A Black on a Blonde Part 2 by Tiffany

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Antwan and his girlfriend stepped into my darkly lit house. I didnt know what to say or do, I wasnt prepared to fuck this girl but if it kept me from getting my face pounded in i'll do it. We all stood in the living room looking at eachother akwardly. Butterflies in my stomach. Antwan soon broke the minute long silence.

"You two ....Kiss."

I looked at her and she looked at me, i already kissed a couple girls before so this wasnt so bad. She came closer to me, my eyes still locked on hers, I met her halfway as our lips met. I was the first to open my mouth and slide my tounge in hers, she was the first to grab my hips. I grabbed hers too as we took part in a passionate liplock. Never in my life have i kissed a black girl but her mouth tasted just as sweet. We started moving our heads around getting more into it, when i noticed she was trying to take off my shirt. I let her take it off, exposing a pink colored bra. She broke the kiss and stood a few feet away from me ending our intimate kiss. Forgetting about Antwan i stared at her perfectly shaped brown body in her tight little tan short dress. I couldnt believe it, a girl wa making me horny , ive never gotten off on another female but she was just too hot. She walked over to the now naked and waiting Antwan, who was hard as a rock as he stood to the side of us.

She walkd over to Antwan and pushed him on the couch, she dropped to her knees as she looked behind her shoulder and winked at me . I slowly walked up to Antwan and got on my knees also. He had a look of satisfaction on his face as the ebony beauty took his whole large dick in her mouth in one gulp the whole thing went down her thoat and she never gagged. I stared in awe as i looked at this sixteen year old take a whole entire dick in her mouth . Her head moved up and down as Antwan had her by the hair turning his dick into a shiny wet pole . She took the large black cock out her throat and mouth and looked at me.

"Are you gonna just sit there and watch?"

She started licking the bottom of his cock as i joined in, i licked and slightly sucked all over his purple dick as he groaned in pleasure. I rolled and wrapped my tounge on and around his cock leaving no spot un-licked by me or the other girl . The both of us shared his dick. licking and sucking on it like cock hungry animals. Making nothing but slurping noises as he had one hand on each of our heads. A few moments later i realized i had his dick all to myself when i noticed the girl licking, sucking and slobbing all over his balls. He groaned louder knowing that one girl had his dick and another one had his balls. From the experience of deepthroating from last week, I bravley took the whole thing down streching my tonsils my throat forgetting about my reflex. Moving my head up and down i let him fuck my throat. He took his black monster out my mouth and shot hot cum on both our faces. The other girl giggled. He took his cock and sprayed the remainder of his seed in the other girls mouth. Her face came closer as she kissed me. I tasted nothing but cum in her mouth. my tounge dipped into the little cum puddle in her mouth and we pulled apart as a long line of cum came from between both our lips. I had my first cum swap.

Later on after i got Antwans cum off my face and hers, i realized he wanted more. I thought i was done but that was just that was only half of it. I felt not too into it. I dont know why. As my mind boggled with excues for them to leave. I felt strong hands pull me and throw me up against the living room table on my stomach. It kind of made me horny but then again sick. The hands forcefully lifted up my skirt and spread my legs apart as i felt a huge warm dick rub against my asscheeks. I turned around to see Antwan with a blank serious look on his face. He held both my hands behind my back with one of his meaty hands. The dick on my asscheek moved inside my cheeks. I expected pussy penetration when out of nowhere. I feel his cock roughly jam into my asshole. The pain making me yelp to the top of my lungs. He forced his cock in and out tearing and mutilating my virgin asshole. He banged his cock up my rectum so hard my body jerked to his motions. I squealed and let out shrieks of pain as the sodomizing got worse. He took his free hand and pulled my long blonde hair, causing my head to go back. He constanly groaned as i yelped bloody murder.

"Antwan stop." I said in light voice letting him know he was hurting me.

"Wha-- what was that i couldnt hear you.. did you say harder!!" He yelled between groans and heavy breaths.

"Antwan no i did--!"

Before i could finish what i wanted to say. He started nailing my poor little asshole going twice as faster and twice as harder as he did last time. The pain was unbearable. I kept screaming and yelling. It was all i could do to releve the sharp aching absolute pain, like daggers to butter. I felt my hair splitting as he pulled harder, nearly slanting my eyes. To great joy he pulled himself out my ass making a loud pop. Moments later still in the same position. The girl came in. I couldnt see her but i heard her footsteps. She got in front of the table i was forced on and climbed on. She sat directly in my face with her legs wide open and her dress pulled to her waist. I looked at her black pussy. It was so amazing looking inside her body as juices started to leak out her pinkish-brown bald cunt. Antwans dick then forced its way into my tight pussyhole. As i finally moaned in pleasure as his large cock spread my walls and rubbed up agaiknst my g spot. Feeling horny again i buried my head deep into her pussy my tongue in her vagina smelling her scent i whirled my toungue around her walls as she moaned and softly ran her fingers thru my hair. I moved my toungue up; to her clit and flicked it around and sucking that little bud that craved for attention. She threw her head back and played with her tits as i tasted her salty juices. Antwan was still fucking me good and the pleasure he gave me motivated me to eat her pussy more ferociosly. I moved my hips back letting him get a deeper penetration as i moaned. I then started lapping her cunt like a dog, lick after lick after lick, making her squeal for pleasure. It felt as if this couple were using me as some sort of sex toy. Antwans big black dick pounded inside me and momories from last week flooded my head. him still holding my hands behind my back. The girl moaned like a song from the top of her lungs, my face still deep in her pussy as i recived the best orgasm ever from this large chocolate pole in back of me. At that same moment i felt loads and loads of hot sticky cum shoot up my pussy, as he groaned quietly. He let go of my tightly held arms he pulled himself out. A trail of cum followed. Like clockwork all of us came to a world rocking orgasm.

Me still on the table desiring a nap, and looking at the bruises left on my wrists. the black couple still wanted more, the feirceness in her sexy hazel eyes looked at Antwan like it wasnt over. She got up off the table as he forcefully pulled her in his arms, pulling me along with him. I could tell she enjoyed being treated like a peice of meat as he had each of us in both arms as he walked us upstairs cum dripping down my legs and the pain in my asshole still very much there. He took us to the main shower and told us both to take off our clothes, the both of us slowly stripped down as we looked at eachother, she had a small frame body and big tits, smaller than mine but still big. He turned on the shower and we stepped inside. Antwan immediatly grabbed his girlfriend and stuck his dick in her ass right in front of me. I stood leaning against the shower wall while she stood in front of me getting her ass pounded. We were basically in a human sandwich. She let out screams of pain and automatically i knew what she was going thru. With the water completley drenching us now i decided i was not going to sit there and watch so i took my first two fingers and stuck them up her pussy. I felt her warm tight insides surround my fingers as i twirled them around and around and up and down as she screamed even louder from the double penetration. She put her head down and lightly suckled my tit making me moan as well making my finger jam up her harder. The groans of Antwan were also heard causing a cluster of moans and groans and running water like a syncronized song. Antwan hammered into her like he hammered into me. I was getting the best pleasure of my life never did i think i'd take part in a threesome so young. Her beautiful straightend hair turned in to glossy ringlet curls as she continued to suckle and lick my tit. I thrusted my finger inside her more and more since i realized she was on the verge of a climax. Moments after my finger banging she exploded by another orgasm screaming loud enough to wake the dead. Antwan soon enough dumped another load of semen this time in her ass. causing him to let go of her and pull out.

When we got out the shower i was for sure they had enough because i sure did. a blowjob, eating another girls pussy, getting fucked in the ass and doing some shower fingering i was ready too ball in the bed and sleep. Antwan looked thru my bottom cabinets and discovered i had baby oil..............They still werent done.............He took us to my room and laid us both on the bed. He commanded us both to spread our legs before him as he poured the oil on both our pussies and rubbing them both at the same time. It felt so good as his strong black hand massaged my clit waves of pleasure shot thru my entire body, and i know she enjoyed the same feeling. We both moaned throwing our heads with back, my long blonde hair and her shiny black hair still wet. He sat between us enjoying the feeling he was giving both of us when he stopped leaving us on the verge of what couldve been the best orgasm ever. He looked at us and told us to finish it off. The both of us hungry for orgasm i got on top of her my head going between her legs and hers in between mine, i again tasted her black pussy. Together we helped lick eachother trying to reach that hard climax. Antwan stared in satisfaction looking at us perform a 69 for him. It wasnt long before we both came, eachothers juices going in one anothers mouths. We both dropped to the side of the bed leaving a space big enough for Antwan. He lied between us the both of us in each arm. Unknowingly we toyed with his dick like a plaything. He told us he wanted to fuck each one of us separatly now. I got exited at the fact that i didnt have to share him. I offered his girlfriend to go first, but she obliged and let me be the first since her ass had to take a little break. Getting up and leaving the room I was left alone with this sexy african prince.

"Alright my little white fuckin slut imma give you twelve minutes to ride my dick, if i dont like it this dicks gonna rape that tight little ass again got it?!?"

He yelled at me like i was a peice of meat in a way i kind of liked it but then again i hated it. I was not trying to go thru that horrible feeling again.

"Yes Antwan." I obediently replied.

He laid himself comfortably on my bed with his hands rested behind his head, waiting for me to fuck that large dick that stood straight in the air. scooting towars him i sat up and slowly sat on his dick as it disappeard in my tight young little cunt. This time i had to do the work so i slowly moved my hips back and fourth his large dick already tempting me to cum but i knew i couldnt not yet. Back and fourth i kept moving this time a little faster as my wet hair turned into damp spaghetti strings. I moved faster and faster feeling his cock grow inside me. i lookd at him and noticed he feircely kept licking his lips ...He liked it.....I started bouncing up as down as my breasts moved along with it. I wildly squealed enjoying the feeling of his large black cock in my super small pussy. He finally started breating hard and groaning and slapping my ass as i rode his meaty cock for all i was worth. I yelled between moans that i wanted to be his white slut and that he could do anything to me. Without warning another jet load of hot sticky cum shot deep inside my overstuffed pussy. Without another warning i was thrown off his cock as he called in the other girl. He snapped his fingers and with that i left the room. I stood by the door as i heard Antwan going for another round the moans got my cum coated pussy wet and my nipples rock hard. I slipped my fingers in my pussy and wildly fingered it, getting off on the sounds i heard coming from the next room. Twelve miutes later after i had my secret orgasm i was invited back in. The two finally looked like they were tired. I laid back in the bed the three of us all silent till the girl decided to break it.

"By the way, whats your name." She softly asked.

All that we did and we didnt know eachothers names, i really felt horrible, the way she asked it, it was like she had no shame.

"My name is Summer, and yours."

"Latoya but you can call me toy."

"Nice to meet you Toy,."

We both shook hands from across the bed and giggled, when suddenly my brother walked in on us all. Filling my body with pure embarassment. Adam scanned the room and looked at the three of us on the bed.

"What the hell is this!!" My brother yelled.

"Dare to join." Toy asked.


Rating: 69%, Read 54475 times, Posted Oct 19, 2004

Fiction | Anal, Cum Swallowing, Interracial, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Teen Female


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