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“Who was on the phone, Mom?”

“Your brother, Harry. He is taking the train home this afternoon and needs a ride from the station”

“Is he bringing Jane home with him this weekend?

“He didn’t say. I hope that you will take the truck and go pick him up. The train arrives at 4:12”

“No problem, Mom.

This is the way the day started and I left for the train station in plenty of time to meet the train that is always on time. I like spending time with my brother when he comes home, and this is one way that we can be alone.

The Train arrived and Harry got off holding hands with Jane and I was happy about that too because she has visited us before and I do like her very much. Harry and Jane both have summer jobs in the city and live in a complex with two other girls. They both attend the university -- Jane is 22, a year younger than Harry.

“How is everything on the farm, Nan? Did Mom hire that extra hand to help out since I am not home?

“Yeah, she hired a young guy for the summer and will see how everything works out”

“Anything else new?”

Naw .. Same old things – Mom’s parties and Jim has met a few nice girls that come around mostly to swim in the lake We are concerned that Mom is drinking a bit more tho”

“How about you? Any new prospects this year?”

“Not looking since I am going to college this fall and hope to meet some nice rich guy and have lots of kids”

Harry and Jane laughed at that comment.

Dinner was ready when we got home so we ate and retired to the beach while it was still light. Mom and Harry were talking about the dairy and new hire while Jane and Jim and I were playing Scrabble at the picnic table. When it got to dark to see, Harry suggested we take a swim before bed. Jane accepted immediately. Mom settled having another vodka and tonic. Jim decided to go see some of his buddies but promised he would be home before midnight.

“Think I’ll be heading off to bed. You can come to bed any time, Jane, you won’t wake me up once I am asleep”

Jane always shared my bed and I liked that. We would lie there and chat about almost everything. I showered, brushed my hair and teeth and got into bed. There is always a light cool breeze in the room even in the hottest of summer, as I lay naked under a sheet. Later, I heard my door open and close - the shower running - but that is the last I remember.

I was having such a wonderful dream – someone fondling my breasts and nipples. I have dreams like that sometimes and I was sure that it was caused by my desire to have my older brother make love to me. I could feel a warm breath on me and lips touching mine. I was feeling my pussy with both hands – rubbing up and down the soft mound of hair. What a dream!

I awoke with a start and found out that the dream was not a dream. I was flat on my back and the sheet was no longer covering me. Jane was laying on her side with her naked body draped on me, her hand on my breast, squeezing my nipple to fullness and her breast snuggled between my arm and chest. I could see from the nightlight in the bathroom that her other hand was caressing her pussy. She was moaning softly and I could tell that she was very excited. Her lips were touching mine softly and her tongue was encircling my lips seeking to gain entrance. Still in my sleepy mode, I opened my lips and Jane’s moist tongue found its way into my dry mouth. I responded immediately as we tongued and kissed passionately.


I realized that I was playing with my vagina, opening the lips and massaging my clit, which was hard and ready for love. My body was shaking and I reached a small orgasm. Jane’s hand left my breast and slid down my naked body to my now throbbing pussy. Her hand replaced mine. I have never been as excited as I was at that moment as she took my breast in her mouth and began sucking on my nipple. I spread my legs apart and brought my knees up and opened my pussy lips as wide as I could as she rubbed the area gently and inserted two fingers into my cunt looking for my G spot. My body was responding with my hips thrusting to meet her fingers.

“Have you ever had anybody feel you up like this Nancy” Jane whispered to me. “I will stop if you want me to”

“Good god, don’t stop. I have never had this feeling before. I am sure that I have had at least two orgasms so far.”

I went wild and screamed a muffled scream as my whole insides exploded in a warm wet orgasm when Jane’s finger found the G spot. She continued finger fucking me till I begged her to stop. Jane removed her fingers and licked them.

“Yummmm.. You taste so good. That fresh taste of youth”

Jane rolled on her back and relaxed her body next to mine. She never asked me to touch her that seemed odd, but I knew she had something on her mind.


“Can I ask you something very personal, Nancy?

“Sure, what is it”?

“Well you know that Harry and I have been dating for over a year and live together right?


“Harry has been telling me a lot of things about what is going on here at the farm – sexual things”

“Like what” I shuttered to think that Harry was telling Jane what we do here.

“Well, like - hmm - you guys swim naked in the lake together”

What the hell I thought. No harm in that. “Yes we do and enjoy the freedom. We didn’t tonight cause you were here”

“And does Mom join you swimming naked?”

“Yes she does, sometimes. She would rather drink than swim, tho’””

“And Harry told me that your Mom and Dad used to have wild sex parties on the beach. Is that true?”

“ I was young then but I understand that there were some good times when dad was alive”

“But Harry tells me that some of your Mom’s friends still come over for dinner and a late naked sex swim. Who is this Uncle Ben that Harry keeps mentioning?’

Of shit, Harry is blabbing everything to Jane, the dumb ass. What was I going to tell her that she didn’t already know? I don’t want to lie to her.

“Uncle Ben, as we call him, is not a real uncle but a very good friend. There are 2 couples that are still trying to help Mom get along since Dad’s death.”

“Nancy, is it true that Harry fucks your Mom? You don’t have to answer that. I am only trying to find out if he is bull shitting me or not”

I really didn’t know what to say and after a few minutes, I rolled over and propped myself up on my arm and looked Jane straight in the eye and said, “Yes he has and he does when he comes home. I doubt that he will this weekend with you here.”

“Harry told me that your Mom told him you would like him to fuck you. Is that true too?

“To be truthful, Jane, I feel that I can talk to you. I feel very comfortable with you now after tonight. I have been fucking around ever since Jim screwed me a few years ago. The boys are fun to fuck, but there is no love making – it’s just get my pants off and stick it in and cum – the hell with my sex feelings -- you know that it doesn’t take a young stud long to cum.”

“I know that and I do hope that you and Harry get together soon. He can show you what it is to make love and have a great sex experience.”

I remember our first time at college when we had been dating for about three weeks. We were at a Frat party and we were sitting on the couch in a dark room with a bunch of other couples. There was enough light coming from the other rooms so we could see what we were doing Harry leaned over and kissed me and I returned his kiss with my tongue between his lips. He felt my breasts and I reached down and felt his stiffening cock. He lifted up my sweater and blouse and unsnapped my bra. Harry liked what he saw and immediately began to suck on my nipples. I didn’t care that anyone else was in the room, I just wanted Harry. He was so gentle with me and patient, taking his time before feeling up my skirt to my then wet pussy. He pulled my panties aside and found my vagina and my hard clit. He worked on that for at least ten minutes while I had orgasm after orgasm. His pecker was really hard, at least 8 inches long and I can just about get my fingers around it. I slid off the sofa and got between his knees and unbuttoned his pants. He raised his ass so I could pull his pants to his ankles. To my surprise, he didn’t have any underpants on so his cock greeted me as I raised my head. I wanted nothing more than to suck this beautiful monster. I licked his tightening balls and my tongue went up the shaft to the tip. I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was for we each were moaning, so loud that I am sure everybody else in the room knew what we were doing.

He told me that it was about the same as his dad’s. I didn’t hesitate to take him to the hilt - a real deep throat. I came up gagging but I went back for more.

Harry said softly “ you don’t have to deep throat me. Just suck on the underside and the tip,” I continued to suck him for at least ten minutes looking up into his eyes and his smiling face every chance I got.

“Sit on my cock, sweetheart” Harry told me

I was more than willing to do just that so I took off my panties and facing him, mounted this cock slowly. It felt enormous and I was not sure I could take it all. Harry raised his hips to meet me as I pushed down. After a few strokes I was all the way in and we were in perfect rhythm. Harry lasted about four minutes then pushed me off and blew his load on my breasts. God, what a night!! We have been in love ever since and I may even become your sister-in-law”

I listened intently wishing only that Harry could fuck me tonight. At least when I got back to sleep again with Jane holding me, I would dream of my wonderful brother who soon might be my next one to copulate with.

Jane got out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash her pussy and put on her PJs. She left the room and went down the hall to Jim’s room.

Jane knocked quietly on the door. “Harry, are you awake?”

“Harry is asleep but I am still awake”, Jim whispered. “Come on in.”

Jane opened the door and saw Jim and Harry stretched out on the bed naked. Jim was in the process of jerking off and his cock stood straight in the air. Harry’s pecker was limp but even being soft it was still a great size to feel and admire, which she had done many times.

“ I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything” she snickered. “Looks like you were about to shoot your load and what a waste that would be.”

“Naw, I wasn’t going to cum, I was just playing with myself. Didn’t have any luck getting laid tonight.”

“How long have you been home?”

“About a half hour. Went in to see if Mom was still awake but she was sound asleep so I didn’t bother her. When I got here in my room, Harry was asleep but he did wake up to ask if I scored tonight.”

“I just left your sister asleep and thought you guys would be awake to have some fun. Harry has been telling me how everything works around here.-- the sex with everybody, Mom included”

“Man he has a big mouth. Did he tell you that I fucked Mom too?”

“ Sure did.. Evidently she told him after your chat on the beach" Was it fun?

“Sure was different, but Mom had a few to many drinks and being the caring son, I wasn’t going to disappoint her. We were both into it and we enjoyed every minute. That is why I was hoping she would be awake tonight, so I could screw her again”

“Hold it Jim, what makes you feel that Mom is going to do it again? You can’t assume that she is ready any time you want her. I know that Nan is ready anytime but she is still young and apparently having sex with a bunch of boys already. You have to find yourself a girl that wants to be with you and do the things you do around here”

Jane decided that it was time to take Harry’s brother since she had just finished with his sister and knew that everything about family sex Harry was telling her was the truth. She stood up and took off her PJs and climbed on the bed. She reached over and took Jim’s swollen cock in her hands as she pushed him to his back and got between his legs. Jim opened his legs and Jane found his balls with her tongue. Jim stiffened and raised his hips to meet her lips as she licked up his shaft and tongued the tip. Jim let out a muffled cry that woke Harry. Jane continued licking and then slid his whole cock in her mouth.

“What’s going on?” Harry inquired, as he saw Jane sucking Jim with deep throat. “Sorry that I wasn’t asked to play.”

Harry reached around Jane’s crouching body and fondled her tits. She began to suck Jim’s cock wildly. Their bodies were moving in all directions Harry was hard immediately and climbed behind Jane who was in the right position to offer her pink pussy to him. He entered her doggie style and was pounding her with his balls slapping against her ass hole.

After five minutes of pure fun and everybody was in a sweat, Jim whispered to Jane “lets change positions, I want to fuck you”

“OK by me if it is OK with your brother”

“Be my guest, show her what we are made of. Your cock isn’t as big as mine but I am sure you can satisfy her”

With that, Jane changed her position and faced Jim and lowered her cunt on his hard cock. Jim began to pump away, raising his hips and watching Jane’s boobs flopping in his face. Jim’s cock slipped out and she quickly inserted it without missing a beat.

“Don’t worry, Jim, My cunt will soon be ready to hold you. Your brother’s big cock stretched it out but I can feel my muscles contracting around you now”

Jane continued to move her body up and down on Jim’s pecker, all the while her cunt muscles holding him tighter and tighter.

“ Come on Jim, fuck me harder. Oh god that feels good ..Yes.. Yes.. Yes .. I want you to cum Jim. Fuck me harder Oh my god harder Jim”

Jim was raising his hips up each time to meet her downward thrust. They were in complete rhythm and Jane was having orgasm after orgasm. Harry was right by Jane and she was jerking him off and he was ready to cum. The sight of his brother fucking his soon to be wife made him even more excited. He reached for her nipples and pulled on them as she squealed and grabbed behind her and squeezed Jim’s hardening balls. Jim knew that he was about to blow his load too.

“Oh god, I’m cuming!” Jim pulled out and his cum squirted all over Jane’s beautiful breasts. Jim kept cuming – two – three- four times -- each one squirting higher than the last. Cum flew in her face but she never flinched. Jane was holding his cock and still jerking him off. As the last drip of the golden liquid dripped from the tip of his pecker, Jane pulled him forward and sucked him dry.

“It’s my turn now and I’m going to cum, lover, please suck me off” Harry said as he lowered his cock to her lips. She welcomed his hard thick dick and grabbed his balls as she opened her lips and mouth to take it all in. It didn’t take long for him to cum and she swallowed every drop of his precious load. Jim just stared in amazement at what she was doing.

The lay there together for a few minutes till Jane got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower and clean off all the cum that Jim had deposited. She put on her PJs, kissed them both goodnight and went back to snuggle with Nan for the rest of the night. She still had the taste of Harry’s cum in her mouth and she savored that all night.

Everybody had been satisfied that night and Harry was still a bit surprised that she welcomed his brother so easily. It wasn’t till the next morning that he would find out that she and Nan had made love earlier. Jane was going to be a welcome addition to the family. He couldn’t wait to tell Mom what had happened.

Rating: 88%, Read 34361 times, Posted Nov 05, 2009

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Threesome


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