My Niece the troublemaker - Ch. 1 by treatmedirty

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My Niece the Troublemaker

Chapter 1

By treatmedirty

“Darren you need to call your brother back,” a sharp voice sounded on the phone. “You know he’s going through a divorce and he needs all of our help.”

“Mom I don’t mind helping him but he’s so out of it,” Darren called. “I feel so uncomfortable talking to him. What if he wants me to talk about the divorce or something like that? I’m only twenty. I can’t give any advice. Hell I’ve only had one girlfriend and that didn’t last long. We hardly have anything in common.”

“It’s not about the amount you have in common it’s the amount you show you care,” She lectured. “He needs to know we all are here to support him.”

“I support him why can’t Cindy be the emotional support he needs,” Darren complained. “Or anyone else. He has eight of us to choose from. With eight brothers and sisters to choose from why does he choose me. I’m the youngest and the one living on my own. I can think of a million reasons he could choose someone else.”

“He may not even want to talk to you about it,” she chided. “He may just have something he wants you to do because you live alone and you live the closest to him. Darren just please call him back. He’s your brother for Gods sake.”

“Fine mother but I don’t have to enjoy it.” Darren clicked the end button on his cell phone. He had been living alone since he was twenty and four years went by and he’s now the only single member of his family. Lawrence is joining him but he will be a divorcee. Since Darren has so much spare time on his hands all of his brother’s and sisters call on him for help. They all live with in thirty miles of him. He doesn’t mind helping but he feels that he is getting taken advantage of. The only one he openly asks if he can help is his mother. As the youngest child he is especially close to her. His father died when he was twelve and so he had to help support her since most of his brothers and sisters had already left home.

Reluctantly he scrolled through his contact list until Lawrence’s number came up. He put the phone to his ear as it began to ring.

“Hello,” came a very familiar voice.

“Hey Lawrence, just give you a jingle back,” Darren tried to sound casual but truth was he was already uncomfortable.

“Darren thanks for calling,” Lawrence seemed elated. “I’m in a real bind and I know I always ask so much of you but I need your help man. I have to go on a trip this tonight and I won’t be back until Monday. I need someone to watch the kids. Kelly isn’t available and everyone else is busy. The kids really like hanging around you. What do you say could you look after them this weekend?”

“What time tonight?” Darren questioned.

“Well I leave at midnight,” He began. “I can call a cab and then be off. I don’t care if they stay with you or you stay here. I’ll be back midday Monday and could pick them up from school I just need you to take them.”

Darren thought for a second. He had babysat his brother’s three kids many times. He knew they were crazy wild kids but occasionally having them around is fun. He just didn’t like the idea of three nights.

“Alright bro I’ll do it,” Darren explained. “You owe me big time. Don’t worry about a cab I’ll come over after dinner and I can give you a ride to the airport. That will save you some cash.”

“You are a lifesaver Darren,” Lawrence said sincerely. “Will you stay here or will you take the kids back to your place?”

“I don’t like staying in a strange bed so I’ll bring them here and they can crash on the floor. I have a few blow up mattresses,” Darren said.

“Sounds great I’ll need to leave by ten at the latest so if your not here by then I’ll just call a cab,” Lawrence said. Darren could tell this lifted a huge burden off of him.

“I’ll see you later then. Bye.” Darren hung up the phone and put it back on the table. He knew the kids would be happier at his apartment even if they had to sleep on concrete. Darren had a wide range of video games and systems to occupy their time. He was also a kid at heart and had many animated films and such.

“I’ll need to hide some things and clean up a bit.” Darren said out loud to himself. Darren then went to his stash of Porn mags and hid them on his shelf in his room. He grabbed all of his sketchy videos and did the same. He then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning his apartment. He knew those three would make it a mess again but at least this gives him less to do later. The oldest, Jasmine was ok. Since she was eight that girl has had to take care of her younger siblings. Her mom would leave to go to clubs or friends houses and Lawrence would have to work to pay all the bills. She is now twelve and so she is more mature than most kids her age. She has also developed faster as well. She still liked to tease and torture Darren as often as possible. The youngest boy Curtis was a nightmare. He had so much energy he could run from dawn until dusk and still have plenty of energy to spare. He was the youngest so he sought attention. His mother had always babied the other two. They were both girls so she bought them clothes and such for them and left him out.

Lawrence was too kind and he let Kelly do what she wanted. She was cheating on him for almost five years before he found out. The one time in his life he showed some back bone and that was the night he found out she had cheated on him for so long. He kicked her ass out of the house and filed for divorce the next day. Kelly was fighting for full custody and Lawrence wouldn’t let her have it. They had already been in contact with lawyers and to court once. It was leaning in Lawrence’s favor but it was still up in the air on the judge’s final decision. He heard from Lawrence that the children will go to a psychologist and they will determine how the children feel about each parent. Lawrence was worried. He knew both the girls were favored by their mother but he also knew that Curtis was much happier with him.

After cleaning the apartment Darren ate a quick dinner and took a late shower. Since he worked four, ten our shifts he had three days off a week. He made good money and drove a nice car for being a single bachelor. After he got out of the shower he was reminded why he had such horrible luck with women. He was over weight with, not a huge belly but enough of one that you can’t miss it. He had tried everything to loose weight. He exercised vigorously down at the gym. He ate right and healthy. He took his vitamins and still he had a gut. Other than his belly he wasn’t that bad looking. He had a baby face that the girls loved. He had thick brown hair and brown puppy dog eyes. He had strong arms and legs because of work. He just wished that girls would see past the gut and see him. Darren dressed in his normal clothes and left the apartment about eight o’clock. He pulled up to the house and walked up to the front door. He knocked and then walked in. All of his brothers and sisters were close enough that no one minded if you just came right in.

“Hey Jasmine, Amelia, Curtis what are you guys doing?”


Jasmine and Amelia jumped up from the couch and practically tripped him they hugged him so tight. He then felt a body slam into his back and throw its arms around his neck.

“Curtis you’re choking me,” Darren grabbed the arms of his eight year old nephew and pulled him over his shoulder and threw him on his back into the couch. “You guys act like you haven’t seen me in forever. I just saw your last weekend at Cindy’s house for dinner.”

Jasmine was a pretty girl even at twelve. Darren knew that when she got older she would be a knockout. Long Brunette hair and a slim figure roughly five foot, she was plenty attractive. Amelia had some meat on her bones and was a little short for her age but she was really smart. Curtis was a small wiry kid that looked like he was underfed but Darren knew that kid could eat anyone under the table.

“There you are Darren,” Lawrence said as he walked into the room. “We just finished dinner and I was about to send the kids up to pack their bags.”

“You hear that, atten…tion,” Darren barked like he was in the military. His nieces and nephews lined up next to the couch. “Get you’re no good ceastors up those stairs and pack those bags like you mean it.”

“Aye aye captain,” Jasmine teased. They all ran from the room and up the stairs.

“You know you need to get yourself a woman and have some kids,” Lawrence said. “You are really good with kids and they love you. Besides your twenty four and you’ve had one girlfriend.”

“I don’t need the usual older brother speech Lawrence,” Darren joked. “I hear it every time from every sibling. I work on my own schedule. I am so good with kids because they are not mine. If they were mine they would be dead. I couldn’t handle them all the time. I don’t know how this weekend will be but I guarantee you that I will be glad to get rid of them come Monday morning.”

Darren and Lawrence talked while the kids packed. Lawrence was busy cleaning the dishes and pans from dinner while Darren watched. He figured he was taking the kids all weekend and would have to feed them three squares a day and so he was in no hurry to lend a helping hand. Ten o’clock rolled around and Darren drove his brother to the airport.

“I still can’t believe you have such a nice truck,” Lawrence admired. “My truck is an old beat up Chevy. What year is this Dodge again?”

“It’s the 2009 model. I got it last year though,” Darren smiled. He was proud of his 2009 dodge Ram. It was big and black. He had driven a truck all through high school and wasn’t going to change now.

“Sure does beat driving a minivan around,” Lawrence moaned.

“Oh come on you look so manly in that,” Darren teased. “I’m surprised you weren’t’ the one who cheated on Kelly with all the ladies you must have crawling all over you.”

“Ha, Ha,” his brother said sarcastically.

After dropping off his brother and bidding farewell Darren made his way back to the house. He had to wait for Curtis to open the door since they were told to lock the door while they were gone.

“Are your bags packed? Darren looked inquisitively at Curtis.

“I couldn’t finish mine so Jasmine is doing it for me.” Curtis said with out a bit of guilt.

Darren walked upstairs and peaked into his Jasmine’s room. He was shocked by what he saw. Jasmine was standing in the middle of the room wearing only a pair of panties and a bra. She was an A cup but still looked good. Darren couldn’t help but stare at her firm ass and smooth back. He was even more surprised to see she didn’t have on normal white panties and bra. She had on bright pink ones with frills on the matching set. He reluctantly tore his eyes away from his mostly nude niece and knocked on the door. He heard her jump and scramble for clothes.

“You almost ready Jasmine? He questioned. “I want to get back to my place now.”

“I’m just changing,” Jasmine said panicking. “I’ll be right out.”

He went downstairs to wait. Jasmine came downstairs in a tight shirt and hip hugger jeans. She filled both out nicely for her age. He didn’t say anything about her cute underwear. He knew she would die from embarrassment. After all the bags were packed and the doors locked they headed to his apartment. It was on the second floor so he volunteered to carry the girls’ bags and told them to help Curtis’.

They wanted to play some video games but Darren knew it was already eleven and it was time for sleep. He sat out the two blow up mattresses and used the electric pump to fill them. He head luckily remembered to tell them to bring pillows and blankets since he didn’t have any extra. Amelia and Curtis soon lay out on the mattresses.

“I have to sleep on the couch that is so unfair,” Jasmine whined. “I’m the oldest I should get a mattress. Make Curtis sleep on the couch.”

“Jasmine I’m sorry but they called it,” Darren said sympathetically. “You can sleep on one tomorrow night. Every one will get a turn on the couch.”

A smile streaked across the preteen’s face.

“I know,” she said as she ran from the room into Darren’s room. Darren soon found her curled up in his blanket. “I can sleep with you.”

“Not a chance,” Darren said not sure if she was serious or joking.

“Oh come on you have a big bed,” she argued. “There’s more than enough room for both of us. You won’t even know that I’m here.”

“No,” He said sternly. “I don’t want you in my bed. Not to mention I’m an adult and you’re still a kid.”

“I’m twelve,” she said feeling hurt. “I’m not a kid. No one ever lets me be an adult even though they expect me to act like one. Don’t you like me Uncle Darren?”

“Of course I like you,” Darren said trying to comfort her. “If you are so determined to be an adult than that makes you sleeping in my bed even more inappropriate.”

“I sleep with my mom all the time,” She said.

“It’s different with boys and girls,” He was trying his best not to tread into dangerous waters.

“I don’t care,” she said coolly. “I like you Uncle Darren. I want to sleep with you.”

Darren didn’t know how serious she was. He was also well aware of her word use and couldn’t help but get a little excited. He then quickly shut the fantasy out of his mind reminding himself that is his niece.

“No Jasmine,” He said frustrated. “Its not appropriate and I don’t want you to now go sleep on the couch like a good girl.”

“You don’t have to treat me like a child,” She said coldly. “You can just say that you don’t like me. I hate you.”

She ran from the room as tears streaked her face. This took Darren back. He didn’t know what to think. He was so confused at her outburst. He went out to the living room and found her curled up on the couch in a blanket. He turned off the lights and went to bed. He had a very vivid dream of him accidentally walking in on Jasmine in the shower to find her masturbating. She was calling out his name. He woke up with a start. He felt a body on top of him. He turned and saw Jasmine lying on top of him.

“I came to wake you up Darren,” she said playfully. “We’re all hungry and you’re still in bed. Now get up you lazy butt.”

She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him up. Darren was reminded how crazy the mind of a girl was let alone a preteen. She had acted like last night didn’t even happen. Darren pulled his hand free.

“I’m up just leave my room,” He said fully aware that he had a strong morning wood and he slept in his boxers. “I will be right out.”

“No way I know you’ll lay right back down and go to sleep,” She said. “I’m not moving until you get up.”

“Please get out,” he begged. “I promise that if I go back to sleep you can sleep with me tonight.”

“Deal,” she jumped off the bed and ran through the door and shut it.

“I think she knew I wanted to change and that’s why she pestered me.” He thought to himself.

Darren reminisced on how good it felt when she laid on top of him. She was a lot smaller than him but she had a smooth body. Again he had to remind himself of their family relationship. He got out of bed and put on some jeans and a t-shirt. He stumbled into the bathroom and took care of his morning ritual. He then went out into the living room to find all three kids sitting on the couch watching some stupid cartoon.

“I feel sorry for you kids,” Darren said watching the cartoon for a few minutes feeling more stupid by the second. “The cartoons I watched as a kid were so much better than this garbage.”

“It’s not garbage,” Curtis said almost yelling. “This is my favorite show.”

“Whatever,” Darren turned into the kitchen and looked around for food. He normally didn’t have guests so he didn’t have that much food. He found a box of pancake mix and some syrup. “How do pancakes sound?”

“Yeah,” Amelia said. “That’s my favorite.”

“I’ll help Uncle Darren,” Jasmine said jumping to her feet. As she got into the kitchen she grabbed the box out of his hands. “I was hoping you would stay in bed so you would have to make good on your promise.” She looked at him teasingly.

“Well I…,” Darren’s early morning brain couldn’t grasp what she was hinting at.

“I’ll mix the pancakes,” Jasmine commented. “You get the frying pan ready and get the stuff out.”

“Who made you the boss of my apartment?” Darren said as he handed her a metal bowl to stir the pancake batter in.

“I’m sorry Uncle Darren,” she said apologetically. “I’m just used to having to tell those two what to do.”

“I’m just joking,” he commented. “Thanks for the help Jasmine.”

She beamed at him. She set to work mixing the batter while she hummed a happy tune. With Jasmine’s help they had breakfast ready in a few minutes. They got the other kids to the table and they all ate their pancakes. After breakfast Darren made Amelia clean the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. He knew Jasmine would end up doing it if he didn’t tell one of the other kids to do it. He walked over to the loveseat and took a seat. He changed the channel to something worthwhile. Just as he got settled in Jasmine hopped on his lap. Her slender body fit nicely on his. She sat on him sideways with her legs curled up next to him. She put her head on his shoulder and looked at the TV.

“Aren’t you a little old to be sitting on my lap?”

“No way,” she said playfully. “Mom and dad never let me sit on their laps but you do. That’s why I like you so much Uncle Darren.”

She shifted her butt on his lap. He felt the contact and started to get aroused. “Damn I need a girl friend. Here I am getting hard from my niece sitting on my lap.” He thought to himself. He felt his cock pushing the material of his pants up. He hoped that she didn’t notice it since it was nestled up against her butt. If she did notice she didn’t do or say anything. Today she had on a pair of cotton shorty shorts and a low cut shirt made for a woman with cleavage. Darren glanced down and saw the edge of her pink bra from yesterday. He got even more aroused. He thought his dick would break from the pressure it was exerting.

“Let’s play a video game Uncle Darren,” Curtis said bounding into the room.

“If everyone wants to that’s fine by me.”

Everyone agreed and they picked a game. They all sat down waiting for it to load.

“I’m on Uncle Darren’s team,” shouted Amelia.

“No way I am,” Curtis shouted. “It will be boys against girls.”

“It should be oldest against youngest,” jasmine said joining the argument. “It should be Uncle Darren and I.”

“How about all three of you against me and I’ll still win.”

“Yeah right we’ll crush you,” Curtis got a serious competitive look on his face.

They played for several hours switching games every now and then. After lunch Darren grabbed a book and sat on the couch trying to read his favorite fantasy novel.

“Uncle Darren Curtis threw this at me,” Amelia said holding a wooden spoon up.

“I did not,” Curtis defended himself.

“You did so I saw you throw it at her,” Jasmine pointed out.

“Curtis apologize to your sister and sit on the loveseat,” Darren said with authority. “You will stay there until I tell you to get off OK.”

“Fine,” Curtis dejectedly said.

Curtis flopped down on the loveseat and Jasmine crawled under Darren’s arms and sat on his lap so she could see the book he was reading.

“What are you reading Uncle Darren?”

“It’s about a guy that uses magic to free a kingdom from the dark knight.”

“Sounds interesting, does he save the princess and they fall in love?” she said in an excited female voice.

“There is no princess but there is an elf girl that is his companion and so far they hate each other but I think that will change soon.”

“Do you have a girlfriend Uncle Darren?” she said turning to look at him. Her bright blue eyes gleaming at him.

“No I don’t,” he said trying to concentrate on his book.

“Why not?”

“All the girls I’ve met don’t like the way I look,” Darren wanted to end this conversation now.

“You mean because of your belly?” she said honestly curious.

“Yeah I guess so,” Darren said knowing full well that’s what it was.

“I like it,” she said snuggling up to him. “It’s soft and it’s who you are. I wouldn’t recognize you if you lost it. I think you should stay the way you are. Those stupid girls don’t know what a great guy you are. If I was older I would…”

Jasmine didn’t finish her sentence she jumped off his lap so fast his book went flying. She ran from the room and darted for the bathroom. Darren thoroughly confused picked up his book and went back to reading. Amelia soon crawled onto the couch and put her head on Darren’s lap.

“Uncle Darren do you think I’ll be as pretty as Jasmine or my mom when I get older?”

“I think you are pretty now,” He said knowing she was bothered by her looks. “I also think that you will just get prettier as you get older though.”

Amelia threw her arms around him and hugged him tight. She didn’t say anything as she attempted to squeeze the air out of him.

“Thank you Uncle Darren,” she said softly. “You’re the best.”

“What happened to Jasmine anyway?” he asked.

“I think she is hiding in the bathroom.”

“What for?” he asked looking down the hall.

“Boys are so dumb,” she said slipping back down and putting her head on his lap.

A few minutes later Jasmine appeared from the hall looking the same as before. She didn’t sit on Darren’s lap even though Amelia had vacated it and was playing a game with Curtis. She sat on the loveseat glancing at Darren while he continued to read. Later on the kids demanded that Darren take them to the local park. They went down there and played on the swings and such. Darren sat on a bench and watched. He was soon rewarded with a pretty girl running with her dog coming up and taking a seat next to him.

“Beautiful dog what breed is it?” Darren said trying to sound smooth.

“She’s a mutt actually,” came the reply from a very lovely voice. “I think she’s a mix between a black lab and a border collie.”

“It’s hard to find a good purebred dog unless you’re willing to shell out some serious cash,” Darren said to the pretty girl around his age.

“Yeah but I wouldn’t trade Jacqueline for the world,” she said playing with her dog’s ears.

“My name’s Darren by the way.”

“I’m Crystal, what brings you to the park then?”

“Watching my nieces and nephew actually.” Darren pointed to the three kids playing on the park toys. Darren saw Jasmine staring in their direction.

“Oh wow I wish I had Nieces and Nephews,” Crystal commented. “I’m the only child and I wish I had some kids to play with like you do. How many do you have?”

“Kids none,” Darren said trying to make a joke and being rewarded with a gentle laugh from Crystal. “I have about twenty Nieces and Nephews though.”

“That is so many,” crystal said shocked. “How many brothers and sisters do you have?”

“I’m from a big family,” Darren still trying to act cool. “I have eight brothers and sisters.” She just stared at him for a minute.

“That is a huge family,” Crystal said in shock. “I don’t know what it would be like to have so many brothers and sisters.

“I wouldn’t know what it would be like to be the only child.” Darren said trying to help her see his point of view.

“That’s true,” Crystal said getting up. “Well I’ve rested long enough it was nice talking to you Darren.”

“Hey would it be cool if I called you some time,” Darren desperately trying to get her phone number. It had been so long since he had been on a date.

“Oh I’m sorry,” she said sympathetically. “I have a boyfriend. If I see you in the park we can talk again though. Well see you around Darren.”

She trotted off with gorgeous ass swaying as she ran, her dog following right with her. Darren cursed at his bad luck and now depressed slid down the bench into a much more defiant slouch.

“That girl was so nice and hot,” Darren said out loud. “I doubt she even has a boyfriend. She just can’t stand to look at me.”

Darren had always been bad with rejection. No matter the excuse he always brought it back to his weight. He admitted to himself that if a girl roughly the same size as him asked him out he’d probably think twice about it as well. He glanced over at the kids playing and saw Jasmine still looking in his direction.

“She probably hoped that girl would go out with her favorite uncle as well,” Darren fumed. “If I don’t get my ass in gear I’m going to end up a forty year old virgin.” About an hour later Darren gathered up the kids and took them to a burger place for dinner. After they got back home Darren still grumpy about the hot chick that turned him down went into his room and told the kids to behave themselves. He shut the door and went to work trying to see as many bare boobs and bodies from the wonderful internet as he could. His dick got hard from the stimulating pictures and videos he saw. He was just about to whip out his hard prick when a knock came to the door. He quickly minimized every open window and slid his chair under the desk to hide his erection.

“Come in.” The door slowly opened and Jasmine was standing there looking worried.

“Are you alright Uncle Darren?” she asked softly. “You looked upset all through dinner and now you’re hiding in your room.”

“I’m fine,” Darren lied. “I just needed some time alone.”

“Liar,” she said flatly. “I can always tell when you are lying or trying to hide something.”

“Even if I was there’s nothing you can do about it,” Darren said more harshly than he meant to.

“I may be twelve but I know a lot about what adults do,” she said. “I saw my mom having sex with a stranger. I was the one that told daddy.”

“That’s inappropriate and that has nothing to do with right now,” Darren said shocked his niece had witnessed something so graphic. She walked over to his bed and sat on the edge after shutting the door.

“Sure it does,” Jasmine said calmly. “You wanted to go out with that girl and hopefully have sex with her right?”

Darren was speechless at his niece’s candor.

“I’m not stupid you know,” she said. “I saw how you looked at her. I don’t care. That’s why girls where the clothes they do we want guys to look at us but we don’t want them to let us see.”

“Jasmine you shouldn’t talk like that.”

“She was really pretty,” Jasmine said. “Is that the kind of girl you like? Really pretty and your age?”

“I know all about sex,” she continued. “I also know that both this morning and when I sat on your lap you got excited.” Darren didn’t know what to say. “I don’t mind. Actually I want you to Uncle Darren. Ever since I started liking boys I’ve had a crush on you. I know you’re a lot older than me but I don’t care. I may not be as pretty as that girl in the park but I can’t wait until I get old enough anymore. I really, really like you Uncle Darren.” Darren once again was speechless. Here was his niece whom he had been to see when she was born. He had watched her grow up into the pretty young woman she was. Now she was telling him she liked him getting hard because of her. “Uncle Darren I’ll do anything for you. I wanted to sleep in your bed last night so I could feel you against me. I always love sitting on your lap and feeling your belly and your warmth. I may not be what you want or even expect but I will do my best to make you forget about that girl.”

She got up from the bed and pulled the chair he was in away from the desk. She turned it towards him. He was in utter shock. His niece was being so forward that Darren’s brain couldn’t handle all the information. She then slid onto the chair and straddled his waist letting her legs fall through the holes in the arm rests. She pressed her delicate body against his.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty Uncle Darren?” She cooed. “I wore my cutest clothes just for you. I also have a special surprise underneath. But first…”

Jasmine pressed her twelve year old lips against Darren’s. She kissed with all the energy she could muster. She pulled away and looked at the shocked face of her uncle.

“I love you Uncle Darren,” she said very affectionately. “I want to keep you waiting though. I won’t go any farther until tonight. I’ll sneak in here tonight after the other two are asleep. Don’t do anything until I come back.”

She got off of him and glanced at his crotch which was standing out quite a bit and she giggled nervously. She left the room. Darren didn’t move from where she left him for almost a half hour. He was so unsure of what to think he just crawled into bed even though it was still awhile until it was time to go to sleep. He didn’t even bother turning out the lights or taking off his clothes. He was still convinced what just happened was too surreal to not be fake. Now way could his sweet innocent little niece be so forward and direct and want to do these kinds of things with him. After calming down he decided to make sure his apartment wasn’t wrecked. He went out into the living room to find all three of them watching a movie. The air mattresses were out and both Amelia and Curtis were lying on them watching the movie. Jasmine noticed him and smiled forcibly at him. Darren sat at the table and watched the rest of the movie. After it was over both Amelia and Curtis were asleep. Jasmine turned off the light and then walked over to Darren and reached for his hand. He didn’t grab her hand in return. She then roughly grabbed his hand and pulled him up and into the bedroom without saying a word. After the door shut she turned and looked at Darren. She looked frightened.

“I’m really scared Uncle Darren,” she said softly. “I want to do this with you but I don’t want to disappoint you. I almost passed out earlier when I kissed you. I was so scared you would hate me. I know this is weird for you but I know what I am doing. I love you and I want to be with you.”

“Jasmine this is wrong,” Darren said his first words in a few hours.

“I know, but I know how I feel and I hope that you like me too.”

Before he could answer she closed the distance between them and hugged him tenderly. She looked up at him and smiled at him.

“I want my first time to be with you.”

Darren was lost for words. He felt her soft embrace and tender skin on him and it was too much. He started to get hard. She pulled away from him and reached for the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it off of her head. Her face got so red it looked like a lobster. She crossed her arms under her small breasts and looked away embarrassed.

“I just bought these when my mom wasn’t looking. I got them just for you.”

She looked up and Darren to see him staring at her small breasts covered by the thin pink material. She shifted nervously. She then unfastened her belt and unzipped and unbuttoned her pants. She slowly slid the jeans off of her slim waist and legs. She kicked them off her feet then stood back in front of Darren’s stunned look. Her pink panties were very sexy and looked so cute on her petite figure. Again she looked like she was about ready to pass out from embarrassment.

“Let me help you Darren,” She extended her arm and grabbed the waist band of his pants. Darren jerked but she held on. She undid his belt and pants and slowly slid them along with his boxers down his legs. She then gasped as she saw her first penis of a man. It was hard and long. Despite his weight problem Darren was very well endowed. He was a good eight inches long and plenty thick. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her Uncle’s erect cock. She licked her lips and knelt down in front of him.

“It’s so big.” She said almost excited.

She then gently wrapped both her hands around it. She grabbed at the base and pulled upward to stroke him. Even though she was so young Darren was shocked at her expertise. She gave just the right amount of pressure and she used her hands to stroke him. She then leaned forward and kissed the head causing it to jump at the touch. She slowly licked the entire head and the shaft. Darren’s head was spinning. He could barely concentrate. All he knew was that a girl was giving him oral pleasure and that’s all that mattered to his brain at that point.

“God Jasmine that feels so good,” Darren moaned completely lost in the pleasure.

Jasmine stopped her oral service and beamed at him. “I’m just starting.”

She then opened her mouth as wide as it would go and she engulfed only a couple of inches before her mouth was full. She didn’t let that deter her. She used both hands to stroke what wasn’t in her mouth. She slid her wet sucking mouth up and down the shaft. Darren nearly busted a nut right there. He had masturbated since he was roughly fourteen and so the pleasure was not new to him but rather the new sensation. The mixture of delicate hands stroking him and a hot, wet, sucking mouth was almost too much for him. He groaned audibly. Jasmine increased her tempo and did her best to please the man she loved. She sucked hard and stroked fast with both her hands and mouth. Soon Darren felt the familiar tightening of his balls.

“I’m going to cum Jasmine take it out.” Darren looked down and instead of taking it out Jasmine worked so fast it seemed that her head was a blur.

“OH GOD,” Darren moaned as he shot his load into his twelve year old niece’s mouth. She stopped her assault on his prick and started to swallow his jizz. She took out all of his cock but the head and swallowed hard to get the cum down her throat. Darren never came so hard and for so long. It seemed like his balls were bottomless. Soon the amount of cum was too much and it started to leak out of her mouth. She put her hands on her chin to catch the hot liquid. Finally he sighed heavily as he released the last of his seed. Jasmine sucked frantically to get all of his cum. When no more came out she slid the head out of her mouth and she poured the cum that had fallen into her mouth. She licked her fingers clean and looked up at her spent uncle.

“That was delicious Uncle Darren,” she sighed. “I really like giving you a blowjob.” She stood up and led him over to his bed. She sat down on the edge and had him do the same.

“How did you learn how to do that,” Darren breathed as he slowly recovered from his euphoric high.

“I watched mom doing it to the guys she was with,” Jasmine said shyly. “I snuck into her closet to watch. I knew one day I would get an opportunity to be with you and I didn’t want to disappoint you. I just wish my mouth was as big as moms. I couldn’t fit the whole thing into my mouth.”

“This was wrong Jasmine we have to stop right now,” Darren said starting to be semi coherent again.

“Don’t you like what I did for you Uncle Darren? She asked.

“It felt great but I could go to jail and not to mention you’re my niece,” he said as reality started to kick in.

“I won’t tell anyone,” she said confidently. “I won’t say a thing to even Amelia. I don’t want you to get into trouble for me but I really love you and want to be with you.”

She reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She slipped the pink material off of her smooth arms and stood in front of Darren determined to seduce him. She went red in the face again but she tried to be brave for him. She then hooked her thumbs around the waist band of her cute little panties and pulled them off. As she stood back up Darren got a full frontal shot of his naked niece. Her pussy was so cute and with just the beginning of pubic hair starting to grow. She made Darren get fully hard again. Darren was also surprised to see moisture on her preteen pussy.

“I want you so bad Uncle Darren,” She moaned as she pushed him backwards and laid her body on top of his. Since Darren enjoyed the sensation of her on top of him with clothes on this was amazing. His body soon started thinking with the lower head not the right one. He gave way to the temptation and wrapped his arms around the smooth back of his niece. He kissed her passionately. She returned his sudden affection with the same vigor. Darren then surprised her by sliding his tongue into her mouth. She soon got used to the large invader in her mouth and used her tongue to massage the wiggling piece of meat. Every action she took it was like she was a pro. She had natural instincts to be a great lover. Maybe it came from her mother who had more fuck buddies than anyone including her knew about. Darren broke their romantic lip lock and looked at his niece. She smiled widely at him.

“I love you so much Uncle Darren,” jasmine said passionately.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said cautiously to her.

“It’s both of our first times then,” she smiled, if possible, even bigger.

They slid up on the middle of the bed. With the sudden prospect of what was happening Jasmine looked frightened.

“My best friend Megan told me that it hurts the first time you have sex for a girl,” Jasmine said with worry in her voice. “Just be gentle with me. I’m probably not at big as girls your age so you may not get it all in.”

“I’ll try to not hurt you very much,” Darren said gently as he stroked her lovely brunette hair. “Let’s just enjoy tonight.” He smiled deeply at her and she nearly cried with the overwhelming joy she was feeling. Finally her uncle was returning her affection.

Jasmine was on top and she felt her pussy and the juices flowing from it. She knew she was glad that she had started to do that early in life. She tried to scoop up as much as possible and she rubbed it on her lover’s dick. Darren moaned at the sudden contact. She then positioned the head at her tiny entrance. She knew this first time was going to be very painful because of Darren’s size and her just starting puberty. She didn’t care though. She looked into Darren’s eyes and she pushed her hips down on the shaft. Almost immediately she met resistance. She pushed as hard as she could but nothing budged only thing she felt was the pain. It felt like something was starting to tear.

Darren seeing his struggling niece decided to take things into his own hands. He grabbed a hold of her and rolled. He was now on top. He knew that even a normal twenty four year old would be a lot of wait on top of her so he propped himself up on his arms. Jasmine looked concerned for a minute then she tenderly cupped Darren’s cheek.

“I’m going to push in as far as it will go,” Darren warned. “I’m going to go fast and hard. This should let me in but it will hurt like hell.”

“I’m ready,” she said through gritted teeth.

Darren brought his dick out till it barely touched her wet lips and with all of his strength he thrust into the tiny cavity of his niece. Darren felt his dick rip through the resistance and go only a few more inches because of the extreme tightness. Jasmine started to scream from pain. Darren quickly covered her mouth with his own muffling her agonizing scream. Her whole body went rigid and she looked to be in extreme pain. Darren didn’t dare move. He just sat there waiting for his niece to calm down. He removed his mouth from hers and she sobs a few more times as tears flowed down her face. She then looked up and Darren lovingly.

“Thank you for waiting,” She purred. “I think I’m ready now. Just go slow ok?”

“Of course,” Darren calmed her.

He drew back almost to the entrance and Jasmine hissed in discomfort. He slowly stroked forward getting another hiss from Jasmine but not as noticeable. She put her hands on his chest to let him know she wanted to endure the pain so he could go on. He was able to slide just a bit more in than last time. He continued to stroke into this very tight pussy like this. Darren loved the extra firm tightness and the warmth of her love tunnel. Slowly Darren got as much of his cock into her as possible. Jasmine looked please with herself. She could fit all but the last few inches inside of her before he bottomed out.

“It hurts a little still but it fills so good to be filled by you Uncle Darren,” she said softly.

“You’re like a vice,” Darren moaned. “I can’t believe I got so much in.”

“I can feel it stretching me a lot,” Jasmine commented.

Darren knew that since she was already at her max allowing him in that if he got too rough or he went to fast he could hurt her. Darren drew his cock back out stroked it in. he went at a slightly faster speed. He humped her like this for a few minutes. Darren noticed that she was no longer in pain but seemed to be enjoying the sensation.

“That feels so good,” She moaned in between her sighs of pleasure.

Darren once again increased the tempo and pistoned his cock into his new favorite place for his cock. Neither of them lasted for very much longer. Darren was busy fucking her pussy when he heard her scream in pleasure. Once again he used his own mouth to stop her screams. She went rigid and arched her back as her whole body shook. Darren felt her pussy contracting around his hard dick and lost all control. She wrapped her legs around him drawing in as much of him as would go. She put her arms around him as her body continued to convulse in pleasure. Darren grunted loudly in her mouth and thrust a little too hard into her. He hit the back of her tunnel but instead of a painful response this merely sent Jasmine on a more intense longer orgasm. She bucked and squirmed as Darren started coating her womb with cum. He shot what felt like even more cum than before. He was feeling lightheaded and slightly dizzy with the amount of pleasure he was feeling.

As they both came down from their ordeals Darren collapsed on top of his niece. He was about to roll off of her when she stopped him.

“I like feeling you on top of me,” She cooed. “I’m feeling kind of squished but I really like it.”

Darren didn’t say a word he just followed her request. Slowly Darren’s dick went limp inside of his niece. Her extra tight pussy held onto it like it was its only hope for survival. Darren not wanting to hurt her slid off of her slightly. He took some of his weight of her but because of his size he was still covering her. She sighed from the sudden freedom she had. They wrapped their arms around one another as they shared in the comfort they both felt. With out pulling out of her Darren turned off the lamp on the nightstand and pulled the blankets over them. Jasmine snuggled up to him attempting to join him in his body. She was in heaven. She just made love to the man she loved and now he was still inside of her and he was warmly embracing her.

“Darren can I ask you something?” She asked timidly.


“I’ve grown up with people wanting to call me different nicknames and such but I’ve saved one that I wanted only you to call me. I know it sounds silly but I really want you to call me that from now on. I won’t let anyone else call me it but you.”

“You’re right it does sound silly but if that’s what you want.” Jasmine tightened her grip affectionately.

“Please call me Jazz.”

“Alright Jazz.” Again she squeezed him showing her appreciation. A sudden thought just occurred to him. “Have you had your period yet?”

“Not yet mom says I should soon though.”

“I wouldn’t want to get you pregnant. This is horrible enough but making you pregnant would just be awful.” Jasmine didn’t say a thing she just reveled in the close contact and complete bliss she was feeling. “I love you Uncle Darren.”

That was the last thing either of them said. They both soon fell asleep still in each others arms. Darren woke up to jasmine’s sweet kisses. She pecked his cheeks and mouth.

“Wake up sleepy head,” she playfully said.

Darren looked over and saw she was wearing her pajamas.

“Why did you change into those?”

“I woke up before anyone else and changed into my pajamas. I went to the couch and slept for the last hour before the other two got up. I know that if they found out I slept in here they would say something to mom or dad.”

“Oh.” Darren rolled over and lay back down.

“Just because of last night doesn’t mean you can shirk your responsibility to us.”

Soon Jasmine helped Darren out of bed and got him dressed. She then pointed at the sheets.

“I found some blood on my legs this morning too. You should wash that so it doesn’t stain.”

Darren luckily had white sheets and so he threw them in the washer and dumped bleach in to remove the blood and sperm stains. He checked his blanket and didn’t find anything. He soon had them fed and had each of them take a bath. The girls normally would have done so together but Jasmine wanted to hide the damage to her womanhood. Darren showered after them and they played games and watched movies the rest of the day. Jasmine acted just like she normally did towards him. She didn’t want to give any hint to a change in their relationship. They got a call from Lawrence in the middle of the day telling them how much he missed them and that he looked forward to seeing them on Monday. Night time rolled around and the other two kids were fast asleep when Jasmine came into his room.

“I’m still really sore from yesterday so we can’t do it again,” she said. “I still wanted to sleep with you if that’s alright?”


This time she stayed in her pajamas and Darren staid in his boxers.

“Darren what are we going to do after I go back home?” she asked worried.

“I don’t know,” Darren said seriously. “I don’t think we should continue this.”

Jasmine looked like he just slapped her in the face. “I don’t want that. I’d rather not be able to be with you very often rather than not at all.”

“Well if someone found out I’d be screwed and then they’d keep us apart.”

“I’ve been thinking,” She said nervously. “Why don’t I just move in with you? I could clean and cook for you and do all that stuff when I get out from school.”

“What are you talking about? Darren asked. “What about your mom and dad?”

“I hate my mom,” She said coldly. “She hurt daddy and she acts like all Amelia and I are is dress up dolls. Daddy is always working and has to call a sitter all the time.”

“He would be worried about you though,” Darren commented.

“Darren do you promise not to say anything to anyone if I tell you something,” she said.

“Ok I promise.”

“I heard daddy talking to one of his friends on the phone,” she said fidgeting. “He said he didn’t want us. He was only trying to get custody so that he would hurt my mom. He hates having to take care of us. He works all the time to get away. Even when he’s not working he calls a sitter so he can go out with his friends.”

Jasmine started crying. She hugged Darren tightly and cried heavily.

“Nobody wants us,” She squeaked. “Mom wants to show us off. Dad wants to hurt mom. You don’t want to hurt your brother. What are we supposed to do?”

Darren rubbed her back and tried to calm her.

“I’m not a very responsible adult Jasmine,” Darren began.

“Call me Jazz,” she said sharply.

“Oh sorry,” Darren said. “I’ve never had to take care of anyone but myself before. I don’t know how to take care of kids. I’m at a loss even when you guys are here right now. Wouldn’t it be ok if I talked to Grandma or Cindy and see if they would talk to Lawrence about taking you?”

“NO, she said a little too loud. “I love you and Amelia is only open around you. Everyone else can’t make her smile like you do. Curtis only listens to you out of everyone. He even listens to you more than dad.”

“Even if I could take you no way would your mom agree.”

“As you’ve already noticed I’m really good at eavesdropping. I heard mom talking to her lawyer whom she sleeps with. Supposedly she is involved with some fraud case. She originally married dad to get at the company he was working for. She then fell in love then fell out of love. I could tell any policeman what I heard and she would be in big trouble. Daddy would be happy to get rid of us.”

Darren thought for a minute. Then he said “I can’t make a decision like this on my own. Let me tell grandma. She won’t say anything if I make her promise not to. She will help me make the decision.”

They talked a few more minutes about the situation the kids are in and then fell asleep. Darren couldn’t help but wonder why him. Why was his life getting so screwed up? Why couldn’t he get a girlfriend and get married have kids of his own not be forced into this situation. Darren’s life was changing and all because of one little niece.

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