Proxy Tales #1 - Margaret by volumes76

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Male, Masturbation, Old Female

Margaret had been worried about Ricky ever since the

accident. Carrie, Margaret’s daughter, had been put in the hospital with a

coma. Margaret wasn’t as worried about Carrie. Something in her soul told her

that her daughter would emerge from this long sleep.

It was Ricky, out there in the world on his own, in a small

town where reputation was everything, that she was worried about. Margaret

knew about being young, and she knew about temptation. She was concerned

about what kind of trouble her young son-in-law might get himself into with

all that time on his hands and a 20 year-old libido to grapple with.

She’d taken to checking in on him now and again. She’d do

laundry when he needed and take over leftovers as often as possible.

Today she’d let herself in with the spare key, figuring

she’d do a little pick-up and grab the laundry while he was at work.

Then, she heard it, sounds of noisy and boisterous sex

coming from the family room.

“Damn,” she thought to herself. “I was hoping it

wouldn’t happen this soon.”

She decided to take a peak in back, just to see who it was.

Odd as it was to say, she was hoping it was at least one of the Jackson girls, or Deidra McCully. At least if Ricky

was going to screw around, he should

do it with a decent girl who was likely ‘clean’ if nothing else.

When she peered around the corner, she was surprised (and

relieved) to see that there were no girls in there with Ricky.

All of the action was on the TV. It seemed Ricky had gone

out and found himself a couple of porn films to get him through the loneliness.

She remained quiet and peeked over the back of the couch.

Ricky had a bottle of lotion and had thought to bring a towel. He was stroking

himself slowly as he watched the silicon enhanced beauties cavorting

athletically on the screen.

She made a decision right then and there, resolving to never

look back, no matter what happened.

Ricky looked up in shock to see his mother-in-law sitting

down beside him. It was like she appeared out of nowhere.

“Mrs. Bilson, I…

“Ricky, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s ‘Margaret’. You might have

known me since you were ten, but we’re all grown ups now. No, don’t. Don’t

cover up. You just sit right there.”

Ricky could only stare in shock. Perhaps it was because of

that very relationship, that she’d been the same pretty lady who had yelled at

him for riding across her lawn when he was a kid, but he had no choice but to

obey her.

“Ricky, I’m going to tell you a story, but first, I’m going

to turn this down and I’m going to get some of this lotion.”

She turned down the TV so the moans were barely audible,

then squirted a big handful of the lotion into her palm.

“Very nice, this is my favorite brand.”

“Mrs…. Margaret, I really don’t think…”

“Shush,” she said. “Does that feel good?”

She’d started stroking his cock, which had rapidly wilted,

but showed rapid signs of recovery at her slick strokes.

“Oh my god, yes – but…”

“Shh. Now, it’s story time.”

“Once upon a time, there was a young couple who’d just

gotten married. There names were Margaret and Thom Bilson – that would be me

and Carrie’s dad. We were about the same age as you and Carrie when we got

married, just barely out of high school. Thom didn’t have much in the way of

job prospects, so he decided to join up in the army. We thought it would be

safe and easy. After boot camp I’d move out to wherever he was stationed.

“Fate is a funny thing though. Not two weeks after we landed

in Fort Benning, a little thing called Desert Storm kicked in. I moved back

home into a tiny apartment and pined away for my young, studly husband. We’d

just started figuring things out in the bedroom and then he was gone. Not to

switch tracks, but my-my that thing is still growing – my Carrie is a lucky

girl. Does this still feel good?”

Ricky nodded dumbly.

“Good, now back to the story. Thom was off to the war and I

was stuck in a tiny apartment with nothing but a TV, a VCR, a part-time job at

a supermarket, and a newly awakened sex drive that was driving me crazy.”

Margaret kept stroking in a slow, yet intense fashion that

she knew would drive any man crazy.

“Now, this pretty young bride started with Harlequin

Romances, hoping to fill the hole I was feeling. Between that and touching myself,

it almost worked. I was almost content, but not quite. I was touching

myself pretty much every spare moment I had. But with every orgasm, it was

like the hole had almost filled - but then gotten bigger once I was done with

each frustrating climax.

“I found myself standing in the video store one day, staring

at the back room. Making sure no one was around, I dashed in and grabbed the

first thing I could find. The clerks at that store got to know me pretty well,

and I became about as good as you can imagine at giving pleasure to myself.

But Ricky, it still wasn’t enough.”

Margaret got off the couch and knelt in front of Ricky,

wrapping both of her hands around her son-in-law’s magnificent pole and to

start rubbing him with a twisting motion.

“Time to switch tacks. Good?”

“Yeah,” gasped Ricky.

“Okay. You see Ricky, the problem is, no matter how well

you do this, no matter how well you can please yourself - once you’ve woken the

beast, once you’ve tasted what the real thing is like, there isn’t anything you

can do to push that yearning back down. You’re going to be sitting home alone

at ten-thirty on a Friday and start thinking about the bar two towns over where

nobody would recognize you. There will be people to dance with and liquor

flowing, and one thing might lead to another. That’s what I did. At first it

was a dance, and then it was a kiss, and it evolved pretty quickly into fucking

strangers in their cars out in the parking lot. Did I feel bad about it? Hell

yeah. But it filled that hole for a while.”

Ricky was gasping and she slowed her pace just a little,

wanting to time her story for just the right moment.

“Ricky, I was lucky. I didn’t catch anything, I didn’t get

pregnant, and I was there for Carrie’s daddy when he came home. That wasn’t

the case for three of the guys in his platoon who lost their gals to someone

else. Of course those gals had left for all the wrong reasons and came crawling

back, but it was too late. Here’s what I’m going to do for you, Ricky. I’ll

be here for you, as often as I can. This isn’t about love, or cheating, or

infidelity. This is about you being thrown a hell of a curveball, and me

helping you keep that one-eyed monster in check until your beautiful Carrie

wakes up. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Mrs… yes, Margaret.”

“Good. Now shoot that thing off for me, I’m dying to see

how much you’ve got inside.”

Margaret increased her pace and pressure, knowing exactly

what to do to push him skyward.

Skyward was an apt analogy, because Margaret had happened in

Ricky on his first porn-viewing session, he’d been holding back for nearly

three weeks and he damned near hit the ceiling with his first gush.

“Oh God Ricky, that’s a beautiful thing,” said Margaret with

an encouraging smile, then she couldn’t help but laugh as a huge wad descended

onto her face. “Oh! There you go. Oh, that’s it Sugar. Pump it all out of

you. Let me see every drop come out of you.”

Once he was spent, she cleaned him up lovingly.

“Now Ricky, I want to tell you something. No one is going

to know about this, I promise. You need to promise me that you won’t tell

anyone about my wild time when Thom was in Iraq. Nobody’s ever found out about

that, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

“Okay, Margaret,” said Ricky, who was staring at his

mother-in-law with amazement and awe.

“Good boy. I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

With a peck on the cheek, she left.

Driving away, she was rather proud of the way she’d handled

herself. Clinical, a bit removed. The lord knew she didn’t want the boy

falling in love with her – she was just taking care of him.


MARCH 2009


“That’s it, Ricky. Right there with your tongue. A little

higher, now rub me with your fingers. Oh, god baby, you’re doing it just right.

Now, reach up and pinch my nipple. Oh God!”

Margaret’s orgasm caught her suddenly. She gripped the

sheets in ecstasy, arching her back as she screamed as loud as she dared.

Ricky climbed up and shoved his swollen member into her at

just the right moment, right as her body was nearly done shivering with joy.

“Did I do good, Margaret?”

“Oh yeah, sweetie. You’re learning fast. Now let’s take

care of you quick, or I’m going to be late for my meeting at the school.”

As Ricky began plunging into her, Margaret contemplated the

past few months. It had been simply handjobs at first, but that had started to

take on its own level of almost-there frustration. Blowjobs had come next, and

then her Christmas gift to Ricky had been to let him make love to her the first


In January, she had realized she was missing a golden

opportunity. She had certainly picked up her share of knowledge over the

years, and it was a shame not to pass some of that along. She thought of it as

a secret gift to Carrie, waking up to a husband who was an accomplished lover.

There was one thing she hadn’t done, and all because of the

Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman. She remembered the main

character’s friend had always counseled her not to kiss on the lips, because

you could fall in love.

Even though kissing was certainly part of good lovemaking,

she had kept that out of the equation – and she believed it was a successful

strategy. She and Ricky had established a clinical, yet intimate connection in

the bedroom (and other places), but their relationship still felt oddly

unchanged in day-to-day life. She had no attraction to him at family

gatherings, nor did he make any advances or even catch her eyes in the wrong


If you pressed her, she would certainly admit that coupling

with a young stud two or three times a week did nothing but boost her feeling

of well-being, but that was more a physical transformation, not emotional. It

had certainly increased the fire in her own bedroom – where things had been

waning a bit.

“Oh Margaret,” moaned Ricky in her ear.

“That’s it, Sugar, are you going to cum for me. Where do

you want to cum?”

In answer, Ricky pulled out and shot a massive load across

her fulsome breasts and her waiting belly. She’d had her tubes tied, so Ricky

cumming inside of her was no issue, but he truly enjoyed seeing his cum coating

her skin.

Once he was rested, he dutifully stood up to get her a towel

– good boy, he’d learned proper etiquette.

Once dressed, she gave Ricky a loving hug and kissed him on

the cheek.

“’Bye sweetie, I’ll see you Tuesday.”


MAY 2010


“Oh fuck that’s it Ricky,” she said, the slow orgasm

beginning in her pussy. It was the kind that she knew would last a while – not

so much a volcanic eruption as a slow earthquake, rumbling in her pelvis for as

long as Ricky could keep it up.

He had actually been the one to find the perfect angle.

With her hips high in the air, her tits pressed hard into the sheets, he had

found a way to kneel on one knee and gain a higher angle so he could hit her G-spot

with every stroke of his gorgeous cock. She could only squeal helplessly as

the wonderful lover she’d created fucked her senseless.

“Do you like that cock in your cunt?” he asked.

“God yeah, Ricky. Fuck my cunt raw. Oh! Oh god, do that


Ricky had shifted his position and had plunged his

fuck-stick all the way in, bouncing off her cervix like it was a trampoline –

but in a good way, she loved the feel of him splitting her open, plunging as

far as he could into her interior.”

He kept doing this, rendering her practically unconscious,

and had just shifted back to the G-spot thrust when the phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID.

“Margaret, it’s the hospital.”

He pulled out of her and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hello,” said Ricky tentatively. “Yeah, this is Richard.

Hey doc, what’s the news. You’re kidding. You’re kidding! Oh my god, that’s

amazing! Okay. Definitely. One hour. I’ll be there.”

He put down the phone with tears in his eyes.

“She’s awake,” he said. “She’s awake and doing great!

Talking, she’s hungry, still a little disoriented, but she’s back, Margaret!”

The two of them laughed and wept together. Then a sudden

realization hit both of them. They sat there in silence, naked next to each

other on the edge of the bed.

“Come here,” she said. “We’ll make this fast.”

Margaret pushed him back down on the bed. She climbed atop

him for what she knew would be the final time.

“There you go, Ricky,” she purred as he slid into her.

“It’s time for one final bit of advice.”

He had already begun sliding in and out of her, she spoke


“Listen,” she said. “You’re going to need to go slow with

Carrie. You had two months together before the accident. You’ve had a year

and a half with me, and I’ve passed on about 20 years experience to you.


“Yeah,” said Ricky, with a larger thrust.

“Good. Also, watch the dirty talk. It’ll come, but that’s

something you learn with age. Don’t talk like you just did with me, or you’ll freak

her out. Okay?”

“Yes,” said Ricky.

“Good boy. Also, remember she’s not me. Every woman is

different. There are a lot of common things that work for everyone, but you’re

still going to have to learn all about our lovely Carrie.”

She gyrated her hips, working his cock with her inner

muscles and rubbing herself against him, putting all of the carnal wisdom she

possessed into play as she brought them both to orgasm.

Upon feeling his body stiffen, his hands grip tighter around

her hips, she gave permission for her own body to release.

“Oh cum for me, baby,” she cried. “Cum one last time and

fill me up. Oh God, oh God, oh Fuck!!!”

As he had all along, Ricky followed her directions and pounded

his cock into her again and again, spurting his hot juices into her with every

thrust. She could actually feel his cock expand a little with each surge of


She fell onto his chest and took his face in her hands - and

for the first time she kissed him. Their lips met in moist union, their

tongues danced tenderly in unison with Ricky’s slowing thrusts. Taking comfort

in the fact the hospital had told Ricky to be there in an hour, they stayed

there, kissing for just a few more moments. As Ricky softened, there was a

slight tinge of regret. However, they both knew that his dwindling cock sliding

out was a lovely symbol of closure – of a tender chapter that had sustained

him, and enriched her in ways they had never imagined.

“Margaret,” said Ricky, kissing her shoulder as they got


“Yeah, Ricky?”

“I just wanted to say, thanks. What you did for me, it was

an amazing gift. That thing you said that first day – that would have been me.

I would have been off doing god knows what with god knows who. I can’t believe

the way you took care of me.”

“It was my honor, Sugar.”

Margaret’s cell phone rang.

“Hello? Oh, hi Thom, what’s got you so excited? She what?

She is!? Oh my god! I’m going there right now. I’ll meet you there! I love

you too, baby.”

“Now you get going,” she said to Ricky once she clicked her

phone shut. “I’m going to throw these sheets in the wash before I drive down.”




Margaret picked up the phone to the sound of unintelligible


“Carrie, what’s wrong? You what? You know what? Honey,

I’m having a hard time understanding you. While you were in the hospital he

what? He did bad things? What kind of things? Sweetie, I’m going to come

over, it’ll be easier to talk.”

Margaret felt a dark cloud hovering over her as she drove

over to Ricky and Carrie’s place.

Carrie had made a remarkable recovery. It had only taken

her a couple of weeks in physical therapy and she was back to walking. Her

speech had been miraculously spared. With eating solid foods and working out,

she was getting her figure back. With Carrie so far on the road to recovery,

Margaret hated to think what it would do to her daughter if she had found out.

For Margaret, it had been a pure mission of love, she didn’t

know how she would convince her daughter of that.

Arriving at the house, she found Carrie a bit more calm, but

still overwhelmed.

“Why don’t you walk me through what’s upsetting you,” said Margaret.

“I’m just going to say everything, okay? Some of it might be


“Go ahead.”

“When I got home, we took things easy – but I couldn’t help

but wonder how Ricky wasn’t bursting out of his skin to make love to me. I

mean, it had been almost two years since we’d been together. I would have

imagined he would jump me the minute we got in the door. But he waited, and

when we finally did he was tender and it was good.”

“Okay?” said Margaret, confused.

“When I started getting my strength back, he didn’t take it

as easy. He really started turning up the heat – I mean, he would just go and

go and go. And it wasn’t just, you know, fucking. He took care of me in other

ways. Mom, Ricky is such a good lover.”

“And that’s upsetting, how?”

“Because he was too good! He was doing things

we’d never done, things I’d never imagined. Then, he…no, I can’t say it, it’s

too disgusting.”

“What, honey?” asked Margaret.

“He started, cumming on me. One night he just pulled out and

he shot it all over my face - without even asking.”

“How horrible,” said Margaret. She blushed a bit, trying to

suppress her knowledge of Ricky’s lovely habit.

“The things kept adding up,” continued Carrie. “Different

moves, different touches, dirty words – not too bad, but they’d slip out some

times. Finally, I thought I’d figured it out. I just knew he’d been sleeping

with another woman, or lots of them. I was sure of it.”

“You were sure of it?” asked Margaret. “But, you’re

not now?”

“No, I was vacuuming in the family room and I found this

under the couch.”

Carried pulled out a shoe box that contained around ten

DVD’s (many of which Margaret had seen part of).

“That’s not all, though,” said Carrie, “I was checking our

credit card statements, and he’s been spending forty dollars a month to this

online site that has like, everything on it. Mom, these movies are

disgusting. The things people do in them – and what kind of person would watch

this stuff. There’s something wrong with Ricky. What am I going to do?”

Margaret held her hand to her face, hoping it made her look

thoughtful - though in truth she was stifling a smile. First, she was

relieved the secret was still safe. Second, her lovely innocent daughter had a

lot to learn – and Margaret was almost jealous at how much fun Carrie was going

to have learning it.

“Do you know what you should to do?” said Margaret,


“What? Counseling? Therapy? Please don’t say I should

leave him, he just got me back..”

“What you should do,” said Margaret, taking her hand, “is

watch with him.”

“What!? Mom, that is so disgusting!”

Carrie stood up in surprise, but Margaret held fast to her

hand, keeping her seated.

“Baby girl, let me ask you something. Has your lovemaking

been good since you got back home?”

“Yes, amazing, but…”

“So, other than the little ‘surprises’, things have been

good. You’re just shocked that your man could watch such things?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So don’t fight it. Tonight, as soon as he gets home, don’t

wait. Put on something sexy and ask him if he wants to watch a movie. Don’t

tell him what it is, but pop one of these in the player. If it doesn’t get you

revved up; if you’re not fucking like rabbits…”


“Oh Carrie, relax. If you’re not fucking like rabbits

within fifteen, no, ten minutes of watching; if the sex isn’t more amazing than

you could have imagined, then talk to him about it – figure something out.”

“But, the things they do,” said Carrie.

“…are a little extreme, it doesn’t mean you have to do

them. Just watch, open your mind, and enjoy.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this from my own mother.”

“Sweetie, I’ve got a revelation for you. You’re married

now. You’re a grownup. That ring on your finger gives you license to do

whatever the hell you want, or feel like, or wonder about, with that cute boy

of yours. Go have some fun.”


JANUARY 1, 2011


Every time Margaret saw Carrie and Ricky, they had that

exhausted look about them - the kind of look one only gets after several

nights of little sleep. It wasn’t unhappy exhaustion, though. There was a

perpetual smile on both of their faces. Their bodies were constantly seeking

each other out – touching legs under the table, holding hands, kissing whenever

they could.

It was New Year’s Eve when she saw them together. They’d

come for the family gathering and decided to stay over, rather than risk

driving. Margaret had gone to bed with Thom at about 1:00 and given him much

more than a New Year’s kiss. He had frequently commented on her transformation

over the past couple of years – all in a complimentary way. She certainly

rocked him into the new year on this evening.

She’d been thirsty and had finished Thom off by

sucking him dry.

“Much better than champagne,” she told him as he drifted off

into unconsciousness.

She wasn’t able to get to sleep and draped herself in a

loose robe before leaving the bedroom.

In the den, she heard the muffled cries coming from the back

deck. Moving to the window, she smiled at the two young bodies intertwined in

the hot tub, moving with sinuous grace and beauty. She remained in the

darkness, watching her stunning daughter move with the instinctive grace of a

true lover, writhing her hips on Ricky’s very familiar cock.

When they climbed out to lie on the deck, Margaret moved a

bit closer to the window so she could watch them. Ricky was so beautiful, so

ruggedly beautiful as he impaled Carrie with well-tutored expertise. He

looked up just then, and Margaret realized she was caught. All she could do

was smile, and blow him a kiss. Their eyes remained locked until Carrie pulled

Ricky’s face down for a voracious embrace.

Margaret watched them with admiration and pride.

She felt empty, in a way. She had no longing, no feelings

for Ricky - no feelings other than the love a mother-in-law feels for her

wife’s husband.

She contemplated this emptiness and realized what it was.

She lacked a purpose. She had felt empty when Carrie moved out, the role of

mother was no longer a daily duty. With Ricky, she had filled that hole, she

had spent more than a year of her life fulfilling what she considered to be

almost a sacred duty – seeing the sweet young man through a most difficult time

and enriching her own life in the process. Now, it was back to empty habits,

the normal day-to-day routine.

She moved the mouse on the desk, waking up the computer.

There was the search bar. She held her breath; made up her

mind; and started typing.

Young wife in coma, Midwest.


Rating: 90%, Read 18581 times, Posted Jun 02, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Male, Masturbation, Old Female


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