A Man and His Pets: Sandra's and Courtney's Fate by Lucky+Mann

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A Man and His Pets:

Sandra’s and Courtney’s Fate


There had only been two girls that completely failed to be trainable as Jim’s pets. Sandra and Courtney had both remained defiant. Unfortunately, Jim had to reject them both as pets, and remove them from the house.

The first to go was Sandra. Before she was captured, she was the mother of Jim’s first two pets. She had been a drunken whore who frequently cursed at and slapped her teenaged girls for no good reason. Jim, as his ultra-ego Bill, had decided Sandra needed to be trained as a pet if only for the discipline. She could use some of the same treatment she had been giving her daughters.

The well planned capture of Sandra and her two teenaged daughters had gone smoothly. Thanks to a hypodermic syringe full of a knock-out drug administered to each of them, Sandra and her girls were taken from their South Carolina home without incident. Before the drug had worn off, all three were well secured to exam tables in Jim’s dungeon like basement.

It soon became apparent to Jim that Sandra would not be trainable as a pet or even worth the effort to keep her around as a cunt to be use and abused.

After cuddling a while, Jim kissed both girls and told them. “My pets, we need to have a little chat about Sandra. I don’t think she is trainable. I would like to torture her a bit more, but I’m afraid I may have get rid of her. What do you think we should do with her? Remember, you can speak freely in your quarters.”

Trina and Cindy looked at each other for several seconds. Pet Cindy and Special Pet Trina agreed with Jim that Sandra had to be disposed of. Trina was the first to speak. “Sir, will you take care of us?”

Cindy added. “We’re still too young to be left on our own.”

Kissing Cindy, Jim replied. “Of course you’re too young.” Turning and kissing Trina and hugging both girls close, he continued. “You girls are my pets now. You are my property and therefore my responsibility. I will use you as I see fit, but I will also take very good care of you. I am going to use a term for one last time that I have been avoiding. I want you to think about what we should do with your mother?”

Jim then quietly kissed each girl again and left the Kennel. He wanted to let them think about what he had said without his influence. He intended to keep them anyway, but if they stayed willingly, they’d make much better pets. He also was intent on not killing Sandra. He felt it would be better if his pets didn’t know that as they considered their decision.

Jim checked in on Sandra. The result of her previous rough treatment was a steady trickle of blood was running from her cunt. Tears were steadily flowing down her cheeks from her closed eyes. Her pelvic mound was swelling badly. Her pelvis had probably been cracked or broken when Cindy drove a huge dildo fully into her cunt.

“Sandra, are you with us again? I just wanted to let you know, your daughters are considering your fate at this moment. I will abide by their decision. Since you continue to be defiant and refuse to follow instructions, I must get rid of you. The only real question is, do I torture you before I dispose of you?” Jim chucked then continued. “Of course I’ll torture you. Do I let your girls think I dumped you alive near your home? Or, do I bury your fat ass where it will never be found? I just wanted you to know you have very little hope of surviving this little ordeal.”

When Jim walked into the Kennel, both girls looked as if they had been crying. Both stood with their heads bowed. Jim asked about their decision. “Well, my pets, what have you decided?”

Trina spoke up. “Sir, Master, that bitch Sandra gave up the right to be our mother years ago. We now only have you to care for us. So, if you want to torture her ass, go ahead.” Then, after a brief hesitation, Cindy added with an evil grin. “Can we help?”

Jim kneeled and held out his arms. Both teen girls ran forward and hugged and kissed him.

“Of course you can help, my pets. It might even be fun for you to get a little revenge for all the poor treatment you received from her in the past. The problem is she may not do very well during the torture. Will that bother you too much?”

Trina and Cindy looked at each other and carried on a quickly whispered conversation. Then Cindy spoke. “Fuck her, Sir. Like we said, that cunt hasn’t been our mother for years.”

“OK then. Shall we go see what her body can do to entertain us?”

(The details of Sandra’s treatment can be found in the main story, A Man and His Pets.)

After their final session with Sandra, Trina and Cindy were taken to the Kennel. Jim soon brought lunch to his pets. A sedative had been added to their lunch witch would keep them asleep until later that evening.

Jim then went to Sandra and pulled a syringe out of his pocket. She barely moved when he jammed the needle deep into her ass and injected her with the sleep-inducing drug he had used when first capturing his pets. He then removed all of the restraints holding her. The dildos buried in her pussy and ass were jerked out. He quickly and crudely tattooed “Fuck Here” on her ass. On her forehead he tattooed “Free Blowjob with each Fuck.” Finally, on her lower abdomen he tattooed, “Sloppiest Cunt in Town.” He then placed her in the crate he had brought her in, loaded her onto his Gulfstream, and took off.

It was a little after noon as the Gulfstream lifted off. The sedatives should keep his pets asleep until around six PM. He figured three hours each way. That would be more than enough time.

A couple of hours later, he was flying low over the Arizona desert near the Mexican border. He was on final approach to an isolated landing strip.

Upon landing, he went back to take care of Sandra. When he dumped her out of the crate, she stirred and hoarsely whispered. “Where am I? What’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on, whore. You’re just going to meet an old friend of mine. He’ll be taking you to your new home. He will know what to do with a whore like you.”

Jim then helped her out of the plane’s door.

An old gray van came rumbling out of the desert trailed by a cloud of dust. Two rough looking Mexicans jumped out and ran to the plane. They took Sandra, roughly tossed her into the back of the van. Before speeding off, the van’s driver yelled to Jim. “Mucho gracias. Adios amigo.” He then waved to Jim sped rapidly back to Mexico.

Jim secured the plane’s door, returned to the cockpit, and took off. He was soon heading home at max speed.

He touched down at about 6:15 PM. Immediately upon entering his home, Jim checked on his pets with the camera system. They were just beginning to stir.

He prepared a dinner of steaks, fries, and salad. As a reward for their good behavior thus far, Jim gave a small glass of wine to each pet. By the time dinner was ready his pets were fully awake.

The girls ate quietly, especially Cindy. Jim asked, “My pets, what’s bothering you? Do you feel ill?”

Trina said, “No Sir. I’m fine.”

Cindy agreed. “Nothing, Sir.”

Using a harsher and louder voice, Jim asked again. “Cindy, what is bothering you? Answer me now!”

Cindy, with a single tear on her cheek, softly asked. “Sir, Sandra’s dead, isn’t she?”

Firmly, Jim replied. “No! She has been sent somewhere where her whoring ways can be put to use. She won’t like it, but she is alive.”

Putting his arm around his oldest pet, Jim softly continued. “Cindy, obey like a good pet, and be treated well. Disobey and be punished. Refuse to be trained, and I will have to dispose of you as well. Do you understand?”

The teen slowly nodded and said. “Yes Sir. I understand.” Slightly shaking, Cindy continued. “Sir, may I ask another question?”

Jim reached out and stroked Cindy’s hair and granted his permission. “Of course you may. I told you when you first arrived that you may speak freely in your quarters. Now, what is your question?”

“Will it hurt a lot to be fucked in my ass? I’m afraid I won’t like it.”

Jim chuckled at how quickly his pets had gotten over the loss of Sandra. They would indeed make excellent pets.

In the mean time, the two Mexicans in the gray van had returned with Sandra to Mexico. Somewhere in a dusty Mexican town not too far south of the border Sandra was regaining her senses. She was laying nude on a filthy twin bed in a tiny dimly lit room. Her pussy and ass felt as if they were on fire. Her tits stung from the safety pins her daughters had placed there. The eight-inch needles were still speared through the bass of her tits.

One of her new captors can into the room she occupied. In broken English, he told Sandra he was going to fix her up. She would have a couple of days to get better before she was put to work.

He was almost gentle as he wiped her entire body with a wet rag. He used wire cutters to snip then remove the safety pins from her nipples. Sandra yelped each time one of the eight-inch long needles was pulled from her tits. He then dabbed some soothing ointment over the wounds to her tits. Sandra was beyond embarrassment by then so it didn’t bother her when this strange Mexican wiped her pussy and inserted the nozzle of a bottle into her cunt. The fluid he squirted into her pussy had a soothing affect. The same soothing feeling swept through her bowels when he squirted the liquid up her ass.

Groggily Sandra spoke to the man tending to her needs. “Thank you, Sir. I feel better already. Do you think I can go home soon?”

The man laughed as he left the room. A short time later another man brought her something to eat. He spoke no English. She was then left alone to rest until the next morning. The sun was well up when the first man returned. He again wiped Sandra’s body and applied the ointment to her tits and liquid medicine in her pussy and ass.

As he finished, Sandra asked again. When do you think I can go home? He again laughed and said. “This is your home now. Tomorrow you begin work for us.”

“Sir, what will I be doing?” Sandra asked.

The man laughed again. “Just like Mr. Jim said, you are a dumb bitch. You will be a fine whore for us. You will make us lots of money. You will fuck any that want you. You will fuck, suck, and get fucked in the ass by many men. Men here like white American women. You will be very popular here.”

“WHAT?” Sandra yelled. I am not going to be your whore. I demand you let me go!”

The man slapped her face hard. “You are a whore already. You were a free whore. Now you will make money for us by being a whore. Shut up and rest. You start tomorrow.” He then left the room.

Sandra struggled to her feet and went to the door. It was locked and she didn’t have the strength to do anything about it.

Early the next morning, Sandra was feeling much better. Even her pussy, though still swollen, didn’t hurt too much. Sandra sat up on the edge of her bed wondering what was to happen to her. Would they ever let her go? Would they ever give her any clothes?

Suddenly, a short fat Mexican man came into her room. She started to stand but he pushed her back down.

“Suck!” He abruptly stated.

“Go to hell!” Sandra protested.

WHACK! The man slapped her hard. “Suck, whore!” He ordered. He then grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her face to his crotch.

Sandra could tell he had been working. He smelled dirty and sweaty. Then she thought to herself. ‘What the hell! I’ve sucked dick before, and some of them were sweaty too.’

“OK, ok. I’ll suck your dick.” Sandra then reached up and pulled the man’s zipper down. His soft but impressive cock flopped out and hit her in the face. Sandra immediately took it into her mouth and began licking and sucking. She soon had his cock fully erect and filling her mouth.

He moaned in pleasure when Sandra sucked him down her throat. “Mucho bueno, chica. Bueno.” He then grabbed her head, shoved his cock down her throat, and fed her a large load of cum. “Gracias.” He said as he pulled out and zipped up. Without another word he turned and left.

‘Well, that wasn’t so bad. I can….’

Right then another man burst through the door.

”Let’s fuck, bitch.” This was a black American tourist looking for pussy south of the border.

“Please, my pussy has been hurt and is really painful. Can I suck you off instead?” She asked.

“I don’t give a fuck about your sore pussy. I want to fuck. Get on your back, bitch.”

Sandra did as she was told. As soon as she was on her back and had gingerly spread her legs the man was on her. She only felt a dull ache as he slid his seven-inch cock into her cunt. Her pain increased only slightly as her customer rode her hard and fast until he dumped his load of cum deep in her cunt.

A few minutes after the American left, her Mexican tender came in with a bowl of water and a rag. “Keep your pussy and ass clean. Smelly whores don’t make as much money as clean one.”

The next two customers wanted simple blowjobs. Then a tall skinny guy fucked her in the ass. His cock wasn’t very thick but was quite long. ‘Perhaps those dildos the girls used on me are helping me here. My ass and pussy have already been stretched as much as I’ll ever need them to be.’

Over the next year or so this was Sandra’s life. One cock after another paraded through her dingy room and dumped load after load of cum in or on her. Finally, her pussy had become so sloppy that no one wanted to fuck her any more. Even field hands refused to use her pussy. A few still fucked her in the ass, but even that hole had expanded to the point if felt sloppy to her customers. Her only use by then was her mouth. She could still give a pretty good deep-throat blowjob.

Her handlers decided she needed to be put to better use. She was sent to some associates in a major Baja California tourist area. Sandra was pleased when they told her that her new job there would be on stage. She thought several men would be fucking her on stage. Many of the local sex clubs in the area featured such acts.

When she arrived at the club, she was bathed, made up, and dressed in a sexy nightgown that covered very little. She looked and felt better than she had in a long time.

She was blindfolded and led on stage where she was met by loud applause. She was then laid face down on a sturdy table and secured with a strong strap over her back. Her legs were spread and tide to the table legs. In this manner, pussy and ass were fully exposed to the audience.

After a short time, the house light dimmed and a spot light illuminated Sandra. A man came up to her and began petting her pussy and ass. He then removed her thin panties and fingered her pussy and ass until she was beginning to self lubricate. He then took a large jar of jellied lubricant and applied a large gob of the stuff to her pussy and ass. He then took a large syringe and squirted a large amount of the lube deep into her cunt and up her ass. The man then left the stage to the applause of the audience.

‘Why did he need to lubricate me? Hell, I can fuck all night and not need lube.’ She wondered.

Then the audience began applaud again. One of the other actors had come on stage. The actor had been well trained. He strolled up behind Sandra, sniffed her ass and hopped up on the table with his front paws. The Great Dane knew exactly what he was supposed to do. His cock was well over a foot long and he drove it deep into Sandra ass with little hesitation.

Sandra gasped and cried out. “No! I’ve never done a dog. He’s too big. Please make him stop.”

The audience only laughed at her plight.

The Great Dane pounded Sandra’s ass unmercifully. When he slammed it home Sandra felt he knot growing inside her ass. Soon the Dane was tied to Sandra’s asshole and was flooding her bowels with dog cum. The Dane then turned so he and Sandra were ass to ass. About fifteen to twenty minutes later, the dog pulled and his knot popped out of Sandra asshole. Large amounts of doggie cum began running down her legs.

Just as Sandra began to relax a little the audience applauded again. The donkey had been stimulated back stage and walk in with a hard-on over two feet long swinging beneath his belly.

He too knew what he was supposed to do. He jumped up on the table with his front hooves. His handler picked up his giant cock and placed it at the opening to Sandra’s worn out cunt. When he realized his cock was in a pussy, he lunged forward. About half his cock slid into Sandra’s gapping cunt. With another lunge his cock was fully imbedded deep in her gapping hole. When the donkey started humping Sandra’s cunt, he rammed her so hard that she and the table were pushed around the stage. A short time later, with a loud bray, Sandra’s cunt was filled with donkey cum.

As the donkey was led off stage, the announcer spoke. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am told Sandra here gives a great deep-throat blowjob. So, as an added attraction, Sandra will suck the cocks of any who would like her services. So, if you want a really great blowjob, come on up guys. The men started lining up until about eighteen men stood in line.

Sandra obediently began sucking cock and swallowing cum until every man that wanted a blowjob was satisfied. Finally there was only one more customer for her. This customer was German. A German Sheppard dog that is. His handler had teased his cock off stage, so he was hard and ready.

Though dismayed by sucking a dog, Sandra obliged the animal and sucked his cock into her mouth. As the dog rapidly humped her face, Sandra did her best to take his long skinny cock down her throat. Eventually, the dog lunged forward. His cock speared deep into Sandra’s throat and his knot was shoved into her mouth. She was unable to open her mouth wide enough to expel his knot, so his cock remained deep in her throat as he pumped a steady stream of cum down her gullet. She had to concentrate on carefully breathing through her nose for fear of choking or drowning.

Though pushed to her limits that night, Sandra was paid for her services for the first time since she arrived in Mexico. Her share of the gate was nearly five thousand dollars. She was also offered a job to repeat her performance at other clubs. She accepted the offer.

Over the next year of so, Sandra made tens thousands of dollars. She had worked her way up from fucking the donkey to ponies, and then to small horses.

One night it all came to a tragic end. The small horse she regularly fucked had been hurt while being unloaded from his trailer. Unbeknownst to Sandra, an untrained horse with much larger cock had been found as a substitute.

Sandra had enjoyed the Great Dane and was waiting for the horse to be brought to her. She heard him snort after he smelled her pussy. He jumped up on the table and the handler placed his cock at the opening to Sandra’s well stretched pussy.

Without training, he simply lunged forward and buried his entire three and a half feet of cock deep into Sandra’s cunt. In the process, her cervix was split into pieces and her womb ripped open. Sandra screamed from the pain and blood gushed from her destroyed cunt. The scream frightened the horse who reared and lunged forward again. His cock was forced even deeper in to Sandra’s guts. She and the table were flipped over. The horse, with his cock still embedded in Sandra’s cunt, stumbled forward and fell. Most of his weight landed on the upside down table with Sandra beneath it.

They didn’t do an autopsy on Sandra. It was just assumed she died from loss of blood and blunt force trauma from being squashed under the table. She was buried without ceremony somewhere in the Baja desert. Her daughters never found out, nor cared, where Sandra had gone.

Courntey’s New Lifestyle

It was still dark when a very disoriented Courtney began to awaken. Jim and his other pets had dumped the drugged teenager on her family’s lawn. She had been dressed as a big city hooker. As she stumbled around her family’s lawn, a car pulled up beside her.

The car contained four members of the high school football team. They were heading for school early to get in a little extra work in the weight room. After stopping next to the disoriented girl, the driver asked his three riders a question. “Is that Courtney? It sure looks like her.”

One of the guys answered. “It sure looks like that little prick tease, but look at how she’s dressed. She looks like a whore.”

“Yeah, and look at those rings in her tits. I’ll bet she’s not so reluctant to put out as she used to be. She looks like somebody has been using the hell out that pussy since she left.” Another commented

“Let’s find out.” One of the guys in the back seat said as he opened his door and approached Courtney. Taking her by the arm, he told her. “Come on, Courtney. Get in!”

“Yes Sir.” Courtney replied. She then willingly followed him into the rear seat of the car. She sat between the two young men there.

The two boys in the back seat began playing with her tits and fingering her pussy through her crotch-less panties. The forth boy asked her. “Courtney, you’re going to fuck us all this morning, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir! If you take me home when you’re done with me, I’ll fuck you all.” She replied.

“Sure, no problem.” The driver told her. “We’ll take you home when we’re done with you.” The driver then headed out of town to a secluded area known as a lover’s lane.

When they arrived at the wooded area, Courtney was somewhat roughly pulled from the car and pushed down to the grassy ground. She immediately lifted her knees and spread her legs. Her pussy was exposed and offered for the boys to use.

They wasted no time. The boy who had pulled her into the car was the first to drive his cock into Courtney’s well used cunt. “Damn Courtney, for a bitch that never fucked any of us, you sure have a sloppy pussy. But, that’s all right. We’ll fuck you anyway. Do you still give great head?”

She smiled and nodded.

They had no way of knowing Courtney had been taking a huge cock everyday for well over a month. Her pussy had been well stretched by Jim’s fat nine-inch cock.

A short time later, the first boy dumped his cum in Courtney’s cunt. As he climbed off, a second boy climbed on and slid his cock into her sloppy fuck hole.

She asked the first boy. “Do you want me to clean your cock for you? She then opened her mouth wide as he offered his slimy cock for cleaning.

Since she was still on her back on the ground, the first boy got on his hands and knees over her head. He then lowered his slimy cock into her waiting mouth. Courtney did indeed still give great head. In very little time, she not only had his cock clean, but she had him hard again.

As the second boy gave Courtney his load of cum and climbed off of her, the driver said. “Here guys. If she’s going to fuck and suck us, let’s put her on her hands and knees.”

The boys flipped Courtney over and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. The guy that has just pulled out of her pussy filled her mouth with another slimy cock to be cleaned. The driver drove his cock into her cunt with force. He continued to forcefully slam his cock into Courtney’s cunt.

“Ummph!” Courtney grunted each time he drove his cock into her.

The guy in her mouth had his cock jammed deep into her throat. “God damn guys, this bitch stills gives the best head in town!” He exclaimed.

“And now she fucks too.” The driver added with a laugh.

Courtney continued to fuck and suck the four boys for better than an hour. By then she was fully awake and aware of what was happening. She had taken numerous loads of cum in her cunt and a few down her throat.

The boys were well pleased, except one. The driver was obviously the leader of the group. He said. “I have just one more thing to do to her before we take her home.” He then lined up behind her again. With no warning, he drove his cock deep into Courtney asshole.

She howled in protest and tried to crawl forward. The guy was much stronger than she was and merely grabbed her hips and pulled her back. Repeatedly, he drove into Courtney’s ass until he filled her bowels with his last load of cum.

He then pushed her over onto her back and went to get her a rag from his car’s trunk. He tossed the rag to Courtney and told her. “Clean that nasty smelly cunt before you get in my car bitch.

She cleaned her cunt as she had been told. As she got in his car, the driver gave her orders again.

He told her. “From now on bitch, you are the town’s whore. You will put out to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and in any hole when you are called. Do you understand cunt?”

Courtney hung her head and agreed to his terms. She thought to herself. ‘Why the hell didn’t I take the easy way and become one of Jim’s pets?”

True to their word, the boys took Courtney home and dumped her on the lawn where they had found her. She got to her feet and walked into her home. Her father met her at the door.

Her father had indeed flipped out after viewing the DVD that had been slipped through his mail slot early that morning. Seeing his daughter dressed like the town’s slut only added to his rage.

“Where the fuck have you been, and why the hell are you dressed like a whore?” When Courtney hung her head and failed to answer his questions, he slapped the crap out of her. He stopped only when her mother intervened.

Since that time, Courtney went out almost every night of the week. She never refused a date even from the lower classmen and nerds. The once stuck-up Courtney welcomed all in her pussy, mouth, and ass. She’d drag herself home in the wee hours of the morning smelling like the well used whore she had become.

A month later her belly had begun to swell. The following month, it was obvious she had been knocked up. It was the last straw for her father when it became obvious Courtney was knocked up.

“Whose bastard is it? He asked his daughter.

“I don’t know Daddy.” She said.

Her family refused to allow Courtney to get an abortion. Though she would have to give it up for adoption after it was born, he wanted her to go through the humiliation of carrying it to term.

Even when her belly had swollen to the point it hurt her to have a man on her, she didn’t stop her whoring ways. Doggy style allowed her to still take cock up her ass or in her pussy in spite of her swelling belly. She still gave the best blowjobs in town.

Courtney’s once protective Daddy had been drinking one evening when his wife went shopping. Courtney came flouncing naked through the living room fresh from the shower. Daddy could stand no more. He grabbed Courtney by one of her tit rings as she passed by.

Courtney howled as her father jerked her tit to the side and brought her to a halt. Her nipple sent a sharp pain through her tit. With her heavy nipple rings still in place and the swelling due to her pregnancy, her tits had long since lost their perkiness and sagged almost to her belly.

“You fucking cunt.” Her father screamed as he yanked on her nipple ring. If all you want to be is the town slut, fine! I might as well get something out of it as well. Let’s see just how good you are at sucking cock. On your knees whore!”

As she fell to her knees and opened her mouth, Courtney told her Daddy. “Yes Daddy. I give the best blowjob in town.”

That enraged him even more. He brutally shoved his cock fully into his daughter’s mouth. She didn’t even cough. She sucked and licked him until he dumped a load of cum down her gullet. She gave her Daddy the best damned blowjob he had ever had.

Courtney had hit rock bottom. She not only looked and acted like the town slut, she knew that’s exactly what she had become. She fucked and sucked her way through the entire male student body of her high school. Many of the teachers and administrators used her as well. Before each school year was half way done, Courtney made sure she had taught ever Freshmen boy the fine points of sex with the town whore.

Even her Daddy knew she had become an easy to get slut. He frequently used her for his pleasure as well. When he held the monthly card game at his home, Courtney served the refreshments in the outfit she had worn to come home. She also took care of each of the attendee’s personal needs as they wished.

Courtney fulfilled the prophecy Cindy had given her. Courtney was known, not only in two counties, but several others to be the biggest whore around. Her deep-throat blowjobs became legendary, and her willingness to fuck and take it up her ass made her the most popular slut around.

Courtney was certain of just one thing. She should have stayed with her Master. At least then she would only have needed to service him and the other pets. Unfortunately, she also knew that Jim and the other pets would not want a teenaged whore whose pussy was as sloppy as an old hooker.

Rating: 78%, Read 59678 times, Posted Jun 11, 2014

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