GT the Niceville PT finds out it aint so NICE! Part 5. by Sqeeks

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GT the Niceville PT finds out it aint so NICE! Part 5.

Tracey wanted to seek new pastures, so she looked for somewhere to move to – she found a place called “Niceville”. Well that sounded just great, she thought, so she moved there to make new friends and a new life.

She got a job as a receptionist at the local used car lot so came into contact with a lot of people – not always the best type though!

One guy, named Buck, bought an old Chevvy from the lot; he eyed her up as she bent over in her black leather miniskirt to file the papers. “Great arse,” he said. “Fuck off loser!” was her reply.

OK, he decided, he’d get to know the bitch better real soon! He was from a not-so-nice part of Niceville.

A few days later, Buck called the lot when he knew the owner was out of town, claiming the Chevvy had broken down and he was stranded on the highway just outside of Niceville city. She said the owner was not available, but, after he complained about the bad service, she decided she’d better drive out there and bring him back to his home and call a tow truck to take his vehicle to the shop.

Thirty minutes later she picked him up and drove him to the address he told her was home. He moved across the seat and put his arm over her shoulder, letting his hand fall onto her left titty. She tried to shrug him off. But his right hand was already working its way up her right thigh, touching her mound and making her gasp. ‘STOP THAT,” she said, none too convincingly he thought.

“I’m not that sort of girl,” she said very loudly.

Buck didn’t hear very well, when it came to protests from girls. In his neighborhood, all females were fresh meat, especially ones that had a body like Tracey!

They came to a house with a long driveway and he directed her to park around the back of the house, making her feel nervous. His ‘come in for a drink’ was more an order than an invite. Even so, she felt she was obligated to this customer.

Once inside the scruffy house, she sat on the old stained couch. Buck brought 2 cans of Bud from the kitchen, handing her one. In less than 2 minutes, they were joined by 3 other rough looking guys, who introduced themselves as Buck’s relatives, Bob, Jake and Cess. Their eyes bulged when they saw Tracey’s sexy legs and big boobs.

“Well. Let’s make you feel at home,” said Bob.

Bob sat on one side of Tracey and Jake on the other. Jake pulled her head towards him and started to french-kiss her whilst his left hand grabbed her left boob. Meanwhile Bob was pulling her thighs apart and starting to finger her pussy through the thin white cotton panties she wore.

“NNNORRR,” she mumbled, but they were too strong and before she knew it, Bob had her breast out of her bra and Jake had a finger inside her increasingly wet pussy lips.

“You fucking Hillbillies” she screamed, “ leave me alone.” But her efforts to get off the couch were in vain.

“We just want to welcome you to Niceville and make you part of the family,” said Bob.

It took all of ninety seconds for her to be stripped naked and laid out on the dining table, like a starfish, Bob sucking and squeezing her boobs and Bob tonguing her pussy.

Buck pulled his 9” cock out of his trousers, wanked it until it was 11” and stiff, the pulled Tracey’s head backwards over the edge of the table and, before she could protest, deep-throated her, head-fucking her until she was sure she would suffocate.

However, he was expert at this technique, and knew just when to withdraw allowing her to breathe, before ramming his mutton dagger into her gullet again. He kept this up for a good ten minutes before suddenly grabbing her head an d shooting a huge amount of jizz down her throat, so that swallowing wasn’t an option.

Meanwhile, Bob had made his 10” cunt sabre hard and pointed it at her pussy lips. They parted slowly and Bob began to push harder. Her cunt was small and tight, so she was gasping when Bob forced his helmet inside her pussy lips.

“We got us a good girl here; what a tight pussy” he said.

He grabbed her hips then made a huge thrust forward, burying his stiff cock inside her so tight pussy, on the second thrust banging his balls against her arse cheeks, making her scream. He pushed Tracey’s legs up over her shoulders so that he could fuck her as deeply as possible.

He rammed her like an express train, making her cunt bleed from the vicious assault.

Meanwhile, Cess seeing her anus exposed, began to lick her, thrusting his long tongue inside. Before long, he had his thick pork sword in his hand, aiming the tip at Tracey’s arsehole.

As Bob stood up on the table to give Cess more room, Cess parted her cheeks with his hands, placed the tip of his cock against her sphincter, making her gasp, then pushed into her, suddenly popping his fat cockhead inside her anal passage. He waited a minute so she could get used to the feeling, then began to pump her, until all 9” were buried. She now had Bob fucking her cunt and Cess fucking her arse, in time, indicating this was not the first “Fuck sandwich” they’d had!

To her shame, she began to react and was soon having the first of many shuddering, screaming orgasms.

“Hey, the little lady loves it – knew she would. Let’s make a night of it cousins!” shouted Bob.

Despite her pleadings, she was sure that these old boys were clearly going to give her all their attention for some time yet. She was right. Over the next 3 hours, along with drinking their own moonshine, each took his turn to fuck her mouth, pussy and anus, dumping what felt like litres of cum into her.

All were now drunk and spent, so fell asleep in various parts of the house.

Tracey carefully climbed down off the table, found her miniskirt and bra, put these on and quietly went out the back door to get into her car parked out back. She stopped in her tracks when she heard a low gutteral growl from behind her. She slowly turned her head to see 2 huge pig dogs standing there a few feet away, teeth bared, eyes like points of light.

“Uh shit,” she thought trying not to cry out. The black one moved slowly in between her and the back door to the house, whilst the brown one stood next to her car, cutting off her escape. They started to walk slowly forward, just like when they stalk their prey. She moved around the car and slowly backed into a shed, trying to close the door, which probably hadn’t shut for years!

Then she did the worst thing of all with hunting dogs – she ran. The blackone one bounded on top of her landing on her back forcing her to the ground, knocking the wind out of her lungs and taking her hair in his teeth. She was faced down with the weight of a heavy dog on top preventing her from moving. Feeling a cold wet touch to the back of hers thighs, she realised it was the brown dog checking her out.

Trying to get up she lifted her back up, only for the black monster to nip her neck and growl threateningly. She froze – with her butt in the air, which was all the invitation Brownie needed! He started to lick her now exposed crack, licking his long, hot rough tongue up her anus, pussy lips and across her clitty, with increasing speed.

To her horror, it felt good and she began to get wet, cursing her own body for reacting to dogs. Her sex odour got the mutts really excited, such that Brownies cock popped out of its sheath and grew bigger and harder, until it wa 8” long and pushing forward between her thighs.

She shook in fear and disgust as it found its target and pushed through her pussy lips making her dry reach. All Brownie knew was that hes now up to his balls in a warm, wet pussy – so he did what comes naturally, and starting to hump her like a steam train. Minutes later she was feeling red raw when he suddenly stopped. She thanked God. Too soon girl. He made a huge lunge forward, spreading her pussy lips wider that ever and buried his grapefruit sized knot inside her. Her scream, brought the 3 hillbillies running into the shed, just intime to see her squirting orgasm.

“Well, well, boys – the bitch slut has met Smoke and Tan! ”

Tan [the boren one] turned around so that they were cheek to cheek, as it were, before some time later his knot fell out of her now stretched pussy, leaving a trail of blood and dog cum running down her crack.

Not to be outdone, Smoke [the black one] began lapping up the awful mess, plunging his tongue deep inside her pussy, raising her emotions yet again.

Thinking to herself, Oh God please no more, her body took no notice, which Smoke detected, placed his front paws either side of her torso, his fat 9” dog meat protruding from the sheath. Easing forward, he stabbed at her, but instead of finding her pussy, his tip went up against her virgin sphincter. It was all the same to him.

“No, not that, not that, pleeease …..” she screamed, but Smoke just pushed on encouraged by whoops from the audience of hillbilly boys, his head entering her super tight anal passage, bringing a massive scream from Tracey’s lips.

It took several thrusts before he bottomed out with his balls bouncing off her arse cheeks. He was soon into a steady pumping motion, tearing away at her insides, the blood acting as a convenient lubricant meaning his climax came sooner. But then she realised worse was to follow. He dug his claws into her back and thrust several times, eventually forcing his knot inside her, at which she passed out with the agony of it all.

Some time later, she came to, realising that she was in an old zinc bath full of warm water. “Welcome back,” said Bob. We want you clean after those dirty dogs, before we get into the main party. I got some special lotion to he’p the pain go away an’ moisturize ya fine skin in those private parts.”

All she felt was agony from her pounding, the water a pinky colour from her blood, then asked what he meant by main party – she soon wished that she hadn’t.

Bob explained that word travels fast around the hillbilly community, so a bunch of local boys had come on over to share their moonshine and personally welcome her to the town – the weekend was going to be one big party!!

. . . to be continued . . .

Rating: 82%, Read 26184 times, Posted Dec 26, 2010

Fantasm | Anal, Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Rape, Young


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