Helping out a friend 2- another business trip.. a mile high by bigpapa0u812

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I had originally posted these stories on another site, but they didn't het many reads, so I'm bringing them here, as well as writing about the brother in-law's story... though I have to finish that... it's been busy.

I've tried to get Laura to write... she's not keen. Doesn't like so much for me to write about her. Ginny, on the other hand likes the stories about her. Even asked me to use her real name... though for continuity sake, I won't for now.

Anyway, here is a bit of a continuation of our last adventure.

Mile High...

Ginny had moved in for a month, and she and my wife Laura had taken every chance they could get to eat each other out, or finger fuck each other, and I wasn't getting any of it. Even my boy even made a comment about how chummy the two ladies were getting. I'd fucked Ginny on that last business trip, but didn't get a chance to do anything since she moved in, because we didn't want it to get weird when our son was home.

Anyway, a opportunity presented itself. Before I went into business, I spent two years teaching English in Korea to help fund my MBA. It was a great time, I got to teach business men how to say "Hello" and "How much?", and they taught me how to drink soju. and stand unabashedly and sing at the norebong (Korean Karaoke).

Recently, one of my former students made contact in hopes of having my company bring his product into north America. Not normally something I would do, but since he was a former friend, and since the product was frigging amazing at what it did, I said I'd come and see what we could do. I set up the trip, called a few old friends in Korea, and brought Ginny along. Laura, my wife, wouldn't be able to take the time off of her job, so I planned to use this trip as an opportunity to get another taste of our good friend's pussy.

Our flight was late, and we were both tired, So we took a nap as soon as we took off. I woke up to that lovely Ginny stroking me off under the blanket. It was still dark in the plane, and she was obviously horny. She had a habit of waking me up nicely. It was dark and nobody was awake. Anyway, she popped her head under the blanket and gave me a couple of nice sucks. But that was when the flight attendant came up to us and said, "I'm sorry, you are going to have to come with me. " Fuck!

The attendant, tall slender Korean woman with a fitted skirt and jacket, and legs that wouldn't stop, brought us to one of the galley ways and opened a door. I'd flown lots, but had never noticed such a door before. It lead to a staircase.

"Never seen this before," I commented.

"Yes, only a rare few people get invited down here,": she answered. "The supervising flight attendant saw you on the CCTV and didn't want you being seen by caught by any of our passengers, it would be quite embarrassing for the airline."

We walked passed CCTV room, one camera pointed at our now empty seats. Ginny gave me a smile as she caught me staring at our captor's tight little skirt clad ass. Obviously Ginny had enjoyed the view too, and her nipples were threatening to burst through her tight blouse.

Suddenly, our hostess opened a room that looked like a small cell. "This is the room we put belligerent d***ks in. You won't be disturbed in here. Also, it would also be embarrassing for a foreign CEO and his associate to end up in an airline scandal. Our tabloids are becoming more and more western. The footage of your indiscretion has been destroyed at the insistence of the supervisor."

"How can we thank you and your supervisor?" asked Ginny.

"Well," she said closing the door and turning towards us,"I was so turned on watching you, I almost came." She removed her jacket and began unbuttoning her blouse exposing a sexy white lace pushup bra.

Hyun Jin, the sexy supervisor, stepped out of her skirt and panties leaving her stockings, and garters on. She looked like a model standing there, then she pushed me against the padded walls of the cell and tugged at my zipper. In no time she and Ginny had me undressed, and Hyun Jin had my cock in her mouth.

"Let's make him a little more accessible" said Ginny to HunJin.

They moved me down on the bench against the wall. This cell had everything, a bench with seatbelt/restraints, padded walls, everything to keep a d***k from getting hurt, or for a kinky group to have a bit of fun. Anyway, I was lying on the seat, HyunJin's face on my cock, Ginny straddling my face. I licked her well, but was definitely distracted with the Korean beauty bobbing up and down on throbbing cock. I was at that point where I needed and wanted more. I wanted to burry my cock in pussy.

"I want some of that," said HyunJin, getting off my cock and pushing Ginny off my face. I expected her to take Ginny's plance, but instead, she was kneeling in front of Ginny, licking her pussy. Nothing better looking than a nice skinny ass, bent over presenting itself, so I positioned myself behind her and rubbed my cock up her slit. She looked back at me with a wanting look, her eyes pleading with me to stick it in her. And I did. I slid in her wet pussy,and she let out the sexiest moan. I started giving her nice long strokes as she continued lapping at Ginny's pussy. Her pussy felt so good, and I was enjoying the muffled sounds she made as she licked Ginny's pussy while I fucked her slowly.

I could see Ginny was having fun, but was anxious to get a piece of my cock too. She slid away from Hyun Jin, and pulled me off her.

"We're sharing right?"

She pushed HyunJin into the chair and took position in front of her with her ass in the air for me. I rubbed my cock in her pussy lips too. She was so wet, either on her own or from HyunJin's tongue that I was going to easily slide in. I hadn't had a chance to slide my cock in that pussy in a while, and I wanted it bad. I knew she was going to want it hard and fast, so I grabbed her hips... and then I was airborn. The plane dropped, and we floated off the padded floor. We came down with a bit of a thud, and HyunJin was up and moving.

DING-DING---"Attention Passengers. This is the Captain, I'm sorry to say we have entered some heavy turbulence. Please ensure you seatbelts are fastened, trays and luggage properly stowed. Flight attendants, please check the cabin and take your seats as quickly as possible."

Fuck, I was still rock hard and wanting to fuck Ginny. HyunJin was already dressed and ushering us towards the stair case. "Sorry, we'll have to try again later." Both of us managed to pull on our clothes by the top of the stairs. HyunJin noticed my cock stressing against my pants. "Two minutes," and she shoved me in a nearby toilet without Ginny. Next the door opened and a cute busty, flight attendant came in.

She was all business. "Flight Mama said you need relief. I'll be rewarded if I can do it in two minutes," she announced and in seconds my cock was out of my pants and in her mouth.

She looked up at me, and began to work my cock with her hand, tongue and mouth all at once. I was overwhelmed with pleasure. This girl was by far the most skilled cocksucker I'd ever met. I could almost immediately felt cum welling up in my cock. At about a minute 30, I was exploding in her mouth. The feeling of relief was amazing. It was one of my most rewarding ejaculations ever. Phenomenal.

"That was amazing!" I told her. "Thank you for the relief!"

"It is my skill and my pleasure," she replied smiling at me. "I could taste Sky Mama on your cock. I think she will be happy with me.Now, go to your seat."

"What happened," asked Ginny as I buckled in beside her. I told her of my encounter with the young, cute attendant and what she said.

Sadly, the rest of the flight was horrible. Apparently a typhoon had been looming off the coast of Japan, and made the last 5 hours of the flight horribly uncomfortable.

When we finally landed, we were totally exhausted, as was the crew. Ginny and I took out time, because we wanted to talk to SkyMama, HyunJin. When she finally was free, she came over.

"If you are free tomorrow night, we'd love for you and your're little friend," Ginny said nodding at the reliever, "to join us at our hotel for dinner and," she licked her lips, "dessert. We're at the Hyatt in Seoul Park.".

"We'd love to," replied HyunJin for herself and her junior.

"We can meet in the restaurant at 7:30 then?" I inquired.

"We look forward to it."

And we parted ways.

When Ginny and I finally got to the airport a few hours later, we collapsed on the bed and went to sl**p. We would be here for several days, so I could get my filly of her pussy then.

Rating: 91%, Read 15299 times, Posted Dec 02, 2015

Fantasm | Asian, At work, Group Sex


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