Utopia for One Chapter 1 by Dominic+Durobastone

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Black, Blowjob, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Submission

The man strode confidently along the catwalk at the centre of the arena. In all there were 250,000 packed into the massive venue in Maintown, all of them unknowing as to why they were there, confused and bewildered. The scene was repeated in locations large and small throughout the land, except that a large video screen replaced the physical presence.

He stood 2metres tall and had an easy smile. He was dressed in a pair of navy shorts that showed off the large but shapely legs of a fit man, a polo shirt that obviously strained to contain a large chest, well worked pecs but was untroubled by a narrow waist where it tucked into the shorts. There was not a hetro or bisexual women or a homo or bisexual man who was not instantly attracted to him. He had charisma to burn.

He was blessed with the wisdom of a 60 year old, the body of an exceptionally well maintained 24 year old and the libido of a testosterone supercharged 18 year old. On the sexual spectrum he was strictly bisexual with a preference for women but a capacity to use men to try and quench his seemingly unlimited lust.

The easy smile disguised a penchant for cruelty. He loved to dominate and humiliate which further drove his homosexual instincts because there was nothing quite so humiliating for a straight man than to be required to sexually service another man.

In his right hand he held what seemed to be a wand of some sort.

Raising the wand as a microphone “I have been granted dominion over you” he intoned with a firm but measured tone.

The crowd reacted with murmurings of bewilderment. One man, a third of the way down the hall reacted angrily, shouting “who the fuck appointed you king”.

The master trained the wand on the protester between his legs and he fell to the ground clutching his genitals and screaming in agony. Seconds later his screams were rendered soundless as the wand shifted its focus slightly to aim at the screaming protestor’s mouth.

“The question and the questioner are ruled out of order” he said calmly “any other objections” and after a short pause answered his own question “no, I thought not”. “Your primary purpose in life will be to serve me in whatever way I chose. I am the law. Your secondary purpose will be to maintain and advance our society through your labours and through procreation. You may find pleasure and joy in those objectives but any attempt to avoid your primary purpose will end in grief and avoidance of the secondary will not find favour. ”

Despite his silence the writhing man was disturbing the people for a long way around. The master descended from the stage and made his way to where the protester continued his grotesque horizontal dance of agony. The crowd parted as he went closing like a water around a moving boat when he had passed. When he reached the protester he paused briefly before again raising his wand. The protestor responded with abject terror etched in his agonised face as he waited for the next attack, but it did not come. The terrible torture ceased and the pain began to abate. He was again granted the faculty of verbal expression but initially only gasped audibly for air as he rolled slowly over into position where could start to regain his feet, getting first onto all fours before tentatively rising, albeit still hunched over with the residual pain.

The Lord then strode back to the stage, ascending the half dozen steps and resumed his position at the front.

He resumed speaking. “I will, as soon as possible codify our laws. In the meantime you are to behave honourably. Failure to do so will be punished as if a codified law had been broken. It will not be an excuse to say, for instance, that I did not know that assault or murder were a crime”

He paused before continuing, “I have no stomach for prisons, they are wasteful institutions, punishments will be short, painful and humiliating whatever space is needed for remand through the investigation of crimes and as punishment progresses will be provided but will be minimalist and uncomfortable.”

“Now, we will meet again as necessary to build our social structure. Some facts and basic rules. You have all had your virginity restored. Sexual intercourse of any kind is only permitted when authorised by me or maybe in time by my agents. Marriage will be a blanket authority to engage in sex but a licence to marry will be issued only by me or a delegate. All who are married with children will have your marriages restored immediately and can now leave us and resume your lives, but before you go, please know that marriage is no bar to me requiring you to entertain and serve me in any way I chose. Know also that the age of consent is 18 years of age and permission to engage in sex under that age will not be considered. I will not require the services of anyone under the age of 18. One last thing before you go. The penalty for crimes by minors will be visited on their parents and infractions by the old will be visited on their children and grandchildren. Punishments will be a spectacle requiring youth and fitness. I have no desire to see prepubescent bodies or wrinkled prunes dangling from whipping frames or posts."

"All persons married with children are now free to go as are all persons over the age of 50.

Those of you under the age of 50 and without children have had your marriages dissolved. You must seek permission if you wish to have sex or marry."I

"Now I am tiring of all this and need some rest. We will reconvene very soon to select law enforcement people and to further expand on the law."

He then waved his wand and the great mass of people began to move, men separated from women and the women themselves were ordered according to his wishes.

The master had need of sexual release, but needed it to be easy at this time, so the women were ordered according to their eagerness for sex and age; he then dismissed all but the 100 randiest females under the age of 25 and began to make his selection.

It took only a few minutes to select three women for his entertainment. He had neither prejudice concerning race nor any real inclination to select diversity but that was what he got. He might have been expected to select from his own racial group, but the last candidate eliminated before settling on the three had been a blonde Anglo-Saxon, a girl of his own caste. He had little doubt that he would soon be requiring her services, but not now.

The winners, if that is what you would call them were an ethnic Negro, a Chinese and an Indian. All were slender without being waifish. He commanded the women to come with him which they willingly did. They walked swiftly through the cavernous and now empty auditorium stepping out into the bright sunshine of a 27 degree day. All around were people who had just been dismissed from the meeting and had returned to their normal days activities. They regarded the Lord and his company with mixture of curiosity and jealousy. Although unspoken, few doubted the plans the master had for these women. Almost all of the men wished they were him and most of the women wished to be selected for service.

There were a few however, a significant minority, who deeply resented the and would soon test the master’s power and resolve through rebellion and passive disobedience. The Lord knew this and looked forward to the opportunity to indulge his darker impulses with the disobedient and rebellious. But that was for another day.

Striding across the concourse with his harem in tow the master soon reached the edge of the wide and busy boulevard, the destination hotel on the other side. He pressed the button for pedestrian crossing and instantly the traffic stopped the green walk sign illuminated. They set off across the road, he striding with purpose, the girls struggling to keep up, occasionally breaking to a jog. For the Negro the pace presented no challenge at all. Dressed in her skins active wear, ankle socks and jogging shoes she was ideally equipped to meet the challenge posed by his longer legs and purposeful direction. The Chinese women found it a little harder to keep up, wearing high heeled, wedge sandals she was at constant risk of falling off or out of her footwear. Nevertheless the white stretch singlet mini dress she was wearing offered some compensatory freedom of movement. The Indian lass faced the most significant challenge with all of her clothing designed to look good but of very low function. From the stiletto heal to the tight miniskirt, white blouse and suit coat she was maximally unsteady at speed and constricted.

They all arrived, in varying degrees of breathlessness with their unruffled lord in the vestibule of the 6-star hotel. All of the staff stopped what they were doing to check out the new arrivals. The Manager stepped from behind the check in desk with alacrity and hurried across the floor, hand out stretched and proclaiming loudly “welcome, welcome”.

The master did not offer his hand to be shaken resulting in the manager rather embarrassingly dropping his arm to his side.

“Welcome sir” he went on somewhat deflated “the three suites on the top floor are all ready for you. All of the doors have been unlocked and the keys are in the locks. Feel free to use and or all of them”

“Quite” responded the master offhandedly.

“Anything you need, just ask” the manager went on nervously.

The master did not respond directly but instructed that the local clothing stores should be summoned immediately to provide clothing as and when it was required to him and his companions. “Make sure it is a range of options from the cheap to the most expensive with a full range of formal and informal apparel...Oh and in a couple of hours we will require lunch. Make sure you have your best Chef and wait staff ready to serve us in private."

He then turned on his heal and headed for the lifts. “Come girls” he said rather unnecessarily as he moved off.

The manager had arranged for at least one of the lift cars to be on the ground floor, wisely, to avoid delay. The lord pressed the up button and the doors immediately sprang open. They stepped in and he pressed the button for level 47. The doors closed and the lift began its high speed journey to the top of the hotel.

The master then turned to his companions and said “in case you have not already guessed, you are here to serve my wants and needs. Specifically I want pleasure and need release. Over the next 3 or so hours I will be draining my balls into the three of you.”

All three of the girls smiled, the Chinese and Indian blushed and bowed their heads, shuffling nervously. Only the Negro looked him in the eye and said “great”. She meant it. Even unspoken they all meant it.

The awkward moment was broken with the bing of the lift as it reached its destination. They all stepped out into the common area of the floor straight ahead was the open door to suite 4702, 4701 and 4703 were to the left and right of the lifts respectively.

Without delay the master lead them into 4702, not bothering to close the door. The first room was a spacious lounge dining room that would easily accommodate 8 people. To the left were 3 two seater white leather couches in a U formation with two black recliner arm chairs completing the square around a central coffee table. To the right was a 9 piece dining suite made up of a grass table with 3 white leather upholstered dining chairs down each side and a black leather carver at each end. To the right and left there were 2 huge bedrooms with matching king sized beds, simple in style with a bed head of light timber matching the legs of the dining chairs and the coffee table. Not immediately visible were ensuite bathrooms containing a spa bath double shower, toilet bidet and double vanity. These facilities were not identical in shape as on the left a powder room accessible from the lounge dining room had to be accommodated in the space and to the right a kitchen.

The centre of the room was vacant space leading to a balcony with a BBQ, 9 piece outdoor dining setting, 4 sun lounges, a plunge pool and a spa. From balcony they could enjoy a 270 degree view of the city and across the harbour out to sea as far as the horizon. While it was not the tallest building in the city, its position and aspect offered complete privacy.

The master walked across to one of the recliner armchairs and an effortlessly swivelled it on the plush carpet to that it faced the vacant space in the middle of the room and settled rather uneasily into it. He had resolved to place his wish for pleasure ahead of his need for release. To that end he was drawing out the process, the women would be slowly stripped and fondled before the final conquest.

“Show time” he said with great flourish. “But first some rules... and some good news. If in the course of your service to me if you are able to climax, you are free to do so. Be sure though that you do not work at your own pleasure to the exclusion of mine. At all times you must be respectful. No matter how intimate and painful this gets, and it will get very intimate and quite painful, you are my servants and I insist on respect. That extends to respecting my gifts. If I cum in your mouth you will swallow every drop unless I instruct otherwise.”

“Disrespect will be punished” he said firmly. “Is that understood?”

“Yes sir” they all responded with varying degrees of confidence. Once again the black girl was the most resolute. Her smile remained eager while the other two began to wane.

“Now introductions” he said “I want your name, your age, and what you do.”

Pointing to Chinese girl who now seemed the most withdrawn, you first and look at me when you speak.”

She tentatively lifted her head and began to speak “My name is” louder please” he interrupted with obvious irritation.

“My name is Swee Chou, sir” she said with greater confidence. “I am 22 and a medical student.”

“Thank you Swee Chou” he responded in a gentle tone “I will call you Swee”.

“Now you” he said pointing to the Indian girl.

She responded in a clear voice, “I am Naidu Desai, I am 19 and I work as a Legal Secretary.”

“Thank you Naidu, and finally...” with a wave of his hand he passed the virtual talking stick to the black girl who responded in a clear confident voice.

“Sarah Nkomu is my name, I am 25, a sports journalist and I am itching to serve you.”

“I too am very keen” chimed in Naidu followed by a somewhat more circumspect “me too” from Swee.

“25 and a sports journalist” mused the master. ”That explains a lot.”

“I guess it does, sir” she replied “and what should we call you?”

“Sir, Master, Lord...hmm, I rather like the Latin Dominus. Whatever so long as it is respectful” after a brief pause he continued “now ladies I will strip you for my inspection and pleasure but I have no wish to undertake the preparatory work. You will remove all of your outer garments before I strip you naked.”

“Umm” said Sarah, suddenly bashful and a little uncertain “I am not wearing any underwear.”

The master looked her up and down and wordlessly used the index finger of his right hand to instruct her to turn. “Yes, so I see” he said at last realising that any underwear, no matter how sheer would be evident through disruptions to the perfect curves of the form fitting active wear.

Swee then spoke, also bashfully while looking at the floor “I am only wearing panties.”

“Look at me when you speak, girl” he said with obvious irritation.

“Right, you two sluts will remove you foot wear while Naidu strips to her knickers and bra”

The master now turned his attention exclusively to Naidu while the other two obeyed his wishes without delay.

Naidu was now frozen in terror. In her desire to be with a man she had clearly not prepared herself mentally for the intervening step of becoming naked. The terror exacerbated by the fact that she would not be granted any dignity. Her dreams of romance had involved getting into bed in a negligee to be caressed by a lover, or at least that she could get under the covers while still partially clad and discreetly removing her remaining garments under the sheets. Instead she would be required to be naked for this man’s intimate visual inspection and handling witnessed by the two other women. The shame was over whelming although her wish to be dominated would soon surface.

With pressure for release getting ever more urgent, The master shouted angrily “get a move on girl” dropping back to a more measured and ominous tone , “unless you want the dubious distinction of being the first person in our world to be disciplined for disobedience to your Lord and Master”.

Shocked out of her stupor by his anger and memory of the agony suffered by the lone protester at the first community meeting Naidu applied herself to the task with alacrity, kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning he blouse with such urgency that two buttons were ripped off, springing off the garment and landing two and three feet away. She quickly peeled off the garment dropping it to the floor before unzipping her skirt and dropping it too, to the floor.

“That’s better” the master said with some lighter tone as he rose to his feet from the chair. “Stand apart ladies that I may be able to move easily around you, line up, finger tip to finger tip should allow enough space and while we are mentioning apart can I also advise you that your legs must always be apart in my presence; open for my use.”

So there they were, in no way coincidentally, Sarah closest the chair the lord had been sitting in, Swee next with shy Naidu farthest away.

He approached Naidu first walking around her surveying her rich coffee coloured skin. She had easily the largest breasts of the three, by his estimation a D cup. While by no means fat, she was the largest build making her breasts proportionately perfect. She had a flat tummy and nice womanly hips. Now dressed in brief but full black knickers and a matching lacy bra she was by any estimate a sight to behold. Walking behind her, he ran the index finger of his right hand gently and slowly down her neck, across her left shoulder and down her arm. No intimate contact was initiated which confused and disappointed her. She now longed to be owned by this man.

He now moved behind Swee whose senses were heightened.

“I think we might start with Swee’s tits” he announced sliding the wand under the right strap of her singlet dress. Instantly the upper edge of the wand became a razor that sliced effortlessly through the fabric. The strap peeled down, front and back, catching on her rock hard right nipple. Swee tensed standing to attention as her clothing was stripped away. She felt a measure of Naidu’s shame at being objectified in this fashion.

Moving to her left side the master repeated the move and the dress fell away, catching on her hips but denuding her to below the waist. Now the master moved around to her front, taking a minute to admire her small breasts, probably only a b cup, maybe a c by his evaluation, but with proud hard nipples, standing proud and demanding attention. He used the tip of his wand to dislodge the dress from its precarious purchase around her hips sending it cascading to a pool around her feet.

Swee Chou wisely made no attempt to cover herself. The master took a moment to visually inspect the now nearly naked girl. Swee no wore nothing but a brief white g string darkened around the bottom with the juices that prepared the way for the Lord’s invasion. The other two women were no less lubricated but the evidence was somewhat concealed by black clothing.

“It looks like you are pleased to see me Swee” he said lightly as he placed his hand on her hips running them up her torso until he cupped be small breasts and pinched the rock had nipples between the V of his right index and ring fingers.

Swee swallowed hard as he lowered his face to her chest, licking and then sucking on each nipple once before stepping back of another look. Swee now braced herself for total nudity as she expected that he g string would now be forcibly removed but she was to be disappointed. Like Naidu, Swee had dealt with fear and humiliation before moving to a state of acceptance and then excitement only to be disappointed that he had not moved on the claim her.

The Master moved in front of Sarah looking her in the eye. She smiled her seductive smile. He raised his wand and used it to nick the top of her sports bra, in the middle where it plunged between be breasts. He then placed the implement in its belt loop before seizing the now damaged piece of clothing with a hand in the top of each cup and violently ripped it open liberating he firm breasts, now standing to attention without support, crowned by a pair of rock hard nipples aching for attention. Continuing on his brutal way, the destroyed garment was roughly dragged from her shoulders down her arms and then throwing it on the floor.

Sarah demeanor changed from seductress to resentful victim. “I understand you cunt” he said viciously as he used his clenched right fist to lift her chin and looked he in the eye “in your former life you used sex to get what you wanted, always in control. You are no longer in control and you will submit. If taming is required I will tame you with relish. Be in now doubt.”

Sarah assumed the look of the vulnerable. “Mercy sir.”

“I don’t do mercy and anyway I haven’t hurt you... yet ... except your ego”.

“I need a mercy fuck sir; I need to be tamed with your cock sir... please”

“You will be fucked without mercy, when I am ready” he said with measured firmness. “Now hands on head to get them out of the way of my inspection of your naked body. He then roughly fondled her breasts. For Sarah there was no licking of nipples that Swee had enjoyed, just a roughing up.

As with her top he used his wand to nick the waist band of her skin tight shorts before roughly tearing at the fabric to strip final shreds of clothing and dignity from her. He looked at the clean shaven mound with satisfaction. Notwithstanding is burst of rage he was in little doubt that this women was going to provide the greatest pleasure of the three.

For the Lord the need for gratification was starting to wrestle control away from the desire for pleasure. With urgency he moved in front of Swee and without delay gripped the waist band of the flimsy garment and effortlessly stripped it away. He then stood back to study the totality of this pretty Chinese doll. He scowled when he saw a neatly trimmed thatch on her mound.

“While there will be no punishment on this occasion as your were not aware, know this, all that are summoned to serve me will be required to completely naked, hair only on heads. Pubic hair is particularly offensive and its presence will hence forth be harshly punished.”

Finally ne moved on to Naidu using hands and wand to make short work of her remaining clothing.

Instinctively the young woman used her hands to shield her breasts and cunt from prying eyes.

Reacting furiously, the master shouted “hands on head Naidu” lowering his tone he went on “shielding your private parts in my presence is an offensive act and if Swee’s well maintained thatch is unacceptable your unruly bush is disgusting” moving to an advisory tone he continued menacingly “I would not make any more mistakes if I were you Naidu because I am quite keen to discipline someone and you are looking to be a likely candidate.“

“Now ladies it is time to serve me. This is how we proceed from here. I will embrace and kiss all of you. You are to respond like a lover desperate for cock, which I know you all are. After I release you from the clinch you will fall to your knees and wait to serve. The best kisser will then have the honour of sucking my cock first. I will come in your mouth and down your throat. Remember to swallow. Failure will not be tolerated. I will then move on the second best kisser and so on. The best cocksucker will then have the honour of the being the first to be mastered, deflowered if you like. The first fuck will occur on the bed to our right, the second on the bed to our left and the last place getter will get it on the table. You will all watch as each of you is done. Remember work for my pleasure and I will not object to you climaxing although your tight virgin cunts may suffer the opening to an extent that you may be unable to come on this occasion. Be grateful and respectful or else.”

“Lusty Sarah, you first” he said as he moved in and embraced her tightly and their lips locked. He kissed and she responded with vigour. His left arm around her upper back crushed her tits on his mid torso. His right hand went lower running over both buttocks and squeezing them before searching between her legs for her intimate opening. She opened her legs further to provide easier access, but be found his mark, brushing it teasingly without providing her with any real satisfaction.

He released her from the clinch rather sooner than she had hoped.

“Nice” he said approvingly, “now on your knees”. He held up two fingers glistening with female juices and, addressing the other two in a mocking fashion “methinks she is ready”.

Passing Swee he next approached Naidu, by any account very kissable lips but clearly coy and bit slow to start but soon getting into the rhythm. As with Sarah he manhandled her buttocks and she opened he legs wider in the hope of some intimate contact but again he only went as far as he needed to wet his fingers. Releasing his hold be move in for a feel of her breasts, clearly the nicest tits on offer today.

“Not bad” he said rather noncommittally holding up his fingers to display her juices. Naidu sank to her knees without being told and sensing that she had some ground to make up on Sarah, looked up at him with pleading eyes and said “thankyou Dominus”. The master was pleased with the obsequiousness but she would not yet overcome her unintended faux pas of having a full pubic bush.

Moving on to Swee he repeated the move he had taken with Sarah, clinch, kiss, manhandle buttocks, find the wet and release.

“OK” he said again noncommittally holding up his fingers to display his find. Swee also sank to her knees without further instruction and, taking a leaf out of Naidu’s book said submissively “thank you master”.

“You have all passed the kiss test. Sarah was best and will therefore have the honour of sucking me first. Naidu and Swee, I really can’t decide on second and third so we will go alphabetically. Naidu you will serve second and Swee third. If there is a tie in the next round the order will be reversed. Anyway it is the final round, the fucking, that matters as the third place getter will face a tired cock and a hard table and is therefore the one to receive the most brutal treatment.

Their attention was now trained on the master. They had not yet seen the implement that would claim them. Would he just unzip his fly and take it out or would he drop his pants.

All three were agreeably surprised when he stripped off his polo shirt to reveal a hard torso from muscled shoulders down over hard chiselled pecks with nipples pointing down from the firm underside. He had no hair on his chest or on the 6 pack abs that led down to the narrow waist which disappeared into his shorts. It was now clear that he would be naked for the cock sucking stage and they were all eager to enjoy the sight.

“Enjoying yourselves ladies?” he asked mockingly as six eyes trained themselves on the waistband of his shorts. “It gets better before it gets worse” he said with reference to the fact that they would get a visual feast of his entire body before they had to go to work. First a one sided blowjob and then and almost certainly suffer real pain as he penetrated them for the first time.

“Oh yes sir, you are magnificent” said Sarah rather breathlessly.

He then undid the button at the top of his fly and ran the zipper down to its base, dropping the shorts to the floor without ceremony or flourish. The eyes of the three women kneeling before him were now trained on the cotton briefs that strained to contain an angry penis. They did not have to wait long to see all. He immediately removed the briefs and his penis sprung free standing to rigid attention against his belly reaching as high as his navel with two large testes hanging in a sack below. He was completely hairless.

The women swallowed audibly, both stimulated and terrified by the sight. 12 inches long and 3 inches in diameter he would inevitably do damage as he penetrated them but would fill them all completely making and orgasm easy if they could overcome the pain. Sarah mumbled “for what I am about to receive, I will be truly thankful.”

The master enjoyed the reaction he had elicited from the girls. He was pleased to now be naked. He was proud of every part of his body and enjoyed being both admired and feared in equal measure. Remaining clothed while he stripped the women was all part of the domination game. It would remain his firm policy to be the last one naked in any situation and the first one dressed as a way of asserting his control.

He stepped towards Sarah “time to do your duty, Sarah”.

She reciprocated by crawling on all fours towards him, lowering her lips to the floor as she reached him and kissing both feet.

This was not how he had seen things going but was pleased to let he have her head for a moment. Her actions were very subservient particularly as they were self motivated and not commanded. She proceeded to kiss both his ankles before rising to kiss the inside of his calves and then knees in an unspoken suggestion that he open his legs a bit more to allow her better access. Intrigued he allowed her to take the lead and shuffled his legs apart. Kissing his thighs as she continued up, Sarah stopped just short of his scrotum extending her tongue and reaching behind his balls with the tip to trace the seam that extends from the anus to the base of the penis. As she reached his balls Sarah kissed each one before taking then one at a time into her mouth for a tonguing.

The master was now in rapture; in an almost trance like state. Having finished with his balls, she now employed he whole tongue to slowly lick his shaft all the way to the top. Halfway up she began to feel the mighty member convulse.He was cumming and she was not ready. Sarah had no wish to be the first to find out the consequences of spilling his semen.Quickly she reached up taking the head of his cock in her mouth just as the ejaculate burst forth send in streams of white stuff into her mouth and down her throat. The climax did not last that long. The master had been so primed that early release was inevitable and absent and actual cock sucking he had not reached the point of a full on orgasm.

“Well done, Sarah... looks like I will have to wait for the joy of a proper blowjob from you” he said in a more relaxed tone, “but rest assured I will get a full service from you and soon... It was good to get that out of the way. I will be a bit more relaxed now, but be in no doubt, relaxed or no, failure to do your duty to my satisfaction will not be tolerated.”

“OK, Naidu, you’re on” he said in a more relaxed tone moving into position in front of the girl who had been transfixed by the previous scene.

Naidu reached up and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She had viewed with horror how close Sarah had come to spilling his cum and she was not going to take the risk. His cock was now in her mouth and that is where it would stay until his balls were drained. She employed her tongue rubbing it up and down the sensitive underside of his member. Physically, it was difficult to get more that a couple of inches into her mouth as her approach was from a subservient kneeling position while his erection was strong and vertical. Realising for a second time that things were not going quite as he had expected, the master bent over to about 45 degrees, placing his cock at a better angle to penetrate further into her mouth and throat.

“Thank you sir” she gurgled from around his intruding dick.

After a couple of minutes of licking and sucking the master felt it was time to move things along. Seizing her head he drove more of his cock in down her throat, effectively changing the intercourse from a cock sucking to a face fucking.

Naidu gagged, the spasm in her throat setting of his second orgasm and this one was a beauty. For a full minute this cock pumped what seemed like gallons of jizz down her throat into her belly finally withdrawing from the horrified girl.

While not a drop had been spilled Naidu had lost control of her body and as he stepped away she vomited the contents of the stomach.

Silence, for what seemed like an eternity no one spoke.

“I am so sorry. I couldn’t help it, sir” Naidu gabbled before she started crying hunched over the pool of vomit.

“I am sure you are sorry and will be more so. For the act of disrespect in spewing my gift of cum I sentence you to six strokes of the cane across your naked buttocks. The sentence will be carried out straight after the fuckings and before lunch. As Swee and Sarah have been witness to your insolence they will also witness you being disciplined.”

“Please sir, have mercy, I could not help it. It won’t happen again” she gabbled.

“Silence Naidu. No mercy will be shown, but if you continue with your prattling the sentence will be increased.”

“Now we will move to another suite. This one will stink soon if that is not cleaned up.”

He turned to head out the door, the three kneeling women got their first look at his back, broad muscled shoulders running down to a narrow waist. His buttocks slim but round and firm. Totally devoid of hair or tan tines. They all doubted that they would ever meet a finer creature. As they got up to follow him he stopped at the telephone handset.

Lifting the receiver, he dialled 9 for reception. The phone was obviously answered by the rather officious but now obsequious manager.

“Just shut up and listen he said with irritation. “One of the girls has vomited in 4702. We are now going to 4701. Send someone up to clean up the mess. Now I need some other things. A pair of medium skins male compression shorts, size 14 Speedo swim briefs in a range of colours, 4 room service menus for lunch. Also I will need a cane...oh for goodness sake... a cane... you know, for disciplining an offender... yes, slender and flexible... oh and some rope. Smooth woven from cotton fibre, not that scratchy sisal stuff. Leave it all in the lift well. Be quick, it will all be required within the hour and if it is not there when I need it...well I will have found another use for the cane”.

Hanging up the receiver he headed out into the lift well before turning right in to 4701. “Last one in close the door. We will now have minions coming up and down and this is not a free peep show.”

The three women resumed their positions kneeling on the floor as that had in the other suite. Sarah was now quite relaxed, having passed muster. She reckoned that she now had the inside track to be the first to be mastered.

Naidu was anything but relaxed. The sentence, spoken harshly and mercy denied set her into a miserable frame of mind. The ordering of the instruments of her torture had it all so depressingly real. What’s more, unless Swee screwed up royally, she could kiss goodbye to being deflowered in bed and look forward to being mounted on the table like a common whore before having her bottom scourged.

Swee was nervous but thought she would be OK. Little chance she would overtake Sarah for the first fuck, but if she kept her wits about her, she could get laid in bed and avoid the cane. Her nerves came from the realisation that if she spilled a drop of his precious cum, nothing would stop him from whipping her as well.

“Righto Swee, your turn to blow.”

Like Sarah she crawled on all fours to the lord and commenced by kissing his feet. Learning from Sarah’s close call, she did not linger with a long build up but rose immediately to kiss both nuts before hurriedly taking the head of his cock in her mouth where, like Naidu she resolved it would stay until his orgasm was over and all juice swallowed. She then reached around to caress his buttocks reaching further to the sensitive skin between his anus and scrotum. As with Naidu he bent forward to improve the angle but delighted by her caresses he let her proceed without aggressive intervention.

“I had planned to say ‘no hands’ but I kind of like the treatment, so please proceed” he said with a tone of mild surprise. The Lord and Master will have had three blow jobs, none as expected but two quite delightful. The third would have been OK as well had Naidu managed to keep it down.

Relieved of the pressure to find release he was now enjoying the orgy so the third sucking went on for an exhausting 5 minutes, exhausting for Swee that is, before he fed her a copious load. As he withdrew, sated, a drop of cum dripped from the tip of is still erect penis. The exhausted girl lunged forward and caught it in her cupped hands before eagerly ingesting it and avoiding the painful fate that awaited Naidu.

He then crossed to the lounge area where he turned one of the chairs to face the room before collapsing into it.

“Well ladies, now onto the main event... but first a break.” He said as he survey his harem kneeling or on all fours on the floor like animals. They would remain a submissive stance at least until he had finished using them “open your legs Swee” he said reproachfully to the girl who having completed her oral duty had resumed her inappropriately demure posture.

“Now, moving on to the next phase, I may wish to kiss you while I ride you and I don’t want to taste any jizz, even my own, so go now to the bathroom wash down anything that remains in you mouths and brush your teeth. Be quick about it.”

The three jumped to their feet with alacrity and went to the bathroom to do as they were told. He enjoyed the sight of their womanly forms as they hurried to do his bidding. They were without a doubt very beautiful while very different. Sarah, as black as the ace of spades with finely muscled torso nice tits and a nice slender and muscled but pleasingly round arse was firming as his favourite. Naidu, coffee coloured was all women soft and malleable, the largest tits and widest hips of the three but all in proportion and still quite slim. He liked her lot, but not enough to commute her sentence. He was going to savour her caning but he could see himself giving her a second chance. Swee was the one he was least likely to see again. While she had done nothing wrong and had indeed given a first class blow job, she had failed to ignite his passions so far.

Naidu was the first to return looking quite down, followed quickly by Sarah with her customary ‘ready for anything look’ with Swee trailing behind.

“On your knees sluts” he said to reassert his dominance on their return. “Now, I suspect there will be a bit of blood in the next round. I will come to each of you clean. Understand this that is my preference, not as consideration to you. Sarah will be the first to be broken. As I said earlier Swee and Naidu will observe the fucking, kneeling on either side of the bed. Once I have finished with Sarah, Swee will go to the other bedroom and prepare to be conquered. I will go with Naidu to bathroom where she will lovingly clean Sarah’s blood and juices off me. When we return to the bedroom Swee will be lying on the bed with her legs well spread and Sarah kneeling alongside. Naidu will then kneel on the other side and I will climb on and do Swee. When I am finished with Swee, Sarah will clean me up while Naidu assumes the position on the dining table. Once I have finished fucking Naidu, Swee will clean my cock. Clear?”

“Yes sir’” they responded in unison.

“Assume the position Sarah” he said offhandedly as he rose from chair.

The three girls hurried to the bedroom Sarah taking pride of place, on her back, knees bent and spread wide ready and eager to be plowed.

The lord climbed onto the bed between Sarah’s open legs. “What say someone gives me a nice kiss before I ruin this cunt” Sarah was for the first time too shocked to respond as was Swee. With her senses heightened by her impending caning had resolved to make each post a winner and responded immediately “Oh me please sir”. “To it then” he responded as she rose partially from her kneeling position to offer willing lips to her lord.

They locked and kissed hungrily as Sarah, unpenetrated glared at the interruption.

After a short while, the master pulled away “work to do” he said in a very businesslike tone and he refocused on Sarah. Taking his engorged member in his right hand he positioned it at her beckoning opening. Confident that it was in place he looked down at his slave and advised her that she was to look him in the eye as he entered her.

“Yes master” she responded as she swallowed deep. All of her confidence deserted her as she worried that his huge cock would indeed ruin her forever.

Without further delay he plunged into her. It was not a vicious stab nor was it a gentle entry. As her eyes flew wide and he voice emitted a cry of pain, he entered her with resolute determination burying his sword deep within her. After a brief pause he withdrew part way before plunging again with even greater force. Her cries of distress merged with his grunts of pleasure to create the primal sound made by a choir of the conqueror and the conquered.

He continued a slow rhythmic pistoning with his own grunts and her cries announcing to the audience of two the unequal nature of the congress. After the tenth plunge Sarah’s tone changed and for the next three she uttered the barely intelligible words “oh god ...oh god” repeatedly as she wrapped her legs around his buttocks urging him ever deeper until words ceased, to be replaced be the panting of her desperate quest to regain her breath.

“Well you might be done, girlie but I am having too much fun to call it quits yet.” With that he increased the pace a bit, plunging faster and deeper into her. Her virginal blood had created a pool of red on the sheets that was getting ever larger and with each out stroke he drew the fluid out. After a further 3 minutes Sarah, by now covered in sweat climaxed for a second, even more shattering time. Spent she lay almost delirious on the bed as he further increased the tempo to a brutal pace pumping pleasure from her depleted body. 2 minutes after Sarah’s second orgasm the pace slowed to almost zero as his mighty cock began to convulse as it poured another massive load into Sarah’s body. Against all her expectations, the pulsations of his dick against her already stretched hole combined with the massive injection of semen, pushed he to a third if somewhat less shattering climax. The master groaned a contented groan.

Temporarily spent the lord collapsed onto the well used body of the freshly fucked Sarah and rested for a moment before removing his still swollen member from her and rolling onto his back, the urgency now sated.

There had indeed been quite a bit of blood. He was fairly well covered in her life fluid and her cunt juices from his belly button to half way down his thighs. Sarah was similarly covered and she lay in a pool of blood. The bed was a mess.

Lying on the side closest to where the Chinese girl knelt he turned his head and said simply “kiss me Swee” the naked girl climbed over the side of the bed, her feet remaining on the floor, her belly across the edge of the mattress and open mouthed she latched onto his slightly parted lips. Seconds later, he turned his head away. “Kissing is not your strong suit, Swee” he said dismissively “never mind, you are a very acceptable cock sucker and in a few short minutes we will see how you perform on your back.”

Feeling renewed he sat up and climbed out of bed, looking down the glorious mess he had made. Sarah remained immobile on the blood soaked sheets, her legs wide open, her eyes staring fixedly while a mixture of semen and blood seeped from her gaping cunt.

“You will need to clean yourself up a bit, Sarah and I suspect your mobility has been compromised by rutting you have just had. “Naidu will clean me up in the other bathroom so you just need to crawl into the ensuite for a wash”.

“Thank you, sir for your consideration and for the fantastic root.” she responded weakly.

“You did your duty well girl, but do not imagine my patience is limitless, get yourself cleaned up and into the other bedroom smartly, I am sure Swee is as eager to be ridden as I am to ride her. Come Naidu” said as he turned to leave, the other two girls following obediently in his wake admiring his magnificent body as he led them across the living room to the site of Swee’s deflowering.

Behind them Sarah rolled her tortured body off the bed and crawled on all fours, dripping a trail of blood and semen into the large well appointed bathroom. Looking around she saw washers and soap on the vanity, so she headed over to get some before crawling to the bidet where she hoped the warm water would not only flush and clean her but also provide some relief to her battered cunt.


On arriving in the second bedroom Swee offered to help with the cleaning but he politely declined instructing her to prepare herself for duty.

Leading Naidu to the bathroom he said with surprising tenderness “I want you to wash me like a lover. We can take a few minutes, I think Sarah will need time to get here and you can give her that consideration by keeping me distracted.”

Taking the hint Naidu pressed her naked body against his responding eagerly to his beckoning lips. She found herself mildly disappointed that his cock remained rampant and stood between their bellies rather that hanging lower and searching for well lubricated opening. Notwithstanding the brutality of how he had taken Sarah, Naidu remained desperate to have him inside her.

Breaking the clinch he said softly “nice kiss, but I think it’s time we showered, you are now covered in gunk as well and need a wash.”

Once under the warm water, they resumed their snog, while she worked his shaft. The objective of getting him clean soon morphed into a search for more pleasure by him and an attempt by her to curry favour, in the hope of mitigating the caning and jump to the queue and be done ahead of Swee.

“Be careful, girlie” he said in a warning tone “we need to save enough for two more fucks and as the woman at the end of the queue you have the most to lose”.

“Dominus I wish to be of service and truthfully...you have had four big orgasms and remain as rock hard and erect as you were at the start. I can’t see you running out of juice and time soon.”

Answering her unasked question he said firmly “You cannot avoid the cane. In my world a sentence, once handed down will be carried out. The only hope the transgressor has is to not make it any worse.”

“Yes lord” she responded sadly while lathering soap in her hands to clean and pleasure her master. She then leant into him and resumed her passionate kiss while bringing him to yet another explosive climax, his ejaculation reaching as high as her chin where she wiped it with her right index finger before consuming it sensuously.

“Nice hand job, and you are right I remain undiminished. Nevertheless we came to get clean, and so we now shall. I don’t want Swee drying up in there.”

With that Naidu picked up a washer and cleaned the remaining muck from his body before attending to her own mess. Then, lifting the shower head out of its bracket she rinsed him and then herself. “Would you like to luxuriate under the shower while I get dry, sir and them I will dry you?”

“Yes, that would be nice” he responded and she stepped out onto the bath mat and took a white towel.

He stood under the revitalising warm water and watched as she toweled the water from her magnificent body. Finishing, she hung up her towel and took a fresh one beckoning the lord without words.

He turned off the taps and stepped out. She began at the top of his head tenderly rubbing his hair before drying behind his ears, his handsome face and powerful neck. Moving down his body Naidu found every stage more exciting than the one before. Savouring her opportunity to work with his magnificent pecks she slowed the pace. He raised his arms slightly to allow her access she traced down his sides allowing the towel to rub gently over his six pack abdomen. Reaching his erotic core she moved around to his back, leaving the best for last. Starting with his broad muscled shoulders she worked down his back soaking up droplets of water has she went. Sinking submissively to her knees she had a flood in her pleasure centre as she brushed the water from his slim round buttocks, gently toweling between his cheeks before reaching between his legs to dry, briefly brushing his enormous balls before continuing down his legs to his feet. One at a time he lifted his feet steadying himself against the shower screen while she dried between his toes.

Naidu then crawled on all fours, like the bitch in heat she was, around the front to finish with the best bit.

“Get a move on Naidu” he said with an edge of irritation as she worked his still rock hard penis.

“That’s enough” he snapped, turning away from her “get to the bedroom... and as you seem intent on acting the bitch in heat you can do so like a dog, on all fours.

Naidu complied, consumed by lust and frustration.

Irritated by Naidu’s behavior he decided to ramp up the coarse language of domination. He swaggered into the room to find Sarah kneeling on the far side of the bed looking exhausted. Swee lay in position in the middle of the bed with her knees bent and legs open as Sarah had been for her consummation, her pubic mound swelled in and anticipation with a goodly amount of natural lubrication glistening around her opening.

“Did you manage to walk over Sarah or did you have to crawl like the well fucked whore you are?”

Sarah flinched at the violence of his question but thought better than to respond insolently. “You have well and truly conquered me, sir. I am pleased to have been debased by such a noble creature of you. I suspect none of us will walk away from our deflowering. I crawled here like a whipped dog.”

“Well said I should just let me know that Naidu brought me to climax with a hand job in the shower. It was most enjoyable but I thought you should know Swee, because if you fucking is more brutal that it needs to be you have her to blame, mind you as the last to be done she is the one most likely to suffer for this unscheduled excursion. Now Swee, are you afraid after witnessing the treatment I meted out to Sarah?” he asked as he knelt on the bed between Swee’s open legs.

“A little nervous, lord, but still very keen to be of service, to be mastered by you.” she responded meekly “but I have no concern that your capacity has been diminished. Your noble cock looks as ready to break my unworthy cunt as it ever was”

“Well said” he responded. The women had obviously detected his more aggressive tone and wisely chosen to respond in a tone that emphasised respect and submission.

Hunching over Swee’s prone body the master took his massive dick in hand and guided it to her opening. Once he was confident the he was in position to enter he placed his hand either side her small breasts and commanded her to look him in the eye for the moment of penetration. She did as he commanded and he plunged unforgivingly into her body. Swee responded with a cry of pain as her eyes widened and she arched he back in as if she had just received an electric shock.

The master had no real wish to drag this out. 10 minutes of unrelenting thrusting should see him satisfied. Swee was not taking it as well as Sarah had and in no time her head was rocking backwards and forwards as her mouth uttered a series of statements about how it was too big interspersed with pleas for mercy.

Blood began to soak into the sheets around her tortured cunt. He did not respond to her pleas either in words or physically. He simply kept up his relentless thrusting without any change of pace.

About 4 minutes in she received mercy in the form of a shattering orgasm that had her whole body thrashing under his merciless attack. She cried out “no no” when in fact she meant yes yes. After a minute or so the climax ended and she fell into trance like state, resuming her increasingly pathetic pleas for mercy.

“For fuck’s sake Swee, shut up or I will have you gagged” he said impatiently.

He then monetarily slowed his attack while he reached back and grabbed her knees pulling them up and then brutally commanding “hold these cunt, while I plow you deeper”.

Lost in a world of pain, humiliation and surrender the woman complied and he resumed his relentless pounding. About 10 minutes after he has commenced the ride and 5 minutes after Swee’s mind numbing orgasm, his mighty cock commenced its convulsions as it pumped massive amounts of semen into her womb. He slowed the speed of his thrusts eventually stopping altogether but remained inside her for another couple of minutes while his balls drained, only to have her over filled body leak it back with the virginal blood. Mind numbed by her orgasm Swee had not been able to respond to his orgasm and finished the experience with just one climax.

Finally done he told her to lower her legs so he could roll off her to rest beside her on the bed. Turning his head he saw that he had landed on the side of Sarah. He told her to kiss him which she did with enthusiasm, despite her weakened state.

His great cock now showed some signs waning but after 6 explosive orgasms in under three hours there was no doubt that he was a man like no other.

From across the bed, Naidu glared at Sarah receiving his intimate attention. Fortunately for her no one saw the look, for it would undoubtedly have been rated insolent and could have resulted in an addition to her as yet, unexecuted caning sentence. The only girl left unplundered also began to consider that her hand job in the shower could have been a mistake as she watched the extreme rigidity ebb out of the cock that was to do her next.

The master lingered longer alongside the comatose Swee than he had beside the freshly fucked Sarah, probably due to his creeping satiation. Truth be known, he was finally finding a need to recharge. 6 big orgasms were testing his initial ambitions. While they were in the plan, the unplanned hand job had had altered the maths and left him with one girl to break and fading enthusiasm. Nevertheless he was unwilling to place limited stamina on the agenda despite of his undoubted power to keep control. He was determined to find a way to complete this session satisfied and ready for more.

“You still alive Swee?” he asked in a light tone.

“Yes Dominus” she responded with a slightly outer worldly air “and thanks for making a woman of me again and in such fine style. I don’t think I will ever enjoy sex again except with you and I really doubt I will ever walk again!”

All of a sudden he reviewed his opinion of Swee. He realised he...or at least his wand had chosen well for this inaugural journey into hedonism. There was still a girl to be turned into a woman and a disciplining to be executed, but so far so good. In future he would provide himself with options for pleasure rather than a rigid plan. Facing facts he recognised that none of the blow jobs had gone according to script although all had been pleasurable and one had even satisfied his unacknowledged goal of finding fault fit to be disciplined.

“ Swee, you need to get cleaned up and into the living room to watch Naidu introduced to the world of women; Sarah, you are on cleaning duty are you able walk or will you crawl?”

‘Not sure Lord” Sarah answered in a thin exhausted voice.

“Walk if you can, crawl if you can’t, I don’t really care, but I am getting hungry. I have a cunt to conquer and an arse to cane before lunch, so we need to pick up the pace. You may need to help Swee to the bathroom, Naidu” he said wearily has he headed to the other bathroom, his engorged cock now swinging at half mast.

The lord was under the shower by the time Sarah dragged her conquered body into the bathroom to do her duty. She had managed to get to her feet but still tottered unsteadily.

In an uncharacteristic act of kindness he invited her to put her arms around his neck for support while they kissed. “I think Swee may need the extra time to clean up so we can have a bit of private time just as I did with Naidu earlier. When we are done snogging you can kneel for cleaning duties and get the tool ready for the last job” “Mind you” he added in a warning tone, “when Naidu served me in the shower after your fucking, she was definitely risking herself and to a lesser extent Swee. If you go overboard and make me come again, you will, as a fucked woman, not be threatening yourself, only Naidu, that is...unless I take a dim view of selfishness?”

Once again a tiny crack of humanity broke through the dark, threatening clouds of domination.

Taking the hint, Sarah resolved to restore him to his former glory without drawing yet another burst of semen. Continuing to avail herself of his physical support. She kissed him passionately “I think I love you, Dominus...notwithstanding the pain I have suffered, I would wish to live the rest of my life with your noble cock inside me, dying while still skewered.” With that, she reengaged in the passionate kiss, but as always, when he offers a glimpse of gentility and his interlocutor responds in kind, he reverts to the controlling dominator.”

“On your knees, cunt, you have a job to do and I have a bitch to break.”

Surprising herself, Sarah sank to her knees. She absorbed the insult and got on with business. This she concluded was now the way of the world.

With all of Swee’s juices washed away and his cock restored to its former dominance, he instructed Sarah to do as Naidu had, allowing him to enjoy the streams of hot water while she dried herself.

Once she was done, he then turned off the taps, and stepped out to be dried gently but without the sensuousness that Naidu had approached the task. Sarah was clearly broken, not only physically but psychologically. The Lord suffered a pang of disappointment; Sarah had quickly become his favourite. Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she toed the line of cheeky insubordination. He had intended to use her again but unless the sparkle was rekindled, she would have to be discarded. In a way she had become like Swee, saying and doing the right things, but without warmth. It would be interesting to see if any of the women survived their fucking with any of the light that had attracted him in the first place.

“Come Sarah, time to get on with it” he said matter of factly as he turned to leave the bathroom. Glancing briefly the mess of a bed that had used to break Sarah. The black girl followed, still uneasy on her feet, walking as if she had just got off a horse. Watching his gorgeous buttocks as he walked before her she found desire rekindle albeit a little tentatively.

Walking into the lounge/dining room he immediately fixed on the naked Indian girl who was to be his final assignment this session. “Frightened Naidu” he asked threateningly “you should be. Where’s Swee?”

Naidu was greatly relieved that his penis had returned to peak condition answered “a little nervous but very eager to be of service and turned into a woman by your noble cock. Swee is...”

“I’m coming Sir” interrupted the Chinese girl as she crawled on all fours out of the bedroom towards the table that was the venue for the Indian’s deflowering”

Swee had in fact told Naidu that she was too sore to come out but realised just in time that failure to show would probably be interpreted as defiance and dragged her battered body out of the bathroom where she had been cleaning off the detritus of her destruction.

“Ok slut, on your back, on the table and spread ‘em.”

Naidu slid first her left cheek the her right over the edge of the table lying back and using her hands to pull her knees up and out to expose her well lubricated but hairy snatch.

“That will not do” he said with and edge of irritation “you must balance your ass over the edge of the table. If you lay that far back my dick and balls could hit the edge of the table and it could hurt a little.” He said his voice dripping with contempt. “If you are afraid of falling, don’t be... once I have skewered you, you won’t fall.

Naidu slid uneasily towards him. “Once I am in and we are down to business, I may even let you rest your legs on my shoulders” he said with mock consideration.

As with the other girls, the master used his right hand to guide the tool to the mouth of her cunt before turning his attention to her face and eyes. “Look me in the eyes while I conquer you, I do so like the shock that registers in a bitch's eyes at the moment of penetration.”

He then plunged into the hapless girl with much more brutal force than he had used on the others. Her eyes flew wide and she let fly with and agonised scream.

In the 4702 the two house maids who had been sent to clean up Naidu’s vomit froze staring at one another, the younger one, a pretty 17 year old, said with urgency “someone’s in trouble we must help”. Her 19 year old colleague responded with certainty “someone is indeed in trouble and if we intervene we will be too.” “What do you mean” asked her incredulous comrade. “How old are you Sharon, asked the older girl.” “17” responded Sharon somewhat sheepishly. “Well that explains it. You were not at the meeting and I must correct myself, If we intervene, I will be in trouble. The Lord and master is using a poor unfortunate girl and if we interfere ... I’ll be next. And I don’t want to be next.”

“OK” responded Sharon shocked. The girls returned to their repugnant job, their panties wet with the imagination of what was going on next door.

Naidu’s small canal closed tightly around the master’s intrusive member providing it with a rapturous embrace. He felt a charge of pleasure course through him unlike what he had felt with the other girls. Despite his fatigue with the process and hunger, he, at that moment decided to take his time with Naidu. Her agonised look morphed into a smile and a laugh escaped her lips.

“What are you doing crazy girl...er woman” he asked confused at her changed emotion.

“Oh master... it hurts, but it hurts soooo good” she purred as she slipped into a sexual stupor “No rush sir. I know you have been given a lot this morning, but I think I can give you the best.”

At that moment he felt an attraction to the woman on a whole different level. She wanted to be done slowly and he wanted to do her slowly, so do her slowly he did.For 20 minutes he plunged in and out of her with a slow but consistent stroke, her muscles tensing and releasing with the rhythm of his body keeping him in a constant state of near total ecstasy. At any time he could have changed the pace and concluded the ride but he declined to do so for quite some time. Tummy rumbling with hunger the lord, standing at the end of the table continued to take pleasure from this willing victim laid on the table before him.

On either side of the table the Sarah and Swee watched as Naidu did her duty. Swee still unable to walk sat on the floor watching from under the glass table as blood fell from Naidu’s broken cunt dripped on the carpet. Sarah, having regained somewhat tenuous use of her legs glared at younger woman. She had thought that the younger women was finished after the sentence of caning, but Naidu had made a great come back and was now threatening her unspoken claim to primacy.

“For goodness sake Sarah, sit down before you fall down” the master instructed with scant regard. Sarah was relieved to take a seat at the table alongside Naidu’s beautiful head watching as the young woman took and gave pleasure.

After 8 minutes Naidu came. Not with thrashing and shouting. She simply opened her eyes wide, as at the moment of penetration, her body tensed and she expelled air audibly through only slightly open lips.

“Thank you, Dominus for your generous gift to an unworthy cunt” she said sensuously at the conclusion of her climax.

Taking a cue the master said “rest your legs on my shoulders, Naidu”.

She did so and he pushed forward to gain yet deeper penetration while commencing playing, at times quite roughly, with her tits and nipples. Naidu was not to climax again. She was now determined to focus in his pleasure and for 12 exhausting minutes, that is what she did until reluctantly the lord decided he could not continue and, after briefly increasing the tempo, flooded her vagina with and other huge load of semen.

He slowed the pace of the thrust to a stop standing between her legs as his mighty cock finally lost its vigour and removed itself from Naidu’s abused hole naturally.

He stood back and looked down. This time relatively little of the blood and cum was on plastered on and around his penis. Most of it was on the carpet but a significant portion had fallen unnoticed onto his bare feet.

He stood limp for a moment. The exhausted and broken Naidu did not move but said in a surprisingly strong voice “thank you sir... I consider it a great honour to have been conquered by such as you.”

He had one remaining task before he could eat and rest and his enthusiasm for the job had waned. He did not doubt his decision to cane Naidu for her disrespect and he had decided that to create order in society, sentences one handed down must be carried out. Maybe later, once his authority had been established, he could relax a little and show mercy. But that was not now. The message from his debasement of these women and the caning of Naidu had to be that his desires were great, his determination resolute and his justice swift and brutal. The problem was that Naidu had been such an expert with her hands in the shower and despite being last to be fucked had given him a wonderful ride and shattering climax. Casting these thoughts aside his resolve was reasserted.

“Right, Sarah, help Naidu to the bathroom to clean her up, then go to the lift well and collect the items I ordered. Then find us some bath robes. Swee, to the bathroom with me for cleaning duties.”

Still weakend by her own defilement Swee followed the master to the bathroom on all fours like and obedient dog.

Naidu slipped off the table, staying on her feet unlike the other girls immediately after their rutting. She did however walk with the uneasy gait of a person who had just spent a day in the saddle, Sarah, suddenly sympathetic to her erstwhile rival, took her elbow and although still unstable herself helped Naidu.

The Indian girl got straight into the Shower and turned on the tap, allowing the soothing warm water to rinse off the residue of her deflowering.

“Hey Sarah she asked “you wouldn’t like to see if there is a razor and shaving cream in the vanity would you? I would like to get rid of my bush, I know it displeases the master.”

“I wouldn’t bother now. He has already factored that in and I don’t think you will win any brownie points by losing it now.” Sarah responded helpfully “I think time is important to keeping him happy. He is hungry and wants to eat.” without explicit reference the remaining activity before lunch. “Getting ready quickly is the best way forward, I would advise, and if you rush it you could hurt yourself and/or do a bad job. I think a scrappy thatch will highlight the problem and likely annoy him more than a bushy one.”

“I guess you are right” responded Naidu dejectedly.

“If you are OK, I will go and collect the bits and pieces ordered by the master. A couple of minutes on the bidet will do you good.”

“Thanks, yes I am OK” Naidu responded as she turned off the shower and walked gingerly to the bidet to rinse her abused undercarriage.

Heeding Sarah’s advice that promptness was now the key, Naidu spend only a minute and a half on the bidet before drying herself and heading to the living room and her rather unpleasant short term destiny.

She was the last to arrive but had not delayed long enough to incur the master's ire. He had just pulled on a pair of Skins compression shorts, his now satiated genitals making a large prominent bulge in the front and holding still the women’s rapt attention.

“What are you staring at?” he asked mockingly “surely you are not ready for more?”

“Any time, sir” said Naidu absentmindedly.

“Mmmm” Sarah purred while Swee remained transfixed by the bulge. If anything he was sexier and more attractive in the briefs that be had been naked.

“Enough” he said with the edge of irritation returning to his voice “Bathrobe, Sarah”

Sarah hurried to the couch where she had laid the fluffy white toweling robes she had found in the wardrobes of the two bedrooms. Selecting the biggest one she took it behind the master, slipping one and then the other into the sleeves before pulling it up over his impressive back and shoulders. Moving to the front, she had no problem pulling it together and tying it off around his slim waist. Standing back, it was immediately obvious that it was not big enough for his chest and shoulders, It gaped open at the top, pulling his shoulders back and creating an exaggerated display of his wonderful pecks. Reaching to mid thigh it left ample opportunity for the ladies to admire his finely muscled, hairless legs.

“OK girls, you can robe” he said in an even tone.

The three women moved gingerly to the couch to claim some dignity.

“Not you, Naidu you remain completely naked until after your caning."

Unsurprised the Indian stopped in her tracks as the other women gleefully reclaimed the dignity that clothing affords.

“Swee and Sarah, take Naidu onto the balcony and prepare he for the execution of the sentence” he paused to let the word sink in before continuing “she is to be secured to the table but still accorded some ability to move. Her ankles are to be secured to the legs of the table so that she continues to have some movement, but is unable to close her legs to more than two feet apart at the ankles, her wrists at to be secured to the opposite legs leaving her with enough movement to rest on her for forearms and lift her tits of the table, but no higher.”

“I do not need to be restrained, sir. I will take my punishment” Naidu interjected evenly.

“Ah sweet Naidu” the master responded with mock kindness “If you change your mind half way through, I would have to impose further sanction... I don’t think either of us wants that ...at the moment. You will be restrained for your own protection. Would you like a gag to save you from the humiliation of crying out...or the greater risk that you could get ...lippy under stress and bring more suffering on yourself.”

“I will be OK, Sir” she responded compliantly.

“Remember, respect at all times. You may howl and beg but you cannot be disrespectful, no matter how painful it gets or unjust you may think it, you must at all times keep a civil tongue in your head. Is that understood.”

“Yes Dominus” she responded dejectedly.

“Swee, hurry next door and recover the remains of Naidu’s panties. I will gag you, like it or not if I tire of you howling” the master advised.

“Ok lets get on with it” he said evenly.

With that Swee scurried from the room and Sarah moved to the table to retrieve the rope from where she had placed it after retrieving it from the lift lobby. In so doing she drew Naidu’s attention for the first time to the cane, the implement of here imminent misery. 5 Foot long thin and straight, it was no doubt very flexible. Her instant assessment was not just that it would cause great pain but also do significant damage to her beautiful round buttocks. She was momentarily transfixed in terror at the sight.

Naidu was shaken from her trance by Sarah gently taking her left elbow to escort her to the terrace. Resenting the idea that she needed to be escorted, Naidu shook the other woman off and proceeded unaided to the site of her punishment. Behind her, unmoving, her tormentor stared approvingly at his target.

Once she had crossed the threshold onto the sunlit terrace he reached to the table to pick up the cane and then as an afterthought went the bedroom where Swee had been ploughed and picked up a pillow. Walking to the terrace, he was temporarily blinded by the light. I need sunglasses he thought, but he had no wish to delay further. Swee had returned with the shredded remains of Naidu’s panties and placed them on the table along with the remains of her own g-string and the Lords wand which she had thoughtfully retrieved.

The transgressor stood at the short side of the table, her hairy snatch pressed against the edge and her legs open. No one spoke, the only sounds were that of traffic and the unintelligible hum of human chatter floating up from the street below.

“Here rest this on the edge of the table. The sentence involved caning your ass not damaging your belly” he said throwing the pillow to her.

Naidu caught it and placed it between her naked body and the table edge.

Sarah had unfurled the rope and looked unsure of how to proceed. “It is certainly long enough to do the job, but it would be better if it was in four separate lengths” she said a little bemused. “Can we cut it?”

The master stepped to the table and retrieved his wand “Loop it in half” he instructed, slicing through the cord “and again” he said before slicing through halves to make four.

“Ok, now get on with it” he said impatiently as he turned and walked to the edge of the terrace to observe his domain from on high.

Behind him Swee and Sarah worked quickly with Naidu’s compliance to secure the naked young woman to the table as directed.

In no time at all Sarah announced that Naidu was ready.

He turned to see that the young woman had indeed been prepared as he directed, bent over the edge of the table, resting her upper body on her forearms with her nipples gently brushing the translucent glass table top. Moving behind her, she immediately tensed for the first blow, but it did not come... not yet.

He admired the curves of her brown bottom, noting with satisfaction that his jizz was still leaking out of her vagina in addition to the glistening of her own secretion round her hole. Naidu was still experiencing the afterglow of her earlier fucking while silently begging for the next one. He ran his hands over he soon to be tortured globes brushing teasingly against her sex. She relaxed slightly knowing that the first cut was not imminent. Sensing her relief he swooshed the cane through thin air and watched amused as she tensed in renewed expectation of the first strike. Moving to the front he reached under her front to knead her tits finally pinching her rock hard nipples.

“You are stimulated by this aren’t you, slut” he said contemptuously. ”You want to be ridden again, don’t you.”

“Oh yes sir” she purred seductively.

“Well, not yet” he said as he swooshed the cane back and forth once through the air.

Naidu was beside herself with fear and lust, she looked at him with pleading eyes, eager the be disciplined in the hope that she may once again be filled with his cock once it was all over. The other two girls looked on slack jawed and transfixed by the show. All three eager for his attention, notwithstanding the residual discomfort from their recent fuckings.

Sensing her desperation and eager to get on with it he undid the tie of the bathrobe and peeled the garment off to once again display his magnificent body now clad only in brief compression shorts. His recently sated penis beginning to show renewed sighs of arousal.

Holding the discarded garment out no one moved for a second as all three girls remained ruthlessly focussed on his growing bulge.

Finally Swee took the hint and hurried to take the robe and drape it over a chair before returning to her vantage point from which she had a good view of Naidu’s behind.

Without further delay the lord walked back behind Naidu to begin the punishment. Deprived of the view of his body her head sunk, leaving her two shoulders as the highest points of her body.

Taking up his position the master tapped Naidu’s buttocks menacingly but painlessly with the cane as he prepared his aim. Then holding it as far back as he could without taking his eyes off the target ass, he brought it rushing back striking Naidu’s buttocks dead centre with a loud slap creating a raised red welt at 90 degrees to her arse crack.

As the pain shot through her body he head flew up and the legs reflexively tried to close to protect her genitals, but were of course thwarted by the ropes that that kept he sex exposed and vulnerable. Naidu did not utter a sound except the sharp inhalation of breath.

Swee and Sarah stared fixedly in a mixture of horror and excitement at Naidu’s bottom which had temporarily replaced the master’s penis as the object of their fascination.

The master stepped forward to get a closer look at his handiwork, running his finger across the welt before rubbing his hands over her buttocks and again teasingly brushing her sex.

“That was one, Naidu. You are very brave; you have not uttered a sound. Please know that one of my objectives it to get a scream out of you with the next 5.”

Resuming his position, the master once again tapped painlessly in Naidu’s bottom, taking aim just under the first stripe. Drawing back again he hit her a second time with even more energy. Again Naidu’s head flew up and back and unable to control herself she let out a piercing scream as her legs tried again ineffectually to close. Her head dropped down and tears began to flow.

“That is twice now that you have tried to close your legs, Naidu” he said in an ‘I told you so’ tone. “I did you a real favour in having you tied down. Imagine if you had managed to close your legs... we may be recommencing the whole process and you would have six more to go, rather than four and I think you are probably wondering how you will survive the four”

“Thank you for restraining me sir” she responded between sobs.

Down in the street for some way around and through the hotel the anguished scream was heard. Most in company looked at one another shocked before looking at the source of the cry, unable to see anything. Most then resumed what they were doing, unwilling to intervene in what was clearly a dangerous situation. For the significant minority that wanted trouble the seed of rebellion was now germinating fertilised by the sound of human suffering.

Once again the master moved in for a closer look and a feel, as before touching her sex and sending contradictory feelings of pleasure and pain coursing through her body. This blow had broken the skin and blood began to appear along the welt. His objective, apart from self satisfaction was to slow the process down so that pain and humiliation of each blow was fully absorbed before the next one. Six quick cuts would definitely be kinder, but he did not do mercy.

Resuming his position he tapped yet lower still on her globes taking aim before striking again with the same force as number 2.

Repeating her reaction Naidu howled again as she threw her head back and tried again to close her legs. Panic now gripped her. If he continued on his current path the next blow would hit her intimate lips, an event that she was sure she would not survive. Of course she would survive but such a blow to her sex would send her to a whole new level of agony. She should not have worried. Cruel though he was the provision of the pillow with the remark about not hurting he belly, only her arse, was a strong indication that the sentence would be administered strictly as handed down and her cunt was not part of it.

Down in the street the second scream added a healthy dose of water to the seedling of rebellion.

“I have had enough of her screaming. Swee, gag her with her panties” the master instructed. Swee, terrified by what was happening rushed to do the lords bidding. She grabbed the shredded and soiled garment and balled it up before pushing it into Naidu’s compliant mouth.

Droplets of blood now decorated two welts.

Once more stepping back, the master again took aim, this time tapping above welt number one. Naidu was relieved to the point of joy that her pussy was to be spared. That, combined with a blow reminiscent of number one rather than the crueller two and three was enough to give the submissive girl a low level orgasm.

With only two to go, an orgasm done and seemingly a lighter hit, Naidu relaxed a bit. She should not have. In gagging her, the master had wanted to turn the high pitched scream into the guttural moan of a beaten animal. He also sensed that she had climaxed and while he was not necessarily displeased, that was definitely part of the plan.

Once again taking aim, the master tapped the first welt. Naidu’s relief turned to despair as he prepared for a savage blow on the raised but unbloodied welt.

The pain was extraordinary and Naidu bucked violently against her restraints. All but the fourth welt were now bloody as the punished girl now let out a series of muffled screams.

With only one cut to go and wishing to savour the experience he moved in for a closer look, cruelly manhandling her tortured buttocks, smearing blood around and eliciting more guttural cries before plunging two fingers of his right hand into her sopping pussy. Withdrawing his fingers, he wiped the blood and gunk off on her lower back. Caned, fingered and fucked he owned this female more totally than the other two. She had also assumed primacy in his mind, passing Sarah as his most enjoyable companion. Swee would soon be dismissed having done her duty, but he had a mind to keep the other two around for a bit, at least until he found other toys to amuse him.

Stepping back he prepared to deliver the final blow. Aiming just above the fourth welt he tapped out his aim. As had so often happened before, soft thoughts morphed into brutal action and he struck Naidu’s tortured buttocks with his most savage blow yet.

Naidu bucked and howled again before falling limp and silent, the sentence complete.

By now the masters member was again rampant, a fact that did other not escape the witnessing women.

Seizing the moment, Sarah said clearly “Can I help you with that swelling sir.” Unable to see but immediately understanding what was going on, Naidu sprang back to life, thrashing groaning before she managed to spit the gag out and gasping for breath said “No, me please sir, mercy, I need a mercy fuck, oh please sir, please” she pleaded.

“I will use Naidu” he said without reason or apology. He peeled off his briefs to approach the tortured girl once again naked. Having forgotten his earlier decision not to allow others clothing while he was naked. He did not order Sarah and Swee to strip.

He plunged slowly into the still restrained Naidu from behind pushing as deep as he could before partially withdrawing to commence a regular, rhythmic shafting, the tortured girl panting loudly and grunting with every thrust. He did not intend to take long and after a couple of minutes he quickened slightly to bring the ride to a climax, triggering an orgasm in Naidu they came together.

Sated he stood still with his cock inside allowing it to soften and leave her of its own free will just as he had when he broke her.

“Untie Naidu and clean her up girls” he said wearily “while I rinse off the detritus. We will move suites again, but only when we are all clean and together.”

“Can I help you sir” asked Sarah hopefully.

“No... do as you are told” he said wearily as he turned and went to the ensuite of the right-side bathroom “and hurry up about it. I am tired and hungry.”

The master took only a minute to rinse himself off, stepping from the shower to dry himself with a damp towel, repeated cleanings having exhausted the available resources. He then went in search of the bathrobe he had discarded, finding it on the terrace where Swee had draped it as he prepared to discipline Naidu.

Pulling it on he was irritated by the constricting discomfort across his shoulders and chest. The master then went in search of a larger robe looking first in the wardrobe closest and then the one adjacent to the bathroom where Naidu was being cleaned up. There were no larger garments.

Finally he drew the robe around him as best he could and went in search of the linen store, finding it on the far western side of the lift well.

Testing the door he was relieved to find it unlocked. Opening it and stepping in he was surprised to find two very attractive house maids. The girls were shocked, standing slack jawed looking at the Adonis that had just entered their work space.

“Just looking for larger bathrobe ladies” he said absently.

Wide eyed and unspeaking the older girl proffered an extra large robe which he took wordlessly, leaving the store and its two dumbstruck occupants, closing the door behind him.

Walking once again through the vestibule he discarded the old robe, pulling on the new one and immediately feeling more comfortable around his shoulders and chest. Re entering 4701 he found his playmates standing around, looking drained and uncertain. While Swee and Sarah were comfortably dressed in their bathrobes, he was pleased to see Naidu still naked, having wisely waited for permission to dress. Wordlessly using his right index finger, he instructed the girl to turn for inspection.

Looking at her bloody and bruised bottom “I hope you have learned lesson, Naidu” he intoned paternally. “You may how dress” he continued, “We are now moving to 4703...this place smells of sex and blood”

“Thank you sir” Naidu replied and she picked up the remaining bathrobe and put it on.

Leading the way he stopped at the coffee table and picked up the phone receiver. Dialling 9 he waited for an answer before launching into a set of orders.

“4701 is a fucking mess and needs to be cleaned. I need a cocktail bar tender with a full trolley in 4703...fast. I need a chef and a cute waitress to serve our lunch.” After a brief pause to reluctantly listen, he continued impatiently “OK if 4702 is clean and ready, that is where will go. Send what I order and hurry up about it.” Then as an afterthought he instructed “also provide 4 iPads with the local clothing stores sites bookmarked.” After a brief pause, he then barked back “I know what I asked for...the game has changed... send them back to their shops and tell them to set up credit accounts in the name of the Master and tell them to remain ready to fulfil our orders as I wish...I couldn’t give a flying fuck about their trading hours, tell them to be ready.” He then slammed down the phone.

“Back to 4702, bitches” he said triumphantly as he strode from the room, his toys following obediently in his wake.

On entering the middle suite the master walked straight through the living room onto the sunlit terrace.

“I think a little relaxation and socialising is in order” he said breezily as he walked to the edge of the spa.

Turning he found Sarah closest and without warning roughly opened the top of her robe and pealed it off her shoulders. Again Sarah looked a little affronted at being so exposed, her look was subtle, but did not escape the master’s attention.

He raised his clenched fist under her chin and looked the half naked girl in the eye and with great menace said “your body is mine to use as I wish” he then slapped her across the face. Reaching for the tie that held the robe together and protected her modesty, he yanked it off. The garment fell to the floor, continuing “If I want to strip you, I will strip you” and he slapped her again from the other direction before plunging two fingers of his right hand into her sopping pussy. “And if I want to finger you, finger...you...l...will. Now get in” he said gesturing at the spa as he withdrew his fingers from her body.

“I am so sorry sir” she said dejectedly as she obediently climbed into the warm maters of the Jacuzzi.

Some punishment thought Naidu bitterly.

Unnoticed another person had witnessed this little performance.

Claire Mason, a very attractive 18 year old waitress dressed in a very short very tight skirt and short sleeved white blouse stood trance like through Sarah’s humiliation. The master only noticed her as he withdrew his fingers from Sara’s snatch.

“Ah, refreshments have arrived” he said lightly, his good humour having returned. I will have a dry martini. What do you want Sarah? You can have anything you want.”

“Champagne would be nice thank you sir” replied Sarah having regained he equilibrium.

“Excellent, a bottle of Moet” he continued cheerfully “What about you Swee?”

“I don’t drink sir” she responded shyly, “just a lemonade please”

“And you Naidu?”

“I too would like a champagne thank you sir” she answered.

“Got that?” he asked the waitress.

“Yes sir” she responded nervously.

“Bring 4 glasses with the champers, I might have one two and we might try and pour some into Swee.”

“Will that be all for now sir?” she asked again nervously.

“Yes, get on with it” he responded as he turned his attention to stripping the Chinese girl.

Swee was compliant and accepted her return to nudity, getting into the Jacuzzi as ordered.

He then turned his attention to Naidu. A look of terror crossed the Indian girl’s as she contemplated her wounded buttocks into the chemically enhanced salty water.

Sensing a problem the master found to his rare sympathetic persona. “Is there a problem Naidu?”

"I fear the impact of the spa water on my wounds sir, but I will comply with your wishes” she responded fearfully.

“With respect sir, the salt in the water will cause her great pain and the chemicals could cause infection in her wounds” Swee interjected bravely.

“Of course”, he responded thoughtfully. “The punishment is finished and no further pain will be inflicted on you. With your medical training, how would you treat Naidu’s wounds?”

“I am not a doctor, sir but I would suggest some antiseptic cream. A little sun would be helpful too, but not too much, say 20-30minutes.”

The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the drinks. Claire wisely served the master first. He took a sip of his drink and expressed approval before setting it down on a nearby table. He then watched as Claire poured two glasses of Champagne handing the first to the still clothed Naidu before nervously approaching the naked black girl in the Jacuzzi. Sarah took the glass as if nothing was amiss, the waitress hastily averting her gaze before retrieving Swee’s lemonade and again tentatively approaching the spa, occupied by two buck naked women. Swee took the drink and the two women smirked at Claire’s obvious discomfort.

“We will be requiring some antiseptic cream, girl” he ordered “what would you recommend Swee”

"Swee responded and the girl wrote down the name of the cream.

“Now call that worthless boss of yours and tell him to get the cream up here fast.” he instructed.

“Sir, may I ask a favour?”

“What” he responded evenly.

“Could I get some depilatory cream to clean up my bush, that is if you wish be to remain and serve you further” the Naidu asked hopefully.

“Come back girl” he shouted.

Claire scurried back “and some depilatory cream, for the removal of pubic hair” he added.

“Will that be all for now sir?” she asked terrified.

“Yes, go”

The master again turned his attention to Naidu, seizing the lapels of her bathrobe, roughly stripping her to the waist. Despite all that had gone before, Naidu found her nudity in company disconcerting. Maybe it was the addition of the clothed waitress that set he on edge. She covered well however and the master did not twig to her discomfort. In fact he was well and truly occupied, marvelling at her perfect breasts.

“Best rack on offer... no doubt about it” her murmured loud enough for all to hear as he cupped them gently in both hands before giving them a long squeeze and finishing with a hard pinch of her nipples.

Swee viewed the scene with detachment, unlike Sarah who saw Naidu as competition. Sarah had long toed the line of insolence particularly with reference to reacting to the masters attention to the Indian girl, and was dangerously close to crossing it, but yet again, his rapt attention was held by Naidu’s tits and he missed the jealous glare.

With another quick yank the Indian Girl was totally naked. “Pull the sun lounge over by the spa so you can sun your ass as prescribed by Dr Swee” he said with mock respect “and join the conversation”

Naidu did as instructed, now feeling very vulnerable while the master peeled off his bathrobe, recapturing the attention of the two girls in the spa. Picking up his now half empty cocktail, he stepped elegantly into the hot tub, taking his place between the two nudes who parted to accommodate him.

“Where are you girl” he shouted as Sarah seized the initiative, beginning the gentle massaging of his well used sword. Swee, as usual waited for instructions, taking no risk and winning no points.

“What’s your name” he asked enquiringly

“Claire” she responded fearfully briefly glancing at Naidu’s ruined bottom.

“Well Claire another martini for me and freshen the girls’ drinks. I think it is time Swee became acquainted with Champagne” he instructed imperiously.

Claire went about pouring the Champagne for the girls, draining the bottle.

“Well, you had better get another bottle for my women. Moet OK for you tarts? Or would you prefer something different... Bollinger perhaps” he asked contemptuously and ostentatiously.

“Moet is fine” responded Sarah with Naidu chiming in, agreeing. Swee said nothing as she approached her first alcoholic drink with some trepidation.

Claire turned to fill the orders when the master said menacingly “wait”

“Girls, here we are in the buff while Claire serves us fully clad. Is that right?”

“No” responded Sarah vengefully in unison with Naidu who was hoping that a naked waitress would make her feel less exposed.

“Go and get the drinks...quick... and bring the menus when you return” he instructed with an air of menace. “you will then strip on my command before taking further orders.”

The young waitress then hurried off, full of contradictory terror and lust.

Addressing his companions in a conversational tone the master said “well it is obvious that when I plundered each of you that your virginity had indeed been restored. You were delightfully tight like newbies and of course there was the blood. Nevertheless I detect that you have residual memory of past experiences. Naidu, you presented as the least experienced although I think the most submissive and lustiest. Swee, you have been around the block a couple of times and you are submissive but the least eager. Sarah, I think you were well ridden in your former life, and keen, but I think you used sex, you were not a prostitute. You were in the process of sleeping your way to the top or at least to serve your ends.” He then added with a laugh “I am always amused at the term ‘sleeping around...to the top etcetera’ ...if sleeping was all that was going on we would all be chaste. It is what happens while we are wide awake that gets the moralists on their high horse.”

“Am I on the money?” He asked curiously.

Sarah opened her mouth to respond but the lord cut her off before a sound was uttered. “Swee first” he said matter-of-factly.

“I have had two sexual partners, sir. The first took my virginity. It was most unsatisfactory. I was 17 and it put me off sex for a whole year. When I arrived at Uni to study, I met a lovely, man, just 3 months older than me. We have...” she stopped as the master interrupted

“Where is that bloody girl” he said with obvious irritation. “Claire” he shouted at the top of his voice, lowering it for local consumption “I think she is delaying the moment when she becomes the guest of dishonour at a strip show. I hope she hasn’t pissed off or I will have to hurt her. Indeed if she delays much longer...” he tailed off as the nervous, frightened girl reappeared with the ordered drinks on a tray with the menus.

Leaning over the edge of the Jacuzzi to hand the master his Martini, she saw for the first time his massive tool, restored to its terrifying magnificence by Sarah’s gentle stroking. Hurriedly averting her eyes she returned to the ice bucket where she fiddled nervously with the cork, finally popping it off and returning to the Jacuzzi to refill Sarah’s glass, her eyes drawn to his engorged cock once again before she again averting her eyes and hurrying to top up Naidu’s glass. The two scenes held both promise and threat, both terrifying. The cock promised fulfilment beyond her wildest dreams while the stripes on Naidu’s buttocks threatened the consequences of failure. The welts on Naidu’s bottom together with her presence by the spa, drinking champagne, illustrated swift and brutal but limited punishment. This was a man to be both feared and trusted by equal and extreme measures.

“Show time” the master announced loudly and with flourish as Claire placed the partially emptied Champagne bottle back in the ice.

“Righto Claire, lose the blouse” the master ordered “oh and by the way delay or refusal to follow orders are treated the same way” he said as he pointedly turned his head to look at Naidu’s wounded arse.

Claire got the message and hastily unbuttoned the garment losing a couple of buttons as Naidu had earlier in her eagerness to please. The removal revealed a nice young chest, decorated, by his estimation with a couple of C cup tits hiding behind a lacy bra that could not conceal two very excited nipples bursting forth demanding attention. The master took a sip of his martini while he surveyed the unfolding beauty before him and allowed time for Claire to absorb this first, minor, humiliation and anticipate, with dread with was to come.

Replacing his martini on the side of the spa, he looked the frightened Girl in the eye and said “now off with that skirt”

Quickly she ran the zipper down, wriggling the tight skirt off her hips and dropping it to the ground. She then stepped out of the garment, keeping her legs chastely together as they had needed to be to remove the snug skirt. He was pleased to see that even closed her legs left a small inverted triangle gap at the top.

As he surveyed the very brief lacy panties, that matched the bra he intoned seriously “now Claire, your first piece of free advice...legs are always open in my presence...spread ‘em. Any advice that needs to be given again will be accompanied by discipline.”

He continued his appraisal. As he reached for his martini. Nice flat tummy, faint tan lines”. Snapping back to the role of a superior dictating notes “don’t really like tan lines.”

Another sip of the martini and he continued his appraisal verbally “damp pussy...nice and good...shapely legs. I think you can keep your shoes” he said with exaggerated false consideration. “but not much else.”

Raising his right hand and extending his index finger, turning it to indicate she should about face for further inspection. Consumed with embarrassment and shame she initially missed the signal before tuning ahead of the verbal instruction that was coming.

“Nice arse” he remarked absentmindedly as he appraised her buttocks, fleshy and round, but by no means fat. Claire was wearing a G-string with a tiny triangle of lycra pointing the way between her luscious cheeks. In the masters mind the little triangle enhanced her appearance, kind of the difference between a slut in a string and a woman in heat showing off her assets. He was going to have a piece of Claire, actually a couple of pieces, and soon.

“Turn around, girl and show us your tits”

Inspired by the advice given and the sight of Naidu’s tortured globes, Claire reached behind and unfastened the clasp on her bra strap while she turned back to face her audience, embarrassed but determined to avoid discipline. In an instant, the support garment was gone and forgotten as her smallish, but well shaped breasts stood proud, without need of support.

‘Very nice” the master remarked “but more tan lines. I will forgive those unexpectedly called to service, but anyone who applies for an opportunity to serve had better be bush free and devoid of tan lines.

“Now Claire, I tore the panties off these women, leaving them nothing more than torn rags. Truth is that, while I am keen to see you naked, I don’t want to look at cunt while I enjoy my lunch. So... strip off your panties but keep them intact to wear while you are serving food”

Embarrassed beyond belief, Claire peeled her tiny briefs off to reveal her most intimate parts and they did not meet with immediate approval. She had trimmed her pubic hair so that it was no more than a line down her mound. Her boyfriend had loved it but not so her new master.

“No more bush” he said exasperated. “Not your fault Claire, you didn’t know. You girls need to go from this place and spread the word that ‘the master could call on you at any time to be of service and he will not accept body hair of any kind or tan lines...oh and by the way, same applies to men. This is an equal rights state. I will at some stage demand service of men and they are subject to the same rules as you bitches... although they may not be used as much.”

“Now let’s order” he commanded in a very businesslike fashion. “Gives us the menus.”

The frightened girl wearing nothing more than high heeled shoes and a panicked expression quickly handed the menus, first to the masters out stretched hand and then to each of the girls. The master took a sip of his now nearly finished martin and scanned the food list. He had intended to have both entree and main course but the seafood platter for two caught his eye.

“I’ll have the seafood platter”. He said holding out the menu for Claire to collect “and a bottle of your best oaked Chardonnay...anyone want to join me in the seafood platter? It says it is for two, but no pressure, have what you want.”

Sarah scanned the list, finally saying “I will join you in the platter, but could I have Sauvignon Blanc please?”

“Yes, your best Sav Blanc” added the master

“I will have platter as well” chimed in Naidu and a sparkling mineral water.

“What about you Swee” he asked

“Um...”she uttered nervously.

“Oh for goodness sake girl have what you want” he said with irritation. “I said you could choose whatever you want, and I meant it. The message I want you to understand, take away from here and disseminate, is that what I say I mean. Obedience is mandatory and disrespect is intolerable, but the truth will never harm you and when I provide choice, you can chose without fear of repercussions.”

“Chicken stir fry with Singapore noodle and a pot of Chinese tea please” Swee blurted out, sensing that his patience had reached breaking point.

“For the seafood platter, one between the three of us but make it a double serve” the master instructed “Oh and it is getting a bit hot in here. We will eat inside so set the table.” He advised, waving his right hand in dismissal.

With Claire off doing her waitressing duties the master commanded Swee to continue where she had left off.

“My boyfriend and I had a regular relationship. I always let him lead which he seemed very happy to do. In public we are equals but in private he was in charge, very firm, quite demanding but always gentle. I never defied him so I don’t know what the consequences would have been.”

“How often did you do it ... you know ...root” he asked curiously “and what did you do...oral...anal or only vaginal and positions”

“Mostly vaginal, bit of oral...I have never been buggered. My boyfriend likes variety so we have tried most positions, including quite a few that were uncomfortable for both of us” she added with a laugh. “I preferred to sit in his lap while he was seated on a dining chair. He asked me for a preference on my birthday, the only time my wishes were requested, and that is the position I asked for. Since then we have used that position often but his preference is missionary or doggie style...may I ask a question” Swee asked pleadingly.

“You may...this discussion is intended to be frank and free flowing. If you cross the line, I will tell you and there will only be consequences if you persist in a line I have ruled out of order.

“Oh thank you sir” responded Swee obsequiously “I wanted to know whether I could resume my relationship with my boyfriend when I have completed my duty to your noble self...no rush of course, I have been greatly honoured to serve your needs and would welcome the opportunity to be of further service”

“Well Swee, on the subject of further service, you can give Sarah a hand...if you know what I mean. Further on the subject of your duty, you have performed your duty satisfactorily and will be released after lunch, carrying the honorific title ‘Servant of the Lord” and with a lifetime 5% discount on your taxes, that can only be removed in the unlikely event that you cause offence. Regarding your boyfriend, you are now licensed to have sex and can do so with anyone else so licensed, provided they are not married.”

“I have already amended my rule from this morning’s introductory meeting. I had said that all intercourse would have to be approved, but that is clearly impractical, so I have decided that once authorised sex is free provided other rules are obeyed. Marriage will still mandate monogamy and consent is absolutely necessary, except where I require service. I retain the right to use married people. Your boyfriend can apply for a license to have sex. I would be very prepared to entertain such an application, but further service will almost be required to gain permission. You should accompany him to make his application as I am likely to require your service in his support.”

Compliantly, Swee reached between the master’s legs to stroke the ridge and balls, providing a complimentary service to Sarah’s gentle massage of his shaft. The master turned his head wordlessly asking for a kiss. For once Swee picked up on his wish and kissed him passionately, responding to his intrusive tongue licking and sucking urgently.

Finally breaking from the snog, the master turned to Naidu. He knew Sarah was eager to contribute but he was determined to make her wait. “Sarah what are the dirty details of your past?”

“I was a virgin.”

“Really” he exclaimed incredulously.

“Not by choice but by cultural tradition and over bearing family. I had some experience of pleasuring myself but I had to be careful to remain intact lest there not be blood on my wedding night. Notwithstanding my chastity, I have always a very lusty nature. I was to have been married later this year, I guess that is now unlikely. I do not know my selected husband very well. We have met a few times, always chaperoned. He seems very severe. I imagine being used by him very...well firmly. He is handsome, so I have no concerns in that regard. I imagine him taking charge of me and maybe pulling me over his knee for a spanking is I misbehaved. I expected to be ravished, but privately; I expected to be disciplined, but not so brutally and I looked forward to it. I am definitely my mother’s daughter."

"At the time of my betrothal I had a rather unexpectedly frank conversation with her. She too was desperate to be owned by a powerful man. Lucky for her she was married at eighteen and my father was everything she hoped for. Very early in their marriage she was having a nice day indulging herself a little, as a young woman is want to do. My father came home a little early and she had not even begun to prepare dinner. He was furious ordering her to strip naked in the kitchen. Up until then he had only caught fleeting glimpses of her body as she tended to undress for sex under the sheets. She was mortified at the idea of being naked in such a well lit place, even though this was her husband with whom she was carrying on a very satisfactory sexual relationship. He insisted, telling he that delay would only make things worse. She stripped and at his command retrieved a wooded spoon. Taking it to him he grabbed her and dragged her across his knees and delivered 20 stout swats, 10 to each buttocks. The smacking concluded he stood and bent he over the table where he screwed her, still fully clothed, taking his penis out through his fly. He insisted that she remain naked for the rest of the night. She served his dinner in the dining room while she ate in the kitchen. After dinner, he supervised his naked wife cleaning the dishes while he sat watching while threateningly holding the wooden spoon.”

“Mum is still unsure whether it was a mistake on her part or a subconscious desire to test the limits. She maintains that the best sex is delivered by an angry cock to a stinging bottom. She continues to provoke him regularly but his retribution his now longer immediate. With a house full of kids, discipline has to be delayed until there is no one home, or sometimes they ‘go out for dinner’ which involves a trip to a hotel were father can tame her without risk of interruption.”

“Wow, that is quite a story...how old is your mum” he asked genuinely impressed.

“She is 39 and dad is 45.”

“Is she still in good shape?” he asked ominously.

“I think so, for a woman who has borne 8 children.” She responded.

His interest in the mother extinguished by 8 pregnancies he asked about her siblings.

“I am the eldest, then comes two boys, 17 and 15, then two sisters 14 and 12 then another brother, 10 and sisters 8 and 7.”

“OK” he responded thoughtfully. He was keen to see what other delights he could get from the Desai family although he would have to wait 4 years for fresh meat.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and would welcome the opportunity to be of further service. I am truly sorry for my failure to swallow and retain your precious cum. I would happily risk another six strokes on the cane to have the opportunity to do it right.”

“Naidu, you have failed to provide satisfactory service due to your failure to swallow and retain... which is a real pity because I would rate you the best ride of the day. I found greatest pleasure in your tight cunt and your dedication to my pleasure while I fucked you. You will soon be given the opportunity you crave to set things to right, but be warned, second offences attract more brutal discipline than firsts, so a second failure would attract a more severe punishment.”

“You are most kind and I would cheerfully risk a more severe punishment if I were granted the opportunity to correct my failure” Naidu responded.

“With my wand I can cure and heal. Once your wounds have healed...and not before... you can apply to have the scars removed from your bottom...you will of course have to pay for the service with your body.”

“I will seek removal of the scars if only to have another opportunity to serve your mighty pole.”

“Now I thought we might check the scores” he said mischievously. I came once in each mouth, that’s 3. I came once as I broke each of you, that’s another 3 making six. Naidu gave me a quite spectacular hand job in the shower...7... and then finally one in Naidu after the caning. Grand total 8. Not bad for a mornings work.”

“Sarah I counted three during your fucking, is that right”

“Yes sir”

“No sneaky ones while sucking cock or watching Swee and Naidu taking cock”

“Close sir, but no. While you were using Naidu after the caning I was desperate and in another world but did not quite get there”


Dismissed, the terrified waitress now confronted her next trial, delivering the orders to the kitchen naked.

Entering the small space she blurted out the orders at such a rush that they were unintelligible, concealing her breasts and privates with her hands. The Chef, who was leaning against the bench with nothing to do, to that point, said “nice, what happened to your clothes?”

“I am not allowed to wear them until I serve food and then only my knickers.”

“Right, tell me clearly what the orders are and you can go. You are obviously uncomfortable, although I don’t know how you achieve relief in your current predicament.” responded the Chef responded a bit sympathetically. Claire repeated the order slower and more clearly.

“Got it” he responded “You can go now, but I suggest you drop your hands before leaving...he does not strike me as the kind of man that tolerates modesty.”

“Doesn’t tolerate much at all. I saw the source of that terrible scream we all heard a little while ago...the Indian girl...dunno what she did to deserve it but she has copped a brutal caning.” Claire said informatively, becoming eager to share what she had seen. “Now I need to set the table, where are the place mats, cutlery and other table furnishings?”

“Oh goody” said the chef mischievously “It’s all in here, so you will have to redeploy your hands from modesty to display in order to do your job.”

“Be a sport, get it all out and put it on the table for me” she asked pleadingly.

“Not a chance, Claire. The visual is all I am likely to get, so I intend to savour it ” he said maliciously.

“Bastard” she muttered dropping her hands reluctantly to provide visual access to her body. “I liked you once but...”

“Yeah and I like you even now but I suspect you will be seriously damaged goods in an hour or two so I will have to look elsewhere for a woman of quality.” He responded unemotionally.

“Creep” she responded as she reached out to open the drawer he was leaning against. “Move please” she uttered defeated. He complied, moving to a position where would get a good look when inevitably she had to bend over to retrieve items from the lower drawers. Opening the top drawer she extracted four knives, four forks and four butter knives. Placing them on the bench she closed the draw opening the second where she found white linen place mats and matching serviettes together with silver serviette rings. Placing a set of four of each on the bench top she closed the drawer and bent lower to open the bottom drawer to retrieve bread and butter plates.”

“Oh god” the cook exhaled as her nether lips presented between the tops of her legs as she bent down. He got what he expected but now wanted more.

“Satisfied, creep” she said as she rose to place the plates on the bench top.

“Hardly...you are even more stunning than I expected...but satisfied...hard-ly, emphasis on hard.” He responded, frustrated.

Claire picked up the placemats, serviettes and serviette rings taking them though the door and arranging them at the table, providing a place at the head for the master and one on the right hand side and two on the left. She assumed correctly that the master would not want his dominance diminished or prominence given to one of the girls by setting one of the places at the other end of the rectangular table. She then hurried back to the kitchen to retrieve the bread and butter plates and cutlery before returning to the dining area where she arranged them on the table. Returning to the kitchen, the Chef hung up the phone he had used to order the necessary ingredients, most of which would be delivered pre-prepared, she said hopefully “be a dear and get those wine glasses down for me.”

He moved as if to comply and then stopped short. “No... I think I want to see you stretch that magnificent body out as you reach up.”

Claire shook her head resignedly, her embarrassment at her nudity beginning to fade and there was nothing left to hide. She reached up drawing her proud breasts even higher, her ribs becoming evident as she stretched out. The glasses taken in two hands she settled back down and carried them to the table. There were four more trips to the kitchen as Claire obtained the finishing touches for the table. Waiting for his ingredients, the chef observed her movements as a customer at strip club would watch the gyrations of an erotic dancer. On her last but one trip to the table she heard the bing of the lift outside.

Returning to the kitchen she said contemptuously “your ingredients have arrived, pervert.”

“Thank you slut” he responded as he followed her out of the kitchen, his eyes fixed on her shapely buttocks.

“How long will I tell them?” she asked in a fairly business like fashion.

“10 minutes” he responded as he entered the vestibule to collect the trolley of food.

The table set, Claire returned to the terrace, her self-consciousness all but gone. Thanks to the Chef’s lewd behaviour her nudity had been normalised and the people she was serving were all naked anyway.


Claire arrived unacknowledged through the scoring session.

“Swee, I counted 1 for you...is that right?”

“Yes sir. I was that primed the I nearly came watching Sarah being done, but like Sarah I needed you in me to climax”

“That’s 4 so far...Naidu, you had only one on your back and another after the caning, any others?”

“Yes sir, after the fourth stoke of the cane.”

“Really” he said surprised ... That’s 3 for you... total 7. I win, although 1 against 3 and there is more in me. Be afraid Claire. I’ll be doing you this afternoon.” he chuckled.

Clair swallowed hard. “lunch will be ready in about 10 minutes. Can I get anyone another drink?”

“I’ll just finish of Swee’s campers, she obviously doesn’t want it...it’s getting too hot in here, time to repair inside for lunch.” he stood immediately fully restored by Sarah’s tender massage.

Clair was utterly transfixed by the massive cock that was to impale her within an hour or two. Her head recoiled in terror while her nether regions unloaded and other rush of lubrication. It is said that the brain does all the thinking but in this case the brain was inclined to resist, even at the cost of the ruination of the whole body. Claire’s cunt had already figured this was coming... willing or not... so best be ready and ready it was.

But wait it must. He had no intention of using Claire until lunch was done. He was hungry and fucking the waitress would temporarily cripple her and while he could order up more wait staff, that would delay things further. Food was the priority and nothing would stand in its way for now.

Rising from the Jacuzzi the master stepped out effortlessly pulling on his bath robe knotting the tie at the front. “OK ladies, get dressed for lunch.... you can put your knickers back on Claire, but nothing else.

Naidu was first to her feet, quickly reclaiming dignity afforded by being clothed in the soft white toweling bathrobe. While the other two stepped out of the Jacuzzi and dressed, the master turned his attention to Naidu. “You missed out on a kiss because you were not in the tub...time to rectify” he said as he approached the Indian girl, gently undoing the tie around her waist. He then undid his own tie allowing the two robes to flap open. He moved in taking full advantage of her available skin. Although mismatched he revelled in the caress of her sensational breasts against his upper abs, his rampant dick against her belly while she reached behind the robe to stoke his magnificent buttocks. Their faces met immediately indulging in a mutual and urgent congress, probing sucking and caressing.

Enviously, Sarah viewed the scene while Claire looked on in awed jealously. Sarah wanted to kill Naidu while Claire wanted to be her.

After what seemed like an eternity to the audience the clinch ended. The participants were not so aware of time. For them only and instant had passed leaving them both in a world occupied by only two people.

“Time for food” he announced somewhat ruefully as he pulled away from Naidu and refastened the front of his robe. He then turned and headed inside, the women following.

The master took his seat with Sarah taking the place to the right and Naidu to the left with Swee taking the remaining place beside Naidu.

“Bring Swee an iPad so she can select clothing to order to wear as she leaves “turning to the Chinese girl he continued “Order anything you want, price is no object but it is limited to what you will wear as you leave... you know... one bra, one pair of shoes etc.” As the iPad was delivered the master turned his attention to the black girl “So what is the Sarah story?

“You were quite right, sir when you said that I used sex to get what I wanted and that meant I had a lot of experience. All of my holes have been well used, but my pussy is the most exploited and the one I clearly preferred. Vaginal intercourse in such a win win activity. Even being plundered by a tool as large and your noble cock, which is painful as it forces its way in, still brings great pleasure. I am sure anyone of us would welcome you again at anytime notwithstanding the pain we still feel from our deflowering. Oral is OK. It is a service that is provided, the receiver experiencing great pleasure, while it is difficult but not impossible...” she paused while the food was placed on the table in front of them.

The master picked up a king prawn and started peeling it as did Sarah and Naidu “please go on.”

“Yes I was saying is difficult to come while giving head, due to absence of clitoral stimulation, but it is possible. The giving of service, particularly to a beautiful body is quite an erotic experience and the brain can allow an orgasm under certain circumstances. In any event, it doesn’t hurt and I don’t mind the taste of cum so it is OK so long as I get a chance to get off at some time during the session.”

Her demeanor then changed “I do not like anal at all. I find it painful and demeaning. Whilst the penetrator takes pleasure the penetrated suffers... win lose. As you have correctly understood I use sex and have sometimes taken it up the arse for a good interview, the cost often exceeds the benefit.”

Changing to a more conversational tone as enjoyed the feast “I have indeed used sex to get access to sports stars, particularly men. You would be surprised what a man will divulge while he is deep inside you. Particularly if the is guilt associated. They are almost always cheating on a partner and some even feel guild about demanding service for information. The anals are not in the same category. Buggery is such a cruel activity that there is little if any guilt associated. On the odd occasion that I have allowed it there are very clear ground rules about what I get in return...and it has to be an earth shattering scoop.”

Sarah now paused to get some food and the master asked curiously “So did you actually get into the change rooms of football teams?”

“Yes, but there was always a price. First it involved nudity. With players stripping down for the showers, they expected me to do the same. One of the reasons I appear resentful when you stripped me, and I am truly sorry, is that I never allowed anyone to do it to me. I retained shred of dignity by disrobing myself. Doesn’t seem like much but it mattered to me.”

“So while you were in the change rooms... did you provide services.” He asked, aroused by the metal picture she painted.

“Yes... most of the blokes would ask ne to scrub their backs which I did while asking questions. If they were reticent... a move to the front and lower would usually loosen lips.”

“Did you ever have actual sex in the dressing rooms” he asked rapt.

“Yes but not often. A whole football team is a bit beyond me. I did on a couple of occasions where there was a lot to be gleaned but I made sure I had others present to share load, at least two other journos. This is one of the occasions when oral comes into its own. After a couple of roots I found it useful to offer my mouth and give my pussy a rest.”

“So you never did a whole team yourself?”

“Actually once, early in my career the South Coast Hawks had an abysmal start to the season. In an interview I said to the captain ‘well your season looks to be over. He responded angry and hurt so I said ‘if you pull this off, I will be the guest of dishonour at your victory party, If you lose, when you lose you will spend a weekend at my place as my slave’. He was a sensational looking bloke so I had evil plans for his servitude. Suffice it to say those plans did not include any clothes for him and actually not much for me either....Any way they clawed their way to the top of the ladder and won the grand final. I was horrified. The victory party was set down for a week, three weeks after the win. I asked what I should bring. Just come as you are the captain said. We can wash your clothes while you are there and you can wear them home clean at the end of the week. You won’t be wearing anything for the duration...they took a small amount of pity on me and hired some prostitutes to give me a bit of a break through the week but I was done repeatedly by all the team members ...and it was so public. I had a room to myself where I slept for eight hours a day and none of the men entered my room. When I went to bed, they set an alarm and when it went off I had to report for duty in the living room. They were not allowed to take me to a private place. I had to be used in full view at all times.”

“Wow that is quite a story. Did you manage to keep your commitment to undress yourself?”

“Well yeah, that was easy. I only stripped once”

“Dominus, can we ask a couple of questions?” Sarah asked humbly.

“Yes shoot”

“The fact that we’re are all so lusty is almost certainly we are ovulating. It would be truly remarkable in at least one of us is not pregnant.”

“None of you is pregnant. My semen is completely free of sperm....I am immortal and will have no blood relatives so I can root my way through society without risk. I look forward very much to doing your daughters as I have done you.”

“Another thing...you haven’t buggered any of us...I am very grateful. Do you not like anal?”

“I am not attracted to it, but I am sure I will indulge sooner rather than later. As you pointed out it is humiliating and painful and they are two of my favourite things. I am bi sexual actually, 25% homo and 75% hetro at some stage in the near future I will be giving the 25% a run and that will almost certainly involve anal.”

The meal finished he drained the last drop of wine before standing. “On with the show and I think an afternoon nap is in order.”

“Chef” he shouted. The cook hurried into the room.

“Yes sir, I hope the meal was to your satisfaction, can I get you anything else?” he gabbled nervously


“Yes, the meal was satisfactory, but Claire is not available to clean it up...I have other plans for her he announced as he approached the terrified girl, grabbing the waist band of her flimsy panties and roughly ripping them off.

“Very good sir” he said and he stared at the again nude girl.

“We are now moving to 4701, I hope it has been cleaned” he said menacingly as he strode from the room. “Come bitches” he said rather unnecessarily as the three women followed in his wake.

On entering the refreshed suite he said “I had decided to release you Swee, have you chosen your ‘going away clothes?’”

“Yes sir” she responded eagerly hastening to his side to show him on the iPad.

Swee had chosen some high heeled red wedge sandals, white satin thong panties and matching bra. Over the top was a short mini dress with strap shoulders. He thought she could have done better considering that there were no budget constraints but he had already decided where choice was offered, he would respect that and he said nothing.

“I also have some good news for you Swee” he announced “I have figured that I could not possibly fuck everyone and I suspect I wouldn’t want to. I have decided to allow people to do as they please. Restrictions on marriage will remain, extramarital sex will only be permitted in the partner expressly provides permission, but the singles can go for it. Those that come to service intact will still be entitled to the tax break. Only the unsullied will be able to apply for service and those broken by the master will hold higher social status than the hoi poloi.... so when you leave here you can rut like a bitch in heat with your boyfriend if you wish. ”

“I have also decided to build a bit of a household around me. I have decided to mark my servants so that their social standing is beyond question. Swee and Sarah, you will be marked with the yellow ‘F’ on your right earlobe...Sarah and Swee ...step forward to be so honoured.”

As usual Sarah was first the face the master to receive her honour. The lord was neither surprised nor disappointed by this turn of events. He seized the lapels of her bathrobe and tore them open with more force than he had used last time. This time Sarah bowed her head in submission as he continued to strip the garment off her. She fell to her knees, finally hunching over to kiss his feet. Sarah had learned her lesson. Sarah was owned... completely.

“On your feet girl” he commanded.

Sarah complied with some surprise that further service was not required.

Once she was vertical, he plunged two fingers of his right hand into her well lubricated pussy, finding her g spot and massaging it to the point of orgasm before withdrawing before the desperate girl could find relief . Raising his wand to her earlobe an ‘F’ appeared in soft yellow on the dangling flesh of her ear. Sarah was owned and marked. In that instant her status was second only the lord, although she was no more than first among slaves.

He then turned to Swee and stripped her roughly but without the malice employed with Sarah. Before she had a chance to follow Sarah’s lead, the lord plunged his fingers into her similarly sopping cunt, stimulating her to the brink also before withdrawing. Raising his wand, he marked the Chinese as he had the negress, the mark being less prominent against her paler skin.

He then picked up the phone to order Swee’s clothing “I am going to put Swee on and you are to deliver what she orders to 4701 and be quick about it. There was a pause as the master listened to a question from the manager, a wicked smile dawning on his face. “She’s Ok... for the moment. A little self conscious due to being stripped naked and nervous about her immediate future...which she should be...within the hour she will probably not be OK...here’s Swee” he said handing the handset to the Chinese girl.

As Swee placed her order he turned to the terrified Claire and said maliciously “Your boss is concerned about you...sweet isn’t it.” He turned to Naidu the only woman still clothed and said seductively “those sensational tits should not be hidden” he said as he gently disrobed the Indian girl. “They give me great pleasure in the touching and the viewing.”

Out of sight Sarah seethed.

Swee finished the order and hung up the phone.

“You may think I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and you may well be right, but I have finely tuned ESP and I know there is already rivalry between some of you” he said menacingly. “In my service you are required to work together on my pleasure and happiness and that can only happen if you are mutually supportive. Any jealousy and rivalry will see the perpetrators at best dismissed, at worst disciplined and then dismissed.”

“Now that brings me to the development of my household, I alluded to earlier. It hasn’t taken long but I am already tired of telling people to swallow my cum, be respectful, no body hair, no tan lines...you know. I am going to create a team to manage my bed and my bath and that team will be lead by someone who is a tremendous root, is dedicated to my service and is capable of leading...leading not commanding others. The role will involve recruiting people to for service, grooming and delivering them. In addition, that person will be required to prepare people I select for service, some slack, not much but some, will be cut here as I will not chastise you for, say tan lines but in most respects, I will require that you provide fucktoys ready to serve as I desire. It will involve presentation… clothed for stripping and naked once stripped. I imagine I will need a team to provide a steady supply of entertainers mostly women...actually all girls for now, but in time, men as well.”

“The leader of that team will have the inside track to my bed and will receive a 50% lifetime tax concession on completion of satisfactory service. Team members, who will also be fantastic fucks will receive 30% tax concessions on satisfactory completion of service and will be well used by me. No one will serve for long. Women of quality will be expected to procreate and provide me the fucktoys of tomorrow.”

“Sarah and Naidu, I am retaining your services at this time as I see you as possible team leaders and team members. Sarah, you will need to tame your jealousy and Naidu... well you are still to successfully suck cock.”

“Naidu, take Claire and the depilatory cream to the bathroom and clean yourselves up. Be exacting...you will have to pass a digital and well as visual test and ... it is pass/fail. All bush must be removed... actually Naidu you are trying out for successful grooming. Although you are not required to dress Claire to entertain, you must school her in my requirements...off you go.”

The two naked women were at first uncertain. The master impatiently reminded them the depilatory cream was in 4702 where it had been left. “There are others next door” Naidu asked “can we dress to go and get it.”

“The cook has already seen everything Claire’s got... but OK, Claire you can put on Naidu’s robe and go and get it. Hurry up” he said impatiently. He turned to Swee and Sarah and said “I think we might have a bit more spa time while we wait for Swee’s clothes to arrive.”

The master, Sarah and Swee left for the balcony, the master shedding his robe as he walked through the door, Naidu looking sadly at his magnificent back, butt and legs as he left. She wanted to serve him, not prepare another for the privilege while Sarah and Swee were in the box seat for another rogering. She knew full well that the black girl would make good use of her opportunity.

Claire returned with the cream and they repaired to the ensuite of the bedroom on the dining table side.

“I am so frightened, Naidu...and yet oddly drawn to the lord” the waitress said “You must help me. I do so want to please him” she pleaded. “What does he expect of me...”

“Well the first thing is to lose your landing strip...as you already know he doesn’t like bush. First thing is take off that robe...and... yes I will help you to the best of my ability. As you have already heard and observed, I have failed.”

“What will happen” asked Claire and she smeared the depilatory cream on her mound, handing the jar to Naidu who liberally covered he own bush. Naidu then held up the jar to check the directions.

“Seems like we will be here for a while. It takes 30 minutes for the stuff to work its magic before we can clean off.”

“So I can tell you that each of us had to give him a blow job and based on that performance he determined the order in which we were to be broken...actually a kiss determined the order of blow jobs then blow jobs the order of fucking.”

“You must swallow his cum... all of it. None of us were perfect but I was the only one that crossed the line and as a result I was caned.”

“How did you ‘cross the line’” Claire asked nervously.

“I vomited” Naidu said ruefully “lost the lot!”

Claire stared in disbelief “how...why”

“Well you see, Sarah went first. She was doing a great job...I was captivated and the master went into a bit of a trance. She started licking and kissing his feet moving up his legs to his crotch licking and sucking is balls before moving to his shaft. Immediately and unexpectedly he started to come. Sarah jumped just in time to take the head of his cock into her mouth just as the jizz started to pump. She made it and swallowed the lot, but only just. It was a close run thing”

Claire stood and stared open mouthed. She did not speak


“I was next... I was horrified at how close Sarah had come to losing it and I determined not to take the same risk. I dispensed with the preliminaries and took the head of his cock into my mouth and started licking. He was so erect that it was a difficult angle from my kneeling position. Actually while I think of it, keep your legs apart at all times.”

“Yes, I know” answered Claire, both horrified and rapt at the story.

“Anyway he bent forward to provide a better angle and shoved himself deep into my throat... I gagged...the reflex brought on his climax and he pumped, what seemed like gallons, down my throat. I panicked. Sated he withdrew his cock and stood back. I couldn’t control it all came up...all over the carpet.”

“He must have been angry” said Claire both horrified and stimulated he pussy preparing for service that was still some time away.

“Oddly no” said Naidu thoughtfully. “I think he was pleased to have a pretext.”

“He is the lord and master, he doesn’t need a pretext” said Claire.

“No, he is cruel and obviously enjoyed punishing me but seems determined to only do it for cause. We all knew it was a punishable offence, he didn’t just make it up on the spot. The sentence was formally pronounced and I was given only the number of strokes specified. I begged for mercy but none was shown, either in reduction of sentence or severity of execution, and when it was over, it was over. He fucked me again while I was still tied down, much to Sarah’s chagrin, but that is service not punishment and anyway, I needed it. Pain and humiliation is a powerful aphrodisiac for both the perpetrator and the victim.”

“Wow, It almost seems like you enjoyed it”

“In a perverse sort of way I did, I have a submissive nature and while I don’t enjoy pain and humiliation it definitely stimulates me. I even had a small orgasm during the caning. He took his time over the execution, after each stroke he felt me up and you know, trash talked me a bit.”

“So you say Swee didn’t get it right either?”

“She probably did the best of us. Coming last she had seen mistakes Sarah and I had made and adapted accordingly. She went for a little preamble; licking and kissing his feet and legs but not lingering too long. In no time she had his cock in her mouth but seemed to give him enough pleasure to stop him from moving to a full on face fucking. I guess she benefited from being third. While he retained his peak rigidity, the urgency had faded.”

“So what did Swee do wrong” Claire asked with and edge of irritation.

“He kept he going the longest and she was quite out of breath and exhausted by the end. Once he came and withdrew, she kind of collapsed and didn’t seem to notice a drop still perched on the end of his dick. When it finally fell she had to lunge to catch it, which she did, in her hands just before it hit the floor. She then licked up and consumed it. Job done!”

“What would you advise, coach?”

“Learn from our experience. There is no right answer. Just swallow, honey, swallow and keep it down.”

She then related the story of three brutal fuckings that had left the women virtually legless and the master still up and keen for more. Naidu felt she had found favour on her back. After all It was Swee who was being released not her. Swee had performed well to all outward appearances while Naidu had a striped bottom as evidence of serious transgressions. The master had shown some tenderness towards her, or at least the absence of the brutality he had employed in stripping and speaking to Sarah. Naidu had worked hard as she was ridden by the Lord, striving to use her muscles to embrace and massage his mighty member. Unlike Sarah she had only climaxed once, preferring to commit herself to his pleasure. She sensed some warmth although she was wise enough not to try and exploit it. By relating her experience she advised the novice to commit to service fully, eschewing the pursuit of he own pleasure.

Naidu finished the narrative of advice relating the shower scene as where she had given a hand job and finally provided recovery tips, expounding the virtues of the bidet for cleaning and soothing a battered cunt.

Claire thanked her “I don’t think I will ever be truly ready, but I will just do my best and hope it is good enough... do you think it is time to scrape the cream off?”

“Yes” Naidu said as she began scraping the creamy foam off her mound taking huge lumps of fur with it. Claire also started but was done in no time given how little she had to remove.

“Could you look in the drawers for a razor... I think I may need a touch up” she asked as she dumped the second load of hairy foam into the toilet.

The waitress found one quickly and placed it on the bench selecting a towel to complete the clean up.

One more scrape and Naidu reached for a towel as well up cleaning the last of the residue from me mound and between her legs.

“Now let’s have a look at you” she said sinking to her knees to inspect Claire’s pubes.

Suddenly the waitress became shy and closed her legs placing a hand over her private parts.

“Now listen here sweetheart” she said with all the tenderness of Madam to a recalcitrant you whore “I have been charged with preparing you and I have no intention to return to the torture table anytime soon. If we you are not completely clean, I don’t think it will be good for either of us. Hands away and spread them.”

Claire reluctantly complied and Naidu conducted a very thorough visual and tactile inspection. “Aha...as I thought” she said as she felt the other women’s intimate opening “ hair removal is not the sexiest of activities and you have dried up. Although you feel violated I will do you a huge favour and get you wet again. A dry root with his big dick would be excruciating and I would be accused of poor preparation if I delivered you like this.” She went about massaging the other woman’s clit, bringing a flood in no time.

“Right, now me” Naidu said in a very businesslike fashion, turning to the mirror and picking up the razor to nick off a couple of errant hairs. She then gave herself a thorough touch up and declared herself happy. Claire was mightily relieved not to have to conduct such an intimate inspection on the other woman.

“I think a quick shower would not go astray just to make sure we are clean. Pussy and... arse, just in case he decides to do his first anal” The thought horrified both women, Naidu being both appalled and relieved that she thought of it. Claire was just appalled.

Naidu went first giving her private parts a good clean, visibly distressed at cleaning around her tortured buttocks. Claire followed taking Naidu’s advice and doing a thorough job.

Dried and ready Naidu said “We had better go and face the music...another thing I meant to tell you...delay is as bad as refusal in the master’s world.”

Claire went to retrieve the bathrobe.

“Uh uh” muttered Naidu “Dominus has stripped you; you remain naked until he grants you permission to dress.”

Claire reluctantly gave up on her modesty and followed Naidu out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and into the lounge from where they caught sight of a naked Swee, back to them watching some activity on the bed. As they got closer the activity became all too clear.

Sarah was on all fours on the bed with the master, towering over her, on his knees, hands on her hips, driving into her from behind. Claire did not know where to look. She had never seen two people copulating before. She was both excited and embarrassed to be audience to such an intimate act.

Sarah was breathing heavily and groaning as he thrust into her falling silent for the drawback. The master was smiling, well connected with his surroundings providing the impaled minimal attention and zero consideration.

“Ah, just in time. Swee’s clothes have arrived and we are going to watch her ‘unstrip’ he laughed “but first a nice kiss from you two girls”

Naidu thought there could be no greater humiliation visited on a woman having sex than to have the man fucking her to kiss another woman during the act.

It got worse. Naidu knew better than to hold back and approached the right hand side of bed to give him a full on snog. “Nice pussy” he said looking at her freshly denuded mound as she approached.

Naidu opened her legs and leaned across to engage his lips. Meanwhile he unhanded Sarah’s left hip and thrust it between her legs to assess the quality of the fur removal job. Naidu felt real passion as he kissed and fingered her leaving Sarah as little more than an aid to masturbation.

Breaking briefly from her lips he commanded Claire to the other side, holding out his right hand. Initially confused Claire realised that he wanted his free hand between her legs and she mounted it tentatively. It must have been quite a sight to Swee. The master on his knees, standing tall, his hands feeling up the cunts of girls on his left and right while riding a third.

“OK Swee, put your shoes on and turn slowly so that I can view you elongated legs and get a last look at your arse”

Swee hurried to comply “Give us a kiss while Swee shoes up, Claire”

Claire nervously complied starting tentatively but soon found the masters tongue deep in her mouth. She caught on fast and responded with gusto licking his teeth and tongue.

Unnoticed Sarah’s head went down and she pushed back seeking deeper penetration as she enjoyed an earth moving orgasm.

The master broke from Claire’s mouth just as Swee turned to show her now elevated but naked body.

Abruptly changing his mind the master curtly said “I am done with you Swee. Get dressed quickly and go.” At the same time, he withdrew his hands from the girl’s pussies, returning them to Sarah’s hips, upping the tempo to finish the negress off. In no time at all he shot a still substantial load into the black girl’s womb. Swee finished dressing and hurried from the room, somewhat hurt at her summary dismissal just as the master withdrew from Sarah and collapsed exhausted onto the bed.

Sarah remained in her doggie fucking stance, not sure of what to do next. Eventually she inquired “is there anything else I can do for you sir”

“I would say yes” he responded derisively “but not right now. Go clean yourself up and come sleep with me.”

Sarah retired to the bathroom and the other two women stood by the bed watching his massive cock finally slacken, also unsure of the next move.

“I am too tired to enjoy fresh meat at this time so you will have to wait Claire. Make yourself comfortable but be ready to serve me at any moment.... Naidu, I should wash Sarah off before I sleep... you will attend to my bath. We will go to the other bathroom and I will nap in the other bed, this one in now a real mess.”

Slowly he crawled out of the bed and padded wearily across the suite to the other bathroom. In the shower, Naidu again worked his cock with skill but only managed to get it to half mast. “I know you want it, but I am just too tired. Sleep is what I need. Clean me up quickly.”

Naidu complied and then dried herself before beckoning him from the shower to dry him as she had earlier. She then watched ruefully as he walked from the bathroom, threw back the covers and collapsed onto the bed.

He was probably asleep before his head hit the pillow. He was in a very deep sleep by the time Sarah arrived to join him only minutes later.

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