Lucy and the Beast Pt. 1 by mindworld

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Diary | Blackmail, Coercion, Exhibitionism, First Time, Humiliation, Male, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Teen, Teen Female

It was an incredibly hot, fun and exciting summer. I had just finished my first year of college; I was having driving lessons, and hanging out with some real cool people. I had the whole summer ahead of me, to get a tan, shop with my friends, and if my dream came true, I would soon be dating the hottest guy on earth! (or so I thought at the time! lol.)

I had hung out with Jay and his friends a couple times, but I still wasn't receiving the kind of attention from him I was expecting. I had never had trouble pulling a boy before, and I knew many guys wanted to date me, and many people had said I should be a model, which I would be my dream job! (Little did I know at the time, but that actually came true, but it wasn’t quite how I imagined it to be.) But, Jay was different, he was so cool, I couldn't be sure if he liked me or not. He was so aloof I could never tell if he wanted me or not.

Today was going to be different! A friend of Jay's had text to say they were going to hang out maybe go to the movies and get some drinks, and that I should come! Of course I accepted!!!Today was the day the sparks of romance would ignite something special! I had just had my hair bleached, to get it bright blonde ,and had it cut, I had been shopping with the girlies the day before, and had an amazing new denim skirt to wear, that was pretty damn short, but it showed of the best part of me, my long slender legs! (it’s only now I know, that maybe it revealed a bit too much!) The night before the big day I had waxed my legs, so they were silky smooth! (And yes, yes if you’re wondering I waxed my pussy too!!! just in case! lol.)

I know you guys are probably wandering what I look like, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! I have always been very petite I am just 5'4 tall, dress size 6, natural blonde, blue eyes, and I'm sure you'll consider this the most important bit of info; 30C.

So I was wearing my new denim skirt, that I had bought with the £20 dad had given me yesterday. It was very.... very short, (but I had my best pink lacy knickers on underneath so didn’t think it mattered if the odd person saw a flash of my bum!) a white vest top, and cute white pumps. I spent nearly 2 hours getting my hair and make-up perfect! My mum and sister complimented how pretty I looked as I walked through the kitchen. I walked into the garage. I knew my dad would be there. When he is not at work he is either in the kitchen drinking tea or pottering about in the garage.

The garage door was open and the sun beamed and lit up the cold damp room. He was standing in the rays talking to pervert Pete from next door. Pete was a strange retired old man in his late sixties, he lived alone and spent most of his time drinking in his back garden, and during the summer perving on me and my sister when we sunbathed in the garden! Despite this he was a nice man, and my sister and I used to tease him terribly for perving on us. My dad turned, walked toward and past me to his work bench, so that his back was to me, to put away some screwdrivers Pete had obviously just returned to him.

‘Yes, Lucy, what you want, and don’t let the reply be money!’ He said sternly.

My back was now to Pete and standing behind my dad I sensed Pete was looking at my bum and legs in my new skirt.

‘Well, I just need £10 as Jay has invited me to the cinema.’ I said in a begging manner.

I turned to check on Pete and caught him crouched down, about two paces closer, looking up my skirt! Cheeky old devil! I pulled up my skirt over my bum and with my knees and toes pointing together bent over slightly and wiggled my bum at Pete. I didn’t have to look to enjoy the near heart attack he would be having, it pleased me enough just to know.

‘There is no way I’m giving you anymore money Lucy! I gave you £20 yesterday and you told me that would last you the week! What has happened to that money?’ He said, his voice rose annoyed by my audacity to ask again.

‘I needed to buy a new skirt.’ I said simply.

‘What?!?!’ He screamed and spun on the spot with furious speed. In a flash I stood up straight and pulling my skirt down as I did, Pete shot up, like a jack in the box, now I’m sure he’d be having a heart attack!

‘There is absolutely no way I am giving you one more penny! You have a whole wardrobe full of skirts! I have told you for the last three months, you’re old enough to get a job and start buying your own clothes....’

I ran back in the house, as my dad’s words faded out of my hearing, leaving him to have his tantrum. Great! I thought. Now I’m not going to be able to go to the cinema with Jay and his friends. This sucks! Fuck it! I’m going to go anyway, If Jay wants me, he will have to prove it by paying for me!

I had accepted this annoying but not disastrous change to my plans, until my mum told me that she couldn’t give me a lift to the beach, ‘cause my stupid selfish brother had borrowed the car! So I would have to get the bus!!! It was nearly an hour bus ride and on such a hot day, I was convinced it would ruin my hair, and there with it my chances with Jay! I was so annoyed!

So now I had no money and I had to survive the bloody bus! Things couldn’t get much worse. I wasn’t going to let my useless parents beat me! I was going to make things happen with Jay despite all odds! I left the house, slamming the door behind me! I’ll show them I thought, not only am I going to make Jay mine, I’m going to get a cool job and earn loads of money and not work in a stupid shop or a bar like my dad keeps saying. I will be a dancer or a model! They will see!

As I walked past Pete’s house I heard his front door open. ‘Lucy.’ He called out. ‘Lucy, would you come here a moment I have something for you.’

I turned and walked toward Pete, he was standing at his front door, holding a twenty pound note above his shoulder, as if out of my reach. I walked right up to him and beamed up to him fluttering my eyelids, as he looked down on me from the height of his doorstep.

‘I couldn’t help but notice you are in a bad mood sweetheart, what’s wrong?’ He said in his old croaky voice.

‘My dad’s an arsehole!’ I snapped, scowling and stamping the ground with my foot!

‘He has got a point dear, you turned 18 last week, it is about time you started being responsible and earning your own money.’ He said in a soft croak.

‘I know! But I haven’t got a job and I refuse to spend my summer working in a stupid shop earning £5.50 an hour!’ I replied stamping the ground twice more.

‘Well, I have got a little job for you and you could earn this twenty pound note in a few minutes.’ He said teasingly waving the note in his wrinkly old fingers.

I sighed. ‘Oh, ok, Pete, what have I got to do?’ Knowing exactly that I was going to have to do something naughty for him.

‘Why don’t you come in and let me take a couple pictures of your cute bum and those pink panties?’

I sighed even deeper this time! ‘I knew I would have to do something like that, Oh, ok, ok.’ I said reluctantly.

I walked into Pete’s house and into the living room. I felt quite safe. I had known Pete for years and been to his house a hundred times. He wasn’t a bad man he was just lonely and horny since his wife died a couple years ago, which was really sad and I did feel sorry for him. Besides I had done this kind of thing for him quite a few times before, and he always did something for me in return. Despite him being a dirty old man, it was only Pete, he was quite harmless, and if I got £20 for flashing my bum, then why the hell not!

I stood in the middle of his cosy living room, he came up very close, slid his hand down my back, over my bum and down the back of my thigh, back up my thigh and up my skirt. He ran his hand between my bum cheeks and started rubbing my pussy hard through the thin lace of my knickers. This made me feel gross, but I wanted that £20.

‘That’s not my bum Pete!’ I warned him.

‘Oh you can’t blame me, Lucy you’re such a pretty girl, besides you never got me a Birthday card!’

‘I didn’t know it was your birthday!’ I exclaimed.

‘It’s ok, you’re making up for it now.’ He croaked.

I sighed again and folded my arms in a huff. After a minute or two, he said;

‘Right! Let us get a couple pictures of that bum!’ He pulled his camera from a shelf and told me to bend over. I did as he told me, parting my legs, pulling up my skirt and with my legs straight put my hands on the low coffee table.

‘Click, Click, Click.’ Went his camera. Looking down between my legs I could see the excitement on his face, like a pig in poo! I giggled to myself. I must admit I was enjoying knowing I could make this dirty, but sweet old man so excited, It was a sort of good feeling, I couldn’t help but tease him a little more. I wiggled my bum like bait, spun around and walked toward him whilst holding my skirt up. As he was sitting in his armchair my crotch was at his eyelevel, I grinded my hips less than an inch from his face, he started to groan and getting restless in his chair.

‘Click, Click, Click.’ Went his camera. I ran my hands down over my body seductively. ‘Oh, ohhhh, ohhhh...’ I moaned teasing him even more. I struggled to hold the giggles in as his eyebrows went up and down like yoyo’s. Pete dropped the camera and frantically undid his belt and fly’s, pulling out his ugly old penis, he started wildly wanking it, his eyes nearly rolling back in his head. I picked up the camera, with a mischievous grin I started taking pictures of him. ‘Click, Click, Click.’ I turned from him and without him being able to see, pulled down the front of my knickers and with the camera in my other hand took a cheeky picture of my freshly shaved pink slit.

‘A little treat for him later.’ I thought, giggling to myself. Oh, this was fun! I threw the camera on the sofa and bent over right in front of him again, this time bending right over so my hands touched the floor. The lace of my pink knickers were nearly see-thru other than the cotton that covered the gusset, so Pete got a close up view of everything!

‘Oh Lucy, Lucy, Oh God!’ He exclaimed. I turned to see he had made a mess all over himself! It was gross but funny too! I giggled again.

‘You’re a naughty little tease!’ He said in between his heavy huffs and puffs, red faced and clearly exhausted by so much activity!

‘Well, you’re a dirty old man!’ I exclaimed back! ‘Can I have my twenty quid now please?’

He reached into his pocket, as if too exhausted to move and handed me the twenty pound note.

‘Thanks! I gota go, I gota catcha bus! See ya.’ I ran out the door and down the road still giggling to myself. Pete is a funny dirty old man I thought to myself.

As I stepped on the shiny red sauna on wheels, I noticed the driver slowly look me up and down, and seemed to enjoy the time it took me to find the right change, as he used it to slyly look down my top and admire my legs! Cheeky bugger! I didn't really care that much, I was becoming used to this kind of attention. Over the previous couple years this was happening more and more frequently, and if it ever became uncomfortable or annoying I had learnt from my experiences with pervy Pete that to let them know, I know they are 'checking me out', was normally the best thing to do! This was such an occasion, as I was in such a bad mood at having to get the bus in the first place! So as soon as I'd handed my fare over, I spun 180 degrees on my heels, bent over, and flashed him my bum! 'There, you got an eyeful! Happy now!?' I snapped at him. As I spun back I noticed he had turned quite crimson! I marched up to the back of the bus, quite smug with myself!

To my surprise the bus was completely empty, and I had the whole back seat to myself! A couple stops later, a guy got on. He walked up the bus, and locked eyes on me. He walked assertively up the aisle, not taking his eyes off me the whole time. ‘Oh God, oh, god, please, please don’t sit next to me!’ I thought. He sat one row in front, to the right of me, no more than a metre away. Sat sideways on the seat and still looking directly at me. This freaked me out! I didn’t know what to do!

THUD. And the bus shook when his weight hit the seat hard. He slouched back against the window, his huge fat gut in front of him, his greasy, black, un-kept hair and dirty looking skin made me feel itchy. He was not only hugely overweight but a naturally big man..., no.. he was more a beast, standing at least 6’7, with huge, scaly, lizard like hands, covered in thick hair that would easily fit around my thigh! His flabby, badly tattooed biceps that his stain riddled t-shirt were struggling to contain were thicker than my thigh! I noticed he only had about four misshaped, tobacco stained teeth, when he grinned sleazily at me.

He was so ugly and scary. Weathered rough skin, unshaven face and a big crooked flat nose that had clearly been broken many times. A heavy thick brow, gave him a caveman appearance. His pervy, mean, dark eyes were now slowly studying every part of me, and I could feel a thick, black, sleazy slime being left on my skin. His breathing was heavy and course and every time he breathed out it made his whole fat ugly face wibble like a jelly! Yuk!

His eyes stripped me and mauled me, I felt embarrassed, humiliated as if I was forced to strip in front of a crowd! He knew that I knew he was looking and he didn’t care one bit! With his eyes alone he had turned me into nothing more than a girl in the centre page of a cheap, dirty magazine! ‘Why me?!?!’ I thought furiously. ‘Why me? why couldn’t he have sleazed and gawped at some other girl!? If Jay looked at me this way, I would have been so pleased, but this guy!? Could you ever imagine a girl like me, even talking to, or being in the same room as a disgusting, gross, ogre like this?!’

I turned my legs away from him, behind the seat and turned my body to face the window in an effort to hide more of myself from him, but he only then bent his head slightly and he could see more of my thighs and bum! Damned skirt! I was too scared to try and walk past him, to the front of the bus. I was trapped! I had no choice but to try and endure this degradation, whilst this beast feasted on me with his eyes!

‘Why me, why me?!’ I kept repeating, with venom over and over in my head. ‘A fat ogre like that shouldn’t be allowed to look at a girl like me! Why me?! I hate him!’

Then out of nowhere a thought in the form of a voice popped in my head. ‘Why shouldn’t he look at you?’

For a moment my mind was blank... I couldn’t find one answer to that question.

‘Because he is fat and gross!’ I snapped back at the thought in shear desperation to not lose this argument with my mind!

‘Oh so because YOU think he is fat and gross, he should not be allowed to have sexual desires? If this was Jay you would be very pleased that he wanted you in this way.’ Replied the thought calmly. ‘It seems very unfair to like one person for finding you sexually pleasing, yet hate another for finding you sexually pleasing.’

‘Errrr... I guess so.’ I thought back. ‘That is a bit silly!’

The thought continued, ‘It’s not his fault you find him fat and gross. It is clear he can’t help but look at you in this way. He hasn’t chosen to, to make you feel bad, or uncomfortable. He is driven by a chemical sexual urge that YOU have stirred in him. You can’t blame him for that, and you can’t blame him, for YOU thinking him fat and gross.’

‘Gosh... I feel bad now, the way I have been so physically repelled by him, is not his fault at all.’ A wash of a mixture of feelings ran through me. I actually felt sorry for this repulsive beast! I felt guilty and mean for acting the way I did, and thinking the venomous thoughts about him. This must have happened to him his whole life.

I actually started to feel that I should let him look, and let him enjoy looking at me. I realised that no matter how he appears, he will have sexual thoughts and desires. They would have to be about some girl, who that girl was, is up to him, no matter what they think, so it might as well be me. A kindness rose within me, and the sense that I should be nice to him. Still feeling nauseous by his appearance and repulsed by his nature, I looked down at my chest, as if I could still hide a part of myself by doing so, I bit my lip nervously as I slid out from behind the seat and turned my legs toward him, giving him an easy, clear view of all of me, especially my legs, which he seemed most interested in.

Still biting my lip nervously, I slowly looked up, to see him now leant toward me, a caveman like grin on his face, his eyes wide and licking his lips. ‘H...Hi, my name is Lucy.’ I quietly stammered. His eyes slowly worked their way up my legs, over my naval and paused momentarily on my boobs. Without even thinking, like when you do something stupid, but only realise how silly it was after you’ve done it. I pushed my bum into the back of the seat, arched my lower back, pushed out my chest, slightly tilted my head back and lent forward in one smooth motion, presenting him with the best view I could of my boobs in my low cut vest top. I knew he would easily be able to see down my top. The nausea and fear stirred in my throat, I could feel my heart beat pulsing hard, my chest heaving with deep breaths and could feel my hands trembling as I was offering my body to be feasted on by this repulsive monster selflessly for his pleasure alone.

‘ Ello Lucy. You are a tasty bit’ a muff, aren’t you!’ He snarled.

‘Erm... Thank you.’ I squeaked, through a forced smile to show I accepted his compliment.

‘Are you a model?’ He said, not taking his eyes off my legs.

‘No, but I would love to be. People have said I’m pretty enough, but I’m not tall enough for the catwalk, so I’d have to do glamour. It’s just a daydream though, I wouldn’t even know how to start being a model, agencies don’t wana know unless you have a portfolio and experience.’ I stopped abruptly realising I was nervously chattering away and saying more than I should.

‘You just gota get on the net and start replying to ads. There are loads’a amateur photographers out there needing models. That’s how you build up a portfolio.’ He replied almost as if on autopilot, like it was something he had said a million times. I did wonder how a beast like him knew so much about modelling, but what he said made sense.

‘Lovely legs!’ He grunted, almost proudly as if he’d just found a buried treasure and claiming it as his.

Again doing the stupid act before thinking, I nervously giggled and automatically I stretched my legs out, toes pointing down the bus aisle I kicked swiftly as if playfully splashing in an imaginary pool, displaying my tanned slender legs right in front of him in an unconscious approval of his confession of sleazing over me, hidden in the form of a crude compliment!

As quick as a cat, despite his hugeness and seemingly cumbersome frame, his huge arm shot out of nowhere and snatched my ankle firmly, easily engulfing it in his rough paw. I froze, like a startled antelope in the jaws of a lion. He looked up at me with his crooked, evil grin. I relaxed a little as I realised this monster was playing with me.

‘Gotcha!’ He gruffed at me in a deep chuckle.

This reassured me, that although this movement was fast, rough and frightening, to him it was gentle and playful.

Still not knowing what to do or say, I just watched him as he drooled his eyes over my leg. His eyes found their way to mine and I noticed a sinister twinkle, his hand then slowly but assertively pulled my leg about eight inches toward him and in turn spreading my legs, which revealed to him a view right up my skirt allowing him to see my pink lacy knickers!

My brain told my lips to say things like ‘Oie you dirty fucker, get the fuck off me!’ but all that my lips produced were ‘Umm... Hey!’

The beast slowly and casually looked up at me, as if he heard a distant sound that didn’t deserve much interest.

‘I, Umm... don’t think you can do that.’ I said quietly.

He lowered his head back to between my legs. He didn’t need to say anything. His action told me he didn’t care what I said. He is going to do, whatever he wants to do. He continued slowly pulling my legs further apart. My mind raced and scrambled to find a way of making him stop, then his other hand started to slide up the inside of my calf.

‘Errr! ... Please, I, Err, think you should ask before you do something like that!’ I said as if I was trying to explain to a retard not to eat with their hands!

‘Ok, next time I will ask.’ He said sarcastically. He paused for a moment.

‘I wana look down your top again.’ He stated as a matter of fact.

I had to find a way of getting him to let go off my ankle, if anyone else got on the bus they would see me with my legs akimbo!

‘Err... well, I duno... if I let you, will you let go of my ankle?’

He slowly, reluctantly released his firm grip on me and confirming the deal. Quickly I closed my legs, my muscles tense, my knees hard together. I thought that if I let him have a real good look down my top, the suspense would be over and he may leave me alone a bit. So I stood up and sat down next to him. He smelled. A potent mixture of stale clothes, cigarettes, alcohol and B.O.! Gross! My eye level at his chest I pushed my chest out tilted my chin back, head to the side (which helped my nose get away from his odour!) and with either hand over the low neck line of my vest I pulled it down a couple inches, allowing him as bold a view anyone would give in public!

‘Good girl, stay just like that.’ He throated slowly. ‘You should work down at the club. The boys would have a lot of fun with you and you could earn yourself some easy money!’

‘What club?’ I said.

‘The Workmans Club.’ He stated as if I should have known. I knew of this club. It was a small members only club. From what I knew consisted of builders, lorry drivers and generally dirty old men, etc. My friend Emily once bragged on a drunken night out that she stripped there when she was 16, for £100! I was sure she had made this up. I had heard many rumours and stories of stripping and prostitution going on. It did seem like a secretive place, only selected members were allowed to join. I was sure the stories had been greatly exaggerated as all rumours are and had never paid them much attention.

‘I’m not a stripper or a slag.’ I said. I was a little annoyed that he suggested such a thing! He laughed coarsely and his mammoth belly jiggled, shaking the chair we both sat on!

‘Not all the girls are strippers. All you gota do is serve drinks, dress slutty and flash your tits a bit, and you get paid £8 an hour, and most girls earn £50 to £100 a shift in tips.’

‘Wow that is quite a lot of money, but I duno if I’d flash my boobs to strangers.’ Then it dawned on me what I was doing. There I was letting a fat ugly beast I didn’t know look down my top... Maybe I would I thought. That is amazing money. I would only have to work their one night and spend the rest of the week partying and shopping! He pulled out a crumpled up bit of paper from his pocket. It was a flyer for the club. From another he pulled out a half chewed biro and scribbled a number on the back. He folded the flyer into four and calmly but swiftly put his hand down my top! As I was facing the other way to escape his smell It was too late to stop him, he had his hand inside my bra and firmly squeezing my boob before I knew what was happening!

‘Hey! ....’ I yelped! I grabbed hold of his wrist with both hands to try and pull his hand out of my top, but I would have had more luck uprooting a tree from the ground! He laughed out loud, while I spent a few disgust filled seconds trying to pull his gorilla like hand from my top. He let go, leaving the folded flyer in my bra.

‘Don’t get your knickers in a twist girl, I was just giving you something.’

‘Yeah, a bruised boob!’ I said while adjusting my bra. ‘You can’t go around doing that to girls, it’s not nice! You shouldn’t do that! It’s mean and horrid! You’re nothing but a nasty pervert!’ I snapped at him, with venom, almost surprised the words came out this time, although the words running through my mind were a lot worse!

His gaze at my boobs didn’t flinch at my verbal attack and neither did any other part of him. I wasn’t sure if he didn’t care or just didn’t understand.

‘On that flyer is the number of one of the boys that runs the club, he is also a professional glamour photographer. The fact I have given you that number means I have said you’re ok and want you to work at the club. If you do well there he can help you on your way to being a model.’

‘Oh... umm. Thank you.’ A huge wave of guilt ran through me. If what he said was true, he had just given me a key to the door of the career of my dreams, and I just had a go at him and probably made him feel bad for feeling my boob. Gosh, the amount of strangers that have touched my bum or boobs in nightclubs for no reason and I consider that harmless fun, not to mention all the dirty things I’ve let Pete do to me. But because I think this guy repulsive I just have a massive go at him, and he was actually doing something really nice for me. That was so mean of me. He only wanted a little feel of my boob. I dropped my head a bit embarrassed by my little outburst.

‘I, Umm. I’m sorry for having a go at you. Th-thank you for the number.’ I sat there still feeling awkward and guilty.

Not flinching at all from my words and still gawping at my boobs, I couldn’t be sure if I had annoyed him or not. I certainly didn’t want to upset the ugly beast, not only would he be a real scary pissed off beast, but he may change his mind about the number and tell the guy not to give me work. Most of all I wanted to be able to drop this bad guilt feeling. Words hadn’t managed to shift it. I knew I would have to make a peace offering. God, oh God, I can’t believe I’m gona have to do this.’ I thought, but the words came out despite my reluctance.

‘I guess, umm... if you really wana, you can touch my boobs for a minute.’ I said in my ‘I’m sorry – innocent young girls voice.’

The beast licked his lips and groaned with delight. I sat up and turned to him, shielding the rest of the bus, from the sacrifice of dignity I was about to offer to the beast. I turned my head away so I wouldn’t have to deal with the nausea from looking at him. I leant forward again, but this time I slid the straps to my vest off my shoulders, the vest dropped, hanging on my boobs. My full cleavage offered up to his sleazy disgusting wishes. He looked at my chest like a homeless tramp would stare at a Christmas banquet.

His hands slid inside my top, I closed my eyes, revolted by what I was allowing this disgusting beast to do to me. He fondled and groped me roughly, he pushed and pulled me.

‘Lovely tits! Firm fresh tits!’ He stated with enthusiasm.

Mauling me so roughly he had caused my bra straps off my shoulders, and my boobs were now naked, only covered by his huge coarse palms. Every time I attempted to pull my bra straps back up, he would grab my wrist almost violently and slamming it back to my side. He didn’t need to say a word. This told me I had no choice but to endure this gross use of my body and just do my best to put the repugnant images of him out of my head.

‘You’re so tiny and tight Lucy, I’d love to wear you on my cock, bet your cunt is a tasty tight little fuck hole!’ he said drunk on his own horniness, like an animal in heat.

His crude comments about how he’d like to use me made me feel pretty awful, like I wanted to cry, but I knew they weren’t personal. It was just his sexual impulses taking over. I made it through a few more moments, before I said;

‘Ok, ok, that’s enough now.’ I pulled away, pulling the stretched straps to my bra and top back onto my shoulders and covering my pink nipples, regaining my dignity. He let me. After a moment’s pause he said;

‘Yeah, you’d be a great little model, this is why!’ As he grabbed a huge lump in his baggy, dirty trousers. As he pulled it, pulling the fabric over it, its outline was very clear. His penis was stupidly big, and clearly very hard! For a moment I wasn’t sure it was real, it made me jump back in my seat. It was thicker than my forearm and nearly as long! I had never seen anything like it. I was disgustingly amazed, like looking at a freak show! I quickly turned my eyes, trying to show I wasn’t a tiny bit fascinated, but I think he saw my eyes widen in amazement. He roared a laugh.

‘That’s what a good model does! She makes dicks go hard! A stripper knows she is nothing but a sexual object for whoever is willing to pay, a model is no different, except she likes to think she is not.’ He said through his roar.

‘Lucy, you’d be a great model. You make dicks go hard!’ Still laughing.

Although I was grossed out by what he said, I also had a strange good feeling in me. Like I had given a homeless guy my change. I had done a nice thing. I had given this beast a little sexual thrill. Maybe that is all models are for, to embody sex and their bodies used for sexual fantasies in the minds of men. He does sort of make sense, I thought. I guess even a high end model like Kate Moss or Lily Cole are in magazines and on posters for all to enjoy. They have no control over who uses the images of their bodies for sexual self-satisfaction. Their bodies could be used by Brad Pitt, or this fat ugly beast here, they are there for the enjoyment of all, no discrimination. I kind of thought that is a good thing, as someone like Mr. Beast here would never experience a sexual encounter with someone pretty or beautiful unless he paid them. I guess that’s why I felt good that I let him enjoy me, even if I was sacrificing my pleasure to give him his pleasure. I guess that also means I must be pretty and beautiful enough to be sacrificed for the enjoyment of Mr. Beast.

‘You got the right attitude too.’ He continued. ‘Most girls with tasty bodies that dress sexy, like you, are stuck up. It seems to me, you know you’re no better than anyone else. If men leech and leer at you, it’s a good thing. Means your sexy and men want you, take it as a compliment and be nice to those guys, they are the reason you will make it or break it as a model.’

‘Ok, err... thanks.’ I said quietly, not sure how to take his advice.

‘ ‘ere, gimme your number, I will ring you if I know of any castings or auditions.’

I thought about this for a moment. If I gave him my real number he may bother and pester me. If I don’t, he may genuinely want to help me get some real model work, but I’ll never know unless I give him my real number.

‘Umm... Ok.’ I said nervously and proceeded to read out my real number to him as he typed it into his phone.

‘This is my stop.’ He gruffed. He firmly placed his hand on my thigh almost swallowing it in his hand and squeezed hard before getting up and walking down the aisle and out of the bus door.

I sat there not sure knowing how to feel about what I had just been through. I had four more stops to go. I pulled the folded up flyer from my bra and put it safely into my pocket.

‘I’ll keep that.’ I thought. ‘Never know, there can’t be any harm in trying.’


I hope you liked my story. If you do, please let me know and I will post more of what happened to me as I made my journey into the sleazy world of modelling, stripping.... and other things I won’t mention just yet! Lol.

Lucy. xxx

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Diary | Blackmail, Coercion, Exhibitionism, First Time, Humiliation, Male, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Teen, Teen Female


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