The Boy Who Lived Down The Street(Part Three) by CAliGirl1809

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Oral Sex, Romance, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male

Where the fuck was the damn key! Maybe it was above, on the door frame? She tried to reach but she was to short, all of a sudden her body was pushed up against the door. She felt Jakes body against hers, she felt his hard dick against her lower back and she let out a low moan.

“Calm down, I’m just getting the key.” He laughed as he reached above and grabbed the key that laid on the door frame.

“Humph,” she wanted to finish what he started.

He opened the door and let her walk in first and then turned on the light in the hall way.

“We haven’t ate yet, are you hungry?” he asked as he turned on a few more lights.

“Yeah, but there’s nothing really here to eat,” she said as she walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. There were some things that her mom bought earlier, you could put it together but Riley didn’t really know how to cook.

“Let’s go get pizza then,” he said as he walked into the kitchen.

Riley turned to see Jake leaning against the counter looking at her, intently.

“Are we taking your car?” she asked him as she closed the fridge.

“Yeah, but lets call it in first so we don’t have to wait long.” He walked over to the fridge and pulled out his cell phone and dialed the Pizza Hut number.

“Ri, what do you want on the pizza?” he asked as he put the phone to his ear.

“Pepperoni and Bacon, please.” She hollered as she walked up the stairs.

When she got up stairs she took off boots and jeans and grabbed a jean skirt out of her drawer and slipped that on, she put her Uggs back on and went down stairs into the kitchen and found Jake in the fridge.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

“Something small to eat, I’m starving, but there isn’t anything here,” he laughed.

“Well, I have something you could put you mouth on.”

She eased up behind him as he closed the fridge door. She wrapped her arms around his waist as she laid her head against his back.

After a few seconds of hugging him, she eased her hands down to the edge of his shirt and slipped her fingers inside, finding warm hard abs, her hands started shaking as she slowly traced the contours of his stomach, she felt his muscles flex beneath her touch. She smoothed her hands over the hard muscle and savored the feeling of it.

“You didn’t know that was there did you?” he asked softly.

No, she didn’t. She knew Henry worked out all the time, hell he even walked around with no shirt on, just a pair of sweats. Those times though she remembered An always trying to control her breathing, she laughed as she remembered.

It happened a few months ago, they were in the kitchen trying to keep cool; it was one of those hot spring days. Henry walked into the kitchen coming from the gym; in just a pair of sweats, he still had a clear layer of sweat on his body, he must have taken his shoes off at the door. Anna was wide eyed as she stared at her brother; she wanted to laugh but kept it in as she talked to her brother. They talked about the football game that was coming up soon. Henry was the star quarter back on the high school team, so he worked out all the time trying to keep in shape and getting in better shape before he left to boot camp. She remembered asking why he needed to do that and his reply was ‘I’m not going to be the one everybody hates because I can’t keep up, I won’t be the one lacking in my group.’ He told her about the people who couldn’t keep up, said if he was that person everybody would hate him because they would have to endure the consequences because he couldn’t deal.

Anna on the other hand couldn’t keep her eyes off her brother as they talked in the kitchen, she took in every inch of him, his lean waist, his abs and slightly big biceps, and Anna drank him in while she had the chance. He on the other hand downed two bottles of water like no body’s business and that left Anna’s eyes even wider.

She could see that her brother knew she was looking but didn’t acknowledge her till they were down talking.

He turned to Anna and smiled which only made her blush.

“Hey Anna, whatcha still doing here?” he asked as he leaned against the counter. Riley watched her, to see if she would give coherent answers.

“H-hey, H-Henry.” She smiled shyly and swallowed. “I-I’m just t-trying to keep c-cool.”

She was right, they both were and they were both sweating. She watched Henry and noticed he took in how sweaty she was; he watched a train of sweat run from the back of her neck all the way down into the valley of her breasts. Anna seemed to notice and blushed even more.

Henry cleared his throat, “I see, well I’m going to go up stairs and take a cold shower,” he turned to Riley, “Mom said she won’t be home till tomorrow morning so I’ll make dinner at seven and if your hungry later you can eat some chips of something.”

Right before he turned out of the kitchen he turned to Anna, “Bye Anna,” he teased.

“B-bye Henry,” she said shyly. As soon as he disappeared she let out a desperate breath, like she had been holding it in for quite sometime.

When Anna thought he was gone she turned her attention to Riley. “Holy shit, Does he always walk around like that?” she exclaimed.

Riley laughed both at her and for the fact that she knew Henry heard her.

“Yes, everyday around this time and when ever he’s too lazy to put a shirt on.”

Anna never got to see him with his shirt off, after school when Anna came over to her house she was only there until five before she walked home. Henry always came home from the gym around six, everyday, it was more a routine for him. So they never passed paths when he came home and the other times when he didn’t where a shirt it was usually during this time or early in the morning on weekend’s right before he got ready for his day.

But today Anna stayed later because her house had a broken air conditioner, although Riley had one they didn’t use it because it would cost their mom so their mom bought fans instead and that’s what they were using right now.

From that day on Anna made sure to stay until six to get a glimpse of Henry out of his shirt and after wards she left. Henry seemed to notice and started flirting with her.

Riley should have noticed earlier, they probably did that for a while before they started dating.



“Are you okay?” Jake softly asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“I’ve been calling your name for the past minute; we got to go get the pizza now.”

He eased away from her, making her hands fall from his stomach, he turned and cupped her face, he stared into her eyes and asked again if she was ok and she answered ‘yes’, of course.

“Come on then, let’s get a few movies from the red box at Rite Aid before we get the pizza.”

They sat down and ate the pizza at the kitchen table, when they finished they went up into her room and watched the movies, they’ve already watched one, and Riley didn’t like the ending. How sad is it that she doesn’t remember her own husband and at the end they finally go on their first date. Now they were watching Thor, so far it was good.

But she was falling asleep, being snuggled up next to Jake in her bed was making her to comfortable, her eyes kept drifting close.

Jake felt content as he laid there in Riley’s bed, she was snuggled up right against him, her head resting on his chest, her arm hugging him to her body. He could tell she was falling asleep. He wasn’t that tired but he understood she kind of had a busy day and he didn’t know what time she usually went to sleep. He looked at the clock it was almost midnight.

It was damn hot tonight, Riley’s balcony doors were open but it didn’t help much. He ran his hand through Riley’s loose hair, she was starting to sweat. There was too much body heat under the covers, he threw off the blankets and kept the purple sheet on them.

He usually didn’t sleep in this much clothes; it was just boxes when he slept over here at Henry’s. But right now he was wearing jeans and a shirt, and despite him taking off her heavy purple comforter it was still hot.

Riley stirred next to him; she was getting uncomfortable from the heat. He eased away from her, smiling at her protest.

“I’ll be right back,” he kissed her temple and smiled as she sighed.

He walked threw the bathroom and into Henry’s room and went to the drawers. He had his own drawer here since he was always spending the nights here. He never wanted to be at home, he hated it there always has, his parents always fighting, his dad always drunk. Henry knew what went on over there and he didn’t blame Jake for always wanting to be at his house. Henry’s mother was more a mother to him then his own; he respected her, treated her like she really was his mother, and helped around the house when she needed it.

He got out of his clothes and just put on a pair of shorts he usually worked out in, maybe he’d be less hot, although if he had his way he’d sleep nude like he did at home.

He wondered how Riley slept, did she sleep naked or in pajamas or in a bra and panties?

He walked through the bathroom back into her bedroom and paused at the door, she was on her side curled up into a ball, and she looked so tiny in her big bed.

He looked around her room, this was the first time being in her room and actually seeing it, and it was nothing like he would have thought it would be.

You wouldn’t have thought it was a fifteen years old room. Her room looked more like someone who would be in college. The walls were a baby blue, she had two tall white book shelves, one on each side of the balcony doors, and they were actually full with tons of books. He never thought she was a book worm. Some of the shelves had photo’s most of them with Anna, a few of her and Henry and one of her and me.

In one corner she had a white desk that went right up against the wall, her computer was there, along with a few school books pilled along in the corner of the desk.

She had a white tree that was painted right next to her bedroom door, the trunk of the tree was right against the purple door frame, it curved over to the right before it touched the ceiling, the leafs looked liked they were falling, at the bottom of the wall there were several white painted leaves, like they were actually falling to the ground. It was actually a nice painting, he wondered if she painted it her self.

In the corner close to the door her TV sat on a small self. Her last corner was filled with big posters. The only singer on the wall was Katy Perry, she was lying naked on what looked like a pink cloud but he knew it was cotton candy. Her two other posters were a picture of a guy from the Hunger Games, he couldn’t remember his name, the second one was a poster a bird on fire, which if he remembered correctly was also from the Hunger Games. He remembered taking her to the drive in two months ago, Anna didn’t want to go see it so he took her, she was so excited and then so disappointed at the end, she complained for a good hour of all the stuff she wanted to see that they left out.

Everything in her room was organized and there was nothing childish about it, it looked a little bigger then Henry’s, and there was a lot of open space.

He walked over to the bed and slid in next to her. He pulled the sheet over them and snuggled up against her back, letting his arm lightly drape over her. He rested his head lightly against hers and noticed the picture on her night stand. It was a picture of her and her mother.

Riley looked younger, probably twelve or thirteen, this was probably the last picture she took with her mother. Their mom was hardly ever around anymore, for the past year and half she’s been working the grave yard shift at the hospital, she’d come home right after Riley and Henry went to school, if they were lucky they saw her after school.

She didn’t go to any of Riley’s dance competitions last year which pissed Henry off because he knew how much Riley wanted their mom there. She didn’t go to any of Henry’s football or basketball games but he didn’t care because Riley was there on the bleachers cheering for him at every game, even the away games she managed to get to unless they were really far. That was always enough for him and it was almost enough for her. Henry has been starting to worry about her the last three months. We’re leaving in a months time and their mom said she’d switch shifts to be home when Riley got home after school and that was two months ago and still she’s done nothing. Henry wants their mom to be around more especially because he won’t be around to take care of Riley. He’s had fights over this with his mom for the past month

He was the one taking care of her and has been for over a year. He helped her with homework and a problem she was having at school and he even cooked her dinner every night, rarely there mom was around to make them dinner. She was so close to Henry he was worried about how she was going to take it when he left, when they both left. So far she’s been ok, but Henry and I think it’s because it hasn’t actually set in yet and probably wouldn’t till the day he was actually leaving, then she’d be a wreck.

He was softly rubbing her tummy and barely noticed she only had on a long t-shirt, it rode up to her waist. She must have changed when he went into Henry’s room. He eased his hand underneath her t-shirt and felt her smooth hot skin.

He prompted his self on his elbow, and kissed her shoulder. Was she asleep? He eased his hand further inside her shirt feeling her skin and touching her between the valley of her breasts. He moved his hand over to her right breast and cupped it; he kneaded it and brushed his thumb over her nibble, making her moan low. So she wasn’t asleep, good because he wanted some pussy right now.

She turned on to her back and looked up at him and kissed him softly. It was a slow kiss and that was just fine with him, he wanted to pleasure her tonight so if she wanted things slow then he’d give her slow. She sucked on his tongue and bit his bottom lip making him moan.

He kneaded her left breast as they made love with their tongues. Brushing his thumb over her nipples was having an effect on her, her breathing was picking up and she was letting out little moans.

She pulled away, needing to breath but he continued and kissed a trail down her jaw line and down to her neck, where he nuzzled her. He gave her opened mouth kisses and almost bit her but stopped himself, he couldn’t leave anything on her neck. He continued his kissing down to the hollow of her throat and stopped.

She lifted her self and eased her shirt off of her and threw it on the floor. She laid back down, feeling a little self cautious. She didn’t know what Elizabeth looked like naked but she had a pretty good idea, and Riley didn’t compare to her.

Jake stared down at her marveling at what he was looking at. The soft swells of her breasts were so plump and delectable. Her nipples were soft around the edges and puckered at the tip, waiting for him to put his mouth on them; they were a delicious pink, perfect against her creamy white skin.

Riley felt so insecure under his gaze; she moved her hand to cover her self, but Jake stopped her hand.

“Stop, you’re beautiful, you have nothing to hide.” He bent down to brush her soft sweet lips against his and kissed her gently.

He cupped her breast, they were the perfect size, and they fit perfectly in his hand. He eased his head down and kissed the top swell of her breasts.

This wasn’t going to work, he kissed her breast and let go. He laid back, “Get up here, baby,” he pulled her on to him till she straddled his hips. The sheets were down below his knees now.

She felt so good on top of him, her soft legs straddling his hips. He let out a groan as she wiggled her butt against his swollen dick. The only things separating them were his shorts and the thin material of her red thong. If she didn’t stop wiggling her butt on him he was sure to come in his shorts.

To stop her he pulled her down to him and kissed her gently. “Come up further,” he gripped her thighs and pulled her more up, she was straddling his waist now. “Ri, put your hands on your head board, yeah, right there baby.”

Her breasts were poised right above his head, right where he wanted them. He placed a few kisses between her breasts; he watched her chest rise and fall. He kissed the curves right beneath her breast and gave each one a love bite.

He cupped the mounds, he kneaded one while he breathed on the other one. He watched her nipple harden right before he flicked his tongue against her nipple. He chuckled as she arched her back and moaned.

His tongue felt hot and wet against her nipple. The ache between her legs was back, but now there was a burning sensation below her tummy.

He switched to her other breast and flicked his tongue against its nipple and blew on it.

“Jake, please,” she desperately breathed.

“Please what?” he breathed as he kissed and bit around her nipple, switching sides to do the same to the other.

“Suck my nipples,” she moaned.

Bold move, he didn’t think she’d say what she wanted, he thought she would wait to get her courage up to do it.

Still cupping her he licked the hard point a couple of times lashing it with his tongue, before gently sucking. She cried out at the sensation he was giving her. Her hand flew to his head, gripping what little hair he had, pulling him closer; as she rested her head on her arm and letting her long hair flow over it.

He tugged and pulled on her other nipple. After pleasuring her nipple he switched to the other one giving it the same treatment.

There was a pang in her pussy, the pleasure he was giving her. The sensations were tearing at her, taking her to a whole new level of pleasure she never felt. This feeling was nothing like touching her self when she fantasized about him.

He lifted his gaze to look at her and let out a low groan at what he saw. Riley had her head slightly lifted as she rested it on her arm, her eyes closed in pleasure, her lips parted as she panted and moaned.

She cried out as she felt a sting on her bottom, she liked him slapping her there too much.

She tried to control her breathing but couldn’t, he was going to send her over the edge any minute now.

Jake knew she was close; she was starting to grind against his waist. He gently pushed her back. She whimpered but complied, he watched a pout form on her lips, which only made him chuckle.

He cupped her nape and pulled her down to kiss her, savoring the feel of her tongue against his, he pulled her bottom lip between his teeth making her moan, making him groan in return.

“Turn around baby,” he murmured against her lips as he trailed his finger tips down her spine, loving the feel of the dip it made right before it raised and his fingers meant her cleft, making her shiver.

She complied and he now had her bottom in his face, her pussy covered in her lacy thong, he was going to have to get rid of that.

“Scoot back a tiny bit more, opened your legs wider baby.”

She did, she eased back and opened her legs wider, and she felt so exposed. This felt different then when they were in the car, but she wanted this, wanted to give her self to him.

She adjusted her hands and braced them on the outside of his thighs. She felt him palm her cheeks and smooth his thumbs over them. He eased his hands up and down her thighs giving her kisses here and there.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he roughly said.

“Mind-,” before Riley could finish, she heard material ripping, saw red lace in the air; she watched it land on her white carpet. He ripped her thong off of her!

She was panting in anticipation, waiting to see what he was going to do next. She bent her head down and was met with his twitching dick. The bulge was huge beneath his shorts. It looked like it wanted out the way it poised.

She balanced her self on one arm and lifted her hand to gently run her finger on his bulge.

She moaned as she felt her rear sting from the slap he had just planted on her.

“Let me touch you,” she moaned desperately.

“Baby, tonight’s suppose to be all about you, not me, I’ll take care of myself after I’m done with you.” he whispered.

Riley felt him lick her around her folds. She didn’t want him to lick her there; she wanted his tongue on her clit. Oh, but it felt oh so good.

“Let me take care of you.”

“Have you even giving head?”

She blushed, “No, but I’ve read about it, it can’t be that hard to do.”

He chuckled, and then he was serious as he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want to give you pleasure to.”

He tongued the entrance of her pussy, feeling her muscles clench around his tongue as he gently probed inside it.

If she put her mouth on him he was going to be a goner, he’d have to get her close before she touched him.

He slid his tongue up around her clit, making her arch her back and cry out. He chuckled and smile as he licked her.

Riley slid her legs wider trying to get closer to his mouth. She felt him grip her thighs and butt and opened her wider, felt him flick his tongue against her clit.

“Jake!” she cried, that was amazing, she was really burning now.

She panted, trying to catch her breath, “Do I get that extra twenty seconds?” she asked as arched and threw her head back and cried out again. His tongue was wicked. She felt as much as heard his groan, feeling the vibrations against her clit was taking her higher.

“Oh, God, Jake, Please!” she moaned.

“Ease my shorts off, now.” He groaned, his voice rasping in pleasure as he licked at her pussy.

His erection jutted out as she eased his shorts off, with his up of course. She was speechless, he was huge, well to her anyways this was the first dick she laid her eyes on.

She felt embarrassed for asking what she was about to ask, “Will you, uhm, do you mind showing me how to….you know?”

He gave her clit a nice wet kiss before moving his right hand to his dick, he gripped it.

Riley looked at the engorged cock in Jakes hand, she was amazed and excited.

“Go ahead and lick the head,” he whispered.

She adjusted her self and propped her self on one elbow and rested her other close to where his hand was.

She moved her head closer and hesitated, Jake must have sensed it because he gently started rubbing her thigh up and down and it relaxed her somewhat.

She licked her lips making them moist as she eased her tongue out to lick the head.

He wasn’t prepared for how it felt, he groaned and jerked his hips upward, it was just a lick, but if felt so damn good.

She smiled as she watched his dick twitched in his hand.

“Again baby, but a little more licking.” He said his voice hoarse.

She licked her lips again; she noticed a pearl of liquid appear on the tip, her mouth watered to taste it. She licked the tip and moaned at the salty taste. She then circled the head with her tongue and gave it a wet kiss.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“Grip it now, replace my hand,” he let go and felt her grip him. “A little bit tighter baby, now you’re going to open your mouth and suck, find a rhythm with your hand and take it down to the base in time to your sucking, and breath through your nose.”

He sucked in his breath when he felt her hot breath feather over the head of his dick, and then let a low growl as she sucked him into her mouth. Jesus, her mouth felt amazing on him, her heated mouth and slick tongue. He had head before, from Elizabeth but this god he didn’t know how to explain how good it felt, it was better then what Elizabeth gave him and this was her first time doing it to. It was Riley, that’s way this felt good.

Trying to ignore how amazing it felt, he turned his attention back to what was in front of him. He licked her clit and gently started sucking it.

Riley took him as deep as she could, sucked and twirled her tongue around him. It was damn hard concentrating the way he was sucking her, she couldn’t help it she started gently grinding her hips against his mouth trying to get closer to the insane pleasure he was giving her.

She sucked even harder trying to distract him; she licked the underside on the head, he jerked his hips upward making her take him deeper and Riley moaned. She felt his muted groan in return, feeling the vibrations around her clit, making her shudder.

God, he was so close now, she was close as well. Jake started giving her mouth shallow thrusts, he firmly gripped her hips and started flicking his tongue against the knotted bundle of nerves making her jerk against his grip but held her tightly.

“Oh God,” she cried, she was so close she felt it coming.

“Riley, come for me baby, come with me,” he groaned.

She felt the intense burning and exploded. They cried out each others name as them came at the same time. Jake gently rubbed her clit as he lapped at the sweet essence coming from her.

Riley swallowed the fourth shot of heated come as she loosened her hold on him and then sucked him clean, he was softening as she slipped him out of her mouth.

Jake licked her clean as he supported her weight. He gently eased her away from his head and felt her body collapsed next to him. They’re heavy breathing filled the air, they body’s coated with sweat.

“Come here, baby” he heavily breathed out, he got up and reached for the sheets that were at his feet.

She got up and snuggled up right next to him, her head on his chest right underneath his chin, her leg thrown over his. She felt him pull the sheet over their bodies. She could hear his racing heart as they both tried to settle down. She felt his lips press a kiss to her crown, she sighed with contentment, she felt relaxed and exhausted.

Jake glided his fingers up and down against her thigh all the way to the dip if her waist as she lay against him.

I love you, it almost slipped out as he laid there with her, feeling content. He wanted to tell her, but he needed to wait, wait till he knew she could handle being with him. He was sure now he wanted to be with her, that she could deal with him not being around. He wouldn’t know though if their relationship could survive, it’d be tested when he left for boot camp in three weeks.

He felt her breathing become even and knew she had fallen asleep, he closed his eyes and let sleep take hold of his body as well.

Rating: 91%, Read 31827 times, Posted Aug 13, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Oral Sex, Romance, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male


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