Fairwell Lunch Chapter 3 by strywriter

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True Story | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Chapter 3

A Fantasy Comes True

Diana and Mark teased each other often after their wrestling match in the backseat of her car but even with her permission slip to fool around she did her best to keep him at bay, at least for the most part. Mark was defiantly interested in more than just teasing; he wanted to pay off his IOU and often reminded her he owed her a licking. However, as good as that sounded, she somehow resisted; mostly, because she thought it would be too hard to pull off at work and she wasn’t sure she wanted to go to a motel with him.

The most difficult time not to submit was when they would go out after work for dinner or drinks with clients or other office members. Of course, there was a lot of drinking and as we all know, alcohol has a tendency to reduce one’s decision-making ability or, in other words, nothing separates a woman from her panties quicker than Vodka.

Mark would play with her under the table and she would grind up against him on the dance floor or squeeze that big thick cock under the table and he would say, “just say the word and it is all yours.” She had submitted to the back seat several times but they did the same thing as the first time. She would blow him and he would finger her. She knew she needed more and he certainly wanted more.

One night after sex John and Diana were cuddling and he asked if she had been doing anything more than the BJ’s in the car?

“No, nothing yet and it is getting harder to say no to doing the deed with him.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know, I guess the right time and place.”

“And when or where would that be?”

““I don’t know, I guess it’s just hard for me to take the initiative and go into his office and ask him if he wants to do it.”

“Well don’t ask, just take the lead and do whatever it is you want to him.” “What is it you want to do with him?”

“I don’t know, I guess fuck him, I’ve given him several blowjobs, so fucking is the next logical step, right?”

“Yeah, but BJ’s are always nice and yours are very special.” “You could start with a BJ and then go to a desk or chair fuck.”


“Just pick a day when you both stay in at lunch and go to his office and say, look, you said you wanted me, now’s your chance and unzip his pants and he’ll do the rest.”

“Really, just like that? “Won’t that make me look like a nympho or a total slut?”

“I don’t know that it is all that bad, John laughed.” “He knows you are attracted to him and you said he is full of himself, so maybe he will think you are just horny and it’s his lucky day.” “But either way, he wants you and you want him, so do it for god’s sake.”

“But I don’t want him to think I am too easy.”

“Look honey, you have sucked him off several times and given him hand jobs but you haven’t actually fucked him, so there’s no reason for him to think you are easy. And if you are worried about him spreading rumors, he hasn’t spread any rumors about you blowing him, so don’t worry about it. As for looking slutty, he wants you to be slutty, all guys want a slut in the bedroom and an angel in the kitchen or something like that!” “You said you want to do him and it is getting harder to say no, so say yes!”

“Do you want me to do him?”

“That’s up to you.” “It’s ok with me if you do, but I’m not going to tell you to do it.” “It’s your body and you have to decide.”

“Ok then, I am going to do him in the office like you suggested.”

She began planning operation office sex! She picked a day and dressed appropriately, that is a short, lose fitting dress, suspender hose and no bra and no panties. When they were both in the coffee room, Mark made a comment on her high beams and the way her ass jiggled when she walked up and down the hall.

“She got up close to him and rubbed her ass against his cock and whispered, “hmm, there is nothing between your cock and my pussy except for a few thin layers of cloth! Would you like to see more?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Ok, make some excuse to stay in today at lunch and you will get your chance.” “Would you like that?”


Smiling she groped his cock through his trousers, “see you at lunch!”

When lunch rolled around Judy invited her to go with her and David but she begged off saying she had a ton of work to catch up with and a half-eaten sandwich in the refrigerator. When everyone was gone, she waited about five minutes then walked the entire office checking to see everyone was gone and then she went to Mark’s office at the end of the hall.

“Hi there,” she said in a husky voice as she entered and continued around his desk. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress and then lifted it over her head and tossed it on to the chair in front of his desk. She stood there in just her three-inch heels and suspender hose and let him gaze on her beauty. She tried not to show how nervous she was hoping he would be pleased with her body but a woman always worries!

“Wow, you are really gorgeous!” “I knew you would be but you’re even more gorgeous than I thought!”

“Thank you, but now that I am naked, we need to get you naked.” “If you will kindly stand up and drop your trousers so I can get to work.”

He just starred. “Really?”

“Yes, really, at least I thought you wanted to fuck me, or should I say you have said you want to fuck me; is now not a good time to do that?” Now the butterflies were back in her stomach fearing he was going to reject her.

There was a long pause and it scared the bejabbers out of her. “What, you don’t want me now?” She asked in a shaky voice.

“Oh, God yes, of course I do,” he stammered and stood up and dropped his pants as fast as he could.

“Good,” she said relieved she wasn’t being rejected. She looked down at his crotch and saw that he was already hard, perfect she thought and dropped to her knees and pulled his shorts down around his ankles. Taking his cock in her hand she said, “I seem to remember that he likes to be in something warm and wet,” and she placed her mouth around his member and went down until her nose was against his pubic hair!


“Now she had him; all she had to do was remember to check the clock so she was done before everyone got back.”

Although this certainly wasn’t the first time she had sucked him, she was able to clearly see what she had and man was he long and thick! Kneeling as she was offered her better access than leaning over in the backseat of her car so she took a big breath and then ever so slowly she moved down his massive cock until the tip of his mushroom head was blocking the entrance of her throat!

She exhaled a little and relaxed her muscles and allowed the slippery head to slide into her throat! Once she had the head completely in her throat, she reversed course and sucked her way back up to the head and twirled her tongue around the head and then back down and a little further into her throat! Up and down, she went, listening to his moans and groans, especially when she was throating him.

Thankfully guys don’t last long when you actually deep throat them otherwise her knees would have given out on the hard floor. She felt him grip her head harder and try to push his cock a little deeper into her throat and then he began to groan loudly and suddenly he moaned, “Oh God, I’m about to cum,” and shot the first hot rope of cum straight down her throat! She pulled her head back so he could fill her mouth and she continued to jack him as he came! When his cock stopped shooting cum, she continued to suck him in hopes that he could go again in just a few minutes, and he didn’t disappoint!

When he was good and hard, she raised her hands for a hand up and he gladly assisted her. When she was standing, she asked, “did you enjoy cumming in my mouth?”

“Yes, very much,” he replied looking into her eyes trying to determine where this was going.

“Good, now how would you like to cum in my pussy?”

“What?” He stammered.

“I want what you to fuck me!” With that statement she turned around and leaned over placing her arms on his desk and then spreading her legs. Her perfect ass was now his and he could hardly control his excitement! “This is what you say you want every time we go out, so now is your chance.”

He moved into position behind her and gasping his cock he moved the mushroom head to the entrance of love tunnel and then slowly inserted the head of his cock. He could feel her wetness but he could also tell she was tight so he eased in rather than jamming his cock balls deep in one shove. As he moved deeper into her tight pussy, she moved her butt back while sighing softly, “aaaaahhhhhhh, I have wanted this since that first night in the backseat of my car!”

“Hmm, I have wanted to do since the first time I saw you in that short dress you wore your first day at work!” She

She giggled a little, Judy told me all about you guys and how you like women to dress sexy, so I was dressing to impress!

Forty minutes later she was fixing her makeup in the lady’s room when Judy came in.

“Hey, how was lunch Diana asked?”

“Ok, just the usual salad from the corner deli and a little gab-ass with David, how about you, did you get something to eat?” Judy asked while going into a stall and closing the door.

Diana looked in the mirror and a big smile crossed her face. “Actually, I did take time to eat something and it was very good!”

“Ahh, that’s good,” Judy said now absorbed in her own issues.

When she came home that evening, John was cooking dinner. “Hi honey, how are you,” he called from the kitchen while looking under the rangehood?

She said, “wonderful” and did a pirouette causing her dress to rise up above her bare ass cheeks.

“Wow, very nice entrance” John remarked, what’s gotten into you that you are so happy?” “Did you get a big raise today?”

“No, I didn’t get a raise in salary but something did get into me today, and it was a big, hard one!”

“What?” John asked not understanding.

“Mark and I did it today!”

John laughed, “ah, I see and you found it met expectations, I take it?”

“Yes, I certainly did!” She came around into the kitchen and held her arms out for a hug and kiss. She kissed him like newlywed’s kiss, long, hot and with plenty of tongue.

“Wow, John said when they broke the kiss, a hot lipstick kiss, not just your lucky day but mine also.”

She laughed, “you get lipstick kisses all the time, but I don’t get to blow and fuck a guy at work all the time.”

“I’m sure he got the better end of the deal!” “So, you actually did it, huh; good for you?”

“Yep,” she said taking his face in her hands and pulling in for another hot lipstick kiss. This time when the kiss ended, she whispered in his ear, “I walked in his office, took off my dress so he could see me completely naked and told him to remove his pants so he could get what he has wanted for so long.” She kissed his ear and put her leg between his legs.

“He dropped his trousers and I saw his hard on so I pulled his shorts down and put his whole cock in my mouth, or as much as I could and I started sucking him, deep throating him, up and down on his cock.” She now had John’s pants undone and pushed them down and went to her knees. Pulled his shorts down and took his cock in her mouth.

“I want to taste two cocks in one day,” she said before going back down on him. He shut off the range and took her head in his hands and began slowly fucking her face.

“Ahhh, God you’re such a good cock sucker!” He moaned.

She pulled his swollen member out of her mouth, “he said the same thing she giggled before going back down, then back up. “I want you to cum in my mouth like he did, I want your cum too!”

“Goodness, you are a nasty one today, aren’t you?”

“Hu huh,” she mumbled around his cock before removing it for a minute, “I’m a full-fledged slut now that I have sucked and fucked at work!” She went back down on him deep throating him. John took her head in his hands again and began face fucking her like the slut she was. Shortly, he groaned loudly and pulled her face all the way in against his pubic hair and shot a hot load of cum down her throat!

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG” he groaned as he continued to pump cum down her throat until he was finished. When she realized he was done she reached up and gently removed the death grip he had on her head. She opened her mouth to show him how much cum she had in her mouth and then she stood up and kissed him with full tongue, swirling the cum around in his and her mouth!

When they broke John looked at her, “wow, you are smoking hot tonight.” “Fucking Mark must have really got your engine running.”

“You are right about that!” “It was the single nastiest thing I have ever done and I loved every second of it and after dinner I want you to eat me and then fuck me in the same hole he did!”

Later, they lay in bed staring at the ceiling and panting from a vigorous sex session.

“Wow, honey, I can’t remember hotter sex!” “I mean you are always good, great in fact, but never, ever have you been so nasty and talked so dirty while dong it.” “I think this office sex has awoken a true slut!”

“She giggled, yeah, it’s a good thing it isn’t taped recorded or I would die of embarrassment from the things I did and the words I used.” “But it seemed like you liked the dirty talk, you fucked back even harder!”

“Oh, I did, I’m a guy and guys like nasty girls, at least girls who are nasty in the bedroom but polite in public.”

“Oh, I thought it was supposed to be an angel in the kitchen and whore in the bedroom?”

“Yeah, that works.” “So, what did you enjoy most about your adventure today?”

“Oh, that’s easy!” “Coming home to you as a used woman and sucking you and then having you take me like Mark did, or sort of like Mark did.” “We did it on his desk rather than a bed, but I bet a bed would be fun too!” “Doing two men in the same day and one of them is my husband and knows I did the first guy! Wow, that is high water mark for sure!”

“I’m sure it is.” “But besides coming home, what did you enjoy the most?” “Blowing him or fucking him?”

“Well, honestly, they are neck and neck; I enjoyed both about the same.” “I was soooo, nervous when I went in there but I tried to act like I did that every day.” “But, when I took my dress off and he sat there with his mouth open just staring at me, I almost lost it and ran away.”


“I don’t know, I guess I thought he might not like me naked, or that he didn’t want to do the deed in his office where we could be discovered, I don’t know, but I was scared!” “But then he said I was more gorgeous naked than he dreamed and I relaxed a little.”

“Just a little?”

“Yeah, but once I had his cock in my mouth, I knew what to do and how to do it so he would enjoy it, and boy did he ever enjoy it.” “I deep throated him for probably 10 minutes is all, and then he painted my tonsils white with his cum and I just kept sucking because he doesn’t go all the way down after his first cum.”

“And he didn’t disappoint, he stayed fairly hard like in the car when I blew him in the past, which excited me because I was really hoping we could fuck!” I continued sucking him and talking dirty to him, he likes that too, until he was all the way hard and then I stood up and asked him to fuck me.”

“You asked him?” John laughed.

“Yeah, well, more like ordered him to fuck me.” “I stood up and said, I want what you have been begging me to do; I want you to fuck me!” “Then I leaned over his desk and spread my legs wide and he fucked me!” “And boy did he ever fuck me.” “He put his big, fat cock in my pussy and began slowly but I was so wet and so horny I started pushing back against him and he caught on and fucked me silly for the next 20 or 30 minutes!”

"Really, 30 minutes?" John asked.

“I swear, he fucked me from behind until I came, then he turned me around and laid me on the desk and he fucked me with my legs up in the air until I came a couple of times, and finally he came in me with me sitting on his cock and him in the desk chair.” “Oh God, his cock was so deep in my cunt it was in virgin territory and I could feel every blast of his thick, white gooey cum filling my cunt to over flowing!”

“When we were done, I cleaned his cock off using my mouth and then put my dress on and went to the lady’s restroom to freshen up.” “After that, everyone was returning from lunch so I just went back to work at my desk but I couldn’t concentrate very well and I had to go to the restroom several times due to leakage.” “And that is one thing for me to remember!”

“What’s that?”

“To have panties so you don’t leak all over the place afterward.” She giggled.

“Good point, did you see him anymore after he did you?”

“Yes, but not too much; we ran into each other in the breakroom and he asked how everything was, and I said great, but then I mouthed the words, I am still horny! When five o’clock came I stuck my head in his door and said, “bye, and he said, must you go?” “I smiled and said, sadly yes, but maybe not on another day and left.”

“So then, you are going to do this again?”

“I want to, would you mind if I did?”

“No, not as long as you just keep it to sex and don’t fall in love with him.”

“No, that will never happen, I love only you and you are so good to me I would never want anything to come between us, even a big hard cock like he has.”

Diana wanted to explore more with Mark and maybe David and others, but unfortunately time ran out before she found the opportunity. They received word that the company had sold out to a big corporation and they were all out of a job shortly!

Rating: 94%, Read 18347 times, Posted Mar 02, 2021

True Story | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex


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