Fulfilling one of my sexual fantasies last year - you know, the one where I turn up with a long coat on and not much else?... by Amy_May

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True Story | Coercion, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Hardcore, Rape, Teen, Written by women

I was flicking through the late night porn channels on my cable when my doorbell went. I'd been waiting for Sam - a guy I didn't know well, but I had been working with remotely. Getting flyers designed and printed. I let him in and lead him into the living room, he sat down and lit up a smoke. We descended into some small talk until his eyes lit up when he realised what was on the TV. I flushed a little, embarrassed that I'd left the TV showing a woman with enormous breast and nipples holding a mobile phone seductively. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me, there was a spark of sexual tension in the air.

"So you like this type of thing?" he asked, tipping his head towards the screen

"A little..." I replied, a shiver running through me "...well a lot, It's nice to appreciate a sexy woman" I replied

"But, does it, you know, get you excited?" He questioned with a gleam in his eyes

"Well, it does if I'm sitting here thinking about having that woman in front of me, her body to touch and play with, but I have to be feeling kinky"

"Like now?" he asked looking straight at me "Do you play with yourself watching other women"

I looked away, a little embarrassed by the questions, and a bit more embarrassed from the knowledge my pussy was wet underneath my leggings, as this upfront conversation was turning me on.

We stopped chatting and watched the TV for a while, watching this thin brunette spread her thin legs to expose her own soaked through panties. I turned to look at him and couldn't help but notice a slight bulge under his trousers,

I was intrigued but knew I didn't want to fuck this man who'd dropped by my house. He'd just caught me when I was feeling aroused, I planned that once he'd left I would take out my fat dildo and let myself cum with it deep inside me.

"Is this a bit too much for you" I asked, indicating at the TV

"Not at all," he replied, "Its just hard to concentrate on much else, I'm getting a little hot"

"I can tell" I smiled, and ran a finger up his thigh and across the bulge in his pants.

He took this as an indication I wanted much more, and suddenly had pushed me up and back so we were both standing, me with my back against the wall.

He held me tight and moved his face in close, his breath on my skin, "You want me?" he said.

"Not really..." I said, backing out, contemplating whether I did want him to satisfy my horniness...

"You do" he replied, his hands searching my body feeling my curves, when I decided

"No, I'd rather not. Not right now, you've got over excited by what was on TV, and I was only teasing you a little when I touched your cock, I didn't mean for us to get so carried away, I'd rather not"

He let me go, and backed off. He looked horribly embarrassed for having misread how I was feeling.

"But I thought, with the channel on, and the look you gave me..." he trailed off,

"I'm going to go" and he headed straight out.

I sat there horny and confused, not satisfied at all, but glad I hadn't got too carried away. I looked back over to the TV now showing two gorgeous women dancing together and slid a hand down between my legs. I rubbed my pussy thinking of how close it came to being fucked.

A few months went by, I saw this guy when we were working about once a week, it wasn't really that awkward seeing him. It was like we shared a little naughty secret, I hadn't felt such a thrill since that night (even though I'd had sex since). It lay between us, not spoken about but there, leaving a level of sexual tension still there. We became friends, he borrowed my DVDs and stuff

One weekend around Easter I'd arranged to pick up a film from his - I'd had a really naughty morning, getting myself off in the shower with the shower head and fingering my pussy so that it was all swollen and juicy. I'd shaved my pussy lips clean and I was feeling nasty.

I got ready to go to his, I put on a very short skirt, intending to put on boots and thick tights, but I got distracted by my fishnet hold ups in the draw. I slid them onto my legs and spread them in front of the mirror, I wanted more. I thought of where I was going, and decided then that I wanted to conclude this sexual tension - but on my terms.

I left the fishnet stockings on, and teamed them with heels, it with a thong and matching bra. I decided against wearing a top. I have a nice warm and long parka coat that would cover me up respectfully on my way there, and I could always keep it on if things didn't turn out as I planned.

And off I head to his, fulfilling my own fantasy of turning up at a man's house in nothing but a coat and underwear, and I was prepared to get my revenge for the time he pounced on me.

When I got to his, he invited me in and made me a drink, he eyed up my heels and the fishnet material visible on my calves. I crossed the uncrossed my legs keeping his attention, then slid off the coat. His eyes wide at how little I had on underneath. I turned to face the nearest wall to me and placed my hands on it, arching my back.

He was behind me in an instant, his hands caressing my ass cheeks, stroking closer towards my pussy. He slowly pulled my thong aside and buried his tongue in my ass hole, licking around the rim and poking a little inside, then down he went to my soaking pussy, chewing on my clit as he slid two fingers into me. He'd already managed to take off his trousers and boxers.

When I turned to look behind me I could see his stiff erect cock as he slid a condom on. He teased the head of his cock between my ass cheeks, spreading the juice from my pussy everywhere before he slid himself deep inside me with one smooth motion.

He grabbed my long blonde hair in his hand and pulled me back onto his cock, he was straight into pounding my pussy, no slow build up, I bounced up and down as his balls slapped against me. His spare hand reached round and he rubbed at my clit in circular motions, fucking me even faster if it was possible. Roughly shoving himself deep in and out my pulsing wet lips.

I was mounting to an orgasm with this intense fucking and so was he. I grabbed and squeezed at my nipples as he, rammed himself in me to the base and allowed himself to release inside me, I could feel his cock stiffen and throb inside me.

He moved away from me to redress, as I slid my underwear back into position and donned my parka coat, zipping it up swiftly taking myself out of sight.

I picked up the film, and turned smiling, "I'll be off" I said, "After that first night I met you, I had always wondered what it would have been like if we had actually fucked..." and I was gone,

His front door closed behind me, leaving him shocked and stunned I'm sure.

Rating: 85%, Read 25931 times, Posted Aug 28, 2010

True Story | Coercion, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Hardcore, Rape, Teen, Written by women


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