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As she sits on her bed looking at her reflection in the full length mirror Amanda wonders how she had gotten herself into this predicament. After all she is not some love sick teenager; she is a 42 year old divorcee with a 13 year old daughter.

So why is she sitting on the bed wearing her daughters school uniform, white blouse with school tie and a short black mini skirt, in her opinion a much too short skirt; underneath she wears fishnet stockings and some skimpy underwear she has found in her daughters wardrobe, how did her internet master know it was there? And where had Laura got it from? What was a 13 year old doing with such filthy things, why would her little princess have black shiny leather underwear that was just strips of material that left very little to the imagination? When she was Laura’s age she was still wearing white panties and bras with teddy bear patterns.

And the other clothing she had never seen before, skirts that were so short it would be pointless wearing any panties and tops that barely covered anything, such inappropriate clothing for a young teen. She would be having serious words with the young madam and her ex husband. She assumes Alan had given Laura the money to buy the clothing, Laura’s precious daddy, the man who had deserted them so that he could move in with his boy friend. Amanda found it embarrassing to be deserted and then humiliating when she found out she had been dumped for a man. The only good thing to come out of the divorce was the financial settlement.

Her thoughts turn to the past weeks, soon after the divorce her friends dropped her, probably because of her constant moaning about Alan, her small circle of friends had dwindled to the point where she spends most of her time alone. Laura came up with the idea of internet dating, she had even recommended a web site that one of her school fiends said her mother used. Amanda had initially laughed at the idea, but one lonely evening when Laura was staying with her father and after several Gin and Tonics she had signed up to the site. She was amazed how quickly she received the first response; it was almost as if he had been waiting for her to join.

The initial contacts were nice, first by e-mail exchange and then my social networking and finally via web cam, although his camera was not working so she was unable to see him. It was good to have an outsider to discuss things with and he was such a good listener. When he asked for a photograph she happily obliged. She blushed when he complimented her on her looks and one evening when she had had much too much wine she posed topless in front of the lap top showing off her firm breasts. Then things changed, he became more demanding, but she was hooked, this was her lifeline to the outside world and she was scared that if she did not accede to his wishes he would no longer contact her.

Initially she had posed in her underwear in front of the full length mirror allowing him to see her via the lap tops build in camera, at his insistence she purchased a better web cam and posed provocatively following his directions, the transition to full frontal nude was an easy step and after her fairly sheltered sex life she was finding the whole affair both stimulating and decadent. Then on that fateful night he demanded she spread her legs and show him her private parts; only that was not the word he used – his word was vulgar and horrid. She had instantly refused expecting him to end the conversation and their internet relationship, but that was not what he wanted. She was sickened when he told her that if she didn’t follow his instructions he would post her nude photographs and her address on the web.

Submissively she sat naked on the side of her bed; it felt as if her home had been violated by the demon she had invited into her world. Again he demanded she spread her legs and show him her... she could not bring herself to use his foul language. Slowly almost tantalisingly she parted her thighs allowing him to see the bush of blonde pubic hair that covered her opening. She cried when he called her a filthy slut for covering her cunt with hair, her tears flowing harder when he demanded she shave herself whilst he watched. Fortunately her ex had left his shaving cream and manual razor behind when he moved out and a few minutes later Amanda was back on the bed. Following his demanding instructions she first trimmed her pubic hair with the scissors before lathering and shaving until every trace of hair had been removed. But this was not enough for her tormenter; he demanded that she pulled the outer lips apart and to allow him to look at her opening. His voice had changed, it was no longer smooth and refined it was guttural exactly matching the crude words he used to describe her and her anatomy.

From that night onwards their relationship shifted – each time he contacted her he demanded she perform debauched acts; she had to finger herself and not stop until she reached orgasm, she was instructed to insert a variety of objects into her vagina and to take photographs before she masturbated with them, she had to pose in lewd positions and hold the pose until permitted to move. Her master demanded more and more and she yielded to each of his demands. At the end of each session the master ensured he left her in tears and feeling totally humiliated.

And now as she waits for the master to log in she practices the greeting she is expected to deliver. On the last occasion the master had activated his web cam – he was naked apart from a grotesque devil mask and having positioned Amanda so that her face was inches from her lap tops screen he stood revealing his thick veiny penis which he masturbated as he told her how he was going to rape each of her holes in turn and not stop until each was filled with cum. Turning sideways he rapidly stroked his monster until thick threads of cum erupted from the bulbous head. On that occasion she was forced to repeat and learn new words. She was now a ‘Fuck Slut’ her vagina was a cunt, her bottom her ass pussy and her mouth her fuck hole. He tested her and each time she got it wrong she had to slap her shaved vagina with her stiff hair brush, every time the master demanding she do it again as she was not hitting herself hard enough. Yesterday a large package had been delivered and when with curiosity she started to open it she found a scrawled note apparently from the master telling her not to open it until he told her to.

Oh God the master was on line and watching her and still wearing his devil mask, she tries to compose herself before speaking the greeting she is expected to use, but she is nervous and stammers as she speaks. She is rewarded with a stern rebuke from her master who tells her how pissed off with her he is and that if she does not say the works correctly she will have to punish herself. She tries again and after several deep breaths delivers the required words

“Good afternoon master, I am Amanda your fuck slut, how may I whore for you today”

The master grunts a response before telling her to pose for him, looking at her lap top screen she could see his rapid arm movement and realises that he is masturbating as he watches her pirouette in the school uniform, she has a sense of revulsion with herself for allowing this to happen, but feels trapped in his evil web. He makes her stand in front of the camera lift her short skirt and touch her intimate parts, giving them the filthy names she has been forced to learn, her tears are running, ruining her carefully applied make-up, but this seems to spur the master on, arousing him and driving him to call her vulgar things which in turn produce more tears. The he starts his ritual questioning.

“Are you dressed like a slut for me bitch, does this remind you of when you were at school and fucking all the teachers, I bet you had the hots for the female teachers and let them lick and suck your cunt. Tell me you liked having your cunt sucked by the headmistress”

Amanda hesitates which results in the master calling her a dirty little whore who probably begged to have her cunt eaten by the teachers; he then instructs her to spit on her fingers and to rub her cunt and to tell him what a whore and a slut she had been at school.

Amanda has almost become immune to this abuse and meekly complies rubbing her intimate parts and telling him that she had been a whore and a slut at school and had let all the teachers fuck her.

Standing so that Amanda could see his exposed penis on her laptop screen the master demands that she describe her underwear, as she starts to speak is mesmerised by the sight of him stroking his huge penis, the thick veins clearly visible as he pulls the foreskin back.

She is snapped out of her reverie by the master’s loud voice calling her a useless cunt and demanding an answer to his question.

“You told me to use Laura's panties and bra master - heaven knows where she got these from they are so inappropriate - a black leather thong that barely covers my thingy and the bra is just strips of leather that only cover the nipples”

“I am going to fucking rape you whore and then I am going to cum on your face slut, remember I know where you live; how many times do you have to be told it’s a cunt not a thingy. Now tell me again slut and this time use the correct words”

Through tears of embarrassment, shame and fear she uses the foul word, but the master is not satisfied

“Well say it then slut – Say the panties barely cover my cunt, are you crying bitch”?

“Yes master, sorry master; I am so ashamed wearing these clothes they make me look like a school girl whore master”

“Say the panties barely cover my cunt”

“The panties barely cover my....barely cover my cunt master, the panties are so small master you can see the side of my cunt”

“You little dirt whore and I am going to make you beg for my cock, now get that cunt wet spit on your fingers bitch and wipe them on your cunt”

Satisfied that she is obeying his instructions the master orders Amanda to put a chair in front of the full length mirror and position her lap top so that it is facing the mirror, she is instructed to sit on the chair and spread her legs. Having obeyed the master speaks again

“Spread your legs wider bitch – um yes nice panties; rub your finger along the front so that I can see your cunt lips”

Having watched Amanda rub her vagina for a couple of minutes the master tells her to take the lap top and the delivered box into Laura’s room and set the lap top up in front of the large mirrored wall. Amanda cannot remember telling the master about this wall; the wall had caused some serious arguments. Laura had been insistent that she wanted it, Amanda had resisted until her daughter finally wore her down and the wall was fitted with large mirror tiles. Amanda thinks she must have told the master about this when they first conversed. However she has concerns about going into Laura’s room, she does not know when her daughter is going be home; but the master is insistent. Once in Laura’s room Amanda is instructed to position the lap top facing the mirrored wall so that there is total vision of what she was doing and to then empty the box placing all the items on Laura’s bed. The objects were numbered and she has to place the lowest numbered item at the bed head working down so that the highest numbered item is at the foot, she then has to take a photograph of the laid out products which Amanda finds totally disgusting.

The master instructs Amanda to pick up the first item and describe it

“Item 1 master - it's a horrid red leather collar with the word SLUT in big silver letters at the front and a buckle at the back”

“Put in on bitch, because that is what you are, you are my fuck slut whore and your only purpose is to make your cunt, ass or mouth available for my cock whenever I want to use them. Next item whore”

“Item 2 - It's a dog lead master - what is this for”?

“Attach it to your collar bitch - do it now you useless slut”

“That’s awful master - you are treating me like a dog”

“Put the lead on now slut, that’s to show you that you are my fuck slut pet, to use and abuse as I wish. Now hurry up whore, my balls are bursting”

“Item 3 master, it's something in a box - the box reads "Spartacus Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp with chain - What are they master - oh my God they are not what I think are they”

“Open the box whore and clamp them on your nipples now”

“But that will .... Will make me look like.... well - Yes master I will put them on

“That will make you look like what you moaning whore”

“A slut master - a cheap slut”

“Unbutton your school blouse and male sure your clamped nipples are exposed do it bitch”

“Yes master it's done - what do I do with the chain and clamp that is hanging down master”

“It clamps on to your cunt”

“Oh God no - not there - that's gross”

“Take off your whores panties and clamp it bitch”?

“No - not there - that will be so painful”

“Clamp it on your cunt’s clitty whore, say it”

“Yes master my cunt’s clitty; oh God is that my clitoris “

“Clamp it on bitch; clamp it real hard so that it hurts – Good. Now stand in front of the mirror and yank on the chain, make those clamps bite in to your titties and cunt – Do it slut, let me see you cry you fucking bitch”

Amanda pulls on the chain as instructed and is hit by a wave of the most intense pain as the clamps bite into her tender skin, looking at the lap tops screen she is amazed by the size of the masters penis – it was the largest she has ever seen, not that she had seen that many in her sheltered life, looking back at the bed there are still another two items and one was most certainly a plastic phallus of unnaturally long proportions. She desperately hopes the master will ejaculate and save her from more torment; sadly she is going to be disappointed.

“Next item slut”

“Item 4 master is another box - with nothing written on the outside”

“Open it bitch, stop wasting time”

“No - you must be joking no way am I using that”

“Pull on your tittie clamp chain bitch, fucking pull it hard you disrespectful whore”

“Sorry master I was so shocked - It’s - well it's an inflatable butt plug, but there is no lubricant”

“Lie on the bed so that I can see you whore; stick your finger in your mouth and wet it, now push it into your ass, don’t stop bitch, deeper keep going till it’s all inside. Now you are getting me hard whore, move your finger about, stretch your ass pussy. Take it out and lick it clean bitch and this time use two fingers – do it slut”

Amanda submissively obeys his command submitting to his depraved instructions; here she is an intelligent mature female abusing her anus with her own fingers; she finds the very idea of putting those soiled digits in her mouth repulsive, but she is doing it; and the thoughts that her actions are providing gratification to a tyrant mortify her.

“Now put your fingers in your cunt bitch and bang the fuck out of yourself. You are a hot fucking slut, you deserve my cock deep in your ass filling you with cum; tell me you want me to fuck your ass slut, fucking tell me how much you want my cock bitch”

Amanda automatically repeats the expected words, she has lost all self respect and she has become this monsters whore. When he instructs her to place the butt plug in her mouth and simulate fellatio she does not hesitate; when he asks her how many men she had sucked off this week she dutifully picks a number at random which appears to satisfy him; she senses and hopes that he is losing interest, sadly this has only been the warm up.. Following his instructions Amanda inserts the lubricated plug into her anus

“Put it in your ass bitch, all the way and then expand it using the pump – I want it fully inflated whore, just imagine it’s a real thick cock in your ass”

Amanda uses the hand pump, she feels the plug expanding filling and stretching her anus; she knows better than to pretend it is fully inflated and is crying in pain before the master tells her to stop inflating.

“Last item for today slut – describe it bitch”

“No master please don’t make me use this master, it's a black dildo - but it's double ended and nearly 2 feet long, it’s much too big”

“Lay back play with your cunt bitch, finger yourself and rub your clitty with the head of the dildo; moan for me slut moan real loud. Use the dildo and rub it up and down on your clit and push it in and out of your cunt and moan for me. Lie back and fuck yourself with the dildo”

“Sorry master I thought I heard a noise - but must have been mistaken”

“Lie back and close your eyes whore and use that dildo on your pussy in and out do it and moan loud for me”

“OH SHIT - IT'S LAURA AND SHE'S COMMING UP STAIRS WITH SOMEONE - HELP ME MASTER - OH GOD....No darling it’s not what it .... Oh fuck”

Laura and her school friend Suravi and standing in the bedroom doorway looking at Amanda lay on the bed dressed in school uniform and wearing a slut collar and lead, nipple and clit clamps an inflatable plug in her ass and nine inches of black phallus in her vagina. Amanda is mortified but does not know what to do. The uncomfortable silence continues until Laura speaks

“He actually did it; he got the slut to perform for him”

Laughing Laura and Suravi perch themselves on the edge of the bed and turn the lap top to face them, both quickly remove their school blouses so that they are showing their inappropriate lacy underwear. Amanda is horrified when the master calls them his sluts and appalled when they reply in unison

“We are your fuck sluts how may we whore for you today master”

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Rating: 92%, Read 16011 times, Posted Jan 31, 2013

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