Jane, A Wonder by AlexMcDugle

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I can't begin to tell you how much I love Jane. I mean, she is the perfect package. She's 5'6, thin, 32C tits, athletic, and smart. We've both been best friends since we were 14. Three solid, fun years. Three solid, fun years that I've just wanted to pounce on her, my dick in that tight pussy I masturbate to when I'm down.

I almost came when I found out that me, her, and our friends are going on vacation at a resort in Hawaii. Nice break from the rural scene, and a nice way I can spill the beans, and no parents to catch me fucking that heaven we all call Jane.

"Alex, ALEX? Dude, are you dead?" asked Dan, waving his hand in my ear.

"Oh, sorry, I was just stunned on this fucking awesome vacation. Can I talk to you in the kitchen?"

Me and Dan walked into the kitchen.

While we were talking, Rob, Mark, and Gina had plans. They wanted to eavesdrop on me.

"No guys, that's fucking dumb. Alex and Dan are experts at overhearing, they now the tricks," Jane said.

"And your point iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssss?" asked Rob.

"They'll catch you in 5 seconds."

Meanwhile, I had to tell Dan something.

"Dude, I had to say it. I love Jane. I fucking love her. I just want to fuck her on that hotel bed, her pussy so tight it makes me cum endlessly."

"Alright dude, it sounds awesome and all, but that's kind of impossible. Right on dude. Happy humping."

Me and Dan finally came out of the kitchen after seemingly endless minutes.

Mark looks at his watch.

"Oh crap, 10. We gotta go if we don't want to all have bed heads tomorrow when we go to Hawaii. All except Alex, come with me."

Right then I went upstairs and tried to go to sleep. I ended up getting 2 hours of sleep, the other 6 thinking about how I might fuck the chick I love.

My friends came at 6:30. I somehow managed to get packed, dressed, and showered in a half an hour. "Ready to go, guys?" I asked, eagerly. You guessed it, in a flash we got to the car, and drove to the airport. It was a hell of a time flying down to Hawaii. We kept having to stop at the expense of a cheap 6 person flight. We stopped twice before we even got to California. We were all wiped out when we got to Hawaii that we couldn't get out of sleeping on the first day of vacation. On the second day, things started cooking.

In the evening, we went in the pool. Me and the rest played marco polo. I ended up being Marco.

Soon, evening became night, and this is when things get really fucking awesome. Jane was sleeping with Rob and Mark, but Mark was snoring, and she couldn't sleep, so she crawled into my bed.

Soon, without being noticed, I ran my hand up Jane's skirt. I found out she was wearing a thong. I took it off as lightly as possible to not wake her up. Then I went in with my fingers. Two fingers in her cunt, she moaning. I knew she was going to wake everyone up, so I took her into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and then I fingered her more. The shower woke her up fully.

"What's going on?" she looks over at me. "ALEX??" I took my fingers out of her wet cunt.

I said, stunned, "Look Jane, I love you. I love you so much!"

"I love you too. What a weird way to confess!" She took off her shirt, bra, and skirt, and my boxers, the only thing I slept in. Then we made out, our tounges fucking like we are in a minute. In an instant, I attacked her 32C tits, licking them all over. I heard her moan with pleasure and I felt her tits get hard.

"Ooh... Alex... ooh..." Jane was moaning. And I haven't even begun yet.

Slowly but surely, I put my 8 inches into her cunt. This time she was practically screaming. After 10 minutes of rocking in and out fast, we both knew we were going to cum.

"I'M GONNA CUM!" I yelled.

"I'm on the pill!" she yelled tangled in her own orgasm.

I knew I wasn't going to last, so I just let the cum go. Steady spurts came out until the last, HUGE one. I swear, i've never cummed that hard in my life. And I've had sex lots of times.

I guess my cum pushed her over the edge, driving her mad. Her voice was becoming extremely high, and she was shaking and holding on to me like she was gonna die. Then, the cum burst out, my penis being drenched in her sex. She cummed harder than I did.

It took us about 1 minute to recover from our orgasms, my cock limp and she herself limp. Then we got up and things started up again, this time oral sex. She sucked like I rocked in her cunt, not ever gagging. She is amazing.

After about 10 minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. I cummed almost as hard as last time. I don't know when my cock is going to go limp again.

The minute she took my cock out of her mouth, I put it in her pussy. I could tell she was still recovering from her last orgasm, she was moaning like crazy with my 8 inches in her.

About 30 minutes in, she cummed. She was too tired to top her last orgasm, but she got a decent 4 spurts. I got limp too. As much as it pained us, we had to stop. We couldn't go on.

We, without waking everyone up, got clothes off our hangers, and put them on. We soon crawled into bed.

Jane whispered to me, "That was amazing."

Dan woke up. "What was going on in the shower?" he whispered.

"Me and Jane fucked, now go to sleep."

We all fell asleep.

At 7:00, only me and Jane woke up. We wrote a note and went down to breakfast.

The minute we went out of the hotel room, Dan woke up in shock. "You and Jane fucked?"

He woke everyone up.

"What?" Gina asked.

"OK, I think Alex and Jane had shower sex. I guess he got his wish," said Dan.


Rob, Mark, Gina, and Dan ran down to breakfast.

"Word on the street is that you two had shower sex," said Mark.

Alex gave Dan a mad, yet happy look. "Daaaaaaannnn? What did you tell them?"

"Aww, cabbage patch kids."

"Alright guys, get your story. We did do it."

"I KNEW IT!" they all exclaimed.

"Okay, now, can we order, guys? We'll talk about it in the room. We have to eat." I was starving.

Jane whispered in my ear, "Tonight, when everyone falls asleep." I can't wait.

Rating: 68%, Read 13369 times, Posted Mar 11, 2007

Fiction | Romance, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male


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