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True Story | Boy, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Young

This the true story of my first sexual encounter with my younger brother. He’s like 18 months younger than me.

We grew up in a rather conservative household. My mom hated that friends would come over to our house, we weren’t allowed to visit friends at their house as well so we spend the majority of our teenage years at home with no outside contact, besides at school.

I discovered masturbation by accident and even believed that I discovered something that nobody knew. I had sexual education a few weeks before but of course they never told us about orgasms or how good it felt. So one night I was exploring myself by a bit with touching and discovered that I kinda felt nice to mimic that there was something around my dick. I was rubbing myself for a very long time, don’t really know what to expect, but I kept on going because it somehow felt better and better, and then suddenly I came for the first time. What did just happen?

From that day on, masturbation became a daily habit.

Some years later, I discovered that my brother did it too.

On Fridays we had our weekly shower. Yep, we only showered once a week, to save water mom said.

Anyway, one day I looked through the keyhole to spy on my brother coming out of the shower. I was curious and wanted to compare size or something. And I suddenly saw him playing with his dick and started jerking off. Completely in different way I was doing it, but nevertheless with same results. The thrill of peeping, doing something naughty was probably the biggest fun. Now the strange thing was that he did that like in the ideal viewing angle of the keyhole, I used to do it behind the shower curtain, which made me wonder if he did that on purpose. So to test my theory I dared to do it too in front of the viewing angle, and indeed I heard a tile crack and some shuffling noises outside the bathroom door. So from that moment I knew he was watching me too. The knowledge of exposing myself turned me on a lot and probably him too, because we both kept on doing it without making it obvious we knew about each other.

Some time later, on a schoolday evening I finished some homework and I heard my brother playing games on the computer. We had one of those early Apple Macintosh computers in the attic. The attic was our playground, with books and toys etc.

That evening I was dressed as usual in my sweatpants, no underwear. And like boys in their early puberty, most of the evening playing with my dick while doing homework. I didn’t had an orgasm yet but I decided to go upstairs because I wanted to play some games too.

The attic was dark, only the light of the computer shined directly into his face.

He was playing one of the few games we had on that Mac: a pinball game. We had played this game together before. So we already had our own rules made up: whenever the player lost his ball, the other one had his turn to play. So we didn’t have to wait long for turns.

There were 3 of these typical white plastic beach chairs in front of the computer. He was sitting in the middle one.

So I got seated next to my brother and while he was playing the game, in the meanwhile I covertly had my hand in my pants. My dick was getting hard again. I thought he wouldn’t notice anyway… but then he lost the game. He stood up, to make room for me, I moved to his chair. I shot a new ball and then something strange happened. In stead of him taking the free chair next to me, he didn’t sat down but walked around the table into the darkness. Because of the bright light I couldn’t see beyond the display. At that point I had the feeling he was up to something. Suddenly I heard him shuffling under the table. I was already sitting on the edge of the chair and I felt his hand softly pulling on my waistband. I immediately knew what was going to happen (and I realised that he must have seen me playing with my dick next to him). So I lifted myself a bit up in the chair to make my pants slip over my ass and he pulled it right down onto my ankles.

His hand touched my hard dick and he started playing with it, softly pulling the foreskin up and down. Then I felt his warm lips engulfing the tip and he started swirling his tongue around. I was in heaven. This felt so good, the first time being touched by somebody else. He kept going for some minutes and I felt my cum boiling and making its way through the shaft of my dick. I knew I was gonna blow my load, right here right now. I wanted to give him a sign that I was about to cum so I hit the spacebar to make the pinball game go tilt. This was a recognisable sound so he would understand that this meant that the game was over. He removed his mouth from my dick and I came violently over his hand and on the floor.

No words were spoken. He came up from under the table, and just sat in the seat I made free for him.

I knew I had to return the favour. So when he started the game, I stood up, walked around the table and dove under the table and he had his pants already down. I took his cock into my mouth and started working on it like no tomorrow. I hadn’t seen porn at that age (this was in the ’80, no internet), so I never learned how to suck a cock but I just did it intuitively. After a short while he used the same sound effect to announce his cumming, but I do wanted to taste his cum and I took it all in my mouth. What a thrill.

We never talked about it what happened… but it became a weekly habit. Like a silent hint, we understood when the time was ripe to fool around.

And later it even happened in broad daylight too, when our parents left the house for shopping, we sometimes just went naked to each others bedroom avoiding the need to put it in words.

But after a couple months this thing disappeared, our interest went more to girls by then.

Even though I was older than him, he brought the first girl to our house and I got the chance to spy on him fucking her in his bedroom.

As the years went by, the spying and experimenting with each other didn’t happen anymore. It was indeed that phase that some boys go through, I guess.

I think he’s probably now embarrassed about what happened back then, and we never talked about when we were grew older.

I doubt he ever had sexual experiences with guys again, he turned out a very macho kinda guy.

Me on the contrary, I kept an open mind and was certain that I wouldn’t mind to try out more if it came along my path, although I always had heterosexual relationships and only felt attracted to girls.

But that's for another story.

Rating: 85%, Read 19900 times, Posted Nov 09, 2020

True Story | Boy, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Young


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