Learning about sex with an older friend. by Wokinguk

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True Story | Anal, First Time, Gay, Young

My first MM experience was with a friend who was a few years older than me. He and I walked to school often over the years and chatted whilst we did. He told me about an English lesson where they had read a story involving a woman being ‘laid on her back’. What’s that I asked and he told me about sex – a man putting his penis into a woman’s vagina and spurting his sperm into her to make her pregnant – all new to me and, of course, very interesting. My cock was still small but it got stiff occasionally and I had had a wet dream once, wondering what it was. I asked him what sperm looked like and he said he would show me.

When we got back to my house, my parents were out at work. He came in and we went to the toilet. He dropped his trousers and pants and started to wank up his cock which of course was much bigger than mine if not fully man size yet. Excited from our discussion, it didn’t take him long to cum and a stream of white cream shot from his cock into the bowl. He said that if that had gone into a woman, she would get pregnant. But how do you get it in her I asked. I don’t know he said – I have never tried it. Perhaps we could try it out sometime when your parents are out again for a while. OK, I agreed.

A few days later, my parents were out again and we knew we had a bit of time. We went to my parents’ bedroom and stripped off, lying on their double bed. His cock was half erect and he wanked it up. Rub your cock too he said. I did and soon my little cock was stiff too.

See if you can get it in me he said, lying down on his back and opening his legs. You will have to raise your legs I said, so he did and I lay down on my side then my back with his bum over my cock. I raised my body so my cock touched his asshole. I pushed but of course it was all dry and wouldn’t go in. I told him it wouldn’t go in and he said it was probably too dry – women get wet he said and that lets the man’s cock slip in. Some of my friends said you can use Vaseline to help get it in – let’s try it.

I knew there was some Vaseline in the bathroom so we got that and I put a bit on my little cock and he put a bit on his asshole. We got back into this (I know now a bit awkward) position. This time my little cock opened up his asshole and went in just an inch. Ooo he said, that feels nice. It feels warm inside you I said and nice too.

Let’s try another position he said. He got off and went onto all fours in front of the dressing table mirror. Let’s see if I can see you putting it in he said. So I went up behind him with my little stiff cock and pushed it back into his ass. Move it in and out a bit he said – you have to do that to get it to spurt. So I moved it in and out of him a few times. It feels nice he said – what’s it like for you. Nice too I said it makes me want to keep doing it. Yes, he said, me too but I can’t see your cock doing it to me.

Let me have a go with you.

OK, I said and got on the bed on all fours, offering my ass to him. I shall have to use more Vaseline he said, since my cock is bigger than yours. He pulled a dollop of Vaseline on his finger and slipped it into my ass – my first time getting something up me. That’s strange but nice I said. You’re tight he said – I shall have to put a couple of fingers in. He slipped a second finger in which hurt a bit. Ow, I said that hurts. Sorry, he said, you will probably need to relax a bit before I get my penis in. He finger fucked me slowly for a minute – That feels better, I said. It’s nice again.

He pulled out of me then put some Vaseline on his cock, wanking it up a bit. Ready? he asked bring his cock up to my asshole. I could feel him touch me then push slightly against me. His cock head opened me up slightly and I pushed back a bit, keen to feel it open me up like his fingers had done. He pushed harder too and his cock suddenly shot through my ass lips into me. Ow, I said again, - That hurt. OK, I am in now he said. Look, you can see me in you in the mirror.

I looked and I could see his hard cock joining our bodies. It still hurts a bit I said, don’t move. The pain subsided after a minute. OK, I said, it feels better now. He started to move gently in and out and I could see his cock appearing then disappearing into me. I like the sliding feeling as you move it, I said. I want to see if I can get it to spurt, he said, speeding up his movement. Oh that’s nice I said, enjoying being fucked for the first but certainly not last time.

Now he started to really fuck me harder. Oh yeah, I said, lost in the feel of this cock sliding in and out of me. He started saying Oh yes, oh yes, then, It’s coming ......, and he shoved it right in, then out, then right in again.

I could feel his teenage cock throb in me and I felt spurts hitting me inside. My ass felt all wet and his cock moved more easily inside me lubricated by his cum. My ass clenched round him and my little cock seemed to spurt something too as I had my first awake orgasm with all the excitement.

He stayed in me for a minute as we both came down. I could feel his cock getting a bit smaller then slipping out of me. His spunk pooled out of me and ran down my leg.

That was good, he said, I enjoyed that. Can we do it again? I agreed and we did it several times more when my parents were out.

I really enjoyed him fucking me but he eventually said he had got a girl friend and didn’t want to be a homosexual so we stopped. I never thought about becoming a homosexual. It just seemed a natural and enjoyable way to have sex. I eventually got interested in girls too and wanted to fuck them the way he had fucked me. I have been married a couple of times and had other women too - but I never forgot that being fucked was fun and I have a regular male lover now with an 8 inch cock that I love to feel slipping in and out of just like my first experience all those years ago.

Rating: 93%, Read 13967 times, Posted Oct 26, 2020

True Story | Anal, First Time, Gay, Young


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