Nicole’s Birthday Present by controlling

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Fantasy | BDSM, Female, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Rape

Nicole sauntered across the park toward the exit. It had been a wonderful day; the sun was shining, the breeze light and refreshing, and the type of day she wished she could enjoy more often.

It started when she woke this morning and looked at her alarm clock, it wasn’t waking her, it read 08:30, much later than the usual 06:00 she’d see when it woke her up, and she smiled, the perfect way to start her much needed vacation.

Naked, she got out of her bed and walked to the bathroom, stopping to enjoy the view in her full length mirror. Though liking what she saw, a bit of a grimace crossed her face as she stare at her 34B chest. She wondered how she would look with a 36B or a 34C bust and had considered getting an augmentation but was worried it would look awkward in contrast to her 22” waist. She liked her hips, a nice 32”, not so large as to bulge below her waist nor so small they didn’t seem to exist. Besides, from behind, they were nicely accentuated but her firm little ass. Her legs were well toned, not muscular, but not skinny either, but never looked quite right unless, slipping on a pair of 2” heels, “Perfect.” She thought admiring the curvature of her thighs, calves and ankles. Satisfied she could still be found attractive, she continued on her way to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’.

She brought her bathrobe with her as she exit the bathroom, but after taking one more admiring look into the mirror, she threw the robe on her bed and, still naked but for her shoes, went for breakfast. Over her toast and coffee, she relished in the fact that she was nude. She wished she could be this way more often, and was willing to be, but she had the idea that her spinster boss, not to mention all the prudes in her neighborhood, would disapprove so, finishing her breakfast, she went to her closet and put on her lightest and skimpiest sundress.

Exiting the house, she bask in the warmth of the sun and walked along the sidewalk toward the park.

“You really should lock your door, you know,” it was Widow Smith, her neighbor, “aren’t you worried about thieves?”

“No, Mrs. Smith,” Nicole answered, “the neighborhood watch is so good here, I’m sure all I have is safe.”

“Suit yourself, Mrs. Smith chided, “but don’t blame me if people sneak in.”

Nicole just smiled, said her good-byes and walked the four blocks to the city park.

The park was huge, plenty of playgrounds for children, miles of walking trails, baseball and soccer and cricket fields, and, most importantly to Nicole, benches, benches everywhere.

Nicole smiled and hummed as she traverse the park at a leisurely pace heading for her favorite bench. She was in no rush, she enjoyed the feeling of her nipples being rubbed by the dress, she felt moments of excitement as the breeze occasionally blew up her dress to kiss her unprotected privates, and she enjoyed the heat of the sun slowly tanning her legs.

Reaching the bench she sought, she removed her dress. She hated tan lines and, knowing this bench was far enough away from the walking paths and play areas, here she could sunbathe undisturbed. She lay face down on the bench and started to giggle thinking that the sun was shining where the old saying said it don’t. She loved the feeling of the sun on her back and ass, and even loved the feeling of the breeze sliding up her legs and across her pussy more. Sharing these two sensations washing over her body, she reached down and started to fiddle with her clit, slowly pinching at first, than scraping across it with a fingernail, and finally long hard strokes with an index finger until fulfillment. She slowed the rubbing down, enjoying the final throbs between her legs as she massage them away before turning over to tan her front.

Her head snapped up suddenly checking her body, she had fallen asleep and didn’t know for how long. ‘The last thing I need is to spend the next few days with sunburned tits, ‘she thought, ‘although it would be an excuse to stay naked, but the thought of my tits peeling, or my...?’ Deciding not to take any more chances of falling asleep, Nicole decided it was time to leave. She draped her dress over one shoulder, still enjoying the sun and breeze on her naked body, before heading back on a rarely, if ever, used by anyone but her route. She listened as she walked for any noises that would indicate one of the playing fields was being used to determine when, or if, she should put her dress on, and hearing nothing, she threw the dress over the other shoulder and continued on her way.

Nearing the end of her leisurely naked walk, Nicole could see the parking lot just ahead, empty save for one van. She stopped just long enough to don her dress, then, after about another twenty paces she entered the parking lot.

Not seeing anyone in the van, she wondered how much longer she could have remained nude when something caught her eye; the slide door to the van was open. Looking around, she couldn’t see anyone, raising her curiosity, so she went to the van to look inside, calling ‘Hello” every few steps. Close enough to the van, Nicole put a hand on the vehicle and started to lean forward to take a peek inside when some kind of cloth was wrapped around her face. Before she could move back, a pair of hands grabbed her by the elbows pulling her arms behind her back and leaning her into the vehicle. Seconds after her elbows were pinned; a third pair of hands took her by the ankles and lifted her into the van, face down on the floor of the cargo area.

No sooner was she on the floor when the van side door slammed shut. Her kidnappers worked as a team, the first tying the cloth behind her head, the second was tying her wrists together above her head and affixing them to the back of the van, a third tying one ankle to a fixture on the floor of the van while a fourth tied her other ankle to something high (the ceiling?)and Nicole started to struggle harder as she felt a hand started playing with her exposed slit.

Once she was firmly secured, Nicole felt her dress being raised until it passed by her hands leaving her as exposed as possible. Helplessly bound and blindfolded, Nicole started to panic, trying to find a means to escape, when a set of hands turned her head so she faced away from the floor. As one set of hands held her head still, a second set of hands rolled up the cloth covering her face to just below the nose.

Thinking this might be her only chance, Nicole took a deep breath hoping her screams might draw someone’s attention, but before she could exhale her plea, her mouth was covered by flesh and she heard the word ‘lick’. She kept her mouth closed refusing to pleasure her antagonist, but when the weight on her face shifted and two sets of fingernails started to pierce her tits, she concede to the commands. Just as Nicole’s tongue started to caress the slit over her mouth, she felt one leg slide behind her, one leg slide along her stomach and suddenly she was being scissored.

“I’m being raped by women,” Nicole realized, “by four (?) women, or are there more than four? Will I have to eat out all four, be fucked by all four?” Her thoughts were broken by the fingernails at her tits again and she realized in her panic she had stopped licking, she began again, this time with earnest, hoping to end this as soon as possible. She hated being forced like this, not having control, at the whim of others, but this was her fate, and she had to accept it. She felt her rapists clit throb against hers and it almost caused her to orgasm as well, but she refused to give the bitch the satisfaction at felt vindicated knowing she denied her that satisfaction. No sooner had the legs been removed from around her body then tresses of hair slid along the lower of her legs and a mouth pressed against her pelvis.

The mouth was good, real good. Within seconds Nicole stopped licking, she was panting to heavy to use her mouth for anything else, she started to quiver and moan as she fought the urge to release until her fruitless attempts to resist were broken by the unrelenting torments of the invading tongue.

“Oh God yes.” Nicole groan as the pussy was raised from her mouth, “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes.” She went silent as her body attempted to contort within the confines of her binding, her muscles clench, her knees bending together as much as possible (which wasn’t much), her fingers and toes clenched and her face bent toward her chest hitting the crotch hovering above her. Endless seconds passed before the mouth released her crotch and her body fell limp, only to have her mouth kissed by a pussy, and another clit rubbing hers as she heard the vehicle start. She felt the movement of being driven as she licked a pussy to orgasm, only to have it replaced by another, and another. She, herself, came several more times from the various clits rubbing hers by the time the vehicle and the sexual assault stopped.

She felt her bindings being released as a pair of hands took the covering from her eyes. “Happy Birthday.” the four women, all friends of hers, shouted.

“What the fuck?” Nicole shouted.

“Well,” one of the women explained, “you are always telling us, especially when drinking, that you sometimes fantasize about being raped, a fantasy most women have, so, for your birthday, we let you live your fantasies.”

“Oh you bitches, ”Nicole warned laughing, “when I get my hands on you...”

“Want us,” one of the other added, “come get us.” grabbing Nicole’s dress, jumping out of the van and running, with the other three women, into Nicole’s house.

“Wait,” Nicole shouted after them, “Give me my...” but the door to her house closed before she could finish.”Fuck” she shouted before poking her head out of the van and, after looking around to make sure no one was around, made a dash for her house, covering what she could of herself with her hands, glad she didn’t take Mrs. Smith’s suggestion about locking the door.

Entering the house, she quickly turned around, closed the door and locked it sighing with relief before an ear shocking ‘SURPRISE’ caused her to turn around to see about eight women, her usual pick-ups at the lesbian bar she frequently visited, standing in her living room, all completely naked except for the strap-ons they were wearing.

“Happy Birthday dear.” said Mrs. Smith coming from behind the others.

“Mrs Smith?” a shocked Nicole asked staring at Mrs. Smith’s strap on,” You’re...”

“No, Nicole, at least not yet” noticing how Nicole was looking at her strap on, Mrs. Smith explained, “Oh, this” she said stroking the plastic head of the phallus, “a left over from married life, my late Jerry used to enjoy a little... variety, just to keep things interesting. Never had a chance to use it with another woman though until now so, like all your friends here, I was hoping to make sure you had one hell of a fucking birthday party and put this baby to use.”

Rating: 80%, Read 15484 times, Posted Aug 11, 2017

Fantasy | BDSM, Female, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Rape


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