Training Debbie PArt One - Gail does Judy's bidding by yoypammy

Rating: 90%, Read 25503 times, Posted Oct 27, 2011

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male, Mature, Oral Sex, Submission, Wife

At this point, Gail would do whatever Judy wanted her to do. For that matter, Gail would simply follow instructions of whoever was in charge, as long as it led to her total humiliation and sexual stimulation. Gail was worshiping Judy’s ass and reaming her puckered hole with her tongue like the good slut she was. This was getting Judy pretty worked up, but it wouldn’t bring her to an orgasm. Judy abruptly turned over leaving Gail naked, kneeling between her legs, and a little confused thinking she had done something wrong. Gail looked up at her slut friend and coaxed her, guiding Gail’s mouth to her wet hairy cunt. Judy immediately cupped her hand behind Gail’s head and began face fucking of her friend. Judy still needed more, releasing Gail’s head, she demanded that Gail humiliate herself by begging to eat her pussy, and calling herself a dirty piss drinking, ass eating, cunt licking slut! Over and over again, Gail repeated the phrase, and ultimately began to finger fuck herself while repeating the phrase. What amazed Judy was that Gail came first, causing Judy to follow quickly after watching her friend finger herself to a humiliating orgasm.

Looking down at Gail, Judy said, we’re going to have some fun this weekend Gail. We’re both going to like it. We’re going to go to the Octoberfest in Flagstaff, you and me, my sister the bitch and of course our husbands. You’re going to fuck my sister’s husband and then you’re going to turn my sister into a cunt lapper, just like you. I’ll figure it all out, you just need to convince your husband to Flagstaff for the weekend. Tell him he’ll not only get to fuck my sister, but watch a girl on girl show put on by his slut wife. Of course, we’ll cancel the poker night! If you can’t convince him to come, you’re coming solo, and you know what that means…

Amazingly, everyone agreed to go to the Octoberfest, and we booked 3 rooms at one of the downtown hotels. Sarah was kind of pissed off because she wanted to help Gail explore an even darker side of herself at the weekly poker game, but had to put up with the postponement.

Everyone arrived at the hotel at about the same time, checked in, and headed down to the street for the festivities. It was pretty typical, drinking beer, listening to polka music, getting drunk, and figuring out whether to have dinner or just drink more beer. By about 8:30, it seemed everyone had voted for drinking more beer, and the girls were feeling most of the side effects of that decision. By the looks of things, most everyone else was getting pretty much in the bag as well. The guys decided to smoke a cigar before calling it a night, so the girls headed up to the rooms. They congregated in Gail’s room and broke out a bottle of champagne to end the evening. After a little small talk and an empty bottle of champagne, the girls decided to call it a night. Both Judy and Gail got up as if to say good night, leaving Debbie sitting on the edge of the bed. Debbie looked a little confused, and said, “Is this my room?” Judy and Gail looked at each other and grinned, Judy said, “Sis, all the rooms look alike, and you’re so drunk you couldn’t tell the difference anyway…is the room spinning? “Well, a little, god I’m drunk!” said Debbie. “OK,” said Judy, “We’ll help you into bed, you big lush.”

Gail started to help her off with her sweater, but Debbie resisted a bit, but after a few shrugs, gave up. With Debbie’s sweater off, Gail’s eyes became fixed on Debbie’s cleavage. Without hesitating, Gail reached around to unhook her bra, and Debbie’s large full tits sprung forward, leaving the bra straps at her elbows and the cups in her lap. Judy didn’t miss a beat, and said “Lay down Debbie, we’ll help you off with your pants and tuck you in.” Debbie mumbled a bit, but laid back, and let Gail unbutton, unzip and pull her pants off her hips. As the pants came off her hips, the waistband of her panties came down around her hips, and as her pants came down her legs, Debbie looked like a ravaged vixen. Gail’s eyes were fixated on the now panty clad Debbie, and she leaned closer to her tits, she let one finger trace the inside of Debbie’s waistband, causing Debbie’s nipples to tighten up. With a slight tug, she snugged her panties back into place and planted a light kiss on one nipple. Gail must have lingered a bit too long on the nipple kiss, as Debbie become more self aware and attempted to cover her tits. Judy grabbed Gail by the waistband of her pants and pulled her up off the bed. As Gail turned around to face Judy, she was pulled in for a deep kiss. Judy planted her hand on Gail’s pussy and began to roughly massage Gail’s pussy as she probed her mouth with her tongue. Debbie was half out of it and half aware, and it seemed like a dream that her sister and another woman were making out in front of her. Judy noticed her half mast eyes, and enjoyed the thought of confusing her sister’s moral compass.

After getting Debbie settled, Judy got Gail ducked into Debbie’s room and Judy of course went to her room. This was all prearranged with Gail and Gail’s husband Tom. The only ones that did not know what was going on was Debbie, her husband Jeff and Gail’s husband. Debbie thought she was in her room, Gail knew she was in Debbie’s room, and Gail was waiting for the rest of the weekend. Within about a half an hour, Tom unlocked and entered his room (with a mostly naked Debbie passed out on the bed), and Jeff entered his room (with a completely naked Gail ready for action on the bed).

Jeff stripped himself down to his underwear, went to the bathroom and took a long piss before heading to the bed. He got into bed carefully so as not to wake Debbie, and was surprise when Gail (who he thought was Debbie), rolled over, stuck her hand down the front of his underwear, and whispered, “Let me work on this a little.” With that, she pulled down Jeff’s underwear, and planted her face in his pubic hair, and engulfed his entire soft penis in her mount. In almost an instant, Jeff had a raging hard on, and Gail began bobbing up and down on his cock. Gail could tell Jeff was getting into it as his hips began to get into the action. She stopped, and without saying a work, she mounted his cock, and began fucking him hard. Jeff could hardly take it any more, and began bucking in rhythm with Gail, and as he was cumming, Gail brought her face down closer to Jeff’s, allowing him to see who she was, as he was pumping his sperm deep into her cunt. Jeff was startled and jerked back, causing his cock to pop out of Gail’s cunt. As he started to apologize and make excuses for being in the wrong room, Gail looked at him and said, “Don’t pretend you didn’t like it, I did!” with that she lowered her head into his crotch and engulfed his still throbbing cock in her mouth. Jeff couldn’t help himself as he cupped his hands behind Gail’s head while she was sucking out whatever was left in his cock into her mouth. After cleaning his cock and sucking it dry, she snuggled up next to Jeff and whispered in his ear, “I wonder what Tom found in his room?” Jeff’s mind went into overdrive as he knew exactly what he had found, “Holy shit! Wait, am I in your room or my room?” Oh, it doesn’t matter at this point, where’s Debbie?”

In Tom’s room, he too took a long piss, shook it off, zipped his pants up and went into the bedroom. Knowing what state Debbie must be in, he turned the light on to survey the situation. Debbie had not moved much, laying on her back, spread eagle in just her panties. Wow, what a set of tits he thought, these were the things that porno movies are made for. A lot of thought crossed his mind, from just a fuck at the morgue to making sure she woke up in the middle of it and blaming it on a room mix up. He decided on the latter and turned off the light, undressed and got in bed with Debbie. He began simply caressing her exposed nipples, then gently kissing and sucking on them, getting, and keeping them rock hard. Then he traced his hand down her stomach and into her panties. To his surprise her pussy was already moist, and after some token stokes across her pussy lips, he pushed one finger into her cunt. Again, to his surprise, it came out wet. Then he began combining the nipple sucking with cunt fingering, first one, then with two fingers. She was responding wonderfully, first by spreading her legs a little wider, then by breathing heavier. He pulled his sloppy fingers out of her cunt, raised his hand to her mouth, and pushed his fingers past her lips and into her mouth. Meeting no resistance, he spread the pussy juice all around the inside of her mouth and tongue. Next he thought it would be fun to make her finger herself. He picked up her arm, draped it across her stomach, and pushed her hand into her panties. Positioning her hand just right, he could get her knuckle deep into her own pussy. With that he began fingering her with her own fingers, and continued to suck on her nipples. This went on for some time, and she got wetter and wetter, and began slight almost non-comprehensible moans. Tom had a huge hard on and needed to get this thing buried in her cunt soon. He took Debbie’s fingers out of her cunt, raised her hand to her mouth and pushed her fingers past her lips and into her mouth. She was now sucking the pussy juice of her own fingers.

Getting on his knees, he pulled down Debbie’s panties, being careful not to move her legs too much. Once they were off, very unceremoniously he, stuck his cock into her cunt, slowly and deeply, then began fucking the passed out Debbie. He was fucking her good and hard, with her fingers still in her mouth, her moans became more audible. Tom, was getting close to orgasm, and he got a little rougher with her, using her as a fuck toy. As Debbie began to come to, she realized she was being fucked, tasted her pussy on her own fingers, and figured it was Jeff going for another midnight ride. She couldn’t see much in the room, so she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride. Although she had just realized what was happening, her body was well aware, and was racing towards an orgasm. Just as Tom was blasting his cum deep inside Debbie, Debbie began bucking up against Tom’s hips and came in unison with Tom. Debbie muttered, “Jeff you are always so horny, what am I going to do with you?” With that, Tom spoke up, “Huh, you’re not Gail!” Debbie foraged for the light in the room, knocking almost everything off the night stand before turning it on. In stunned silence, she focused on Tom’s face, then on Tom’s still erect cock. She pulled her knees up to her chin, and couldn’t find any words to say, but had this horrified look on her face. Tom, got up off the bed, and said, “Well you weren’t Gail, but you were an extremely good fuck. Jeff’s a lucky guy!” Debbie finally found some words, and demanded to know why Tom was in her room. Tom looked at her and said, “Your room? Look around, it’s you that is in my room.” “Hey, if your in my room, who’s in your room? I’ll bet Tom is fucking Gail. Isn’t that something?” Debbie looked around for her clothes but couldn’t find them, she tried to wrap the sheets around her, but fell on the floor in the process. Tom just stood back and chuckled. He went over to help her up, grabbing a handful of tit in the process. She was still drunk, her pussy was still throbbing, and she could still taste pussy in her mouth. Tom looked her right in the eyes and said, “Has Jeff every eaten your pussy after sex? I eat Gail every night! I’ve already seen you naked, we’ve already fucked, what else do you have to hide gorgeous.” Tom helped her lay back on the bed, and with the room now spinning again, Debbie was not offering any resistance, and as if on auto pilot, she allowed herself to be violated again, and her body was responding well. As Tom began to eat and suck at her cunt, Debbie cupped her hands behind Tom’s head and held him tight to her cunt. It didn’t take very long for Debbie to begin down the road to another orgasm. As she began to cum, she ground Tom’s face into her cunt, and literally face fucked him as she panted through her orgasm.

All this cunt eating had gotten Tom hard again, and as he disengaged from Debbie’s cunt, he knelt beside her head, and guided his cock to her lips. She looked up at him in confusion, but with his cock pressing up against her lips, she knew what was expected. She opened her mouth and took Tom’s cock in. Tom, took his time gently fucking her mouth, deeper and deeper he wanted to go with his cock. Testing how deep he could go before her natural gag reflex took over. Finding his limits, her proceeded to fuck her mouth gently but forcefully gaining steam as his orgasm approached. As Tom came, he pressed the depths of her mouth, causing her to gag, forcing cum up through her nose, out of her mouth and onto her tits. It was at this point that Jeff used the card key to open the door and walk inside.

Rating: 90%, Read 25503 times, Posted Oct 27, 2011

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male, Mature, Oral Sex, Submission, Wife


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