his throbbing penis into her.

Suddenly the largest male infront of her lifted on his hind legs and onto her shoulders. "Either take my cock In your mouth or be killed." The preasure on her neck increased again as she reluctently took the largest males cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck it. but she was having a problem holding both larger males on her back one was already thusting in her ass and the other was in her mouth what was...... her thoughts were cut short when she realized what was going on, and the fact that male on her face that had his massive 2.3 inch wide and nearly 7.4 inch cock suddenly shoved it down her throut she choaked on it but couldnt pull it out as he thursted it deeper into her throut. Both the males moaning and yelping in pleasure didnt help things as they somtimes violently thrusted into her. Her whines and crys of pain were silenced now that she was forced to breath threw her nose but her tears of pain didnt .

Her legs began to give out thanks to the extra weight as she choaked down on the males cock and the one who was thusting behind. she hit the ground but suddenly felt a 3rd cock enter into her pussy and immediatly start thusting she whinned as her pussy was streached apart to acomidate the large member of the male that was below her she was getting raped and violated 3 ways and there was nothing she could do about it. only silent tears were seen eatch harsh thust cuased her pain from all three areas. Her throut with eatch thust could be seen as the males large member was forced into it, she knew this was only going to get worse as her ass and pussy were being ripped apart from behind. already her ass was beginning to bleed lubricating Josh, and jack below her, the male who had her mouth was already lubricated and easly thust deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly josh began grunting and forcing himself harder against her somthing was hitting her ass thinking he had reached the full length of cock she thought he would cum and then stop but no he thusted harder and harder till the object entered into her it was his knot. He entered first, and it immediatly began swelling she began stuggling as the pain in her ass became more painfull she tried to begg the males to stop as her stuggling became more frantic and so did her breathing but once again the Josh bit her neck and forced her to stay still.

Tears of pure pain were flowing down in streams on her face the males had no heart as eatch continued there onslaught of breeding then Drake forced his knot into Eclipses mouth and it to began swelling. he forced it as far back into her throat as possible then stopped as it filled the entire back end of her mouth her jaws were being forced to near breaking limits she couldnt break free even if she wanted to she was stuck in this position pain in her mouth, and ass increased suddenly jacks cock also inserted his knot into her pussy and it swelled quickly. without warning the pain was too much for the young female and she began to drift in and out of consiousness her ass and pussy had been serious torn apart as blood began flowing from both.

when joshs cock tensed and began throbbing he began cumming and unloaded 5 heavy loads of hot cum into Eclipses ass his moaning could be heard first and he then unloaded 3 lesser loads as he continued to thust or trying to.

Drake came next but his loads were much bigger and her unloaded 7 large loads of hot cum to the back of Eclipses thought but eclipse couldnt handle this and couldnt swallow fast enough. her eyes filled with constant tears of pain she tried to swallow but couldnt as it gushed out the side of her mouth she was litterally drowning in cum. then Jack began cumming the pain and preasure was too much for the little fea and she blacked out from lack of oxygen and of pain.

When she came to she was on the ground in a pool of blood and cum but the large male had resusitated her after the 3 males had finished she also noticed her paw was chained with a titaium chain to the ground floor of the cave. "We figured since you were such a good sport we would keep you alive." she was extreamly afraid and backed away as far as the chain would reach. Her mouth, ass, and pussy were dripping cum and blood her mouth hurt but so did the rest of her body. She suddenly broke down crying collasped on the floor. "Dont worry those who live threw the first test will only be bred from the pussy afterward maby." The males could only think of sex they didnt care about the females feelings or what they did to her as long as she was living and well they would keep her alive.

"Jack is going out to get us some food do you want him to bring you anthing?" she couldnt answer as she lay there whinning. "Just bring her back a Rabbit." drake said to Jack.

(End chaper one if i get good compliments i will do more i hope you guys enjoy.)

Rating: 63%, Read 31979 times, Posted Jul 10, 2010

Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Submission, Torture, Violence, Virginity, Young


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