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True Story | Black, Cuckold

Last year, without me knowing, my husband sent a set of pictures of me totally naked to a magazine requesting nude models who wanted to earn extra money posing for stories published by the magazine. They were accepted. Surely my latina dark-skinned body was found attractive by the danish guy who made the choice.

Upon reception of the acceptance mail, hubby confessed me what he had done. As a good exhibitionist I am, a part of me felt flattered for being accepted to pose in the nude for a magazine and another part didn´t like what my husband had done without asking my permission.

After some arguments, I asked my husband to forget the matter and we didn’t talk about it anymore.

But a few months later during a trip we took to Europe my husband brought the subject back. He said since we were in Holland at one hour flight from Denmark why not to take advantage of visiting Copenhagen where the magazine was located. He assured me that once there he wouldn’t force me to do anything that I wouldn’t want to do.

AS it was a good occasion for knowing Copenhagen, I accepted. Much to my surprise upon arrival we were greeted by an officer of the magazine Pleasure who took us to the hotel we had booked. Before leaving he told my husband that he expected us in his offices the next day.

Once in our room I asked hubby why we have been greeted by someone from the magazine. He replied that he had thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to meet the people who had shown interest in me to pose for them. Therefore he informed them that we will be visiting Copenhagen.

That evening having a drink in the bar of the hotel, my husband told me that when he saw the add of the magazine he thought that my exhibitionist spirit would be pleased by perpetuating my nakedness in a magazine. I said that I agreed but I knew it was not only posing nude but also interact with other people, mainly men and also in the nude. Eventually we came to an agreement we will go there and the most I would do would be to pose nude and nothing else-

In the morning of the next day, we were picked up by the driver of the magazine. Offices were located within a large shed with many separated alcoves, each one a film set.

When the manager showed us the place, in one of the alcoves I had a vision the left me paralyzed, a beautiful blonde woman was being fucked by two black men armed with huge erect cocks. I felt the blush coming over my face and a wave of heat through my body.

I was still nervous when the manager introduced us to one of the photographers, a nice young man named Christian, who to earn my trust told me to call him Chris. He then turned to my husband telling him that I have body that deserved to be photographed asking his permission for me to pose for him. My husband reply was “ Don´t ask me, ask her”. Chris in a very gentle way then asked me if I would like to pose for him. So pleasant was his way of asking me that I, maybe a little excited by what I had watched, was not able to refuse.

Soon I was with him in an alcove in whose center there was a large bed surrounded by powerful lamps which lit the place completely. While the manager and my husband watched us, Chris made some shots of me wearing my dress. Next he asked me if I would mind to take of my dress to remain in bra and panties. Now more confident I didn’t hesitate much in doing it. In this attire and over the bed he took a number of pictures some of them in daring positions. Being photographed wearing only a small bra and a tiny panty while being observed by two strangers and my husband, had gradually come to excite me. So I didn’t offer resistance when Chris asked me to take off my bra, and after making some pictures topless, to take off my panty. There I was totally naked, with my erect nipples and my soaking crotch in front of two complete strangers. The situation didn’t care my husband and the worst thing, didn’t care me either, to the contrary, by now, I was really aroused. I didn’t mind when Chris asked me to take positions even more impudent, or asked me to wide open my legs showing my most intimate parts.

When I thought the session was over, to my surprise the manager brought in the two black men that I have seen fucking the blonde woman who still naked showed their semi erect cocks of considerable size. Amazed, I looked at my husband to see a smile in his face. Chris asked me If I would mind to pose together with them. I thought, if my husband does not complain, why I should. I sat over the bed in between the two of them and each one put an arm around my waist. As the photographer took his photos, they got more and more close to me and I noticed how my proximity had an effect in their masculinity, their cocks got totally erected and lightly touched my thighs making me feel their hardness, in an attempt to take them away I grabbed both pieces of meat but that was my ruin, I could not let them go, their hardness felt so good that I enrapt started to rub them, surrendered by my excitement I let them laid me down over the bed, to suck my tits and open my legs to finger my pussy and my asshole. I wallowed in pleasure, in the meantime Chris replaced his camera by a video camera. He filmed how I sucked their cocks, how first my pussy replaced my mouth, then it was the turn of my asshole, then both stud made me the object of a double penetration, all this accompanied by my screams of pleasure in a continuous orgasm. I found out later that all what happened has been prepared by my husband and the manager. It wasn’t a photo session. My husband told them that I will get so horny that I will accept anything including even being sodomized. My husband made of me a porno star. And I made of him a cuckold

I could not complain, I had a very good time.

Rating: 89%, Read 31859 times, Posted Mar 06, 2014

True Story | Black, Cuckold


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