The Suck (Part I) by Ms_Wicked

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Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Group Sex, Rape, Submission

We had been out in this hellhole for almost a year now and it was obviously starting to show. Everyday the same routine...minimal sleep, night temperatures of 90F and daytime highs of up to 140F, nothing but bland rock mountains and annoyingly dry deserts, the constant patrols with retarded amounts of useless gear in tow, then of course their's the usual idiots in the bunch that piss everybody off. No wonder they nicknamed this place "the suck". It fucking blows. And of course my dumbass signed up for the ride ~ go figure. None of this crap was in my job description when I accepted the contract as a translator for this unit. And we were supposed to be shipped back 3 fucking months ago. But like everything else, their wasn't really a whole lot any of us could to about it except bitch and deal with it. Besides, this job was paying me double of what these guys were going to make from this deployment.

With me being the only female in the group, I knew I was always going to be eye-candy for the guys. And I won't lie, I don't think I can blame them for that. I'm not vain and I'm certainly no bombshell beauty but I have always had guys undress me in their heads since my breasts had fully developed. And with my body type, they always draw attention. I stand at 5'9, brunette, D-cup (since 14yrs old) , 156lbs, lean build and a slight tan, not too muscular but almost perfectly toned. That was the only thing I ever prided myself on. So i guess it would be safe to say that I definitely draw attention to myself for the most part.

Today had been of those days that seemed to drag on and on and fucking on. We had left our base about 2 weeks ago and were pretty sure that our CO had gotten us lost in the ranges due to the fucker never paying attention. Finally we decided to strap down for the rest of the day in a small valley and pitch tent. It wasn't long after that the guys were back to their typical conversations of what they missed most about food, A/C, a bed, cellphones, alcohol...and then of course sex, girlfriends and which point I retreated to my tent in the hopes of not becoming anyone's "muse", especially the three over zealous horndogs of the bunch; McKinley, Ford, and Gilvarry. Big mistake on my part.

I had been trying my best to not spend too much time shooting the shit with the guys since the stupid mail prank last month. I guess they got bored (and stupid) and thought it would be some fun at my expense but it didn't turn out that way. Instead they read out loud the entire letter from my boyfriend describing how brutally he was going to fuck me when I finally got back, to which he ended it with "I know you like is rough babe". AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Fucking great..... not only do they now know how much of a freak I am but I'm pretty sure that a couple of the guys were now going to rub a few out thinking about it for the rest of the fucking deployment.

I spent the rest of the day in my tent playing solitaire with a deck of cards I had "tactically required" and listening to my iPod. Eventually I started re-reading letters from my boyfriend and not too much time after, I had a serious dick-craving. And me being the person I am, I take care of it myself. I have always been fiercely loyal in relationships. I secured my tent and threw down some flattened water bottles so I would be able to hear if anyone decided to pop in on me. Quietly, I started unbuttoning my cammie bottoms as I laid down on my sleeping bag. Going this long without my boyfriend's cock had really been killing me so by the time I had slipped my fingers into my boyshorts, they were already moist with my wetness. Thank God for wax strips!

Slowly, I started tracing my finger from my pussy up to and around my clit with small teasing cirlces and light strokes. It wasn't long before I was furiously rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples. All I could think about was my boyfriend's thick cock pis-toning in and out of my pussy like some formula one engine; he has the stamina to match it too. And he knows I love it when he fucks me so roughly to the point where my pussy becomes swollen and sore. I like being abused in the bedroom and he does it perfectly. At this point I had brought myself to to such a powerfully orgasm, I was still seeing stars and fireworks while still coming down from it.

Still in a daze, I started cleaning myself up. My hand was practically soaked with my own cum and so were my boyshorts. By this time, the sun was beginning to set and the heat was starting to die down. Because of the humidity inside my tent, it was pretty much dowsed with the smell of sweat and pussy. Once I regained myself some more, I got up and took my knife out. I was still too spent to take off my boots and cammies just to remove my underwear so I got lazy and just cut the clothing at the hip, then pulled them out from between my legs....pretty much covering it with more of my cum, tossed it in a bag and stashed it in my pack.


Rating: 47%, Read 8862 times, Posted Jul 10, 2011

Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Group Sex, Rape, Submission


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