Sammie in the Woods by DarkMonkey

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Diary | Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Hardcore

As my previous story stated, I am a professional photographer, most of what I shoot is Cosplay portraits, but I do often work part time jobs for extra cash. Sammi and I had met middle of 2018 at a convention up in Austin, (which at some point I will write about, as that was a pretty eventful con), when she had contacted me to schedule a photoshoot of her cosplay. We'd talked a lot during the shoot, losing track of time and going over by half an hour, which isn't all that uncommon of an occurrence when I get along with the person I'm shooting with. During our conversation I learned that she also lived in San Antonio, and we ended up meeting later on in the weekend to hang out a bit and walk around the convention floor. After the convention and even after I delivered the photo from her shoot we kept in touch, which happens, but she and I got to the point of talking every day. After about a month she said I should apply to work at the sandwich shop she worked at so we could hang out and work together. I got the job, and working with her was a lot of fun. Despite hating the place we were working at, I looked forward to seeing her every day. I'd developed a crush on her pretty quick, and she seemed to like me as well. We flirted constantly, so much so that the manager had to tell us to stop more than a few times when in front of customers. Each time we got more and more bold about it, to the point of leaving no room for interpretation. We even talked multiple times about the things we liked when it came to sex, so I knew she enjoyed things like being choked, and sex outdoors. We had also talked about how much both of us needed to get laid.

So here we were, spring of 2019 going for a walk. The weather had been nice for a few weeks, so I'd invited her to go to a sort of park near my place. I say sort of because while google maps called it a park, in reality it was just a massive wooded area with a ten or so mile paved trail. But it was nice, and had a lot of good spots off the trail that I'd used for photoshoots in the past, so I had invited her  to hangout, go for a walk, and maybe take some cute spring photos along the way. In reality though, I'd planned to 'make my move', taking things past flirting in hopes of being more physical.

"It's really nice out today. And this trail is really pretty." She said, looking off to the right at a small patch of spring flowers. She'd worn a thin, loose fitting sun dress with yellow daisies on it, and clearly no bra. The evening sun behind her shone through highlighting the silhouette of her amazing body.

"It really is." I responded, smiling to myself, looking at her. "Although the best spots are off the trail, away from prying eyes."

She turned to me, a devious look in her eyes, and a sly crooked smile. "Well now you have to give me a tour of your private spots."

I immediately took her hand, and veered off the path, past the flower patch, and through the trees. A few minutes later we came out into a small clearing with a number of large smooth rocks in the center. The tree line around the clearing was thick, except for two small spots on opposite sides where a stream ran through. During flood season, the stream was closer to a river, but we were quite a while off from that.

"Oh wow!" She exclaimed, running ahead of me. I enjoyed watching her, mostly her amazing ass. I've always been an 'ass man', though I had never been a fan of big butts, more preferring toned asses. To me, shape was more important than size, and hers was fucking amazing. "You were right, this is five hundred percent cooler than the trail." She turned back to me, smile on her face.

"It's also a lot more private." I said as I approached her.

"That it is." She responded, leaning back on one of the larger rocks, looking me in the eye.

"It'd be a great place to come if a couple people wanted to have sex while enjoying nature." I said, now just a foot from her.

"Is that why you brought me here Jay? To fuck me out in nature?"

I stopped for just a moment as a bit of doubt hit me. What if I'd misjudged our back and forth? Then, as the thought passed it was replaced by another thought. 'Fuck it, I'll just be strait forward.' 

"That was my hope, yes. If you're interested" I said, looking her in the eyes as my hands found a resting place on her hips.

She placed a hand on my chest, and we stood in that position for what felt like eternity until finally she gripped my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss. Her tongue darted out, finding mine right away. God she tasted good. As we continued making out, my right hand made its' way around to her firm ass, squeezing it, and my left hand found its place on one of her A cup breast, gently kneading. She let out a soft moan as her breath quickened.

As we made out, her hands made their way down to my crotch, rubbing the front of my jeans, feeling my already hardening cock through the fabric. I felt the corners of her mouth rise into a smile as we stayed in our embrace. Her hands began undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants, and pulling the zipper down. My left hand pulled the bottom of her dress up, cupping the front of her panties, which were soaked through. Moving them aside, I slipped my ring and middle fingers in, finding her g spot, my palm pressing gently against her clit, and began moving my hand back and forth, rubbing both at the same time. She let out another moan as her knees buckled slightly. Her hand made its way into my pants, rubbing my cock, and pulling its seven inches from its prison so she could stroke me.

We continued like this for a while until her moan began to sound more strained, and she buried her face in my shoulder, biting my neck lightly. I took the prompt to pick up my pace, almost lifting her off her feet. Her hands had already stopped their work, not being able to concentrate on stroking. She closed her eyes, as her moans grew to nearly a scream as she reached her first climax, soaking my hand. Her knees buckled as she collapsed to the ground, leaning back against the rock, eyes closed, panting heavily. I ran my dry hand through her brown hair, moving it out of her face.

She opened her eyes, looking up at me with a smile, and broke into a laugh. "Holy shit." As she caught her breath, her eyes were locked on my cock, standing at attention just inches in front of her face. She licked her lips, as her expression turned to one of unfiltered hunger and desire as she reached her hand out to grasp it. Without hesitation she leaned forward a bit, letting the head part her lips, sinking about an inch down the shaft, sucking hard and flicking her tongue back and forth across the tip, ever slowly taking more and more of my length down her throat. Upon reaching the base, her hands reached around to grab either cheek of my ass, pulling me further into her, until her nose was into my pelvis, her tongue circling my shaft, every now and then darting out to lick my balls. She started gagging and coughing, as saliva dripped down her chin, each cough vibrated her throat around my cock, which felt amazing.

She pulled away to catch her breath, a string of saliva stretching between my cock and her mouth. "I want you to fuck my face right now." She said, looking up at me.

Not one to argue with an order, I just nodded as I placed one hand on either of her temples, pushing my cock back into her mouth. With my hands I controlled the pace as I slid her head up and down my dick, slow at first, gradually picking up speed. She was moaning loudly, vibrating her throat as my cock slipped in and out of it, using her spit as lubricant. She dug her nails into my thighs, bracing herself. Eventually after a few minute of this, she tapped on my leg signaling that he needed a break. Which was good, because if we kept going I was going to explode.

As she wiped her chin clean, I took her arm, lifting her to her feet. I reached down, lifting her dress up over her head, laying it on the rock behind her, then reached around, grabbing her with both hands by the ass, lifting her onto the rock, pulling her panties off as I took a step back. Her body was stunning, tight toned abs, thin waste giving her an hour glass figure, her wonderfully shaped tits topped with inviting pink pierced nipples just begging for attention. Her legs were pressed together, almost like she was feeling shy, but I could see just the top of her pussy peaking out. Above her slit, a small heart shape, shaved out of her pubic hair.

She looked up at me with her hazel eyes and running makeup as I pulled my shirt off, tossing it to the side. I had started going to the gym every day the previous fall to work off the weight I'd been gaining for a bit. I'd managed to work off the weight and was starting to develop some faint muscle definition in my midsection. She bit her lip laying back propping herself up on her elbows as I leaned in, over her. I kissed her neck, then her collarbone, kissing my way down her body. I stopped at her left breast to give a bit of extra attention to the nipple flicking my tongue across it at first. She inhaled sharply, as I took it in my mouth, sucking gently, nibbling a bit, then switching to the right side and repeating. She seemed almost disappointed as I moved on, continuing kissing my way down her body.

I reached her crotch as she parted her legs, invitingly. I kissed her inner thigh, halfway between her knee and pussy as I slipped an arm under each leg, heaving them up onto my shoulders. I continued kissing her inner thighs, making my way closer to her pussy, kissing around her lips, her pelvis, everywhere but her sweet smelling pussy. I was teasing her, and I knew it was working as I heard her whimper. I waited until it seemed she couldn't take it any longer, and without warning plunged my tongue as deep into the folds of her pussy as I was able. She let out a yelp as she threw her head back in pleasure. My hand found her clit, rubbing away as I licked and sucked. She writhed, her hips rocking to match my movements. One of her hands was playing with her breasts, the other on my head, digging her fingers into my hair, pushing my head harder against her pussy. We continued like this until I felt her pussy start to contract as she reached her second climax, and I picked up my pace causing her to cover her mouth with her hand to try and muffle her screams, through her entire orgasm, which lasted around thirty seconds. I continued licking lightly, as her convulsions slowed. Eventually she recovered, and pulled my head out of her depths, saying. "I need you to fuck me right fucking now."

Standing back up, I pushed my pants down to my ankles, and over my shoes, kicking them to the side. I cupped my hands under her ass, pulling her to the edge of the rock, positioning myself as she wrapped her legs around me. She spit in her hand before reaching down to grasp my cock, lubing it up a bit with her spit as she guided the head in. She felt so tight around my manhood as I slowly pushed further in until my balls pressed against her ass.

Through her shortened breath she managed to say "Hold on, wait, let me adjusts." She opened her eyes looking up at me. "You're bigger than I'm used to." She let out a small laugh.

Ego boosted by that statement, I leaned in to kiss her. We stayed like that for a time, my cock buried in her pussy, lips locked together. I slowly started pulling out to the base of the head, then pushed back in causing her to inhale sharply. Over time I picked up the pace, standing back up, hands on her hips to control momentum. She tightened the grip with her legs, pulling me into her. The air in the clearing filled with a mixture of the sounds of the stream, her moans, both of our grunts, and skin on skin from my balls slapping against her ass. One of her hands squeezed my wrist while her other reached above her, holding on to the rock to brace herself. My eyes were transfixed on her perfect tits bouncing wildly. I reached down to grab the back of her neck pulling her up to me, kissing her hard. She pulled out of the kiss, burring her head in my neck to once again bite and nibble, and dug her nails deep into my back.

After a good ten minutes of this, she pushed away from me slightly, sliding down the rock a bit, pulling me out of her as she stood. She had a hungry and wild look in her eyes. "I want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk. I want you to pull my hair and choke me." She said.

With that she turned away from me, and bent over resting her elbows on the rock, presenting her perfectly shaped ass Taking the opportunity, I positioned myself, bending at the knees slightly. She reached down between her legs taking my cock in hand to guide me in. I wasted no time, fucking her as hard as I could right away. I took a bunch of her dark hair in my fist, pulling her head back to me, as I reached around with my other hand, grabbing her neck and applying pressure on either side. I was in heaven, as was she. Her face began to turn a darker shad as I pounded away, her screaming with pleasure, me just wondering how much longer I would be able to last. She eventually she tapped my arm, signalling that she needed air.

As I loosened my grip she practically screamed "I want you to come all over my face and tits!"

That was the last I could take. I pulled out of her dripping pussy, commanding "Down on your knees." She obeyed, and dropped down, taking my cock in her hand, furiously rubbing up and down, jacking me off with her juices as lubricant.  I leaned my head back as I felt the first blast leave my balls, spraying her in the face. I looked down at her massive smile, one eye caked closed as I continued to drain my load, dripping from her chin down onto her perfect tits, trailing down her stomach and pooling at her belly button. Eventually she took my softening cock into her mouth again, sucking up every last drop of cum that remained, before she began to play with what was on her tits, rubbing it into her skin, licking it up off her fingers.

I move to her side, leaning back on the rock, watching her sit in the dirt playing with my cum until she eventually took it all into her mouth, and smiled up at me.

"So, this is a really nice spot." She said with a giggle.

"Yeah", I said, "I can honestly say I'm a fan."

This kinda became our favorite spot. We fucked almost every day in every kind of place we could, but would always return to that clearing once a week. Up until September of 2019, when she moved north. And due to the virus and quarantine, we weren't able meet back up at any cons, but with luck that'll change in 2021.

Rating: 93%, Read 15557 times, Posted Jul 14, 2020

Diary | Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Hardcore


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