The couple: Afterparty by Heremod

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Fiction | Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cuckold, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Voyeurism

Seth sat on the couch of his slaves, with a beer on the table in front of him. Next to him sat the little sister of John. She was 18 years old and a rather chubby blonde girl. On chairs on the other side of the table were two couples who's names Seth did not bother to learn. They looked boring and were constantly talking about their kids. His couch partner on the other hand was more interesting. Her name was Daisy, Seth had learned and she studied healthcare. She had a boyfriend but from what Seth had gathered, he was very christian and other then a kiss, they did nothing.

On the other side next to him sat Mary.

Seth whispered something in her ear and he noticed that Mary was blushing. Her lips formed a word, she then sighted and walked off into the kitchen. John looked surprised but Seth ignored his slave.

When Mary came back, she bend forwards, with her back to Seth, to put a fresh beer on the table. He hiked up her skirt and saw her thong inside her pussy, just as Seth had ordered her minutes before. Mary put the skirt back and walked away, He noticed that she did not return on the couch but stayed standing.

As the young master had checked his slave, he noticed that Daisy had taken a peek too, 'What is going on?' She softly asked him.

He looked in her blue eyes and wondered if he should tell her. The other couples knew of nothing, as the list with rules was removed for this party. Of course with Seth's permission. Deciding to stay neutral for now and see how he can play with it, the young man reacted with a simple: 'I do not know, but if you will excuse me.' With that, Seth stood up and winked for John to come. He knew he had the attention of the girl and was curious if she was going to follow. Seth then made his way to the hallway and up the stairs, with John following. 'What can i do for you sir?' He asked as he lowered his eyes, 'Slave two made me horny. You get to suck me now.' Seth replied as he undid his pants and lowered them. 'Right away sir.' John went on his knees, took Seth's cock in his mouth and started sucking. While being pleasured by his slave, Seth kept a close eye on the door , which he had kept open. Sure enough, he saw the face of Daisy popping up, This was the moment Seth was waiting for and the dom was curious what she woud do,

With a smile, Seth noticed that she kept watching as her big brother was sucking the dick of another man, 'Lick my asshole.' Seth spoke as he turned around. He then felt the tongue of his slave on and in his asshole. Seth felt himself cumming as he was pleasuring himself while being pleasured, He grabbed the two pillows and cum on both. 'You are not to replace them for a week.' Seth spoke calmly as he put his pants back on, 'Yes sir.' Came the reaction, 'You will go downstairs and kiss slave two. Make it a french kiss. You then send all the others home.' The other man nodded and walked downstairs, with Seth close behind.

After giving his girlfriend an intense kiss, John whispered something in her ear. She nodded as she walked towards one couple while John went to the other. Seth saw Daisy on the couch, her head very red. The dom smiled as he sat next to her. 'You saw.' It was not a question. The girl nodded. 'What did you think?' An open question. Seth wanted her to think about what had happened.

'I... I...It made me hot.' The girl softly spoke. 'Ever done anything like this?' Seth inquired. The girl blushed as she shook her head. Both other couples were gone and John walked up to his little sister. Before he could interact with her, his dom made the young man stop.

'Do you want to stay?' Seth asked Daisy without looking at her. 'Yes.' She spoke. Hearing this, John got a scared look in his eyes.

'Present slave two to me.' Seth spoke coldly. John nodded and stood up. First he removed Mary's shirt and then took her bra off. Next he pulled her skirt down. 'The panties sir?' He asked. 'Remove them with your teeth and keep it in your mouth. Do not use your hands.' The master ordered.

John bent down and both watched as he pulled the panties out of the cunt of his girlfriend with his mouth and took it in his own.

'Your brother and his girlfriend are my slaves and do anything I order them. I have fucked both of them multiple times. ' Seth began as he finally turned his attention to John's sister again. 'Does the thought of someone dominating or owning you turn you on?' He asked. The girl nodded, unable to speak. 'Take out your phone and show me the porn that you enjoy.' Seth then turned his attention to John. 'Undress.'

Daisy handed Seth her phone and it only took a quick glance for Seth to know what she was into. Somehow, it did not surprise him. On the small screen were videos of girls in pig outfits or rolling in the mud. The young master send himself a message with her phone and gave it back to her.

'You are going to send me a message tomorrow with either a Yes sir or a simple no. If you send Yes sir, I own the little piglet.' The girl nodded and Seth send her out of the door.

'Do you have a videocamera?' Seth asked Slave 1. 'No sir' Came the answer. Seth cursed and made his slave take out his phone. Take a couple of pictures of slave two.' He ordered calmly. The young man then watched as John took pictures of Mary's face, tits and cunt. 'Play with yourself.' The woman rubbed her boobs and played with her nipples before rubbing her clit as her boyfriend kept taking pictures. Seth handed her a beer bottle, which the woman took gladly. 'Switch to video.' A yes sir followed and Seth sat down as he watched the woman fuck herself with the bottle.

The young man took his pants down and and signaled for his female slave to come to him. She walked towards her master and bend down. 'place the bottle on the ground and sit on it.' She placed the bottle on the ground and slowly sat on it. She then moved up and down as the woman stroked Seth's cock and slowly started licking his balls.

'Give me the phone.' Seth ordered. John. The slave handed it to his master, who started filming how the other slave pleasured him and fucked herself on the bottle.

'Do you like the other slave's decoration?' Seth asked. 'Yes sir.' Came the answer. 'I think its time you get some decoration too.' Seth smiled as he said it. 'I would love to sir.' Came the answer.

The woman took his cock in her mouth and started sucking Seth. Her tongue played with his tip, licked his shaft and took it all in, She did this several times as she went up and down the bottle herself.

'Sir. Please... Will you fuck me?' Mary softly asked. 'I need your cock and your sperm.' She begged.

John grunted as his cock shaves against the cage painfully. 'No!' Her master spoke. She kept on sucking until Seth felt that he was about to cum. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock before cumming on her face.

'Lick it up Slave 1.' Seth ordered. He filmed as John licked the face of his girlfriend clean. When the two were done, Seth stood up, put his pants on, threw the phone on the couch and left.

When he got home, Seth saw two new messages on his phone. The first one was the photo's and video that he and his slaves had made. The second was only a message. Yes sir, with a pig snout smiley.

Rating: 69%, Read 8034 times, Posted Mar 16, 2020

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cuckold, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Voyeurism


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